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Jonathan Tan English 102 Dr. Neighbors April 19, 2011 The Perfectionist “Hello?

” said the man drowsily as he placed the receiver up to his ear. “Sorry to wake you Lorenzo, but one of the patrols called in saying he has found a body at 23rd Weston St. I’ve already sent out some officers to the scene, but you better get down there pronto.” “Alright, I’ll be there in 20 mins.” As Lorenzo stepped out of his car, he gave his surroundings a quick glance. It was a gloomy morning and the dark luminous clouds in the sky indicated that a storm was imminent. The crime scene was flooded with officers. Off into the distance, a very attractive blond woman got up from inspecting the victim and approached Lorenzo. “Thank God you’re here. The victim we have here is completely dismembered, but the strange part is, every limb is completely drained of blood.” she said. “And who are you exactly?” asked Lorenzo. “Oh, sorry. I’m the new forensic investigator. The name’s Adèle Charbonneau.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Detective Adrian Lorenzo. Can you show me the body?” Lorenzo and Adèle approached the body, or what was left of it. There were limbs all over the place and the head was so mutilated, the person was unrecognizable. Just as Adèle described it, there was not a drop of blood anywhere. He tried counting all the

we’ve already searched the scene for any sort of evidence.” “Strange. my stomach just gets a little queasy at crimes like these. but still uneasy. It was .” “Are those animal limbs?” Lorenzo asked as he pointed to some of the strange hairy limbs. it was as if the victim never had any teeth at all.” In all his years of detective work.” “What do you mean there are no fingerprints?” “The victim’s fingerprints have been burned off and to add to that note.limbs around the area. “Yeah.” “To brief you. I’m fine. Lorenzo had never faced such a challenge as this. It is evident that the crime was not committed here. “Yes. The work on the teeth was done with such precision. The crime scene reminded him of his first assignment he had as a detective. So do we know who the victim is?” “We don’t have the slightest clue and there’s no way of finding out.” “Can’t you guys just get the fingerprints off our victim?” “Well we could except there are no fingerprints. but there were just too many. The majority of the limbs laying around are from monkeys with the victim’s scrambled into the mix. Lorenzo’s stomach churned and he walked away to prevent himself from vomiting. they are monkey limbs. “Are you alright Lorenzo?” He nodded. but to be more precise. the victim’s teeth are completely gone. He came back feeling a little better. but there is none.

After he had found all the parts. ” said the officer. Now Pierre. “Congrats on winning my game!” the murderer had said. The blood was a combination of a variety of different blood donors. the murderer had left a note saying he wanted to play a game with them and led Lorenzo and his team on a chase to find the limbs of Felix. Adèle walked away and signaled for a young officer and Lorenzo noticed that it was one of the new officers that had joined the force a couple weeks ago. But it took Lorenzo a month to figure out who the victim was. “Where is the patrol who spotted the dismembered body?” asked Lorenzo. I’ll get him for you. the murderer turned himself in. He reminded Lorenzo of that first day when he was an officer. He had arrived onto the crime scene and there was blood everywhere. but it was drained of its blood. The only limb that was at the crime scene was the victim’s leg. “He’s right over there. Although there was blood everywhere. 2008. Lorenzo was given a month to find the limbs or else another person would suffer the same fate as Felix.” was Lorenzo’s response. it wasn’t Felix’s. The scene was a shade of red. I’m Pierre.February 29th. “Detective Lorenzo. The layout was impenetrable. The murderer did not leave anything behind. But this crime was different. I’m so glad to finally meet you. “Thank you. Luckily for Lorenzo. The victim was Felix Leclerc.” .” said Adèle. “You’re one sick scumbag. when did you find the body?” “I think it was around eight when I saw it. It was perfect.

” “Alright.” While Pierre went off to notify the rest of the team. indicated by the long brown hair. thinking. Upon closer examination. He lives in that house right across the street.Lorenzo glanced at his watched. So the first batch of officers have been here for about at most forty-five minutes. “Any witnesses?” asked Lorenzo. A few feet from the head laid a hand with light pink painted fingernails. An elderly man noticed a cloaked person dropping a black bag here the night before at around ten and then driving off in a black muddy SUV. but no identity. “Lorenzo! Over here!” called Adèle. . The face was completely disfigured and he could not make out a single detail from it. The man took no notice of it and went to bed. All they have so far is that the victim is a woman. and laid them around the place. take him to the station for questioning. Lorenzo chewed on his lip. There is no evidence whatsoever of the crime committed except that of the victim. He stood up and walked around examining the other limbs.” “Does the man live around here?” “He does. “There is one. In the meantime. Lorenzo leaned in closer to inspect the head. We are assuming that the cloaked person returned here a couple of hours after and took the contents out of the bag. It was now a quarter past nine. he figures that the victim is a woman. I’ll investigate the scene a little and see if I can find any clues. the limbs. you can also tell everyone to head back home and let’s have a meeting around eleven at the station. It started to drizzle.

But looking from a distance the limbs formed a somewhat disturbing shape of the Vitruvian Man. In between each of the victim’s limb was a monkey’s limb and together they formed this strange shape. his phone rang. Detective Lorenzo speaking. the murderer must have used some sort of laser to make the incisions.” replied Adèle. It’s Pierre.Lorenzo approached Adèle feeling a little confused on what was so important.” “Hey. Either that or the murderer has a lot of patience. “Not a problem. “So what is it Adèle?” “Come to where I’m standing and look at the crime scene. “Hello. when he saw it. it seemed that there was nothing more than just limbs. I didn’t pay much attention to the cuts.” “Have you also noticed that the cuts on each limb are perfectly cut?” “What? No.” said Adèle.” Lorenzo went over and stood where Adèle had been standing and looked out onto the crime scene. He didn’t see any significance about the scene and was about to give up.” “What’s the problem?” .” Lorenzo bent down and examined one of the limbs more closely. While Lorenzo pondered over the information he gathered. “Looks like the murderer is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.” said Lorenzo. The cut on it was so perfect. When examining the limbs close up. We got a problem. “Yeah it appears so. “Excuse me while I take this call.

” “Great.” “What? How did this happen?” “It appears he had a heart attack. Our only witness and now he’s dead. It could possibly be the same SUV but he said it didn’t have any mud on it when he saw it. I’m heading over to question him now. Someone contacted us a few minutes ago saying he saw someone at around four in the afternoon. I’ll head over there right away. Heavy rain started to pour from the sky and lightning shot across the sky.“The witness is dead. we have possibly another witness. dragging a black bag into a black SUV.” . Looks like we are getting somewhere. He lives at 72nd Saint-Marcus Blvd.” “Thanks.” “Alright.” Adèle approached Lorenzo as he stuck his phone back in his coat pocket.” “Actually. Can i get the address and name?” “Our witness is Jacques Tessier. “So what did you find out?” Adèle asked. But we may have another potential witness. “Our witness suffered a heart attack and died.

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