Cold Fusion 1.How do you print today’s date in (Tuesday, September 15,1998) format? 2.

Suppose in the address bar of your browser, the following address is written: How would you print the value of the URL? 3.How do you redirect a user to the page newemployee.cfm? (i)<cfredirect url=”newemployee.cfm”> (ii)<cfredirect goto=”newemployee.cfm”> (i)<cflocation url=”newemployee.cfm”> (i)<cflocation goto=”newemployee.cfm”> 4.Which of the following template displays the page a user came from? (i) #CGI.REFERER# (ii) #CGI.HTTP_REFERER# (iii) #CGI.HTTP_USER_AGENT# (iv) #CGI.USER_AGENT# 5.How do you print the value of 38? 6. (i)Differenciate between primary key and foreign key? (ii)Differenciate between count and count(*)? 7.Consider the following table---S.No Emp 1 Narendra 2 Saurabh 3 Ravi 4 Ramesh 5 Vijay 6 Vijaita 7 Animesh 8 Sandhya 9 Rashi 10 aparna Table name is EMP and Database name is Employee. Write a cold fusion code to fetch 4,5,6 th record without using where clause from the above table ? 8.What will be the output of the following cold fusion code? (i) <cfoutput> #ListFirst(“1,2/3,4”,”/”)# </cfoutput> (ii) <cfoutput>

K.C.J.4”)# </cfoutput> 9. 11. 10.M” .B.D” .Consider the list “A. specify where it is? .G.If we execute the following code. Write a code for mail tag. Suppose we want to add “F” at the fifth position of the above list. specify where it is? 15.E. Write cold fusion code to add “E” to the end of the list.Differenciate between StructDelete and StructClear? 12.#ListFirst(“1.Write a coldfusion code for that.Consider the following code and tick on the correct answer <html> <body> <form> <cfinput type=text name=”txtemp”> <cfinput type=Submit name=”submit” value=”Submit”> </form> </body> </html> (i) the code executes without giving error (ii) if error exists.B.C.specify what will happen? Tick one of them. <cfset A=”1”> <cfset B=”5”> <cfset C=A+B> <cfoutput> #C# </cfoutput> (i) (ii) the code executes without giving error if error Subject=”Sample Cold Fusion Example” Message=”Hi my name is Narendra” 13. The following are given To=xyz@yahoo.2/ From=abc@yahoo.How do you end a loop before it’s completion? (i) <cfabort> (ii) <cfexit> (iii) <cfbreak> (iv) break 14.Consider the list “A.

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