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We the BSN III and IV students of Our Lady of Fatima University, Antipolo Branch are conducting a research entitled Nursing as a preferred Career choice among 4th year high school students in Rizal as part of our requirements in our Nursing Research subject. We are asking for your help for the completion of this study through answering this questionnaire. Thank you for your cooperation!

Name: Sex: School:

__________________________ Male Private Female Public __________________________

Direction: Please check the box that corresponds to your answer. 1. Family monthly income 120,001 up 50,001-120,000 30,001-50,000 15,001-30,000 6,001-15,000 6,001 below

Direction II: Please respond to each item indicating the following criteria listed below. Place a check ( ) in each item that would describe the most.

5 4 3 1 1

Very knowledgeable knowledgeable Moderate knowledgeable Not knowledgeable Strongly not knowledgeable

2. Which of the following issues regarding Nursing today are you aware?

Low salary of registered nurses Underemployment of registered nurses Newly registered nurses work in hospitals as volunteer without pay.

Oversupply of registered nurses in the country High unemployment rate of registered nurses in the country

3. Are your parents jobs related to health care? Doctor Dentist Nurse Midwife Others, specify ____________ Medical technician Radiologic technician Physical therapy

5 4 3 2 2

Strongly agree Agree Moderately agree Disagree Strongly Disagree 5 4 3 2 1

4. Did your parents tell you to take nursing course?

5. What do you think about the nursing profession? Nursing is highly respected profession Nursing is helping profession Nursing is challenging job Nursing profession has highest standards of honesty and ethics of any profession. Nursing profession is a noble, compassionate Moral, religious, dedicated and self-sacrificing 6. Why do you prefer Nursing as a career? Desire to help and care for others Opportunity to work closely with people Desire to work in health care field Good salary of registered nurses abroad Diverse positions available in nursing 5 4 3 2 1

5 5 3 3 2

Very knowledgeable knowledgeable Moderate knowledgeable Not knowledgeable Strongly not knowledgeable

7. What do you know are the roles of a professional Nurse? 5 Nurses provide care and promote comfort of client Nurses provide information and help the client to learn or acquire new knowledge and technical skills Nurses provide emotional, intellectual to and psychological support Nurses initiate changes or assist clients to make modifications in themselves or in the system of care. Nurses promotes what is best for the client, ensuring that the clients needs are met and protecting the clients right 8. Where do you prefer to work after pursuing Nursing? Local If local, what particular setting? Public Barangay Health center District Hospital Private Clinic Private hospital Private Nurse Abroad 4 3 2 1


To what extent you want to pursue nursing course? five is the highest and one is the lowest. How do you interpret you chosen number?

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