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Ageing is a universal fact and no one can escape it. The human body is the most wonderful machine which nature has ever produced, but it also wears down with use and time. Ageing is a complex process involving biological, psychological, social and environmental components. “Ageing is a toilsome treadmill grinding to a tragic halt as years pass by. It is a life spanning process of growth and development running from infancy to old age through childhood, adulthood, and gets an end with the death of an individual by Mishra (1997)”.Ageing is a process in human life and is inevitable unless one dies”. Each phase of life is a preparation of one, which follows it. The foundation laid on in our childhood determines to great extent the success or failure of our mature life, so also does a behavior in ‘midlife’, which decides the nature of our elderly life span. So if entire life is itself planned, old age is automatically planned. The ‘biological age’ of a person is not identical with his chronological age. It is said that nobody grows old merely by living a certain number of years. Years wrinkle the skin, but worry, doubt; fear anxiety and self-distrust wrinkle the soil. While ageing merely stands for growing old, senescence is an expression used for the deterioration in the vitality or lowering of the biological efficiency that accompanies ageing (viswanath, R 1969).

but very little is actually done to alleviate condition of the aged.STATUS OF ELDERLY IN INDIA Today the progress that has been made in the sphere of medical science has led to steady decline in the mortality and morbidity rates thereby increasing the life expectancy of the people is increasing the population of the aged. The age structure of population in any society depends on its birth rates. The numbers of elderly or ‘aged’ or ‘old’ are increasing day by day in our population perhaps most important. The reduction in the fertility level. the increase in the number of older persons will be greatest in developing countries. which in turn leads to the ageing population.N had declared 1999 as the International year of older persons “aged people’s day” (October 1) is celebrated every year. the number and proportion of the aged population (age 60+) is increasing because of the combined effects of increasing longevity and declining fertility (Srinivasan. The presence of elderly people in the demographic structure is not blended properly with the result that the elderly are becoming an isolated group requiring lot of attention from the society. death rates and net migration (in or out). . The U. reinforced by steady increase in the life has produced fundamental changes in the age structure of the population. Recent demographic trends have shown a considerable increase in elderly population all over the world. Throughout the world. 1997).

These problems range from absence of ensured and sufficient income to support themselves and their loss of social recognition to the non availability of opportunities for creative/constructive use of free time. Worryingly. The Indian population has been growing fast.2 percent of the population. up from 72. in census 2001. which touched a new hight of 75 percent in 2001. constituting 7. will touch 137 million by 2021. It has nearly trebled in the last 50 years (1950 – 2001). an interpretation of data in census 2001 also shows a steady rise in the dependency ratio. qualifying it as an ‘ageing’ country as defined by the United Nations.8 percent of country’s population. currently the second largest in the world.6percent). The number of people over 60 years in 1991 was 6.6 million people above 60 years.India is in the throes of a temporally compacted demographic transition. . According to world health organization (WHO) estimates. India’s population (76. there are a little over 76. while the number of elderly has increased by four times in the same period. The proportion of people over 60 years has crossed 7 percent of India’s population. According to data on the age of India’s population. resulting in a situation where a smaller group of young people will bear burden of a larger group of elderly people and their dependency on society is also increasing giving problems to the old.75 percent in 1991.This means that the non-working section of population is rising steadily compared to the working section.

But certain problems are specific in ageing.PROBLEMS FACED BY ELDERLY IN INDIA Ageing is not a new phenomenon.cultural perspective problems of the aged has not received sufficient notice. when a situation or issues is not solved by one’s available knowledge and skills. values may give rise to varied economic . The Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment. the problems of aged have assumed grave importance (Subian. ‘Forced retirement can be no less devastating a blow than cancer’ says John . powerlessness and unhappiness. Generally speaking. has figure 33 percent of the general population below poverty line.S Commissioner of ageing. (1999) in its document on the national policy for older persons. apart from economic frustration. Martin former U. But the problems that occur with ageing appear to be a product of the modern age.B. Diminished economic productivity of the aged. loneliness. Firstly. We confront problems in different walks of life. it is called a problem An issue may be a problem for one individual or group but not for other. Economy is another enigma in the lives of the aged. rolelessness. life for to retirement and. 1989) In cross. there are personal consequences of withdrawal from example depression. In the context of the dynamic changes taking place in Indian society. consequences. Some problems relating to our basic needs may be common. there is a sudden change from the occupational active life. inflationary trends and changes is socio-economic problems/crisis.

when a person retires he /she loses this role. Financial problem has forced many of the aged to reduce/adjust their needs eventually leading to psychological depression. . As members of society they too have to fulfill certain social obligations like attending marriages. Work provides a social role. Even more damaging than the financial loss that the retirement normally entails is the loss of prestige all around. very often this gets undue attention at the expense of psychological social occupational and cultural needs. Economic security is vital for elderly. they are generally demoralized when their offspring refuse to give them shelter. demise of relatives and friends and liability. To meet such obligations their economic dependency certainly and gradually gives rise to conflicts in the family Aged feels a sense of social isolation because of disjunction from work relationship. deaths of kins or friends. and often an identity. Having spent all their hard earned money on children’s education and marriage.ECONOMIC CRISIS DURING THIRD AGE Economic crisis add to the misery of aged. giving gifts to their daughters and grandchildren at the time of their visits. However.

It also increases their self confidence and self esteem. Work keeps individual occupied mentally and physically active . ‘I am not useful to the society ‘should be removed from their minds.WORK AND ELDERLY One of the solutions to solve the economic problems is to continue working even after retirement. indulge in nostalgic remembrances. decisions are now being made for him this leads to psychological depression. Because of their non – productive living. An occupied person who lacks any interest becomes idle and grows old faster it enables them to live in past. support their values system and work ethic. find meaning to life. The feeling that ‘I am good for nothing. they feel bored. For that one must find out that the possible work that the old can do and engage themselves in some productive activities. provide social interaction and relationships. . loss of regular occupation and total or partial economic dependence after retirement may mean for retire a depletion of authority and fear of being taken for granted.Since elderly members sit at home after their retirement’s leads to various problems for the family members and themselves. He may feel that instead of being the decision-maker. But career is not for economic reason alone it keeps the elderly physically and mentally occupied and in turn helps them to lead an active life. Working helps older folks keep their minds and body active.

when one become a participant in life instead of a mere spectator. India is far behind countries like Japan (83%). which will help them to become independent . take cookery classes. have a strategy for recruiting older workers.” says Soumen Basu. . consultancy services etc. Basu feels opening the doors to older workers can be very beneficial for organizations that are facing a talent crunch as help in knowledge transfer within the organization. Singapore (53%) and New Zealand (33%). Interestingly. The study also finds that twenty one percent of global employers have a retention strategy for elder lags behind here for only 16 percent employers have strategies in place for their old employees. “The study clearly shows Indian employers are not doing enough to tap into the talent pool of older workers and much needs to be done in this regards. executive Chairman. Indian is not alone. counselor or can teach music.Older people can play an active role in their household and communities. computer design. life becomes worth living. where older worker retention strategies are more prevalent. and Manpower India (Business Times 2007).The participation can be in any form. ranging from interest in a small business to an interesting hobby. handicraft work. a part time job or a social work at large or one could work as educator. If employers want to seriously tackle the talent shortage they must look across the spectrum of work force and retain quality. for this figure is at par with the global average. meaningful years can be added to ones life . According to a survey by global HR consultancy firm Manpower Inc. In fact. only 14 percent (%) of employers in India. which will help them to become self reliant in their life.

• They will become independent. ‘Empowering older persons to actively participate in their societies includes an opportunity for older persons to work as long as they wish. • It helps them to live an active life. it will help organization retain and experience. which will be achieved by securing them their place in society so that they live this phase of life with purpose. in productive and satisfying jobs without being forced into retirement…. it was decided to undertake an action project on “creating work . The older employees could chip in as consultants or trainers to meet the talent gap in the labour market. and could lead to more customers and greater profits. widen the recruitment base. Keeping the present scenario in mind of elderly for work. • Their activities can help them to generate interest in their lives. dignity and peace. and can live their life with dignity.Moreover. • It will make them economically secured. • Feeling of boredom can be evaded and enthusiasm returns if they keep themselves occupied even after retirement. • It will also help them to keep themselves physically and mentally occupied.The well being of older is the goal of the National policy. Similarly elderlies will also get the benefits of being employed. • Graceful ageing is possible. which are as follows.

which involve not prolonging life.opportunities for elderly citizens of Baroda through Information Communication Technology Achieving a” society for all ages “encompasses the goal of providing older persons with the opportunity to continue contributing to society it also involves analyzing society from broader perspective and highlights the role played by relations between the various generations making up Solidarity between the generations in all areas of family. To work towards this goal. but also ensuring that old age is healthy. independent. . and national life is essential for social cohesion. it is necessary to remove whatever excludes or discriminates against them. active and fully integrated in society. Together we build a positive image of ageing. community.

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT Broad objective: • To design and launch a Web-Site for creating work opportunities for elderly citizens of Baroda city. • To identify an agency/organization/institution or welfare club who can maintain the website. . • To establish contact /networking between elderly citizens and employing agencies/organizations. • To check the effectiveness of web technology in providing work opportunities to elderly citizens. for elderly citizens. • To help elderly citizens in getting job/work relevant to their experience and capabilities they posses. Specific objectives: • To create awareness amongst members of society regarding importance of job/work.

economic conditions and in familial situations. The aged persons who have served the society and their family in specific. In today’s industrial society it is observed that the children are not ready to take the responsibility of their old parents. With their increasing population the society has to pay attention to their varied needs and problems. They are now no more a dominating member in a family neither an earning member.Society must understand their situation. Amongst the young generation. there is a craze to migrate to develop countries for bright prospects of their career. Since women have also started working outside home. has left no one at home who can take care of elderly. They have to learn new things and unlearn their practices which they used to follow earlier in their previous stages of life. now needs the help and support from them in return .JUSTIFICATION OF THE SAMPLE Population of the elderly is increasing at a tremendous rate in developing and developed countries. . From head of the family member they are considered a part of the family or just a member of the family. since they are stepping into phase where lot of adjustments has to be done in terms of their health. they leave their parents in their home country to fight with the problems.

They still have the capacity to work and so it is the responsibility of the society to encourage them to work and live their life with dignity and respect. irrespective of age? Why can’t life just begin after retirement. children. Elderly is selected as the sample of the project as they are facing different problems.” he adds. Urban sprawl and spiraling cost of living do not allow three generations to live together. Young people with vigor and strength forget that it’s not too late for them to be in the same shoes. so that they don’t have to depend on their family for their daily requirements. uncles aunts. But in a globalize world joint households are falling by the way. The world of aged seems to be ugly.Chadha of Delhi University. in this new world and hence there is an urgent need to address their problems with a positive attitude and spirit. personal choice and less tolerance for cramped communal living.side. all living together under a single roof squabbling but presenting a united front to world.K. caring for elderly was hardly an issue. undesirable and young reject more of a Bollywood reality now. “There’s a new premium on privacy. who specialized in Gerontology. than end? .But this can be possible only if the society will understand the importance of elderly. It is very important for the society to understand that retirement of the person does not mean end of the capabilities and potentials of the person. “Joint family was a good place to be very old and very young” says Professor N. with parents.Two decades ago. So . And modernity is kicking in. Its just one life that we all have. cousins and grandparents. The great Indian family –large noisy. why can’t we build a world of love that shelters all.

along with younger generation. they would do. reserving tickets. Millions of people are using this technology for updating their knowledge about the new happenings in the world. web sites.that we can understand them better and they can live better quality of life. it was decided to launch a website for them. Web technology is the most convenient and widely used technology in today’s world. Traditional systems of support and concepts of retirement are gradually giving way to new approaches. Economic security for the elderly in India is in transition. The banking. Looking to various benefits of works for elderly it was found necessary to undertake such a project. If they will remain occupied and busy with some constructive work it will be good for their own self as well as their families and society can benefit from their experiences and can perform better in the tasks. While there is no widespread social insurance mechanism as is found in the United state and central government have developed a limited number of retirement programmes. To help elderly to get a job/work. placing orders for new purchase are all done through Internet. so that they can load their profiles on it and make their capabilities visible through it. It is the best medium to put curriculum vitae and personal details and the . JUSTIFICATION OF THE PROJECT The objective behind taking up this project was to help elderly citizens to involve in community related activities. It has become the important way to communicate with each other.

. specifically to project their personal details and to provide them an opportunity to play their “Second Innings”. Many researches and projects have been done on elderlies but such work has not been undertaken. education/welfare organizations who would like to absorb elderly. Times job. Hence. there is no websites for elderly where they can upload their profiles.companies are using this to recruit persons. the project of launching a website for elderly was undertaken. But. monster India. yahoo. Which will be a help for Corporate. non government organizations. Numbers of websites are offering this facility to upload the curriculum like vitae reddif.