Jorge Castillo 2/7/06 Engendering Religious Studies Response 2 Though it seems so obvious now, it never really occurred to me how different

the two creation stories treat gender. I have read those stories countless times, but I have usually focused on the different creation imagery or creation, rejection, redemption theme. When Adler put out the different ways of seeing them with regards to gender, she opened my eyes to yet another aspect of the stories. I asked my girlfriend what she thought about it. She responded by saying she had always combined the two stories in her head: on the sixth day Adam was made and then Eve from a rib, etc. I am positive she is not the only one who has done this. Because we hear them so much, it is hard to separate the two for many people, but as Adler points out, there are some marked differences between the stories. Before we begin with those, however, let us look at the one similarity that I found. God creates. That is it. How God creates, for what reason, etc, is all different in the stories. God creates from nothing in Genesis 1 (G1). G1 has everything formed from the same nothingness by dividing it up and making something out of it. Therefore everything is connected by their previous state of nothingness. The divisions made by God, as Adler points out, serve as acts of relations (separates I from other) and acts power (who draws the boundaries) (114). The acts of relation do not serve as acts of isolation, but just a distinction; and the power of God, partially given to man in verse 28, is a potential for good/further creation, or evil/destruction. Most important to the discussion is how man and woman are both referred to as ‘adam’, mankind. The sexual difference between them

Why did the Priestly source have such a seemingly radically different view on sexuality? Did they mean to do it? What role did women play then. Man is the obvious ruler of the earth domain. Basically. though. no sense of dominance is present. Man (male man—the original human condition? (122)) is formed out of earth. Earth is different from any eternal nothingness that might be linked to God. Genesis 2 (G2) never assumes to make anything equal. . was written? And is there any legitimacy in combining the stories like so many people do in their minds? One thing is for sure. and everything else was made for him to better accomplish that purpose. Animals and plants are made afterward for man. so no desire for boundary breaking. This is part of God’s power as overcome by sexual union. Adler points to a typo for later interpretations that man can dominate women. even sexually. G2.” The discussion leaves me with questions that have not been answered yet. like Beanie Sigel and James Brown said. He was made to labor. is desired. “It’s a man’s world. Boundaries are important to this power structure. and how had it changed from when the first story. Woman is made out of rib for man as well. This gender and sexuality issue in these two works will be on my mind for quite some time now. the only creature it seems to be able to be both separate and united at once. but just reading the story.

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