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FOGHORN June 2022

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SIG SAUER’S P365 XL Manual Safety

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SIG SAUER’S P365 XL Manual to review the P365 XL so equipped was a lot of
fun for me.
The P365 XL has been around long enough to
By: Sal Palma establish a well-deserved reputation, so in this
review, I’ll avoid rehashing all the well know
positives; instead, my review will be all about me
and my interaction with one of the best conceal
carry platforms on the market.

My initial range session with the “off-the-shelf”

P365 XL revealed a compact conceal carry
platform with a snappy recoil. Grip size was an
issue for me; fortunately, SIG designers created
a pistol with exchangeable grip modules. Simply
stated, the fire control group can be easily
removed and installed on a different grip
module; making it possible to customize the
SIG SAUER is a global firearms supplier whose pistol for things like color, grip size and texture.
products have established a reputation for A grip module is nothing more than a polymer
quality, excellence in design and professional housing that accepts the fire control group,
support. This is a reputation that has been which is the actual firearm.
earned over years of experience.
The standard P365 XL grip is nicely textured, but
In July of 2019 SIG introduced the P365 XL in two it is a bit small for my hand making the pistol
variants, without a manual safety or with a harder to control under recoil. After some
manual safety. The P365 XL with a 12+1 capacity research, I learned about the Wilson Compat grip
and moderately larger frame size provided module for the P365 XL, and that was just what
conceal carry customers with a larger frame size; the doctor ordered.
therefore, more comfortable, and easier to
control under recoil. When SIG introduced the
P365 XL they hit a homerun, and the manual
safety for me was icing on the cake, a feature
that I’m intimately familiar with from military

Carrying a pistol with a round in the chamber

opens the door to an accidental discharge of the
weapon; possibly harming oneself. Sadly, it has
happened way too many times, and a manual
safety, when used, mitigates the risk, especially
under stress. I fall in the category of shooter who
likes manual safeties. So having an opportunity
P365 XL grip module top / Wilson Combat bottom

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Wilson Combat’s offering is noticeably larger and extended safety selector. However, keep in mind
provides an excellent purchase. Wilson Combat that the pistol is designed for conceal carry so
sells two versions of their grip module, one for extended anything could get caught on clothing,
the standard P365 XL, no manual safety, another just my analysis.
for the manual safety model. Installing the fire
control group was a snap and just that one The problem I encountered using the original
change greatly improved comfort and control. version of the pistol was the slimer SIG grip
placed my thumb so far forward that I was
operating the safety with the fleshy web
between my thumb and index finger; making it
difficult to operate the selector.

The larger Wilson Combat grip module solved

that problem as well.

One of the
criticisms leveled
at the P365 XL is
how difficult it is
to seat a full
magazine, i.e., 12 My second range session was with the now
rounds, with a modified P365 XL to include a red dot sight. The
closed slide. That pistol ran flawlessly
difficulty stems with much improved
from its flared magazine well, a problem that can comfort and control.
be easily resolved by smacking the magazine Recoil was still snappy,
close to the floor plate toe. The issue is also but the larger grip
common with the Wilson Combat grip module module made it much
resolved using that technique. There’s no need more manageable.
to limit your magazine loads to 11 rounds, one
good smack and you’re good to go. All my shooting was done at 15 yards. I needed
to zero the Holosun sight, which put me on
A second complaint owners of the original P365 target for all subsequent shots except for the
XL have expressed is the manual safety size, flyer high and right.
most shooters that I’ve spoken to prefer an

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The P365 XL is not a target pistol, it’s a compact Model Specifications:
conceal carry defensive weapon that is
extremely reliable with any 9mm ammunition I • SKU: 365XL-9-BXR3-MS
used. • CALIBER: 9mm
• MAGS INCLUDED: (2) 12rd Steel Mag
SIG did hit a homerun with the introduction of • SIGHTS: Optic Ready with X-RAY3
the P365 XL, but whether you like, or dislike, a Day/Night Sights
manual safety, the pistol is without a doubt one • THREADED BARREL NO
of the top compact conceal carry pistols on the • PISTOL SIZE: Micro-Compact
market. Ergonomics, magazine capacity, • OVERALL LENGTH: 6.6 in [168 mm]
reliability and its customizability make SIG’s • OVERALL WIDTH: 1.1 in [28 mm]
P365 XL a top pick for anyone in the CCW market. • HEIGHT: 4.8 in (122 mm)
• BARREL LENGTH: 3.7 in (94 mm)
• WEIGHT: 20.7 oz (588 g)
• SIGHT RADIUS: 5.6 in (142 mm)
• TRIGGER TYPE: XSeries Straight
• GRIP TYPE: Polymer
• FRAME FINISH: Stainless Steel
• FRAME MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
• SLIDE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

Copyright 2022, Towbirds Flying Publications. All Rights Reserved.

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