“A nation possessing superior technology in environmental manipulation could damage an adversary without revealing its intent…Such a ‘secret war’

need never be declared or even known by the affected populations. It could go on for years with only the security forces involved being aware of it.” Gordon J.F. MacDonald, 1966 “The last decade of the twentieth century has witnessed a tectonic shift in world affairs.” Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1997 “What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” Chief Seattle “If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster.” Hopi prophecy

SYNOPSIS: “Engineering” is the back-bone of “civilization”, itself a recent innovation in the time-line of homo sapiens. “Civilized” people are themselves the product of engineering. “Progress” is defined as the unlimited expansion of “civilization” and therefore the results of engineering. The “social engineers” who created “money” have increasingly guided and controlled scientific research and technological development, and manipulate the dynamics of the mega-machine for “elite” agendas. In the early 21st century, due to unhindered concentration of political and economic power unfettered by over-sight and accountability, technological methods now exist which would be considered only as ‘science-fiction’ by the scientifically illiterate masses. Weaponization and exploitation of the natural world is rampant; the entire human population is the de facto “enemy.” Few people notice the narrowing of our perceptual bandwidth, the “engineering of consent” contributing to our contemporary psychic malaise, and the “orchestration of reality” that shapes our world-view. Fewer still can distinguish the blurring boundaries between “reality” and “unreality”, between “natural” and “man-made” disasters in the koyaanisqatsi-matrix of today. Are we “engineering” own demise through a fusion of technologically-empowered control regimes with our own ‘unconscious jihad against nature’ driven by capitalism as a de facto religion?” Do industrial civilizations contain the seeds of their own destruction? Our onward-march has become a free-fall off of the precipice of sanity here on the only planet with life as we know it. CIVILIZATION AS ENGINEERING: 50% OF HUMANITY IS “CIVILIZED” ENGINEERING IN THE MODERN ERA: PLANET AS RESOURCE, PERSON AS PRODUCT OUR MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES ARE WEAPONS SYSTEMS: EISENHOUR’S “MIC” ORWELLIAN EUPHEMISM WEAPONS: “TRADITIONAL” VS. “NON-LETHAL” “FALSE-FLAG” GEO-TERRORISM: ‘NATURAL DISASTERS’ AND “INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENTS” BEYOND ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD’: ‘NEURO-TERRORISM’ & EMR-BASED BRAIN/MIND WARFARE RECENT EVENTS/OVER THE HORIZON: ANOMALIES, ‘COINCIDENCES’ AND ‘SIGNATURES’ FULL-SPECTRUM COMPLEXITY: NOTES ON BEING HERE NOW PART ONE: THE CHRISTCHURCH QUAKE: OPPORTUNITY FOR RE-NAVIGATION PART THREE: RE-NAVIGATING THE HUMAN PROCESS


One of the biggest differences between the mind-set of modernized humans and traditional indigenous people is that modern folk tend to think of themselves and their civilization as being somehow “above”, more “advanced” than, or having conquered the natural world, whereas indigenous people have a little more humility and a sense of the sacredness of the Earth, a respect for that which they do not profess to understand, much less control. The modern scientific paradigm fragments and reduces nature to “forces” and “resources” to be subdued, harnessed and exploited; indigenous cosmologies, viewed as “backward” by

“civilized” man, are holistic yet pragmatic, striving not for control or material wealth but for the ability to survive, to live in harmony with the Earth, with “all our relations”, “mitakuye oyasin.” “Civilized” humanity has lost track of the fact that highly developed social systems, even “culture”, can thrive in the absence of manipulation of the material world. Contrary to what many people might think, the words “civilized” and “civilization” have little to do with our usual associations, for example, that “civilized” people don’t kill each other, that they are honest, trustworthy, have a sense of community and a philosophical perspective, love the arts, like to ride horses and tend their gardens. Gandhi was once asked what he thought of western civilization. His reply: “I think it would be a very good idea.” Gandhi was only half-joking; but he was missing the etymological irony. These words derive from “civitas”, a Latin word meaning “city.” “Civilization” doesn’t necessarily reflect any certain level of cultural, intellectual or spiritual attainment; on the contrary. It does imply high levels of organization and government. Literally, all it means is that the people live in cities. Since one out of two people on this planet today live in cities, this means that 50% of humanity is in fact “civilized.” What we call “civilization” seems to have begun around 5000 years ago, with only a million or two years of “uncivilized” struggle preceding. How we made it without electricity all that time is one of the most insoluble mysteries confronting researchers today. The picture is a bit muddy, as a nebulous memory called “history” stands between us, but mainstream researchers in general agree that the earliest civilizations were those of, for example, the Sumerians and Egyptians. According to researchers like Graham Hancock, archaeological evidence abounds which suggests the existence of even earlier “lost civilizations”; but what makes any of them accessible to us today is the fact that physical remnants exist and can be studied. These physical remnants may exist as writings, art, tools or other artefacts; but most of what remains of earlier civilizations is their buildings…temples, fortresses, roads, aqueducts, canals, cities…the products of the most advanced construction and engineering capabilities available to them. In addition to a deep interest in astronomy bordering at times on obsession, and the necessity of war (against nature, against “barbarians”, against other “civilizations”), ancient civilizations engaged in massive amounts of construction and engineering at various levels; if they hadn’t built a lot of stuff that remains to this day, they would never be thought of now as “civilizations.” Even if they attained high levels of astronomical knowledge, artistic expression, poetry, dancing, harmonious social relations, ecological stability, and cosmic insight, yet had no massive infra-structures to bequeath to posterity, they would still to this day be classified as “primitive” peoples, just like the Hopi native Americans or the Australian aborigines. Our whole idea of what “civilization” means is bound up in our unquestioned values of materialism and “progress.” If an ancient people left no indelible “foot-print” then they were “backward”; worse, indigenous people in north America and Australia were declared by invading Europeans to be “sub-human”

because they weren’t “farming” or living in cities; they weren’t “civilized” so they were done away with, their lands appropriated and colonized, put “to use.” “Civilization” is often its own justification for the destruction of all it deems “uncivilized.” Our most fundamental notions of “civilization” and “progress” are intimately entwined with our ability to engineer the natural world. Engineering is what has made “civilization” possible, and is responsible for what mankind thinks of as its greatest “achievements.” ENGINEERING IN THE MODERN ERA Engineering today has moved far beyond the merely Roman realms. The skyscrapers of Manhatten and countless other large metropolitan areas, the Panama canal, the VAB at Cape Canaveral, the Channel tunnel connecting France and England, the Hoover dam, Golden Gate bridge, the Denver airport, the condos of Dubai, and the American interstate highway network would all qualify as feats of engineering as traditionally defined, among what might be hundreds of thousands or even millions of similar projects. None of these are as sophisticated, however, as the ever-anomalous Great Pyramid, but any would no doubt have “wowed” the people of ancient civilizations. Industrial civilization can be thought of as the sum of its technologies and engineering, central to which is the social organization (slavery/employment) which provides both the gestalt and man-power. Engineering coupled with the Baconian scientific method functions as an ever-expanding feed-back loop generating a parade of new devices, technologies, strategies and methodologies for “making so” what people want done, especially those with lots of influence and “money.” And with each technological “advance”, “civilization” has become progressively more out of harmony with the natural world. Calendars and clocks enabled the engineering of time, the compass the engineering of navigation, printing the engineering of information, photography the engineering of the image. Newtonian mechanics and “fossil fuels” spawned the “industrial revolution” with engines for transportation, manufacturing and warfare. The 20th century witnessed widespread electrification; the recording of sound then the “moving picture” added a “time-binding” dimension to engineering, and the “space-binding” broadcast media of radio gave way to television. In the wake of World War 2, organic chemistry, atomic energy, and molecular biology were developed, unleashing the Pandoric “three Fates” of hydro-carbon derivatives, ionising radiation and DNA manipulation. With the global post-war expansion of the military-industrial complex driven by the international banking cartel came the “weltanschauungskrieg”, the “space race” and acronymous official organizations like the UN, WHO, IMF and CFR, instruments for the engineering of public perception, low-orbital space and global socio-political systems. Television helped to engineer consent for the “Cold War” replacement of communism as “public enemy number one” and filled the troughs for the “American dreamer”, simultaneously entrancing the people with the carrot of unlimited “consumerism”, force-fed by advertising and “entertainment”, and stoking the furnaces of industry. The breadth, depth, ubiquity and pervasiveness of the global effects of engineering are difficult to take in. Especially since World War 2 and the creation of

persist in the illusion that “evil enemies of the state” exist “out there”. but more significantly. shrouded in “black budgets” and “national security. masquerading. “imperial mobilization” has been unleashed accompanied by unprecedented expansion of the militaryindustrial complex which. they are unwitting slaves to an unquestioned regime of capitalism grounded in war on nature. Many people. in “foreign countries” and may lurk as “terrorist cells” plotting within in the bowels of the “homeland”. is not only that “enemies” are almost entirely a routinely fabricated species of media artefact. and perhaps occult. for example. Both have had profound global implications due to America’s centrality as a world . including the human population. however. financial. masquerading as “defense”. to the next level. is totally invisible to the average person. and dumbed-down. as “humanitarian intervention”. the “products” of invisible engineering. neither were what they appeared to be and both. with its own “economy”. but the Earth and life as-we-know-her. debilitated. whose existence. Believing themselves to be “free”. all things “military”. the modus operandi and the major players are the same. OUR MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES ARE WEAPONS SYSTEMS In the same way that the original “Pearl Harbour” justified in the public mind America’s entry into World War 2. as well as these “leaders” and “democratic representatives of the people” are controlled from the top down by the international banking cartel operating through a stupendously complex yet highly integrated pyramidal infrastructure of visible and invisible levels of organization.” In both cases. political. a macabre “renaissance” of archaic megalomania. immunity to environmental regulations. These purposes represent a fusion of the unified goals of people and organizations. deceived. whose over-riding agenda is “full spectrum dominance” of the Earth.” The vast majority of this unbelievably monstrous juggernaut. is that now more than ever. Many people persist in the illusion that all things “military” operate under the over-sight and command of “democratically elected” leaders. 9/11.” In the wake of the “new Pearl Harbour” we call 9/11. however. that the real “enemy” is and always has been not only “the people” themselves. served to take the “elite agenda” of the international banking cartel. always the invisible puppeteers. whose “terrorism” serves to justify the on-going depradations of all things military. as well. The “civilized” people of today are largely and unknowingly distracted. the leading edge of engineering and the development of new technologies has been for military applications. and impunity to over-sight. globalized.a permanent arms industry in America. the unfortunate reality. in part because of the influence of the engineering of our beliefs and perceptions. industrial. the unfortunate reality. and visible techno-fascist “world government. fosters astronomical levels of scientific research and the development of new technologies for specific and previously undreamed-of purposes. and what the public knows about is only the tip of a vast iceberg. justified in the public mind America’s entry into the “war on terror. overt and covert ideological. the “new Pearl Harbour”. managed and maintained by an increasingly consolidated. the totality of her “resources”. in turn.

whose presence would extend into every nook and cranny of the planet and whose irresistible force could be wielded anywhere. resources and livelihood are all involved. what is happening in the myriad clandestine “top secret” think tanks and research labs now is probably years or decades beyond what is currently known even by leading edge researchers.power. Over fifty years ago. however. anytime. “In the councils of government. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or our democratic processes. As far as the public is concerned. For the purposes of this article. every office of the federal government. so is the very structure of our society. Our toil. we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence. considered by many to be America’s last “real” president. by the military-industrial complex. believed by many people only to exist in comic books or Hollyweird productions. Historian Lewis Mumford has already provided a brilliant and comprehensive survey of the evolution of this process. in 1961 President Dwight Eisenhour warned that “… We have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations. As well. We recognize the imperative need for this development.” Several trends have converged to help the “sci-fi vision” to become reality. Added to this. Apparently Ike’s words fell on deaf ears because today we are witnessing the fruition of sixty-plus years of the unobstructed unfolding of a “scientific dictatorship” operating the remote-control of its robust Franken-child. in his book The Pentagon of Power: The Myth of the Machine. successor LBJ (the first “oil & war” president) immediately plunged America head-long into the Viet Nam quagmire. even spiritual — is felt in every city. I will focus on a brief introduction to the new generation of “science fiction” weapons and technologies. The most salient are the “twin towers” of central banking and computers. three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. every state house. with the assassination of JFK. A central element in the elite “master plan” has always been the creation of an all-powerful and unchallengeable military mega-machine. The profundity of these implications is deepened by the fact that the “war on terror” is being conducted with technologies sixty-plus years beyond those of World War 2. under any conditions. or a command entered into a computer. The abilities to produce and control practically infinite amounts of “money” out of thin . “This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. Yet we must not fail to recognize its grave implications. whether sought or unsought. the pressing of a button. an indomitable global military mega-machine. by the mere issuance of an order or maybe even the flip of a switch. the incubus of “unwarranted influence” usurped the throne only two years after Eisenhour’s statement. The total influence — economic. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. political. the nature of “old-school” weapons like ionising radiation and genetic engineering is no less comprehensible than “death rays” or “tectonic warfare.” Menacingly. these are not incidental. but the result of long-term strategic design.

interdependent. but as THE de facto religion. Other convergent trends include institutionalised psychological warfare. William Engdahl’s recent Gods of Money. with more fundamentalist devotees than all other “official” religions combined). what Herbert Schiller called “the corporate take-over of public expression” using the CIA. numerology. and their neatest trick so far. the backing and/or “take-over” of the world’s most powerful industrial nations to serve their hidden agendas is the core of the invisible “secret government’s” geo-political strategy. if we listen to military proponents.” Mumford’s seminal survey is complemented by two more recent books. regardless of the blighted fruits they bear. an imaginary planet in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel The Sirens of Titan. institutions. involving deception and manipulation of a fiction-obsessed and scientifically illiterate public. the effort by private foundations to control education and “re-write history” the way they wanted it to be. “Somewhere…over the rainbow…” What I call the “Nazi blueprint” can be seen as an earlier version of what is happening with America and the world today. stone monuments and incest. the “compartmentalization” of researchers and projects in ways that conceal their true purpose. for example. and to store and manipulate practically infinite amounts of data and information are necessary. the instalment of a charismatic “leader”. the “elite” can forcibly coerce their cooperation. and indispensable tools for the engines of “full spectrum dominance. In this book. Interestingly. conducted most comprehensively through television. a gradual replacement of “traditional” roles. and/or obliterate their country with a “natural disaster”. and Jerry Mander’s In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nation.air (deployed in an “operating environment” of capitalism not only as a de facto religion. genocide can now be accomplished using environmentally-friendly “non-lethal” weapons. and a sort of “viral engineering”. it turns out that the entire history of human civilization had been secretly manipulated by the leaders of this distant planet to achieve a singular and specific goal: the delivery of a small spare-part for a Trafalmadorian space-ship that was stranded on Saturn’s largest moon Titan. the sky is the limit as far as they are concerned. even to those involved. They can create enough money to pay anyone however much they want. destroy their genome. . Ultimately. a “president of colour” who is 100% CIA with an administration that is 100% Wall Street. ORWELLIAN EUPHEMISM WEAPONS: “TRADITIONAL” VS. they are probably doing the work of the beings of Trafalmadore. the latest weapons systems of today have evolved some peculiar characteristics along with their enhanced effectiveness: in the post-Orwellian world. to implement operations like Project Mockingbird. or organizations with new ones that look the same on the surface. obsessions with secrecy. Once they control the “biggest stick” of coercion. and if they won’t play that game. but which are actually “assets” of the elite agenda. for example. “NON-LETHAL” Few if any truly understand the inner workings of the minds of the “global elite. as well as an insatiable penchant for acronyms.” We know they have a propensity for jargon. preying in particular on the inability of people to distrust their “leaders” and “government”. whose goal was to subvert and control all major mass-media.

Today. vaccines and viruses. Not only does an emerging paradigm known as “disaster capitalism” guarantee massive profits for organizations in the right position and with the necessary “knowledge”. have become “old-school” with the advent of exciting new experimental scenarios like environmental warfare disguised as an industrial accident. business.” What is the best way to go about this? First.I.S. These are in fact the original “non-lethal weapons. technologically advanced and omni-present/deployable military apparatus possible. cannons and artillery of all kinds. Leonardo da Vinci probably wouldn’t have gone so far were it not for his innovative military designs. bows-and-arrows. then submarines and rockets. then came gunpowder: fire-arms. from tooth-paste and toasters. the president. progressing from mere guns. Traditionally. as new technologies allowed.” They are techniques as opposed to technologies. especially “fore-knowledge”. good old “God” continues to “act”’ on behalf of globalist elite interests. the century closed with nuclear missiles. a concise “mission statement” and coherent ideology must be formulated. And as always.For now. spears. flour and tea. The 20th century saw a vast transformation in how people killed each other. let us assume that the “global elite” at least believe for the time being that they are working toward less lofty. bombs. The leading edge of technological innovation has usually been in the domain of weapons. augmented by air and sea. Witch doctors. the Nobel “Peace” Prize. and Y2K. conducted by the “intelligence” community and its “fifth column” of mass-media. or forced diets of sugar. As the “battlefield” concept has expanded from theatre warfare to tactical and strategic. ethnically-specific bio-weapons like A. “brainwashing”. “weapons” were forms of technology designed to injure or kill people and/or destroy infrastructure or terrain. the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The possibility exists that many more “industrial accidents” in recent decades may not have been accidental. of which the Reichstag fire and 9/11 are notorious and parallel examples. “natural disasters” and the Earth herself. some with poison. satellite-based lasers. the brain. Since the dawn of “civilization” we’ve seen weapons of all kinds. the envelopes of possibility must constantly be pushed as well as posted. spies and martial arts experts have their own special methods. mere “false flag” operations. slingshots. Global “full spectrum dominance” as the foundation of hegemony requires the most powerful. finance and international relations.D. and projectiles. for example. from rocks and clubs to knives. in the early 21st century. however. plants and animals. video games and the news. like contaminating wells or giving people blankets infected with smallpox. microbes and poison gas used by and on massive agglomerations of personnel. weather. along with the synthetic “made-for-tv terrorism” fabricated by PR firms. banking. but more pragmatic goals appropriate for anyone wishing to “rule the world. the methods of delivery improved with planes and ships. food and water supplies. government. of . “give me that old time” poison and disease have been favourites as well.. then into the more scientifically esoteric dimensions. ways and means have been developed to weaponize anything and everything. bullets and artillery shells containing high-level radioactive waste. The 20th century also buckled under new innovations in what could only be described as “invisible warfare” involving the manipulation of education.

even “green”. military. “globalization” entities like the Council on Foreign Relations. and refined their image to become “kinder and gentler”. concentration and consolidation processes are on-going. putting a synthetic virus into their vaccines. or EMR. The command structures of the budding “new world order” have in fact made great progress towards a centrally. These have been wielded as “weapons systems” all along. of course. Technological advances have created new forms of weapons that can wipe out and/or debilitate entire populations in various ways without damaging the physical infrastructure. or zapping people with energy pulses coming from tv’s. hidden within the “irregularities of nature. factions within the intelligence community. Trilateral Commission.” . and specifically. chemical toxins (pesticides. technological advancement renders them more dangerous as time goes on. water fluoridation.S. but create chronic disease syndromes which are in the long run lethal. pharmaceutical drugs. radiological weapons (DU). while affording vast opportunities for capitalization by the medical establishment. institutionalised “non-lethal” weapons systems would today include GE/GMO foods. warriors and aliens have all had “ray guns” of various kinds. Wells. and in recent years and decades. the upper echelons are increasingly engaging in sneaky and invisible “peaceful war” activities like destroying the genome of a population with radiation.G. mobile phones and “ionospheric research instruments. Captain Kirk and a host of space travellers. At their finger-tips are the “control surfaces” for the U. Buck Rogers.what is really going on. Flash Gordon. large-scale energy and agricultural systems. and at the top. While we’re unlikely to see hand-held models. due to the energy requirements of such devices. covert “black ops” organizations like the CIA. and “personal” electronic devices like TV and mobile phones. the book by H. Masers and lasers have existed for decades. but he probably got it from the British oligarchs who backed him. food additives).and remotely-controlled planetary engineering apparatus. The expression “new world order” is sometimes attributed to Hitler. more importantly. A shift has occurred as the Pentagon and all things military have progressively reconfigured “public consciousness” to accept their agendas. what is known as “Tesla technologies” have become the in-thing in military circles. but are considered to be “consumer products” by most. new technologies enable “secret” warfare to be waged. adding toxic industrial waste to public drinking water. the international banking system. in addition to “blowing things up” and wreaking spectacular “war as pageant” destruction. Broadly defined. the private foundations and international banking cartel…work closely together towards their common goal: the ushering in of a “new world order. more “environmental”.” Ruled by them. The most “science-fiction” or esoteric of all the NLW’s are those operating in the domain of electromagnetic radiation. and Bilderberg Group. In recent decades the “revolution in military affairs” has given birth to a new paradigm of “exotic” and “non-lethal” weapons (NLW). larger ones do in fact exist. and the global mass-media.” These organizations…the biggest “defense” contractors and energy corporations. These systems may not “kill” people outright.

benign “leaders” and institutions sanctioning activities like “environmental engineering” (to ward off “climate change”). On the contrary. with no consideration of fall-out or contamination. luckily this never happened. consumed. Traditionally. and transportation infra-structure. airports and high-way systems are examples of modern “geo-engineering. for example. moreover.and brain-power. Strangelove” Teller’s idea to explode a hydrogen bomb off the Atlantic coast in order to blast out a new harbour. natural resources of every kind. “natural disasters” and other “acts of God”? “FALSE-FLAG” GEO-TERRORISM: ‘NATURAL DISASTERS’. in every corner of the globe. mineral and hydro-carbon processing and storage facilities. some several kilometres across. however. in the sea and the air…that is increasingly controlled. are out-scaled by the global resource extraction industry which is first-order “geo-engineering”: try to imagine the overall planetary system consisting of all mines (shafts. which gave birth to HAARP). the would-be “scientific dictatorship” must also successfully cloak itself and its enterprises in the forms of.” Many people continue to persist in the illusion that these technologies exist only in science-fiction movies or on “conspiracy theory” web-sites. any large-scale construction project would be “geoengineering. in their own words and in no uncertain terms.” The Great Wall of China. on land. however. Greece and Rome. highly credible scientific researchers have been telling us for decades about the development of state-ofthe-art military technologies like chem-trails and HAARP which pretend to be for “protecting the climate” or “studying the atmosphere”. however. In addition to absolute control of an allpowerful military apparatus. It’s impossible for the average human mind to contemplate the incalculable amount of everything: lives. the Taj Mahal and the cathedrals of Europe are good examples from the days of old. of which the extraction and nuclear industries are mere organelles. or SDI (the “Strategic Defense Initiative”. and their associated facilities. but the same influential mentalities moved on to other nefarious projects like “Star Wars”. did not remain untaken: try to imagine the “geo-engineering” represented by the total global system consisting of what is now approaching 500 civilian nuclear reactors. ‘INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENTS’ AND ‘ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING’ A huge body of information exists concerning the ideologies and technologies of what is euphemistically referred to as “geo-engineering. open-pits. stripmines). as would be the original structures whose remnants are the ruins of ancient Egypt. oil wells and drilling platforms. including millions of miles of rail-way and the largest ships ever built. or “weapons in space”. subverted. . the military clearly states its agenda. if you dig a little and demystify their jargon. by several orders of magnitude is the global military-industrial complex.In recent years and decades they’ve also become very interested in trying to masquerade as Mother Nature herself. a huge per-centage of the total Global Financial Illusion. The REAL “mac daddy” of “geo-engineering”. horse. industrial “accidents”. The nuclear road.” These. I am reminded of Edward “Dr. who knows how many military ones. human and nonhuman. man-. dams.

Ominously. chem-trails and HAARP. factions of humanity have wanted to control the weather. the concept of “weather modification. primarily for agricultural and military reasons. the 12 technical obstacles preventing their application appear insurmountable within 30 years. “prophets” of these “phantasms” have appeared in recent decades to provide vision and inspiration. flowing and discharging in her lithoand atmospheres and magnetic fields. This is precisely the Atlantean scenario as put forth by 19th century British researcher James Churchward. the global military-industrial complex can no longer be distinguished as a separate entity from global industrial civilization as a technogeneous whole. Consider. however. amounts to little more than a fire-cracker compared to the amounts of thermodynamic and electromagnetic energy existing in the Earth. In the early 21st century.” Incalculable quantities of petroleum and other hydro-carbon substances have been drained from beneath the Earth’s crust.” Throughout history (of “civilization”.” This pretty much sums up where the Air Force is coming from. The true nuclear legacy has been one more of biological than physical warfare.” From the perspective of the Earth herself. this. Air Force paper from 1996 entitled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025” relates that “Extreme and controversial examples of weather modification—creation of made-to-order weather. irradiated and ultimately destroyed by the mic. This threshold has been drawing even closer since the advent of atomic weapons with their vast destructive capability.S.dominated. large-scale climate modification. for example. emitted. In the 21st century as well we have crossed the “seas of qatsi” onto the shores of what could be called the “Atlantean syndrome. military strategists. to explosive detonations and cloud-seeding. in turn. Engaging in “extreme and controversial . but the song remains the same. The energy of all nuclear weapons combined. or way of life. creation and/or control (or “steering”) of severe storms. causing the continental regions over-head to “sink” beneath the sea. despite their controversial and potentially malevolent nature and their inconsistency with standing UN agreements to which the US is a signatory. this technogeneous “growth” on her surface must seem like a cancerous and parasitic planetary tumour. leaving multitudes of cavernous air-pockets which. etc. not so much from the “explosions” per se but from the astronomical quantities of highly radioactive substances released into the biosphere. that derives its energy from other living beings. can be thought of as sort of macro-“powaqatsi”. could collapse. poisoned. a Hopi native American word that means “a sorceror. that is). If this were not the case. here in the 21st century these “dreams” have come true. in the authors’ judgment. “elite” megalomaniacs and mad scientists have dreamed of controlling the “forces of nature” to do their bidding. at some point. A U. to the “sci-fi” technologies of today. from rituals. such applications would have been included in this report as potential military options. sacrifices and dances. Thousands of nuclear detonations have wrought unimaginable destruction to the Earth and her living systems.— were researched as part of this study but receive only brief mention here because. stored. and remember this report is from 1996. The techniques may have “progressed”. For aeons.

what would a test of an “environmental modification system” look like? How exactly is “weather modification” accomplished? What are these “science-fiction” technologies like chem-trails and HAARP? What else can they do? I will not go into a great deal of technical detail in this article. This phenomenon is well known and is comprehensively researched and documented around the world. in conjunction with chem-trail saturation since the late 1990’s. and they do not dissipate quickly like con-trails but persist and drift for long periods of time. On the surface. Highly credible researchers like Will Thomas and Clifford Carnicom have revealed that chem-trails have been found to contain not only ionizable metallic . but then. people with the requisite background and sufficient spinal strength to tell it like it is. the military acknowledges two types of chem-trail programs. however. and with HAARP becoming fully operational in 2006. present no danger to human health. Chem-trails began to appear in skies over north American population centres in the late 1990’s and since then have been seen above almost every city of any size on the planet. of a “potentially malevolent nature”.S.” If in fact Cohen were serious…since when was the Secretary of Defense a comedian…may we not logically assume that the U. all systems are “go” and sci-fi “geo-terrorism” has been unleashed. conducted by the U. military on behalf of the international banking cartel.S. they can be seen under conditions where con-trails could not form. of the “revolution in military spending” afforded by 9/11 and the “war on terrorism”. Weapons of Mass Destruction. for example. both of which involve suspending massive amounts of particulates in the atmosphere. but they are distinctly different. with the assistance. set off earthquakes. And how many people can tell the difference between a “natural” disaster and a “man-made” disaster? Then Secretary of Defense William Cohen said in 1997 at the Conference on Terrorism. Strategy that ‘Some countries…are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate. Consult the references for detailed information. these technical impediments were overcome long ago. and U.S. would be leading the world in development and deployment of such technologies? Further. but note that these operations utilize both civilian and military aircraft to disseminate cocktails of assorted aerosolized substances. one for “climate modification” and the other to create conditions favourable for the transmission of RFE (radio frequency energy) from HAARP. witnesses have observed the signature “criss-cross” patterns being created by planes flying back and forth over the same area.examples of weather modification” which are totally illegal with respect to international agreements isn’t a problem. volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. The military insists that these programs are environmentally sound. but will provide an introduction and refer you to excellent sources of information by highly credible researchers. and are for “scientific research” in the best interests of humanity. Many people think they are “con-trails” which may be created in the wake of jet airplanes. didn’t we already know that? The only problems were technical.

salts (barium and aluminum oxide. HAARP was originally a huge array of antennas laid out on the ground in several locations in southern Alaska. bacteria. HAARP is located where it is because of the proximity of vast quantities of natural gas that are used to power the tens of acres of diesel generators required to generate the electricity it requires. especially the global ocean. medical doctor. AK. mold. but also biologically active substances as unlikely as animal blood cells. toxic in themselves) and water-absorbing polymers. They are an integrated system and function as a single transmitting antenna which can send extremely powerful radiofrequency energy in the form of microwaves into the ionosphere. Further studies indicated that with positive . they are changing the chemical and energetic composition of the atmosphere to make it more conducive to the radio frequency energies emitted by HAARP…and far less conducive to the maintenance of life as we know her. the final destination for many environmental pollutants. Researcher Ken Adachi tells us that “[Will] Thomas has concluded that these sprayings are genocidal in nature and are intended to reduce or weaken the general population…[and] voiced the idea that there might be a mind control element to the most recent spraying. A “true deception”: technically not lying but not really telling the truth. Tesla also experimented with electromagnetic flux and studied the earth’s gravitational field. as well as bio-engineered pathogens. Nothing could be further from the truth. without question. Other researchers believe that chem-trails contain weaponized biochemicals including amino acids or “designer drugs” which affect dopamine levels in the brain. and who actually lives just over the hill from Gakona. During his research he discovered that the ionization of the atmosphere would alter when it was charged by radio wave transmissions in the low frequency range of 10 to 80 hertz. It’s name is an Orwellian euphemism disguising its true nature as the ultimate weapon of invisible warfare. with power levels on the order of billions of watts. proved to be the greatest scientific genius of this century. fungi. Begich tells us that “All of this seemingly Star Trek-like technology originated from a Serbian immigrant named Nikola Tesla who came to the United States just before the turn of the century. To paraphrase Dr. Thomas has reminded radio listeners that the government has had a long history of exposing the public to biological pathogens without their knowledge or consent. In addition to poisoning the human population and the biosphere. since many people are reporting mental confusion and depression following recent sprayings. referring to HAARP as an instrument of atmospheric research would be like saying that the Manhattan Project was about studying atomic energy. independent researcher and global authority on HAARP and related issues. HAARP stands for “High Altitude Auroral Research Project. This man. Tesla worked with both Westinghouse and Edison during the infancy of electricity and it was actually Tesla who developed alternating current. Nick Begich.” Chem-trails are on-going today around the world.” The name makes it sound like a benign apparatus that grad students in meteorology might crank up now and then. Tesla also discovered that he could cause both positive and negative ionization of the atmosphere by manipulating the radio frequency. the psychological result is a blurring of the distinction between what is real and what is not. as well as proximity to the magnetic pole.

as well. Every “test” is studied intensively by military and “think tank” scientists. wanton destruction. hence the play on the word “harp. the Earth’s magnetic field can be affected. streams of electricity or watervapour in the atmosphere can be manipulated. in that it is capable of secretly and invisibly delivering astronomical amounts of destructive energy into the fundamental processes affecting the Earth’s magnetic field. and so on. how the public reacted. through a “learning curve” of on-going series of “tests” whose results may on the surface appear to be “natural disasters” but in reality were acts of “geo-terrorism” designed simultaneously to fulfill various hidden agendas (coercion of governments. as well as create “nuclear explosions with no radiation. as an accidental side-effect of “Earth-penetrating tomography”.” In this way. Earthquakes may occur incidentally. HAARP can transmit and/or disrupt global communications systems. they can be “guided”. Inside the Earth. whoever controls HAARP possesses what could truly be described as the ultimate “plausibly deniable” weapons system. how much damage was done. as do different layers of the ionosphere. to mimic what the sun does. how good their aim or timing was.” HAARP can also be used to simulate the sun and to map deposits of minerals deep in the Earth. but also create disruptions of normal seismic or tectonic processes. The basic ideas are that HAARP and its global array of associated installations on several continents (20 are believed to exist. working in conjunction with “defense” contractors like Raytheon. Boeing and military organizations like DARPA and the US Air Force and Navy. rainfall. people and animals became tired and lethargic and with negative ionization the effect was one of feeling active and energetic. which can then be manipulated to modify the properties of the ionosphere itself. or “tectonic warfare” may be intentionally waged. population reduction) and as experiments to see how it all works. can be withheld or delivered copiously. the Van Allen radiation . psychological and/or environmental terrorism. the next “attack. or the “sounding” of geological resources. different materials “ring” at different frequencies when “sounded” by HAARP. and/or to send these pulsed transmissions through the Earth itself.” Control or manipulation of weather dynamics is accomplished by adding radio frequency energy to the Earth’s magnetic fields and electro-jet. generating instabilities that can result in earthquakes. Storms. hurricanes or cyclones cannot as yet be created “from scratch” but once they exist in embryonic form.” Contemporary scientists like Dr. “steered” and strengthened for maximum effect. Directed inside the Earth these pulsed energies enable not only a mapping of geological structures. is able to send pulsed waves of energy into the ionosphere. and the results used to design the next “test”. Bernard Eastlund. have patented and developed thousands of novel “Tesla-technologies” which together comprise HAARP and its associated systems. the jet-stream can be diverted or blocked by “lifting” the ionosphere. as well as either “bouncing” or reflecting these pulsed energy patterns down onto selected regions of the Earth’s surface through the creation of AIM’s (Aimable Ionospheric Mirrors). as well as hundreds of GWEN towers) acting as one coordinated unit. for example.ionization. By controlling the various parameters of these energetic pulses. although disharmoniously.

and RF/plasma discharges anywhere on the planet. earthquakes. Space Command…dominating the space dimension of military operations to protect U. military is developing. many people are saying “Yeah.” Got fluoride? Chem-trail residue? But I kid you not. military documents state clearly that “space” is being exploited as the “new frontier” to supplement or supplant “traditional” ground.). particle-beam and plasma weapons. and many other sci-fi “ray-gun” technologies. as if that weren’t enough for any power-hungry world-dominators. Slowly but surely the “global elite” has been assembling its “A-Team” in the corridors of power. blissfully ignorant and complacent as cows. As if that weren’t enough. if you listen to David Icke.C.S. Unfortunately. the lithosphere. all levels of the atmosphere. there’s an even more nefarious application of HAARP that is more qualitative and less strictly quantitative…the use of pulsed microwaves to engage in various forms of brain/mind control operations over large areas of human population. The goal is to be able to shoot down “enemy missiles” from “up there”. Because of the technological sophistication and centralization of this system. interests and investments. HAARP is also the centre-piece of the emerging “militarization of space” program that the entire U. they would have no idea that anything was wrong. a tiny handful of a few properly-placed individuals all in one control room would be in a position to deliver a broad-spectrum attack of weather. If peoples’ ability to think was undermined. which includes what used to be called “Star Wars” or SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative). Their time has come…or so they think…and they’ve done their best to inspire almost all humanity to join them in their orgy of self-destruction.” (USSC. from the ionosphere down through the stratosphere and into the troposphere.S. perhaps on several “fronts” at once. Integrating Space Forces into war-fighting capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict.S. using not only manned space vehicles but more importantly. sea and air forces: “U. a vast network of satellites equipped with lasers. they’re the ones who actually invented money just so they could eventually have and do all this stuff. smoking a cigarette and ingesting televised infotoxin about how nuclear power is “safe and clean. this is exactly why it’s all been able to get to the level it’s at now. and therefore. Vision for 2020. these same “people” have been at it since 3000 B. A single enclave of criminally insane megalomaniacs could theoretically wage war against the entire human population and the Earth herself. it’s because this IS terrifying.belts. Again. most of us help them every day with the routines of apathy and consumption that we just think of as our normal lives. right…” They’re the same ones who are drinking Diet Coke out of aluminum cans while talking on their mobile phones. the weather anywhere on Earth. published 1997) Notice there’s no mention of protecting the people in the Space Command vision. geological substrates and tectonic dynamics of any location on Earth. And. centrally debilitated. . and to “zap” anything anywhere on the surface of the Earth with a space-ray guided by satellite imagery. If this sounds scary. all having their massive amounts of power transmitted to them by HAARP. U. the power-mongers have been hard at it for decades (maybe even centuries…or. they would cease to be “people” as traditionally defined and become somnambulant zombie slaves. whose goal is to dominate and control low-orbital space as a war-fighting platform.S.

the “Iron Curtain” fell in 1992. and was professor of international relations at Harvard. His name may be difficult to pronounce. conditioned for decades to assimilate uncritically anything spewing out of a television. Hitler’s “big lie” had been taken to a new level and the public. Osama bin Laden and “Al Qaeda” served as the “key enablers” of imperial mobilization in the wake of 9/11. Clearer blueprints could not be found for the transformation of America into an instrument of full-spectrum global domination: blue-prints which are clearly being followed. The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives (19 ) and Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (1970). It didn’t matter that the “official story” was not only unbelievably ludicrous. “Osama bin Laden” is pretty much of a euphemism for “Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski founded the Trilateral Commission on behalf of the Rockefellers. dissolving the former USSR into several geo-political entities which allowed the strategic Caspian Sea basin to be penetrated by transnational energy interests. an administration that’s pure Wall Street. logically impossible.ARCHITECTS OF “TECHNETRONIC GEO-TERRORISM”: ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI It’s no coincidence that with a ”charismatic personality president” who’s a CIA asset. Just as the “war on terror” is merely a euphemism for “imperial mobilization”. the spectre of Zbigniew “Doc Tronic” Brzezinski should be summoned once again to serve the agenda of the White House control regime.” Osama and “Al Qaeda” may have existed as real people at one time. In terms of “architects” or “master-minds” of the plans and goals of the “New World Order” cult. the original CIA-directed “terrorist army” led by our old friend Osama bin Laden whose initial purpose was to mire the then Soviet Union in a Viet Nam-style conflict in Afghanistan in the 1970’s. and defied the laws of physics. but since 9/11 they are little more than media “bogies” which can be invoked with the insertion of a video tape whenever the perceived threat of “terrorism” is needed. not bin Laden. who is believed to have been dead for several years. With Brzezinski’s “imperial mobilization” well under way. playing the role of “patsy” in what was to date the hugest and most sophisticated textbook psychological warfare operation ever attempted. Polish by birth. He authored two highly influential books of profound visionary hegemony. ten years of chem-trails behind us and HAARP full operational. but his prophetic role in what is unfolding today is clearly defined. Since then. swallowed it whole. he would occupy the apex of the pyramid. Brzezinski is known to be the founder and real “master mind” of “Al Qaeda”. Here is a selection of chillingly prophetic quotations which demonstrate that Brzezinski has in fact supplied the “long term strategic design”. served as Secretary of State in the Carter administration in the late 1970’s. and he is not one to rest upon his laurels! I invite you to read or at least scan through the two books I mentioned earlier. Zbig-boy has “master-minded” a lot more than just the “war on terror”. his conspicuous reappearance in the White House is an omen that indeed the “technetronic era” is upon us. The “reality orchestrators” succeeded beyond their wildest dreams as people exist today who STILL think that bin Laden directed it all using his laptop a cave in Afghanistan. Brzezinski is the REAL “master-mind” of 9/11 and “Al Qaeda”. “mission statement” and “coherent ideology” for the . Always an arch enemy of Russia.

it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior. both the growing capacity for the instant calculation of the most complex interactions and the increasing availability of biochemical means of human control augment the potential scope of consciously chosen direction. the emergence of a charismatic personality. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period. except in the circumstances of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat. deep-sea installations. space and weather control have replaced Suez or Gibraltar as key elements of strategy. for both domestic and external reasons. this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society. In fact. to choose. .. and more powerful and more accurate bombs. Accordingly. The pursuit of power and especially the economic costs and human sacrifice that the exercise of such power often requires are not generally congenial to democratic instincts. has written that accurately timed. relatively "inexpensive" victory. and thereby also the pressures to direct. the scientific and technological momentum of the country would not be reversed but would actually feed on the situation it exploits. . No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages to some. MacDonald. future developments may well include automated or manned space warships. F. permit proxy contests that will be decisive in their strategic political outcome but will be fought by only a few human beings (as in the Battle of Britain) or even by robots in outer space…” “In addition. unrestrained by traditional values." “Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values. chemical and biological weapons.” from The Grand Chessboard “In the technetronic society scientific and technical knowledge. and to change…” "Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites…[Whose] ties cut across national boundaries…It is likely that before long the social elites of most of the more advanced countries will be highly internationalist or globalist in spirit and outlook…The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty… Further progress will require greater American sacrifices. In this way. the window of historical opportunity for America's constructive exploitation of its global power could prove to be relatively brief. “Moreover. the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades. artificially excited electronic strokes ‘could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth. Persisting social crisis. Under such circumstances. More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken. multi-missiles. Gordon J..“global elite’s” world take-over. 1970 . as America becomes an increasingly multicultural society. it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues. In addition to improved rocketry. with some consequent risk to the present relatively favorable American position. a geophysicist specializing in problems of warfare. and still other forms of warfare—even the weather may be tampered with." "The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society…dominated by an elite. “The key question for the future is ‘What will America…a society that is both a social pioneer and a guinea pig for mankind…bequeath to the world as the enduring legacy of its primacy?’ The answer depends in part on how long that primacy lasts and on how energetically America shapes a framework of key power partnerships that over time can be more formally institutionalized.” “Not only have new weapons been developed but some of the basic concepts of geography and strategy have been fundamentally altered. A genuinely populist democracy has never before attained international supremacy.’ “ From Between Two Ages. quickly spills over to affect almost all aspects of life directly. in addition to enhancing production capabilities. It would tap the nation's intellectual talent for broad target planning and exploit the existence of doctrinaire groups by using them as social barometers and as sources of novel ideas. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. death rays. . Democratization is inimical to imperial mobilization. . These new weapons could either encourage expectations of one-sided.

this power over his environment will provide man with a new force capable of doing great and indiscriminate damage. Effects of releasing this energy could be world-wide. in the rarefied and windswept upper atmosphere. The water vapour that may be introduced into the stratosphere by the supersonic transport may also result in a similar temperature rise. materials may tend to accumulate though the mixing time for this part of the atmosphere is certainly less than ten years and may be a few months. it is useful to examine climate variations under natural conditions. vegetation. are predictable if chemical or physical means were developed for attacking one of the natural constituents of the atmosphere ozone. In principle it would be feasible to introduce material into the upper atmosphere that would absorb either incoming light (thereby cooling the surface) or outgoing heat (thereby warming the surface). improving their climate while worsening others. “Among future means of obtaining national objectives by force. perhaps much briefer but nevertheless disastrous effects. to tell what the outcome might be. and the transparency of the Earth’s atmosphere to different forms of radiated energy. and even elemental materials will eventually be lost by diffusion into space or precipitation to the surface. molecular material will tend to decompose. ice. Los Angeles. Moreover.” “There has been much controversy in recent years about conjectured overall effects on the world’s climate of emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere from furnaces and engines burning fossil fuel… Carbon dioxide placed in the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution has produced an increase in the average temperature of the lower atmosphere of a few tenths of a degree Fahrenheit. As these manipulations become possible. but also that MacDonald probably hadn’t foreseen the “new Pearl Harbour” calculated to catalyze the Brzezinskian metastasis.). etc. we can only tentatively speculate about modifying the shortwave radiation at its source. the Sun. the temptation to release materials from high-altitude rockets might exist. When achieved. in the stratosphere.” “Substantial progress within the environmental sciences is slowly overcoming the gap between fact and fiction regarding manipulations of the Earth’s physical environment.” Obviously. so that military use of such a technique would probably rely upon global rather than local effects. We have discovered major instabilities on . To trigger this instability.” “…climate is primarily determined by the balance between the incoming short-wave from the Sun (principally light) and the loss of outgoing long-wave radiation (principally heat)…Three factors dominate the balance: the energy of the Sun. or the super-cooling of water vapour in the atmosphere by up-draughts taking place over a few tens of minutes. Such a world might be one in which nuclear weapons were effectively banned and the weapons of mass destruction were those of environmental catastrophe…geophysical weapons…are peculiarly suited for covert or secret wars. Environmental instability is a situation in which nature has stored energy in some part of the Earth or its surroundings far in excess of that which is usual. desert. the required energy might be introduced violently by explosions or gently by small bits of material able to induce rapid changes by acting as catalysts or nucleating agents.F. Our present primitive understanding of deliberate environmental change makes it difficult to imagine a world in which geophysical warfare is practiced.ARCHITECTS OF “TECHNETRONIC GEO-TERRORISM”: GORDON J. history shows that attempts may be made to use them in support of national ambitions…” “The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of the environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy. MACDONALD MacDonald was associate director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California. At intermediate levels. important to note is that not only is this from 1966.” “At present. but on ‘problems’ of conducting it invisibly and absolutely. one possibility hinges on man’s ability to control and manipulate the environment of his planet. Here again is another prophetic blue-print that looks like a “wish-list” for the Pentagon. as in the case of altering climate. The mechanism for energy storage might be the accumulation of strain over hundreds of millions of years in the solid Earth. At present we know too little about the paradoxical effects of warming and cooling.” “The quantities of energy involved in weather systems exceed by a substantial margin the quantity of energy under man’s direct control…In considering whether or not climate modification is possible. however. If a nation’s meteorologists calculated that a general warming or cooling of the Earth was in their national interest. or regional. MacDonald was not interested in the ‘problem’ of averting or abolishing war. the surface character of terrestrial regions (water. as well as a member of President Johnson’s Science Advisory Committee. as in the case of locally excited earthquakes or enhanced precipitation. Brzezinski describes him as a “geophysicist specializing in problems of warfare. the material would disperse rather quickly.” “More sudden. In practice.

A series of phased explosions. the San Andreas fault zone. In the continents. coupled with accurately-timed. passing near Los Angeles and San Francisco.the Sun’s surface which might be manipulated many years hence. the irregular distribution of heat-producing radioactive elements in the rock layers gives rise to sub-surface temperature differences between various parts of the Earth.000. In a solar flare. Substantial progress has been made in the understanding of the physics of lightning and of how it might be controlled. the accumulating strain accelerates… “The use as a weapon system of the strain energy instability within the solid Earth requires an effective triggering mechanism. as previously noted. for example. perhaps setting off natural earthquakes. artificially-excited strokes. give rise to large thermal stresses. would be a most effective way. The excitation of timed strokes would enhance the efficiency with which energy is injected into an oscillation. in an Earth-ionosphere cavity.” “The field strengths in these experiments are still much stronger. For example. if the strain pattern in the crust can be accurately determined. granites and similar rocks have concentrated radioactive elements near the surface. by a factor of about 1.” “The enhanced low-frequency electrical oscillations in the Earth-ionosphere cavity relate to possible weapons systems through a little understood aspect of brain physiology. before an earthquake. the Earthionosphere waveguide will tend to sustain radio oscillation at certain frequencies in preference to others.” “…we live in an insulating atmosphere between two spherical conducting shells or. as the radio engineer would put it. T. due to the differences in the vertical distribution of heat-producing elements. However. as tropical thunder storms are always available for manipulation. Of possible value is the observation that. designed to trigger a large fault at some distance. causing strain analogous to that which cracks a glass tumbler filled with hot water. could be contemplated. than the observed natural oscillations in the Earth-ionosphere cavity. could initiate outward sliding of the ice sheet which would then be sustained by gravitational energy. could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produced relatively high power levels over certain regions of the Earth and substantially lower levels over other regions. perhaps through nuclear explosions along the base of an ice sheet. In this way. or waveguide…Like any such cavity. The natural oscillations are excited by randomly occurring strokes.” “One can imagine several ways in which to increase the intensity of such electrical oscillations. we may sometime in the future learn to trigger these instabilities. Such variations in temperature along a horizontal line. The number of lightning strokes per second…100 lightning strokes occur each second…could be enhanced by artificially increasing their original number. This timed release could be activated through small explosions and thus it might be possible to use this release of energy stored in small faults at some distance from a major fault to trigger that major fault. With advanced techniques of launching rockets and setting off large explosions. the intensity of the natural fluctuations could be increased substantially and in principle could be maintained for a long time.” “The usual schemes for modifying climate involve the manipulation of large ice fields…A. The field strengths in these experiments are of the order of a few hundredths of a volt per centimetre. the phased or timed release of energy from smaller faults. which may as a result be more than 100 degrees C cooler than the corresponding sub-continental regions. The proper geographical location of the source of lightning. A scheme for pumping water seems clumsy and easily detectable. Subjects show small but measurable degradation in performance when exposed to oscillating fields for periods of up to fifteen minutes. where guidance is achieved by correctly shaping the source which releases energy. no similar concentration has taken place in the sub-oceanic regions. On the other hand. 1010 megatons of energy are stored in distorted magnetic fields.” “The Brain Research Institute of the University of California is investigating the effect of weak oscillating fields on human behaviour.” “What causes earthquakes? Over geological time. Good knowledge of the strain within this belt might permit the setting off of the San Andreas zone by timed explosions in the China Sea and Philippine Sea. In contrast with certain meteorological operations. The release of thermal energy. I could even speculate on planning a guided tidal wave. it would seem rather unlikely that such an attack could be carried out covertly under the guise of natural earthquakes. is part of the great earthquake belt surrounding the Pacific. one could develop a system that would seriously impair brain performance in very large populations in selected regions over an extended .” “One instability offering potential as a future weapon system is that associated with tsunamis. Wilson has proposed a cyclical theory for the Ice Ages based on this instability…If the speculative theory of Wilson is correct (and there are many attractive features to it) then a mechanism does exist for catastrophically altering the Earth’s climate.

” Ultimately. especially conceived as weaponry. Huxley or Zamyatin utilized even rudimentary “technetronics”.” “A nation possessing superior technology in environmental manipulation could damage an adversary without revealing its intent…Operations producing such conditions might be carried out covertly. earthquakes and tidal waves to be viewed as unusual but not unexpected. No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behaviour for national advantage is to some. as I have tried to show in this article.” None of the “negative utopias” envisioned by Orwell. would be cause enough for alarm.period. but still more primitive are our notions of the proper political forms and procedures to deal with the consequences of modification. relying more on propaganda techniques and pharmaceutical assuagements like “soma. theoretical and psycho-analytical under-pinnings of “technetronic warfare” can be traced all the way back to the origins of “civilization”. could be credited to Tesla. however. the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades.” “Perturbation of the environment can produce changes in behaviour patterns. a feature common to several modification schemes is their ability to affect the Earth as a whole.” “In addition to their covert nature. means other than open warfare may be used to secure national advantage…it may be to a country’s advantage to ensure a peaceful natural environment for itself and a disturbed environment for its competitors. “technetronics”. but functionally it began with the inception of television. it is independent of the institutions based on geography and the effects of modification can be projected from any one point to any other on the Earth…there is concern that this incipient technology is in total conflict with many of the traditional geographical and political units and concepts…Our understanding of basic environmental science and technology is primitive.” BEYOND ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD’: “NEURO-TERRORISM” & EMR-BASED BRAIN/MIND WARFARE For people who have a little scientific background and whose minds haven’t been completely desensitized by mass-media “shock and awe”. floods. Eventually. droughts. the ideological. Such a ‘secret war’ need never be declared or even known by the affected populations. The environment knows no political boundaries. The years of drought and storm would be attributed to unkindly nature and only after a nation were thoroughly drained would an armed take-over be attempted. That the over-lords of weaponized mass-communication have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams is a grotesque understatement of the situation we find . reading about attempts to manipulate instabilities on the surface of the sun. not to mention those of an atmospheric or tectonic nature. since nature’s great irregularity permits storms. who were both heavily influenced by Edward Teller. just like the head of Godzilla appearing over the mountainside in the original movie! The origins of the “technetronic era” extend back much further than Brzezinski and MacDonald. to call down thunder and lightning. the human desire to make the Earth tremble. It could go on for years with only the security forces involved being aware of it. Ancient rulers were obsessed with “emulating the gods” through their forms of warfare. touted as “the atomic bomb of the mind. yet another horror awaits us as the spectre of “technetronic” mind/brain warfare envisioned by Brzezinski and MacDonald looms on the horizon. Theoretically. to wreak massive destruction from the heavens may have stemmed from our repeated collective traumatization by cosmic catastrophes.” “Man already possesses highly effective tools for destruction.

who “discovered that he could cause both positive and negative ionization of the atmosphere by manipulating the radio frequency. and "favored the establishment of commercialism. and the new “exotic” non-lethal weapons systems like HAARP: television is watched at the level of the individual and its use is optional. Not so with HAARP. empire and eventually technocracy. The technology can be turned on or preferably off at will. dissemination. most fully embodied first by advertising. For clear evidence that the Pentagon is indeed following the BrzezinskiMacDonald blue-print. the overall toxicity of our mental environment has increased exponentially in direct proportion to the pervasiveness of mass-media. regardless of the “content” of what is being watched. greatly enhanced the possibilities of centralization and imperialism in matters of culture and politics. technetronically speaking. the majority of all aspects of mass-media have been weaponized. Historian Harold Innis warned that electronic communication enlarged the possible scale of social organization. Tesla was a step ahead. and the weaponization of its intent.ourselves in today. entire geographic regions of human population can be targeted with debilitating radio-frequency energy. however. of which the notorious MK-Ultra project is a single known example among thousands.” “Psychotronic” warfare targeting the brain itself electromagnetically was pioneered by Russian scientists in the mid-20th century. the original Nazi psychiatrist paradigm. and the manipulation of techniques of presentation. the centralization of its control. I believe that around 1984 we crossed the “threshold of infotoxin”. then projected as the “weltanschauungskrieg”. Once again. The revolution in brain research and the militarization of neuro-science in recent decades has been instrumental in the development of “technetronic” warfare. Further studies indicated that with positive ionization. who continues to under-write a vast array of academic as well as “black” operations. With HAARP’s “technetronic warfare”. since then. Herein lies a fundamental difference between “traditional” non-lethal weapons like television. people and animals became tired and lethargic and with negative ionization the effect was one of feeling active and energetic. Innis’ colleague Marshall McLuhan was fond of saying that “the medium is the message”. the medium is not just the “message” but is itself a weapon. in particular. and agenda. then re-invented in America as “psychological warfare. the CIA. “Brain-washing” experts like Herbert Krugmann knew from the beginning that at the physiological level.” Note that the ionisation of the metallic salts used in chem-trails are exclusively positive.” Since World War 2. then enthusiastically taken up by the western mic. the dynamics of language and information." Innis was essentially talking about the “content” of electronic media. unknowingly and probably against their will! To quote Brzezinski quoting MacDonald: it’s “a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period. check this out. television creates a hypnotic state of uncritical assimilation. from an Air Force document Radiofrequency .

MacDonald says that environmental modification operations “might be carried out covertly. and that MacDonald’s vision is now reality: “A nation possessing superior technology in environmental manipulation could damage an adversary without revealing its intent…Such a ‘secret war’ need never be declared or even known by the affected populations. Even without “inside information”. floods.’ Few people outside the “loop” of “classified research”. Further. It could go on for years with only the security forces involved being aware of it. ‘COINCIDENCES’ AND ‘SIGNATURES’ Despite the fact that “technetronic warfare” is supposed to be “secret” by design and its existence “plausibly deniable”.” .the increasing understanding of the brain as an electrically mediated organ suggest that impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive of purposeful behavior and be capable of directing such behavior. We can be sure that what we know about is. once again. that this “secret war” is no longer theoretical but is being waged globally at this very minute and has actually been on-going for a long time. unrestrained by traditional values…[who] would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques…of warfare” has seized the daze of imperial mobilization and “full-spectrum dominance”. "Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000”: ‘While initial attention should be toward degradation of human performance through thermal loading and electromagnetic field effects. but to engage in intelligent speculation about what might be coming next. and independent thought is the Titanic. RECENT EVENTS/OVER THE HORIZON: ANOMALIES. earthquakes and tidal waves to be viewed as unusual but not unexpected. But it seems to me that two fundamental truths can be verified: First.’ From another Air Force document. the passage of 100 milliamperes through the myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death. entitled. “industrial accidents” and human and ecological health indicative of “technetronic warfare” unleashed. again pointing to a speed-of-light weapons effect. using externally applied fields within the possibility of a revolutionary capability to defend against hostile actions and to collect intelligence data prior to conflict onset…A rapidly scanning RFR (radio frequency radiation) system could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area. it’s possible for astute observers not only to compile evidence for their use. “black ops” or the “central controllers” have full or accurate information about the actual “state-ofthe-art” of “technetronic” warfare. observations and intuitions reveal patterns. only the tip of a vast ice-berg. what the larger agenda might be.” Second. characteristics and changes in “natural disasters”.Radiation Dosimetry Handbook : ‘specially generated radiofrequency radiation pose powerful and revolutionary antipersonnel military threats…. subsequent work should address the possibilities of directing and interrogating mental functioning. since nature’s great irregularity permits storms. droughts. that Brzezinski’s “elite. that Eisenhour’s “disastrous rise of misplaced power” happened long ago.

“technogeneous” or “anthropogenic” effects. many quite incredible. rather than attempting an “objective” analysis. “spikes” in energetic emanations from the sun. At this point. stars and the galactic core. surrounding and embedded within multiple and equally complex terrestrial and helio-cosmic systems.” For many years not only have “natural disasters” seemed to be on the rise…which may or may not be “normal” for where/when we are now. the one thing that is agreed upon is that the “operating environment” in which they occur.In terms of the dynamics of the Earth. Evidence of many kinds exists which discloses the “finger-prints” of active “geo-terrorism. and now. however. a super-imposition of “catastrophism” and “evolution. sun. they may be the result of constantly varying movements and processes within the Earth as well as in the proximal and distal cosmic environments. some of them quite credible. for example. slow gradual changes without well-defined boundaries.” In our minds. The cyclical world-view of indigenous peoples as a whole makes a lot of sense which. galactic core. we only know what it’s been like since we’ve been here. I will . One of the foundations of James Lovelock’s “Gaia hypothesis” (conceived long before he lost the plot) is the fact that the Earth’s atmosphere exists in a continuous state of chemical and thermodynamic disequilibrium. “geo-terrorism” is mankind’s manipulation of the forces of nature to conduct warfare against others of his own kind. Despite models derived from second-order information like the study of ice-core samples.” We don’t really know what “normal” is for the Earth. which occurs only in living systems. humans haven’t been here long enough to know what is “natural” or “normal”. the Earth’s atmosphere. planets. is itself neither simple. Moreover. or super-novae. of which we are part and parcel. Living systems. Super-imposed on this variable continuum would be. we have no way to know…but many of them possessed unusual or anomalous characteristics. is the concept that what we think of as “time” is not purely “linear” but more like “seasons” that the Earth and solarsystem go through. little consensus exists even in honest scientific circles concerning the nature of long-term weather and climate patterns. “geo-terrorism” began with the dawn of “civilization. in a nutshell.” Myriad causes and explanations exist for all this. and possibly “intelligent. EVIDENCE OF “GEO-ENGINEERING” From the perspective of the Earth and indigenous peoples. gravitational and energetic aspects of the moon. isolated or inert. On the contrary… the atmosphere as a whole is extraordinarily complex. comets. a fair generalization can be made about the long-term history of life on the Earth: it consists of “long slow gradual processes punctuated by events of short duration with lasting effects”. The tendency lately is the belief that in recent years and decades we have entered a period of “Earth changes. or electrically-conductive plasma clouds. and behaves more like a living organism than a “thermodynamic” mechanism. These “seasonal” fluctuations are long. effects of the interaction and/or collision of the Earth with asteroids.” Despite the brevity of our window of awareness and the superficiality of our knowledge. can only be understood or modelled superficially by forms of “science” bent on subjugation rather than coexistence. for example. the responses of living systems are highly unpredictable.

and treated victims and evacuees. the whole world has been under attack with a whole new level of nefarious deceit and wars of aggression. The current level of “attack” started with 9/11. Here is an excerpt from . I had known about chem-trails and HAARP for many years. Similar patterns seemed to recur with subsequent “natural disasters”. and that lots of “willy-willies” (Australian for “dust-devil”) were appearing in the Pilbara. for example. we experienced a massive plague of locusts sweeping down into western Victoria from Queensland to the north. I’m sure there’s a lot more examples I am totally unaware of. the intensity of lightning displays. a city where I’ve spent a lot of time and have quite a few good friends. many of whom were “ethnic minorities”. Ever since then. causing the worst flooding in the country’s history. refused international assistance. I had already been on “red-alert” level since earlier in 2001 when I first learned about the U. and just relate my own experience of all this. Meteorologists noted that this storm was highly unusual in that it gained in strength faster than any they’d previously seen. it could still be chalked up to “Earth changes” coming in. Navy’s attack on the cetaceans with “low-frequency active sonar.depart from the somewhat “scholarly” approach of this article so far. I remember thinking back to our time in Darwin and coming down through the Kimberley. Because of living “on the road”. as well as a highly unusual trajectory. Here we saw unusual energetic signatures never before detected in hurricanes. including earthquakes and tsunamis that devastated Indonesia. In September of 2010 while in Australia we learned of the earthquake that rattled Christchurch. New Zealand. as I’d known that. and left just before the most powerful cyclone ever to reach Australia delivered astronomical amounts of rain. according to geologists. What I’m sharing is an overall impression. As bizarre as it was. and how several people were saying that the coming wet season was going to be a major one. the Canterbury plain on which Christchurch is built is one of the most seismically stable regions of New Zealand. however. as did a lot of people. the fact that crocodiles were nesting high up on the river banks. from their “reading” of natural signs. but not outside the boundaries of what could be thought of as “natural. We also witnessed a bizarre situation in which FEMA and other federal agencies thwarted emergency efforts. and the mystery only deepened after we returned to Christchurch in December. Chile and Haiti. which I instantly recognized for what it was. what I’ve noticed and thought about it all. The result was that it hit land sooner and with greater force. and was well aware that the wide spectrum of extremely anomalous aspects of Hurricane Katrina were likely to be man-made.” Yet we were highly aware of weirdness about. All of this was a bit unusual. In the week or two before we left Australia. we are often out of media contact for days or even weeks on end.” That something this diabolical was under-way against the “real people” of this planet was a serious portent of things to come. and that it seemed to be being prevented from following the usual cyclonic path by an unusual stationary high pressure system to the south. visible and invisible. like prisoners of war.S. This quake seemed strange to me.

we were camping out in Winchester. possibly worse. Most people seemed to find it all amusing on the surface. from Oamaru. What I do remember. I knew what it was.my journal of a few weeks ago: “Since our first visit in 2010. New Brighton. where I saw an article in the newspaper about “frequent rumbling noises over the past few months since the September eartquake. Shortly thereafter. only much later did the thunder come. After we posted some recent photos. We came and went from Christchurch a lot over the next few weeks. Unusually as well. New Zealand. and Sumner. and she wanted to know their location and date. It had some of the characteristics of a voice. in mid-December. I love the energy of storms. as I could both see and “feel” the “flash” or pulse of the discharge even inside our tent. The day after we left Christchurch heading south. There was a very odd occurrence of instability in the wave clouds that actually managed to make a thunderstorm. She used to be involved with the state government of California. and I remember hearing it quite clearly. it seemed like one long continuous peal that went on for 20 or 30 minutes. and I deeply regret not getting up to watch and to photograph what must have been an unbelievable display of celestial discharges. in an area believed by many geologists to have been seismically stable for as long as tens of thousands of years. taking in the beauty and power of New Zealand’s natural legacy. if not even unintelligent. and have talked with almost everyone we see about the quakes. It was actually a combination of hearing and feeling it. we returned to Christchurch. She pointed out two images of cloud formations that I’d photographed. When I asked her to tell me what she had found. in north Canterbury. but when it did. like the sound of the quake I heard from . to start re-building already when the distinct possibility existed that more. I was sound asleep.’ We were near Akaroa for the Boxing Day quake that sent people out of the cbd. it was more than likely just beginning. she said that both formations were indicative of man-made atmospheric engineering activities. some subtle information contained in the harmonics of the rumble.” These were precisely the areas hardest-hit by the quake of 22 February that had yet to occur. One of the formations was from east of Adelaide. I thought it premature. to Castle Hill. especially the seemingly unending series of thousands of after-shocks. the groan or moan of a being more than an inanimate sound. Christchurch had experienced its first major earthquakes. quakes could happen at any time. We have spent a good deal of time in Christchurch since Christmas. is that the flashes seemed to have an unusual quality to them. to Kaikoura.’ “ My immediate feeling about the Christchurch quake and after-math was that not only was it all not over.” This rumbling. Amazingly. but in recent years has become an independent investigator of issues affecting the health and integrity of human and ecological systems. and were awoken in the night by brilliant flashes of lightning. I was in a zone of silence when it happened. but it seemed like a massive ‘wake-up call. exploring the extent of Canterbury. but then you could see a level of unacknowledged concern about ‘when it was going to stop. reported from Redcliffs. and the other was from west of Waiau. I got an interesting email from a researcher in California named Rosalind Peterson. no lives were lost. was “a very rare event. in mid-January. maybe a dozen or more we felt there ourselves. however. but. South Australia. there was something very eery about it. I definitely knew that it was not thunder and not a man-made sound.

but eventually subsided. we began to feel really tired and drained of energy. we were totally shielded from any electromagnetic perturbations or disturbances. about it. again in the vicinity of Winchester. that is. It went on for a while. Undocumented is the rumour that both Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch were in town at the same time as well. questioned what they are doing. as a whole they are insane with respect to the ‘reality’ of global indigenous wisdom. just to the south of Moeraki. and on the way back. and could feel her feelings. The most unusual thing about these fires was their unprecedented intensity. If humans as a whole woke up. a conference on extreme weather was taking place in Melbourne that very weekend. even unnatural. for no apparent reason. they are totally non-magnetizable. All of a sudden. and renavigated their process. Even stranger. this is documented. Geologically speaking. and noted at the time how strange it was. and what may have caused it. The next day we visited the Moeraki boulders to the south. and it was only early afternoon. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my eyes looked really red and blood-shot. I realized that this may have been possible in part because this mountain is made entirely of granite. I was inspired to deliver a “message from the heart of the Earth” whose essence is this: “We are ALL on a journey through the unknown. most importantly by greatly reducing immediate damage to the Earth. It was as if we’d been within the womb of Mother Earth. there was something really eery. the weaponized man-made ones so increasingly evident. and a friend of ours told us that he had experienced exactly the same thing with the sudden attacks of tiredness and red-eyes. It made me think of the reports of large flocks of birds falling from the sky. but each time is unique.Wainui. both granite and quartzite are the most fully diamagnetic minerals that exist. and the whole top of it is made of quartzite. Life and the Earth have gone through similar ‘windows of change’ before. My partner and I were both identically affected. Just over a month ago we made a trek up onto what we consider to be a very powerful and sacred mountain in southern New Zealand. I remembered thinking that it was as if we had driven through a region of altered energy or a zone of extreme positive ionisation. He also said that a good friend of his there had been doing serious research into chem-trails and had just been hired by a firm in Norway to continue her work there. her eco-systems and life-forms. a couple weeks later we were in Dunedin. in particular.” . As well. even though we were stone cold sober. and how the air temperature just before the fires that day seemed to increase suddenly several degrees above what already appeared to be the high for the day. something really weird happened. What this means is that when we were up on the mountain. We were well rested. Humans must realize that as a whole they are waging an unconscious war against their very home and mother. the fact that it came on so suddenly was unusual. they will astronomically increase their own chances not only for ‘survival’ through these ‘Earth changes’ but may find themselves included once again with a place in the coming ‘new creation’. honeybees dying off and of pods of cetaceans stranding. Our experience there was in fact trans-dimensional. In my mind I made a connection with the highly anomalous bush-fires that destroyed suburbs of Melbourne and other regions of southern Victoria in February of 2009.

but the question was. The phased array antenna consists of thousands of antennas driven by transmit/receive modules. this could have been the primary local transmitter for triggering the Japan earthquake. in and around Christhchurch on the day of their recent quake (I saw on tv that New Zealand naval vessels were already in Lyttelton harbour at the time of the quake). The article said it was for “communications” but it could in fact be something like Bernard Eastland’s “Thunderstorm” satellite which is designed to boost the power of the HAARP system with direct solar energy.. the Earth has always “quaked” here and there. the appearance of oily. as well as other cloud formations associated with “atmospheric engineering”. electro-mechanically steered X-band radar in the world – according to Boeing claims. As an integral and recently introduced component of the HAARP system. storage areas and the infrastructure necessary to support the massive X-band radar.S. the U.S.S. Strike Force en route to South Korea at the time of the Japan quake. which we are approaching now. would people seize the opportunity or just carry on with the same old same old. but we know that the whole system of “space weapons” is being expanded and upgraded as quickly as possible. I began this article. bigger. I noticed that only a few weeks ago the largest “satellite” ever was put into orbit by the U. and it’s actually operated by Phillips Laboratories. creating a trinary disaster scenario now affecting the entire planet.. before I could finish it.” Surely. Evidence for this “more going on” can also be found in the socio-political field of activity. naval exercise was taking place not far from Japan at the time of their recent quake. and apparently a huge U. And I just learned of this thing called “The Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform. I haven’t had time to do as much research into it as I’d like. The U. Reagan was there for this. Navy is who controls the HAARP system. The SBX radar is the most sophisticated phased array. and periodically the Sun emits “coronal mass ejections” during peaks in the sunspot cycle. and was apparently there with the U. And only Boeing knows how many . But when the tell-tale signatures of electromagnetic warfare are reported around the world.S. a bridge. the mega-quake/nuclear attack happened in Japan. A lot of people think it’s just good old “Earth changes” or “God” punishing us…or “them. it’s clear that more is going on.S. The radar is designed and built by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems for Boeing. I found it highly unusual that “military exercises” were in fact being conducted in and around Haiti at the time of their recent quake. using the largest rocket ever built. control rooms. I had already written an article on how the September quake there could be seen as creating a “window of renavigation”. and lethal quake. and launched from a “west coast” space facility that I didn’t even know existed.The very next day the big earthquake happened in Christchurch that totally destroyed the cbd and killed over 300 people.S. After the second. a phased array antenna – a key component of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) GMD system…The military vessel includes power plant.” It looks like a huge white dome mounted on top of a floating oil-drilling platform. as well as many other anomalies. rainbow-coloured clouds in areas where unusual earthquakes happen. These are “natural” processes. living quarters. for example. the prime contractor on the project for the United States Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

it’s probably always been like this. And we’ve known for a long time that animals seem to be able to sense earthquakes before they happen. Everything humanity does happens within the larger cosmic context.2 quake struck. diplomatic. I don’t know if it’s true or not. The next morning a 6. their timing. who would have been invited to witness what may have been a “test” both of tectonic warfare and to see if the “threat” was successful. a large CME’s happened on the sun around this time. California visiting a friend. a large pod of pilot whales beached themselves on Stewart Island. Suppose the “test” went as planned. The basic pattern is that “natural” events are still happening. who almost seemed to be laughing and were preoccupied with the relocation of certain businesses even as rescue teams were risking their lives to find survivors. who delivered the “threat”? Here’s what I saw happening here in New Zealand.of these things exist. done in the wee hours with no loss of life but considerable infra-structure damage. and their higher energetic levels. “Coincidentally”. We both noticed that the crickets seemed much louder than normal. but have unusual characteristics concerning where they are happening. Independent researchers in New Zealand reported that two days before the Christchurch quake. Maybe the goal was to “inspire” New Zealand to be more like Australia with respect to U. “foreign . were not convinced. but were guided back to sea with human assistance. and has to do with energies from the sun interacting with tectonic and seismic processes and magnetic fields in the Earth. the “leaders” they wished to influence. the next day. Further socio-political anomalies or “coincidences” include the acquisition by the Rothschild interests a few weeks ago of a mega global weather-forecasting system called “Weather Central”. Traditionally New Zealand has not been nearly the “player” that America wanted it to be. With the advent of industrial civilization. particularly with respect to its “no nuclear” policies. What I’d like to know is. I have no idea of anyone here who may have had fore-knowledge of the September Christchurch quake.S. possibly no one. add in scientifically premeditated “environmental warfare” and ergo: the field of complexity we are now experiencing. Over the past year or two. or possibly “key” government. the behaviour of top government officials in the immediate wake of the Christchurch quake. not far from Bluff. writing it off as a “coincidental” natural quake. but apparently the former Finance Minister of Japan has testified that they were threatened with “earthquake weapons” a year ago if they didn’t comply with certain demands. where another HAARP-component transmitter facility is located. however. at the personal level we have been able to correlate the appearance of internal sensations of anxiety or strange feelings in our solar plexi with CME’s. a huge pod of dolphins seemed to become disoriented in a bay on the north island. or business people. a wrench has been thrown into anything that used to be “natural”. In September of 1987 I was in Pasadena. long before homo sapiens came onto the scene. We’d been playing some music one evening and then went outside to have a break. This may have something to do with electrical and/or magnetic disturbances that occur in conjunction with earthquakes.

Supposedly huge amounts of alluvial coal lie beneath the Canterbury plain. two things coincided that wouldn’t necessarily be related. waiting to see what the response was.S.S. They were there ostensibly to discuss matters of “trade and global security. Here are a few of the people who were at the Forum: FEMA Deputy Director Timothy W. they suddenly departed Christchurch hours before the quake hit and turned up in Wellington. and international space systems. Key is still there. This is a cadre of extraordinarily dodgy people with direct connections to the highest levels of the biggest “disasters” and “terrorist attacks” in recent years. then the world.S. The only one missing is Brzezinski himself. I will leave the rest to your imagination. In studying official reports about the February Christchurch quake. except by design. Or else. Petroleum exploration drilling off the Canterbury coast began this week. Richard Armitage (former Deputy Secretary of State.e. what this means is that the U. U. but. I saw that “the region of maximum displacement happened to coincide with the region of highest population density.” If we decipher the euphem-speak. what is the probability that it just happened that the region where the quake was of greatest intensity at the surface just happened to be the exact center .” If a “Ministry of Geo-Terrorism” existed.S. of such high rank and in such specialized areas that you’d think that something BIG and DANGEROUS was going to happen. Manning (the Federal Emergency Measures Agency is a vast army with the magical ability to be at disaster locations before they occur). Within a few weeks Kevin was history. Congress were there for the forum as well. so his response must have been what they wanted to hear. these would be the leaders. due to having reverse-FEMA powers. And there’s more: as well. Space Command’s Vision for 2020 is something called “Global Partnerships. This envoy of American congress-folk could have been sitting with top Key administration officials at the very moment of the Christchurch quake for all we know. strategic outpost. i.S. created in wake of 9/11) was supposed to address the forum but cancelled at the last minute. nine members of the U. “Global Partnerships augments military space capabilities through the leveraging of civil. test colony and mine site. In something as purportedly “random” as an earthquake.policy”. THE “MINISTRY OF GEO-TERRORISM” On the exact days of February 21 and 22 (date of the earthquake that destroyed down-town Christchurch) an international symposium was being held there. Admiral Thad Allen (directed the federal response to Katrina AND was “National Incident Commander” for the BP oil disaster). and Bathhurst Mining is buying up vast tracts of land all over New Zealand. and Janet Napolitano.” In their own words. It was called the “United States – New Zealand Global Partnership Forum. officially headed the U. An integral part of the U.. I’ve also noticed two more disturbing things in the physical domain. become another proving ground. I remember reading about a similar group of Israeli “leaders” who turned up at Kevin Rudd’s office shortly after he booted their Mossad chief out of the country. commercial. Secretary of Homeland Security (America’s “Gestapo”. The identities of these nine Congress-persons would tell a lot.” And a highly improbable cast of luminaries were in town that weekend. response to 9/11). is going to “insist on” the cooperation of whomever it deems necessary for the fulfillment of the control of space.” In other words.

and I thought that this linear sequence of quakes could be the result of a series of slight changes in the aiming and firing of the HAARP array. All of these kinds of things have been known for a long time. but as “a new form of environmental warfare disguised as an industrial accident”. The Gulf Stream transports vast quantities of warm equatorial water to the north. Deepwater Horizon is located precisely at the origin of the “loop current” which in turn gives rise to the Gulf Stream. second. If we were to look at the BP disaster not just as an “industrial accident”. I thought back on what Gordon MacDonald had written about how a major fault could be triggered at some distance by the “phased or timed release of energy from smaller faults…activated through small explosions. no better location could have been chosen in which the consequences of one explosion could wreak so much damage. Remember the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last year? This whole thing. This guy was pointing out how a whole string of quakes in the vicinity of Indonesia seemed to happen in a uniform linear sequence. Once again. and the military would have researched all these things far more than anyone else. they might be able to “piggy-back” on top of natural energetic conditions in order to achieve even higher power levels than they could on their own. It would only be logical to assume that the operators of HAARP are acutely aware of the spectrum of terrestrial and heliocosmic conditions existing at any given moment. taking over the processes of something else to make it do what you want it to do. to weaponize every aspect of nature and the cosmos. yet another spooky parallel exists. The reasons are at least two-fold: first. Crustal “tides” could exist in the same way that sea tides are created by lunar influence. it’s “viral engineering”. and whose most immediate human effect would be to impact the same Louisiana coastal populations already affected by Katrina. the one that “exploded” just happened to be located at what the military would call a point of “strategic influence” for conducting environmental warfare. one of the largest oceanic “conveyors” of thermo-saline energy on the planet. of course. and gives western Europe a much more temperate climate than other areas of similar latitude. in their quest. We’ve also known for a long time that earthquakes can be influenced by oceanic and lithospheric movements generated by gravitational forces of the moon and planets. I was looking at some charts showing what a fantastic amount of seismic activity seems to be occurring around the entire Pacific rim. it is my belief that they are operating in conjunction with phenomena like the phases of the moon and CME’s from the sun.” I found it highly improbable that out of tens of thousands of oil platforms in existence. which is really the “secret” of triggering instabilities to begin with.of the cbd? On a larger scale.” HAARP could easily create a series of “explosions”. instead of more randomly. was highly unusual by the standards of previous “industrial accidents. perhaps even being operated by super-computers programmed to trigger tectonic instabilities around the entire circumference of the Pacific rim. the man-made signatures could be concealed within the “great irregularity of nature”. as you’d think natural earthquakes would happen. . Finally. that actually started on Hitler’s birthday. adding to “plausible deniability”.

inexperienced ‘B-team’ to do it. all this stuff is still there. as has every military and industrial facility on the planet. it’s clear that this was the perfect target for wreaking globally apocalyptic environmental warfare: earthquakes and tsunamis do happen “naturally”. right? These reactors are old and just happen to be located on the most seismically active region on the planet.. was actually running the show. and the unbelievably astronomical quantities of the highly toxic dispersant Corexit that were then added to the mix. technology designed and built by Americanbased corporations heavily involved in “defense contracting. If in fact we look at this as another potentially clandestine military operation. former CIA chief. so that the effects of nuclear explosions on a human population could be studied in vivo. when something of this magnitude happens so suddenly. Both of these people were still alive and well when this documentary was made. I noticed two things that struck me as unusual: first. leaving only the younger. A footnote here on Chernobyl. most are going to be in “shock and awe. the answers can be traced back to the same “defense contractors” who designed nuclear reactors and oil-drilling platforms to begin with. Strategically. in the same way that the Gulf stream distributed the petroleum and Corexit brew. it was billed as a “natural disaster. being distributed throughout the global ocean.” And truly. Pentagon and NGO intelligentsia.” But look at the parallels. Independent researchers like Leuren Moret and Webster Tarpley believe that the connection between all of these influential decision-makers. The possibility exists that the Chernobyl meltdown was not “accidental. second. generating negative consequences for aquatic ecology and human health that are only beginning to be mapped. so who decided to build these Japanese reactors in these exact locations. and who decided to put Deepwater Horizon exactly where it happens to be? Again. . how many people are going to see the hand of techno-fascism in operation? A few. Japan is also located smack in the middle of the jet-stream. we could then ask. Compare the BP scenario with what has just happened in Japan: another “industrial accident” involving. The most simple-minded of military planners would know that if radiation were released here. could it be that they or other employees were actually “operatives” helping western intelligence agencies to bring down the Soviet Union? This happened in 1986 when nuclear tensions were high. Despite what Obama and the NOAA told us. when every primary operator was gone. Going one step further. Reagan was “president” and Bush.” This time. The same people or mentalities who coerced Truman to drop the bomb on Japan. the same White House “science advisors”.but not that many. These reactors had already been identified and studied as potential “terrorist targets” by assorted “think tanks”. just like with 9/11. it would sooner or later become lofted in the stratosphere and subsequently distributed world-wide by the jet stream. an atmospheric conveyor of high-velocity winds that transports vast quantities of air and moisture from west to east across the Pacific ocean and around the world. The petroleum and the Corexit were dispersed quickly and thoroughly by means of the Gulf Stream.both in terms of the crude petroleum spewing into the ocean. again. not only would it be transported tropospherically. that the “systems test” they were attempting to run was taking place in the evening. what actually triggered the whole meltdown scenario was a sudden and totally unexplained break-down in the communication link between the operator in the reactor room and the other guy at the control desk.” In watching a documentary about it.

If enough people DEMANDED the truth. hundreds or thousands more of the same “template” are probably out there right now. and “coincidences”. an accurately informed.” In other words. factions. but also capable of making decisions or giving orders resulting in scientifically premeditated mass-murder and ecocide.” Here Engdahl provides names and details of scientists and researchers.” That is. to “solve the problems of warfare’’ that so concerned Gordon MacDonald. Remember. in particular. as members of one species of life on this planet. this information may be “classified”…but the reason ANYTHING is classified is not because some “enemy” might find out…they would be sure to know it all already…”classification” prevents the public. false-flag state-sponsored terror like 9/11. is their membership in secret societies like “Skull and Bones”. the story of genetic engineering and how it has been developed and implemented as a weapons system to control the global food supply. the people themselves from knowing what these organizations are really up to. why not consult the CEO’s and administrative personnel of “defense contracting” corporations like Raytheon and Boeing. any stock-holders in these corporations retaining even an iota of integrity. Within the human system. coalitions. Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller. organizations. engineering. of course. We are all responsible for what is going on. subsets can be identified…groups. This is not the place for an exposition on the psycho-pathology of megalomania. Human life means nothing to these people. Brzezinski so respectfully told us that a “genuinely populist democracy…is inimical to imperial mobilization. Despite the abundance of clear evidence. If this is true. The chapter is entitled “The Brotherhood of Death. environmentally conscious and socially responsible population represents the biggest obstacle to an elite take-over. or why institutionalised mass-murder not only exists but is growing. who over the years were employed by Rockefeller-related interests to conduct research in what amounts to “negative eugenics. we as humans. and why?” The true answer is. Sure. personalities…who are known to have engineered and perpetrated atrocities like World Wars 1 and 2. politically active. These people believe themselves to be the self-appointed over-lords of the planet.” Engdahl’s partial listing of these “players” begins to merge with the roster of Nazi scientists imported into America under Operation Paperclip. not only would these people be victims of malignant self-delusion. and ultimately humanity. The question of “why” these people would do things like this has already been partially answered: greed and insanity. mentalities. including the fire-bombing of Dresden and the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. working zealously in every possible field of science. and technology. anomalies. then the truth would come out. many of them medical doctors. believed by outsiders to be a “death cult” originating in antiquity. At this point I direct people to a chapter from William Engdahl’s book Seeds of Destruction. regardless of the deeper . Consider that for every one of these “scientists” who are known to exist. Hence the urgency of waking up and becoming informed. “us. the deployment of highly radio-active DU weaponry. people will still ask “But who would do this. as individuals. Let’s just say for now that. And if we want to learn about exactly what is happening with chem-trails and HAARP.over several generations. who are the manufacturers of these technological systems.

helping to “re-locate” any people that might be in the way. simultaneously facilitating access to natural resources. nuclear radiation. to the whales. and generating instant revenue in the form of criminal scams like “disaster capitalism” insurance and “reconstruction” enterprises. we’ve always been a part of nature. Did we deliberately choose the paths taken. FULL-SPECTRUM COMPLEXITY: NOTES ON BEING HERE NOW “Is it real or is it Memorex?” is from an old recording-tape advert. each “attack” probably has multiple significances. Haiti. but weird. in terms of geological time. that it didn’t have to happen this way. and HAARP. but only after extended warnings. and has always done. or have we been the unwitting “victim” of cosmic energies beyond our control or awareness? These are big questions. Anybody in their way is exterminated using the full spectrum of military technologies. and here we are. In terms of the “why” of recent “geo-terrorist” attacks. being fought with mining equipment. for example. not trying to answer them.” Since the most powerful corporations are those of global energy and extraction. Chile and New Zealand (the latter two of which had recent and anomalous “mining accidents”) have vast amounts of unexploited mineral wealth. each “geoterrorism” event serves not only as a “test” of the technology. humanity as a whole has created the situation as it currently exists. as levels of Facebook activity confirm. cancer weapons. All of a sudden. and form a triumvirate along with the Pentagon and the international banking cartel. telling this story has been a major purpose of this article. It is a war . for example. I’m asking them. maybe with the dawn of “civilization”. fast food. as always. however. is the question? It’s all “real” but what exactly is going on? It seems to me that nature is doing what she always does. humans. That. but somewhere along the line. to extraterrestrial observers. what they’re trying to do is control all the natural resources of the world and consolidate all the various governments into a unified “order” that they will rule absolutely. As well. but also as a “warning” to the leaders of the world. we’ve only been here a few seconds. viewed as one species of life. This hasn’t happened over-night. Logically and factually. We are in the middle of what could only be called “World War 3”. largely unbeknownst to us. a lot of people are being forced to wake up to the facts that not only is our industrial civilization killing off life as we know it over the whole planet. tiny factions of humanity are targeting the rest of humanity with science-fiction level weapons. to the Earth. we didn’t necessarily have to do it this way. anyone left gets to become their slaves. all these events must be seen as important to them somehow. either. earthquakes. in essence. Apparently. mobile phones. is that for whatever reasons.reasons. The immediate issue. The basic idea as I see it is that Mother Nature is allowing us to take ourselves out. as we can explain what it was all for. but that now. Maybe not “weird” to us. For reasons that may some day become understood. we started to get out of tune. Few people have heeded the warnings. via indigenous spokes-persons. “follow the money. but we did. have done some pretty weird stuff for the past few thousand years.

As engineering and technology have expanded in scale and sophistication. the techniques of warfare previously reserved for attacking “the enemy”. analogous to the way in which warmth and moisture facilitates the spread of mold? Is what we revere as “consciousness” really just our own collective self-reflexive hallucination.” Perfect. industrial civilization as a whole has become a kind of artificial “growth” on the surface of the Earth. it’s only logical that these forces are affecting us as well. Our quantitative and qualitative understanding of these systems is extremely limited. The situation is complex. “technogeneous” influences on planetary systems were evident. our mental and psychic processes. This. then the Earth. so are our minds. Finally. Over the past 5000 years what we call “civilization” has gradually spread over the entire planet. If the Earth is being destabilized. the shortest yet . and even moreso in the wake of “imperial mobilization” and the implementation of the Brzezinskian/MacDonald paradigm of “geo-terrorism”. our ability to think independently. If in fact “Earth changes” as prophesied are happening because of forces external to humanity. And the President of the United States tells everyone to “watch tv. have now been turned on humanity as a whole. but particularly after World War 2. tampering with every possible aspect of nature and threatening to render the planetary biosphere uninhabitable for all larger life-forms. Humanity as a whole is acting like a “world-eating planetary virus”. Even before the paradigm of militarisation that has transpired since World War 2. transforming nature into an increasingly weaponized world of artificial reality. Everything we are is intimately bound up within the full spectrum of cosmic energies which gave birth to the Earth and to life itself. in essence. We exist as part of a vast and intricate web of life and inter-connected ecological and biospheric systems on the Earth that has existed far longer than we have. so are we. With the advent and expansion of “civilization” the material and energetic presence of humanity has become an ever more significant factor affecting the quality of life on and for the Earth.conducted BY us.” This is NOT a metaphor. Humanity is an extreme anomaly with respect to other forms of life on the Earth. the instruments of war on nature have been turned on ourselves. finally. or is the human process driven unconsciously by outside forces. our singular ability to know what is happening…our minds. through “free will”. our decision-making and levels of awareness are constantly affected by these changing energies. All through the 20th century. we do to ourselves. and our “civilization” actually no more significant than a collection of termite mounds with respect to the Earth and everyone else who is trying to live here? And if we have created industrial civilization. is the basis of what the Hindu’s call the “Kali yuga”. AGAINST us. then why have we done it this way? We have to realize that our minds are affected by the same forces that drive and make possible the entire terrestrial and heliocosmic environments. We are on the brink of losing. And whoever thought that the “Earth changes” prophesied for thousands of years would at least in part be of human origin? Such is the nature of karma and of Gaian intelligence. Indigenous prophecies have told us for a long time that “what we do to the Earth. Did we create industrial civilization through our own “free will”. culminating in today’s global scenario.

this obsession continues to underly the greatest problems of human creation. we will invite disaster. what they are doing not only makes sense. “THEM” AND “MITAKUYE OYASIN” Names can be named and fingers pointed at “other people” whose fault this all is.” CONCLUSION: “US”. every gram of uranium that is mined and extracted generates more and more disease. every kilo of coal and iron. The Kali yuga will eventually pass. of humanity. And the karma falls not only on those who perform the extractions. much of western civilization is trying to live right on top of wave after wave of genocide and ecocide. destruction and death for humanity and the planetary biosphere.” “Civilization” must have raw materials to work with. for many thousands of years their very unique oral language transmitted extremely sophisticated conceptual terms like “koyaanisqatsi”. . every ounce of gold.” English contains no words expressing this level of cosmic insight. as in their minds. of the Earth? The hugest and most durable artefacts of geo-engineering? For 5000 years “civilized” humanity has been determined to enjoy the perceived “benefits” of exploiting the Earth while at the same time exercising little or no responsibility or gratitude. “What we do to the Earth. remain here. The Hopis warned that “if we dig precious things from the land. to this day. Moreover. It’s no coincidence that all of the “elite” families and all of the hugest and most powerful corporations all got their start and maintain their power and control by means of “digging precious things from the land. it falls just as heavily on those who blindly consume and waste these “precious things” from the body of the Earth. it’s their duty as the “elite. “Digging precious things from the land” is in fact the earliest form of “geoengineering.” As the karmic and morphogenetic feed-back loop tightens. It’s clear that this has all happened before. but what will we have accomplished by then? What will have endured of “civilization”. with little or no awareness or spiritual acknowledgment of unhealed and on-going wounds to people and planet.” As a final demonstration of the reality of what many people are determined to call “conspiracy” I will share the words of two very important people of the 20th century. Kali yuga or not. each one destroyed by the Great Spirit because the people degenerated. in their own official documents. we are responsible for the consequences of our choices and actions. while the others. disappear off into space. of our fellow life-forms. who love the Earth and maintain the path of the Great Spirit. The Hopi say that four previous “worlds” have come and gone. every litre of petroleum. who are responsible for the “evil” that is befalling us from every direction. “powaqatsi” and “naqoyaqatsi. who are portrayed with their heads detached from their bodies. The “evil-doers” even tell us in their own words.” And on “prophecy rock” a diagram that’s thousands of years old depicts humanity splitting off into two groups: the “people of one heart”. but you know all about Albert Einstein.darkest “season” in a vast cosmic cycle. You may not recognize the name of Norman Dodd. we do to ourselves.

Joseph Johnson. If. how do we involve the United States in a war?. we must control education in the United States…they approach the Rockefeller Foundation with a suggestion: that portion of education which could be considered domestic should be handled by the Rockefeller Foundation. i. namely. Congress to investigate “philanthropic” foundations such as Carnegie. it also threatens his independence from within. when World War I broke out.” Here is a prophetic statement by Albert Einstein from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1952. At that time. maybe their greed and insanity is in fact our own greed and insanity. the last volume of which is. in the future…That culminates in a seven-volume study. Ford. have called the “children of Kali” forth from the depths of our collective psyche. At that point. What he found out represents one of the most disturbing and significant chapters of modern American history. they come to the conclusion that. he recognized the immense fraud represented by “central banking”. and discuss it. the Endowment grants to the American Historical Association four hundred thousand dollars ($400. they are only here because we. they answer that question as follows: we must control the State Department…that very naturally raises the question of how do we do that? They answer it by saying. president of the Carnegie Endowment. a summary of the contents of the other six. no more effective means to that end is known to humanity. The essence of the last volume is this: the future of this country belongs to collectivism. Here in Dodd’s words are the topics of discussion of the foundation board members. and that portion which is international should be handled by the [Carnegie] Endowment…” “They then decide that the key to the success of these two operations lay in the alteration of the teaching of American History…they then decide that it is necessary for them to do as they say. the war is over…At that time. who appear more and more amorphous. he had been close friends with many “elite” power-brokers.000) for a study of our history in a manner which points to what this country look forward to.And finally. In the 1950’s he was appointed research director of the Reece Committee. Being a person of rare integrity and honesty. created by the U. however." It should be pretty clear by now who is fighting over the remote-control of HAARP. administered with characteristic American efficiency. Guggenheim and Rockefeller pertaining to “un-American” activities.. they raise the second question. He was given access to the historical archive of complete texts of foundation meetings by Dr.Norman Dodd was a Yale graduate and New York “banker” for a while. assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people? And they conclude that. ‘build our own stable of historians’…That group of twenty historians ultimately becomes the nucleus of the American Historical Association. humanity ourselves. in 1909.S. “Is there any means known more effective than war. So then. warning of “shrewd influences” from within the highest levels of society: "The scientist of today is distressed by the fact that the results of his scientific work have created a threat to mankind since they have fallen into the hands of morally blind exponents of political power. of course. have led to a concentration of economic and also of political power in the hands of small minorities which have come to dominate completely the lives of the masses of people.e. Maybe the virulence of their agenda is equivalent to the depth and breadth of our apathy and ignorance. quit and was then “black-balled” by the industry. a cabal of Zionic techno-fascist over-lords exists who has been performing voo-doo experiments on humanity for centuries. of course. And then. than war. the shrewd methods of intellectual and psychic influences which it brings to bear will prevent the development of independent personalities. which would be World War I. made possible by his work. their interest shifts over to preventing what they call a reversion of life in the United States to what it was prior to 1914. . But even worse: the concentration of economic and political power has not only made the man of science dependent economically. toward the end of the 1920's. Dodd’s research was terminated prematurely by the White House on the dubious grounds of “anti-semitism”. to prevent a reversion. which in itself says quite a lot. And finally. in essence. we must take over and control the diplomatic machinery of this country and…we are eventually in a war. He is conscious of the fact that technological methods. they record on their minutes a shocking report in which they dispatch to President Wilson a telegram cautioning him to see that the war does not end too quickly..

and being used to control all the most advanced weapons systems. And we’re not going to feel like we’re being “zapped” with a brain wave. because that’s when “something is going to happen”. and to jettison all that serves no essential function. or self-destruction.” We can live without big houses. Rosalie Bertell. is that the “neurowarfare” dimension of “technetronics” is next in line. without tv. we each have the power to simplify our lives down to that which has immediate use-value. We each have enormous powers of creativity. Even if the “reality orchestrators” use HAARP and their array of satellites and laser technologies to stage the much-touted “fake alien invasion” in December 2012. manufactured. go for a drive.” Surely the last . A fitting demise for the Earth’s latest experiment in “civilization. RF-modulated “people” will happily just keep doing what they do now…shop. With respect to the over-riding reality of our destruction of the natural world. They’ll already have their bags packed and will board the holographicallyprojected space-craft. As I see it. just like on the “prophecy rock” in Hopi land. this is the only hope we have: coming to our senses and choosing to stop the ecocide in which we participate daily just by being an unquestioning “consumer. and people like Gordon MacDonald talking over 40 years ago about manipulating instabilities on the sun. people won’t be scared. We can’t put all the precious things back in the ground that have been dug out. however. but we could choose to stop digging out more.Let us make one more speculation concerning the “technetronic” agenda. and be on their merry way into space. all we have to do is decide to do it. We each have the power to question authority.” She was referring to the astronomical quantities of highly radio-active substances being mined. and released into the environment. and obsession with artificial reality. on the contrary.T. some highly improbable scenarios could come into existence in the near future. What we DO know. we did so for millions of years. we don’t have to continue to consume other peoples’ fiction. With influential “elite” minds talking about “living forever” through technological advances. “We don’t have to commit suicide. An interesting symmetry describes the gates of Kali: the earliest civilizations used their most advanced technologies for great feats of constructive engineering. inertia..” Even scarier is that no matter what catastrophes or disasters happen. we must live with the consequences. I would emphasize that ignorance is not bliss.” Not only can we live totally without electricity. without automobiles. watch tv. maybe go to a movie or restaurant…as if everything was A-OK. and we use ours for great feats of reverse-engineering. it’s clear that full-on insanity is manifesting in reality. but for how long? In the words of Dr. you know. mobile phones. and “wi-fi. For now. now that “tectonic warfare” has been realized. but knowledge is indeed power…the power we each have to step out of the feed-back loop of negative karma being created by every act of greed. and with “death rays” already operative. With computers of greater and greater speed and power coming on-line. play some sport. without eating meat. to think for ourselves. even if we wanted to. For anyone with a somewhat more down-to-Earth and pragmatic approach to “being here now”. shake hands with E. we probably won’t notice or feel a thing as we gradually sink into an electromagnetically-induced “big sleep.

Culture. Mankind in Amnesia H.” The Lawlor Paradox: “We are blinded by the delusions that rise from our hollow and rotting social order. It is vain pomposity to believe that humanity can advance while the Earth and its native peoples. Controlling the Human Mind Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited Harold Innis. In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology & the Survival of the Indian Nation Lewis Mumford. The Pentagon of Power: The Myth of the Machine George Orwell. The Science of Coercion Herbert Schiller. plants and animals are enslaved. desecrated and destroyed. Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era Zbigniew Brzezinski. Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dream-time Jerry Mander. 1984 Christopher Simpson. The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy & Its Geostrategic Imperatives Rachel Carson. Seeds of Destruction and Gods of Money Aldous Huxley. Inc: The Corporate Takeover of Public Expression Immanuel Velikovsky.G.humans will be “uncivilized. The New Media Monopoly Nick Begich.Wells. The Bias of Communication and Empire and Communications Robert Lawlor. We . The New World Order Zamyatin. Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television Jerry Mander.” JEFF PHILLIPS SOUTH ISLAND NEW ZEALAND 25 MARCH 2011 REFERENCES Ben Bagdikian. Silent Spring William Engdahl.

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