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THE WORLD NEEDS USALL (6/12/11) SCRIPTURES: John 7: 37-39 KEY CONCEPT: As followers of Christ, we are called to offer

the people we meet the cool, refreshing & living waters of Jesus the Christ. Usherswill you please pass out the bottles of water to each person in the room? OPENING THOUGHTS: Its been over 90 days every day since May 20 & given the forecast here in Athens, Im not sure well dip below the 90 degree mark any time soon! So, when todays reading from the Gospel of John appeared, the words jumped off the page regarding: y y Let anyone who is thirsty come to Me! Out of a believers heart shall flow rivers of living water

So with the heat of a Georgia summer impacting everything we do AND with these words from Jesus lips bouncing around in our spiritual minds, will you join me in prayer? PRAYER: PHYSICAL HEAT & SPIRITUAL THIRST: Heat can make you physically thirsty & dehydratedwhich is why I wanted each of you to have a cool bottle of water as a tangible illustration of the very real physical need to hydrate your bodies during these harsh summer days. Additionally, I hope youll also see the important metaphorical parallel with the spiritual thirst of which Jesus was speaking about! In the same way that a physically hot day can drain us & dehydrate us so, too can lifes challenges, stressors & overall struggles drain us & dehydrate us spiritually GOSPEL READING JOHN 7: 37-39: which is why in todays reading, Jesus is very direct in His assessment of need & His immediate offer to quench the spiritual thirst of His audience (& anyone who would come to Him). Historically located during Jesus attendance at the Festival of Booths/Tabernacles (which commemorated the wilderness wanderings of the people of Israel with Moses), todays reading recounts as a part of this event 7 days of watching water be carried in a golden pitcher from the Pool of Siloam to the Temple. This activity (of carrying water in the pitcher) was a reminder about the water that came forth from the rock in the desert (Numbers 20: 2-13) & as a hopeful symbol for a coming messianic deliverance. (Isaiah 12:3) For those who follow Jesus the Christ, He is the true water & embodied the actual power that this festival merely alluded to. And just as Jesus is the Living Water, so, too do his followers become conduit or a channel of life to others y Out of a believers heart shall flow rivers of living water CLOSING THOUGHTS: In closing, youre already heard from Kelley Napier some of the ways that she & others from MCC are offering spiritual living water to the people & children of the Dominican Republic. What about you? o Are you allowing Jesus to be YOUR living water during the dry times of your life? o Is your life manifesting a river of living water? Springs? A trickle? Are you parched? o Obviously, the world needs us ALL to be (or become) rivers of Gods living waterthe only question, then becomes ARE you willing to be used? And are you willing to go to the Source in order to drink your fill to fill another as they need you? o Finally, if EVERY ONE OF US will do a little watering, then no one gets worn out o And when you ARE parched, then GO TO YOUR SOURCE!