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TOPIC: CONSTRUCTION OF AN ELECTRIC MOTOR INTRODUCTION: Christian Oersted¶s discovery of magnetic filed around a current carrying conductor was

quite accidental. As a result Michel faraday developed the theory of electromagnetic induction. Then using it electric-motors and generators are made. We can say that there is nothing like an electric motor which has influenced and facilitated our lives by the single pressing of a switch. Today, just by merely pressing a switch, we can do more efficiently and quickly a lot of activities which were earlier done with great physical effort and by employing animals. This is achieved due to the invention of electricmotors. Motors are the basic units of the domestic appliances such as fan, mixi, grinder, pump set,small and huge machines in factories, washing machine etc:We know the cost of an electric motor and its parts. Here we are trying to make motor which have the every parts of an original one with common materials but not a costly one. It is also to make and work by us. AIM:To construct a motor at a very cheep rate and that too using very common materials. .MATERIALS REQUIRED:- Three to four pieces of rectangular or disk magnets. - A plastic or paper cup. - A solid enameled or insulated 20 gauge copper wire about one metre long. - Cellulose tape. - One or more 1.5 V batteries. - Insulated electrical wires of one metre length. - Wire strippers or Sand paper. THEORY A motor is a device in which electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy. ³A conductor carrying current in a magnetic field experiences a force and the conductor moves or rotates in the direction of the force´ this is the principle used in a motor. A motor consist of anj armature coil which is free to rotate about its own axis, Magnets which are fixed in a particular position and a dc- source which supplies current through the coil. As current flows through the coil it get magnetized. The repulsion between like poles and attraction between unlike poles leads to the continuous rotation of the armature coil. METHOD OF STUDY:Wind the copper wire into a coil about one inch in diameter. Make three or five loops. Wrap the ends of the wire around the coil a couple of times on opposite sides to hold the coil together. Leave 3 cm projecting from each side of the coil and cut off any extra. Using sand paper or wire strippers remove the enamel or insulation respectively of the wire projecting from the coil. Thus the coil is made. Now either inside the cup or outside the cup set the magnets one above the other. So that we get a strong magnetic field. Then fix them there using cellulose tape or gum. Then take two pieces of copper wire of length(10 cm) each. Remove the enamel of the two. Make

As the area of the loop or the radius of the loop increases the speed of rotation increases. of magnets increases the speed of rotation also increases.From the findings we can conclude that the speed of the rotation of the coil is directly proportional to . Adjust the coil and the cradles until the coil stays balanced and centered while spinning freely on the dips. the coil should not touch the magnets and should keep a distance of 1. As the no. CONCLUSION:. of turns of coil increases the speed of rotation increases. The direction of the rotation changes as the directions of the current changes. of batteries increases the speed of rotation increases. Now on the other cradles you connect the current from the batteries. The above mentioned electric motor can be designed as given below:Picture-1 FINDINGS:As the no. As the no.small loop like structure on the two sides of the both pieces.5 mm on rotation. Then tape them to the opposite sides of the cup so that on resting the ends of the coil in the cradles formed by the wire.

of turns in coil. . . More batteries can be used to get more effective rotation. SUGGESTIONS:The balance of the coil is very important.The direction of rotation of the coil can be changed by changing the directions of the current.No.Power of magnetic field .Current given to the coil . The distance between the coil and magnets should be lowest.Area of the coil. of turns and radius of the coil can increase for more powerful rotation. No. .the .