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leave travel concession/assistance - death-cum-retirement gratuity - payment in commutation of pension - leave encashment - retrenchment compensation - payment received under certain voluntary retirement schemes - sum received under LIC policy - payment from provident fund, etc. - house rent allowance - specified allowances - interest on deposit in Deposit Scheme for Retiring Government/Public Sector Employees - gallantary awards - standard deduction - tax on employment - entertainment allowance - value of medical treatment in hospital maintained by employer - reimbursement of expenses on medical treatment in certain hospitals - payment by employer directly to approved hospitals See section 10(5) See section 10(10) See section 10(10A) See section 10(10AA) See section 10(10B) See section 10(10C)

See section 10(10D) See section 10(11)/(13) See section 10(13A) See section 10(14) See section 10(15)(iv) (i) See section 10(18) See section 16(i) See section 16(iii) See section 16(ii) See section 17(2), proviso See section 17(2), proviso See section 17(2), proviso - medical insurance premium paid/reimbursed by See section 17(2), employer proviso - other medical reimbursement See section 17(2), proviso - expenditure on medical treatment abroad See section 17(2), proviso - annuity plan of LIC See section 80CCC - health insurance premium (mediclaim) See section 80D - expenditure on medical treatment, etc., of handicapped See section 80DD dependent relative - expenditure on medical treatment for self or relative See section 80DDB - repayment of loan taken by higher education See section 80E - contributions to : paid See section 80GG . Mental retardation. Multiple Disabilities . Cerebral. Maharashtra National Blood Transfusion Council State Blood Transfusion Council Amount allowable 100% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 100% 100% 100% See section 80G 100% 100% 100% 100 % Army Central Welfare Fund 100% Indian Naval Benevolent Fund 100% Air Force Central Welfare Fund 100% APCM Cyclone Relief Fund.deduction where employee suffers from See section 80U permanent physical disability/mental . 1996 100 % National Illness Assistance Fund 100% Chief Minister's Relief Fund 100% University/Educational Institutions approved by 100% prescribed authority National Sports Fund 100% National Cultural Fund 100% Technology Development Fund 100% National Trust for welfare of persons with 100% Autism.Name National Defence Fund Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Prime Minister’s Drought Relief Fund National Children’s Fund Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund Prime Minister’s Armenia Earthquake Relief Fund Africa (Public Contributions-India) Fund National Foundation for Communal Harmony Chief Minister’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

retardation .