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3 Dimmi, Amor. (Tell me, Love) English Version by DI Th. Baker. Cantata. . } ARCANGELO DEL LEUTO. Andante cantabile. ( = 69.) (1B. 18.0) . : a te Voice be SS Se 7 Dim-m > mi che fa La mia Tell me, 1 pray, Where my Da chean - do, Since he left me Fai tu, AD le - gar-si ad un bel as_thou dost ken, By. a_ stray fan-cy cap _- tive. erese. P ra - i - ne Non The for - sak = en Nev-er veri - ne, Questo cor pien tak=en, This poor heart This PDF courtesy of Art Song Cental - The singe’ resource for fee sheet music - www ArtSongCentral com vi - Sa seen him —_ piv! Dim-mi,A-mor, dim - a= gain! Tell mie, Love, P dotee assaé me = SS ae ¥ fa La mia ca ta? Dimmi,A - mor, pray, Where my lov - er dear doth stray:Tell me, Love, jim-mi_ che fa La mia tell me, 1 ca ra ~ ta? pray, Where my lov - er doth stray. dear_ 7 S cdl canto, 5 \a\tempo o OP tart Un pen - cor man -™ - do A_tro - var-la in Once my sent a thought to ex-plore,Andto find him eats toed, dole wlegaty | | This PDF courtesy of Art Song Central - The singers resource for free sheet music - www Ma per ere = seer chains; But re -doub = led pe-ne I pene pains, For the 128ETes mai non tor ~~ no! Dim-mi,A- re - turns no. more! Tell mor dim - mi che ‘ove, tell een] La mia Where my. er Sy £ wae = # Ea pte This PDF courtesy of Art Song Central - The singe’ resource fr free sheet music rexs,AntSongCentral com