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TV Series: Pilot Episode

Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese

TV Series Synopsis
Morristown is a TV series that follows six friends who are all early thirty-something professionals living in the shadow of New York City in the New Jersey suburb of Morristown. Everyone knows each other in this relatively small town and, with five restaurants, four bars, three coffee shops and one gym, theres no hiding or escaping anyone even if you try. This makes life challenging when one of the main characters tries to avoid a fling that ended awkwardly or an ex that refuses to leave their life. The pilot episode opens with Kathryn McGrath, a nymphomaniac real estate agent, being told that shes contracted an STD by her doctor, and good friend, Erica Phillips. Erica is the level-headed, practical friend of the group, however the same cant be said for her friend Kathryn. Kathryn is out for only one thing, sex, and an STD isnt going to stop her pursuit of more. Although Erica warns her of the dangers and pleads with her to hold off on being intimate until shes cured through treatment, Kathryn is determined to finally have sex that night with the new guy shes seeing, Daniel. Daniel is also one of the six friends that the series revolves around and he enjoys his relationship with Kathryn which is a welcome diversion from his relatively boring job as an accountant. If Kathryn finally goes home with Daniel, will she have the guts to tell him about her STD before she sleeps with him? Ericas level-headedness is further counterbalanced by her sister, Jessica, who is also her roommate. Although Jessica has a very stable job as a divorce lawyer, she has the tendency to act irrationally mostly because she cant find a decent man and shes worried about growing old without one. One night, they go to the Famished Frog, a divey bar in the center of town that everyone goes to all the time, where a drunken Jessica runs into one of her clients. Desperate for attention from a man, she goes over to him and strikes up a conversation which quickly becomes flirtatious. Does Jessica try to elevate the harmless flirting into something more, potentially jeopardizing her career? To round out the group of six friends are Russell Paxton and Steven. Russell is a completely carefree, cool but lackadaisical high school substitute teacher who just wants to be surfing all the time and admits he only has his job because he gets out of work at 3p everyday and he has the

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese summers off. Hes also the type of teacher that takes cell phone calls during class and will take a swipe from his flask when the students arent looking, not that he even notices the kids in his class most of the time. Russell is a good-looking guy and is adored by many of the attractive female high school students, many of whom openly admit to their friends that theyd like to have an affair with the single man. Will he ever act on one of his students desires? Russell is also the life of the party and with his friend, Steven, a trainer at the local gym, they join up with Erica and Jessica on a Friday night to pre-game at their apartment before hitting up the local hotspot, Famished Frog. Once at the bar, the two guys peel away from the girls in search of women. Russell tries desperately to get Steven to hit on some of them with him, but he refuses. He tries and tries again but Steven stands his ground. Frustrated, Russell calls him out and jokingly asks if hes gay. Since Steven is, in fact, a closeted gay, will he finally come out to his best friend? If he does, what will the reaction be? Each episode presents an ethical or moral dilemma for at least one of the characters and we see how that particular character deals with it. Sometimes they make the right decision but more often than not they end up making the wrong move which only gets them into deeper trouble later. Even the level-headed, practical doctor Erica is bound to get into her own moral dilemmas as well. Thats just whats come to be expected from the carefree, I want whatever I want now generation and its the central theme of Morristown.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese

FADE IN INT. DOCTORS OFFICE KATHRYN MCGRATH, a tall, vivacious redhead in her early thirties, is dressed in a hospital gown and sitting on a table in her doctors office. Shes sitting quietly, waiting for the doctor to come back into the room and periodically showing her nervousness by tapping her fingers on her knees. After several moments of silence, she takes a Vogue magazine out of her purse and starts thumbing through it. However she cant concentrate on any page in particular due to her nervousness. Finally the doctor, ERICA PHILLIPS, comes back into the room all business-like and holding a file folder with Kathryns charts in it. Erica is a short blonde also in her early thirties and one of Kathryns best friends. KATHRYN So Ericawhats the verdict? Erica puts the folder down on the table next to Kathryn, takes out a chart and stares intently at it. ERICA Well Kathryn, Im just going to come out and say it; you have Chlamydia. KATHRYN Are you kidding? ERICA Unfortunately Im not. Tests came back positive. Chlamydia is the most commonly found STD and the good news is that its rather curable with antibiotics. KATHRYN That sucks, I hope this doesnt put a damper on my date with Daniel tonight.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ERICA Ohhh, youre seeing him again? that going?


KATHRYN Its good, its going to be our third date. ERICA Have you slept with him yet? KATHRYN Amazingly I havent. I dont know, I guess I really like him because I dont usually wait until the third date. But Im hoping tonight will be the night though. ERICA Youre going to tell him, right? KATHRYN (confused) Tell him what? That I want to have sex with him? Im sure hell figure that out once I pull his pants off in my bed. ERICA Ummm, no, tell him about the Chlamydia. KATHRYN Are you kidding? If I tell him theres a good chance he wont sleep with me And Ive invested too much time in this relationship to get dissed like that. ERICA Kathryn, you should definitely refrain from sexual contact until you finish your treatment regimen and I give you the all clear sign. KATHRYN Why? ERICA Because you dont want to infect him too.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KATHRYN Ohhh right, right, right. But can you not use the word infect? It makes me sound defective. ERICA Youre not defective. KATHRYN So just to be sure, oral doesnt count, right? ERICA (ignores her and continues) You also owe it to all your recent sexual partners to contact them so that they can be tested as well. By the way, do you know how you contracted it? KATHRYN Ohhh boy, you know me, it could be one of a few guys. I think though it was probably this guy that I showed an apartment to a few weeks ago. He looked a little shady, but he was so hot. I was showing him a place a few blocks from here that the current renter was still living in so it was still furnished. And she had this awesome bed, it looked so comfortable and plush, so I decided to try it out with him. It was greatwell except for the Chlamydia. ERICA (incredulously) You had sex with a guy that you were showing an apartment to? In the bed of the apartment that you were showing?!? KATHRYN (indifferently) Yeah. ERICA Youre insane. KATHRYN No, insane would be me telling you that (MORE)

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KATHRYN (contd) I did it in the kitchen sink. Which is what I did two months ago with a guy that I was showing a condo to in Hoboken. (pause) God, Hoboken really brings out the freaks. ERICA (shaking her head) You always have a story Kat, but I hope this is an eye-opener and a lesson learned. KATHRYN You said it was easily curable though, right? Erica takes her reading glasses off and looks Kathryn in the eyes. ERICA Kathryn, I might be your doctor but Im also one of your best friends and I dont like to see you engage in all this destructive behavior. Its dangerous, for your health and for your general well-being. KATHRYN OK, OK, I get it. But you know Daniel, he seems so clean; Ill be fine with him. ERICA But he might not be fine with you. KATHYRN Ill use protection this time, how about that? ERICA Well thats a start, but its not a solution. KATHRYN Youre handcuffing me too much.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ERICA Im just doing whats best for you and you know Im a friend of Daniels too. So I want whats best for both of you. If you tell him you have an STD and hes OK with it, then Im OK with it. But promise me, if things get a little hot and heavy between you two tonight, youll tell him before things get too far. KATHYRN Fine. Not sensing that Kathryn is being genuine, Erica stares at her directly in the eyes. I will, I will. KATHYRN I promise.

ERICA And youre going to tell your recent partners as well? KATHRYN Well lets not get crazy. Erica continues staring at her until she gets the answer she wants to hear. KATHRYN OK, fine. Ill tell them too. Jeez, youre making this so difficult on me. ERICA You brought this on yourself. KATHRYN Youre so harsh, come on Im super sensitive right now. Erica takes out her prescription pad and starts scribbling something down. ERICA Im going to prescribe you the antibiotic, azithromycin, which will cure you over time.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KATHRYN Thanks Erica. And youre not going to tell your sister, right? ERICA Of course not. I value the doctorpatient relationship and the privacy that comes with it. I would never violate that trust. KATHRYN Great, thank you. Im already embarrassed enough as it is so I dont need the whole world knowing about this. ERICA This stays between us, I promise. (pause) So where are you going to end up tonight? KATHRYN Ahhh, you know, probably the Famished Frog. ERICA Why am I not surprised? KATHRYN Because thats where all of us end up every Friday night? ERICA True. KATHRYN What can I say? Daniels not the most romantic guy, or the most imaginative guy for that matter, but he is my guy. Erica kisses Kathryn on the cheek. ERICA Good, well keep him your guy by telling him whats up with you. (pause) And with that, youre free to go. Get dressed and remember what I told you. I know its tough, but be an adult.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KATHRYN OK. Erica grabs her file and walks out of the room. As soon as she closes the door behind her, Kathryn just sits there on the table and exhales deeply, depressed about the discovery of an STD. INT. BALLYS FITNESS CLUB The gym is filled with mostly professional-looking men working out during their weekday lunchtime. DANIEL, a tall professional guy in his early thirties, is in the middle of bench pressing heavy weights. Hes being spotted by his trainer, whos also one of his best friends, STEVEN, a very fit, but not overly muscular, guy in his early thirties. Steven is in the middle of counting off Daniels reps; hes made it through eight so far. STEVEN Eightninecome on, one morejust one more. Even with Stevens encouragement, Daniel is struggling hard to make it through his tenth rep. Through his grunts and deep breathing, he finally manages to do it. Ten! STEVEN There you go!

Steven helps Daniel pull the bar up and set it down so that he can release it. STEVEN Here, let me help you with that. Signifying a tough workout, Daniel sits up and tries to catch his breath. His heart rate is racing and hes breathing heavily. DANIEL Boy, that was rough. Steven grabs a small towel and throws it over to Daniel so he can wipe the sweat off his brow.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese STEVEN Do you feel the burn? DANIEL God Im hurting. STEVEN Good, that means you did the workout correctly, and youre using muscles you didnt even know you had. DANIEL I cant believe I have to go back to work after this. STEVEN Lunchtime workouts are the best for you, helps you relax and it no doubt certainly breaks up the tediousness of your daily routine as an accountant. DANIEL Accountancy isnt all that bad. STEVEN Its probably not all that good either. DANIEL Whatever, all I know is that Im going to wake up completely sore tomorrow morning. STEVEN Now is that because of the workout, or is that because of your date with Kate tonight? Daniel throws his towel at Steven. DANIEL (condescendingly) Ha ha, very funny. STEVEN I just find this whole relationship weird. DANIEL How so?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese STEVEN Because you and Kate, all of us, have been friends for so long and now all of a sudden youre seeing herromantically I guess? DANIEL Whys that weird? STEVEN Because we both know Kate very well, veerrryy well. DANIEL Whats that supposed to mean? STEVEN Dont make me spell it out. DANIEL I think youre going to have to, I guess Im a little slow and I dont know what youre talking about. STEVEN Well, you know the stories about her being, ummm, I dunno how to say this, a littleloose. Right? DANIEL I wouldnt call her loose. Just experienced. Theres nothing wrong with that. Were all in our thirties, weve all had our fair share of hook-ups. STEVEN Thats true. DANIEL Look at me, I dont want to brag but Ive already dated two girls this year alone. STEVEN Thats not really a lot seeing as though its already September. DANIEL OK fine, look at you. Youre a trainer, (MORE)

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANIEL (contd) your numbers must be off the charts. Probably more so than Kathryn. STEVEN Well, I dont know about that. DANIEL Come on, whats your number of kills? I bet its high. STEVEN (uncomfortably) I dont really want to talk about that. DANIEL See youre a hypocrite. STEVEN Lets not turn this around on me though, were talking about Kate right now. DANIEL I dont think we should be talking about her actuallyjust like you dont want to talk about yourself. STEVEN Danny, Im just looking out for you. DANIEL Fine, point taken. STEVEN I just dont want you to be another notch on her bedpost. DANIEL (laughs) Jesus, did that phrase actually just come out of your mouth? STEVEN Look, Im also worried about the group dynamic. DANIEL Oh yeah?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese STEVEN Yeah. Steven starts walking away from the workout bench, then turns around and calls back to Daniel when he notices that hes not following him. STEVEN (contd) Danny follow me. Daniel quickly gets up and follows Steven. STEVEN (contd) Weve all been friends here in Morristown for what, seven, eight years now? DANIEL Yeah, something like that. STEVEN And this is a small town overshadowed by the big city. We have, what, five restaurants, four bars and three coffee shops? DANIEL And a pet store. Steven kneels down on a mat and directs Daniel to sit down in front of him. STEVEN (contd) Here, get down here. DANIEL So, whats your point? STEVEN Gimme 50 sit-ups. My point is that we are forced to run into the same people all the time, no matter where we go. We cant hide from anyone, even if we try. So if this thing goes downhill, if it goes bad, its possible things will become really bad and thatll just make it awkward all around town, and Im not prepared to deal with that.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Daniel starts doing sit-ups and after a couple he stops to ask Steven a question. DANIEL What do you think could possibly happen to make things go so bad? STEVEN I dont know, maybe shell give you gonorrhea? Upon hearing Stevens answer, he hits the floor with his back and just lies there. INT. HIGH SCHOOL CLASSROOM RUSSELL PAXTON, a good-looking, cool, carefree guy in his early thirties, is a high school substitute teacher whos wearing a tie and corduroy pants with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Hes sitting behind his desk at the front of the classroom, casually doodling nonsensical pictures in a notebook while all of his students are busy taking a pop quiz. The classroom is completely quiet until his cell phone suddenly goes off. Instead of turning it off and apologizing to his students, he decides to answer it. RUSSELL Heeeey, whats shaking Jessica? Break up any good marriages today? (listens for a response) I kid, I kid. So whats up? (listens for a response) Ohhh nothing, Im just giving these losers a pop quiz. It should shut them up for a while. Hell I dont even know what theyre supposed to be studying, I just told the pricks to open up to Chapter 7 and do the practice quiz at the end of it. And they listened to me. Frankly, I dont even know class Im in. I tell you, I could get used to this.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Several of the students look up from their tests and shoot him an evil stare, but Russell doesnt even notice it, theyre almost oblivious to him. RUSSELL (contd) No, no, no, since Im the first one out of work, Ill grab the wine for tonight and me and Stevie will swing by around 7ish. (listens for a response) No I havent spoken to him yet, but you know him; hes always looking for a partyand so am I. If I tell him 7, hell be good for 7. Finally one of the more nerdy students gets frustrated that he cant concentrate and decides to speak up. MALE STUDENT Excuse me sir but do you mind keeping it down? Some of us are trying to concentrate on our quiz. RUSSELL (rolls his eyes) God, Jess can you hold on a second? I have an unruly kid that I have to deal with. Russell puts his cell phone down for a moment and addresses the student. RUSSELL Actually four eyes do YOU mind? Im trying to make my Friday night plans so Id appreciate it if youd all get off my back, mind your own business and just take your quiz. Please just try to act like good, decent high school students for 45 minutes. MALE STUDENT But RUSSELL No need to apologize, I was a high school student myself once and I remember how rude and inconsiderate I could be be too.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The student shoots Russell a confused look since he wasnt about to apologize to him while Russell goes back to talking on the phone. RUSSELL Sorry about that Jess. (listens for a response) No it happens, you know how it is, every class a clown. The student continues shooting Russell a confused look since he knows that hes not a troublemaker. RUSSELL (contd) Ohhh, dont start this again Jess. What do I care? Im just a substitute teacher keeping the chair warm until the real teacher comes back. (listens for a response) If I cared and applied myself, I could actually do something in my life, but I choose not to. (listens for a response) Why? Because I get out of work by 3, I have summers off and in the average year Im more likely to have a day off than to be working. That definitely helps since Im trying to perfect my surfing . You know the waves dont wait for days off. Plus I have a lot less responsibility than a teacher. In fact now that I think of it, I have no responsibilities. Well except for making sure these little pissants dont die, or kill each other, on my watch. (listens for a response) OK, Im getting out in a few minutes, so Ill pick up the wine at the liquor store and well commence the pre-gaming at your place at 7 oclock. (listens for a response) Ill see ya later. Bye. Russell hangs up his phone and immediately goes back to doodling in his notebook, showing complete contempt for the students. Then he grabs a flask from inside his jacket pocket and takes a quick swig from it and then another one.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese A nerdy, awkward female student raises her hand but Russell doesnt notice it since hes too busy drawing. She keeps her hand up for a few more moments to no avail, so she tries to cough to get his attention. The first time doesnt work so she coughs louder, finally managing to get his attention. RUSSELL Yes, what is it? FEMALE STUDENT #1 Can I go to the bathroom? RUSSELL That depends, did you finish your quiz? FEMALE STUDENT #1 Not yet, I almost did though. RUSSELL Wait, is this one of those women problem bathroom trips? FEMALE STUDENT #1 (uncomfortably) Excuse me sir? RUSSELL You know what I mean, dont you? I mean is this one of those trips where youre going to take your purse or is it one of those trips where you can go without anything on your person? See, because if you havent finished your quiz Im worried about you cheating and using a women problem bathroom trip as a cover to leave class and look up the answers on your smartphone or iPad thats hidden in your purse. FEMALE STUDENT #1 I dont have an iPad. RUSSELL OK, well maybe youre going to text KGB to get the answers. I just dont know and thats what scares me.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese FEMALE STUDENT #1 Ummm, Mr. Paxton. RUSSELL Yes, speak. FEMALE STUDENT #1 Nevermind, I dont want to go to the bathroom anymore. RUSSELL Good, Im glad we were able to solve that problem. (pause) Now if I can have no further interruptions, I think Ill be able to finish my drawing before the bell rings. Suddenly the school bell rings signifying the end of the day. RUSSELL Or not. (pause) OK kids, put your tests on my desk as you leave. Another female student raises her hand, this time Russell notices her right away. His attentiveness has increased as hes itching to get out of school. FEMALE STUDENT #2 Excuse me Mr. Paxton but Im not quite finished with my exam, can I have a few more minutes? RUSSELL Absolutely not. Its Friday afternoon and the final school bell rang which means that I want to get the hell out of here. So come on, I dont care where youre all at on the quiz, pass them up here. Go, go, go! All of the students stand up and walk single file out of the classroom, dropping off their tests on Russells desk as they pass by.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL Thank you, thank you. And remember kids, dont think about school for a second over the weekend. Life is about having one; go out, have fun, drink a beer, make out with someone you like, or someone thats easy at least. Just dont do homework or study; theres more to the world than algebra and modern European history. As soon as all the students leave the room, Russell picks up the stack of tests, looks at them then casually throws them into the trash can next to his desk. He picks up his iPhone and texts his friend Steven Game on! Im picking up booze now. Be ready at 7p. And with that Russell grabs his bag and walks out into the HALLWAY Russell struts down a crowded hallway filled with students gathering their things and getting ready to leave for the weekend. Two attractive female students watch him approach. TRACEY Ohhh god, he is so dreamy! MICHELLE Id be willing to make the first page of the Morristown Gazette for creating a high school controversy and sleeping with a teacher. Me too. TRACEY Id love to see him naked.

MICHELLE I dont care if he is just a substitute teacher, itd still be worth it. TRACEY And how! As Russell walks by the two girls, he flashes a smile and wink that could be construed as a little flirtatious.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MICHELLE Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! you see that? TRACEY What? MICHELLE He winked at me! TRACEY Whatever tramp, he was winking at me. MICHELLE No, he was winking at me! TRACEY Michelle, youre so delusional. He obviously was flashing his cute smile and wink to me. MICHELLE God Tracey youre such a bitch sometimes. Michelle gives her friend Tracey a look of disgust then storms off. INT. LIQUOR STORE High on life, Russell is dancing down an aisle while wearing sunglasses and carrying a bottle of wine in one hand and Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey in the other. He dances right up to the cash register and introduces himself to the CLERK who is an older lady in her early sixties. Shes not amused by Russells enthusiasm. RUSSELL Hey there pretty lady, Im Russell, the life of the party. LIQUOR STORE CLERK Oh really? RUSSELL Really.


Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LIQUOR STORE CLERK Are you drunk? You know I cant legally sell to people that are already drunk. RUSSELL No maam, Im not drunk. LIQUOR STORE CLERK High then? RUSSELL Just high on a little thing called life. LIQUOR STORE CLERK Let me see your eyes. RUSSELL Sure. Russell lifts up his sunglasses to reveal his eyes so that the clerk can look into them. LIQUOR STORE CLERK OK, you look good enough. Russell lets his sunglasses fall back on his face. RUSSELL Honey, I always look good enough. LIQUOR STORE CLERK Right, whatever. She bags up the bottles while he pays her. RUSSELL Here you go, keep the change. LIQUOR STORE CLERK (confused) Thanks, but ummm, there is no change. RUSSELL OK, you just keep that pretty little smile on your face then.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese He grabs his bag then proceeds to dance towards the exit; just as hes about to leave the store, SAMANTHA, a very attractive blonde in her late twenties walks in and stops him. SAMANTHA Russell. RUSSELL Hey Samantha, whats going on? SAMANTHA Not much, just here picking up some mixers. Oh yeah? RUSSELL What are you doing tonight?

SAMANTHA You know, nothing special, just pregaming at my friend Shannons place. You? Are you going to be at the Famished Frog later tonight? RUSSELL You know it! Where else would I be at 11 oclock on a Friday night. SAMANTHA Great, Ill probably see you there then. RUSSELL Sweet; Ill save you a stool at the bar. SAMANTHA (laughs) I dont think thatll be necessary. RUSSELL OK, suit yourself. Ill check you later though. SAMANTHA Sure. Russell continues dancing out of the store.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. JESSICAS & ERICAS APARTMENT JESSICA, a pretty, petite brunette in her early thirties, is standing in the kitchen area making an omelet on the stove. Her sister, Erica, comes home from another long day at work and looks exhausted. She throws her purse down on the couch in the living room area and walks into the kitchen. JESSICA Hey Erica, hows it going? Jessica looks up from the stove and notices how exhausted Erica looks. JESSICA (contd) God you look like hell. ERICA Thanks Jess and youre a raging bitch. JESSICA Sorry sis, I didnt mean it like that. So tough day? ERICA Yeah. You wouldnt believe how many freaks there are in this town. JESSICA Erica, I go to the Famished Frog every weekend, I think Ive got a good handle on the fact that this town is filled with freaks. ERICA Well they all must go to my practice too. JESSICA Any good stories from today at least? ERICA Kathryn came in today actually. JESSICA Oh yeah, is she sick?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ERICA Not exactly. JESSICA Is she OK? ERICA Yeah, shes fine. JESSICA So what was she in there for? ERICA Well, she Although Jessica is her sister, Erica remembers that she also has a doctor-patient relationship with Kathryn so she decides to keep quiet. ERICA Nevermind. JESSICA Ohhh come on, tell me! ERICA I cant. JESSICA Why not? ERICA Because Im her doctor and I value her privacy. JESSICA Yes, because if theres one person in Morristown whos private its Kathryn. By the way, that was sarcasm if you didnt notice. ERICA Yes, yes, I got it. JESSICA Were sisters, we share everything with each other. So, tell me, whats wrong with her?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ERICA I didnt say anything was wrong with her. JESSICA Well if everything was right with her, why would she need a trip to the doctor. ERICA God, I shouldve never brought Kathryn up in the first place. My bad, I screwed up. I have to obey the doctor-patient relationship and her privacy. JESSICA Thats OK, I dont need to know. Ill just guess throughout the night and gauge your reactions to see if I come close. ERICA Please dont do that. JESSICA (laughs) OK, OK, OK, Ill move off the subject. Erica peeks over Jessicas shoulder to see what shes cooking. ERICA What are you making? JESSICA I was hungry when I got home so Im making a pre-dinner snack; an omelet. ERICA Ohhh nice, it looks good, I might have to take a few bites. So what are we doing tonight? JESSICA I talked to Russell a few hours ago, he was going to grab a couple bottles at the liquor store and come over with Steve at 7 for some pre-gaming.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ERICA Cool. So if were pre-gaming, Im assuming theres an actual game? JESSICA Probably, nothing official though, well probably hit up the ERICA (interrupts) Famished Frog, right? JESSICA Of courseand we might also try out that new bar that opened up last week. ERICA Which ones that? JESSICA You know, that bar, a couple blocks north of here. The one that people say has a New York City vibe, like it belongs in SoHo. Ohhh, fun. cool. ERICA Yeah I heard that place was

JESSICA Yeah, but who are we kidding, well probably just end up at the Frog all night. How about Kathryn, is she coming out? ERICA Kathryn is actually going out with Daniel tonight. Again? Third. JESSICA Really? I seriously thought this would be a one-date thing, theyd have sex then theyd go back to being friends. JESSICA Whats this, the second date? ERICA

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ERICA Me too, but I think Kat really likes him. JESSICA Really? I never saw that coming. you think that? Why do

ERICA Because she hasnt had sex with him yet. Jessica hits Ericas shoulder in disbelief. JESSICA (in disbelief) Really?!? Get out of here! two dates!

Its been

ERICA I know, that must be a record for Kat for holding out. JESSICA Do you think Daniel likes her? Erica takes the omelet off the stove, transfers it onto a plate and then grabs two forks. ERICA I dont know, I think he likes the idea of having sex with Kathryn, not sure if hes actually really into the idea of dating her. They both walk into the living room area and sit down on the couch together. JESSICA Well they are going on a third date, so maybe he really does want to date her. ERICA Thats true, maybe. JESSICA Gee, maybe it is love. ERICA Ewww, dont make me throw up.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA I know, I could hardly say that with a straight face. I just hope this doesnt screw up the group dynamic. ERICA I know! I said the same thing. Weve had a good thing going with the six of us, I dont want anything screwing it up. JESSICA Amen sister. Jessica picks up her glass of water and does a cheers with Erica. LATER ON Jessica and Erica are sitting on their living room couch watching TV and finishing up their dinner when the doorbell rings. ERICA Ill get it. As Erica stands up, Russell barges in carrying a couple bottles of alcohol followed by Steven. ERICA Wow, you dont wait for us to answer the door? RUSSELL Nope. Russell immediately walks into the kitchen area and pours himself a drink. JESSICA What if I was walking around naked? RUSSELL Then I wouldve thanked you for the free show. ERICA Youre unbelievable Russ.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL Oh no, Im very believable Erica, very. Erica walks up to Steven and gives him a warm hug. ERICA Hows it going Steve? STEVEN Im good. ERICA Take a seat. Do you want anything to eat? We might have some leftover pasta that I can heat up for you. Steven take a seat on the couch. STEVEN No, no, Im good. Russell walks into the living room holding a shot glass of honey whiskey. RUSSELL Thats right, were only here to drink. Speaking of which, does anyone want one? JESSICA What did you bring? RUSSELL Some honey whiskey and some white wine, pick your poison. JESSICA Ill take a glass of wine. ERICA Me too. RUSSELL No whiskey? ERICA Wine is fine. JESSICA It certainly is.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL OK, suit yourself. Russell downs the shot, walks back into the kitchen area and starts pouring a couple glasses of wine. LATER ON Russell, Steven, Jessica and Erica are sitting on the two couches in the living room drinking, laughing and telling stories. Theyre all getting slightly tipsy. STEVEN So where are we going tonight? ERICA Steve, weve been pre-gaming at our apartment on Friday nights for the better part of the last five years and we do the same thing almost every time, so where do you think were going? STEVEN Well I was thinking maybe we should try something different tonight. The other three friends go silent at the mere suggestion of doing something different and look at him like he has two heads. After a few moments, they all simultaneously break out in laughter. JESSICA Good one Steve. STEVEN (perplexed) I dont think thats a half bad

What? idea.

RUSSELL Its not a half good one either. ERICA Yeah, Steve, weve been going to the Famished Frog for five years now; weve always had a fun time there. Why screw up a good thing?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL Come on, lets finish up our drinks and head out. (looks at his smartphone) Its almost ten oclock. JESSICA Yeah, the Frog is probably filling up right about now. RUSSELL OK, down our drinks on three. ERICA No fair, you have shots, we have wines. RUSSELL So, its not my fault. Russell take his shot. RUSSELL (contd) Come on, lets go. I want to make sure we get a good spot at the bar. Russell then steals Stevens shot when hes not looking and downs it. Steven only notices it when Russell puts the empty shot glass down in front of him. STEVEN Heeeyyy. RUSSELL You snooze you lose. STEVEN That wasnt nice. RUSSELL Well, lucky for you were going to a place that has no shortage of booze. Russell looks at the girls who are still just sipping their wine. RUSSELL Lets go, lets go, lets go ladies.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA Stop, were not pounding our wine. RUSSELL Well maybe me and Steve should just meet you girls there. JESSICA Maybe you should. ERICA No, no, no. Were the four musketeers and were all going to go to the bar together. JESSICA We used to be the six musketeers, remember those days? RUSSELL Thats right, we were. Those were the days. All four of them stand up and get ready to leave while Erica and Jessica finish off the rest of their glasses of wine. STEVEN Speaking of that, does anyone know where Daniel and Kathryn are going on their date tonight? ERICA Jeez Steven, sometimes it seems like you just moved to Morristown yesterday. STEVEN Why? ERICA Where do you think theyre going? STEVEN The Famished Frog? ERICA Of course.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese STEVEN For a date? ERICA Yes. It really is a multi-purpose facility. STEVEN Its a dive bar. ERICA Says you. STEVEN God, we need a bigger town. RUSSELL Come on, lets get out of here and hit the town. INT. FAMISHED FROG AT THE BAR Famished Frog is the center of Morristown nightlife although its just a slightly upscale dive bar. The bar is packed with mostly twenty & thirty-something professionals along with a smattering of older people. Russell, Steven, Erica and Jessica are all standing at the crowded bar having a drink and watching Daniel and Kathryn sitting at a high-chair table across the bar. JESSICA Look at those two over there. RUSSELL Yeah, it makes me sick. ERICA Ohhh stop it Russell. What? RUSSELL I never claimed to be a romantic.

JESSICA And no one ever accused you of being one either.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL Whatever, Im not looking for romance, Im only looking to slay the ladies. ERICA (facetiously) Nice Russ. STEVEN I wonder what they talk about. RUSSELL I cant imagine it could be much. ERICA Now whats that supposed to mean? RUSSELL Look, I know Kathryns all of our friends, but its not like shes a member of MENSA. ERICA Ohhh and Daniel is a Rhodes Scholar? RUSSELL No, but thats probably what makes their conversations fascinating to an outsider. DANIEL & KATHRYNS TABLE DANIEL (awkwardly) So hows your drink? KATHRYN Its good. DANIEL Its not too tart, is it? KATHRYN No its fine. DANIEL Good, I hate it when I get a margarita and its too tart.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KATHRYN Well this one isnt. DANIEL Thats good. Daniel and Kathryn sit quietly for a few moments until the silence is finally broken by Daniel. DANIEL Have we already run out of things to talk about? Its only our third date. KATHRYN I dont think weve run out of things to talk about. DANIEL OK, so what do you want to talk about? Kathryn thinks for a moment then shrugs her shoulders. KATHRYN I dont know, do you have any ideas? In turn, Daniel thinks for a moment. DANIEL I dunno, do you want to talk about your workday? It sucked. KATHRYN Next topic?

DANIEL Wait, why did it suck? KATHRYN Ahhh you know how the real estate game goes. DANIEL I actually dont. KATHRYN Well I thought I was going to sell this condo, I mean I was sure of it. The guy seemed like he was all in. Then (MORE)

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KATHRYN (contd) the prick backed out at the last minute. He made me look like a retard. DANIEL Ouch, why did he pull out? KATHRYN Ahhh, who knows. Maybe because hes a bitch. Maybe because he was too afraid to man up and get a place for himself. Maybe because he finally realized, after all this runaround, that he couldnt actually afford it. Who knows, it could be one of a ton of reasons. All I know is that I got screwed out of the commission and I looked like an idiot in front of the seller. DANIEL Bummer. I bet youre not used to guys pulling out on you. Kathryn looks at him very awkwardly until Daniel realizes the double meaning of what he just said. Once he realizes this, he becomes very awkward and bashful himself. DANIEL (nervously) Ohhh my god. I so didnt mean it like that. I just meant that you seem like such a good real estate agent that that probably doesnt happen a lot. KATHRYN Good save, kind of. But youre right, It doesnt happen to me a lotat work. I was going to go down to Club Med and get wild for a week with that commission. Now it looks like another summertime that will be spent entirely in Morristown. Shoot me. DANIEL Ohhh its not that bad around here. KATHRYN Dont get me wrong, I love it around here, but I dont 365 days a year love it.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANIEL I hear you. KATHRYN OK, now you go. Tell me a story. Daniel thinks for another moment, hemming and hawing as he tries to come up with an interesting story. DANIEL I dunno, I got nothing. KATHRYN Come on, you gotta have something. DANIEL Im an accountant. The most interesting stories I have is when I forget to carry a number on a ledger or I add an extra zero to a bottom line total. KATHRYN It doesnt have to be about work, you can tell me about something else. DANIEL Like what, we have the same friends. You know how crazy Russell is, how neurotic Jessica is, how reserved Steve is and how utterly practical Erica is. Nothing Id tell you would be new to you. KATHRYN True, but its not like I hang around with them whenever you do, so maybe something interesting happened with you and Russell lets say, when I wasnt around. Daniel thinks again for a few moments then shrugs his shoulders again. DANIEL Hmmm, I still got nothing. KATHRYN OK.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Daniel and Kathryn sit quietly for a few more awkward moments, both looking out at nothing in particular, until Kathryn speaks up again. KATHRYN Hey DanielI like you. DANIEL I think I like you too. KATHRYN And I think we waited long enough. DANIEL Are you talking about what I think youre talking about? KATHRYN I think. (pause) Why dont we get out of here and go to my place, where we dont have to talk. DANIEL Are you sure? KATHRYN Yes, I think three dates is long enough to wait. Daniel jumps up out of his seat and quickly grabs his jacket, ready to leave. DANIEL OK, lets go before you change your mind. Kathryn gently puts her hand on his arm to calm him down. KATHRYN Daniel, Im not going to change my mind, Im kind of a sure thing. You should know that from all the stories Ive told over the years. Kathryn leisurely stands up and the two walk over to their other four friends.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese AT THE BAR ERICA Hey guys, what are you two up to? KATHRYN Were taking off, leaving this place. getting a change of scenery. STEVEN Where are going? KATHRYN Not sure, I think we might just take a stroll through the park. JESSICA OK, have fun. KATHRYN Come Daniel. RUSSELL (whispers to Daniel) I have a feeling thats probably not the last time Dannys going to hear her say that tonight. Steven tries his best to hide his laughter but he cant. DANIEL Looks like I got to go guys. RUSSELL Enjoy Danny. Kathryn and Daniel walk out of the bar. JESSICA So where do you think theyre really going? STEVEN Two choices: his place or hers. RUSSELL God, I hope they go to her place.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese STEVEN I know, Dannys place is always a mess. Itd even stop Taylor Lautner from getting laid. RUSSELL Interesting reference Steve. Plus Danny probably didnt have the foresight to hide the dead hookers in his apartment before he left for his date. ERICA Jeez guys, youre both ridiculous. Mainly Russell though, but youre both ridiculous. Whatever. scene. RUSSELL Come Steven, lets survey the

Russell and Steven walk away from the bar. ERICA (looks at Jessica) Do you want to grab a table over there and relax? Jessica looks around and sees no guy that she wants to talk to. JESSICA Yeah, why not. I dont see any guys around here worth talking to; only the regular Frog dwellers and assorted other losers. Jessica and Erica settle down at a table close to the bar. As soon as they sit down, a waitress comes over to take their drink order. WAITRESS Can I get you ladies a drink? JESSICA Ill take a Corona Light. ERICA Make that two.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese WAITRESS Ill get that for you right

Thanks. away.

Erica exhales loudly to relax. JESSICA Ahhh, another night at the Frog. ERICA And another good start to the weekend. JESSICA Or at least its a start to the weekend, maybe not necessarily a good start. ERICA Whats wrong? JESSICA Ahhh look around. Theres no good guys here. Theres barely ever any good guys here. ERICA Come on, youre just not looking hard enough. Yes I am. JESSICA Theyre just not here.

ERICA Erica, some day maybe one of these Frog dwellers that you kiss will turn into your prince? JESSICA I hope so, but sometimes I dont think itll ever happen. ERICA Erica, youre a ridiculous catch. Well educated, high-powered lawyer who owns her own condo. JESSICA I only own half of it, with you.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ERICA Whatever, youre an owner and thats all that matters. JESSICA Whatever yourself. No guy cares that Im an owner, if anything the stability probably scares them away. Face it, its just not going to happen. ERICA It wont with an attitude like that. The waitress stops by and drops off their drinks. WAITRESS Here you go ladies. Erica grabs her beer and holds it up. ERICA Here, grab your beer and lets just have a good night. Guys or no guys. JESSICA (reluctantly) Ohhkay. Jessica grabs her drink and hits Ericas bottle with it, then they both take a sip. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BAR Russell and Steven are creeping around the crowd checking out all the ladies throughout the bar. RUSSELL Now this, this is what I call a targetrich environment. STEVEN It does look good around here. RUSSELL So what are you in the mood for tonight? A blonde? Brunette? Redhead? I think I want a redhead. I hear theyre crazy in bed.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese STEVEN Yeah, Ive heard that too. Russell stops in his tracks and looks at a few girls sitting at the bar. RUSSELL Ohhh check it out, weve got some potentials sitting at the bar over there. STEVEN Who? Russell overtly points over to the girls. RUSSELL Those chicks right over there. Steven quickly grabs Russells arm and pushes it down. STEVEN (embarrassed) Russell, its not polite to point. RUSSELL Yeah, whatever. But Im talking about those chicks over there. STEVEN OK, I see them now. RUSSELL What do you think? STEVEN Meh. Meh?!? hot. Meh?!?! RUSSELL Stevey, those girls are

STEVEN Not really my type. RUSSELL Not really your type? Theres an allAmerican blonde, an Asian and a sexylooking Latino girl all standing within (MORE)

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL (contd) six feet of each other. What more do you want? Theyre like the United Nations of hotness! STEVEN I dont know. RUSSELL Steve, not only are these girls hot, but one is checking you out as we speak. A HOT BLONDE standing at the end of the bar is looking seductively at Steven. STEVEN No there isnt. RUSSELL Yes there is. STEVEN I highly doubt that. Russell points over to the girl. RUSSELL Yes she is, look at her. Steven again quickly pushes Russells arm down. STEVEN (embarrassed) Russ, what did I tell you about pointing? RUSSELL OK, fine, but Steve, this girls obviously looking at you? STEVEN You think? RUSSELL Yes, take a look, please, for me. Steven finally placates Russell and looks over to the bar. STEVEN Who, the brunette?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL No, the hot blonde drinking the Jack Daniels. The hot blonde continues looking at Steven and flashes him a flirtatious smile and wink. STEVEN Oh yeah, youre right, she is looking at me. RUSSELL So are you going over there? STEVEN I dont think so. RUSSELL I swear to god Steve, if you dont go over there, I will. And I will steal her right from under you. STEVEN Be my guest. RUSSELL What is it with you man? STEVEN What do you mean? RUSSELL How come you never want to pick up chicks with me? I hear these stories about you being a ladies man, and that you hook-up but when push comes to shove and were out macking, I dont see you trying to assassinate any girls. Whats with that? STEVEN Because were always at a bar when we try to do it. Thats kind of cheap in my book. RUSSELL Exactly the point! STEVEN Its not my thing man.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL Come on, this chick is hot with big breasts. And she looks down. STEVEN Down? RUSSELL Yes, down to party. She looks horny. Russell tries to lead him over to the bar and the girl, while Steves politely trying to stop him. STEVEN Come on, stop Russ. RUSSELL What man? Its a Friday night, were two single guys on the prowl. I see a honey thats staring you down and Im happy to take the less attractive friend off your hands so youre free to operate. Thats what Ill do for you, because Im your friend and thats what friends do. Well maybe not all friends, actually most wouldnt, but Im a special kind of friend if I do say so myself. Russell continues to push Steven over to the girl. STEVEN Stop dude. Why? one! RUSSELL I told you Ill take the frumpy

Steven finally has had enough with Russell pushing him so he throws up his hands and pushes him back. STEVEN I said stop! RUSSELL Whats the problem Steve? gay? What are you

Steve looks Russell directly in the eyes and finally breaks his silence after a few tension-filled moments.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese STEVEN Yes, yes I am. RUSSELL (shocked) You are? STEVEN Yes, I am gay. RUSSELL (in denial) No youre not. Youre Stevie, the wonderfully heterosexual wingman that I have and admire. STEVEN No, Im Stevie, the awesomely gay friend of Russells. (pause) Actually, while you were trying to get me to hit on the blonde girl, I was checking out that cute guy over there. Steven points over to a handsome guy in his early thirties hanging out with a group of friends at the other side of the bar. RUSSELL Why am I only finding out about this now? STEVEN Its not the easiest thing to come out of the closet to your best friends. RUSSELL But its meyour boy Russell. stand. Would you? STEVEN Would you really? Id under-


RUSSELL (thinking) Ummm, honestly, maybe, maybe not; I dont know. STEVEN See thats why I didnt say anything.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL (stunned) I think Im going to have to sit down and think about this for a bit. STEVEN I understand, I had to think about this for a lifetime. Russell backs up a few feet and takes a seat at a table behind him. Still stunned, he stares blankly straight ahead as he takes a sip of his drink. STEVEN (contd) Sorry that I had to tell you like this, but I have to follow my heart. And with that, Steven walks over to the handsome guy that he was watching at the bar and attempts to strike up a conversation with him and his friends. In no time hes able to become part of the circle and even laugh and joke with the guys. Russell watches all of this go down from his table, staring in disbelief as Steven quickly ingratiates himself with the guy that he is attracted to. LATER ON - AT JESSICA & ERICAS TABLE Jessica and Erica are still sitting at their table towards the end of the night. While Erica still looks relatively sober and put together, Jessica is a drunken mess now. Her arms are on the table with her head buried inside them. She lifts her head off the table and looks at her sister with very heavy eyes. ERICA Whats up Jess? JESSICA (slurring speech) Why dont men like me? ERICA (rolls her eyes) Ohhh jeez, dont start this again.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA Im serious?


ERICA Come on Jess, men do like you. JESSICA No they dont; but you know what? I dont care anymore. And do you know why? Because Im giving up on men. ERICA Youve said that before. JESSICA Yeah but this time I mean it. ERICA (doubtfully) Why do you mean it this time?


JESSICA Because nothing ever works out with me and men. ERICA What are you talking about? JESSICA Thats right, nothing ever works out, ever. Ohhh yeah? ERICA What about Tommy?

JESSICA That wasnt my fault, he was bipolar. ERICA Riiightwhat about Chad? JESSICA He had this weird body order. ERICA And Corey?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA He smoked too much weed, it was hard to get him excited if you know what I mean. ERICA Ewww, TMI. OK, but what about Jimmy, you seemed to have had a good thing going with him? JESSICA Yeah, we had a good thing going until I found out he didnt have a 401K. I dont plan to ever support a guy, if anything he should support me. ERICA Ever think your standards might be just a little too high? Jessica doesnt answer Erica because her attention is diverted when she sees someone she knows sitting at the bar by himself. JESSICA Oh my god. ERICA (confused) What? JESSICA That guy over there, hes my client. Jessica point over to CHARLES, a handsome but older British gentleman in his mid-forties, who is sitting at the bar dressed in a suit and drinking a martini. Erica, whos back is turned to the bar, starts to turn around to take a look but is quickly stopped by Jessica. JESSICA (contd) Dont look, youll make it too obvious that Im talking about him. ERICA So who is he?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA Ahhh just some British guy thats getting divorced from his wife. I retained him a few weeks ago, the divorce is getting pretty nasty. They have a lot of assets that theyre trying to split up. Erica, slowly and nonchalantly, turns her head to check him out. ERICA He looks a little old. JESSICA Hes not that old, hes in his mid-forties, like 44. ERICA Yeah thats old. JESSICA Im going there and talking to him. ERICA Do you think thats smart? JESSICA Yeah, why not? ERICA Because hes your client and youve been drinking. Church and state. JESSICA What? ERICA Church and state. JESSICA What the hell is that supposed to mean? ERICA Keep it separate Jess. Youre his lawyer and hes your client. Just keep it like that.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA (giggles) God Erica, what do you think Im going to do? Im just going over there to say hi. ERICA Thats what Im afraid of. JESSICA Whatever. Hes just sitting there by himself and he looks so lonely. He looks like he could use a friendly face to talk to. Jessica stands up but immediately loses her balance and falls back into her seat. JESSICA Im OK, Im OK. Jessica stands back up and fixes her skirt. ERICA Are you sure? JESSICA Ummm, yes. ERICA Im going to finish my drink and walk home. You coming with? JESSICA Yeah, yeah, let me just say hi to Charles. Jessica stumbles over to the bar and approaches Charles. JESSICA Charles? Charles, whose minding his own business and playing around with his iPhone, turns and immediately smiles when he sees its his lawyer, Jessica. CHARLES Jessica, how are you? What are you doing here?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA (drunkenly) Its the Famished Frog, everyone comes here on Friday nightsand Monday nights, and Tuesday nights, and Wednesdaywell you get the point. CHARLES Ahhhh, Im still a little new to the neighborhood and learning where the cool spots are, especially now that Im getting divorced. JESSICA Well you found one of them. (hiccups) Can I sit down? Charles politely moves his jacket off of the seat next to him. CHARLES Ohhh yes, sorry, where are my manners. Please, have a seat. Jessica climbs up on the seat and gets situated. JESSICA So what are you drinking? CHARLES A martini. JESSICA Mmmm, sounds yummy. I think Im going to have one of those too. (looks at the bartender) Excuse me, can I get a martini? CHARLES Are you sure you want that? JESSICA Yeah, why not? CHARLES I dont know, you look a little inebriated.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA No, Im (hiccups) fine. The bartender gives her a martini. JESSICA (contd) So hows it going? CHARLES Im fine. JESSICA Really? CHARLES Yeah, Im goodall things considered. JESSICA What did you do tonight? CHARLES Youre pretty much looking at it. I went to see a movie by myself and then I came here for a nightcap. JESSICA Wow, that soundsummm. CHARLES Boring? JESSICA (laughs) Yes. CHARLES Well I guess thats what my life is now that Im going through this divorce. JESSICA Yeah, how is that going? I mean I know how its going since Im your lawyer and all, but how are you handling it personally? CHARLES Not too well.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA Awww Im sorry. CHARLES Its horrible, I thought I loved that woman and I thought we were going to have a wonderful life together. She even got me to move out here to Morristown from the city because she thought itd be a good place to raise children children that were not going to have anymore. I dont know anyone in this town. I feel like I have to start from scratch. JESSICA Well you know me now. Thats a start. CHARLES Yeah but you dont really count, youre my lawyer. JESSICA (whispers to herself) Why dont guys ever think I count? CHARLES Pardon me, what was that? JESSICA Ohhh, nothing, Im just saying that just because Im your lawyer doesnt mean we still cant be friends. CHARLES It doesnt? JESSICA No, not at all. CHARLES Interesting. JESSICA Whys that interesting? CHARLES I dont know, I just kind of figured (MORE)

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CHARLES (contd) that people in your profession make it a point not to get involved with their clients. They like to keep their emotional distance. JESSICA Whoa, whoa, whoa, who said anything about getting involved? CHARLES (embarrassed) Oh dear, Im sorry, I didnt mean it like that. I meant involved as friends, thats it. Jessica grabs Charles hand and holds it. JESSICA (laughs) Relax Im just kidding. Gee, loosen up Charles. Erica, whos got her jacket on and is holding her purse ready to leave, walks up to Jessica and Charles. ERICA Hey Jessica, you ready? Im leaving.

JESSICA Thats OK, Im going to hang out a little longer. Erica looks down and is shocked to see Jessica holding Charles hand under the bar. ERICA Are you sure thats the best idea? JESSICA Yeah, Im fine. (pause) Ohhh by the way, this is Charles. Charles, this is my overbearing, older sister, Erica. CHARLES Nice to meet you Erica.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ERICA Likewise. Jessica can I speak to you for a second? JESSICA No, Im fine. ERICA Jessica. JESSICA (annoyed) Im OK, trust me!


ERICA OK, whatever, Im leaving. JESSICA Good, Ill see you tomorrow. ERICA Dont forget, we have brunch at noon. JESSICA (dismissing her) Yeah, yeah, yeah. ERICA Make sure youre ready. I dont want to have to knock on your door for an hour trying to wake you up. JESSICA Ill be up, please just go. ERICA Fine. Erica leaves the bar in a huff. CHARLES What was that about? JESSICA Who knows. CHARLES Well is everything OK between you and your sister?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA Yes, yes, its just stupid sister stuff. Were fine. She just gets annoying when she drinks too much. (pause) So where were we? CHARLES I dont know, I think we were talking about being friends. JESSICA Ahhh yes, we could be friends. that. CHARLES You would? JESSICA Yes, I could always use more friends. CHARLES Great, well, hello then friend. JESSICA Hi. The two of them look each other in the eyes then embrace in a spur of the moment, passionate kiss. After a few seconds, they stop and realize what they just did. JESSICA (regretfully) Wow, Im, ummmm, so sorry. where that came from. CHARLES Me too, sorry. JESSICA I mean Im your divorce lawyer, Im representing you in your divorce. That was so wrong on so many levels. Please were front and center at the Famished Frog, theres no telling whos watching us right now. Id like

I dont know

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CHARLES Right, right, right. I dont know where my head was at. Im sorry. JESSICA I think I probably should just go. Yes. CHARLES Here let me walk you out.

Jessica stands up and gets her purse and jacket, preparing to leave. Charles stands up next and follows her to the door. INT. CHARLES BEDROOM NIGHT Jessica is on top of Charles breathing heavily and groaning; theyre having sex in his bed. Her body is in silhouette from the moonlight shining into the room through a window. Theres a quick cut to the MORNING A now sober Jessica is sitting up in the bed with the covers up above her breasts. Charles is sound asleep on his side next to her. Jessica is staring straight ahead and completely shocked that she actually slept with her client. JESSICA (silently to herself) What did I do, what the hell did I do? She gently lifts the covers over Charles and looks under them. JESSICA (silent to herself) Ohhh god, hes fully naked. Im such a whore. Jessica puts her head back and rests it against the headboard then she grabs her forehead in pain.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA Owww, I have a splitting headache. time is it?


She looks over to the alarm clock sitting on a nightstand next to the bed. The clock says 12:15. JESSICA 12:15! Darn it. Jessica reaches over and grabs her cell phone from the nightstand. She looks at it and sees that there are five texts from her sister, Erica. Each one of them gets progressively frustrating and angrier. JESSICA (reads to herself quietly) Hey where are you? (pause) Why arent you at home? (pause) Please dont tell mewhatever, just wake up! (pause) So come on! Its almost noon, write me back at least! (pause) Fine, Im going to brunch, you can meet us thereor not, I dont care anymore. Jessica flings her cell phone onto the bed in disappointment. JESSICA I got to get going. Jessica, dressed in her bra and underwear, carefully slides out of the bed so that she doesnt wake Charles. She quickly picks up her skirt and shirt from the floor and gets dressed. Then she grabs her cell phone from the bed and walks towards the door. Before leaving the room, she looks back at Charles sleeping in his bed one final time. JESSICA Yeah this wont be awkward at all Monday morning in my office.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. SUSHI RESTAURANT Jessica rushes into the restaurant and immediately approaches the table where Erica and Kathryn are already sitting and enjoying a Bloody Mary. ERICA Ahhh, my long lost sister Jessica, she finally re-emerges. Jessica, flustered, quickly grabs a seat and gets settled. JESSICA Sorry Im late girls. KATHRYN Whereve you been? We were getting worried. ERICA Yeah, I texted you five times with no answer. JESSICA I know, I know. Sorry. KATHRYN So where were you? Trying to avoid the question, Jessica grabs a menu and starts looking at it. JESSICA Boy Im hungry. Have you girls ordered yet? I wonder what Im going to get, maybe an omelet. Erica takes the menu away from her and puts it down on the table. ERICA Dont duck the question Jess. were you? Where

After a few moments of silence, Jessica finally musters up the strength to admit what she did the night before. JESSICA I screwed up.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Erica realizes what she did. ERICA No you didnt! JESSICA Yes, yes I did. ERICA Oh god Jess. No, no, no. KATHRYN (confused) I feel so lost right now. ERICA Spill it Jess. Upset, Jessica lays her head on the table then quickly picks it back up. JESSICA I had sex with one of my clients last night. KATHRYN Ohhh dear. ERICA Jesus Jess, I knew that was going to happen. You were way too drunk, I shouldnt have left you at the bar by yourself. JESSICA I know, I know. I was a mess. I shouldve never drank that much, please dont let me ever drink that much again. KATHRYN So how was it? JESSICA It was awesome. ERICA Jessica!

What happened?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA What? Im not going to lie, it was great. Which makes this even more difficult. ERICA What makes it difficult? You screwed up, deal with it and move on. JESSICA Maybe I dont want to move on. ERICA What do you mean? JESSICA Granted everything is going to be really awkward, but hes a nice guy and hes going through some tough times right now. ERICA So dont make it any tougher for him. JESSICA I know, but sometimes things are just meant to be. KATHRYN Jessica, just think about what youre saying for a moment. JESSICA Im well aware of what Im saying. ERICA Ahhh, my sister the mess. I cant deal with this. Youre so desperate for a man that youre now acting irrationally. JESSICA Maybe. But I just want something good to start happening to me. ERICA Well I can tell you getting disbarred is definitely not good for you. Jessica ignores Ericas last comment and moves on to the next subject.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA What about you Kate, how was your night with Daniel? ERICA Yeah, howd that end? You guys looked awfully cozy towards the end of the night at the Frog before you left. KATHRYN A real woman never kisses and tells. ERICA Ill remember that next time I sit down for brunch with onebut as for last night, lets hear the details. KATHRYN (reluctantly) I dont know. JESSICA Come on, you were so interested in my love life, lets hear about yours. KATHRYN I dont know, I might really like Daniel so Id feel a little dirty if I start talking about the intimate details of our night last night. JESSICA Just spill the beans. KATHRYN OK, lets just say Jess that you werent the only one at this table that had sex last night. JESSICA Shut up, you didnt! KATHRYN I did! ERICA God, what am I doing wrong in life?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA Did you two even go to the park last night? KATHRYN No, that was just code for, hey Daniel take me back to my place and screw my brains out. JESSICA How was it? KATHRYN He did screw my brains out. exquisite. It was

JESSICA Exquisite, really? You dont hear people drop that word often. KATHRYN But it was. JESSICA How so? KATHRYN He was so kind and gentle, he really cared about what I liked and wanted. Not a lot of guys are like that. Too many of them are just wham, bam, thank you maam kind of guys. Not Daniel though, hes caring. JESSICA Thats so sweet, youd never expect that from a guy like Daniel. KATHRYN Just proves my point all along. JESSICA And whats that? KATHRYN All men want to be whipped, they love it in fact.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA I wish that was the case, but its not with the guys I know. KATHRYN It is, they probably just dont know that they want to be whipped. Theyre probably younger right? JESSICA Some of them, I guess. KATHRYN Yep, typical. ERICA So did you have any kind of talk with him last night? You know before you had sex with him? Kathryn freaks out a little because she knows that Ericas trying to pry about whether or not she told Daniel about her STD. KATHRYN What do you mean? ERICA You know what I mean. KATHRYN Ummm, I may have, ummm, said something that may have alluded to something indirectly. Did you? ERICA Did you really?

KATHRYN Yeah, I think so, perhaps. ERICA You didnt, did you? KATHRYN OK, probably not.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ERICA Ohhh, Kathryn, you disappoint me sometimes. I know, I know. KATHRYN Sorry.

JESSICA (confused) Whats going on here? What are you both talking about? ERICA Nothing. KATHRYN Yeah, nothing at all. JESSICA I hate when you two get all cryptic on me. KATHRYN Now you know how I feel when you two do your sisterly codes to each other and communicate and have a conversation without even talking. JESSICA Whatever, thats different. There shouldnt be secrets between my sister and my best friend that are kept from me. KATHRYN I didnt say there were any secrets. JESSICA OK, so what were you and Erica talking about? KATHRYN Nothing special. The table goes silent for a few moments. JESSICA Youre not going to tell me, are you?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KATHRYN Theres really nothing to tell. (pause) And besides Erica, if it puts you at ease, he finished on my stomach. ERICA It actually doesnt. Erica tries her best to change the subject. ERICA (contd) I wonder what the guys are doing? INT. IRISH PUB Daniel, Steve and Russell are at a table in the middle of a typical Irish Pub having lunch, drinking some beers and watching sports. In the midst of their conversation, all three stand up as Steve and Russell give Daniel multiple high fives. Theyre congratulating him for the story he just told about having sex with Kathryn the night before. RUSSELL Congrats my friend, thats awesome! STEVEN Yeah, good going. RUSSELL So how was it? DANIEL It was freakin awesome man. RUSSELL Thats what I figured. Youd think shed pick up a lot of knowledge from all the sex shes had in her life. DANIEL Heeyyy. Thats my new woman youre talking about. RUSSELL You know what I mean.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANIEL Whatever, but that girl was doing things to me that you only see in porn films. RUSSELL Really? DANIEL Yeah. RUSSELL Like what? DANIEL Tongue, she was very proficient in using her tongueeverywhere. But I was no wallflower either. I was hittin it, I was hittin it hard. Every position too, missionary, cowboy, reverse cowboy. I think I even had her upside down at one point. RUSSELL OK, OK, OK I dont want to hear anymore, if you tell me more Ill probably want to shoot myself. DANIEL Why? Youre a lady killer, just be happy that Im actually getting some right now. RUSSELL Ohhh, Im excited for you, dont get me wrong. But Im going through quite the dry spell right now. No! Really? believe it. DANIEL You? Come on, I dont

RUSSELL Well believe it, its been three weeks. DANIEL (mockingly) Three whole weeks?!? How do you survive?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL I dont know, its been rough, really rough. Ive been thinking about getting a prostitute just for a little release. DANIEL Whatever man, Ive gone like three years without any until last night. RUSSELL (laughs) Really?!? Holy moly. How did you do it? How did you live? Werent there times that you just wanted to end it all? Kill yourself? DANIEL Ummm, no, no I didnt. RUSSELL Youre a stronger man than me. I wouldnt have been able to handle it. In fact, I wouldve taken a gun and put a bullet in my head to put me out of my misery. DANIEL Nice image Russ. RUSSELL Im just sayin. DANIEL So Steve, how was your night? STEVEN (sheepishly) It was OK. OK? Only OK? ass last night. DANIEL That place was swarming with

RUSSELL (quietly to himself) You got that rightguy ass though. DANIEL What was that?

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese RUSSELL Nothing at all.

Ohhh, nothing.

DANIEL So Steve, no luck last night? STEVEN Not really. DANIEL That place is hookup central and youre a good looking dude. I thought itd be like shooting fish in a barrel for you. STEVEN Well I did manage to get one phone number. Fabulous. DANIEL Whats her name.

Russell looks closely at Steven to see if hell come out to Daniel. STEVEN Michael. DANIEL (perplexed) MichaelMichael? But Michaels a guys name, isnt it? STEVEN Yes it is. DANIEL So what are you going to do with him? Ask him to join a pick-up basketball game with you down at the gym? STEVEN No. DANIEL So why did you get a guys number? STEVEN Daniel, Im gay.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANIEL What? Yep. You are? STEVEN Queer as the night is long.

DANIEL (looks at Russell) Did you know about this? RUSSELL I just found out last night. DANIEL But over the years Ive seen you pull plenty of chicks in your time. Ive been there, Ive seen it up close and personal. STEVEN I know, its happened. DANIEL So gay men usually dont sleep with girls. Unless Im missing something or I dont know what the word gay means. RUSSELL Well if being a gay men means that you sleep with women, then sign me up for that. Im gay! DANIEL So why would you continue sleeping with women if that isnt your thing? STEVEN Its something you do if youre trying to cover up your sexuality. DANIEL Why did you think you needed to cover up your gayness? Were your friends, didnt you think wed be understanding? RUSSELL Thats what I asked.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese STEVEN I dont know. I guess I was afraid to see what peoples reaction would be. Ohhh and lets not call it gayness, that just sounds stupid. DANIEL Youre not going to start hitting on me now, are you? STEVEN (laughs) Ive known you for eight years and havent even thought about making a move ever, so I think youre pretty safe. DANIEL OKummm, good. I hope this doesnt throw off our group dynamic. STEVEN Danny, its not like this is anything new. Ive known that Ive been gay for awhile. Besides, if anythings going to throw off our group dynamic itll be your little tryst with Kathryn. DANIEL Its not a tryst. STEVEN OK, whatever. DANIEL Steve, its not a tryst. be love. What? RUSSELL Get out of here! It might actually

DANIEL No, its truewell maybe its true; I hope its true. RUSSELL Well tell me you at least had protection last night.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANIEL No. Russell and Steven jump out of their seats in disgust and disbelief. Owww! No! RUSSELL No! No!

STEVEN Daniel, say it isnt so. RUSSELL Yes, please say it aint so. DANIEL Whats the big deal? I told you it may be love. STEVEN So, what does that have to do with anything? DANIEL Becausebecaaauuussseee. I may be the only one in her life now. RUSSELL Yeah but that doesnt erase the hundreds before you. DANIEL Heeyyyy, again, thats my girl. RUSSELL Thats not the truth though? DANIEL I dont care about the past, only the future. STEVEN Well the future is now. RUSSELL Yes it is, yes it is. DANIEL Ill cheers to that.

Morristown Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese All three of them raise their beers up and drink. After Steven finishes the last of his beer, he looks at his watch. STEVEN Ohhh, look at the time. I got to run. I have to get to the gym. RUSSELL Until next time fellas. All three of them stand up and walk away from the table. FADE OUT