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Aspect Introduction y Brief Introduction about the companies or outlet/s selected Detail discussion of Retail Strategy of the outlet y Who is their Target Market y Merchandise Assortment y Financial Plan y Human Resources y Store Location y Pricing y Communication Mix y Store Layout y Customer Service Findings y Does this retailer have a ³competitive advantage´ over similar stores? y How can they retain this advantage or achieve an advantage over their competition? (This section should be about half to one page -- think about it!) Recommendations y What are the problems you found in this/your business? y What are your solutions for the problems faced by this/your business? y Any other further recommendation to improve the business further?

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Conclusion y Conclusion for the whole assignment? y What have you learnt from this assignment? y How could you apply what you have learnt in your future undertaking? Quality of the written assignment y Structure, layout, language and references Total Marks

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8 Store Layout 2.1 Target Market 2.7 Communication Mix 2. 5. 6.2 Merchandise Assortment 2.5 Store Location 2. 2. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE RECOMMENDATION CONCLUSION REFERENCE APPENDIX 5-6 7 8 8 9-10 10-11 11-12 12-13 13 14-16 17-19 19-21 22 23 Content Page 4 3 .4 Human Resources 2.9 Customer Service 3. 7.Table of Content No. 1.3 Financial Plan 2. INTRODUCTION RETAIL STRATEGY 2. 4.6 Pricing 2.

4 . for example allocating few branches in Kampar and Gopeng. they already have almost 6 years of experience. However in the past few years.0 INTRODUCTION The Company that we chosen for our assignment is the CK Optometry is Kampar. However as times pass. According to Mr. and so on. contact lens. We manage to interview him and get a lot of information regarding the store operation from him. It also provides services to the customers when they visit to the store such as amendment of spectacles. lens. Up to now. We are lucky because we manage to make an appointment with the branch manager for the interview. their general slogan is ³Your vision is our mission´. CK Optometry¶s business format changed over the years. Mr. when they have more fixed customer. This picture shows the Growth Opportunities that retailers may pursue. CK Optometry¶s mission is to make sure that everyone is affordable to purchase spectacles whenever they need. They also plan to expand their business in Perak by opening a new branch in Ipoh with the existing retail format and target on a new target market.1. In addition. cleaning the lens and changing the frame. we need to know about how the store operation and some of the business strategy used by the company. CK Optometry develop their business to other location for the existing customer. It is a shop that selling spectacles and other accessories related to spectacles such as frame. the Kampar branch CK has been set up since November 2004. when they first move in to Perak. Raymond. For this assignment purpose. CK Optometry decided to expand their business due to the effective and efficient business format. At the beginning. They choose to operate the store at Kampar because they know that the population is increasing and there will be a demand for the spectacles they sell. they are using market diversification where a new retail format targeted on a new target market. More rangers of customers were being targeted by using the current retail format. Raymond Kok was the branch manager of CK Optometry in Kampar.

5 . the marketer attempts to identify classes of buyers who have the same needs and will respond similarly to marketing actions. The tertiary trading area includes the remaining customers who shop at the site but come from widely dispersed areas. The secondary trading area is the geographic area of secondary importance in terms of customer sales. For example resident in Taman Bandar Baru Kampar. age. Products that sell by CK Optometry are focus on both male and female in the range of age 10 to 60. Trade area can divided into three zones: y y y Primary trading area Secondary trading area Tertiary trading area The primary trading area is the geographic area from which the store site derives 50 to 70 percent of its customers. college. their customers are segment according to demographics. Most of the target market has an average household income and different education level due to their shop is near to household.1 Target Market It is not possible to develop marketing strategies for every consumer. The target market include consumer from other town in Perak or even from other state. For example residents in Old town Kampar and the working people as well. it¶s including household. income level and education.2. college student and university student. for example gender. Rather. and university.0 RETAIL STRATEGY 2. generating about 20 to 30 percent of the site¶s customers. Market segmentation is dividing up a market into distinct groups that share common needs and will respond similarly to a marketing action. As for CK Optometry. Trade area is a contiguous geographic area that accounts for the majority of a store¶s sales and customers.

Figure of trade area 6 .

Every single spectacles design has its own uniqueness. the major brand for lens that CK Optometry is carrying is called American Optical (A. Levis. 7 . Tommy. This is because the price for Idea eyewear and Good eyewear are reasonable and the quality is much better than others cheaper brands as well because it will be worth it as customers will be able to get a long lasting and trendy frame with a dirt cheap price as compared to the others. In addition to that.2 Merchandise assortment CK Optometry is basically selling various types of spectacles that originated from different countries.E. On the other hand. Bonia. Gucci and so on where these are brands that are of higher range of pricing and it is catered to students who can afford and aiming for quality and with a strong urge for high fashion awareness.O is highly recommended because of its durability and sturdiness which makes it not easily broken and long lasting. A. The major brands that they are carrying are those that are popular among young teenagers and best selling among the customers around Kampar area as most of their main customers will be from the Tunku Abdul Rahman University and College. another reason would be the affordable price of the frames where it suits the budget of their main target market as students usually have limited allowances and they will always search for things that are affordable. Level9. For the frame of the spectacles. Zero X. specialty and definitely different pricing based on the country of origin. For the frame. Others brands such as Hoya and Rodenstock are also popular among the customers based on their preferences and each of it carry different beneficial benefits that cater to the needs and wants of every customer. Next.2. they have other wide variety of brands for customers to choose such as KeyNg. Of course. they choose Idea eyewear and Good eyewear as their major brands.O). In terms of product quality.. Furthermore. Esprit. CK Optometry do not have own private brand yet so far. It is made by CK Optometry and only available in the CK branches around Malaysia. they also have their own private brand for lens named Diamond lens. Hammer. M. the designs for these two frames are quite standardized and will not get outdated easily align with the trendy teenagers these days. Puma.

decoration. Nevertheless. They are monitored by the supervisor or branch manager tightly in case they are having any difficulties or if there any spaces for them to fully express their potentials and avoid making regular mistakes. The basic salary differs based on the positions the employees held in the branch. the salespeople will be allocated to the assigned branch to work and deal with customers. new salespeople will be sent for extensive training in Ipoh.3 Financial plan CK Optometry gets their financial support fully from the headquarters. 8 . they need money for promotional activities during school holidays and also festivals.2. store operations. The duration for the training normally takes 1 week.4 Human Resource For the efficient human resource management. The rest of the money will be used efficiently to hire and train talented and motivated employees that could help in boosting the sales of the optometry. In addition. the salespeople are not allowed to cross sell and CK do not outsource any activities in their business. After the 1 week training. New salespeople are trained to understand the eyewear products. Normally. and of course ways to serve customers better in order to satisfy their needs and wants as we all know that great customer service could increase customer loyalty and customer retention. The owner of CK Optometry is in charge of all the financial expenses of the branches such as budget allocation for advertising. They also spend a portion of their capital to upgrade all the facilities and provide state of the art machineries needed in order to provide better customer service and add value to customers. banners on the streets and also brochures to be handed out to passer bys. They often spend the money on advertisements in newspapers. The commission is based on the overall branch sales and performance. 2. promotion. maintenance. and then paid to individual salesperson based on their sales hit per month. the salespeople are paid based on salary and commission but not hourly wages. utilities fees and so on.

As a corner shop lot at new town of Kampar. CK Optometry chose this area as their business outlet is because of the Kampar household keep increasing in the past 10 years. In addition. around CK Optometry there will always be the pedestrian which are mainly students and Kampar residents especially during the dinner or lunch time. there is a bus stop in front of CK optometry outlet which means the bus passengers can easily go there.2. In addition.5 Store Location CK Optometry is located at Bandar Baru Kampar which is one of the main streets and can be defined as a traditional shopping area of smaller towns. So from here can be concluding that CK Optometry was located at a convenient and strategic location for the consumers to access to the outlet. the existing of UTAR and KTAR was lead to the expansion of CK Optometry in Kampar. Streets in this area often have been converted into pedestrian walkway. Besides that. it is one of the competitor advantages for CK Optometry as they can be easily seen by the consumers as people passing through the main road of Bandar Baru will never fail to notice the shop. university. These means the population of Kampar has been increasing the tremendously over the period of this few years due to the big population of students and the demand of consumer was growing as well in parallel line with the population growth. The most valuable advantage for CK Optometry outlet is that they are located near to the customers. So. college and secondary schools. They represent an effort by cities to draw people from the suburb and revitalize areas as a destination for shopping and recreation. there are a lot of parking spaces for customers at the front of CK Optometry outlet. 9 . Almost all of the residents in Bandar Baru can arrive to CK Optometry within 5 minutes. or a secondary business district in a suburb or within a larger city. CK Optometry was located at the corner shop lot in the new town of Kampar which is surrounded with the residential area.

for the Zero-X frame. In addition. This method can define as a method for determining the retail price by adding a fixed percentage to the cost of the merchandise. they provide frame plus lens in price RM 86.6 Pricing CK Optometry was using high/low pricing strategy as their pricing policy. 2. and also known as cost-plus pricing. RM 96. RM 126. For example. CK Optometry provide price bundling which means offering two or more different products for sale at one price. For example. RM 156. the cost is 10 . CK Optometry was using cost-oriented method as their pricing setting. but they use advertising to promote frequent sales (Levy & Weitz. CK Optometry will set the spectacle prices by adding the fixed cost of operating the business. Almost every month they will have different kind of promotions for their product such as frame and contact lenses. Normally they take promotional markdowns for their sunglasses and solutions for contact lenses. RM 186 and RM 198 for some selected item with terms and conditions applied. In order to compete with others competitors. 2009).There is one bus stop in front of the store that allowed customers from widely dispread area to come and visit the optical store easily. This strategy is in response to competitive moves and the positive response from value-conscious customers. CK Optometry was also using markdown as their business policy which is reduction or discounts from the initial retail price. This pricing strategy can defined as a retailers offer prices that are sometimes above their competition¶s everyday low price. CK Optometry is frequently providing all sorts of sales promotion in order to get the attention from customers.

CK Optometry provides some demos at Ipoh Parade twice a year which call as CK Fair.RM 50 from the supplier. They are using advertising as their mass media such as newspaper. With this. CK Optometry also provides sampling to attract more customers such as free trial lens. street banners and brochure. 2. CK Optometry will hire an agent to help them spread the brochure to schools and residential areas updating them about the latest product or the current promotion they are having. school holidays and so on. CK Optometry was using sales promotion to enhance their product selling that can encourage customers to visit their store. For the unpaid communication. they use routine sales. Then the price will be RM 100 if the fixed percentage is 100% of the frame cost. normally they will show it somewhere near to the traffic light. Normally this type of communication is based on the customers¶ satisfaction. CK Optometry did not provide the frequent shopper program or known as customer loyalty programmes as there are not much competitors in terms of optometry in Bandar Baru Kampar and the people will automatically visit the shop whenever they have problems with eyewear or related problems. Firstly. For brochures. CK Optometry will add the fixed percentage (fixed cost + variable cost) to the cost of the frame. For the street banners. They will show some eye care 11 . CK Optometry was using word of mouth which is communication between people about CK Optometry. Besides that. normally CK Optometry will advertise in Sin Chew Daily during festivals. Normally they will have 12 types of promotion each year which means they will change it every month.7 Communication Mix CK Optometry was using the paid impersonal communications to make connection with their customers. they will spread to another if they satisfied with the product and services. Almost all the sales promotion for CK Optometry is done routinely every year. the road users will notice the advertisement when they are waiting for the traffic light to turn green. For newspapers. CK Optometry did not have any cooperative advertising which means a program undertaken by a vendor in which the vendor agrees to pay all or part of a promotion of its product. After they purchase from CK Optometry and used the product for some time.

2. This is to popping the merchandise that is on special offer and for the new arrival sunglasses. eyewear handling guide and so on. This layout is suitable for CK Optometry based on their specialization in eyewear products. customers can have a good impression of their purchasing experiences at CK Optometry. 12 . CK Optometry provides a spacious environment and together with the experts selling point of view explanations.A. 2009). This type of layout normally will provide an intimate and relaxing environment that facilitates shopping and browsing (Levy. M. They use white downlight as their main lighting system. The downlight provided is to make their store look more natural and popping the latest sunglass and special offer product to highlight the best selling products and products with best prices to attract passerby attention as they can focus more on those products rather than spending some extra time to see all the products in the whole store. CK Optometry was using highlighting merchandise as their lighting system. When customers want to choose their frame that matches with them. B. & Weitz.tips and services such as how to avoid dry eyes. Store design of CK Optometry in Kampar are set up with comfortable sofa and lighting. So. prevention and control short sightedness.8 Store Layout CK Optometry was provided a Free-Form layout in order to implement the retailer¶s strategy and influence customers¶ behavior.

this classical music can help to encourages customers to have a comfortable experience when they are taking a good look in the process of choosing their frame. It brings the message that their shop has the same concept like oldies music that oldies might be old songs from the 70s maybe older but yet it is still known among teenagers nowadays. Meanwhile. CK Optometry was using some classical music to show their professionalism. 13 . Lastly. Normally. Besides that. CK staffs will try their best to amend it for free of charge. If the Branch Manager is not around. As a specialty retailer. CK will handle most of the customers¶ complaints through hotline that is specially made to cater to handle complaints made by customers. For example. 2.CK Optometry was using highlighting merchandise as their lighting system. CK Optometry was playing music constantly in their store.9 Customer Service CK Optometry provides extra services such as alteration of the spectacles that customers are not satisfied with. the frame of the spectacles can sometimes be either too loose or too tight. CK does not have mystery shoppers that visit to their store for evaluation. Thus. they will try to figure out the root of the problem and find the best solutions that could solve the customers¶ problems as fast and possible and ensure that the customers¶ satisfaction and loyalty will not be affected by the problem. they are required refer to headquarter. They are quite satisfied with the services provided by the salesperson and probably will visit the store in future again if there is any problems or needs relate to eyewear. the salesperson does not have power to make higher level decision except branch manager. We also managed to interview with three of the customers of CK Optometry and the feedbacks given by them were positive.

For instance. Therefore.1. 3. All different type of frames is displayed to convince customers to view the product when they visit the optical store. For example. It is easily noticeable and located near to residential houses such as Westlake and the other house gardens nearby.0 COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 3.3. there is one bus stand in front of the store that allowed customers from widely dispread area to come and visit the optical store easily. This can create a center of attention for many people to visit optical store during peak hour. CK Optometry follows the latest trend and always displays up-to-date frames designs from suppliers.1. Besides. CK Optometry essentially sells Ray Ban. shades frames and other various varieties.1 Location For retail businesses like CK Optometry.2 Attractive Promotion There is many different types of promotions are implemented at the same period to attract the target audience especially students and household. sunglasses. CK Optometry sells different brands of eyewear.3 Exclusive Merchandise CK Optometry serves potential target audience by providing different merchandise of wide variety and deep assortment to their prospective customer. Emporio Armani sunglasses are made available to meet target market satisfactions and draw people to walk in and have a look at the products offered. CK Optometry has secured the retail business located in the centre of Kampar New Town. 3. RM25 frame plus lens being offered student package and CK Optometry also provide presbyopia package for the household at the same time. contact lenses. Gucci. high pedestrian traffic of people walking to and for nearby the retail store proves to be a great deal for CK Optometry.1. Since location is very fundamental. 14 . They show their promotion by advertising through flyers which could spread the news to a wide range area. business location is an essential component in its eventual success or failure. The store itself offers different promotion at different seasons. All of this wide and deep varieties and assortments provided are able to meet customer expectation. CK Optometry has its own signature products or exclusive product that other competitors do not have which is the private brand for lens named Diamond lens. The example of flyers can be referring to appendix. In addition to that.1 Competitive Advantage over similar store 3.

3.2 Retain competitive advantage or achieve an advantage 3. their operation hours are start from 10am to 10pm every day. It also shows that CK Optometry is concern about the employees. First. 3. The purpose of this machine is to help the customers match their face with the suitable frame by using the information systems database. This is convenient to every customer no matter workers or housewives and students. when consumer is not comfortable with their spectacle or they want to have a check up on their eyes. customers would only need to take a photo in front of the machine.4 Human Resources Management CK Optometry has an advance human resource management which will provide training to those new employees.2.5 Customer Service CK Optometry was provided various types of service that consider as the competitive advantages. This also helps the customers to cut down the time searching for frames around the stores as al the frames will be made available in the database. Besides. then the machine will show the customer¶s face in the screen and the machine will try to match the customer¶s looks with the most suitable frame based on the shape of the customer¶s face. CK Optometry is able to attract the potential workers that wish to work there due to the training provided. This can help reduce the confused customers while choosing their frames. 15 .1. CK Optometry will offer a free of charge service to them. For example.1. With this. 3.1 Technology Advancement With the advancement of technology. In addition. The purpose is to help them adapt the new working environment and make sure they have the basic knowledge toward their working task. CK Optometry can try to get new optometric machines which are still considered as advanced machineries that can prove to be an edge to the competitors. CK Optometry has their own hotline which let customers provide their feedback or complain to the management.

The changers of promotion should focus on need of customers. CK Optometry needs to have a good relationship with their vendors. There is a high population of students furthering their education in UTAR and KTAR and it shows that there is a huge demand for students to get spectacles. So this can show the effectiveness and efficiency of the services. customers may appreciate the effort of CK Optometry. CK Optometry needs to have a stronger marketing department that able to keep changing the attractive promotion to the target market. So they will spread it with the positive word of mouth.4 Promotion CK Optometry can try to avoid the rotating the same promotion. With this. 3.2.2 Customer Service CK Optometry could improve their product delivery time. which means customers can get their spectacles less than the time they expect. they will supply to CK Optometry. The more frequently CK Optometry updates their merchandise.3. If CK Optometry is able to produce the spectacles ordered by customers within the shortest time period needed.3 Exclusive Merchandise CK Optometry needs to keep updating with the merchandise that shows in their store.2. In order to achieve this advantage. 16 . In order to face with the huge demand.2. the marketing management needs to identify the detail of the customers. CK Optometry need to shortest the production time. the more profit can be gain. 3. In order to understand the needs of customers. So when the vendors come out with the new products.

our group thinks that CK Optometry should implement loyalty programs to retain their customer. loyalty programs can measure how frequently consumer makes their purchase in the retail store. When consumer presents the membership card for their next purchase in CK Optometry. In other words. CRM technology can help manage these memberships to show 17 .0 RECOMMENDATION CK Optometry is facing many challenges with new optical stores booming up all around Taman Bandar Baru such as the Vision optical store nearby CK store and also a well known optical store Focus Point that is popular for its vast number of branches all over Malaysia and it is considered as a main competitor for many other optical stores even though the one in Kampar is located at Tesco. they would just need to key in the customers¶ data and they will be able to access all information needed such as the preferences and buying behavior of the customers and recommend them the perfect eyewear that suits them best and this reduces time wasting in searching for eyewear designs and scouting. East Lake. loyalty and retention. By offering privilege cards. clients and sales prospects. The overall aim of these strategy is to find. Loyalty programs are designed to encourage or rewards loyal customer to purchase more and it is considered as a benefit to retail business itself. Free gifts will be given if purchases were made within promotion period. When CK Optometry has a database of all the customers. To achieve its advantages over the competitor. One way CK Optometry can increase customers¶ satisfaction is by implementing the latest Customer Relationship Management technology available in the market. CRM strategy is straight to the point without any hassle. CK optometry group can increase sales performance in market place and compete with another competitor. With this. CK Optometry comes out with membership card when consumer purchase item in store exceed RM300. For example. preferences and particular needs can help to boost the customer service thus increasing sales and profit of the store. We all know that CRM Strategy is a broadly recognized strategy that proves to be able to manage and nurture company¶s interaction with its customers. Cash vouchers and rebates can be given for the customer¶s second time purchase. attract and retain customers and it has been proves that it helps in better profiling and targeting customers. they will be entitled to receive additional five percent discounts. One of the challenges that CK Optometry is facing is the lack of systematic management in managing customers¶ profiles where sometimes databases containing customers.4. improved customer service.

They could follow the footsteps of many well known retail businesses like Quiksilver and Roxy by setting up an account in Facebook which is currently the No. membership directories and communication with individuals when there is a new sale or promotions for members via telephone or email. Another problem that CK Optometry might be facing is financial problems. This feature is already common in United States and other developed countries as it saves more time for customers as they do not need to walk in into any physical stores available and everything like designing. buying patterns. By doing extensive advertisings through banners. choosing frames. Apart from this. CK Optometry not only maintains their relationship with consumers. CK Optometry needs to create a website where customers can access it for any sorts of information needed and through the website. Besides. payments and receive products can all be done at home with just a single click. First of all. Technology indeed plays a very fundamental role nowadays in producing higher sales profitability and increases customer service to a whole new level. CK Optometry can cut cost in advertising actually by advertising the store through the World Wide Web itself. hiring or recruiting professionals sales people that could effectively increase customer satisfactions and updating of databases. even small kids as young as 7 years old are learning to use the internet already and while CK¶s customers are mainly teenage students.1 Social Networking Site in the world and they could use this to their advantage for example promoting their products on Facebook by uploading pictures of the latest designs available in-store and updating them on any latest promotions. but also creates positive word of mouth among the society. they can also receive customer feedbacks from them through the commentary sections in Facebook whether the designs are trendy or a little not in favor among students. newspapers and magazines. the number of students using the net is almost 100%. we believe that the Internet itself is a very effective medium to transfer information to students and promote themselves where the costs are definitely lower and sometimes free of charge. it might be a huge burden to them financial wise as they are not giant corporations with many branches like Focus Point where the flows of cash needed for all these marketing programs might not be hard for them to acquire. Another feature that it still not familiar among Malaysia¶s optical stores are Do-It-Yourself feature or known as DIY. selecting the best lenses. Furthermore. In this globalize era. So.the current demographics. an 18 .

customers of CK Optometry are from 3 trade area. In addition. CK optometry main target customers are student from Tunku Abdul Rahman University and College.icon of DIY can be clicked and this will bring the customer to another page where the customers can choose the perfect frame from all the frames available in the store and choose the lenses that they think suits them best. they can view the new spectacles in 3D view and make payments after they are satisfied with it. we can¶t deny the strength of the CK Optometry in expands its branches of CK Optometry within Perak. the designs of these two frames 19 . age. secondary trading area and Tertiary trading area. CK optometry is selling various types of spectacles including a few major brands that are popular among young teenagers and best selling among the customers. for example gender. primary trading area. CK Optometry. When time passes they start developing their business by using new retail format to serve the existing customer in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operation. After that. For example CK Optometry in Kampar recently are targeting on colleges and universities student. Segmentation are classify according to demographics. Idea eyewear and Good eyewear is the main choice of CK optometry spectacle¶s frame brand due to the reasonable price and good quality. Kampar was established since November 2004. On the other hand.0 CONCLUSION In the fact. CK Optometry understands that it is not possible to develop marketing strategies for every consumer. 5. the customer will be delivered the ready made spectacles without even leaving the house. Therefore CK Optometry segments their buyer in to different classes that might respond similarly to the market action. They start their retail format from diversification by using the new retail format and target on the new target market. Recently CK Optometry decided to expand their business to new target market at the existing retail format. Within 3 days depending on the distances from the shop to the front door of the customer. It is located in the center of Taman Bandar Baru Kampar. income level and education.

Basically the salary are differs based on position and monthly sales. Of course. Nevertheless. CK Optometry also provides extra services such as alteration of the spectacles that customers are not satisfied with. 20 . Before allocating the new salesperson in certain CK optometry branches. Gucci and so on. CK optometry Kampar gets their financial support fully from the headquarters. Hammer. street banners and brochure. Almost every month they will have different kind of promotions for their product such as frame and contact lenses. the major brand for lens that CK optometry is carrying is called American Optical (A. On the other hand. Levis. They are using advertising as their mass media such as newspaper. CK Optometry was using high/low pricing strategy as their pricing policy. Esprit. It is highly recommended because of its durability and sturdiness which makes it not easily broken and long lasting. Puma. Workers in CK optometry are paid based on salary and commission but not hourly wages. CK Optometry was provided a Free-Form layout in order to implement the retailer¶s strategy and influence customers¶ behavior. CK Optometry was also using sales promotion to enhance their product selling that can encourage customers to visit their store.O). The owner of CK optometry is in charge of all the branches financial expenses. On the other hand the unpaid communication including word of mouth. In addition. they also have other wide variety of brands such as Zero X. They frequently provide all sorts of sales promotion in order to get the attention from customers. every new salesperson will be sent for an extensive training in Ipoh for duration of 1 week.are standardized and will not get outdated easily. CK Optometry was using the paid impersonal communications to make connection with their customers. They are using special lightning system and playing music constantly to warm up the store environment. It provides an intimate and relaxing environment to consumers that visit their store.

so customer service is always an important variable that we may concern. In future. In addition. Our group recommends that CK Optometry should have more systematic management system in managing customer profiles. customer service. CK Optometry needs to know their competitive advantage which included location. Not only focus on the management of the business. an account in Facebook should be setup as an additional medium to promote their product. Besides. choosing strategic location. we will apply what we learnt in the retail management and the strategy in operating business when the future undertaking. Due to retail business is last channel that deal with the end user or final customer.In order to gain the market share. We learnt that to start a retail business and maintain the business is not an easy job. we learnt that how a retail business operating. financial planning. We may have the opportunity in develop our business more successfully and gain higher return on investment if we are able to use the advancement of technology to assist in our business. 21 . Every particular from the retail business have to well planning and ability in handling the problem occurs. Beside that they should implement some loyalty programs to retain their customers. we need to analyze the current trend and the needs of customers. if we intend to set up a new business. the workers or staff of the retail operating had major impact toward the overall business. We also suggest that a Do-It-Yourself feature set up on CK Optometry own website to allow consumers to customize their own spectacles on internet. human resources management and attractive promotion. to stay longer or survive in the market. We need to consider the retail strategy such as target market. CK Optometry wishes to retain the competitive advantages such as customer service by shortest the delivery period. changing new promotion. From this assignment. we recommend that they can cut cost in their advertising on newspaper by advertising through the internet. Regarding the financial problems faces by CK Optometry. updating the exclusive merchandise and have a technology advance in their operation. exclusive merchandise. Last but not least. applying communication mix and importantly customer service.

from http://www. Retrieved July 23. (2009). Retrieved July 20. M.0 REFERENCE Kampar. 2010. Perak. B. Retailing Management (7th ed. A. & Weitz. New York: McGraw Hill.com/quiksilver?v=info&ref=search 22 .). from http://maps.6. Facebook.com. Quiksilver.google.my/ Levy. 2010.facebook.

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