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Toaru Majutsu no Index : Volume 7

Prologue: Begin action The gate is opened

St George Cathedral. Although it is called a cathedral, it is but one of the many churches in the heart of London. Although it isnt considered small, theres a world of difference when compared to Westminster Abbey and St Pauls Cathedral. Of course, it also cannot be compared to the Cathedral of Canterbury, the origin of Puritanism in Britain. In fact, the number of buildings in London with the name "St George" are numerous. Besides the church, there are also department stores, restaurants, clothing shops, and schools. There could be several of them downtown. Not only that, there could be more than ten churches named "St George Cathedral". The relationship between "St George" and Britons can be seen even from the Union Jack. This St George Cathedral was formerly the base of "Necessarius". However, this was no glamorous task. The duty of "Necessarius" is to eliminate all sorts of magic associations in Britain and any magicians associated with them. In order to achieve this objective, "Necessarius" has to use magic, which is regarded as filthy by its members. Because of this, they were viewed rather poorly by the Purists, and even chased out of Canterbury, the headquarters for the Puritans, into this "St George Cathedral". But afterward, there were some unexpected changes. Originally considered as a peripheral organization, "Necessarius" has been making numerous contributions behind the scenes. These allowed "Necessarius" to build its profile and power within the British Puritan church. Today, although it looks like the Puritan church is run by the Cathedral of Canterbury, the actual decision-making power has in fact now been transferred to St George Cathedral. Thus, this cathedral, located slightly away from the center of London, is now the nucleus of this large British Puritan church. The red-haired priest Stiyl Magnus is walking down the streets of London in the early morning, feeling extremely puzzled. Theres nothing strange about the street itself. There are apartments made of stone that are more than 300 years old lying on both sides of the street. There are office workers with handphones in their hands rushing down the old street. The old double-decker bus is slowly moving forward and the workers on the street are busy dismantling a similarly-old phone booth. An integration of new and old history... theres nothing unusual happening.

Theres nothing wrong with the weather as well. There arent any clouds in the sky this morning, but the weather changes every four hours or so; thus, there are many people who carried their umbrellas around. It is a hot day, and as London is known for its foggy weather, this aspect of summer- the ever-changing weather- is something that cannot be belittled. Due to the increasing moisture caused by the intermittent rainfall, together with the foehn and summer heat wave, it results in amazingly high temperatures, so these rather enjoyable-looking tourist attractions have their own shortcomings as well. But for someone like Stiyl, when he first chose to stay in this city, he had already considered the shortcomings, and thus does not mind it. What makes Stiyl insecure is the girl beside him. "Archbishop..." "Hm? I purposely chose to wear such simple attire today; please refrain from calling me by that lofty title." Dressed in a beige robe, the girl, who looks 18, calmly speaks in Japanese. In fact, according to regulations, a clergymans attire can only have white, red, black, green, or purple, with threads of gold for decorations, so this girl is secretly breaking the rules. Unfortunately, it seems that only she feels that as long as she puts these clothes on, she wont be noticed in the crowd. Because of her crystal-white skin, clear blue eyes, and shining golden hair- one wouldnt be surprised if she were sold in a gem shop- no matter the circumstances, she completely stands out from the surrounding crowd. Her hair is shockingly long. Her straight hair extends all the way to her ankles, folds up, and goes behind the back of her head, through the large silver hairpin holding it in place, and down to her waist. In other words, the length of her hair is almost 2.5 times her height. During the morning in Lambeth, London, the world-famous din occurs, but around her, the voices feel like theyve been suppressed, as if they were in a solemn church where noise is not tolerated.

The Archbishop of Sector Zero of the Puritan church, "Necessarius". Laura Stuart. The king is the highest-ranking leader of the Puritan church. Archbishop Laura is considered to be the courier of the king, and her responsibility is to "take over for the busy king and control the British Puritanism". The Puritan church is like an age-old string instrument. Besides the "owner", there is also the "caretaker". Take a violin, for example; no matter how good a violin is, as long as it isnt used for a while, the strings will be relaxed and the sound post would be in a decrepit condition, causing it to not sound beautiful. Lauras job is to perform in place of the owner so that the violin can be maintained in a perfect state. But, like the situation with the Cathedral of Canterbury and St George Cathedral, the name and actual power has now been reversed. The real power now lies with Laura. The Archbishop, who has such a large amount of power, is now walking freely on the streets in the early morning without even a single bodyguard near her. Stiyl and Laura are now heading towards St George Cathedral. At first, it was Laura who suggested that Stiyl should meet her at the cathedral at this time. She was supposed to wait at the cathedral, and Stiyl was supposed to arrive. "I have my own home, and Im not always stuck in that old church all year long." Laura continues onward, not making any noise. "Isnt it fun to walk and talk?" Around them, the office workers are hurrying around. Because this place is close to Waterloo station, which is the largest station in London, for a nun or priest to be here is not unusual for them. The number of churches in London are as big as the number of parks, although it cannot be compared to Rome. "Anyway, Im okay with it. But didn't you call me to the cathedral because you wanted to talk about something that outsiders are not supposed to hear?" "Such a narrow-minded man; why worry too much about these minor things? Cant you enjoy this time with me? Although a father who hears a womans repentance gives a feeling of 'relief', why doesnt he open his heart?" "..." Stiyl frowns, and asks, "Can I ask a question?" "Do you have to be so cautious? Fire away."

"Why does your Japanese sound so stupid?" "...?" (Note: In the original text, the author purposely uses something that sounds like old Japanese for Lauras dialogue.) The Archbishop of the Puritan church looks like someone who has been told that her shirt was buttoned wrongly. She initially freezes, and then her movements completely stop. She then blushes while saying, "Ah... Eh...? Is... is it strange? Isnt 'Japanese' supposed to sound like this?" "Pardon me, but I do not really understand what youre trying to say. Youre trying to speak the ancient language, but it just doesnt feel right." The people around them, clad in western clothing, are probably unable to understand Japanese, but Laura feels that the commotion around her has now become laughter. "Ah... Ehm... I learned my Japanese from many sources, like literature and television programs. I even asked a real Japanese for help before..." "Eh, may I know who that 'real Japanese' is?" "Uh... that guy named Tsuchimikado Motoharu..." "Please dont consider that dangerous guy who lustfully lets his own step-sister wear a maid uniform an ideal Japanese. Asia is not that fascinating, you know." "To... to think there is such a thing... I must quickly correct my Japanese... oh, no!" "Whats wrong?" "Its... its difficult to change something that Im so used to!" "...Dont tell me you used such a stupid way of speaking to negotiate with the representatives from Academy City." Lauras shoulders jump as she says, "Do not... Do not worry, do not worry... No problem, no problem..." However, her voice is trembling as sweat appears on her face, her eyes swimming around. Stiyl sighs, his breath full of cigarette smoke. "Anyway, lets talk when we reach the cathedral."

The two round the corner. Kanzaki Kaori has secretly frequented the Japanese restaurant located there. "Do... do we really have to talk about this!? I cant possibly communicate with my Japanese!" "Enough; lets talk about the 'proper business', and not about this trivial stuff. If you arent confident in your Japanese, we can still talk using English." "Riridiculous! Who said that Im not confident!? Its... its just that... my body condition today is rather bad!" Laura says, being at a loss. "And regarding the proper business... before we start..." From under the robe on her chest, Laura pulls something that looks like two pieces of notebook paper out, as well as a black magic marker. As one who specializes in using runes, Stiyl immediately knows what she is going to use it for. "Chiu chiu chiu~" Laura tries to imitate this strange sound made by the magic marker as she draws on the paper. On several important ceremonies, when Archbishop Laura stands in front of the crowd, she looks too noble to be even mortal- but now, the Archbishop is like a girl randomly doodling on her notebook in the middle of a lesson. If possible, I wish she could maintain that noble image. Stiyl thinks, dangling his cigarette and frowning. He really doesnt like this sound. Chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu chiu~ "...Excuse me, may I ask what youre doing?" Stiyl asks, gritting his teeth and slightly trembling. Although his temple has gone blue, Stiyl decides to remain patient. "Just a little precaution. Here." Laura draws the same image on the two pieces of paper, and gives one of them to Stiyl.

"Ahahcan you hear me?" Stiyl feels that this voice just came from his mind. He turns to look at Laura, whose small mouth did not move in the slightest. "...Is it a talisman for communication?" "Our thoughts can be conveyed to each other without the need of speech." "Hm." Stiyl looks at the card. It seems like Laura created these talismans because of his suggestion to not allow the people around them to eavesdrop. "Why does that voice in your heart speak so stupidly as well!?" "Eh? Wait... wait a minute, Stiyl! Im now speaking in English!" Although she isnt making any sound, Laura looks panicked, scaring the cat sprawling in front of the restaurant which isnt open yet. Stiyl sighs. The authority and magnanimity that an Archbishop should have is now all gone. "Then there should be an error when the message is exchanged. Although its weird, it doesnt affect our conversation. Lets get down to proper business." "Ah... Uu... ahem ahem, okay, lets start." It seems like Laura wants to say something, but she swallows it and goes to the main issue. "Stiyl, have you heard of 'The Book of the Law'?" "Its a spellbook. If I remember correctly, the author is Edward Alexander." Edward Alexander- also known as Crowley. Some say that he was the most decorated magician of the 20th century, and some say hes the worst magician of the 20th century. As his actions and demeanour exceeded everyones imaginations and common sense, he was chased out of several countries. He managed to provoke the creative desire of several artists, but also managed to increase the hostility on him from all the magicians. A really legendary man. According to history, he died on December 1st, 1947. Some even feel that the world at that time was relieved when he died. This shows the number of controversies and problems that he caused.

When such a powerful magician dies, there will naturally be people who will declare themselves as his disciple or heir. Up until today, the magic system that they created continues to cause headaches for the organization that is specifically still targeting Crowley- and like other legends, the rumors that "hes still alive" continue to roam about. "However, if I remember correctly, isn't the original 'Book of the Law' still kept inside the library of the Vatican in Rome?" In order to allow the girl called Index to memorize the 103,000 magical texts, Stiyl had accompanied her around the world to protect her. Although he did not see the contents, Stiyl is still able to remember where the 100 most famous texts are. "You're right. From 1920 to 1932, Crowley was carrying out his activities on the island of Sicily in Italy. It is believed that 'The Book of the Law' first appeared then." Laura speaks as if shes reciting what she memorized in a history textbook. "Stiyl, do you know what makes this book special?" "..." The characteristics of the book. "If we first ignore the reliability of this work, there are several legends about it. Some believe that Crowley summoned the guardian angel Aiwass, learned the 'Angelic Technique' that no human is able to use, and recorded it in 'The Book of the Law'. Some believe that when 'The Book of the Law' is opened, the Christian age will end, and humanity will proceed on to a brand new age... In the former sense, an angel who doesnt think is unable to teach humanity anything, but were rather concerned with the latters views. However..." According to the British Puritan church, they assumed it to be a magical book containing many powerful spells. But on hearing it, one will wonder. Why is it an "assumption"? Index should have memorized "The Book of the Law" already. So the reason is... "I believe you know that nobody can understand this book? Although all the magical books are written in codes, this book is still an exception. Even Index has given up on reading it, and Sherry Cromwell, who specializes in interpreting these codes, has failed to do so." Thats right; no one is able to interpret "The Book of the Law". According to what Index said, based on our current limited knowledge, nobody is able to interpret it; thus, she could only memorize all the undeciphered codes of "The Book of the Law" into her head.

At this moment, Laura happily smiles, saying, "Then if someone who can decipher 'The Book of the Law' were to appear, what do you think the consequences would be?" "What are you talking about...!?" Stunned, Stiyl stares at Laura. She doesnt look like she was joking. "There is a Roman Catholic nun by the name of Orsola Aquinas. However, she only knows how to decipher it; she has yet to read the contents." "What is going on?" "Orsola seems to have found a way to decode it by reading the incomplete copies. Right now, she only has the index page, the preface, and several other pages." The original copy of "The Book of the Law" is now strictly kept under security, so ordinary people shouldnt be able to get their hands on it easily. Except for people like Index, it is dangerous for anyone else to read the original. Right now... the Roman Catholic church is lacking in manpower due to a power struggle. They might try to use 'The Book of the Law' to regain a foothold. These people probably view it as a blueprint of some new weapon..." According to reports, although the Roman Catholic Church is still the largest Christian sect in the world, the three thousand people who form the "Gregorian Chant" have been defeated by the alchemist, and thus their power has weakened. In order to protect their place at the pinnacle of the Christian sect, it is possible that they will use the knowledge in "The Book of the Law" to design something to replace the "Gregorian Chant" to cover the loss in their fighting power. This wouldn't be surprising. "No, they wont use 'The Book of the Law' to build up their fighting capability. At least in the short term, the Roman Catholic Church will not attack anyone for 'The Book of the Law'. You dont have to worry about that." "Why?" "Hoho, its a secret! Im not leaking it out." Seeing Laura speak with such confidence, Stiyl could not help but frown and think of the possibilities. Has the English Puritan church signed an agreement with the Roman Catholic church, thereby banning the use of "The Book of the Law"? ...If so, why would the Roman Catholic Church use Orsola to decode "The Book of the Law"?

"Seeing your expression, it seems like youre still unassured. Really, didnt I tell you not to worry?" "But then..." "Okay, okay, stop nagging. Even if the Roman Catholic Church wants to use 'The Book of the Law' for whatever purpose, they cant do it now." Before Stiyl could even ask why, Laura continues on. "Because 'The Book of the Law' has been stolen by Orsola Aquinas." "What did you say... by whom!?" Stiyl could not help but shout. The office workers around them that were heading towards the train station, upon hearing him shout, turn around to look at him. "The work I want you to do after this would be your mission. The organization which did this criminal act should be the Amakusa Catholics in Japan." "Amakusa..." Its a Christian sect in Japan. Stiyls colleague, Kanzaki Kaori, used to be the leader of this sect. However, Stiyl himself does not consider it to be a Christian sect; the Amakusa Catholic Church is infused with too many aspects of Shintoism and Buddhism, to the point that the basis of the Christian faith is long gone now. "The Amakusa Catholics are a lot smaller than the other religions in Rome, Britain, Russia, and other countries. The reason why it is still able to exist is because of Kanzaki. Now, after having lost Kanzaki, their pillar of support, it isnt unthinkable of them to steal 'The Book of the Law' in order to gain new power. After all, 'The Book of the Law' is capable of destroying the balance of the Christian religion." If Orsola Aquinas and "The Book of the Law" were to fall into the hands of the Amakusa Catholics, they could use it anytime- in fact, it would be weird if they wouldn't use it at all. "But!" Stiyl rudely exclaims, "Isnt 'The Book of the Law' hidden in the depths of the Vatican library? For a small organization like the Amakusa Catholics who wish for power, they cant possibly have the capability to get inside! I was protecting Index as I entered the Vatican library, so Im positive that there are no blind spots down there! The only thing that can describe it is an iron wall!" "Actually, 'The Book of the Law' isnt inside the Vatican library."

"What?" Stiyls expression is blank. A horse carriage used for sightseeing purposes passes by Stiyl as the horse neighs, the license plate hanging behind the carriage. "In order to organize an international exhibition, the Roman Catholic Church sent 'The Book of the Law' to the Japanese museum. Like the Laterano Church in Rome, it is believed that the 'Son of God' bled while walking up the 'Holy Path'. You should know why these things are being shown to the common people, dont you?" Every few years, the Church will showcase important historical or biblical items to the public. The reason is simple. These are the "tools" to attract donations and believers. After losing their largest fighting force, the three-thousand-strong "Gregorian Chant", the Roman Catholic Church must be trying to strengthen itself through as many ways as possible, including the development of new spells and training of its members. It is most effective to recruit these "new believers" in places where there are few Christians; because of this, Japan is the perfect target. But because there are few believers, the support that the Church can give to Japan is much less now. Seems like the Amakusa Catholics have timed this well. "This is stupid... Bringing such a dangerous thing to show it to the world and even losing it in the process- the Roman Catholic Church has really disgraced our Christians." "Hoho, I believe the Roman Catholics should have a deeper understanding than us. Although they have a geographical advantage now, for an item of the Roman Catholic Church to be stolen by a small sect in the Far East, I guess it means that theyre discredited." "Haiz, does this mean that they are asking us for help?" "No, those guys want to settle this their own way. I really worked hard to get this information. To them, this may be a sort of saving grace, but I really want to scold those guys, and tell them to 'not dream on anymore'." "Hm? Does this mean that we arent getting the 'Book of the Law' and Orsola back for the sake of the Roman Catholics?" "They arent spilling the beans, but if Orsola Aquinas can really decipher the 'Book of the Law', were involved in this one way or another." "...Youre trying to do them a favor? Do you think that those 'noble clergymen' even understand the act of repaying a good deed?"

Stiyl says with disdain. In Stiyls impression, maybe its because they once controlled Europe entirely that the Roman Catholics of course, besides the believers who never knew about magic are rather arrogant, especially those stubborn hard-liner priests and bishops. Forget about going against them; even if one tries to help them, they would snobbishly say, "Were not so pitiful to the point that we'd accept any assistance." "I have no intention of helping those guys who corrupt the Church and cause splinters in it. However, we have a much bigger problem." "What?" "Kanzaki Kaori is missing." After Laura speaks succinctly, Stiyl immediately turns around. Kanzaki was originally the leader of the Amakusa sect. Now, although she has already left the Amakusa, she still cares for it. Once she knows that they have caused such a problem and are now in conflict with the Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian sect in the world with 2 billion believers, how would she respond? Kanzaki is a Saint, one of less than 20 people in the world that possess the "Stigma". The power that she has is almost equivalent to that of a nuclear bomb. If she leaves the control of the British Puritan Church and directly attacks the Roman Catholics, what consequences would there be...? "Knowing her, shell do anything. It would be okay if it was an ordinary person, but with her power..." Laura sighs heavily. "I hope that you can clean up the mess before Kanzaki does something seriously bad. This is your main priority. I dont care what you do, whether it is saving 'The Book of the Law' or Orsola, telling the Amakusa to surrender, or forcing the Amakusa or Kanzaki to surrender." "Youre telling me to beat Kanzaki?" "If there is such a need." Laura clearly and forcefully says, "Once our members are done with their missions, Ill be sending them to Japan and Rome. However, I hope that you can do this on your own. Go to Academy City first."

As if hes spitting his doubts out, Stiyl blows the white smoke of the cigarette out of his mouth. Hes not worried about having to do this alone, but the magician Stiyl just isnt suited for working in a team. Besides the character flaws, the flame magic he uses is a huge problem; if hes not careful and uses his full power, the comrades around him might end up getting swallowed by flames and smoke. His "Innocentius" becomes stronger the more runes there are. Although unreliable, its power cannot be belittled. The 3,000-degree-Celsius fire can freely move about. To pursue its enemies, it can even easily melt iron. To the enemies, it is like a god of death. Besides that boys right hand, there is almost no other way to stop "Innocentius". Using this terrifying magic, Stiyl has destroyed several magical societies on his own several times. So, working alone is not a problem. "Isnt this a problem on the Churchs side? Why bring in the Science side?" "Index." Laura says a persons- no, a tools name. "Since it concerns a magic book, especially the original 'Book of the Law', we need all the technical knowledge we can get. I have discussed it with Academy City, so you can bring 'that' around- but there is one condition, and that is to bring the guardian along." "..." "What now? Its rare to work together with 'that'- why are you so unhappy?" "Nothing." Stiyl seems to have suppressed many feelings within him, as the expression on his face suddenly vanishes. "...That guardian, is it that Imagine Breaker?" "Thats right. You should be able to make use of him. Oh, dont kill him though, since hes borrowed property." "Bringing people from Academy City into a battle between magicians, wouldn't there be a problem?" "Regarding this, we can settle this with a few tricks. Of course, the conditions that the other party gave us are unavoidable, and I dont have the time to negotiate with them."

"I... see." Stiyl couldn't understand what the leaders of Academy City are thinking, nor could he understand what Laura, who is standing right beside him, is thinking. Maybe they carried out a few deals under the table. Anyway, these arent things that a minion like Stiyl should interfere in. "Oh, Stiyl, bring this along." Laura pulls out a small cross necklace from the sleeve of her simple robe and tosses it to Stiyl. Stiyl catches this symbol of belief with one hand, and asks, "A tool? Although it does not seem to be enhanced by any magic." "Just a little present for Orsola Aquinas. If you meet her, immediately find the opportunity to give it to her." Stiyl does not understand what this meant, and Laura has no intention of explaining. This is a "Dont ask, just do as I say" scenario. At this moment, the two stop. Walking for ten minutes from the extremely large London train station, a church which doesnt seem to have the right to be called a "Cathedral" is in front of them. St George Cathedral. A dark holy city filled with a terrible history of witch hunting, religious trials, and even the famous Frenchwoman Joan of Arc. Walking in front of Stiyl, Laura grabs the handle of the heavy door. "Okay." Laura pushes the two heavy doors aside and invites the priest in. She does not use her rune card this time, instead opening her small, peach-like mouth, and speaks in a clear voice, "Regarding the details, well talk about it inside."

Chapter 1: Academy City Science Worship

Part 1
"So the second semester is rather hectic. There are so many activities during this time that we cant count them all: Daihasai, Ichihanaransai, hiking, training, school excursions, Arts Appreciation Day, Social Learning Day, Cleaning Day, end-of-term exams, tuition, and the dreaded after-class remedial! To prepare for all these festivals, everyone will be very busy." (Note: The curriculum in Japan for primary and secondary school education has 3 semesters. A school year starts in April, and the second semester starts in September, after summer vacation.) September 8th. In the afternoon, while walking through the corridor, Tsuchimikado Maika speaks casually. She's about as old as Index and maybe a bit smaller than her, but she always wears a maid uniform. Whats more amazing is that she normally sits on the cylindrical cleaning machine. If the cleaning machine were to move according to the instructions it gets, Maika would put a broom in front of it so that it can only shake about gently. But Im bored now. What should I do? Touma didnt even care about me or play with me! Index rattles on, shaking her body around and protesting at Maika. Her silver hair sways together with her white nun cap. The calico cat in her slender arms seems to be attracted to the shiny gold embroidery on her cap, raising its front paws and swinging them around. Index understands that Kamijou seems to be busy recently. But in Academy City, Kamijou is the only one who talks to her. Of course, Kamijou Touma did not confine Index to his room in the dormitory; Index has the spare key to the room, and when Kamijou is at school, Index would go around spending her time (but shes powerless when it comes to the automatic ticket gates, any fingerprint, pulse, or human nervous flow identifier, or anything related to electronics and will run away from them). However, Academy City is different from any other city. Academy City was built soon after the development of west Tokyo, and 80% of its population are students. When Kamijou goes to school, Himegami and Komoe will also be at school. So, even if Index wants to find someone to talk to, the streets are empty, although after spending a week exploring, Index found that the big sister at the clothes shop will talk to her when shes not arranging the goods. However, Index feels that her objective is not just to talk to her only. Only Tsuchimikado Maika can be considered an exception.

In Academy City, where everyone has to act according to time, only she is not constrained by it. Even if it was morning or afternoon, Index will occasionally find her on the streets. She can be found everywhere: convenience stores, department stores, parks, bakeries, station buildings, student dormitories, streets, schools... The robot continues to try and move forward, and as Maika smacks it with her hand, she says, "Kamijou Touma has his own things to do----you cant give him too much trouble. Anyway, its not like he intentionally left you behind. Studying is a really tiring thing." "Uhm... I understand... but why does Maika not need to go to school?" "Hoho, because Im an exception a maid doing practical work is a very normal thing----!" The home economics school that Tsuchimikado Maika attends isnt just any ordinary weird school that still produces maids in this age. The maids in that school are specially trained to "assist" their masters. From cleaning up chewing gum on the streets to having a meeting with the leaders of the world, nothing can stump them. So, Maika has to go everywhere to do all sorts of "practical work". However, not all the school's students can go out and do "practical work" like Maika; this is a special privilege that is earned after the school tests the student and feels that "although shes an apprentice maid, shes capable enough to not disgrace the schools name". Index, who does not understand the toil and tears behind all that, tilts her cute little head and says, "As long as Im a maid, I could go wherever I want anytime? Not confined by school? Even able to go to Toumas school?"

"No, a maid isnt really like that" "Then I want to be a maid! Then I can go and play with Touma!" "Although it sounds touching, the life of a maid is really tough, especially for someone like you who cant do housework and waits for the boy to prepare your lunch in the morning. Being a maid would be really tough for you." "Then let Touma be the maid! Then Ill call Touma to play with me!" "This really sounds so touching that someone could cry, but for Kamijou Toumas sake, I advise you not to tell him that." "Uuuuuuu---" The bored girl beats her cheeks, rapidly swinging her body around. "Hm, Im sorry; no matter whether its you or him, neither of you will have the time to be maids." A voice suddenly comes from behind the pure white girl. "Eh?" Indexs mind instantly goes blank. Maika, who was facing Index, sees the figure behind her. Besides panic, there is a look of fear on her face. Who is it...? Before the nun could turn and ask, a large hand covers her mouth with tape.

Part 2
The ordinary high school student, Kamijou Touma is walking slowly down the street in the evening. The cylindrical cleaning machines pass by him. The blades of the windmills, which have replaced electric cables, keep spinning like theyre chasing away the crows in the city. There are many hot-air balloons floating in the orange sky, but the things hanging below them arent just ordinary billboards, but the latest ultra-thin screens. Like an electronic billboard with vertical marquees, the text reads from bottom to top: "Be prepared! Lets work hard for Daihaisai! Discipline Council" Well, Daihaisai is basically a sports carnival. But as Academy City has several million students and all the schools are participating, the scale of the event will be extremely large. All the students are espers, and the management committee of Academy City will use the excuse of "collecting data when there is mutual interference between different powers" to encourage the

students to use their powers during Daihaisai. Thus, intensive battles between different espers can be expected. For example, during soccer or dodgeball matches, it is common to see vanishing balls, fireballs, and iceballs. Daihaisai lasts for one week, and during this time, Academy City is open to the public; even television cameras are allowed. It is said that in these showdowns that cannot be seen in normal sport matches, the viewer ratings are rather high. Because of this, the discipline committee is putting all its efforts in preparing for Daihaisai. Also, Academy City hopes to use these few days that are open to the public to improve its image. Of course, Academy City did not forget about terrorists, as guards would be deployed at several important power development facilities, preventing them from entering these secret areas. This this is so tiring This is what Kamijou learned during this past week. Because of certain circumstances, Kamijou lost his memories, and thus forgot everything about Daihaisai. But according to what he heard, this activity is extremely dangerous for Touma. The objective of Daihaisai isnt just "no restraint of powers", but rather "if you do not use your powers, youre going to be friends with the medical squad". In other words, even in a war horse game, there might be fireballs, lightning strikes, and flying knives. Kamijou looks at his hand. This hand has the Imagine Breaker ability. No matter whether theyre magic or psychic powers, once they touch this hand, theyll disappear without a trace. But a power like this isnt going to help Kamijou to survive in a warzone between several espers. Why must I be tired out in preparing for this event that will send me to hell? Today, Kamijou set up a tent in the campus for visitors. Just after finishing, a female PE teacher came with a wry smile and said, Sorry, we won't be using this tent. Then Touma took it down again. When he finally finished, a female teacher who looked like a primary school student angrily ran over and shouted, Ah! What are you doing, Kamijou!? Havent you heard the news? We still need this tent! Anyway, "Such misfortune" isnt enough to describe Kamijou today. After meaninglessly toiling for a long time, Kamijou could finally start dragging his tired body back to the student dormitory. Oh, yeah, there doesnt seem to be anything left in the fridge. The supermarket is just in front of him, but he is penniless and has to go back to his dorm to get money first. The thought of having to go out again after returning home makes Kamijou extremely frustrated.

The soles of his cheap basketball shoes are rather hard, making his two legs extremely tired as he walks. When he finally approaches the student dormitory, Kamijou hears a girls shout from above. Ah---- Ka Ka, Ka Kamijou Touma, Kamijou Touma Hm? Kamijou looks up and sees Tsuchimikado Maika sticking her head out, and waving her right arm from the seventh level. Shes still sitting on the top of the cleaning robot, so it seems rather dangerous. However, she grabs onto a mop, and lays it on the ground, seemingly to prevent the robot from advancing. It its terrible. Why did you turn off your phone? ? Kamijou hears this, and pulls the handphone with global GPS out of his pocket. Sure enough, the power is off. After turning on the handphone, he sees several messages from Tsuchimikado Maika. Maika continues to speak slowly, though her expression is pale. Although suspicious, Kamijou still runs to the elevator. Kamijou arrives at his room on the seventh floor. Maika removes the mop and the cleaning robot slowly moves towards the elevator. For some reason, the calico cat that would normally be with Index is now sitting alone in the corridor. The cleaning robot arrives in front of Kamijou, and Maika again prevents the cleaning robot from moving forward by putting the mop in front of it. Its an emergency! The silver-haired nun has been taken away. What? Kamijou could not help but shout out. Maikas face looks pale as she continues on. Its a kidnapping, abduction. The culprit said that if I call the guards, hell kill her, so I didnt do anything. Im sorry, Kamijou Touma. The silver-haired girl shes talking about should be Index. Maika doesnt look like shes joking. Also, there are too many possible reasons why Index could be kidnapped. Shes a magical library with 103,000 magical texts memorized in her head. All the magicians in the world want the knowledge in her brain, and on August 31, she was kidnapped once because of this reason.

Wait a minute, what is going on? Could you explain? Being asked by Kamijou, Maika stutters as she explains the details. Two hours ago, Maika came to the student dormitory for "practical work". While sweeping the floor, she saw a bored Index in the corridor of the seventh floor, and went to talk to her. In the middle of their chat, someone suddenly covered Indexs mouth from behind and abducted her. When the kidnapper left, he gave me an envelope. There is something written on the letter inside Maika hands over a long, rectangular letter normally used for sending advertisements. Her voice is trembling, likely not just because of fear, but probably also because she is blaming herself for her uselessness. Kamijou lowers his head, looking at the letter, and says, You dont have to blame yourself; its better than doing something and making the situation worse. Although it is intended to console Maika, this statement makes her even more distressed. It cant be helped, since in an ordinary school life, there are very few chances to feel this burning tension. Oh, yeah, what does that bastard look like? Maika looks up, thinks for a while, and says, Uhm His height was above 1.8 m; he was white, but his Japanese was still very fluent; and I couldn't tell what country he was from just from his appearance Uh huh. He was wearing priests robes. Hm? But he had a strong perfume smell. His hair was dyed red and hung on his shoulders. There was a silver ring on each of his fingers, and a tattoo which looked like a number under his right eye. He had a cigarette in his mouth, and he wore earrings Oi, Im rather familiar with that bastardly British priest.

Maika reveals a look of suspicion. Kamijou opens the envelope, and finds a letter inside. On the letter are neat rows of words which seems to have been written with a mechanical pencil. It looks like a ruler was used to make them neat. "Kamijou Touma: If you want her alive, at seven tonight, go to the abandoned theater Gloaming House outside Academy City alone." Therere still people nowadays who would use a ruler to disguise their handwriting? In this age, its naive to believe that using a ruler disguises someone's handwriting. Using the technology of having a laser read the information on a CD surface, investigators had developed a way to identify the "different characteristics when a persons fingers slightly tremble" through the grooves on the text. Moreover, many people in Academy City are mind-readers. Maybe this guy is doing everything the proper way, but to Kamijou, this is just a lame joke. What on earth is that idiot doing? Dont tell me he came to play with us just because its summer holidays now? According to Maikas testimony, the culprit who abducted Index is her colleague Stiyl Magnus. But this guy would never do anything to endanger her; on the contrary, this guy would rush into the enemys territory to protect her. The tension vanishes in an instant. Kamijou cant help but sympathize with the distressed Maika. Erm Maika, dont worry. The culprit should be a friend of Index's and mine, so dont worry The cul culprit is a friend? Then isnt the motive because of twisted love? Ah, erm It isnt really that sort of thing though its true that this twisted love may exist Seeing Maikas face become even paler, Kamijou sighs. Flipping the envelope upside down, a stack of papers falls out. Opening and looking at it, Kamijou realizes that they are exit permits and other related documents. All the blanks are filled in. Kamijou couldnt help but think, How did they do all these? Its true that one can leave Academy City easily with these documents, but to request for all these would require serious examination The strong contrast between the stupid threatening letter and the well-preparedness of the required documents stuns Kamijou.

What on Earth is that priest thinking?

Part 3
The abandoned "Gloaming House" is located about 3 kilometers away from Academy City. Business stopped just about 3 weeks ago, which is why the building still doesnt look damaged. Furthermore, all the interior equipment has been removed, so it seems rather empty inside right now, and because no one has swept the area since then, everything is covered in dust. It couldn't be considered a "ruin", though. This place could be reopened, if you clean it up and reinstall the equipment. This place looks like a "hibernating" building. Maybe the owner does not plan to take down this building for now, and is looking for a new buyer. Index waits on the empty stage. It is a large hall- about as big as a sports hall- the auditorium and the stage are joined together. There are no windows, and the lighting has been removed, so the only source of light is coming from the setting sun outside the five opened doors. On the dim stage, Index kneels on the floor. She frowns, showing her displeasure. Despicable man. I cant deny that, nor will I do so. The girls hostile look made Stiyl Magnus look a bit fearful before he held it back. In the dim area, the flaming tip of his cigarette twitches up and down. The white smoke sways in the air before grazing the "no smoking" sign and disappearing. You should be able to understand all this, dont you? I wont ask you if I need to repeat myself because with your memory, repeating the same thing over again is meaningless. An official order from the British Puritan Church. Index remembers the explanation she was given when she first arrived here. There is finally someone who can decode "The Book of the Law" that no one was able to decode. That persons name is Orsola Aquinas. It is feared that once someone successfully decodes "The Book of the Law", the "Angelic Technique" could be used. When Orsola came to Japan, the book was stolen, and the culprit is believed to be the Amakusa Catholics. Thus, the Roman Catholics have begun a series of actions to get back "The Book of the Law" and Orsola. The former leader of the Amakusa Catholics who is now a member of the British Puritans, Kanzaki Kaori is now missing, and she might possibly do something she shouldnt.

On the surface, the British Puritans seem to be on the side of the Roman Catholics, but in actuality, they want to defuse this situation before Kanzaki Kaori can do anything troublesome. Such a formal job, and you want to get Touma involved? To be honest, I also dont see the need to get him involved; however, these are orders from the higher-ups. Stiyl twitches his cigarette around and says, Besides, our position is rather awkward, too. If we were to ask Kamijou Touma, who belongs to Academy City, directly, people may view it as the science side interfering with internal affairs on the magic side. If this were to happen in Academy City, we could use the excuse of self-defense, but such an excuse wont work now. So, in order to get him to participate, we need to give him a motive. Thats why Stiyl kidnapped Index. In other words, the reason Kamijou leaves Academy City will be "to rescue Index", and will not be related to Orsola or "The Book of the Law", but while doing so, he "just so happened" to meet the Amakusa Catholics, and in order to protect Index, he has to fight them: this is the excuse that Stiyl planned for Kamijou. Although she is from the magic side, Index can stay in Academy City temporarily due to a certain deal between Academy City and the British Puritans. Thus, for Kamijou Touma, a resident of Academy City, to rescue the guest, Index, is not a strange thing. I understand everything up to now, but I cant accept it. Really? Thats right; theres no need to beat around the bush to do this. Just a little 'please help me will be enough to get Touma to come to my rescue. No matter how dangerous the place is, he will always come over. This is why I dont want his help. Really. Stiyl faintly smiles. Like a father listening to a girl talking about her favorite boyfriend, Stiyl reveals a slight smile. Okay, what will you do next? 'The Book of the Law' and Orsola Aquinas are now in the Amakusa Catholics' hands, right? If so, are you going to rush into the enemys base?

The girl asked rather seriously. Now that Kamijou is involved, she wants to get accurate information and try to decrease the level of danger that Kamijou Touma is going to face. No, the situation has changed. Distressed, Stiyl blows out white smoke as he says, Eleven minutes ago, in order to rescue Orsola, the Roman Catholics have begun a fierce battle with the escaping Amakusa Catholics. Index squints her eyes. The method of communication is most likely the smoke from that cigarette. Several times, Index finds the long trails of smoke to have magic in it, and though there is no wind, the white smoke will unnaturally quiver. No matter the age, "smoke signals" have been used as a tool of long-distance communication. In Indexs memory, there are many ways to utilize smoke signals. There isnt a need for me to be here if the battle was successful, right? Thats right. However, it wasnt a complete victory as well; it seemed to have been an intense battle. Luckily, no one was killed. But 'The Book of the Law' is still missing, and Orsola is reported to have escaped amidst this chaos. When you said that she escaped, does this mean that she hasnt met up with the Roman Catholics? Thats right. Shes still missing, so she might end up in the hands of the Amakusa Catholics again. This doesnt sound good. If the hostage tries to escape, the kidnapper will respond with violence. If a hostage who escaped once were to be recaptured, the kidnapper will use whatever cruel means to make the hostage not think of escaping again. It seems that in this situation, time is of the essence. Right now, the Roman Catholics and the Amakusa Catholics must be trying to find and recover Orsola, who has escaped. Too bad I cant change the contents of the letter, or else I would call Kamijou Touma to get here faster. If possible, I would like to meet him before my co-combatant from the Roman Catholic Church arrives Right after Stiyl finished speaking, a figure appears at the wide-open entrance of the hall.

Too bad; seems like we cant wait for him. We have to go. The figure belongs to the co-combatant.

Part 4
It seems like Ive been out quite often if possible, I'd like to do some good sightseeing. Now "outside" Academy City, Kamijou mutters to himself as he proceeds through the perimeter wall. The height of the wall is more than 5 meters and the thickness, around 3 meters. Come to think about it, during the preparation of Daihaisai, the security is rather lax. Kamijou turns back and looks at the entrance from a distance. For a festival with an attendance of 2.3 million, the preparations for Daihaisai are rather vast, and there are many outsiders from different industries coming to Academy City. The security in Academy City is normally rather tight, but now is a situation where they have to let down their guard. Regarding the documents that Kamijou has, the guard inspection has become even more relaxed. To cut a long story short, after Kamijou had handed the calico cat over to Tsuchimikado Maika, he left Academy City. Looking at his watch, he notices that the time now is just past 6 PM. Theres still nearly one hour to the time indicated on the letter. Because the GPS map in the phone did not indicate any abandoned buildings, Kamijou had to put in a lot of effort in order to find the location of the "Gloaming House". At this point, Kamijou realized that refreshing information too fast had its own downsides. Kamijou thought of an alternative plan, and therefore went to a convenience store to buy one of those faded "updated and slower" Tokyo tourist handbooks. But upon searching his pockets, he realized that he didnt bring his wallet along. Thinking about it, after talking to Maika, he had immediately rushed out of Academy City, and so forgot to get his wallet. Out of ideas now, Kamijou could only endure the stare of the store clerk as he memorized the map into his head. Erm after walking through that lane, past that road Ugh! I'm forgetting just about everything! How I really envy Indexs brain Kamijou lets his thoughts run wild as he walks towards a bus stop. Theres still one kilometer to the designated location. Tired after the day at school, Kamijou really wants to sit on a bus, and enjoy the air-con while heading towards the designated location. Too bad he doesnt even have a penny on him. Damn it Sigh, I dont care if I can ride a bus; all I want is a place where theres an air-con.

This bus stop is rather small. There is only a large plastic umbrella over two long benches, both of which were so old that a number of cracks covered them. At this moment, Kamijou finds someone standing at the bus stop. She seems like a foreigner, and is about as tall as Kamijou. Her eyes were fixated on the timetable. However, looking at this for so long, it seems like she is having a hard time. Her attire, a black nuns robe that she's wearing in such hot weather, is rather unique. Of course, the sleeves and dress are long. Looking closer, he notices long silver zippers on the elbows and about 20 cm above the knees. It seems like once they were pulled, the sleeves and skirt of the nuns robe would be short, but she didnt do that. Her hands are covered with thin white gloves, and her hair couldn't be seen, for it was covered by not only a nuns cap like what Index was wearing but also a scarf. Since her hair could be covered just like that, it seems like she has short hair. Kamijou looks at her from the corner of his eye, and thinks: Uh, its a nun Could she be a killer nun that's related to Index?

This thought might be considered a severe prejudice to all the nuns in the world, but Kamijou suffered during the summer thanks to people like Stiyl and Tsuchimikado. Now, when Kamijou sees a girl in nun clothing, he would naturally be cautious.

Part 5
Im sorry The nun suddenly talked to Kamijou, speaking in rather polite Japanese. Sorry to take your time, may I ask: can I take this bus to get to Academy City? Not only is she courteous, but there is also a sense of awkwardness. Kamijou stops and looks at the nun. That attire which covered her entire body made her large breasts and slim waist stand out even more- some may even suspect that shes emphasizing these on purpose. Anyway, shes a weird one. No way, theres no bus that leads to Academy City. Eh? Theres no transport link between Academy City and the 'outside world', so one cant take a bus or tram there. Only those taxis that are registered by Academy City can go in there, but one can save a lot by walking. I see, so thats why you chose to walk out of Academy City. The nun spoke nonchalantly. Kamijou looks up. It isnt possible to see the entrance to Academy City from here. He looks back at the nun, who pulled out something from her sleeve. Looking closely, he notices it to actually be a cheap-looking mini telescope that's used in theatres. I used this to watch you leave Academy City, she says as she smiles. At this moment, a bus comes from afar. Like the bus stop, it looks rather dilapidated. The automatic doors of the bus opened, releasing a sound like a soft drink bottle being opened. Kamijou did not intend to take the bus, so he goes away from the bus stop. He turns and says to the nun,

Anyway, taking the bus is not going to bring you to Academy City. If you have an entry permit, you just need to walk to the entrance. It takes only about 7 to 8 minutes to get there. Many thanks. Im grateful that you would take some time off your busy schedule to guide me. The nun dressed in black gives a brilliant smile, bows to Kamijou, and then -Gets on the bus. Oi! Didnt I tell you that you cant take the bus- like 5 seconds ago!? Ah, ya. You did say that, alright. The nun grabs the hem of her dress with both hands, and hastily gets off the bus now parked on the road. Kamijou then goes on: I just told you. There is no transport link between Academy City and the outside world, so one cant take a bus or a tram there. If you want to get there, you just have to walk there, do you understand? You did say that. Im sorry to bother you so many times. The nun smiles bitterly, nodding to show her appreciation. She then steps on the steps of the bus, and gets on the bus. Hey! You arent smiling just to let my words fall on deaf ears, are you? Eh? No, I never had that intention. The nun again rushes down the bus. The bus driver shows a look of irritation, closes the doors, and rudely drives off. Kamijou feels worried upon seeing that the nun still looks confused. This lady will most likely get lost within ten minutes if no one is looking out for her. However, the nun doesn't seem to sense Kamijous worries, and says, Aiya. Why do you look so frustrated? Would you like some candy? Im not really frustrated What flavor is this candy? Orange? Kamijou instinctively takes the orange-red candy. Because he was too embarrassed to throw it away, he puts it into his mouth. After sucking on it for a while

So bitter! What is this? Its definitely not orange! Erm, it seems to be of astringent persimmon flavor. Im not sure about the details, but I heard that it can quench thirst. Oh, thats because it can easily stimulate the secretion of saliva. But the weather is so hot now that all the water content in the body would have evaporated, so it makes no sense to produce saliva. Ar, you want to replenish your body fluids? Why didnt you say so earlier? I have some tea here. Although I really want to ask why you would put the thermoflask into the sleeve of your robe, nevermind. I just so happened to be thirsty. What tea is this? Barley tea. Oh, I want it; can I have some? Kamijou said happily. Drinking ice cold barley tea in the summer is the best, Kamijou thinks. He receives the thermoflask's cap which is now filled with barley tea. ----So hot! Why is this barley tea so scalding? Eh? I heard that drinking hot drinks during hot weather is part of your countrys culture An old granny! Youre an old granny, right? No wonder I felt that your mannerism was too weird; your thought process is like that of an old granny! Kamijou roared while the nun gives a friendly smile. At this point, she cant just pour away the barley tea in the cap. Thus, he trembles as he pours that barley tea, hot as lava, into his throat. Er thanks. Oh yeah, Miss Nun, may I ask you something? Are you going to Academy City? Erm, I just said this, but to enter Academy City, one must have an entry permit issued by them. Do you have one? Entry permit? Of course, the nun revealed a surprised look. Needless to say, without an entry proof, one cannot get through the entrance gate. After Kamijou explained the entire situation to the nun, she gives a troubled look. She places her hand on her head, and says,

May I know how can I get this permit? Im sorry, its impossible for any ordinary person to get one. Only a close relative of a student or an industry worker delivering goods and materials can get one, and they have to be vetted first. Oh if so, then Ill have to give up. The nun dropped her shoulders, looking rather sad. But her giving up so easily made it look like it wasn't really important for her to get inside Academy City. Its not that I didnt want to help, but I cant help her out now A sense of guilt crept into Kamijous mind. The nun says to Kamijou, Then I shall say goodbye here, before walking towards Academy City. Stop right there! Didnt I tell you that you cant go into Academy City without an entry permit Are you listening!? The nun reveals a look of realization, stops, and then turns around. She was smiling happily a while ago, but now she looks rather disappointed, like a cloud of haze is hovering over her. Kamijou sees the troubled look on the nuns face, and does not know what to do. While those magicians without permits were able to get past the wall easily and whenever they wanted to, the nun in front of him does not seem to have this sort of ability. Thinking about it for a while, Kamijou couldn't think of anything that would help the nun. No matter the situation, one has to have an entry permit to get into Academy City. He has no time to dilly-dally at a place like this since he has to deal with Index first. No matter what, he has to get to the designated location at the designated time. Oh, yeah, why do you want to get into Academy City? Erm The nun slightly tilts her head, and says, Actually, Im being hunted right now. Upon hearing this, Kamijou felt as if the surrounding temperature had decreased by several degrees. Being hunted?

Yes. Its a bit complicated, but right now, Im trying my best to escape. I heard that even with the power of many churches, they cant enter Academy City, so I wanted to escape to Academy City and hide there. The church Hey, dont tell me you have something to do with the magicians On hearing this, the nun was somewhat surprised. She says, Do you know about the existence of magicians? Looking at your reaction, I guess Im right. Kamijou sighs, and continues, But, if youre really hunted, even escaping into Academy City wouldn't be completely safe. Academy City has been invaded by magicians constantly. After seeing what happened to Index firsthand, Kamijou understood that the magicians will never give up just because the target has escaped into Academy City. Then what should I do The nun looked like she was going to cry. Kamijou obviously understands how scary the magicians are, so he does not want to abandon her. Can you read the bus route map? Buses are such old news now! Like several hundred years ago! Where did this route map come out from!? Werent we talking about how to get to Academy City!? Kamijou exclaimed out. The nun again reveals a stunned look. Kamijou is really in a fix thanks to this nun. If this nun is really being hunted by the magicians, then he cant just leave her alone- but Kamijou has something really urgent that he needs to take care of right now. Now that Index has been "kidnapped", he's worried. Although this kidnapping sounds like a hoax, he cant just ignore it. Kamijou, who unwillingly has to make a choice between these two and not knowing what to do, pulls his hair roughly. Suddenly, he thinks of a good idea. Wait, wait, wait if I bring this nun along as I'm looking for Index, wouldnt that solve the problem? It really was a good idea- except that it was clearly written in the letter that he has to "go there alone".

Part 6
Stiyl and Index walk out of the theater hall of the "Gloaming House", and arrive at the lobby, which seems to be where the ticket booth originally was. A girl in black nun robes is walking in front of them. She seems to be a year or two older than Index. Her tea hair is slightly reddish, or red, and is tied into many braids that are as thin as pencils. The sleeves of her robe nearly cover her fingers, but her skirt is so short that her thighs are exposed. Looking closer, there seems to be something which looks like a zipper on the lower edge of her skirt. It seems like the skirt is part of a detachable dress, but only the lower half was removed. She looks extremely thin as her slim waist is even slimmer than Index's, whos rather thin herself. Shes about as tall as Index, but shes wearing soft wooden sandals with soles about 30 cm thick; when she walks, they create a sound like horseshoes tapping on the ground. These sandals are called "Chopine", and were very fashionable in Italy during the 17th century. Shes a nun from the Roman Catholic Church. Her name is Agnese Sanctis. The situation right now is extremely chaotic; theres so much information that we cant handle it all. We have no idea where Orsola is right now. Also, 'The Book of the Law is still missing. This really bothers us. None of the people present are Japanese; however, Agnese is speaking fluent Japanese. Just now, we ambushed the Amakusa Catholics as they were deporting Orsola. Though some of us managed to save her, she got taken away by them again before we could meet up with her. Then we got her back again. But then another group of Amakusa Catholics captured her again and this went on and on and on. Because the area in which we encircled them was too big, it ended up with each group having too few people despite their large numbers, and the Amakusa Catholics getting an opportunity. Just as both sides were fighting to get Orsola, she disappeared. Agneses Japanese is mixed with polite honorifics and rude words. If she learned her Japanese while doing her mission in Japan, it seems like the Japanese that she talked to were mostly detectives or policemen, Stiyl thinks. He sees Agnese turn around to look at him, and her short skirt slightly lifted, revealing even more of her snow-white thighs.

What, got a problem? Ah, Im sorry, its not that I dont speak English, but my English has a very heavy Italian accent. I dont really mind if Im talking to people of other countries, but I dont dare show my inferior English to you British. Stiyl does not seem to mind, as he shakes the cigarette in his mouth, and says, You dont have to worry about these trivial issues; we can even talk in Italian. Please dont speak Italian. If I were to hear anyone speak Italian with such a strong British accent, I'd probably laugh so much that I couldn't focus on my work. In this situation, its better to use another language that we can communicate with, like Japanese. No one will argue if we use a language that we arent comfortable with. Agneses thick sandals continue to make that horseshoe-tapping sound. Although it sounds like she has a point, if she were to follow this logic, how would she communicate if she were to meet a Japanese person? Stiyl unnecessarily thinks for her. Also, if she isnt going to use the native language to speak with the people there, what would be the point of learning their language? Up until now, Index remained silent, not saying a single word. Stiyl steals a glance at Index, who is still unhappy as she curls her lips, not saying a single word. He then turns back to Agnese, and says, Then, does that mean that the Amakusa Catholics who stole 'The Book of the Law and Orsola from you guys are a threatening force? You were trying to say, 'the largest Christian sect in the world, the Roman Catholics, are useless despite looking so strong, right? To be honest, we cant argue about that. Just by looking at the numbers and armaments, we have the upper hand, but they have the geographical advantage, especially since Japan is their territory. Were really angry for being overwhelmed by a much smaller organization, but I have to admit, they are really strong. So it seems that they wont just surrender quietly. Stiyls voice hinted at a sense of disappointment. "Forcing an opponent to surrender after showing the power disparity" would be the fastest and most peaceful way to resolve this situation. But now that the enemy has enough ability to reject any negotiations, it seems that a long fight is inevitable.

The longer the battle against the Amakusa Catholics, the more likely Kanzaki will intervene. This means that in order to complete the mission, Stiyl has to give up all forms of compassion and take them out quickly before Kanzaki can realize whats going on. The objective of the Roman Catholics is to retrieve "The Book of the Law" and Orsola Aquinasnot to destroy the Amakusa Catholics. Once they complete their objective, the Roman Catholics will immediately pull out. Now, they just have to try and make the Amakusa Catholics lose their will to fight. Im quite unfamiliar with Christian history in Japan. Do you know what kind of techniques they use? Maybe I can make use of how the enemy fights to prepare some searching or defensive types of magic arrays or talismans. Although Stiyl often fights alongside Kanzaki, who is originally a member of the Amakusa Catholics, he did not intend to analyze the techniques she uses; this is because Kanzaki is a Saint, one of less than twenty people in the world who possess the "Stigma". Even if he were to do the analysis correctly, an ordinary man like Stiyl wouldn't be able to use it anyway. Its like how no one would use a 50-cm ruler to measure the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Regarding this question that the priest raised, Agnese seems to find it difficult to answer. To be honest we haven't yet gathered enough information regarding the techniques that the Amakusa Catholics use. Since theyre derived from Saint Franciscos (Francisco de Jaso y Azpilicueta: the first Christian Missionary to preach to the Japanese) Society of Jesus, they should be a branch of the Roman Catholic Church. But since they have been so greatly influenced by Japan and China, theyre now completely different from the Roman Catholic Church. Hearing this, Stiyl did not blame Agnese. These people were able to sense that the Amakusa style is mixed with some aspects of Buddhism and Shintoism after fighting them for just two days, which shows that their analytical abilities are rather strong. Stiyl turns to look at Index, wanting to seek her advice. Now is the right time for Index, who has knowledge exceeding ten thousand times that of a normal person, to fulfill her role. The pure white nun remains calm and composed as she says, The Amakusas speciality is secrecy because theyre Christians whose nature is to deceive others; they hide the teachings of Christianity inside Shintoism and Buddhism completely, and use the rituals and techniques as part of their greetings, diet, and behavior in their everyday lives. They cover all their tracks, so others wont even notice their existence. Thus, they dont use any spells or magic arrays. They use pots, pans, kitchen knives, bathrooms, quilts, showers, humming any thing or action that looks rather ordinary to activate their magic. So, no matter

how skilled the magician is, theyll be fooled once they enter the ceremonial area of the Amakusa because to them, it just looks like an ordinary kitchen or bathroom. Stiyl shakes the cigarette in his mouth, and says, So, this is a group of experts highly skilled in the idol theory. Hm, seems like their specialty is long-range sniping and not close-range combat. Hopefully, they dont have a large technique like that of the Gregorian Chant. No. Theyve been learning other countries cultures ever since the Edo period, and fused sword techniques of all ages to create their own unique style. Theyre able to use any weapon with ease, whether it is a Japanese sword or a Western broadsword. Theyre well-versed in both literature and martial arts? This is really troublesome. Stiyl felt vexed. Agnese, who was unknowingly left out of the conversation, angrily kicks the floor with her soles. With every kick, her extremely short miniskirt would slightly flip up, making a rather funny "pop" sound in the process. Dangling the cigarette in his mouth, the priest turns to look at Agnese. Can you tell me where well be looking for 'The Book of the Law and Orsola Aquinas? We cant just idle around and do nothing. Tell me, where do we start? Ah, well do the searching. Suddenly being involved in the conversation again, Agnese was obviously flustered. She quickly straightens herself. Human wave tactics are our speciality. We have about 250 of our members here, and it doesnt even matter if we were to add one or two more; it wont make much of a difference. Also, a different command system will likely cause confusion. Then why bring me here? Stiyl frowned as he asked. Agnese smiles and says, Simple: theres some place we cant search, and we need your help. Which place? Japan doesnt have a church thats directly governed by the British Puritans. The only place were allowed to search is the British embassy. No, Im talking about Academy City. Agnese raises her hand as she says, Once Orsola escapes to Academy City, the Amakusa wont be able to catch her. This isnt impossible, is it? No, maybe

it might be harder to capture her. So, I hope to use you guys to get in touch with Academy City. The Roman Catholic Church has no connections within Academy City, so its a bit bothersome for us." I see but since its for that sort of reason, you should have told me earlier; that way, itll save a lot of hassle. Index, who is temporarily staying in Academy City, understands that theres a certain level of relationship between Academy City and the British Puritans. Of course, the significance of this "diplomatic relationship" isnt large, but if the Roman Catholics, who do not have any "diplomatic relations", were to contact Academy City through the British Puritans, who do have some link with them, there would be less of a disturbance. Anyway, if Orsola were to escape to Academy City, the situation would get rather complicated. This is just a possibility, though. Hopefully, our Orsola here will not panic until she loses her common sense. Anyway, how long would it take for you guys to contact Academy City, and confirm whether Orsola is in there or not? Its impossible to settle all these things with just a phone call; I have to call St. George Cathedral first, and then communicate with Academy City through them even if its an emergency situation, itll take about 7 to 10 minutes. If we want permission to enter Academy City, itll be even more troublesome. Technically, we can still sneak in, but being in official positions, we're better off with not doing this. Anyway, please try and confirm it as fast as possible- Speaking halfway, Agnese suddenly froze. Following her line of sight, he realizes that shes looking at the entrance on the other side of the lobby. This theatre entrance is rather big, being made of 5 glass doors that open outwards. What? Whats going on-? Even Stiyl froze after asking halfway. Hm? On the other side of the windowpanes, theres an open patch that's covered with asphalt: the parking lot. Although the theatre is extremely big, the open area is so small. The tenacious weeds have grown and emerged from the cracks in the hard asphalt. Theres nothing else on the empty area except for two shadows on this abandoned empty lot.

The two shadows belong to two people. Ah, its Touma. Index said the name of the rather familiar-looking boy. Or Orsola Aquinas? Agnese said the name of the nun dressed in black robes that was beside the boy. The two people whose names have been called did not see the magicians that were inside the "Gloaming House".

Part 7
Lets rewind time a little bit. Although it's now evening when the weather is cooling even more, the fatigue brought by walking 3 kilometers in the summer seems to have far exceeded Kamijous imagination. Come come to think of it, todays Physical Education lesson and several other things have tired me out Kamijou, who left his wallet in the dormitory, could only walk on. Notably, the slightly older nun dressed in black and walking beside him is also penniless. God knows how she was going to take the bus. Anyway, Kamijou who has already walked 3 kilometers in this hot September arrives at the entrance of the Gloaming House, sweaty and tired. May I ask Sister, the weathers so hot, and youre wearing a long-sleeved black robe. How can you smile so happily and not even sweat at all? Ah, this? Compared to spiritual suffering, physical pain is almost nothing. Youre one heavily abused sister. Excuse me, how long will it take us to reach the bus stop? Could you stop asking about the bus already!? Didnt I tell you that Im bringing you to the British Puritans? Dont tell me that the words Ive just spoken went in one ear and came out the other ear again!

Ah, excuse me, youre sweating a lot. Damn it! Talking to you is so hard when you keep changing the topics! Dont move. Ill wipe it off for you. Eh? What? Wait a The nun suddenly pulls a handkerchief from her sleeve, and wipes Kamijous face. Although its just a handkerchief, its decorated with some high-quality lace on the sides. It feels warm, and it has a slight aroma of roses. Kamijou wants to escape, but he is held back by the nun, who uses her unimaginable strength to hold his head. Okay, Im done. The nun reveals her vibrant smile as she looks at Kamijou. Um, thanks. Kamijou drags his tired body into the abandoned Gloaming House. The Gloaming House looks very large from afar, but the parking lot in front of them is rather small. One might suspect that its for the employees. Maybe its because its close to a bus stop, and there's already a multi-story parking lot next to it. Although the entire Gloaming House is surrounded by metal plates and iron bars about 2 meters tall, the entrance used by employees seems to have been forcefully opened; one can see a very thick chain and a large lock on the floor. Theres no large machinery on the extremely small parking lot. None of the walls in the building have been vandalized, and the glass isnt broken. Maybe theres already a buyer, and someone comes over to maintain this building because of that. Going closer, one can observe that the Gloaming House is larger than a stadium and is squareshaped. Maybe the designers wanted to imitate a certain famous theatre, or maybe they were too lazy to design anything fancy. Its so hot outside, so they should be inside, right? Kamijou looks past the entrance of the Gloaming House. Its a rather large entrance, with five glass doors facing outwards. The entrance isnt sealed with anything like planks, so it looks like a suspension of business rather than a dump. Just as Kamijou was thinking, one of the doors opens. Eh?

Kamijou could not help but shout out. Two of the three people walking out of the building are familiar to him. Theyre Index and Stiyl. The last one is a girl who looks even younger than Index, one whom Kamijou has never met before. She's wearing a black nun robe, similar to that of the nun he met at the bus stop. However, this girl has removed the lower part of her skirt below the zipper, so the skirt has now become a tiny mini-skirt. Looking downwards, he realizes that she is wearing wooden sandals with 30-cm-thick soles. The moment Index sees Kamijou, she asks, Hey, Touma, where did you meet that nun? Youre asking that the moment we meet? Honestly, I'd like to ask that evil priest beside you. Why do you have to go to such great lengths to play this kidnapping game with me? I want to know: why do I have to walk 3 kilometers on such a hot day!? I really want to know why! Kamijou bellowed. Stiyl shows an impatient look, saying, So, you just realized that I tricked you? I called you here to help us find a certain person; Index is the bait to lure you out. Oh, yeah, this is the person in charge now: Agnese Sanctis of the Roman Catholic Church. Stiyl nonchalantly pointed his cigarette at the girl wearing thick-soled sandals. The girl gives a deep bow, and says, He hello. Maybe she did her research and knows that the Japanese habitually bow toward others. But her bowing so low makes her look like a hotel receptionist. Kamijou feels panicky regarding how he has to talk to a stranger now. Although his heart is filled with rage right now, he cant just vent his frustrations on a person he just met for the first time. It seems like Stiyl wants to seize the opportunity now that Kamijou is so panicked, as he says, So sorry. I have no time to listen to your stupid problems. I just said that the reason I called you here is to help me find a person. Although there are 250 people looking for her now, theres still no news as of yet. This mission is rather urgent as it concerns a persons life, so I hope that you can give us your fullest attention." No time to listen to my stupid problems? You called me all the way here, you bastard, and you give me that smug look!? Damn it, what is going on? How does it concern a persons life? Tell me everything! And to be honest, what kind of searching ability does an outsider of the magic world like me have! Is it alright to leave such an important task to a high school student!? Hm, well, you dont have to worry so much. You just need to hand over the nun beside you.

What? Kamijou widened his eyes. Irritated, Stiyl blows the smoke from the cigarette out of his mouth, and says, The sister beside you is the person were looking for. Her name is Orsola Aquinas. Thanks for your help, Kamijou Touma; you can go back now. Oi, oi. Using a kidnap as an excuse to lure me out, forcing me to use these documents that came from who-knows-where to leave Academy City, then making me walk 3 kilometers under the big, hot sun when the temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius- and now youre telling me to go back? Kamijou mutters. Didnt I thank you already? What, you expect me to treat you to some shaved ice? Kamijou Touma lowers his head, gritting his teeth. Index stands near him, her face looking pale, not knowing what to do. Pow! Something near Kamijous temple breaks, creating this sound. Up until now, I thought that even though our personalities dont match, at least I could make a friend. Really! This is what I thought at first! But now I changed my mind! Stop saying all this nonsense and hand Orsola over to Agnese. Dont tell me you want me to remove that loneliness? Such a pity; I cant do it, and neither do I want to because thats too gross. Even the words he said in anger had been emotionlessly dismissed. Kamijou Touma looks like he used up all his energy as he collapses onto the ground. Ahhh huuuuu! I have no more energy to cook dinner today! Index, our dinner tonight will be a simple takeaway pork bento. No way! Touma! The girl with such a large appetite desperately shouted. Kamijou doesnt care as he says to the nun dressed in black, Orsola Aquinas, Oh, yeah, didnt you say that youre being hunted? Does that situation have to do with these people looking for you? Anyway, now that youre reunited with your comrades, you should be fine, right?

For some reason, after hearing Kamijous words, Orsola trembled. It seems like she wants to suppress her shock, but failed, causing her to slightly tremble. Upon seeing this, Kamijou felt suspicious. Orsola isnt looking at Kamijou- but at Stiyl and the rest. At this point, Stiyl closes one eye, and slowly says, Mm, you dont have to feel insecure. Once the mission is over, the British Puritans will pull back. Of course, for someone of a different sect like you to be wary of us is alright. To an outsider like Kamijou, these people are either "church members" or "residents of the magic world". But in fact, these people are divided into different sects, like Roman and British. They may even turn on each other. Just as Kamijou thinks about this, a loud yet deep voice rings. No way. It won't be so easy to take Orsola back. This voice came from above Kamijou. Everyone looked upward, and saw a softball-sized paper balloon floating about 7 meters above them. The thin paper surface of the balloon continues to vibrate as that mans voice comes out of it. Orsola Aquinas, I believe you know this well yourself. Instead of returning to the Roman Catholics, how about you join us instead, and enjoy a much more meaningful life? The next instant. Suddenly, an ear-piercing sound could be heard, as the blade of a longsword springs out from the ground between Kamijou and Orsola. Since everyones attention has been preoccupied with the object above them, the sudden change below their feet scared them. Then, the same sound could be heard another two times, and two more blades come out from the ground. The three blades surround Orsola. The swords which came out are like sharks swimming near the surface of the water and revealing their fins. With Orsola at the center, the three blades cut an equilateral triangle about 2 meters on each side. AAAAHH

Orsola, who felt her feet losing support, screamed out, 30% in fear and 70% in confusion. Before her voice could properly convert to a scream, her body, together with the triangular asphalt ground, falls down into a deep abyss. Amakusa! Agnese shouted as she stretched her hand out, but it was already too late; Orsolas body has been swallowed by the darkness. Kamijou rushes to the side of the triangular hole, and regretfully covers his mouth.

Sewers? The paper balloon above them gives a slightly delighted yet clear and powerful voice. I knew that if I were to follow the commander of the Roman Catholics, no matter where Orsola Aquinas would run to or who she would be captured by, she would always be brought here. After hiding underground for so long, my efforts have finally paid off! Kamijou does not understand the situation in the least. He does not know whos in the sewers, or why Orsola was taken away. But he knows something. This guy suddenly appeared and used sharp swords to take a person away. And by listening to what that guy said, this wasnt a sudden event but rather a premeditated plan, so he must have been waiting for this chance all this time. Damn it! Kamijou looks down the triangular hole. Its too dark inside to estimate the depth, though it doesnt look so deep. Kamijou decides to jump into the hole. Wait! Dont go! Touma! Just as Index frantically shouted out, Several swords suddenly started flashing in the darkness. The numerous swords flashing in the darkness reflect the weak sunlight, and this dim orange light faintly shows the figure of the person in the sewers. This is like a scene where bandits wield rusted axes or knives, hide in the tall grass along the road, hold their breaths, and patiently wait for their prey. The thick killing intent gathers to form hot wind, which blows out from the hole and into Kamijous face. Kamijous body goes numb instantly; he couldnt move. Stiyl steps beside Kamijou, pulls out four talismans with runes on them, and throws them on the ground around him. My hand, bring fire, shape it into a blade, and bring forth thy judgment! Stiyl shouted, and using his fingers, pointed the cigarette upwards.

The trail of cigarette smoke changes into orange lines. After that, the trails of orange lines converge into a flaming sword. The newly created strong glow now lights the sewer clearly. Stiyl grabs the flaming sword, and swings it downwards but halfway through, he stops. Under the glow of the flames, there is no one in the sewer. The black figure in the sewer seems to have vanished like the darkness. Neither the figure that wielded the sharp swords nor Orsola who fell into the hole can be seen. Like ligiidae scattering from the banks of a sea cave, they dispersed, leaving nothing behind. The paper balloon floating above them slowly descends. It floats into the triangular hole, and no one bothers to stop it. Damn it, whats going on? Kamijou bitterly said. Hey, you better give me a proper explanation! If I were to explain it to you, then whos going to explain it to me? Stiyl Magnus said in disdain.

Between the lines 1

Meanwhile On the artificial coast, one finally cannot see the setting sun as night approaches. This is a shore located several hundred meters away from a beach, and near this shoreline is a tall cliff about 10 meters tall. In order to prevent the base of the cliff from being eroded, the ground is laid with wavestones. After the sun had completely set, the sea becomes a deep black color. As if waiting for nighttime to arrive, a "hand" quickly stretches out from the black sea. It is a hand with a bracelet on it. The heavy hand with this shiny silver bracelet grabs onto a wavestone. Then, a full set of western armor leaves the sea and gets onto the wavestones. From top to bottom, every inch of its skin is covered by metal armor, making it look inhuman.

Once the first one lands, the other 20 "knights" also follow suit, appearing in the sea, and climbing up the wavestones. Every single one of the bracelets the knights are wearing has the words "United Kingdom" engraved on it. This meant England. These knights swam all the way here; this is not an analogy or a figurative way of speech, but rather a fact. They started swimming from England, past the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, past the Indian Ocean, and into Japan. They used a sea current manipulation magic spell handed down by St. Blaise; simply put, this is a high-speed swimming spell that allows humans to swim around the world in only three days. However, this spell isnt cast on the armor, but rather on the user's body; every knight had to use his own body to activate this magic spell. Right now, the armor that the knights are wearing does not have any magical capabilities; this is because the power of the knights is too strong, and that any effect from any artifact would make the armor cumbersome. All these knights are far stronger than what any artifact could make them possibly be, so if any of them wore magical armor, their strong powers would very likely just destroy it. The organization these knights belong to doesnt have a special name; theyre just called the "Knights of England". In the past, the British used names like "Rod knights" and "Dual-axe knights", but these names were abandoned 7 years ago- not because the knights today have lost their original expertise, but because they have learned every technique, thus allowing them to enter a whole new realm. The knights want this power because of the internal worries in England, which are also the reason why the "Knights of England" were originally formed. The command system in England rests on three equal powers: The "British Royal Family", composed of the Queen and her committee. The "Knights of England", made up of its leader and his fellow knights. The "Puritans", formed by the Archbishop and the believers. The relationship between these three is as follows: The "British Royal Family" controls the "Knights of England" through orders; The "Knights of England" makes use of the "Puritans" through political items; And the "Puritans" manipulate the "British Royal Family" through holy advice.

The trinity formed by these three powers creates a sense of unparalleled beauty. If one side were to act on its own, the other two would create a large commotion through several means, and prevent the first side from acting on it. However, the reason why Britain has the "most complicated Christian culture in the world" isnt because of just this. "Britain", also known as the United Kingdom, is made of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Up until today, some places still use their own currency. Even if they belong to the same "Puritan" sect, there still can be quarrels among its members, like between England and Wales. On the contrary, even if they were to belong to the "Puritans" and the "Knights", if theyre both Scottish, they might secretly smuggle some money or information out. The reason why the decoder, Sherry Cromwell betrayed the Puritans wasnt just because she had her own motives; her culture also influenced her passively. Three sects, four cultures. The interconnected relations between each side makes Britain so complicated, and the mission of the "Knights of England" is to maintain this status quo; however, the United Kingdom has turned this to rubble. Because of this, the "Knights" and the "Puritans" hold some grudge with each other. The "Knights" cannot accept that the British Puritans, the "puritan sect", could have a power equivalent to that of the knights. The original purpose of the British Puritans is to counter the Roman Catholics. Britain doesnt want other countries to meddle in its politics, but the influence of the Roman Catholics has spread throughout the world. If Britain wouldn't listen to the Roman Catholics, they would be charged with "disobeying the teachings of Christianity". So, Britain created the "British Puritans", an independent Christian sect, within its country. With this, Britain could declare to the world, "Were following the orders of the British Puritans," and so didnt have to be ordered around by the Roman Catholics anymore. In other words, the British Puritans were originally just a political tool. If the "British Royal Family" and the "Knights of England" could be described as large gears, the British Puritans could be described as a lubricant. But today, the British Puritans have gained enough power to be of equal standing with the Royal Family and the Knights. The knights dont want to be restricted by a "tool".

So, the knights will only listen to orders from their leader or the Queen. As for orders issued by the leader of the British Puritans, the knights will normally be apathetic about them, sometimes even disobeying them. The Knights had their own ideas regarding the order from the Archbishop, which was Assist the recovery of 'The Book of the Law and Orsola Aquinas. They just need to kill off all the Amakusa. The Knights had no reason to follow the orders of someone they didnt recognize- the Archbishop- and sacrifice their lives for her. They also didnt care about the relationship between the British Puritans, the Roman Catholics, and the Amakusa Catholics. Even if the Amakusa were to disappear from this world, there wouldn't be any loss in terms of their country's welfare. With the abilities of the Knights, killing off the Amakusa would be too easy. The techniques of the Knights- inherited from the crusaders of the tenth century that attacked the Middle Easthave buried who knows how many believers of other religions since ancient times. Their power is great enough to even wipe an island off the map. Destroying this weak sect in the far East, the Amakusa, wont even take a day. Even if the Amakusa have a hostage like Orsola, they couldnt care less. Even the British Puritans aren't interested in "The Book of the Law" because its contents have been ingrained in Indexs brain. Whether Orsola lives or dies, the outcome doesnt affect Britain. The Roman Catholics might try to put pressure on Britain, but isnt it the Archbishops job to "pacify the Roman Catholics"? The Archbishop has already warned the Knights to be wary of the actions of Kanzaki Kaori, the former leader of the Amakusa Catholics, but they did not take it to heart. If Kanzaki were to attack in rage because of the destruction of the Amakusa, the Knights would just send her into oblivion, too. This was the "original" plan that the Knights had. But such a plan is completely decimated within 3 seconds. Just when the Knights got out from the sea and climbed onto the rocks, An explosion occurs in their area.

In the explosion, every wavestone, each weighing more than one ton, is blasted into the air like a volcanic explosion. The Knights who were originally standing on the wavestones flip in the air to regain their balance. They then look at the ground for a suitable landing spot. At the center of the explosion which launched the 21 knights and numerous pieces of the rocks stands a lady. She has black hair tied behind her head in a scoop and snow-white skin covering her thick muscles. She is wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt with a knot tied below, a pair of jeans with one side being cut off, and top-boots. A belt runs around her waist, and under that belt is a Japanese sword more than two meters long (Seven Heavens Seven Swords). Kanzaki Kaori. She does not say a single word as she attacks the 21 knights in the sky. Now that the Knights were in the sky, they couldnt move their bodies about freely. Kanzakis way of attack is rather simple: to attack each of the Knights in order with her Japanese sword. Kanzaki does not unsheathe the sword, and just swings it together with its sheath. But she is as fast as lightning. In actuality, they were only in the air for one second, but they got the feeling that their bodies were stuck in the air. Because Kanzaki was really too fast, it was like time had stopped and only she was moving. If one were to see this through the normal flow of time, they would see something like an invisible whirlwind in the midst of an explosion. After being hit by the sword, a number of them fly to the ground, some buried into the cliff and others beside the cliff, and the rest skip on the water surface like thrown rocks. After attacking the 21 Knights, Kanzaki steadily lands on a wavestone. When the moist night wind started to gently stroke her hair, the knights came falling from the sky, and bell-like percussive sounds reverberated through the entire coast as they landed in the sea. I didnt use my full strength, so this sort of attack will most likely not cause any deaths. Good thing you all were wearing sturdy equipment; it allowed me to attack without any worry. You

Kanzakis calm voice, however, became the biggest mockery to the Knights. One of the Knights tries to stand up, but his body couldnt move; even moving a finger is difficult to him. So, the knight could only use his mouth, the only part of his body that he could still move. Do you know who we are? Such an action from you is the same as declaring war on the United Kingdom! Im also a citizen of the United Kingdom. This has nothing to do with the Roman Catholics or the Russian Orthodox Church. This is an internal conflict within the British Puritans, so I believe that it wont bring too much trouble for the people above Huh? Before Kanzaki finished speaking, she realized that the knight who was speaking a while ago had now fainted. Some of them fell into the sea but then, they havent removed their swimming spells, so they probably wont die. Kanzaki muttered as she faced the dark, peaceful surface of the sea. Saying all that with a worried expression, yet theres not even a sense of spirit in it. !? Kanzaki looked mystified by this familiar voice. She turns around and sees a teenager with messy blond hair, blue shades, an aloha shirt, and shorts. Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Once Kanzaki noticed where he was standing, she is shocked. Kanzakis senses are rather acute, and logically, no one would be able to get near her without being discovered. But right now, the distance between the two of them is merely ten meters, and yet Kanzaki couldnt sense any presence from Tsuchimikado. So you came to stop me? Kanzaki grabs the sword handle. But the eyes behind Tsuchimikados sunglasses are still smiling. Dont bother, Kanzaki. You cant beat me. Facing such a critical situation, Tsuchimikado remains calm and collected. He doesnt have any weapon on him, and he isn't in a battle pose, either.

Youre strong, but you dont kill. Im an esper now, and if I were to cast magic on you, I might die. In other words, no matter who between us wins, death is the only option for me. Let me ask you: do you have the resolve to kill Tsuchimikado, who doesnt want his own life? Kanzaki grits her teeth. Her magic is supposed to save people, not to kill them. A battle where lives would be lost no matter which side won is meaningless to her; one may say that shell avoid it at all costs. Her fingers, now touching the swords handle, start to tremble slightly. At this moment, Tsuchimikado suddenly revealed a smile like an innocent child, and said, You dont have to stare at me like this, big sis. My order isnt to stop you, but to resolve the situation before you get into trouble. Also, I have another job to do. Job? Thats right. My order is to steal the original Book of the Law while the Roman Catholics and the Amakusa are fighting each other furiously. Kanzaki squints her eyes, and asks, Is this an order from the Puritan church or Academy City? I cant comment on this. But if you think, you will find the answer. Think about it: between the magic side and the science side, which would want the magic book more? And which side am I working for? Hearing Tsuchimikados words, Kanzaki remained silent. A mysterious atmosphere surrounds these two; the warm air flowing between them has been frozen. Several seconds later, Kanzaki looks away from him. Im leaving. If you want to give a report to the higher-ups, go ahead. I dont mind. I understand. Ah, Ill take some time to clean up this place; it would be troublesome if we were to let these guys be captured by the police. Thank you. Kanzaki bowed to Tsuchimikado. Tsuchimikado then goes on.

Oh, yeah, big sis; what do you want to do now, after coming all the way back from England? Kanzaki, whose head was still lowered, froze up. After ten whole seconds, Kanzaki raises her head. Yeah Kanzaki forces a stiff smile, showing her anger and sorrow, and says, ---What did I come here for?

Chapter 2: The Roman Catholic Church

Part 1
The sun has set as night arrives. However, the night doesnt bring about peace. Agnese, whos dressed in black robes, continues to issue orders through hand signals and foreign language to the other nuns wearing the same monastic clothes. At the same time, shes holding a quill pen and writing rapidly on a small notebook. Its like a telephone, Index explained. As long as one writes words on that notebook, similar words will appear on other notebooks. Rather than calling it a telephone, why not call it an e-mail? Kamijou secretly thought. Among this black organization- they should be official nuns from the Roman Catholic Churchsome of them jumped into the sewer through the triangular hole that the perpetrators that kidnapped Orsola cut open. Some of them opened up their maps, using red ink and quill pens to draw lines on the map. Kamijou cannot tell whether theyre analyzing the enemys escape route or setting up positions to monitor and encircle them. This is a noisy and chaotic night. Kamijou, Index, and Stiyl can only stand around and watch from afar. Kamijou cant speak any foreign language- he doesnt even know what language theyre speaking- so he cant take part in the conversation. As for Index and Stiyl, theyre trying not to cause any confusion with the Roman Catholic nuns who follow a different command structure altogether, and thus chose to watch from afar. Kamijou endures his ever-growing hunger, and says, Oi, what did Index and I come here to do? Arent the people from the Roman Catholic Church supposed to do this mission? If we can only foolishly stand around, whats the point of coming all the way here? About this, our reinforcements should have arrived by now. I dont know why those Knights havent arrived yet." Stiyl laments, puffing out white smoke. Also, well definitely be useful in this situation- no, more accurately, shell definitely be useful. The "she" that Stiyl mentioned should be referring to Index. She? Thats right, because this concerns a magic book: the original copy of 'The Book of the Law. For his own interests, Stiyl brought this conversation to a close; it seems like he doesnt intend to explain further. So, Index continues from where Stiyl left off, making a simple explanation.

"The Book of the Law" is rumored to be a magic book written in codes that no one in the entire world can decipher, so the contents of the book is rather precious. Once someone can interpret it, theyll be able to gain tremendous power. And now, theres finally a girl who found a way to decode it. But the Amakusa Catholics have stolen both this "Book of the Law" from the Roman Catholics and the girl who knows how to decode it, Orsola Aquinas. The girl that Kamijou met on the road was Orsola. She escaped in the midst of the confusion in the battle between the Amakusa and the Roman Catholics. As for "The Book of the Law", its still missing, but it may have ended up in the hands of the Amakusa. Amakusa? Kamijou felt that he heard this name before. However, Kamijou decides to leave this aside for now, and asks, Nobody can interpret it? Not even Index? No way. I tried, but it's different from ordinary types of codes. But is this magic book that nobody can decode really that valuable? Since no one can decode it, can it possibly be just gibberish? Maybe. Index replied honestly. However, by not refuting these claims, Index made herself seem like an adult trying to cajole children, like an expert not sharing their views with a layman. Stiyl spits the cigarette that he finished smoking, putting it out by stepping on it, and says, Its said that the spells recorded in 'The Book of the Law are too powerful. Once used, the world supported by the Christian Church will be doomed. No matter how truthful this legend is, it's best if we can keep this book sealed forever. One sect even believes that whoever reads this book will be able to use the Angelic spell, a spell that far exceeds human limits, freely." On hearing this, Kamijou froze up. An gel? Hm? Maybe for an atheist like you, its hard to imagine what an angel looks like. Stiyl laughs. However, he was wrong.

Kamijou understands what an angel is. He still remembers what that angel with the so-called "Gods power" did. That night, the sky above the seaside was instantly covered by a large vortex of magic spells. One single word from the angel would be enough to turn half the Earth to ash. Also, for all the spells that the angel has, thats only the tip of the iceberg. Such a powerful magic can be controlled freely by humans? But since no one has been able to decipher 'The Book of the Law, how would they know if its a bluff? Kamijou swallowed his saliva as he asked, disturbed. Index nods her head like an innocent boy, and replies, Mm. However, Touma, it is undeniable that 'The Book of the Law has a tremendous amount of power. The person who wrote this Book of the Law is rumored to be the most powerful magician ever; that man is even qualified to be recorded in the New Testament. He was active about 70 years ago, but the evolution of magicians during these past 70 years has surpassed the progress gained throughout history during these several thousand years. Of all the magicians in the world today, about 20% of them are his followers, and almost 50% of all magicians are affected by him to some extent. Since Index looked rather serious, Kamijou couldnt interrupt. I feel that the name The Book of the Law isnt just for show. Even if the power of this book is even larger and scarier than that of legend, I wont be surprised. A group of nuns clad in black robes run past them, making loud footsteps. Who is that he you are referring to? Edward Alexander, also known as Crowley. Hes now buried in a cemetery in a certain town in Britain. Stiyl lights another cigarette, and continues on, Anyway, according to history, this guy is the scum of humanity. During one of his trips, in order to carry out a magical experiment, he used his wife who accompanied him around the world as a medium to contact the guardian angel, Aiwass. And when his daughter Lilicia died, he remained unmoved, continuing on with his research on magic theories. In order to carry out the experiment, he even used a group of girls as old as his daughter as sacrifices However, he managed to define a so-called different world a different but overlapping one similar to Heaven and Hell- and open new grounds in the magic rituals. Just by these points alone, his contributions cannot be denied.

At this moment, the wind changes direction. Stiyl moves away, not wanting Index to breathe in the secondhand smoke. However, the secondhand smoke floats in Kamijous direction, making him cough really badly. Seeing this, Stiyl reveals an evil smile, puffing out white smoke even harder like a wild beast. Anyway, there are too many legends about this guy. Its the same with 'The Book of the Law; rumor has it that every time he's in a situation where theres no way out, hell use the Book of the Law to carry out divinations, and decide on what to do next according to its contents. In other words, this is a magic book that can decide the fate of the strongest magician in the world. Its almost equivalent to mastering the entire history of the modern Western. So, one shouldnt view 'The Book of the Law too lightly. Stiyl seems rather irritated as he twists his mouth. The three Roman Catholic nuns who ran past them just now sprint back again. One of the nuns smells the tobacco smoke and subtlety. Her hands are holding a large gear with a 1-meter diameter. Its either a weapon or something else entirely If its such a scary book, why not destroy it as soon as possible? Since its a book, wont burning it do the job? A magic book cannot be burned. Especially for the special class of original magic books, the words, paragraphs, and chapters will be converted into a magical code, using small amounts of energy released by nature or lifeforce as its power like an automatically powered magic spell. So, the most we can do is seal it. Index reveals a smile which seems to have profound meaning, and says, However, if its an original manuscript written from my memory, such a phenomenon wont occur. An auto-powered magic array has to be activated by the weak magical energy released by humans. The magic that an author possesses is like an engines starter. A magician writing a magic book will unconsciously input some magic into the paper alongside the text. No matter what type of stationery or materials are used, this phenomenon will always occur; thus, its unavoidable. However, shes unable to use lifeforce to create magic, so this problem wont occur. She can be considered the ideal candidate as the keeper of the Magical Library It seems like everything was planned, and that really makes me feel unhappy." Oh So, this is how it is? Index? Erm hm? Whats a starter? And whats an engine? Stiyls explanation, however, made Index feel puzzled.

After that, Stiyl impatiently explains to Index what an engine and a starter is- and for some reason, he looks rather happy. Kamijou watches Stiyl and Index have their conversation, and his heart feels even heavier. From the start, Kamijou thought that this isnt a big deal. Up until now, he thought that rescuing Orsola who has been abducted will be enough. But looking at things now, the situation isnt that simple. Kamijou has seen how capable an "angel" is. He saw firsthand the "Gods power" that Misha Kruezhev used, the one that can turn half the Earth into ash. And Kamijou understands this group of species known as "magicians". The magicians he met before dont even know the meaning of the word "mercy". In order to get whatever they want, these people will give their all. This group of magicians If they were to use "The Book of the Law" and obtain the angels magic, what will they do? Damn it Index said that the original copy of a magic book cannot be burned, For it is like an automatic magic array. But Kamijous right hand has an inconceivable power. If he were to use the power of his Imagine Breaker, maybe he can Oh, man! Looks like I cant back out midway through!

Part 2
After giving orders in a foreign language, Agnese goes back to where Kamijou and the rest are, her mini-skirt shaking around and her sandals, with their extremely thick soles, making a tapping sound like those of horseshoes. This girl, whos younger than Index, made Kamijou feel rather perturbed. After seeing some inexplicably young nuns from the British Puritans and the Russian Orthodox Church, Kamijou understands that theres no such thing as an age priority in the magic world (however, Mishas inner and outer appearances are completely different). Moreover, this girl was shouting and directing orders at several subordinates in a foreign language, and giving out those same orders to others through other methods of communication.

However, to Kamijou, the biggest problem isnt the "high position and large power" that this little girl has, but rather her "foreign language". At this moment, Kamijou thought, Since I cant speak foreign languages, Ill have a showdown using the most hot-blooded and high-speed body language! Agnese gazes at Kamijous eyes, as if shes going to use a foreign language to start a foreign cultural exchange with him. Kamijou gets ready as well, preparing to show off his most dramatic actions. Ah erm I really want to start explaining the situation right now; may I ask if you guys are prepared? Such strange Japanese. The surprise that Kamijou felt cannot be described by pen or ink. No matter how mindful someone is of his or her unique culture and characteristics, one shouldnt be speaking this sort of Japanese. Seeing this Roman Catholic nun in front of him all frozen up, her legs shaking and her face flushed red, Kamijou at this point understands that "being nervous when talking to a foreigner for the first time" is a universal quasi-truth. It it makes me nervous to show my lousy Japanese in in front of a Japanese. Ah, can you speak any other languages? Its best if we can speak some language thats far away from our cultures, like Albanian or Berber Because she was nervous, she spoke really fast. Index stands next to her and speaks to her in a foreign language something like, "Calm down, calm down, take a deep breath." In another corner, Stiyls face is rather gray as he lowers his head, muttering, Never mind, dont mind me; I was just thinking of another person that also speaks weird Japanese. Agnese places her hand on her almost flat chest, takes a few deep breaths, and barely keeps her emotions under control. Her two feet, which are wearing those sandals with 30-cm-thick soles, are swaggering around like those of a drunk because of nervousness. But in order to do her mission, she straightens herself up, and says, Im sorry. Now let me repeat myself: we should discuss the situation now and the actions were going to take later- AHHHHHHHHH!

Agnese, who ignored the fact that shes on an unstable platform, tried to straighten her back and hold her head high, did not manage to finish what she wanted to say, and fell backwards. WAAAHHH!! she screams as she swings her arms wildly. In her confusion, she grabs onto Kamijous arm. Whoa! In the end, even Kamijou was pulled to the ground. This sudden action made him unable to react to protect himself, and his entire body fell flat on the asphalt. It hurts to such an extent that hes about to roll on the floor. Suddenly, Kamijou realizes that theres a piece of floating fabric covering his head. It's Agneses skirt. Kamijou looks up, and several centimeters in front of him is an entire delightful scene of paradise. WAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Panicking, Kamijou tries to move his head away. At this moment, Agnese also senses something amiss; gives a loud, piercing AHHHHHH!!!; and presses her skirt down tightly using her two hands. Of course, this was a defensive action under a desperate situation, but such an action only caused Kamijous head to be stuck under her skirt, making him unable to move. Kamijou hears Index shouting at him as his entire range of vision is blocked by Agnese's skirt and thighs. Tou Tou-Tou-Tou-Tou-Touma! This sort of prank is really too much! Please dont get too sensual when were doing a mission; now hurry up and stand up. Stiyl raises his leg to his waist before kicking Kamijou, and this finally frees him from the terrifying prison formed from Agneses skirt and thighs. However, Stiyl seemed to enjoy this kick a little too much, and it seems that he felt compelled to do this after hearing Index cry out. Having been kicked, Kamijou coughs as he shakes his head. At this moment, Kamijou and Agnese, who has fallen onto the asphalt, stare at each other. Agnese is trembling throughout, her face is flushed red, and tears are forming in her eyes. When Kamijou saw this, he became desperately pale.

Sor sorry Never never mind I fell down myself. Maybe its because Im too nervous that I lost my balance Um, can you stand up? Agnese uses her feet, with those 30-cm-thick-soled sandals, to support herself, and stands up steadily. She then stretches her hand out to Kamijou who is lying on the ground. Kamijou looks like he has just seen a glimmer of light in the midst of some dark clouds, and holds his hand out, grabbing Agneses hand. Index is rather unhappy with how this scene went. After calming down, Agneses body is still rather stiff, but shes no longer nervous when she speaks. Okay, now Ill start on 'The Book of the Law, Orsola Aquinas, the Amakusas actions, and our future course of action. Maybe its because shes afraid to fall down again that Agnese, whos trembling terribly, cannot help but stretch her hand out again, wanting to hold onto Kamijous shirt- but she stops halfway through. Besides, grabbing onto a boy who shes unfamiliar with is inappropriate, and also, the boy just clearly saw quite a scenery under her skirt. Agnese gropes the air before she gently grasps onto a corner of Indexs nun robe. Right now, we can confirm that Orsola Aquinas has fallen into the hands of the Amakusa. As for 'The Book of the Law, Im afraid that they may have taken that as well. The enemy were facing, the Amakusa Catholics, has about slightly less than 50 people. They used the sewer to escape earlier, but its unlikely that theyll stay there throughout the night. In other words, theres not even a single clear clue? Index asked. The way Agnese is pinning herself close to her seems to have made her uncomfortable. Yes. Although we tried to use some remaining traces of magic to find out the Amakusas whereabouts, we weren't successful. As expected of the Amakusa Catholics, a sect that specializes in enhancing stealth. Agneses body sways as she points to the equilateral triangular hole. But we have another group setting up a perimeter. Maybe we might get something. A perimeter How large is it, anyway?

Kamijou tilted his head as he asked. Index looks at him, and her eyes seem to be telling him to save her by pulling away Agnese, who is clinging onto her. However, he pretends to not notice her. With this place as the center, it's a radius of about 10 kilometers, including 132 roads and 43 sewers. With our manpower, setting such a perimeter isnt a difficult thing, Agnese says as she clings onto Index. Anyway, once the Amakusa tries to bring 'The Book of the Law and Orsola Aquinas back to their base, itll be detected by our network. According to the information we gathered, the base of the Amakusa is located in Kyuushu Unfortunately, were unable to confirm the accuracy of this report. And if theyre not trying to get past us, but instead asking Orsola the way to decode it on the spot, the situation will be even tougher to handle. You dont have to worry about this. I believe that Orsola isn't stupid enough to not resist those magic spells that allow people to read minds. And if they were to try and use force, the location wont be ideal for them. Stiyl blows out some white smoke, and continues, To them, the number of enemies near them are too many, so they cant carry out their work peacefully. Interrogating Orsola, getting the method to decode 'The Book of the Law, and then printing out manuals on how to decode it; all that cannot be completed in one day. If they want to break through her hearts defense and force her to sell out information without pushing her towards suicide, the best method of interrogating her would be to make her tired or prevent her from sleeping without directly interacting with her; however, this will take at least a week. Not letting her sleep for one or two days isnt even a form of interrogation. By forcing her to not sleep for at least 120 hours, they'll make her sanity begin to deteriorate. Stiyl said this nonchalantly while Kamijou got goosebumps just by hearing this. Besides this expert in witch hunting and religious trials, Kamijou is afraid of what those guys who kidnapped Orsola will do to her. Also, from what he heard from Agnese, there are almost 50 members of the Amakusa. The Amakusa Catholics. However, at this point, Kamijou thought of something; he heard Kanzaki Kaori and Tsuchimikado Motoharu mention this "Amakusa" group before. What he heard at first was that Kanzaki was originally the leader of this group, and left them in order to protect them. In the past, Kanzaki really wanted to protect this group of people- but now, they dare do this sort of thing for their own selfish purposes? This shouldnt be the case

Dont tell me that these guys changed? After Kanzaki Kaori left them, these guys that she's protected have fallen? Whats wrong, Touma? Index asked suspiciously, tilting her head to one side, and knocked into Agnese, whos clinging onto her. Nothing. Oh, yeah, now what do we do? Those guys from the Amakusa will be immediately found by the perimeter, right? Ah, yeah, thats right. Agnese still seemed to be nervous, as her entire face was almost touching Indexs. She continues, Basically, you guys just need to be the backup However, though the possibly may be small, there's still some danger of them possibly using the spells from 'The Book of the Law, so its best if an expert of the magic book were to settle this Ahhhh! This is unbearable! Its really hot! Index swings her arms around, and after a while, says to Kamijou, However, will the Amakusa be found out that easily? Touma? If youre asking me, then who can I ask? Speaking of which, if 40 to 50 guys of a mysterious organization were to walk onto the streets, wont it be rather striking? Touma, the Amakusa don't have a fixed attire, do they? Theyre a group of people highly specialized in hiding their whereabouts and covering their own tracks. Even if theyre to walk onto the streets, outsiders wont see them as different from ordinary folks. Whats wrong, Touma? Why are you staring at me so suspiciously? Nothing, Kamijou replies. Looking at the people around him, none of them are dressed normally. What Index said about them "not being different from ordinary folks" doesnt seem to convince him.

Anyway, the Amakusa specialize in hiding and escaping. After stealing 'The Book of the Law and kidnapping Orsola Aquinas, theyll expect the Roman Catholics to hit back full force. If this were a planned operation, then they might have rehearsed this. Agnese, whos still clinging onto Index, looks puzzled as she says, But but then, no matter what, they cant possibly escape our perimeter Its possible. Theres a type of magic for this. Index replied without hesitation. At this moment, Agnese took a deep breath. There is a spell that can only be used in Japan. Basically speaking, theres special places called portals all over Japan. One can use this map magic to travel from portal to portal. Is that the Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu that Ino Tadataka created? Stiyl seemed to have thought of something, giving an ugly expression as he muttered. Kamijou is extremely confused now. He asks, Whos this Ino Tadataka? Is he another famous magician? Once this question was asked, everyone turned and gazed at Kamijou coldly. Erm, Touma, hes the first person to create the first map of Japan using modern surveying techniques. Its even recorded in ordinary history timelines. Seems like you have completely no clue about history. I believe youve even forgotten who the previous five prime ministers were? Even an Italian like me also knows. Kamijou, whos completely embarrassed now, was bombarded and pulverized by the voices around him. Anyway, this Japanese map that was created in the Edo period has a special mechanism. Everyone should be clear about this Idol Theory right? Except for Touma. Theres supposed to be only a few people who understand this magical term, but it seems to be common knowledge to all these people around him. Kamijou feels that hes in a situation where hes fighting alone.

For Toumas sake, Ill give a brief explanation. This Idol Theory is a form of basic knowledge that allows us to put the power of God and angels to good use. Following this theory, if one were to build a duplicate of the cross when Christ was crucified, and put it on the roof of a church, theyll get some holy power from those actual cross-wielders. Although the power of the duplicate is not even 0.000000000001% of the original's and even the legendary strongest duplicate Holy Manger has only a small fraction of that, if they were to get even 1% of the original's power, they could match even the twelve apostles. All over the world, from the ones on churches to the ones hanging on nuns necks, there are a lot of crosses. But even with the power split away into so many duplicates, the power of the "original" is almost limitless. Maybe its like how the sun can provide solar power for electricity, Kamijou guesses wildly. And according to our hypothesis, this Idol Theory can be switched around; in other words, not only will the original cause some effect on the Idol, but also vice-versa. Hypothesis? Do you mean that its still unconfirmed? There are some exceptions that cannot be explained, so right now, its just a hypothesis. But through using this hypothesis, people claim that theyll receive divine judgment if they treat the Bible badly; however, this isnt unreasonable. In the Bible, there are many instances where several Idols from different Greek religions that are against Christians were struck down and destroyed by lightning. The Stepping on Fumie in Japan is a method designed to affect the original badly by stepping on the duplicate." (Note: When there was a wave of persecution against Christians during the Edo period, Stepping on Fumie was a method used back then to check whether people were Christians. The idea was that people would draw a picture of Jesus Christ or Saint Mary on a piece of paper, put it on the floor, and force others to step on it; those who didnt dare do so would be identified as Christians.) Index frowned as she said this. As a treasure house of knowledge, she does not seem to like saying uncertain words like "what if" or "according". Ino Tadataka used this Idol Theory in the opposite manner. He understood that the real one and the idol will affect each other, so he plotted 47 portals on the Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu that originally didnt exist on the Japanese islands. Thus, these entrances that allow people to come and go as they please appeared in modern Japan. Kamijous mind tries hard to arrange this extremely strange information that Index told him. The Japanese islands and that intricate map of Japan that the guy called Ino Tadataka made can actually affect each other. Once one randomly draws a teleport entrance on that map, theyll appear on that real island as well. In other words, everything that they draw on the map will become real?

Hey, thats too scary, isnt it? If one were to use an eraser to erase that map, wouldnt every Japanese person and city disappear as well? Its not like that, Touma. Listen to me: the condition for being an idol is being a duplicate; as long as theres even a slight difference in the levels of magic used between the idol and the original, the idol will lose its purpose. So, the Idol Theory cant be used to solve everything. Once the original image is changed, the theory cannot be used. Index solemnly explained. There was a group of magicians in the past who tried to use a stone sculpture that looked like the Son of God to control the Son of God in the heavens, but it ended up in failure. Looking at it another way, this is where Ino Tadakata was really impressive. He added some things to the duplicates that the original itself didn't have, yet he was still able to maintain a perfect balance between the duplicates and the original. In the entire history of Magic, hes the only one who managed to accomplish this. If he were a sculptor, maybe he might even be able to control the Son of God or even an angel Of course, just being able to manipulate the map of Japan is pretty impressive. However, do the Amakusa know how to use this magic that uses the Japanese map? The answer should be affirmative. Ino Tadakata, who lived in the Edo period, was very interested in the cultures of other countries. His clan even intended to sell the Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu to Siebold. (Note: Siebold was a German doctor and biologist who came to Japan during the Edo period.) When Christians were persecuted, he might have gained some knowledge through some Dutch knowledge. (Note: During the Edo period, the Dutch were the ones who taught the Japanese all sorts of Western knowledge.) Even if he were to meet the Amakusa secretly for the interest of knowledge, it wouldnt be strange. Putting aside the minor details, the Amakusa basically have a magic spell that allows them to teleport themselves all over Japan. So, breaking through the perimeter would be easy work for them. Hearing Indexs explanation, Agnese was stunned. Kamijou rearranges the information that he just heard, and says, Then, what do we do now? The Amakusa might have escaped through the portal right? Since there are a limited number of portals, shouldn't we just check all of those in one go? Its impossible. Actually, on the Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu, the people later said that they could only find 23 of them. But when the black ships (Note: They refer to the Western ships that came to Japan during the Bakumatsu era), the manual clearly states that therere 47 portals.

The locations of more than half of the portals cannot be identified. Thus, they cant determine the whereabouts of the Amakusa. Besides using the special teleportation magic of the Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu, the base of the Amakusa is famous for being a secret. This is understandable because outsiders cannot even determine their escape routes. Just now, Agnese said that their main base is reported to be in Kyuushu, but its almost impossible to verify it. There are too many places that are suspected to be their main base. As for where the real one actually is, nobody knows. Maybe these reports are all false, or maybe these places all have the capability to be a main base. Agnese looks pale. Her hands, which were clinging onto Indexs body, are now grabbing Indexs shoulders. She exclaims, Then what should we do? Since you know about this, why didnt you tell me? We cant determine the portal, and we cant find their main base! In this situation, if they were to get into the portal, its all over! If we are to take action before they enter the portal, theres still a chance that we can intercept them! Why do you still look so calm? Because theres no need to panic. Index calmly replied. When Agnese heard this, she was stunned. The Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu is measured and mapped out with the location of the stars. So, the location of the stars is extremely important, as that's the condition for using this special magic. Basically, theres a time limit; if the time isnt right, the special teleportation magic cannot be used. Index gazes at the stars, her silver hair swaying around in the air. Looking at the location of the stars right now the time now is approximately 7:30 PM. The only time in which they can use the special teleportation magic is a short period after the date changes, which means that theres around four and a half hours to go. Also, the location of the portal which they can teleport to is fixed. Among the 23 portals that the descendants could find, only one is located within our vicinity of course, they might use other portals that we dont know of, Index says rather confidently. Every time this kind of situation occurs, Kamijou feels that he and Index arent really living in the same world. Where will that portal appear?

Touma, do you have that thing that can allow us to see a map? Lend me, lend me. Kamijou thinks, She must be referring to that GPS satellite function, and hands her his phone. Index receives the phone, but she looks like she doesnt know what to do with it, so Kamijou has to use it for her. Index continues to give him directions like "a bit right" or "move down a bit", and finally points her slender white finger on a point on the map. Its here.

Part 3
Our scouts have reported two suspicious characters there. Theyre likely from the Amakusa, but we havent tipped them off yet. Hearing Indexs explanation a while ago, Agnese gave the orders, and within 15 minutes, she got a report from her subordinates. Its really easy to do things when there are so many people, Kamijou thought. The "Angel Fall" situation was a whole lot more troublesome even though both situations are rather chaotic. However, theres no sign of any of the main forces of the Amakusa, 'The Book of the Law, or Orsola. Of course itll be very obvious if they were to rush in at the same time. And its still business mode over there. Although Kamijou doesnt know what time it is, its not even 8 PM now. If the Amakusa want to use the map magic created by Ino Tadataka to escape, they have to head towards the location where the "portal" is. Kamijou and the rest intend to attack the Amakusa before they can reach the "portal", and get back "The Book of the Law" and Orsola. Because they might use other portals that we might not know of, or even not use any special teleportation magic, I cant gather all my people into one group before we find the main forces of the Amakusa. If we dont maintain the perimeter and search for them within the area, well probably let them escape. However, thats where theyre most likely to appear," Agnese says worriedly. However, Index does not seem to mind, and says, Youve done the right thing. Besides, even I dont have any concrete evidence. Because of this, the number of people that can be deployed is 74, me included. Right now, were rearming our weapons and equipment. So, with this amount of manpower, if were to

meet the main force of the Amakusa, we wont have a sure chance of winning. I'm sorry, but you guys will have to take care of yourselves. Up until now, there are only less than 50 people in the Amakusa, and yet theyre able to fight it out against the Roman Catholics for so long. So, Agnese wasnt just saying this to be humble. Stiyl lights another cigarette, and says, You dont have to worry; theres no notice from the Knights who have agreed to arrive, and were sorry about it. So, we wont burden you guys. Oh, yeah, how long does it take for the preparations to be complete before we leave? Besides the weapons and equipment, we still need to bless everyone here by pouring holy water and reading Bible scriptures Agnese thinks for a while before saying, Around 3 hours well likely finish by 11 PM at the latest. If we are to count in the time it takes for us to travel, it means that we have only 30 minutes to settle this? Oh, well; at least we may end up arriving there earlier than the Amakusas main force; so far, were just waiting around aimlessly. Just like this, the time of operation has been set to 11 PM. Agnese claps twice, and after giving orders in a foreign language, all the nuns in black robes go into action. The 74-strong group of nuns split into smaller groups ranging from 2 to 4 per group. Each group then proceeds to do its own job. For someone who has seen lone striders like Stiyl, Tsuchimikado and Kanzaki or to put it crudely, magicians who are stubborn and lonely- the orderliness of the Roman Catholics surprises Kamijou. Agnese and the nuns participating in the "Retrieval of 'The Book of the Law and Orsola operation" go into their preparations for war, and those who have already finished their own preparations take turns to eat or sleep. Kamijou is intrigued, not understanding why these people can still sleep before a battle. But Agnese says that when the battle is at a stalemate, nobody would even dare wish for a good nap on a comfy bed, so they can only dare rest up for 10 to 20 minutes to replenish their energy. To them, this is already basic knowledge. Seems like this is a specialized group of people who are really used to fighting for a long time. Kamijou thought, his mind running wildly. As for Kamijou, Index and Stiyl, since they have nothing else to do, they can enjoy their dinner and take a little nap. Kamijou thinks,

Maybe this is the hospitality that Agnese shows to her guests. Notably, they have to take their dinner and sleep inside a tent. This is supposed to be the capital of Japan, and yet theyre setting up their own tent. This is really unexpected. However, come to think about it, if these 70+ people wearing such strange clothes and preparing for war were to gather in a multi-chained restaurant or a hotel, then that would be an even more amazing sight. Come to think about it, were starting at 11 Can I make it school tomorrow? AH! Wait! The due date for submitting summer holiday homework should be approaching soon, right? Kamijou hastily looks towards the direction of Academy City, not knowing what to do. Because of several complicated reasons, Kamijou has not completed his summer holiday homework. So, Komoe-sensei gave Kamijou a "punishment assignment"- which she made specially for Kamijou- and the last day to submit this assignment is tomorrow. AHHHHHHHH! Kamijou turned gray as he screamed within his heart. To be honest, Kamijou himself thought that he could complete it. Until today, Kamijou, who had been working hard, had to block Indexs "Play with me attacks" and fend off the calico cat, Sphinxs "Give me food attacks" in order to complete his homework. Unfortunately, Kamijous abilities alone were not enough. But yesterday, Kamijou begged Misaka Mikoto to teach him how to solve those questions, and although Mikoto was grumbling, she still stayed with Kamijou for many hours; thus, the rate at which Kamijou was solving those questions went up, and there was hope that hed be able to complete it today. But now, that bubble of hope has burst. Oh, man! Oh, man! Ill be scolded! What to do? What to do? Its not just Komoe-sensei- even Mikoto will be angry! Ahhhhhh! Havent said this for quite a while Such misfortune! Kamijous entire body is trembling as he slightly tilts his head upwards, looking up at the night sky. He continues to tell himself that the transparent liquid flowing down from the corners of his eyes is just sweat. Kamijou dejectedly walks towards a corner of the campsite, gets a piece of bread and a bowl of Italian soup- the latter of which he doesnt know the name- and eats as he looks around. In this abandoned parking lot of the "Gloaming House", there are small semi-circular tents set up everywhere. But no matter what anyone thinks, theres no way this area can accomodate everyone. It seems like some of them will be sleeping inside the building. Besides, all the Roman Catholic nuns will be busy preparing, so its likely that more than half of them wont have time to sleep.

Seeing these people being so busy, Kamijou is embarrassed and does not dare sleep. However, according to Stiyl, people who have nothing to do and keep moving around will only cause them more trouble. Come to think of it, wouldnt the police notice a group of people living in a dump? Or did they use something like a spell that will turn away passersby? Kamijou goes from the campsite to his own tent, snuggles his body under the futon, and thinks about all these things. Stiyls sleeping just beside him, and Index seems to be sleeping in another tent. In order to protect Index, Stiyl actually intended to sleep with Index in the same tent, but was rejected. Later, Kamijou saw Stiyl feel chagrin as he muttered to himself, If Kanzaki, who is of the same gender, were around, it'd have been alright... as he placed rune cards near her tent. Its said that "Innocentius" will become stronger the more rune cards there are, and Stiyl seemed to be grumbling because theres a limited amount of space inside the small tent with which he can stick them. Kamijou rolls around in the tent, unable to sleep. It wasnt because he wasnt tired nor overly nervous because of the upcoming battle, but because he couldnt sleep alone when theres so many people busy working outside. Even moreso, once he tries to think of how they're dressed, hell only think about Orsola, whos dressed in the same nun robes. I should just go help them. Kamijou gets out from under the futon. Stiyls irritated voice rings beside him. Do whatever suits you, but please dont use your mysterious right hand to destroy their artifacts If theyre broken, you have to pay them yourself; itll be none of the British Puritan's business. After listening to this seemingly sarcastic reminder, Kamijou gets out of the tent. The summer night is extremely hot. The nuns are running around, busy doing their own things. Some of them are carrying a lot of silver candlesticks; some of them, stacks of old Bibles; and some of them, large wooden wheels that seem to be used for horse carriages. Kamijou thinks, What use do those things have? Is there something that I can help with Eh? Kamijou suddenly realizes that something is strange, and stops. Beside the tent which he just walked out from, the zipper to the entrance of Index's rune-card-filled tent is open, and theres no one inside. Now where did she run off to WA!

Seeing that Indexs tent is empty, Kamijou moves towards it- and notices that the feeling below his feet is gone. Actually, he got careless, and had already stepped into the equilateral triangular hole made by the Amakusa. Oh, no! Im about to fall in! Swish! Before Kamijou can fall entirely into the sewer, a nun grabs Kamijous waving hand in the nick of time. The nun pulls Kamijou out and tells him off in a foreign language, but Kamijou does not understand what shes saying. Oh, man, have I already started giving them trouble? A dejected Kamijou turns around again to look at that triangular hole which he nearly fell into, and observes it carefully. The Amakusa have been lurking in the sewers since a while ago, and launched a sneak attack from below. Up until now, Kamijou thought that this place can be considered the Roman Catholics base, and no matter how one moves around, there shouldnt be any danger. But thinking about it carefully, danger can still be nearby. The Amakusa could have set something that can destroy this Roman Catholic command base before they escaped, making their escape a lot easier. Come to think of it, even if they were to launch a stealth attack, they wouldnt attack a layman like me, right? No matter how hard I think, theyll choose an important place to attack, such as the command post. The problem is that Kamijou is unable to identify the important tents from the unimportant ones. He sees one in front of him thats a lot bigger than the rest. Kamijou casually thinks, That tent looks like the most likely to be attacked. Suddenly, an extremely loud crashing sound comes from within that large tent. Then, a girls scream is heard. !? Kamijou feels the water content in his throat evaporating. Those wild thoughts that he had a while ago now come running back into his mind. The Amakusa can launch a direct attack from below.

To Agnese and the rest, the more important the tent is, the more likely it will be attacked. No way; dont tell me it came true Damn it! Luckily, that tent is rather close to Kamijou. He clenches his fist as hard as stone and rushes forward. Although there are many nuns around, theyre too shocked by this unexpected situation to respond. Kamijou runs to the entrance of the tent, and pulls the zipper. Amakusa! Just as Kamijou shouted, a heavy object suddenly flies out from the tent, and crashes into Kamijous belly. It was a heavy and warm object that brought some humidity. WAAAHHH! An indescribable feeling flows throughout Kamijous entire body, his fine hairs standing still. Kamijou quickly raises his fist, and is about to swing it down Before realizing that it is Agnese Sanctis, now entirely naked, whos clinging onto his waist. Eh? A loud voice booms inside Kamijous head, and then it becomes blank. Agnese, whos completely naked, is wet, her skin dripping and moist. White steam continues to evaporate from her slightly pink and soft skin, and while clinging onto Kamijou, she continues to tremble. She buries her face into Kamijous stomach, shutting her eyes and muttering some foreign language. It seems like she's confused. Kamijou doesn't understand a single thing that Agnese is saying. Agnese points her finger at something, so Kamijou turns to look in that direction. In one corner of the large tent is a small slug. Agnese points to that small slug while speaking in that foreign language that no one is able to understand. Wait wait, wait, Agnese! Let me go first, and put on some clothes! Also, I can only understand Japanese! Kamijou blushed as he shouted. Once Agnese heard this, her trembling stopped.

She lifts her head in fear. And sees Kamijou. The next moment Agnese faints, and falls backwards. WAH! The floor is made of hard asphalt. Kamijou quickly grabs Agnese whos about to fall onto the ground. An amazing sensation passes through Kamijous shirt, making him feel weird. Agnese is a lot slimmer than Index overall, so shes a bit skinny, but this makes her soft parts more pronounced. Ugh!? Kamijou, whos still hugging Agnese, looks up, and trembles. Actually, theres a large golden basin in the middle of the tent, and above it, hanging from the roof, is a metal can. Attached to the bottom of the metal can is something that looks like a shower nozzle, and theres a tap above it. Seems like its a simple set-up for a shower, and by turning the tap, hot water from the metal can will flow out from the nozzle. And right now, hot water is flowing out of it. Within that large, golden basin in the middle of the tent, covered in hot water, is a silver-haired, emerald-eyed nun. Touma. The nun spoke in a very low voice. Of course shes not wearing anything. Whether its her wet hair, her flat chest, or her little belly button thats now filled with water, theyre all in full view. Her skin is originally white, but after she washed it with hot water, it's rather reddish. Wait wait, wait, wait a minute! I thought that the Amakusa attacked, and was worried, so I rushed in, so I hope you can carefully re-evaluate this Sniff ...? 'Sniff?' Startled, Kamijou observes Indexs every movement. Sniff sniff Sniff sniff SHE SHE-SHE-SHE-SHE-SHE-SHE-SHES CRYING!?

This completely unexpected situation made Kamijou tremble mysteriously. Large teardrops continue to flow from the corners of Indexs eyes, and she uses her hands to wipe them away. Suddenly, Kamijou finds many people looking at him coldly. Over 100 nuns are labeling Kamijou as "a guy who would make a young and naked girl cry- and even our superior is naked and has fainted beside him". Kamijou goes pale. Wait please please calm down, Index-hime! This isnt like you! You arent like this normally! See, Kamijous head is here, right? Come bite it, quickly, bite it Eh? Wait wait! Why do you look so serious all of a sudden? I Im just joking! Please dont give me that feeling like youre going to chew on a thick slab of beef WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Didnt I tell you not to cause them trouble? Hm? Why are you holding your head and crying? Stiyl, whos lying inside the tent, coldly asked Kamijou, who was barely dragging his body back into the tent. As the tents entrance is zipped up, Stiyl figures out that theres a commotion, but he doesnt know that this has something to do with Index. If he were to know about it, the next scene would probably be one where a crazed priest wielding a flame sword chases after Kamijou. Kamijou was told by Agnese, who voiced her displeasure, Were about to discuss battle tactics; please LEAVE. Of course he doesnt want to cause anymore trouble. Kamijou strokes his scalp, and snuggles into his futon. As long as he can get some time, whether its five minutes or ten minutes, he should quickly rest and get some sleep. Its said that this is common knowledge for all magicians. However, Kamijou cant sleep before the pain goes away. Hey, Stiyl. What? Im rather annoyed right now. If theres anything, we can talk later. I'd like to ask you something. Their ability to handle danger is so lousy. So what if its 'The Book of the Law? Theyre already panicking like this over just a magic book. This is really unthinkable. Compared to this, that girl who possesses 103,000 magical books in her brain... Who knows how many magicians have coveted her Which girl do you like? EH?

Hearing Kamijou ask this question, Stiyl took in a breath of cold air, his body trembling slightly. During nights in training or camp, this question will always be raised. This seems to be something unique only to Japan. Answer quickly; I still have other questions to ask. The lady I respect is Elizabeth the First, and the lady I admire is St. Martha; its said that she subdued a dragon with a prayer full of love and compassion, and is really admirable. Any other questions? The Amakusa Catholics... isnt that the organization which Kanzaki was serving? Stiyl squints his eyes, and remains silent. He stretches his hand, wanting to get a cigarette stick, but realizes that smoking while lying on the ground isnt good, and pulls his hand back. Who told you this? That Kanzaki most likely wouldnt say where shes from. Did Tsuchimikado tell you this? Yeah. Thats when you became the owner of the seaside resort. (Note: In Volume 4, the resort owner had Stiyl's appearance, contrary to the anime where Kanzaki had it instead. The anime made a few other switches, too.) Stiyl looks like he doesnt understand. Kamijou didnt bother, and continues, In other words, the Amakusas are Kanzakis compatriots, right? Kamijou pauses at this point, obviously looking perplexed. Should we continue to take action? Like that time against the Misawa Cram School? Kamijou and Stiyl once fought on the same side before. That battle could only be described as appalling. There were many people injured, and some even lost their lives. From that moment, Kamijou vaguely understands what a battle between different magical organizations is all about. In the real magical world, not a single hint of innocence is allowed. Thus, magic specialists like Index and Stiyl were born. But, Since these people know how cruel a battle between magicians is, wouldnt that create any sense of compassion?

Of course. However, Stiyl answered without hesitation. Isnt it obvious? Ill do anything to protect that kid. Even if Im not ordered by my superiors to do so, or even ordered not to, its the same to me. I can kill anyone, whether its burning them alive, or burning their corpses to ash- whether its in front of that kid or somewhere where she cant see me, Stiyl says in a self-depreciative manner. Dont get the wrong idea, Kamijou Touma. That Im lying right here, right now... its all for that kid. Once you have no more value to that young child, Ill burn you to a crisp anytime. Kamijou cant help but swallow his saliva. This is the sole conviction that Stiyl Magnus has. Being one of the British Puritans, becoming an extremely strong battle magician, being ordered to bring back 'The Book of the Law and Orsola All his actions are based on his conviction. A long time ago, I swore, 'Sleep well; even if you forget everything, Ill remember it forever. Ill live for you, and die for you.' This made Kamijou tremble. But Stiyls words are filled with passion. Kamijou ponders carefully on how to answer. If he isnt careful, it will be disrespectful to Stiyl. But even so, why must you get Index involved in this? The one who planned this wasnt me. If possible, I would not have gotten her involved as well. Stiyl said calmly. But I cant settle this on my own. If I do, that child will be seen as useless by my superiors. As of the situation right now, if we cant make them see the value that Index has, its likely that shell be brought back to London. Right now, to her, not being able to live in Academy City is much more painful to her than anything else. Stiyls voice was filled with frustration and reluctance.

Theyre both members of the British Puritan Church. For Stiyl, he must be hoping to bring Index back to Britain. But Stiyl Magnus replied with such reluctance. Lets sleep; theres only 2 hours left before the operation starts. Well get nightmares if we continue talking. After saying this, the rune spellcaster shuts his mouth and eyes.

In a few hours, its going to be a battle for keeps. In such an intense atmosphere, Kamijou thought that he wouldnt be able to sleep, and he didnt expect himself to after getting under his blanket and closing his eyes. Maybe its because the preparations for Daibahoshisai took more out of him than he expected that Kamijou soon falls asleep. Uh Ah...? Sensing something heavy pressing against him, Kamijou wakes up. At this moment, a message inside Kamijou goes: something as heavy as a human is pressing on him, the blanket has risen for some reason, and his body feels some warm and soft skin. In addition, theres subtle breathing from under the blanket. Waiwait, wait oh, no, no way! Oh, man, I forgot that the tent doesnt have a lock! In his dormitory, Kamijou would normally hide inside the bathroom, lock the door, and sleep inside the dry bathtub. The reason is simple: if he doesnt do this, Index would snuggle into Kamijous futon while she's still dazed and sleepy. Because of this, Kamijou is grateful that the bathtub is large enough. Besides this sin Index snuggling into his futon which will cause a severe adverse emotional impact to the young and healthy Kamijou Touma, the more important thing right now is that Stiyl is sleeping beside him- and he was rather stern when he gave a relentless speech before he slept. If this continues, Kamijou will likely die in Stiyls hands later. Kamijou, whos drenched in cold sweat, suddenly notices that the tender flesh of the girl is constantly rubbing against him. The rubbing of different body parts together causes Kamijous heart to stop beating. Wooo whoooaaa! Wait a second, wait a second! Index! Coming from the side is enough, but isnt it too much to press onto my body!?

Kamijou hastily whispered- or so Kamijou thought, but its actually very loud- voicing his objection. Hm Touma, what are you saying? Suddenly, a familiar voice came from the entrance of the tent; its Index, half-asleep and dazed and her eyes half-opened, as she unzips the entrance to the tent, preparing to enter Kamijous futon. Eh? A large question mark appears inside Kamijous head. Umum Papa Iononpossomangiarealcunopiuqualsiasipiulungo The face that is revealed from inside the futon to be that of Agnese Sanctis. Agnese, whos still sleeping soundly, does not realize that shes less than 5 cm away from Kamijous lips. No way... Another person who snuggles into other peoples futons when shes sleepy and dazed? Didnt this girl order me to leave their bathing area a while ago? Kamijou panics as he pulls away from the approaching pair of peach-like lips. He then crawls while under Agneses body. However, the moment Kamijou tugs at the futon, its lifted open. Wa! Kamijou is stunned. Agnese, whose entire body is revealed from within the futon, is wearing only a white laced bra and a pair of panties with small bow ties on both sides. Maybe shes used to sleeping like this, as her nun robes are neatly stacked and placed in one corner of the tent. Stunned, Index stares at Kamijou and Agnese. Papa? Wait! Index, Ive no idea whats going on! I dont have a quirk of why I'm being called this by a young girl! Because of the incident involving Agnese which ended up with him having bite marks all over his head, Kamijou is frightened, and trembles, trying to explain his actions. Index observes Kamijous frightened expression closely, and says, Whoa This should probably be a dream Eh?

Um, even if its Touma, he cant possibly have so little integrity. So, this must be a dream. Mmhmm. Yeah yes, yes! Its a dream, its a dream! How can a real man like Kamijou Touma, wholl forever treat nuns nicely, do such a shameless thing!? Kamijou continues to misguide Index, whos sleepy right now, like a hypnotist. Hm, ya, since its a dream, there should be no problem. Its alright no matter how hard I bite. Since its a dream, its alright if I take this opportunity to vent all my daily dissatisfaction. Mmhmm. EH? AH what? Wait, Index! Youre wrong! This is a real and authentic Kamijou frantically tried to correct himself, but it was too late. Index bites his head with all her strength. The scream of the healthy high school boy, Kamijou Touma, makes Agnese, now clad in her underwear and lying beside him, wake up in shock. As for Stiyl Magnus whos sleeping in the same tent and is annoyed, he takes a glance at Kamijou and the rest, turns over to the other side, and continues his sleep.

Part 4
11 PM. It's nighttime now. The substitute Supreme Pontiff, Tatemiya Saiji, together with 47 members of the main force, are gathered around the "portal" of the special teleportation magic, the "thumbnail tour". However, this isn't some mysterious forest or mountain; they're at a large snack-themed amusement park called "Parallel Sweets Wonderland". This snack-themed amusement park was built and is financed by 4 large snack manufacturers, and the area is as large as an electrical plant. Inside the park are 75 stores from 38 different countries. Throughout it, there are several donut-like watercourses that are linked to each other like the 5 rings on the Olympic logo. Outside the watercourses, there are several snack shops like those of hawkers, but they're top-quality. On the inside of the circular watercourses is a square where many snack manufacturers showcase their products and carry out activities. As it is almost the end of summer, it seems like they're carrying out the promotions for ice products and frozen deserts. Although the location of the "portal" that Ino Tadataka set does not change, the development of the city is changing everyday. Some "portals" are located within certain rooms in certain condominiums, or even some large gold vault in a certain bank; it's already impossible to use those for teleportation. In comparison, this "portal" is the most accessible.

The Amakusa members who have infiltrated the "Parallel Sweets Wonderland" are holding hands as they prepare for this "thumbnail tour". The conditions for using this "thumbnail tour" are that it can only be used at midnight and the ritual to prepare it has to be complete beforehand. As the timeframe in which this "thumbnail portal" can be used is only 5 minutes long, itll be too late if they wait until midnight to begin the ritual. However, the ritual has to be finished exactly at midnight, so if necessary, they can finish it first, then activate it at midnight. All these preparations for the ritual do not require any weird magic arrays or spell chanting. Besides infiltrating a theme park that isnt open for service, these people arent really that weird. There are young people gathered in groups of 4 to 5 talking together; some are occasionally taking out French fries and hamburgers from the paper wrappers to eat; some are discussing in front of the theme parks introductory board; and others are standing and flipping through travel guidebooks. Their actions seem so normal. Their attire is much more normal than that of Index or Stiyl: one girl is wearing a cutie top and a pair of short jeans, a boy is wearing a mixed-colored shirt and baggy black pants, a lady is wearing a costume with her overcoat slung over her shoulders, and so on. The only weird thing is that around 10 people are carrying sports bags, musical instrument cases, surfboards, and all other sorts of bulky luggage; these are the people responsible for transporting the weapons. Only people of the same trade will understand that all their attire and actions are carefully planned. Theres a magical meaning behind everything. The numbers of males and females, the age difference, the color combinations of the clothes, the act of having 4 to 5 people gathering together, the contents of the discussion, the religious ritual that "eating" represents, the ingredients used for the hamburgers, what "eating meals" means in magical terms, the numbers where they stop, the act of reading, adding up all the page numbers together All these are classified as "codes" or "logos". All these actions the organization is doing creates a spell and a magic array. Like this, the spells of the Amakusa use things from everyday life which originated from several abandoned religious rituals that are choreographed over and over, so people cant tell that they "used magic". Such a trait originates from the Bakumou era, where they had to hide to avoid persecution. Its about time Tatemiya Saiji stands alone and far away from everyone, swinging the sword in his hand horizontally.

The streetlights made of metal lose their light, breaking into half and leaving behind diagonal cuts. Please watch carefully, for this is the Christian sect that has many religious values mixed into it: the Amakusa Catholics. He lifts his hands, looks at the night sky, and mutters softly.

Part 5
Its like an abandoned ruin covered by the night sky. This is what Kamijou thinks when he looked at "Parallel Sweets Wonderland" 200 meters in front of him, where the special teleportation portal is. All the lights inside have been turned off, and what is originally a bright and vibrant theme park is now pitch-black. Although it was originally designed to excite and delight people, right now, its giving the opposite effect. The warm, moist, and yet uncomfortable wind blows all of Kamijous sweat away. Kamijou turns his eyes away from the "Parallel Sweets Wonderland" and looks beside him. Several nuns dressed in black robes are gathered in a large parking lot of a department store. This is another strange scene. Then, Kamijou turns to look at Index. Index continues to write on her palm using her thumb, likely simulating how everything will go in her mind. It seems like shes not willing to let Kamijou get involved in this battle between spellcasters. As there are less members of the Roman Catholics than available being involved in this, the danger is much larger; Index is now a lot more anxious than she was a few hours ago. And on the other hand, Stiyl is standing behind Index, smoking a cigarette like usual. Of course, he is most likely thinking about ways to protect Index. Agnese walks towards Kamijou and company, her thick-soled sandals continuing to make that tapping sound. Right now, she seems like a completely different person. The look that she gave when she was bathing or when she was sleepy inside Kamijous futon, of her seemingly going to cry anytime, seemed to befit her age. But right now, shes like a person who will forget all emotions when shes working. That sense of nervousness that caused her legs to tremble so badly that shed appear to fall is now all gone. We found the Amakusas main forces at Parallel Sweets Wonderland, but theres no sign of 'The Book of the Law or Orsola. Although the probability is low, this may be a diversion by the enemy. So, I cant remove the perimeter or recall our patrol squads. Right now, we can only use the manpower we have with us right now.

Agnese said firmly, as if it was a foregone conclusion. Kamijou repeats her words in his head, and says, Not knowing who has custody of 'The Book of the Law, or even where Orsola is in this area, is a huge bother to us. Is there any way we can save her? If we spend too much time looking for her, wont the Amakusa escape with her in tow or even use her as a hostage? "Once the enemy is really pressured, theyll take a hostage to shield themselves." To Touma, this is almost like a golden rule. Touma thinks about Orsola. Shes a girl who lacks common knowledge, ignores what other people say, and would get lost if no one keeps an eye on her. No matter what, Kamijou does not want to see her being threatened by the enemy with sharp blades or guns. However, Agnese says without hesitation, If they move out of Parallel Sweets Wonderland, our perimeter will pick them up. As for the hostage I guess the Amakusa wont use her as a hostage. Why? Kamijou asked, puzzled. The Amakusas main objective is to find a way to read 'The Book of the Law with Orsolas help'. If they use her as a hostage and kill her in the process, all their plans will go to waste. Since they want to use the power of 'The Book of the Law, theyll want to ensure Orsola's safety through any means. Stiyl shakes the cigarette in his mouth, and says, My guess is that since they lost Kanzaki, the Amakusa want to use 'The Book of the Law to replenish their fighting strength. And since theyre using such tough means, I guess that theyre really hard-pressed. In other words, if they fail in their attempt to steal 'The Book of the Law, they wont be able to make a comeback next time. So, theyll pay extra attention to Orsolas safety. In other words, this means that we have to save Orsola before the Amakusa destroy everything indiscriminately? Kamijou feels that this is really a dilemma. If they pressure the Amakusa too much before they find Orsola, the Amakusa will probably kill her in the process; if they take it too easy, there will be less time to look for her. Also, the difference in battle strength between them means that theres no room for mistakes.

Agnese seems to understand this slight dilemma, and says, At this moment, Id like to divide our numbers into two. 80% of our main forces will act as bait, and attack the Amakusa head-on. During this time, please act as guerrillas and investigate the interior of Parallel Sweets Wonderland. Once you find 'The Book of the Law and Orsola, take them back. Agnese taps the soles of her sandals onto the ground, and says, They can only use the special teleportation magic before 12:05 AM. If we cant retrieve her past this time, well treat it as Orsola not being in this area; at that moment, please leave this place. Once we defeat the Amakusa, well do a thorough search in this area. In other words, if Orsola is not found before that time, but instead "really in this compound", shell be facing grave danger. Looking at the "Parallel Sweets Wonderland", trying to find someone isnt going to be easy. According to Agneses information, there are 75 stores inside this compound. Kamijou nervously swallows his saliva. At this moment, Index says, We also cant just leave the portal of the special teleportation magic unattended. If we dont destroy it, the Amakusa might take Orsola away and escape through the portal. Although Touma can easily destroy an already-opened portal, the portal only opens at midnight. If we are to try to stop this magic, we have to destroy all the tools used for this ritual. The problem, however, is that the Amakusa are best at disguising things; trying to find these things wont be easy. Finding 'The Book of the Law and Orsola, destroying the portal Seems like our schedule is rather packed. Stiyl said as he spat the cigarette onto the ground, and stepped on it to extinguish it. Agnese sees that everyone has done their mental preparations, and raises one hand. The nuns behind her, numbering more than 70, raise their weapons, and the ice-cold clang of metal echoes throughout the night sky. These people have all sorts of weapons: simple ones like swords and spears, ones that can barely be called weapons like silver rods and giant crosses, and even stranger ones for purposes unknown like gears as tall as humans and torches. Aneze also receives a silver rod from a nun beside her. This is unforgivable.

Agnese Sanctis places the silver rod against her shoulder, looks at the darkness in front of her, and says viciously, The promotion of Christianity is originally to save humanity, and yet these guys are using their power for such a meaningless purpose. Once they use violence for such a trivial matter, others will use even more meaningless violence to stop them. Why cant they understand such a simple chain reaction? This is truly a simple truth. To outsiders, its reasonable; to insiders, easy to understand. Of course, Kamijou himself will agree wholeheartedly with this. Maybe Im a bit disrespectful but I dont have a good impression on all magicians- not just the Amakusa, but especially those modern Western magic societies that appeared at the beginning of the 20th century that twist Christianity or use some backdoor tricks. The most notable examples are those who falsely use those magic arrays with Archangels' names like Demigods and Power of God. Even if were to ignore the 20th century, the alchemists who signed agreements with royalty during the witch-hunting era used such a high-sounding rhetoric like These are teachings of Christianity and not witchcraft, so Im a loyal servant of God. Agnese taps her sandals again, and says, These people love to memorize the Bible from beginning to end, sieving through every word of God, and find loopholes in it. This is what they call Black Magic to Christianity. These arent scary outside enemies, but rather despicable thieves from within. Magicians are like those politicians wholl exploit any loophole within the law, and cause the downfall of a country. Just when we're following orders and queuing up to buy bread, these magicians will blatantly cut in line, which will cause all sorts of ridiculous problems. What I mean is not that the magicians shouldn't have their bread, but that their act of cutting queue has to be condemned." Now that Agnese was talking about Christianity, Kamijou has nothing to say upon hearing this. What Agnese wants to emphasize is that she cant forgive the Amakusa for destroying (at least, this is what Agnese feels) the order that everyone follows. However, Stiyl Magnus, a real magician, whos stood nearby and listened to Agneses emotional speech, only reveals a delirious smile and a nonchalant look. As for Index, she looks as if she doesnt know what to do. Necessarius is composed entirely of magicians; these words should be rather harsh to them. Come to think about it, women really are creatures wholl change really fast. Agnese was nervously shaking around a while ago, and now shes completely changed. This is unbelievable. Kamijou looks around him, trying to find something else to talk about, and ends up looking at the Roman Catholic nuns around him.

To be honest, even though you humbly say that you cant gather all your people, its remarkable that you can gather this amount with just one order. Kamijou said in a surprised and admiring tone. Once Agnese hears this, she smiles and replies, Our specialty is our numbers; our compatriots are in 110 countries throughout the world, and even in Japan, there are many of our Church Ministries. Also, were building a new house of God called the Church of Orsola. If I remember correctly, its located near here. Once its complete, itll be the largest Church in Japan. Its about the size of a baseball stadium." A soft sound comes from the soles of Agneses sandals. Church of Orsola? Yes. Orsola once went to 3 pagan countries to preach Christianity to them, and her contributions are large, so the superiors specially allowed a Church to be built in her name. Doesnt she speak Japanese really well? Now that Agnese mentioned it, this seems to be the case. But the number of foreigners who speak Japanese so fluently around Kamijou are too many, so he didnt notice it too much. Of course, to Kamijou who can only speak Japanese, this is a good thing. After the Church is built, well be sending invitations. However, before this, lets settle the problem before us and not let this bother us. Agnese reveals a smile full of self-confidence. She carries the seemingly heavy silver rod over her shoulders, and stamps her heels onto the ground, creating a danging sound. The 30-cmthick soles bounce off, leaving behind a pair of ordinary sandals; it seems like the soles work like the zippers on the nuns robes, as one can choose to remove them at any time. Since its easier to walk like that, why wont you normally just take them off? Shut up; its called a sense of beauty. Wearing thick-soled sandals is my own style.

Part 6
11:27 PM. Kamijou, Index, and Stiyl arrive at the metal fence near the workers entrance to "Parallel Sweets Wonderland". Although they arent on the battlefield yet, Kamijou is feeling jumpy, as if the air were filled with static electricity. Maybe the enemy is monitoring their actions from within the darkness on

the other side of the wired fence. Although the enemy is only hiding in a corner of the compound, the entire area seems to be one large stomach of theirs. Such a scary place For a girl to be left here alone must be really uncomfortable for her. Also, she might be surrounded by several vicious sword- and spear-wielding criminals. Deep inside, Kamijou curses. If he had known that this would be the outcome, he would have brought Orsola to Academy City from the very start. Right now, Kamijou is really regretting it. Hey, Stiyl What? Do you think that we can finish everything within this time limit? Destroying the portal, finding 'The Book of the Law, rescuing Orsola, everything? Hearing Kamijous question, Stiyl became silent. Index looks nervous as she turns back and forth, staring at these two. To be honest, its gonna be difficult. After a while, Stiyl says again, We have no idea where the Book of the Law and Orsola are inside this area. Also, in fact, we know something that the Roman Catholics dont. Kamijou looks suspicious and puzzled. After this incident happened, Kanzaki Kaori, whos originally supposed to be in England, went missing. Im afraid that shes going to help her former subordinates by doing some drastic actions. So, if we want to utterly defeat the Amakusa, that Saint might probably attack us. Being stunned and tense, Kamijou feels his throat go dry. This magician, Kanzaki Kaori, managed to contain a real Angel during the "Angel Fall" incident. Although Kamijou did not witness her entire battle against the Angel, its not hard to imagine how scary she is as an opponent. And he also feels that all the predictions that Stiyl made about Kanzaki are rather reasonable.

So, I advise you not to think of executing this plan perfectly. There are too many flaws in this plan, and too many risks. Our last line of defense is to prevent 'The Book of the Law from being decoded successfully. If so Kamijou looks at Stiyls and Indexs faces, and says, Should we put Orsola's safety as our top priority? Ive no disagreements with that, since without the decoder, The Book of the Law would be useless even if they did have it. Also, the contents of 'The Book of the Law is ingrained within Index's head; the original has no value to us. Since 'The Book of the Law belongs to the Roman Catholics, even if we lost it, it wouldnt hurt the British Puritans one bit. I also feel that this idea is good. Anyway, even if we disagree, Touma will take action on his own, right? Our numbers are few, so we have to work together. The two magicians of the British Puritans Church, Index and Stiyl, have no disagreements. As experts, its expected that they know something that Kamijou doesnt, but right now, theyre using an idea that he, a layman, came up with. Um, thanks, guys. The two heard this, and are somewhat stunned. Index already has a lot of different expressions, so its normal, but Stiyl looks somewhat embarrassed. Stiyl covers his mouth, and says, Please dont say such disgusting things thatll lower our morale before we attack. The battle will begin at 11:30 PM, and we have to go in at the same time. Seems like its about time Touma, when we go in, please be careful, alright? Stay behind me and follow my instructions, and you wont get hurt. Hm, what are you saying? My right hand is an iron wall against magicians! You should be the one staying behind me, and give me advice when necessary. Having different opinions, Kamijou and Index are now silent.

Were about to begin our invasion; can you guys please get serious? Stiyl, whos coldly staring at the two regarding their argument, said softly. At this moment BOOM! An explosion occurs at the visitors entrance, located far away. Looking at the flames that are rising into the sky, Kamijou is flabbergasted as he says, Oi, do we have to make such a ruckus when attacking? If we dont do this, well lose to the enemy in terms of momentum. Touma, dont get careless. They havent created any unrest yet. Seems like someone used a spell that repels passersby and creates a fixed image. However, theres no sign of any of the Roman Catholics characteristics or habits seems like the Amakusa's. Having such an ability This is really bad news to us. No matter what they say, its time for action. Index sticks the tip of her nose onto the wire fence, silently observing the compound. After confirming that there arent any magical traps set, the trio climb over the fence and into the dark compound. The lights in the compound are off, so this place forms a mass of darkness within the entire city. One might even feel that the stars in the sky are especially bright. The trio enter the tour route from outside; through the gap between the shaved ice store and the almond jelly store, both of which are as large as jeeps; and got onto the tour route. Its a large circular road. Right in the middle is a watercourse, and the surface of the water is about 3 meters below them, so deep that they cant see the bottom. Several small stores are arranged around this watercourse and are like roadside ones, each having only a bar and no place for the customers to eat inside. On the inside of the watercourse is a square with many tables and chairs. It seems like the management hopes to divert the customers here. If its during the day, one should be able to create some wonderful memories here. But right now, this place is as if it were from a world in another dimension. There isn't even any light, and all the stores are now shut by ice-cold shutters; its as if no one in the entire compound welcomes Kamijou and company. Like someone who holds a flashlight below his chin and casts shadows over his face, there is a sense of fear and suspense here that cannot be described. Even Index, the gluttonous girl who'd love coming to this kind of place to eat, is now extremely tense as she stares into the darkness.

Touma, Touma, there isnt much time left; we have to find Orsola first, and fast. Ya, theres only 30 minutes left. If we can find the exact location of the portal, we could still stick around and wait, but we cant expect too much right now. Stiyl said. Maybe its because hes afraid of giving his location away that hes not smoking. There are sounds of growls, shrieks, screams, things being destroyed, and explosions; it seems like the battle between the Roman Catholics and the Amakusa has already begun. Right, I got it. After Kamijou finished saying this, he hears metal clanking against each other. The sound seems to come from above him. Kamijou casually looks up, and Four youths come crashing in from the roof of the shaved ice store. Theyre wielding weapons that resemble Western swords. !? Kamijou frantically pushes Index aside, and then Stiyl grabs Indexs collar, pulling her beside him. The swords carry the reflection of moonlight as they swing downwards, and quickly smash the place where Index had just been at. A boy and three girls. The four of them are about as old as Kamijou. Their attires aren't as eyecatching as a nuns robes; instead, they're ordinary clothes that one can find on the streets. This, however, makes the Western swords they're wielding even more sinister-looking. Stiyl says reluctantly, Hand-and-a-half sword, bastard sword, boar spear sword, dress sword Seems like the people of this country really like Western culture! Kamijou feels that he has seen these names in several fantasy RPGs. The lengths of the four swords range between 1 and 2 m, and the designs are somewhat unique; one of them even has a small, circular-shaped thing thats like a bulbous plant on the tip of its thin blade. He really doesnt have any idea what this would be for. Damn it, hasn't the main diversionary force attracted all the enemies yet?

The four teenagers land on the ground, separating Kamijou from Index and Stiyl. As the road is narrow, Kamijou cant get past the four easily and regroup with both Index and Stiyl. Stiyl places a rune on the ground, summons a flame sword, and then pulls something out from his torso, saying, This is for you. Dont lose it if you dont want to die. Kamijou hurriedly takes it. Its actually a silver cross necklace. This is Kamijou looks up. Before he can even ask, Whats this for?, an Amakusa girl wordlessly raises a pair of thin swords that are as long as brooms- probably the "dress sword"- as she charges towards Kamijou. Wa!? Kamijou frantically jumps back, and dodges the blow. The girl again steps forward, swinging her sword. Kamijou cant react in time, and for a moment, doesnt know what to do. Luckily, he trips, falls backwards, and manages to dodge this strike. Danger! Touma!! Kamijou hears Index scream as the girls "dress sword" swings downwards like a guillotine. He uses his falling momentum to roll backwards, and barely dodges this blow. Up until now, the enemy hasnt used any magic. In this situation, the "Imagine Breaker" is useless. If he were to use his right hand to block, itll be cut in half. Index! Kamijou frantically shouts, but the four enemies are standing in the middle of the road, thus Kamijou is unable to get to Index. Stiyl raises his flame sword, standing in front of Index. Two of the enemies, both of whom are wielding longswords, charge forward, as if they want to run Stiyl and Index whos behind him through. DONG! Theres a heavy collision sound. !? Seeing this, Kamijou is scared nearly to death. But upon looking at it calmly, he notices that Stiyl isnt even bleeding. Also, the two enemies who were charging at him just go past his body.

A mirage. Stiyls afterimage leaves behind a mocking smile, and vanishes into thin air. This smile doesnt seem to be directed at the Amakusa, their enemies, but rather to Kamijou. The duo then vanish into thin air. Right now, the four are staring at Kamijou, whos the only one left at the scene. Oi Wait a minute If youre going to escape, at least discuss a signal and a rendezvous! Damn it, Im now the scapegoat again? This isnt the first time! I remember the same thing happening when we were fighting the alchemist! Kamijou, who was left behind, quickly turns around, and scampers away. The enemy doesnt seem to know how to react upon seeing this. Kamijou looks back as he runs, and sees 3 of them running off in different directions. Seems like theyre chasing after Index who ran away. Theres only one enemy left. Only the girl who had raised her sword and swung at Kamijou continues to pursue after him. Shes really fast. Even though shes wielding a large and heavy Western sword, shes as fast as a bird. Oh, no! Ill be caught if I run straight! Kamijou quickly leaves the circular tour route, and enters some space between two stores thats not even 70 cm wide. This space shouldnt be considered an "alley", but rather a "gap". While running through this tiny gap, Kamijou suddenly tumbles forward. The shop here seems to be undergoing renovation, as a signboard is placed next to the wall and toolboxes, on the ground. He was tripped by these. Wa! Why do they leave these things around and not pack them nicely!? If he were to continue running like this, his back will be hacked down by the girl sooner or later. Kamijou looks at the toolboxes that were overturned, hoping to find something that can be used as a weapon, but he immediately realizes that this wont work. Even if he were to swing a hammer wildly, he cant possibly beat a real sword. Even if he were to randomly grab and throw some stuff, theyll likely be cut in half by the enemy. They can be cut in half? If so!

At this moment, the girl wielding the dress sword rubs against the ground with her soles, arriving at the entrance of the shop like a drifting car. Kamijou frantically grabs something thats like a toothpaste tube, and throws it behind him. The girl doesnt even look at the tube-like thing as she raises her sword, and slices it in half. Then, the girl raises her sword again, and rushes into the gap. !! Kamijou quickly stands up, crossing his hands over his head. The girls blade didnt stop as she cuts the air, swinging down onto Kamijous head. In terms of power, its definitely enough to cut Kamijous hands and body in half. Thunk! Unexpectedly, the sound created when the blade hit his wrists is dull. Theres not even a scratch on Kamijous skin. The toothpaste tube-like thing actually contains grease used for machinery. Such a highly viscous substance will stick on the blade like blood or fat, and greatly reduce its sharpness. If the girl were using a burning heavy sword like a Japanese one, even if it weren't sharp enough, it would still have enough weight to break Kamijous wrists. Its too bad, however, that the girl is using a ceremonial sword that belongs to ancient royalty. Although its decorated with gold, silver, and all sorts of gems, the blade is long and thin, so it lacks destructive power. !? The girl frantically raises her dress sword once more. Too late!! But Kamijou has already swung his arms to the side, flinging the blade away, and slams into the girl's waist viciously. With his entire weight pressing on her, the blow causes her to fall backwards. However, Kamijou is kind enough to protect the girls head with his hand, so the back of her head doesn't hit the ground full-force. Due to this collision, all the air within the girls lungs escapes, and she cant move. This is like someone who completely loses her body balance and gets tossed out from a judo throw; its expected that she'd faint.

Ouch, it hurts. After confirming that the girl isnt hurt, Kamijou sits on the floor with one buttock, and looks up. Above him is a night sky cut into a square by the four walls of the construct. Such a scene is rather common in an alley. In Academy City, street-fighting in the alleys is a lot more different than what Japan normally sees or imagines because for many students, as long as they can manipulate their powers well enough, theyre much scarier than guns. Besides that, several delinquents wield special weapons that arent inferior to esper powers. Or maybe its because Kamijous used to these that hes able to react accordingly when facing off against a sword user. Kamijou sits down and adjusts his breathing, observing the dress sword that the girl was originally holding. Although the blade is thin, maybe its because of its center of gravity that its heavier than expected. After thinking about it, Kamijou feels that he cant use the sword because he doesnt know any sword techniques, and therefore cant possibly beat an enemy with it. Also, if he were to hit the enemy with this, the enemy will definitely bleed; just thinking about it makes him shiver. Although its sharpness has decreased by a lot, Kamijou isnt willing to take this thing and recklessly swing it around. Come to think about it, if he were to leave the sword here, when that Amakusa girl wakes up, its likely that shell come chasing after him again. So, Kamijou can only drag that heavy sword away from their position. Damn it, what happened to Index and Stiyl? And wheres Orsola? Should I meet up with them? Or should I find Orsola on my own? This is the consequence of not setting up a rendezvous. Come to think about it, Kamijou didnt expect to be working separately from them from the very start. After thinking about his next strategy, he drags the heavy sword back to the circular road. Suddenly, a figure comes crashing into his side. !? As that figure came rushing out from the shadows, Kamijou did not sense it at all. Being crashed into like this, he loses his balance and quickly throws his longsword away, trying to prevent himself from being stabbed accidentally as he falls. Right now, the situation can be said to have been completely reversed. Kamijous the one who got knocked onto the ground, but he braced himself, so the damage he received wasnt as bad as what the girl suffered. To prevent the enemy from jumping him, he raises his fist, preparing to fight back.

Eh? However, Kamijou relaxes his fist immediately because there something strange about the enemy in front of him. The enemy is wearing a black nuns cap and robes. Its already so hot, and yet this nun's clothes cover her entirely, from head to toe. Not only that, but her hands are also tied to her back with white duct tape, each of her hands holding onto the opposite elbow. Even her mouth is gagged with duct tape. Looking closer, he notices that the duct tape seems similar to some type of cloth and theres some ink on top, with some distorted text that looks like kanji. Anyone can tell that this is Orsola Aquinas. At this moment, Kamijou heaves a sigh of relief, and his entire body crashes onto the ground. Mmmm! Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! The moment Orsola, whos gagged up by that weird talisman, saw Kamijou, she tried to talk. What? Since you specially came all the way to Japan, you want to meet a real sumo wrestler? Youre really like an old granny! Not all Japanese are sumo wrestlers! Mmm! Ah? Wait Im only jok! Before Kamijou can finish speaking, an angry headbutt meets his chest. Both he and Orsola go crashing onto the ground. At first, Kamijou can only cough and gasp for breath, but after a while, he realizes that his hands are touching something soft. Actually, his hand is placed on Orsolas voluptuous and ample breast, the heartbeat and warmth traveling through his hands, but Orsola doesnt seem to realize it. Eh? WAAA! Kamijou immediately goes red, quickly climbs up from under Orsolas body, and uses his right thumb to gently remove the talisman taped onto Orsolas mouth. Now that she felt someone touch her lips indirectly through the talisman stuck on them, Orsola reveals a stunned expression, but upon seeing that talisman fall on its own naturally, shes even more shocked. May may I ask are you the mister who I met at the bus stop? Why Of course Im here to save you! Ahhh, save the details for later; anyway, we have to get out of here!

Kamijou looks around him, and after confirming that no one is around, retrieves the sword which he just threw aside. Orsola doesnt seem to be aware of whats going on, as she mutters seemingly to herself, and not to Kamijou, Eh? Eh? May I ask youre really trying to save me? It does not concern 'The Book of the Law? Im too lazy to bother with that kind of thing. You think that Ill run all the way here just for an ancient book? Do I look that carefree? Kamijou shook his head as he shouted. Orsola seems scared and shocked as her body jerked. Ah um Really thank you for your grace and kindness. Ya dont need to thank me. Oh, yeah, why are you here? Where are those Amakusa? The the Roman Catholics and the Amakusa seem to be having a big fight. I escaped during this mess Come to think about it, the Amakusa dont seem to be good at confinement and imprisonment. Kamijou picks up the dress sword, goes behind Orsola, and breaks the seal on her wrists. Orsola massages her hands that were just freed, and asks, Thank thank you. However may I ask how did you do it? Hm? This is my special ability Im not going to explain it to you; the development of esper powers on the Science side will probably confuse you badly. Come to think about it, why are you still here strolling around? Why didnt you think of escaping right away? Its not that I dont wish to escape, but that I can't; the two sides are fighting really hard at the entrance. Also, my hands were tied, so I couldn't get over the fence. And just when I was looking for another entrance! Before Orsola can finish speaking, Kamijou suddenly grabs her arm, and runs back to the gap between the shops. Orsola sees the Amakusa girl who fainted and is lying on the ground, and nearly screams. Quiet! Kamijou whispered as he covered Orsolas mouth with his right hand. He then runs to the end of the gap, and upon arriving there, presses his body against the wall.

Several footsteps can be heard from the circular road outside there before becoming softer and softer. These people do not seem to be looking for Index and Stiyl, but rather for Orsola who has escaped. Each of them is wielding either a sword or an axe and giving the others orders. They really look scary. After confirming the footsteps to now be far away, Kamijou leans his back onto the wall, and slowly sits down. Orsola follows suit, gracefully sitting down beside him.

Part 7
To the Amakusa, the place where Kamijou and Orsola are sitting at seems to be a blind spot. Theyre at the back of a shop and there are shrubs growing around them, so if they keep low, it will be impossible for them to be seen from afar. However, because of this small safety area, Kamijou and Orsola are unable to move. Those youths from the Amakusa are running around, as their footsteps continue to be heard from the tour routes nearby. Anyone who hears these footsteps can understand that the duo will be found out if they move out. Kamijou is worried about Index and Stiyls safety. Since Orsola is beside him and theyre still inside "Parallel Sweets Wonderland" and haven't escaped, staying here is dangerous and meaningless. However, Kamijou is unable to contact them, and he cant take the risk by leaving his hiding place to go look for them. I heard that the special magical teleportation portal can only be activated from midnight to 12:05 AM; in other words, as long as I hide here, the Amakusas plan wont work either way. But is this a good idea? Kamijou takes out his phone, wanting to see the time on the display, but hes afraid of giving away his location in the darkness through his screens light, so he stops halfway through. He thinks, it would be good if I can contact them by phone. Too bad Indexs phone was taken by that Calico cat and he doesnt know Stiyls number. Kamijou sits down, his legs stretching forward, and he incidentally touches the blade of the dress sword. The sound and touch relieves Kamijou of his thoughts and awareness, and its at this moment when he realizes that hes breathing heavily. He wipes his forehead with his hand, and finds that hes sweating so much that it's abnormal. Maybe its because hes overly nervous that even a short amount of exercise will make him sweat like he just ran a marathon. Eh? Orsola seems to realize this, as she grabs a laced handkerchief from her sleeves. Kamijou has a bad premonition about this, and shifts his butt backwards.

No theres no need for this, no need for this! A little sweat is nothing; dont dirty your handkerchief! Come to think about it, something similar happened at the station GwuaaaaHHHH! Before Kamijou can finish speaking, Orsola mercilessly presses the handkerchief, filled with a flowery aroma, onto his face. If you dont wipe the sweat off, you may catch a summer cold! Ah, yeah, didn't something similar happen near the bus stop? Didnt I tell you the same thing a while back? Just eight seconds ago! Youre really an old granny that doesnt listen to other peoples words! This is unbearable really unbearable! Stop pressing against my mouth and nose! Kamijou, whos in a slight state of asphyxia, tries to gather enough strength to escape from Orsolas handkerchief attack, but its useless. After Orsola continues to wipe Kamijous face to her hearts content, she reveals a dazzling smile, and asks, May I ask, are you from Academy City? Cough cough ugh Hm? Yeah, thats right. Since youre from Academy City, why did you appear here of all places? Your actions should be somewhat related to the Roman Catholics, right? But from what I know, theres no Church in Academy City, right? Orsolas tone was somewhat skeptical. But Kamijou's attitude is somewhat melancholic. Oh, Im special. Theres a friend of mine among the British Puritans. Im roped into helping in this case for some reason, and even I myself am not clear about whats going on. When Orsola heard this, her shoulders jerked. Its like she reacting to some major report. Hm? Are you worried? If Im not wrong, youre from the Roman Catholic Church, right? Is the relationship between the Roman Catholics and the British Puritans that bad? No, its not that. Orsola silently thinks for a while, and then continues,

May I confirm it again? Youre here to help on request from the British Puritans, right? Yeah. Kamijou casually nods his head. Orsola mutters a Mmmmm sound, and doesnt respond for a while. After a while, Orsola suddenly opens her mouth and says, Ah, youre sweating quite a bit. Enough, I beg you! Stop wiping my sweat away! In other words, youre here on the British Puritans' instructions and not the Roman Catholics', right? Ugh our conversation jumps from one topic to another? Eh its not really that formal. Ah, let me clarify first, I cant help you do anything for the British Puritans, since Im a resident of Academy City. I see. For some reason unknown, Orsola laughs, as if she was relieved of a burden. This is the case, alright. Someone like you shouldnt get involved with our side. You think so? Hm so, carrying this thing around is useless. Kamijou said this as he looked at the Cross that Stiyl threw to him before he left. Although he has no idea what effect this thing has, the moment he caught it with his right hand, that effect would have been nullified. Ah, is that the Cross that British Puritan friend of yours gave you? How do you know? There are many different shapes and designs of a Cross, such as a Latin Cross, a Celtic Cross, a Maltese Cross, a Saint Andrews Cross, a Patriarchal Cross, and a Papal Cross. Oh, I see. However, this thing in my hand is useless to me. It feels weird for an atheist to be holding this Cross. Why dont I give it to you? Kamijou said this casually, yet when Orsola hears this, shes so happy that shes about to jump.

Ah, is that true? Yeah. Although I dont know why Stiyl would give this thing to me, theres probably not too much significance. Also, that guy knows that I cant use magic He really likes to tease people; maybe its a joke. Oh, yeah, this Cross should be useless now, since even though Im clueless about magic, I already touched this Cross with my right hand. Kamijou handed the Cross over to Orsola as he said this. However, Orsola grabs his hand like a handshake, and wraps it around with her other hand, saying, May I ask you something? Eh? Wha what? Orsolas hand was even softer than what Kamijou expected, making his voice tremble. I hope that you can help me put this necklace on. Ah? Oh okay. Kamijou replied. For his convenience, Orsola closes her eyes and raises her chin to allow Kamijou to put the Cross around her neck. It really looks like shes wishing for Kamijou to kiss her. Kamijou freaks out and frantically looks down, only to look at Orsolas chest. The already ample chest now looks much larger thanks to her posture. WAAAAAAA! Kamijou is so scared that he doesnt know what to do. Hm? What? Noth nothing! Really nothing! Oh? Orsola gives a skeptical look with her eyes still shut. Kamijou hastily unfastens the necklace. Orsolas neck is entirely covered by white cloth, so Kamijou hangs the necklace around her neck. Up until this moment, he realizes that he should have hung it from behind her; hanging it from the front is like reaching his hands around her and hugging her. This makes him extremely nervous. Kamijous fingertips touch the back of Orsolas neck, his hands trembling continuously and not following his commands. It takes him quite a while to hang the necklace around her neck.

Orsola looks rather satisfied, as she continues to feel the Cross on her chest. Kamijou casually looks in the direction where shes pointing at, but his eyes are attracted by her huge breasts, so he quickly looks away. Once theres an embarrassing thought within his head, itll linger on for quite some time. Kamijou cant stand the silence any longer and decides to come up with something to talk about. Oh, yeah, I heard that you know how to read 'The Book of the Law. Its not exactly reading it. I would call it deciphering it Orsola slowly said this, but halfway through, she thought of something, and immediately turned around rigidly. Ah, please dont misunderstand. Im not asking you how to decipher it. Im just curious: why do you want to analyze 'The Book of the Law? Isnt the book supposed to be dangerous? Orsola stares at Kamijou for quite some time, and finally relaxes. She says, On a certain level of significance, its to gain some power. She shakes her head slightly, and continues, Do you know what kind of thing an original magic book is? Do you know that one cant destroy an original through any means? Um. I heard of this before. The reason seems to be because the words, paragraphs, and chapters will form some sort of spell array, right? Yes. A magic book is actually a blueprint. A magic book that records lightning magic is also a mechanism that creates lightning. Especially for an original-class magic book, even if it doesnt rely on human magic, as long as theres a little natural energy or life force, that power will be magnified exponentially, creating a semi-permanent defense mechanism. Orsola thinks for a while, and says, With our spells now, we cant destroy any magic book. The most we can do is seal it and not allow others to read it. She then continues, However, being unable to do so now doesnt mean that it cant be done in the future. Since the original is also a magic book, if someone adds in a few specific words or paragraphs, theyll be able to make it ineffective. Its like operating switches to change a train's path; we can use it

on the magic book itself in order to destroy its magic array. In other words, its to allow the original to self-destruct. Finally, she says firmly, The power of a magic book isnt going to give anyone happiness, and itll only bring about war. So, Ive been analyzing this book, hoping to destroy the original. Stunned, Kamijou stares at Orsola. He originally thought that the reason why Orsola is trying to decipher "The Book of the Law" was to gain power, but its actually the opposite. The reason why Orsola is analyzing "The Book of the Law" is to make its tremendous power disappear. Now that he understands this, Kamijou heaves a sigh of relief deep inside. Dong! Theres a heavy sound from outside. The sound comes from the other side of the shop, in the direction of the circular tour road; at this moment, something comes flying in from above and into Kamijous sight. It seems like a person. A priest that has red hair and is wearing a black coat. Sti yl? Before Kamijou could finish speaking, Stiyl has already landed heavily onto the ground as his back crashes into the shrub thats originally covering Kamijou and Orsola. His clothes are torn badly by a sharp sword, blood flowing out profusely from his wounds. That sound just now came out from the other side of the shop, but he fell here? Dont tell me he actually flew over from there! Kamijou conjures a horrific image in his head. Stiyl, whos on the ground, shouts, Damn it! Kamijou Touma what are you doing? Hurry up and run! Eh? Kamijou is stunned. At this moment, something that looks alive pierces through a wall two stores away from him.

!? Before he could understand whats going on, the wall of the store completely collapses. A silhouette appears from behind the wall like a killer whale emerging from water. The construct which has lost its support quickly collapses behind him as the shoulder-wide planks fall beside this silhouette. But this guy is unfazed by it, even revealing a slight smile.

He's a male around 25 years old, with a tall and skinny figure, but hes wearing a large T-shirt and jeans that even a sumo wrestler can wear. The T-shirt is white in color, with two red stripes forming a cross on the left side of his chest. His hair is waxed extremely messily, as if its deliberate. The highlight however should be his hair. His hair is really so black that its likely that he used a black hair dye to dye it. Its not only black, it gives off a mysterious shine like a carapace. Hes wearing basketball shoes with shoelaces so frightening long it measures about 1m. As its so long, even if he were to accidentally step on it, its unlikely that hell trip. Theres a rope made of either leather or another similar material hanging around his neck, with four to five mini fans about 10cm big hanging on the rope around his neck. Nobody can guess the intentions behind his get-up. Of course, the most unbelievable thing is what hes holding. A Flamberge. A 17th century dual-handed sword that originates from France thats about 180cm long. The unique characteristic about this blade is that the blade is as curvy as a flame. Its said that the current design is meant to increase its destructive power. Stiyls magic emphasizes on numbers to gain strength. As long as the place is filled entirely with rune cards, hes able to use powerful magic. In other words, this battle is rather disadvantageous to him. He has no time to set the field up as he fights while moving. Also, hes protecting Index, and theres no other way out except to use his own body as a shield. Dont bother about these unimportant things, Stiyl says in a tone that feels like hes going to vomit blood anytime. Very good, looks like you found Orsola Aquinas. Youre the same as always, I dont know whether to call it a blessing or a misfortuneanyway, hurry up and run away! Dont think of beating him, its our victory as long as we escape! Stiyl attempts to support his body with his heavily trembling legs, and is unable to succeed. Tatemiya Saiji happily looks at Stiyl, and then turns to look at Orsola, saying, Oh yeah, why am I meeting you here again? Didnt I tell you so many times? Orsola Aquinas, we dont intend to harm you any further. His tone sounds frivolous, as if he doesnt even want anyone to agree with him. Orsola looks at the collapsed store, and the injured Stiyl, and the Flamberge in Tatemiyas hand. The first time you said this to me, it was really full of hope. But now, I cant trust the peace that you bring through violence.

Too bad. Even if you return to the Roman Catholics, whats the point? Tatemiya gently waves his hand wielding the Flamberge, as if hes trying to confirm that nothing strange is on his shoulder. Kamijou silently stands in front of Orsola. He does not have a weapon in his hand. Even if hes to swing an unfamiliar weapon around wildly, he cant possibly beat this opponent in front of him. He might as well not use a weapon which is heavy and unfamiliar to him. Tatemiya stares at Kamijous face, followed by the ceremonial sword that lies beside his feet. No combat stance, no artifacts, and no hidden magic code on your clothes. Youre really unarmed. Hm, although I dont feel like fighting against an amateurseems like I have no choice. That sword, did you get it from Uragami? Tatemiya scowls, his expression looks severely distorted, deliberately giving off a sense of invisible pressure. Kamijou never heard of this person called Uragami. If youre referring to your subordinate, shes lying down there. I protected the back of her head, so it shouldnt be life-threatening. Theres now no sense of frivolity in Tatemiyas tone now. Seeing this reaction, Kamijou can already see Tatemiyas character. Hes not a monster, hes an ordinary man wholl rage when his comrade is bullied. Since youre someone wholl fight for others, can you please put your blade away? I dont really want to fight with someone like you. Im thinking the same thing, but the problem cant be solved that easily. Although our main enemies are the Roman Catholics, since you British Puritans have joined in, I cant just ignore this. Moresoever, I cant let Orsola be taken away by you guys. Tatemiya raises the sword thats almost 2 metre long above his head easily, swinging it wildly like a cheerleader captain waving her baton. Anyway, you have become an attack target of mine now. Ill see less blood if you are willing to kneel down and surrender.

Tatemiya laughs, though he looks regretful. Although he says it like this, he has predicted how the enemy will respond. Of course, Kamijou is rather scared. Hes aware of what kind of people a Real Magician is. And among them, those magicians that dont over rely on magic are the hardest to take on. For someone like the alchemist, Aureolus Izzard, as he already has a powerful magic move, he wont prepare for a second move. But for people like Tsuchimikado Motoharu, he wont rely on his spells too much, so hell always use different techniques. Tatemiya Saiji is obviously the latter. Even if he doesnt use magic, he can use the Flamberge in his hand to hack Kamijous head in an instant. Just seeing him being able to beat Stiyl without a single scratch (Of course, another reason is that Stiyl is distracted, having to protect Index), it shows that hes really good. Fighting with him is almost futile. Kamijous entire body starts to tremble. Its like a rather fast child racing with an Olympic sprinter. Should he surrender? Since the enemy in front of him cant be beaten with abilities, Kamijou is unable to think of anything that can reverse the situation. The problem is (If I surrender, whatll happen to Stiyl?) Stiyl bends his body, gasping heavily for breath, and glares at Tatemiya. The reason why he decides to take part in this is because he thought that itll be beneficial to Index. So, hell never give up. The reality of despair and Kamijous advice are not going to stop this man, Stiyl Magnus. But if he doesnt give up, the outcome can be easily seen. (If I surrender, whatll happen to Index?) Index looks like shes going to rush in anytime and get between Kamijou and Tatemiya. Once Kamijou starts fighting with Tatemiya, the option of surrender will disappear. If so, shell try her best to create a chance for the outsider to the magical world, Kamijou to escape. Even if

shes unable to fight, even if both sides have their special abilities, even if Kamijou doesnt wish for her to do this. Finally (If I surrender, whatll happen to Orsola?) The Roman Catholic nun looks worriedly at Kamijous face, and turns to Tatemiyas face. Since Tatemiya wants the knowledge, spells and power of the Book of the Law, hell probably not kill Orsola straight away. On the contrary, hell protect her so that she wont get caught in the crossfire. But, once Tatemiya Saiji gets Orsola, hell bring her back to the Amakusas main base. Over there, if Orsola refuses to co-operate and tell them how to read the Book of the Law, one can guess whatll be the outcome. And what Tatemiya Saiji and the Amakusa want is only how to read the Book of the Law, and not Orsola Aquinas herself. Once they achieve their objective, its unthinkable what theyll do to Orsola. (Its not exactly reading it. I would call it deciphering it) -What she wanted wasn't ever the power of the Book of the Law. (On a certain level of significance, its to gain some power. ) -To prevent something like this from happening, shes trying her very best. (We can use it on the magic book itself to destroy the magic array. In other words, its to allow the original to self-destruct.) -But there are people wholl mock and trample on her hard work, or even use her accomplishments for their own gain. This man is smiling as he stands in front of Kamijou. (The power of a magic book isnt going to give anyone happiness, and itll only bring about war. So Ive been analyzing this book, hoping to destroy the original.) Kamijou stretches his leg, kicks the ceremonial sword aside, and steps forward. No matter how sad or how awkward, the only one who can stop Tatemiya now is Kamijou. Even so, is there any reason for Kamijou to release his fist? Dont look down on me.

Kamijou murmurs. The fist which is already as hard as rock is now even tighter. When Tatemiya Saiji saw this, he sighs, as if hes trying to find regret from deep within the bottom of his heart. Seeing your eyes, that glare makes me feel so sad, really sad. Although the result has been settled, your outspoken personality makes me not want to kill you. Tatemiya gently waves the wavey broadsword, the Flamberge. However, since its already settled, this day next year will be your death anniversary! Just as Tatemiya says this, Kamijou hears a loud explosion. Tatemiya stamps onto the ground with his sole, filled with energy like that of an explosion. Kamijou is so nervous that his entire body froze, and the opponent has already taken the first step. Just one step and the tip of Tatemiyas sword will touch Kamijou. Tatemiya raises the broadsword high, and the light thats reflected from his blade makes Kamijou unable to move, as he feels like a frog paralysed upon seeing a snake staring at him. He thought of raising his hands to protect himself. But that wont be able to block the broadsword. (Wuugh! Dontdont be afraid! Hurry up and move!) Kamijou continues to give orders to his stiff body, and finally manages to take the first step. Its not backwards, or sideways, but forward. Seeing Kamijou coming forward from slightly to the right, Tatemiya is somewhat intrigued, not understanding why an amateur would run into his attack range. Ho! Saiji breathes out some air and swings the sword down like a lightning strike. This critical blow can cut Kamijou in half, whos rushing in like a cannonball. ! Next, Kamijou uses his entire body strength and jumps, not slightly to the right, but straight on towards Tatemiyas right arm. Sweat sheds off into the air and is cut in half by the giant sword. As this jump is completely different from what Kamijou would normally do, the impact to his

ankle is rather great. Kamijou does not land successfully and loses his balance, slamming into the wall of the store beside him. Ha! Tatemiya turns his body around, swinging the sword that has landed onto the ground. But upon seeing Kamijou leaning against the wall, he reveals a smile full of self-confidence. (Heres a chance!) Kamijou lowers his body as much as he can. When the enemy lowers his sword, if he were to dodge sideways, the enemy will normally cut laterally as a follow up. Because if he raises his sword and attacks again, his movements will be slower. Kamijou gets as low to the ground as possible and rushes in front of Tatemiya Saiji. Theres no need to think of attacks other than a horizontal cut. If Tatemiya insists on doing a vertical cut, he wont be able to react to Kamijous movements, wholl land a punch on him before the sword lands. Of course, as Kamijou expected, Tatemiya Saiji raises his sword and cuts horizontally. It grazes the top of Kamijous head, entangling his heart in fear. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Kamijou shouts loudly, clenches his fist, and dashes in front of Tatemiya. Even Orsola, whos on the same side as him, is scared and stunned by his momentum. Even Tatemiya, who uses his entire strength to swing this two-handed sword, cant dodge Kamijous punch. At this moment, Tatemiya Saiji disappears. Tatemiya, whos supposed to be in front of Kamijou, instantly backs away for about 1m, and the sword, which is swung horizontally, is now raised above his head for some reason. Its like time was reversed and everything restarted. Its like an illusion that deliberately lures Kamijou in. Ah?

Kamijou feels a chill all over his body, and quickly rolls to the side. DONG! The vertical strike splits the ground like paper. Maybe its because of too much friction, the dirt that flew looks orange, like magma. This seriously doesnt look like something that can occur according to the laws of physics. (Magic? If so!) Kamijou clenches his fist tightly. If that blade is made of magic, he can destroy it with his right hand. He made up his mind and swings his right fist towards the blade that flying over. NoDont! Touma! Hearing Indexs voice, Kamijou quickly retracts his fist. In order to protect Kamijou, whos now wide open, the young girl rushes forward without hesitation into Kamijous vision. (No waythat isnt magic?) Those actions that Tatemiya just used Moving backwards in a way that eyes cant see, splitting the ground with a single strike. Dont tell me those were just simple sword techniques? Kamijou feels a chill inside him. No! Dont come over! Index! Hearing Indexs voice, Kamijou quickly retracts his fist. In order to protect Kamijou, whos now wide open, the young girl rushes forward without hesistation into Kamijous vision. (No waythat isnt magic?) Those actions that Tatemiya just used Moving backwards in a way that the eyes cant see, splitting the ground with a single strike. Dont tell me those were just simple sword techniques? Kamijou feels a chill inside him. No! Dont come over! Index! Kamijous shout is unable to extinguish the girls determination. Tatemiyas sword comes swinging down again, and its almost like sound can be cut. Kamijou, who originally believes that his right fist can neutralize the attack, didnt come up with a plan B. Thinking about it now will be too late. Kamijou can only stare widely and watches the blade come flying towards him.

O original flame, turn thy into light, blade of gentle protection and divine judgment! Stiyl suddenly shouts, creating a huge explosion. This is an explosion caused by a fire absorbing too much oxygen. The Flame Sword in Stiyl's hands pierces through the night and successfully attracts Tatemiyas attention. Damn it! Taking advantage when Tatemiya turns to look right, Kamijou jumps away in the opposite direction, trying to pull away from Tatemiya. But, he failed. When Kamijou made the first move, Tatemiya, whos looking in the opposite direction, is somehow able to catch up like a shadow. Tatemiya feet arent moving at all, and its like hes skating on ice, the movements arent natural at all. (Magic?) Kamijou feels his back go numb. When Tatemiya turned around, the large sword came swinging around like a tornado sweeping across. He frantically bends down to avoid this strike. DONG! A heavy impact hits Kamijous waist, who should have avoided successfully. Looking closer, a transparent snowball as big as a soccerball is buried into Kamijous body. When he looks at it, the snowball vanishes, as if someone coloured it with watercolour. Because of this blow from the snowball, Kamijou is knocked to the ground, and continues to roll. -Let's go back in time for a moment, to when Kamijou and Tatemiya just met each other. When the boy was about to be sliced by that sword, Index rushed forward without hesitation. (That isAmakusa) Index trembles as she runs. Besides being fearful, shes impressed. The magic that the Amakusa uses isnt really special on its own. At least not as grand, unique and powerful as Stiyls Innocentius or Aureolus' Alchemy. However, the Amakusa in turn use this point against them.

Kanzakis Nanasen is probably the best example. If theres one word that can describe the Amakusas basic fighting style, its disguise. Most of the attacks that looks like magic are just simple illusions, but among these illusions, theres a real magical fatal blow. Index continues to run. Kamijou and Tatemiya seem to be standing abnormally far away from her. Defending against magical attacks is a lot different from defending against non-magical attacks. Once you mess up, youll be in for some suffering. Indexs Spell Intercept can seal off an enemys magic. As a magicians needs to think to create magic, by using words or action thatll disrupt the magician whos chanting the spell, the magic will go out of control. Its like challenging someone to a tongue twister; saying something different to his ear will make a person mess it up. But, the Spell Intercept wont work on the Amakusa. The spells, talismans and magic arrays that they use are too special. Their spells are made up of several religious significances in everyday business and interactions. Especially for an enemy like Tatemiya, whose magic is composed of 10 or 20 Actions that have some magical meaning behind it. The time taken for every single action doesnt last for a single second. With Indexs voice and technique, its impossible to use Spell Intercept to prevent the actions in one second. Just after opening his mouth, Tatemiyas actions have stopped. As the conditions for activating his magic is all within his sword techniques, if one wants to prevent his magic, they have to be able to match his sword movements. Of course, Index is unable to imitate those highly-difficult sword techniques. In conclusion, even if Index were to rush in, shes unable to beat back Tatemiya Saiji. Besides the gulf in abilities between these two, Tatemiyas specialities are the kind that Index has the most trouble handling. As a magic specialist, Index is acutely aware of this. Kamijou takes a hit from the magical snowball and rolls on the floor. Tatemiya Saiji raises his Flamberge high, like a worker raising a hammer to hammer a nail in. Index has no way to prevent this attack. The Spell Intercept will have no effect on the Amakusa. Touma! But, Indexs feet never stopped moving.

Shes not thinking that much either. Seeing Index rushing in without caring for her own safety, Stiyl Magnus is frightened to death. She does not have any combat capabilities, and if she stands in front of Tatemiya, shell be hacked into two within a second. Ugh! Stiyl only has a flame sword in his hands. If he wants to activate Innocentius, he has to quickly place rune cards, and theres no time now. If he were to rush in wildly now, he might be able to get in front of Tatemiya before Index does. Hell then attack Tatemiya next, and explode the flame sword when Tatemiya blocks it with the Flamberge. Thisll likely cause a little interference. The problem, however, is that Kamijou is now standing between Stiyl and Tatemiya. If he were to charge towards Tatemiya, hell have to pierce through Kamijou first. In an instant, the flame priests face becomes distorted due to frustration. The inner conflict inside him only lasts a while. Then, a glimmer of determination appears in the priests eyes. (A long time ago, I swore) Stiyl Magnus tries to adjust his breathing with his dry mouth. (Sleep well, even if you forget everything, Ill remember it forever. Ill live for you, and die for you.) In order to protect the most important thing, Stiyl aims the flame sword at the teenagers back. Exhaling all the oxygen inside his body and losing consciousness at the same time, Kamijou sees Tatemiya raise the broadsword in front of him. He desperately recollects the thoughts that he lost and tries to grasp the situation. His two legs shaking, theres no way Kamijou can dodge Tatemiyas next attack. Index is rushing here, and several seconds later, shell get beside Tatemiya, and be killed. Glancing behind, Stiyl raises his flame sword, but his own body seems to be blocking the flame swords path.

Within one second, Kamijous thoughts are very clear. If he doesnt want to lose anyone, or anything, and allow everything to end with everyone smiling Theres only one way. Come on. Kamijou clenches his fist. Pierce me through as well, Stiyl! Kamijou squeezes out his last ounce of strength and dashes towards Tatemiya Saiji without hesitation. Upon hearing this, Tatemiya Saiji is somewhat messed up. Theres a British Puritan nun rushing in from behind him, but killing her will be easy. In order to protect the nun, the boy in front of him also clenches his fist, but hell be alright even after killing the boy in front of him, then the nun behind him. The problem is the priest behind the boy. That British Puritan lowers the flame sword to his waist, and charges toward him. !? If the priest decides to stab him with the flame sword, itll pierce through the boys body without question. But, theres no sign of hesitation in the priests eyes. His eyes are as sharp as the blade of a knife, his mouth smiling like a beast, and his mind seems to only think about taking down the enemy. In order to block the flame swords strike, Tatemiya raises the Flamberge. But at this moment, the boy places his right fist backwards, preparing to strike like a hammer. Peh! If he blocks this strike, he wont be able to defend against the flame sword. Also, the main objective of the flame sword isnt to hack, but to explode. Hell probably die at once if hes not careful in handling this. If he does not quickly activate a spell that defends against flames to defend against the flame sword first, hell be swallowed in the flames caused by the explosion together with the boy, whos sacrificing himself.

(Ive already cast a basic spell that defends against impacts earlier during our battle, a mere amateurs punch shouldnt be able to hurt me. Whats scary is that flame sword got to set up an anti-flame spell first!) Tatemiya sways the sword that was raised like a river. By removing the flame attribute from the Flamberge, and by swaying the sword around like a river to suppress, he manages to create a spell called Suppress fire. (Good! The spell is complete! Once the sword stabs through, be prepared to taste my counter!) Tatemiya Saiji sticks his large tongue out, licking his lips greedily. The priest charges on and slams into the boys back. The flame sword in his hand will pierce through the boys body and towards Tatemiyas abdomen. (I win!) But, things didnt turn out as expected. Tatemiya has already prepared an anti-flame spell, intending to send the heat and flames caused by the explosion of the flame sword back. But nothing like this happened. The boy forcefully pulls his right fist back, ready to slam him like a hammer, and the priests flame sword just happens to land on his fist. Bam! A sound similar to that of a balloon bursting is heard. The priests flame sword explodes into fireworks, and vanishes. Ah? This is Wha!? Tatemiya, who has already set up the anti-flame spell and thinking about a counter, does not understand a single thing thats going on. BAM! A terrifying sound is heard as the boys fist lands brutally on Tatemiyas face. (Kaaaaa! The anti-impact spellwas broken through?) Tatemiyas body flies backwards. Just when hes about to stand upright, the boy and the priest slam into him. Being hit by the weight of two people, Tatemiyas body rolls on the ground at an astonishing speed like he was being hit by a large hammer. Just like this, Tatemiya loses his consciousness. Twang! The Flamberge leaves his hand and rolls on the floor.

Chapter 3: Anglican Church

Part 1
The battle is over. Kamijo thought, maybe its because the Amakusa are in a mess over losing Tatemiya, their leader. No fighting can be heard from afar, and the tension in the air is gone. These signs tell Kamijo that the battle is over. As they havent met up with Agnese, they dont know the situation, but it seems like the Roman Catholics won. Otherwise, during that intense battle, more Amakusa members would have arrived as reinforcements. Hes worried about both the Roman Catholics and the Amakusa, concerned about the number of casualties suffered. Regarding this, Stiyls reply is that, Theres no deaths on both sides. Right now, the Roman Catholics are tying up the Amakusa members. Actually, hes able to transmit messages through cigarette smoke, thats why he can be so confident about it. There seems to be some meaning in the smoke patterns, but of course, Kamijo is unable to understand it completely. Slightly far away, Tatemiya Saiji is sitting on the floor. Theres rune cards on his hands, legs, chest, back and forehead. These represent some really terrifying magic, and once he moves, his entire body will be set ablaze. Right now, Stiyl is bringing Orsola to meet Agnese, so theres only Kamijo, Index and Tatemiya. Touma, Touma! Are you alright? Are you hurt? Are you in pain? Index looks pale as she frantically takes off Kamijos clothes. Stostop it! Index! Im not hurt anywherewah! Idiidiot! Dont touch that! Then you better check yourself well! Is there anywhere where youre hurt or feverish? Index cries out with tears in her eyes. Kamijo finally realizes how worried she is, but in response, he doesnt know what to say, so he can only follow Indexs orders and check his body. Um, theres some pain on my waist, but its not so bad that I cant walk. Really? Are you really alright? Yeah. To be honest, Im already used to these sort of things. Fighting against espers in the alleys is rather dangerous. Also, during this summer, Ive been fighting against a few magicians. Umthats good

Index looks like shes going to either smile or cry. Kamijo feels awkward and cannot resist looking away. So now, I can bite on Toumas head to my hearts content. WHAT!? When these terrifying words were heard, the beast-like girl leaps towards Kamijos head. WoAhhhhhhhhh! Wait a minute! Index! Is this what a girl will do when shes worried about whether another person is injured? Youre creating a new wound in the process KYAAAAAAAAA!!! Of course I must bite on! You made me so worried! Who do you think you are! Touma! Dont tell me you intend to beat a magician holding a large sword with a single fist? Are you crazy? Why don't you use that weapon at your feet? And why do you still charge on when the enemy's saying that hell spare the amateur when he surrenders! What is our Touma doing? Wait wait! Wait a sec! Miss Index! Youre going to kill me if you continue to bite me like this! It hurts! I understand! Everything is Kamijo Toumas fault, please dont bite with such force! AnywayanywayTouma, did you really think of all the possibilities? Do you really know how long it takes for the Amakusa to set up an anti-flame spell? Wouldnt you be cut in half if it completes before you can even imagine? Why would I think that much? Actually, I thought that Stiyl would finish me off at the same time, its just that he never did so! Im not even aware of what an anti-flame, defense spell KYAAAA! It hurts! Im sorry! Im wrong! Index-sama! Kamijo continues to scream an awful cry that he has never done so even on the brink of death. After a while, Index finally lets go, feeling satisfied. Humph, stupid Touma, always up to crazy business. Index gently says, letting her chin rest on Kamijos hair. To Index, whos tired from biting on Kamijos head, this isnt any different from sprawling on the table. But Kamijos heart now beats twice as fast. Besides being able to feel the girls chin on his head, Kamijo feels her long silver hair stroking his face and giving off a sweet aroma. And more importantly, Index is hugging Kamijo from the front, so her chest is only about 2 cm from his nose. Now that Indexs chest, which he hardly notices, is right in front of him, Kamijo realizes that theres a slight protrusion on Indexs chest.

(Whawhats with these different types of attacks? Ah, I understand! Next, shell realizes that Im looking at her chest, and continue to bite my head!) Kamijo became wary deep inside. However, Index unexpectedly lets go of Kamijo without a single word. She looks at the sky, as if shes opening her ears and listening to something. Its so quiet. Its hard to imagine that so many people were fighting just now. Yeah. Kamijo casually agrees. Right now, silence will only give off a sense of tranquility. Theres nobody swinging weapons around, nobody shouting about, no breakage that can be heard. Oi. At this moment, Tatemiya Saiji, whos sitting far away from them, called out to Kamijo. He sounds anxious. Before Kamijo even starts to turn around, Index has already raised her two hands and is standing in front of him, using herself as his shield. Tatemiya stares at the duo, Bastard, can you help me remove these? I know you wont, but Im just asking. I cant just leave her alone. What? Kamijo frowns. After thinking about it for a while, he realizes that the her Tatemiyas referring to is Orsola Aquinas. Are you an idiot? How can I just let the most dangerous person go Youre the idiot! Let me ask you something, do you really intend to hand her over to the Roman Catholics? You know what will happen if she goes back, dont you? What? Kamijo is speechless. No, Touma. Index is rather calm, and says,

This person only uses words as a weapon; you must definitely not listen to him! Think, is there any benefit for the enemy to say the truth? Shell be killed. Tatemiyas words drowns out Indexs. Listen well, Ill tell you whats going on. Dont hand her over to the Roman Catholics, theyre intending to kill her. Youre trying to tell me that you guys are Orsolas friends, and are trying to help her escape? Dont joke with me, theres no such stupid thing! Youre the guys that snatched Orsola away! Not only that, youre the ones who stole the Book of the Law! In order to get its contents, you guys launched an all-out attack, kidnapped her, and now you have the guts to say that you are the good guys? Do you think Im an idiot? As hes overly angry, Kamijo shouts until his throat goes hoarse, as if hes about to damage it. But Tatemiya didnt mind. We didnt steal the Book of the Law. Eh? Think about it. Why must we steal the Book of the Law? The Roman Catholics are the largest Christian sect in the world with more than 2 billion believers. Will we fight against a large group for merely the Book of the Law? You cant take him seriously, Touma! Being anxious, Indexs body went stiff, as she says with determination, We know that the Amakusa have become weak as they lost their Supreme Pontiff, so youre trying to use the mystical and powerful magic recorded in the Book of the Law to make up for the loss in power, right? But, what reason do we have to add on to our power? Tatemiya smiles. The sweat flowing down his face reveals his anxiety to settle this as soon as possible. Kamijo suspiciously asks,

If your power isnt enough, wouldnt you guys lose out to other factions? Thatll be on the premise that others would attack us. The question is, how many times had the Amakusa been harmed in history? Dont tell me you didnt think that we have countermeasures? Outsiders dont even know where our main base is. Also, on the special teleportation magic thumbnail tour that Ino Tadataka is most proud of, therere still many portals out there that nobody knows of but us. Ah Kamijo feels that Tatemiyas words are starting to shake him up. Thats right. Among the many teleportation portals, theres only 23 that they know of. How is the enemy going to attack our main base when were the only ones who know where it is? Thats true, Kamijo thought. The objective of that battle is to save Orsola before the special teleportation magic activates. And the reason why they have to do this is because nobody knows where their main base is. Once the Amakusa escapes, Orsolas whereabouts will sink to the depths of the oceans. In other words, nobody can attack their main base. If so, is there any reason for them to defend themselves? So that means The Amakusa were searching for the Book of the Law to defend themselves by increasing their military strength? Or Hey, let me ask you somethingwhat kind of magic book is the Book of the Law? Since Tatemiya asks this, Kamijo, an outsider, can only turn and look at Index. Index then proceeds to explain reluctantly. The Book of the Law is a magic book written in a special code. The code itself is rather complicated it can be said to be of a completely different language. In the past, the only one whom everyone agrees can accurately decipher this book is the author, Edward Alexander, whose other name is Crowley. The author once said that the most important concept of the Book of the Law is to desire, and itll be thy magic. As for the other details, no one knows.

Index continues on, The Book of the Law records details that Aiwass elaborates on. Its still a mystery to what Aiwass is. Some say its Crowleys guardian angel, some say its a criminal. As for the details, some believe it teaches humans how to use angelic spells, and as the spells are too powerful, its said that once the Book of the Law is opened, the Christian age will end and a new era will begin. Heres the problem. Tatemiya smiles as if theres some hidden meaning behind it. This is the crux. The power of the Book of the Law is really frightening. If humans can really use the angelic spells, Im afraid that the Christian age will end within a day. When many people have power that far exceeds the Pope, the power pyramid that the Church so carefully built will crumble. Tatemiya pauses, and then continues, But, not everyone wants this power. Why? Although Im not a magician, and its unrelated to me; to you magicians, wouldnt getting stronger magic mean getting a higher standing? Whats the point of having a higher standing? To be honest, we have no intention of getting that power. No, Ill say that any normal Christian wont want this power. But, didnt the Roman Catholics protect the Book of the Law in order to get its power? Kamijo is confused now. However, Index seems to have understood what Tatemiya is trying to say, and cant help but look down. The answer is simple. To the boys nave question, Tatemiya silently laughs, and answers, The Roman Catholics is the worlds largest Christian sect, right at the top of the world. Do you think theyll wish for the Christian age to end from now on? Ah Kamijo finally understands it.

In this age, a person with a higher status wouldnt want changes to happen. This is even more so for the people at the top. The Roman Catholics never wanted to have the Book of the Law as a weapon. They want to conquer the world, and not destroy it. Kamijo and Index remain silent. The night seems to get even darker. So, they decided to secretly eliminate Orsola Aquinas, the only one who has a chance of getting that power. But Orsola seems to realize this and tries her best to get to a place where the Roman Catholics have no stronghold inJapan. Ironically, she arrived at the same time as when the Book of the Law was shipped here. After arriving in Japan, she tried her best to meet up with the local Christian group, which is us, the Amakusa. Finally, we agreed to help her. Tatemiya sighs heavily, and says, The Book of the Law being stolen was just a bluff by the Roman Catholics? How can we steal it? They did this to come up with some connection between Orsolas disappearance and the Book of the Law. When the two disappear, everyone will agree that the kidnappers objective is to decipher the Book of the Law. But if shes the only one who disappeared, some will think of other possibilities, like Shes running away from the Roman Catholics to save herself. Good and evil, attack and defend, abduct and rescue Everything is reversed in Kamijos view. Now, can you people say that the Roman Catholics are the good guys? Are you able to confidently say that Orsola Aquinas will be fine the moment shes handed over to them? Dont you have a single trace of suspicion? If youre still unconvinced, tell me what you base your beliefs on? Otherwise, face that suspicion in your heart seriously! Think about it, anyone can understand who the enemy is now! Hearing Tatemiya Saijis growls, Kamijo breaths deeply and closes his eyes. He sorts through every single piece of information in his head, and thinks through every argument. He thought carefully. Which side is saying the truth, the Roman Catholics or the Amakusa?

Is there anything amiss? No, I still cant trust you. Why? If what you said is true, Kamijo slowly says, Why did Orsola run away from you guys? The first time I met her, she was walking all the way to Academy City. At that time, Stiyl said that there was a huge skirmish between the Roman Catholics and the Amakusa, and Orsola ran away from both sides control during the chaos. If what you said is true, why did she run away? He continues, Your words may be false. Even if what you say is true, the enemy of the enemy doesnt mean hes my friend. So right now, you must tell me, why did Orsola run away from you guys? If the Amakusa are really Orsolas friend, why did she run? Hearing Kamijo voice his argument, Tatemiya just smiles slightly. Its weak, as if he has given up on life. Youre all the same. What same? Shes the same as you right now. She was the one who first approached usbut in the end, shes still unable to trust us completely. She must be thinking, These people have no reason to save me and go against the worlds largest religious sect, the Roman Catholics. They must be thinking that well use the key to reading the Book of the Law as a payment. Kamijo remains silent. Tatemiya seems to be looking at Kamijo, and yet seems to be looking at something far away. Thats ridiculous. Why do we need the Book of the Law? Then, why did you save Orsola? Kamijo cautiously asks.

Tatemiya replies without hesitation, Do we need a reason? He then continues, Theres no reason from the beginning. This is how the Amakusa does things, especially for our generation. Youre asking why our Supreme Pontiff is able to be our leader at such a young age? In order to fulfill a childs wish, she dares to go against a dinosaur that can swallow a mountain. In order to fulfill the dying leaders wish, shes willing to protect a small village against thousands of enemies. Along the way, were walking in her shadow. Although the time which she led us is short, to us, its eternal. The way Tatemiya says this, its like hes reminiscing the old days. And its like hes praising his family members. Because of her, were able to walk onto the path of righteousness; were not led astray, and dont abuse our power. While its easy to just say it, she teaches this using action. She uses her actions to show that humans can be strong and benevolent, that doing this isnt difficult. For quite some time, everyone remained silent. Finally, Tatemiya breaks the silence by gnashing his teeth. But we ruined her life. What? Its our deaths and immaturity that hurt the Supreme Pontiff. Everyone around her died, and only she was alive. She thinks that its all her responsibility, what a joke! Fighting alongside her on the battlefield is our wish, being beaten on the battlefield is our incompetence, and we have to be responsible for all these. But in the end, after this outcome, she willingly leaves her home despite it not being her fault. Tatemiya sounds bitter, as if theres a knife poking through his face. Theres touching emotions flowing from this resentful speech thats barely squeezed from his throat. Our immaturity robbed away her home, so we need to give her back a home. In this home, well fight to prevent anyone from getting hurt, pained, or lose their smile. In this home, we can unite everyones strength to protect just one persons happiness and not be swayed. So when

Orsola Aquinas came to us for help, we agreed. A group thatll do this willingly is a suitable home for her. In other words, theyre a group that wont fight for power or profits. They fight for themselves, without desiring any benefits. But its hard for anyone to understand their motives, so Orsola misunderstood all these. Of course, Tatemiyas words dont seem to be true yet. Kamijo really wants to trust him, but there isnt any proof. To trust him, he has to have proof to verify it. Kamijo gnashes his teeth. Which side is saying the truth? Which side is saying a lie? Kamijo tries to compute this in his head. Right at this moment, theres a loud scream from afar. No, a scream simply isnt enough to describe it. A blood-curdling cry, a screech, a wail. If one were to call it, it can barely be called a ladys scream. But Kamijo isnt certain that thats a scream of a human. It sounds like a sharp scratch on a piece of glass or a blackboard that makes people feel weird when they hear this. But in this voice, theres a shocking amount of human emotions mixed in. Fear, rejection, despair and pain; a large amount of emotions begin to pour out like a sponge saturated with mud water being squeezed. Index looks at Kamijo, but Kamijo didnt look back. Orsula? Let me confirm with you guys somethingdid you tell her that youre handing her over to the Roman Catholics? I believe she trusts you, and not the Roman Catholics? This reminds Kamijo of his conversation with Orsola a while back. (May I confirm it again. Youre here to help on request from the British Puritans, right?) Why did Orsola Aquinas ask this question so carefully? (Yeah.) Why did she look relieved upon hearing his words?

(In other words, youre here on the British Puritans instructions, and not the Roman Catholics, right?) She even tried to confirm it again. (Ehits not really that formal. Ah, let me clarify first, I cant help you do anything for the British Puritans, since Im a resident of Academy City.) A seemingly meaningless reply seems to make her feel relieved. (Isee.) How many thoughts are involved in this sentence? Up till now, she always trusted Kamijo Touma. She always thought that Kamijo Touma is someone that can be relied on. Damn it. Kamijo gnashes his teeth, and turns to look at the direction where that cry came from. Come to think about it, when Kamijo first met her, he should have risked his life to bring her back to Academy City. Shell be a lot safer as long as he did this. What the hell, what on earth is going on? Dont panic, its not a cry she'd make before she dies. Therere rules among the Roman Catholics that they cant kill Orsola Aquinas here. I can attest to that. What? In other words, we can still save her as long as we move quickly. But shell be in danger if we continue to dilly-dally. The situation is really urgent. It doesnt matter if you dont trust me, leave our grudges aside! Right now, the most important thing is to ensure Orsolas safety! Even if we are still enemies! Tatemiya shouts frantically, indicating that they cant delay any longer. But you must promise me, bring Orsola Aquinas back from the Roman Catholics! Bring her somewhere where the Roman Catholics cant find her! Tatemiya looks serious. That even made Kamijo feel uncertain.

At this moment Footsteps can be heard. Kamijo turns to look at where these footsteps come from. Two nuns wearing black robes came from the darkness. They are most likely Roman Catholics. One of them is tall while the other is short. The tall one is carrying a large carriage wheel thats much larger than a round table, while the short one has four leather bags hanging on her waist belt. The bags are rattling around, and they seem to be filled with coins or something like that. The bags are about as large as a softball, and if coins are put in them, each will probably be as heavy as the ball used in shot putt. The taller nun takes out an old leather covered notebook, and flips open its contents, checking it. She then nods and walks toward Kamijo. It seems like theres a photo of him inside. Youre the assistant thats not affiliated with us, right? Please hand over the leader of the heretics to us. The enemy of Godis him, right? Before the tall nun finishes speaking, the shorter nun is walking towards Tatemiya, whos now covered with rune cards all over him. The four bags on her waists start to rattle continuously. Ah, wait a moment. Kamijo shouts, but the short girl doesnt seem to hear. She was about to pull Tatemiya, but froze and did not do so. She then circles around Tatemiya a few times, examining the rune cards covering him. And the tall nuns eyes are now staring at Kamijo. Is there any problem? Before you leave, I'd like to see Orsola. Im sorry, we cannot grant your request. Although Orsola is safe right now, its not completely safe when the enemys power isnt clear. In this situation, well have to follow the regulations and think of her safety. Well send a letter of invitation to you when she returns to Rome. A perfect, flawless answer. This made Kamijo even more suspicious. No, I cant comply with that. What was that scream all about? That was Orsola screaming, right? You said that shes protected right now, so why would a person being protected let out that kind of scream? Anyway, I want to have one last look, just one, and say a few words. There

shouldnt be a problem, right? We wont meet in quite a while, so let me do this as a final farewell, okay? But according to the regulations Come on! Do you have to be so fussy about the regulations? Wheres Agnese? Ill ask her directly. Kamijo places his hand on her shoulder, and pushes her aside. The tall nun looks down, like shes helpless against a guy who causes people to worry all the time. She grabs the large wheel thats on her back and places it in front of her like a shield. Suddenly, Index looks worried No! Touma!! Before the girls shout finishes, *BAM!* the carriage wheel explodes. ! In an instant, Kamijo doesnt understand what happened. Several thousand pieces of shrapnel fly towards him at an alarming velocity, like a shotgun. Sensing this, he uses his arms to protect his head and chest. Then, numerous pieces of shrapnel hit his arms, legs and stomach. Just when he feels pain, his feet leave the ground. Ping Piang! Hes knocked back about 5 to 6 metres. Index lets out a short scream. From the corner of his eye, Kamijo sees Tatemiya desperately trying to stand up, but the flames of the runes burns up several strands of hair on his head, causing him to not dare to act rashly. He grimaces in pain like a dog being yanked on the neck by its chain. The shorter nun seems to panic. She looks at the taller nun and says, Sis-Sister Luccia! Isisis this really alright? Didnt Sister Agnese say that we have to avoid conflicts against our guests? Shut up! Sister Angelene! Damn, this is why I proposed not to allow the outsiders to act on their own, and we should chase them away quickly! All the blame will have to go to that Agnese, giving such a nave order to leave them alone. Now shes really given me quite a fix

Having been given a glare from the taller nun, the short nun didnt dare to talk back. The tall nun then mutters to herself, trying to calm herself down. Her expression changed. Although the change is rather abstract, he can feel it. The tall nun stares at Kamijo, her two eyes reminding him of hot, melting butter. Kamijo is surprised. He cant believe shes one of the nuns who gave him bread and soup at the camp. If this guy wasnt suspicious about that scream, this'd be so much simplerdamn it, what have I done wrong? Ive been touched on the shoulder by a non-believer! Sister Angelene! Quick! Get me some soapno, some sanitiser! This is too much! Damn it! Tell me the next time you want to talk to me! I have to wear the mud-blocking apron! The tall nun is beginning to look flushed. Her head is swaying about, but her tone is abnormally monotonous. Irritating things just come along one after another! This is unbearable. Ill set it up such that it looks like you guys were killed by the Amakusa. Hm, this should be the easiest way to go. After that, Ill kill them off, thatll be perfect. The tall nun looks like shes standing on a stage, saying out lines from a flawed script. Hearing such a terrifying thing, Kamijo is unable to reply. As the shrapnel are just numerous pieces of wood and not sharp knives, the wounds are rather shallow. But, those pieces of shrapnel that got under his skin suddenly vibrate. KWA-AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Kamijo screams. Pieces of shrapnel pop out of his flesh like an axe being pulled out from a tree trunk. The shrapnel, now stained with blood, returns back to the nuns hand like theyre being pulled away with a magnet. They piece together like a jigsaw puzzle being pieced together, forming back the carriage wheel. Touma! Index cries, and frantically tries to get back to him, but the tall nun turns and glares at her, shouting, Sister Angelene!

Ah, yes! The petite nun uttered, hurriedly pulled off the four bags of coins on her waist, and throws it above herself. The bags suddenly give off a loud sound like a large piece of cloth being slapped onto a wall. Also, each bag sprouts out 6 sharp wings like those of a swallow. The four bags radiate different colours; red, blue, yellow, green. Come out, one of the twelve disciples, tax collector and lowly servant of the eradicating magician! The petite nun raises both her hands high, as if shes hugging the sky. In an instant, *Shua!* the green coin bag flies past Index like a bullet and slams at her feet. It splits the ground like a sturdy root and creates a rattling sound. Damn itah? Index was about to retreat, but she trips. Looking closely, the rope seal of the coin bag that slammed onto the ground unravels itself and ties Indexs legs. Just when Indexs looking at her feet, the remaining three coin bags fly up into the air and out of her range of vision. Kamijo instantly went pale. (No! If those things hit her!) The coin bags are likely heavier than those metal balls used in a shot putt competition. Index, whose legs are tied up, will definitely be unable to escape, and she cant possibly block this attack with her hands. Damn it! INDEX! Kamijo shouts, and attempts to get back to Index. Luckily, the coin bag thats tied to Indexs feet must be controlled by magic. Itll release itself the moment Kamijo hits it with his right fist. At this moment You should worry about yourself, and try and think how to make yourself die a not so painful death. Looking around, the tall nun carrying the large carriage wheel is floating above him. The centre of the wheel is aimed at Kamijo like the barrel of a gun, as he stumbles on his way. (!?)

Kamijo trembles until his throat goes dry. Punching the wheel with his right hand, and the wheel exploding; no matter how anyone thinks, the former will definitely be slower. O non-believer, have you heard of The Legend of the Wheel? The tall nun laughs madly, like shes intoxicated, Since ancient times, many Saints are martyred or executed stupidly by those in power. In this history full of torture and executions, the shadow of a wheel can be seen. Kamijo does not want to listen to her nonsense, but the wheel in front of him is restricting his movements. During this time, the three coin bags may be plummeting towards Index from several metres above. These wheels have several nails or blades that can slice and dice Saints up. But in many legends, the wheel mysteriously explodes the moment it touches a Saint. Like St. George who subdued a dragon, or St. Catherine of Alexandria. Notably, when St Catherine was executed, the shrapnel of the exploded wheel even kills the four thousand people who were there watching her execution. The significance of this Wheel Legend is The tall nun says this rather slowly, which made Kamijo even more panicky. The three coin bags that are aimed at Index will come flying down at the speed of a cannonball and blow her head apart. Seeing Kamijo being so nervous that hes sweating, the tall nun cant help but smirk from behind the wheel. The innocent are not punished, and the guilty arerealize it now, non-believer, your end has come. Stupid Sister Orsola will be executed once the special procedures are complete, but killing you guys wont require such hassle. Peh Kamijo thoughts are occupied on Index, whos all tied up, wondering what he can do to save her. At this moment, the wheel in front of him starts to crack. As if time has slowed down, with the central axis of the wheel as the vertex, the wheel starts to split into six equal pieces like a pizza, and rapidly expands outwards. WooOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Kamijo clenches his right fist, and roars. But its too late, he cant make it. Before Kamijos fist is raised, the wheel on the tall nuns hand has already given off a loud sound. *BAM!* The wheel flew sideways.

Of course, this isnt what the tall nun wanted, neither is it the doing of the boys right fist. Its the coin bags. The red six-winged coin bag thats originally aimed at Indexs head slams onto the executioner wheel with a stunning speed. The impact caused the wheel to fly out of the tall nuns hand, and after bouncing several times on the ground, it rolls into the darkness. The bag is also damaged, as coins of different sizes end up flying out of the bag. Its unknown which country theyre from though. The tall nun, who lost her weapon, frantically lands from above Kamijos head and pulls her distance from him. She then glares at the petite nun. Sister Angelene! You!! No Its not me The tall nun growls like a wild animal, while the petite nun, now pale with fright, frantically explains. The remaining three, gather at one spot, and stick together. At this moment, Indexs clear voice rang out The next moment *PA!* The sound of metal bending echoed throughout the air. The rope seal of the green coin bag that tied up Indexs feet now unravels. Together with the blue and yellow bags, the green bag went flying towards the petite girl at a terrifying speed. The three bags collide two centimeters in front of Angelenes nose, and stopped. The giant pressure causes several hundred pieces of coins to coagulate into one large lump of metal. *Dong!* It lands near the petite nuns feet. The petite nun gives a stiff yet mysterious smile as she lands on her butt. The bags of gold represent Matthew, one of the twelve Apostles. He once beat two fire dragons using just the Cross and prayer. Infusing Angelic power into the coin bags can change them into aerial weapons that will automatically lock on to enemies. Index calmly gives her cruel evaluation. But the method is too crude. The chant is too long, and its not really a secret code. You dont care about your surroundings as you focus too much on casting it, so youll get stopped easily.

Kamijo is completely unaware of whats going on. Index should be unable to use magic. Its unknown how shes able to hijack the petite girls spell and control it. Using the enemys spell through a self-destruct or wrong direction? The tall nun looks around her, smacks her mouth and readies herself. Losing her weapon didnt dampen her fighting spirit. She slowly draws a Cross in front of her chest. At this moment, a sharp whistle sound came from afar. *TWEET! Its like the cry of a bird. The tall nun hears this and angrily turns to look at the night sky. Its a retreat order! Sister Angelene! Aheh? Butbut wehavent beaten the enemy yet Well talk after we retreat. It seems that the Remnants of the Amakusa are treated as theyre released by the British Puritan. Working on our own will affect the entire teams operations, and even Orsolas delivery. To us, thats a much more serious problem. The tall nun turns and runs into the darkness, the petite nun follows suit. Now you understand? Tatemiya Saiji looks at the night sky, and reluctantly says, This is what the Roman Catholics, the worlds largest Christian sect, do beneath the surface.

Part 2
I see. No wonder Orsola Aquinas looked like everything was lost when she saw Agnese Sanctis. Separating us from the Roman Catholics is because they looked down on us from the beginning. Humphwhat adding in the British Puritans will cause the command chain to go chaotic, its all an excuse. Stiyl says this after walking out of the theme park, Parallel Sweets Wonderland. He also heard Orsolas scream, but didnt turn to ask Agnese what its all about. Maybe he doesnt know of the reasons, and doesnt want to take rash action and cause relations between the British Puritans and the Roman Catholics to become strained. Either way, Kamijo doesnt understand Stiyls actions. Kamijo just ran to see Agnese, but theyve retreated, and theres no one left. No one even picked up Tatemiya. Maybe they thought the Amakusa was dissolved now that theyve captured most of them.

The fact that a group with so many people is able to retreat so cleanly makes Kamijo freeze up. The fact that they never left the British Puritans a note shows that they never trusted them in the first place. Maybe to the Roman Catholics, getting Orsola back is their priority, and it wont hurt them if they dont take care of Tatemiya and the rest. Or maybe the Roman Catholics are gathering their forces that are scattered in the city, intending to use overwhelming force to wipe them out. Right now, the quartet, Kamijo, Index, Stiyl and Tatemiya are exchanging information. On a side note, as Kamijo was hit by the shrapnel of the wheel, hes covered with bandages everywhere. If what this man said is true, Orsola Aquinas isnt in immediate danger. The Roman Catholics have a set of regulationsso, Kamijo Touma, dont immediately go in and try to deal with them. Your meddling will make the situation get even more out of hand. Being warned, Kamijo twists him mouth, and says, What regulations? Touma, the Roman Catholics are the worlds largest sect. Although most of the believers have no involvement in magic, they do have 2 billion believers; led by the Pope and 141 Cardinals, and there are parishes in 131 countriestheyre a large group. Although big isnt a bad thing, being too big can cause some problems. Kamijo is still confused after hearing all these, and tilts his head. At this moment, Tatemiya explains, Basically, there might be several factions. There are already 142 of these factions in the parishes that the Pope and the Cardinals. Including the Nationals and the local customs, theres 207 of them. If we consider the generation gap between the young and old, theres 252 of them. Stiyl impatiently blows a puff of white smoke, and says, To the Roman Catholics who have so many factions, the number of enemies within far outnumbers those from outside. So when theyre settling this, theyre extremely careful about it. Although decoding the Book of the Law is extremely threatening to the Roman Catholics, Orsola Aquinas herself has done no wrong. If they were to kill her like that, Agnese will be viewed as an enemy by all her other comrades. Yeah? But we also havent done anything wrong, right? Theyre still willing to attack us without hesitation. Kamijo gently prods the bandage on his arm with his fingers. The summer night is so hot already, and its too much for him to have to put on all these bandages.

The situation is different for non-believers and heretics. Do you know how many people in the past were killed based on a single sentenceAny sinner who disobeys the Word of God must be judged? The two nuns that attacked us most probably have this sort of thinking as well. But in other words, it means that they cant anyhow execute Orsola. For those who believe the Word of God shall not kill. Kamijo looks away and looks at the tree under the streetlight. A concern appears in his head. If the Roman Catholics have a rule that one cannot kill a comrade within the Roman Catholic Church, why do the Amakusa need to step up and prevent Orsola from getting killed? When Kamijo raised this question, Stiyl casually replies, The answer is simple. Because theres an exception. Exception? Thats right. Although theres the rule that one cannot kill a comrade within the Roman Catholic Churchthose that are chased out of the Church are considered as people who disobey the Word of God, so its alright to kill them. Tatemiya carries his extremely large sword and walks behind Stiyl. Kamijo is worriedif that sword is seen by the police, howre they going to explain it? Sinners, witches, disillusioned believersthese people that did something wrong will be chased out of the Church, and will be tagged as an Antichrist. Setting Orsola up is actually very simple; they just need to give her a test. Like say, force her to hold a hot metal rod. If shes innocent, God will protect her and not let her get hurt. But if she gets hurt, it means shes a sinner that God feels isnt worth saving. Sounds funny, doesn't it? Among the British Puritans, we call this the Trial of sin. We see it as a test, a trial that tests a persons faith in God. Its now banned. This is ridiculous! Kamijo shouts, Its obvious the person will be burnt! Its impossible not to!

Thats right. So even if they arent burnt, theyll still be guilty, as theyll be seen as being protected by the devil. No matter the outcome, the victim will have the bad luck of being labeled a witch. Kamijo thought that this is too much. Using such a stupid method to decide Orsolas future, its unreasonable. However on the other hand, while the prosecution of this religious trialor Holy trial is pending, the Roman Catholics cannot kill Orsola. According to proper procedures, they have to return to Rome and spend another two to three days doing all these. In other words, besides killing her, any other action is allowed. The Roman Catholics neither cared of how she thought, nor how she feels going up against the original copy of the Book of the Law. Because its too tiresome, unnecessary, bothersome, impossible to solve, and they dont want to add on to their bother; they decided to kill for these stupid reasons. The beliefs of Orsola and the Roman Catholics should be the same. Their thoughts arent different. Both sides feel that the Book of the Law is something dangerous, and decide to take action to solve this problem. Orsola tries to decode the book in order to find a way to destroy an original-class book when ordinary people think that its impossible to. She just wanted to make some contributions. Because shes more aware of the potent threat of the Book of the Law, she cant leave it alone. Its just that simple. (Do you know what kind of thing is an original magic book? Do you know that one cant destroy an original through any means?) -Is this wrong? (With our spells now, we cant destroy any magic book. The most we can do is to seal it and not allow others to read it.) For what reason is Orsola Aquinas treated like this? (However, being unable to do so now doesnt mean that it cant be done in the future.) What wrong did she do that the higher-ups have to decide on the procedures through a unique trial, and suffer silently without anyone helping her?

(We can use it on the magic book itself to destroy the magic array.) No! (The power of a magic book isnt going to give anyone happiness, and itll only bring about war. So Ive been analyzing this book, hoping to destroy the original.) Definitely not! I cant accept this Kamijo gnashes his molars tightly, almost breaking them. Even if theres a reason or difficulties, I wont allow that to happen! What kind of a sick joke is this! What do these people treat human lives as!? Taking away something precious from someone one by one through procedures? WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE TREAT OTHER PEOPLES LIVES AS!? Kamijo Touma lost his memories before. So, what he has is very little. He only has memories of the previous month, during the summer holidays, so what he cares about is only a small percentage of those of an ordinary high school student. Most of his memories are built on hiding his memory loss, and he can break down anytime. Even so, even if Kamijo is so empty inside, hell go berserk if anyone unwisely takes away anything he cherishes. Maybe the Roman Catholics are trying to protect what they cherish, so they had to give this order. But this isnt right. Having a group of people watch and snatch something a person cherishes in front of him, this isnt right. Why cant they try another method? Why must they choose to do something as easy yet stupid as kill? Kamijo clenches both his fists until theyre about to bleed. On the street under the midnight darkness, the scattered light of the streetlights coldly shines on him. Where are they? Do you know?

I can guess. Why do you ask this? Stiyl calmly asks. Kamijo cant help but grab his collar, asking him why he can remain so calm. Facing that furious look on Kamijos face, Stiyl elegantly shakes the cigarette in his mouth. However, Index, whos outside Kamijos vision, is scared stiff. I understand your feelings. Stiyl slowly puffs out white smoke, and says, But you better calm down. In this city alone, they have almost 250 comrades. Can you beat them all with just a single fist? ! Kamijo clenches his fist tightly. Thats right. Kamijo is clear about it. His combat capability is about equal to that of a delinquent fighting in the alleys. Hell probably win if its one on one, but he cant guarantee if its one on two, and its impossible for him if its one on three. That nun whos wielding that large carriage wheel was able to beat through Kamijos resistance with just one attack. In real life, bare-handed fighting isnt like those movies, where one man single-handedly beats several people from the front. No matter how good the fighter is, he cant win if the number of enemies is more than what he can handle. This is a cruel and harsh rule. Except Theyre like those real fighters depicted in manga or serial dramasand the magicians are like these fighters. But the magician just stands around and laughs, puffs out white smoke, and says, Anyway, if the report given by the Amakusa is true, we cant interfere by any means. Too bad, this case is over. Whatdid you say? Think about it. To put this bluntly, isnt Agnese Sanctis chasing Orsola Aquinas because Orsola went against the teachings of the Roman Catholics? Since the Book of the Law is still kept within the Vatican, the Roman Catholics cant use it for evil purposes; and since the Amakusa

declared that they dont intend to use the Book of the Law for evil purposes, do the British Puritans have any reason to butt in? Are you going to blame them for not saying goodbye to them and angrily dispute with them? This time, Kamijo grabs Stiyl Magnus collar without hesitation. Index tries to lower her volume as she exclaims. Tatemiya just stares at Kamijo and whistles. The rune magician however remains unmoved. In this lonely midnight, only his voice echoes throughout the neighbourhood. The flashing lights seem to flicker as they shine on his face. This is something among the Roman Catholics, and they can only solve it with their own regulations. Since this situation wont affect the outside world, the British Puritans cant interfere, or well be seen as interfering with internal politics, and there will be conflict between England and Romeso, give up, Kamijo Touma. Dont tell me youre willing to start a war just to save her? This No matter whether its the British Puritans or the Roman Catholics, most of the believers arent fighters like us. These people go to school, meet some friends, buy a burger; these are what they feel the world is about. They dont know that magicians are running around in the dark, and they dont know all these organisations that are arranging deals with each other to prevent a magical war. Theyre like kind, harmless lambs with no power. The magician, whos being grabbed on by the collar, calmly explains. Like a devil thats forcing someone to sign a contract. Let me ask you, do you want to get these people involved? These people dont know the truth, and only belong to the British Puritans or the Roman Catholics. You want to get these people involved in a war, looted, killed, or even lose everything, all for a single Orsola Aquinas? The hand grabbing Stiyls collar gradually releases. Index opens her mouth, wanting to say something, but finally sighs. This is the difference between a specialist and a layman. This is the difference between a person and a group. Stiyl indifferently spits the cigarette onto the ground, steps on it to extinguish it, and looks at Tatemiya.

I have no power to stop you. Youre free to rescue Orsola, your client, or your subordinates. But you can only go on your own, dont drag the British Puritans along. If you do, even if I have to burn the entire island into ash, Ill kill every single Amakusa member. Hearing Stiyls threat, Tatemiya expression didnt change. I understand this without you telling me. That boy down there, you dont have to despair. Although the Puritans have no reason to start a war, I do. Right now, were going to their main base, save my comrades, and save Orsola at the same time. Dont worry, fighting against a large but weak organisation with some elites is our speciality. Our group is established during the Bakumou era, after all. Hearing these words, Kamijo looks up. Index, whos beside Tatemiya, looks at him and asks, Youre going to call the Amakusa members in your base to come here as well? But the special teleportation magic only works after one day. At that time, the Roman Catholics would have left Japan already. Youre right, although this is safe, its not practical. Tatemiya replies, swinging the white broadsword. Stiyl coldly asks, Youre going there alone? Since thats the only option, I can only do this. Luckily, those idiots from our clan havent been executedif they wanted to kill them, they would have done so at the beginning and not carry them along. Maybe the Roman Catholics want them to stand trial together with Orsola, so that the crime of Orsola teaming up with the Amakusa to steal the Book of the Law will be even more convincing. If so, as long as I release them and do something behind the scenes, we might have a chance. Tatemiya uses a delighted expression to hide his nervousness inside. Ill choose to take action when they move. He swings the blade around, saying, We, the Amakusa, are used to being chased, so we know the might and weaknesses of a large organisation. The weakness of a large group is when theyre moving. Therell definitely be one when hundreds of individuals are moving. Think about it, the Roman Catholic members and the Amakusa number more than 300. You cant move that many Christians at the same time. People will think theres a protest when several hundred nuns dressed in black robes are

walking on the streets, and even the media will come over to interview them. So, theyll use some kind of disguise. Maybe theyll split up into several groups and move on their own. During this time, its impossible to retain their original fighting strength, and itll be the best time to attack. According to Tatemiya, the Roman Catholics are not like the Amakusa, wholl use magic to move about. But its too late to arrange for a boat or a plane. So theyll probably wait till daylight, when the harbour or airport is open, before they move out. The best time to strike is when theyre moving. But in other words, this mean they can only move when the Roman Catholics move. Stiyl once said that they have to follow a religious procedure and trial before they can execute her. But he also mentioned that they can do anything else besides killing her. In a certain sense, having 250 carry out cruel violence against Orsola is even scarier than the procedures. As theres no clear guidelinewhat they can do, what they cantthe boundary is rather grey. Anything goes as long as she doesnt die? They can do anything they want as long as shes breathing? Kamijos face darkens. Tatemiya understands his concern, and says, Although you may not forgive us for this, I hope you understand that were powerless in certain situations. Tatemiyas voice hints at a deep frustration. Being a magician, hes more aware than an outsider like Kamijo on what will happen to the people caught by the Roman Catholics. Kamijo Touma swings a punch at an electric pole nearby. He can imagine what is happening right now, but he cant do anything. Kamijo feels really useless right now. Stiyl coldly says to Kamijo, whos speechless right now,

Seems like we have a common agreement. Then, well disperse here and find some place to hide. Ill have to contact my superiors and ask them what to do. The situation between the British Puritans and the Amakusa is settled, but Ill have to prepare to settle the situation with Kanzaki. Kamijo Touma, you and Index are to head back to Academy City. The Roman Catholics should be busy dealing with their important person, and probably wont provoke a war with the Science side by attacking you. At this moment, Stiyl lights a cigarette. Unless the British Puritan can come up with a valid reason to save Orsola Aquinas, we wont step in. He puffs out some white smoke, seemingly uninterested deep inside. Ah, yeah, Kamijo Touma, Id like to ask you something. What? Kamijo tiredly turns around, Stiyl reveals a mocking smile, and asks, That Cross I gave you, it doesnt seem to be with you Where did you leave it? Kamijo thought about it for a while, and recalls that, Sorry, I gave that to Orsola. When I helped her to put it on, she was rather happy. Is that something precious? No, thats an ordinary metal Cross. Its likely manufactured in a village that specialises in mass producing gifts. Like that St. George Cross, its a common sight in England, even the national flag has it. For some reason, Stiyls smile contains a trace of delight. That Cross has no decorative or antique value, and has to be useful in your handnever mind. It doesnt matter since youre not going to use it now. Stiyl says this with a hidden meaning, puffing out white smoke at the same time. Kamijo is obviously confused, and can only walk back in the darkness. Just like this, this boring event ends with a boring outcome.

Part 3
Tatemiya Saiji left. Stiyl seems intent on escorting Index back to Academy City. Kamijo dejectedly walks under the night sky. Index wants to comfort him, but she doesnt know what to say. Although this is the capital of Japan, the night away from the centre of the city is still dark. Its past one in the morning, most of the lights in the city are out. Lights can be seen from the windows of the apartments, like an incomplete set of teeth. Therell occasionally be taxi carrying drunkards inside driving past them. The street lights continue to shine, attracting numerous flies to them. The days full of battle are about to be over. In a few hours, his daily life will consist mostly of school. Kamijo will bring his tired brain along to school, listen to some boring lessons and talk nonsense with Tsuchimikado and Aogami, get electrocuted by Mikoto because he infuriated her by not completing his punishmentholiday assignments. What should I do? Kamijo mutters. Index hears this, and looks at Kamijo. But Kamijo still looks down. He really wants to help Orsola Aquinas. But he cant think of any way to help her. As an amateur, I cant possibly beat an expert no matter what I do, I understand this. But an outsider should be able to turn the situation, right? Like the first time when I met Orsola, I should have brought her to Academy City. Or not help the Roman Catholics and allow the Amakusa to escape with the special teleportation spell. Touma I understand, I didnt see the consequences of these options, so I was hopeful. Even if Orsola escapes to Academy City, the Roman Catholics will invade Academy City to hunt her down. Even if we didnt help the Roman Catholics, they can use human wave tactics to form a perimeter and find where the Amakusa gather. No matter what, the result is the same. Im clear on this. Kamijo Touma thought.

The first time he met Orsola Aquinas, who sounds perturbed when she asked him how to get to Academy City. When she smiled in the theme park, its because she found a friend she can trust, as she continues to talk. Also That cry full of despair that came from nowhere. Butreally. What should I really do thatll be right? Kamijo understands that him thinking like this shows that hes an amateur who lacks a sense of danger. This situation is completely unrelated to him. A high school student gets a rather harsh insight into the magical world, and is about to return to his own world, its just that simple. Nobody can blame him. Anyone can see that the magical world is dangerous and scary, and to see a common civilian like Kamijo come back, itll be a huge relief for them. Maybe Stiyl has already said what he wanted to say a while back, thats why he remained silent about Kamijos accusations. In the meantime, Index turns up and looks at Kamijos face, and says, Touma, this is an issue between magicians, you dont have to blame yourself. I cant help out, so I cant say anything much, but since Tatemiya Saiji said that hell handle this on his own, we can only rely on him Really? Yeah. The law never said that you have to settle every conflict between magicians. I have to be blamed for being unable to take on a magician. But even without Touma, therell be a solution to the problem. As an outsider, Touma has already met quite a number of magicians. But the world has many more magicians that you dont know of, and these people have their own problems. Even without your help, theyre able to settle these problems on their own. Its the same right now. This is only the first time that you arent involved with the final events. I see. Kamijo gave a machine-like answer, but hes feeling quite surprised deep inside. Index should be able to imagine what will happen to Orsola, so why does she tell him not to interfere with this situation any further? Maybe its because Besides saying something that contradicts his feelings, theres no way to comfort him?

Hm, the previous situations can be considered as abnormal. Nobody can solve all the problems in front of them. Touma, you should learn to rely on others, and let others settle the problems. Even if theres a house on fire in front of you, and theres an infant inside, you dont have to rush in yourself. Asking others for help isnt a shameful thing. Index continues on, trying to persuade Kamijo. Touma, you should rely more on others. Necessarius exists for this purpose. Even an organisation like us faces tough issues like these. If you cant solve it on your own, wholl blame you? Hes not involved in this final scene. Maybe its just like this. His part is over, but it doesnt mean that the scenario will suddenly end like this. Next, Tatemiya Saiji will be the lead and end this on his own. Its true. Seeing a mass murderer commit a crime doesnt mean that the eyewitness has a duty to stop him. The eyewitness wont be condemned if the murderer is subdued by the police. Will Tatemiya succeed? There is some chance, since hes a real magician, and the Amakusa, whore used to being suppressed, are rather skilled in doing this. He wont be stupid enough to try and take on an enemy when theres no chance. Un. Kamijo nods his head. He might as well mention it, Kamijo thought. Since the situation can be resolved without him getting involved, an outsider doesnt need to get involved. This is a logical way of thinking. If an outsider who doesnt know anything gets involved, its likely that the situation may get out of hand, so he might as well stay on the sidelines. The law never decreed that Kamijo has to settle everything on his own. From a larger point of view, theres a majority of scenarios that Kamijo isnt involved in. Even if he sees one, he doesnt need to mind. Even if Kamijo isnt involved, someone will settle it. Kamijo looks at the night sky, raises his hands and stretches. The fatigue in his body is starting to build up, at the same time, hes starting to miss the futon in his dormitory.

Alright, lets go home. Kamijo says. Just this sentence alone creates a segment between whats daily and whats non-daily. Oh yeah, before we go home, I have to buy some things. At this time, the supermarkets and department stores should be closed, and therere only convenience stores open. But theres nothing in the fridge, got to buy some food backoh well, Im interested in what the convenience stores outside Academy City are selling. Maybe we can find bentos inside. Touma, why are you so concerned with everyday life now? Im sorry, Im an ordinary student who recently begins to like to remember things. I feel like forgetting all these, and eating a good meal. Its alright if you dont let me go. But theres only an empty tray and water for breakfast. You have to think of the rest yourself. Touma! Index shouts out, not caring that its the middle of a silent night. Kamijo laughs upon seeing this gluttonous girl turn pale so easily. Alright, then Ill be looking for a convenience store, and buy tomorrows breakfast along the way. Hm? How about everyone go together? If I bring you along, youll stuff everything you see into the basket, and itll be really difficult for me to buy things. Ill be leaving for a while, so Stiyl, please bring Index back to Academy City. Since you can bring her out, you can probably bring her back in, right? Of coursewith you being so carefree, Im somewhat troubled. Since its beneficial for her, I can grant your request. Stiyl shakes the cigarette in his mouth, and says, However, do you know where it is? Finding a convenience store shouldnt be too hard, right? Very good.

Stiyl gives a cynical smile, and brings Index back into the darkness of the night. Index wants to accompany Kamijo, but he waves his hands profusely, indicating to her not to follow. When those two disappeared, Kamijo turns around. And heads down the road he originally walked on. That guy seems to have noticed Kamijo smacks his lips and mutters to himself. (I left my wallet in the dormitory, so why would I go a convenience store?) Kamijo pulls his handphone from his pocket. The white light from the screen illuminates his face. He presses several buttons, opening up the GPS satellite search map. Of course, the target isnt a nearby convenience store. Kamijo thought of what Agnese Sanctis said. (Our specialty is that we have a lot of people. Our compatriots are in 110 countries throughout the world, and even in Japan, so therere many of our Church Ministries there. Also, were building a new house of God, called the Church of Orsola. If I remember correctly, its located near here. Once its complete, itll be the largest Church in Japan. Its about the size of a baseball stadium.) The GPS function of Academy City is extremely accurate and updates really fast. Besides the latest buildings, itll accurately display buildings that are about to be built. In contrast, old businesses tha have closed, like the Gloaming House, will disappear quickly from the map. Of course, the name of the construct thats about to be built wont appear, as itll appear as to be built on the GPS. But its easy to spot by looking at the image, as theres only one building as big as a baseball stadium. (Yes. Orsola once went to 3 pagan countries to preach Christianity to them, therefore her contributions are large, so the superiors specially allowed a Church to be built in her name. Doesnt she speak Japanese really well?) Kamijo looks at the image on her handphone, and quicken his steps. Just like Agnese said, the Church of Orsola, the gathering point of the Roman Catholics, is in this city. Since to a group, moving in a large group is a weakness, theyll use the Church of Orsola nearby to act as a deport base. Although the building isnt complete, this isnt a problem to them, because they have much more magic that Kamijo doesnt know of. The Roman Catholics should be there.

Including Agnese Sanctis and Orsola Aquinas. (After the Church is built, well be sending invitations. However, before this, lets settle the problem before us, and not let this bother us.) Kamijo remembers that joke that Agnese first made, and chuckles. Although the party isnt set up, and the invitations may not be finished, I cant wait. Since their objective is clear, he has no need to stop. He walks faster, and unknowingly starts to run on the pitch black road in the night. He has no reason to get in and fight. Even if he doesnt interfere, others will come in to settle this. Index has said this before, Even if theres a house on fire in front of him, and theres an infant inside, the law doesnt decree him to rush in to save the infant. Asking others for help or letting others settle the problem isnt a bad thing. But What if the infant left behind in the fire always believes that Kamijo will save him? The smartest way is obviously to call the fire brigade. But no matter how stupid it is, Kamijo is not willing to let the child see his back. Even to himself, when this is the safest method, Kamijo isnt willing to let down the childs expectations. Maybe up till now, Orsola Aquinas still believes in Kamijo Touma. Even when Kamijo made so many bad decisions, she still believes in him like a child. Luckily, Kamijo isnt affiliated to an organisation like the British Puritans and the Roman Catholics. Hes just an ordinary student, an outsider. So theres no burden on him. Although he cant ask insiders like Index or Stiyl for help, he can do what they cant do. If he has a slight concern, itll be that hell be considered as a citizen of Academy City, a member of the Science side. However, if the situation isnt good, its likely that Academy City will settle this quickly by expelling him in order to disassociate them from him. Its alright even if they expel him, Kamijo thought.

Either way, Kamijo still insists on what he believes in. Thinking about it, he laughs. Theres no reason for him to fight, but hes running in the night. Theres really no compelling reason for him to interfere at all costs. But his reason is that he wants to.

Part 4
Right now, the Church of Orsola cant be called a church. Its about the size of four to five school gymnasiums. If its completed, itll likely be the first real Cathedral in Japan. Building such a thing near Academy City, its likely theyre trying to suppress the Science side. However, as its only built halfway, the empty space gives people a sense of loneliness. The outer wall was just built, and therere many steel pedals and ladders. It seems that they havent started work on the interior, like it was ravaged by greedy soldiers. Theres a large black hole on the window thats to be covered with coloured mosaic glass, and the place where theyre planning to put a huge pipe organ is still rather unnatural. The marble floors and wall continues to shine like theyre still new, but the huge Cross thats to be hung on the wall is leaning on the wall behind the podium. However, just these alone isnt going to create this bizarre sight. Theres no artificial lights in the hall, just starlight thats shining through the huge black window. Several hundred nuns wearing black robes are standing in this dark corner silently. Theyre gathered in a circle. Some are wielding objects that can be easily seen as weapons, like swords and lances. Others are wielding religious ritual tools like gears and hooks. Every single item is reflecting light, and besides the nuns, theres no one else. The Amakusa members that were captured were put in another building in the same construction site, and therere more than ten members guarding them. The nuns arent looking outside the building. Their eyes are fixated on the middle of the circle. Theres the sound of beating. And the groan of pain as the person grits her teeth and endures. Really, we wasted so much effort. Everyones rather busy, including me, and we dont have time to play games with you. If you understand, then behave yourself and accept your

punishmentHey, you listening!? ARE YOU LISTENING!? Damn it! Dong! It sounds like a heavy bag being kicked. At the same time, a cry that seems to come from hell echoes throughout the darkness. Humph! What is this cry about? You completely forgot about the image of a lady, and you dont feel ashamed? Damn it, we might as well change the name of the Church. Well be the laughing stock for coming up with a derogatory name like this. Orsola Aquinas did not reply. Shes been beaten really badly, and is lying on the ground. Her clothes are torn really badly, the zips are broken, and the cloth is flipped over, like shes been dragged on the ground by a horse. Agnese and company werent using any special magic to torture Orsola, theyre just taking turns to kick her arms, legs or stomach. But repeating such an action for a long time will bring tremendous pain. This is a violent act involving more than 200 people, and although theyre somewhat lenient, theyre hurting her until shes almost dying. Orsolas lying on the floor, unable to move. Agnese brutally kicks Orsolas legs. This terrifying power travels through the thick soles, pressing on Orsolas already immobile legs. Ugh! I dont understand how you feel about running away. Think about your fate, actually, dying here is much better for you. Have you seen the religious trials hosted by the Cardinals? Hahaha, although theyre rather serious, the process is indeed appalling. But for something like this, we really cant match up to the British Puritans. Compared to their trials, ours is like a game. This is the conclusion I gained upon seeing both types of trials. Hahaha! Those old geezers, being so old, and still love to play these games. And your fate is to be toyed to death by these geezers, doesnt this sound wonderful? !? Maybe its because the pain caused by the kicks to her legs, Orsola cant say anything. Were she to open her mouth, she might even bite her tongue. How did it end up like this? Orsola continues to think. To anybody, the original copy of the magic book, the Book of the Law, is something thats evil and has to be removed. Everyone wants to destroy it. Everyone who gets it will be annihilated, truly a fallen magic book. But humanity has no way to destroy it, and can only seal and guard it.

Orsola Aquinas only wanted to solve this issue. Her objective is the same as the Roman Catholics, to destroy the notorious Book of the Law. Why did it become like this? Where did it go wrong for this to go completely different from what she expected? Up till the final moment, she thought that she was saved. Why did that boy hand her over to Agnese? Really, the number of friends that you can rely on is truly few. To think youd ask the Amakusa for help when you reached Japan. Agnese stares down on Orsola as she said. She continues to kick Orsolas calves, looking intoxicated, like shes been mesmerised by some magic. Orsola feels that every single nerve within her is torn as the pain reverberates through her bones. Being so desperate that youll ask those foreign Eastern people from a small filthy country? Hahahahaha! This is really stupid; those pigs dont even know how to read the Bible, so how much can you expect from them? According to our law, once someone marries a non-Roman Catholic, theyre guilty of bestiality you should be clear about that. Dont tell me that you think everyones like you because theyre Christians? What Amakusa? What British Puritans? These people dont have the right to talk about Christ? They arent humans, theyre pigs! Theyre mules! Of course this will happen when you hand over your life over to them. Tricking an animal is so easy! Just appease them and theyll automatically turn their prey over! Trick? Orsola, whos losing consciousness due to the pain, wakes up upon hearing this. You said thatthose peoplewere tricked? Her cracked lips are filled with blood, making it difficult for her to speak. But Orsola tries hard to ask the question. Theydidnt help you willinglybutwere tricked? Isnt this unimportant? Anyway, youre caught by us now! Hoho, hahaha! Oh yeah, I remember. They even said something like well save Orsola from those Amakusa bastards, really

interesting right? This is stupid! The people who are supposed to protect you have handed you over to the enemy, what a bunch of idiots! I see. The tension of Orsolas face lessened. They didnt betray Orsola to the Roman Catholics. Those smiles and words werent a pretense. Theyre really concerned about Orsolas safety, and are did something so dangerous to save her. Even if it ended in failure. Even if their hard work didnt pay off, and made Orsola so far off that shes about to die. Up till the end, theyre standing on the side of Orsola Aquinas. They never gave up or betrayed her. They continued to work hard till the end. Theyre Orsolas warmest and most trusted friends. What are you laughing at? Really? Imlaughing? Orsola slowly and gently says, I finally knowwhat kind of peoplewe Roman Catholics are. Ah? Their actionsare based on trustbecause they trust in others, their ideals, their feelingstheyre always willing to give their bestcompared to themwere truly ugly. Our actionscan only be built on liesin order to kill me, theyre lying to the public by using a show trialand even lie to themselves, thinking that thats what God wants HoweverI have no right tocriticise you people. If I had trusted the Amakusa right from the startthe situation wouldnt have turned out like this. If I had followed the Amakusas planthey wouldnt have to meet so much danger. In the endour principlesare based on the Roman Catholics nature. Orsola laughs.

Her devastated face reveals an expression full of sadness. I can no longerrun away from you people. According to your planIll be sentenced for a false crimeand buried in darknessbut I dont careI cant lie to myself any longerand cant even lie to those friends of mine who never asked for anything in returnI dont want tobe seen as one of you. Just like what a martyr would say. You think youre a Saint or something? Dong! Agneses thick sandals press viciously onto Orsolas legs. Orsola still remains calm, as if its only an empty can thats stepped on. Since you so want to die, Ill grant your request. Our work will be so much easier now that youve given up. You just need to blame the fools who harmed you, and carry that sense of remorse and hatred to death! Agnese says it like this, but shes actually looking down on Orsola, whos still resisting. Therere 200 nuns beside her ready for action anytime, and theres a strong boundary around the church, so Orsola is unable to escape either way. Although Orsola and Agnese are within close proximity, Orsola can only vaguely hear Agneses words as shes still groggy. She thinks using her brain thats about to stop moving, and says, Whoshould I really hate? What? They neverhad a reason to jump into the battlefield from the very beginning. Its said that one teenager among themdoesnt belong to the Roman Catholicsor the British Puritansa really ordinary boy. They dont have poweror reasonbut they did so muchfor an acquaintance like me. Is there a greater gift than thisin this world? As for those friends who gave me this giftwhat can I hate them for? Thats right, she shouldnt hate. Definitely not hate them. They didnt manage to successfully save Orsola, but they shouldnt be blamed. Because theyre not entitled to save her. Theyre not acting under a strong sense of duty. They really want to save Orsola deep inside, and so they use their authority to take part in a battle they shouldnt be taking part in. Just them coming forward without hesitation is something one should be grateful for.

So, Orsola does not resent them. Seeing such a group of people that are willing to help a stranger is a wonderful thing. Orsola feels proud. Knowing such people at the end is such a wonderful thing, Orsola is thankful for Gods grace deep inside. So satisfying. So enriching. The happiness up till now makes Orsola Aquinas feel that nothing can be added on. Unexpectedly though, her fortune doesnt end here. Because the next instant Bam! Together with something breaking, the boundary covering the church vanishes. Agnese cannot help but look away from Orsola. Something extraordinary forced her to. Its destroyed? Impossible!? Quick! Someone go check the St. Giles talisman on the gate, and check for enemies nearby! Damn, which group is doing this? That barrier cant be broken by one person alone. We dont know where the enemys army will be attacking from! Agnese quickly gives the orders. But before the orders are carried out, she got the answer she wanted. Ah Orsola Aquinas sees it. The twin oak doors of the Cathedrals main entrance are flung open by something powerful. A person is standing at the door. This scene is like a crude fairy tale story, where the prince steps up to save the princess. But theres only an ordinary boy standing there. Although its just an ordinary teenager, hes not running, or hiding. For who? For what?

The 200+ nuns standing around Orsola turn their eyes over to stare at the boy. Therere so many nuns its scary, and they arent ordinary people. Of course the boy is scared. Hes just an ordinary teenager, how can he not be scared? But? The boy never backed away, as he steps forward. In order to save Orsola Aquinas, he steps into the dark church hall. This step signifies that Dont worry, everythings going to be alright.

Part 5
Kamijo Touma steps into the empty church. He sees a terrifying thing. On a summer night, several hundred people are gathered in this building without airconditioning. Although the place is big, its a closed room, and warm air permeates everywhere. A strong stench of sweat spreads from a dark corner deep inside, like hes stepping into the lair of a large beast. Several nuns dressed in black robes are crowding in the darkness. In the middle of the crowd, theres a girl lying on the ground. Kamijo sees this and silently squints his eyes. At this moment, Kamijo hears a laugh, as if its laughing at his feelings. Turning around, its Agnese Sanctis. Her image is completely different from before. Ive been finding this weird. Agnese giggles, How can an amateur whos not even a magician be recruited for help? Seems likealthough I dont know how you do it, but the power you have can break any boundaries. Am I right?

Aiya, whats wrong? Did you forget something? Or youre looking for payment? Orif youre unwillingly to leave that woman on the floor behind, you can strip her, I dont mind. Agnese sounds very excited, as if shes drunk, looking carried away. Let me ask you something. Youre not bothering to pretend now? Pretend? Pretend what? Dont you understand the situation? Cant you tell which side has the advantage? Dont tell me that you think our positions are the same? What will you do in front of so many people? I feel like hearing what you want to say. Thats true, one versus 200 is too much of a difference. Kamijo cant win if he goes up against so many people. Or maybe its because Agnese understands this so well that she smugly walks towards Kamijo. Not only does she not care about her defense, shes even taunting him. Agnese believes that Kamijo wont do anything to her. Once he does, hell start a battle where theres no chance of victory for him. Fool, what a fool. Seems like the British Puritans are smart enough to run away. Whats wrong with you? Hm, even so. What can one person do? If you want to run, do so now. This is the last chance. You should know what to do? Hearing Agnese say this with such confidence, Kamijo weakly smiles. The last chanceI should know what to do His voice contains a strong, strange sense of calm. Yeah, this is the last chance. I understand. BAM! Kamijo Toumas right fist cuts through the air. Agnese quickly crosses her arms to protect her head. At this moment, her feet leaves the floor. Agnese, who blocked the attack, flies backwards. She then glares at Kamijo like a fierce dog. Without a second delay. Without hesitation, the boy lets the enemy in front of him see his realizations. Youbastard, you dare to do this to me! Agnese roars. But Kamijo Touma is louder than her.

What should I do? WHAT NONSENSE, OF COURSE I SHOULD SAVE HER! The two of them are rather emotional, almost on breaking point. In a nutshell, its anger, but the reason and heat are completely different. The muscles on Agneses face vibrate irregularly, as she mutters. The nuns in black robes, who were originally standing around, all turn and face Kamijo Touma, wielding their many different weapons in their hands. They marched forward like an army, giving off a cold and scary sound and the same time. Youre reallyinteresting. Agneses voice and body trembles. Facing 200 people, what can you do in this condition? Let me witness it! Haha! With the vast difference in numbers, well beat you to dust in 60 seconds! After saying this, the black nuns raise their weapons. Kamijo Touma, whos alone and without help, doesnt have a single weapon, as he clenches his fists. Just when the battles about to start Suddenly, a voice came. Really, we finally slipped past the hole in the barrier with great difficulty, and you blasted it apart. At least give me some time to set up the rune cards, okay? What? Agnese is stunned. She turns around. Bam! As the sound of flames absorbing oxygen echoes throughout, the church wrapped in darkness is blown apart by an explosion and orange lights. The light comes from inside the church, just opposite of Kamijo. On the wall behind the podium, near the second level, theres a large hole thats to be covered with stained glass. A British Puritan priest is standing at the window, wielding a flame sword. Seems like he climbed the construction platforms at the outside wall to get there. Stiyl? The cigarette-smoking priest stuns Kamijo, as he inadvertently calls out his name.

The original plan is to chase the outsider home, and let the magicians handle this. A shame I had to say so many lies, and yet everythings wasted. Before Kamijo can speak, Agnese says, BritishPuritans? Damn itthis is an internal affair of the Roman Catholics! Dont you understand that youll be interfering with internal politics if you step in? Too bad, this argument is invalid. Stiyl coldly, puffs out some white smoke, and says, Look at Orsola Aquinas chest, theres a British Puritan Cross on her neck. The outsider over there hung it on her. Stiyl reveals a cynical smile. Once someone puts a British Puritan Cross on another, it means that the person wearing it will be protected by the British Puritan Church. This means that shes baptized and is now one of us. That Cross was prepared by our Archbishop, and I was supposed to hang it on Orsolas neckbut as this order wasnt that important, I delayed this and handed the Cross to that man. I thought that when that outsider is to be captured by you guys, youll see the Cross and might think that hes a member of the large British Puritan Church, and show mercy to himhowever, due to some accidental and strange circumstances, the Cross is on Orsolas neck. Right now, Orsola Aquinas does not belong to the Roman Catholics, but to the British Puritans. So thats how it is Kamijo vividly remembers how happy Orsola was the moment he casually said that hes giving the Cross to her. So theres such a meaning behind it. Agnese is flushed red now, and is flabbergasted for a while before she says, Youyou guys think that youre able to stand firmly with such a ridiculous argument? Its really a weak base to rely on, since its not done in a British Puritan Church, not done by a British Puritan priest, and shes not baptized according to British Puritan regulations. Stiyl shakes the cigarette in his mouth, and says, But at least Orsolas identity right now is rather delicate. Shes a Roman Catholic who however accepted the British Puritan Cross, and the person who gave her this Cross is someone from Academy City of the Science side. As for which organization she belongs to, I believe its

necessary to take some time to negotiate. But if you insist on carrying out a trial on her, the British Puritans will not sit back and watch this. Stiyl jumps down from the window, and silently lands in front of the podium. Next, he points the tip of the flame sword at Agnese, whos standing far away, saying, And most importantly, you dare to attack that child! Stiyl bares his fangs, continuing on, Dont tell me you guys think that I will ignore this? Im not so kind! Peh! Even if theres one or two of you, what can you do! Agnese angrily says this. But shes cut off by another voice before she can end. Its not just two people. !? This rough male voice made Agnese turn around again. Suddenly, the side wall exploded, causing a large hole. A tall man wielding a large sword walks in through the dust. Tatemiya The tall man is wielding a white Flamberge, whose material is unknown. Kamijo inadvertently calls out his name. Tatemiya Saiji. The current substitute Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusa Catholics, a multi-religious based Catholic organization. Behind him are the Amakusa members who were imprisoned in the other buildings. Theres around 50 of them, and it seems like they found their freedom. You dont have to ask why Im doing this, right? Stunned, Kamijo says, Didnt you saythat the easiest time to strike is when theyre moving? I thought that youd go home quietly the moment I said this. In order to settle everything before you do anything, I talked it out with the British Puritan, and now everythings wasted.

Seems like youre a bigger idiot than I thought. However, I dont hate such an interesting idiot like you. Tatemiya Saiji says this reluctantly. Finally, footsteps can be heard behind Kamijo, followed by a familiar girls voice. Really, Touma. Didnt I tell you that someone will settle this, and that you dont have to worry? Index? Kamijo sputters. A small hand grabs onto Kamijos shoulder, and though small, its rather forceful. However, seems like we can only do thislets save Orsola Aquinas with our own hands, Touma. Un.

Kamijo nods his head. Seeing this, Agnese Sanctis gives the order angrily, KILL THEM ALL! Several hundred nuns rush out from the darkness. The final battle has begun. In order to end something that shouldnt have happened, they started the final battle.

Between the lines 2

In the middle of the night, Kanzaki Kaori is standing on the top of a certain building. The night scenery in front of her includes the Church of Orsola thats being built. This building is so much different from what someone will expect of a church, not quiet, filled with growls and sounds of things breaking. Although shes standing far away from the church, her sharp ears can hear everything. She hears a group of people stepping forward to save a girl. From the start, Kanzaki never intended to help her fellow Amakusa members, and never intended to attack the Roman Catholics who the Amakusa are against now. Although she sneaked away after this situation happened, she never thought of using violence to settle this. She just wants to witness this for herself. Even when shes gone, the Amakusa havent changed. She wanted to witness that. Right now, shes seeing a truth that she always believed in. She narrows her eyes. That gentle expression seems to be reminiscing something. Its a place where she can no longer go to. But because of it, to her, its a precious place to her.

Not trying to hide, a set of footsteps can be heard as someone approaches Kanzaki from behind. Haha! What a touching scene, Kanzaki nee-chan! Very good, very good! Your former comrades didnt kidnap Orsola for the power of the Book of the Law. Tsuchimikado! Kanzaki hastily pulls a long face, and turns away. But Tsuchimikados still grinning as he looks at Kanzaki. Seems like Kanzakis feelings are written on her face. In order to hide her embarrassment, Kanzaki coldly says, Is your mission over? Didnt you say that youre going to seize this opportunity to steal the original Book of the Law? This? Hm, do you think that I succeeded or failed? Im joking, dont stare at me like that. Arent you also clear about whats going on? The Amakusa never stole the Book of the Law, this is all planned by the Roman Catholics. In other words, the Roman Catholics never had the need to bring the original Book of the Law to Japan. Right now, the one in Japan is a fake, while the original is still inside the Vatican. Tsuchimikado announces that his mission has failed, but he sounds extremely happy. Did he think that this mission is unimportant? Or hes saying a lie, and the Book of the Law is already in his hands? Which is the answer? Kanzaki doesnt know. Tsuchimikado walks beside Kanzaki, places his two hands on the metal handrail used to prevent people from falling, and stares at the scene where Kanzaki was looking at. After a while, he says, Are you satisfied now? Yes, and they even exceeded my expectations. Kanzaki again turns and looks at the church, saying, As long as theyre around, even without me, the Amakusa will walk on the right path. They became stronger. Un, seems like theyre in a tough battle. Youre not going to help them? I have no right to stand in front of them now. And they dont need my power now. Im like an auxiliary wheel of a bicycle.

Kanzaki proudly says, but theres some loneliness in her tone. Theres not even the faintest sign of perplexities or hesitation. Although Kanzakis saying this rather seriously, Tsuchimikado is trying really hard to hold back his laughter. What are you laughing at, Tsuchimikado? Nee-chan, seriously, you never expected Kamiyan to be involved in this, right? The Angel Fall incident last time, and when you were retrieving Index, you owe him quite a few favours, dont you? Right now, you got him involved in your own personal issue, and youre thinking how to say sorry to him after this, right? Noits nothing like thatthat scenario you thought of will never happen Kanzaki sternly replies. Tsuchimikado seems to have remembered something, and let out a huge laugh. His laughter is extremely loud, so loud that one may worry that his voice may reach the Church of Orsola. He laughs till tears are rolling out of his eyes, and after a while, says, Let me ask you, why are you holding bandages in your hand? Dont tell me you intend to bandage the wounds of your unconscious comrades after the battle? And after bandaging their wounds, youll gently stroke their faces, give a slight smile, and stealthily leave? Eh hehe! Neechan, you can do such an old-fashioned thing? Dont you feel ashamed doing this with such a stern face? !? Ugn? Woah woah, nee-chan, whats wrong with you? Why that deadpan look, and your temples are still movingwait a minute! Wait a minute! Im unarmed! Your Seven Heavens Seven Sword isnt to be used for playing! I dont want to be bandaged earlier than them WA !?

Chapter 4: AMAKUSA Style Remix of Church

Part 1
The Church of Orsola is formed by 7 chapels. Every single chapel is to be used as a place to carry out one of the seven sacraments. Each one isnt of the same size, how big the construct and amount of money spent on it will differ on the frequency and the importance. Where Orsola and company are right now is the Marriage Chapel, the place where marriages are held. This is the place where they spent the most money on, so the room is the biggest. The second largest room is the Fuyou Chapel, used to carry out funerals. Although the Holy Order Chapel and Confirmation Chapel are rather significant religiously, they cant earn money from ordinary folks like Kamijo, so the rooms are smaller. These smaller constructs are decorated with art pieces like sculptures, drawings and stained glass, and it seems that they plan to open them to the public as an art gallery or a museum, to earn extra money for the Church. The website that Kamijos phone is connected to only displays this information. However, its incredulous for the Church members to set up an introductory website. Maybe they considered this place as a tourism site, as the webpage even reveals the scheduled plans and complete map. To Kamijo and company, this is an unexpected reward Of course, the website only discloses things that are allowed for the public to see. Peh! Kamijo carries an injured Orsola and runs out through the back door of the Marriage Chapel. Theres not even a single blade of grass, as everythings covered by the flat stone floor. When Kamijos two feet stepped past the back door, the weapon-wielding nuns start chasing after. Taking advantage of the battle between the Amakusa and the Roman Catholic nuns, Kamijo carries Orsola out of the Marriage Chapel. Although hes not willing to part with Index and company, they were separated, and thus he has to run off first. While running, Kamijo looks at Orsolas face. Sorry Im late. Are you alright? Dont worry. This is a minor injury, Im alright. Orsolas clothes are tattered; the metal parts of the zippers are broken. Every jerk causes her entire body to stiffen in pain, and it's obvious that her injuries are serious. But her face only shows fatigue, and not pain.

She looks like shes going to cry, being carried by Kamijo in his arms, as she looks at his face, like a missing child finally finding his parents. (Damn it! Isnt the simplest reason to fight here?) Kamijo carries Orsola as he continues to run forward. The Marriage Chapel is extremely large, but to fight so many enemies inside is suicidal. This isnt a case of which side is stronger, just having everyone push someone is enough to kill him. Moresoever, Kamijo is just an ordinary high school student, he can win if its one on one, and its dangerous if its one on two, but hell have to run if its one on three. Kamijos capabilities are just like this. However Running away isnt a sign of defeat. Ho! Just when countless pursuers are about to grab Kamijo, several Amakusa members jump in from the roof of the Chapel. The weapons that were about to pierce Kamijos body are sliced in half by the Amakusa members. Then, one Amakusa member viciously kicks the front most nun so hard that she flew backwards. Shua! The footsteps are like tides, as one group of Roman Catholic nuns surround the Amakusa members like some giant organism. (Thanks!) Kamijo runs off and kicks a can that a worker threw aside. Of course, such an attack wont hurt a Roman Catholic nun. But seeing something fly by is bound to attract their attention. !? Just when the nuns are distracted, the Amakusa members break through the perimeter, nod to Kamijo to express their appreciation, and scamper off. Kamijo didnt have the time to look back. Although the nuns are wielding heavy weapons, they cant match a persons weight. The nuns again chased after Kamijo, trying to whittle down this lead.

The nun behind is waving a torch, and a magma rock as large as a softball flings from it. Kamijo grabs Orsola tightly and avoids it, and arrives at the rectangular Holy Order Chapel behind the Marriage Chapel. He dashes towards the step pedals used for construction around the Chapel, and climbs up the ladder leaning against the wall to the second level. A torch-holding nun follows, and Kamijo raises his right leg to kick her down. Another nun is able to get from ground level to the second through some unknown means, and Kamijo kicks her off while shes trying to balance on the shaking platform, causing her to fall back down. Several nuns are standing at ground level, staring coldly and Kamijo and Orsola. Theyre beginning to realize something. Although its possible to corner Kamijo when theyre chasing him like this, once Kamijo can create a one on one situation, he can continue to run. The platform that Kamijos standing on is made of steel pipes, so not only are they thin and long, theyre unstable. So the nuns cannot attack Kamijo from every direction. If the nuns climb up to the long platform, they naturally have to line up. And not only that, if there are too many people on the platform, it wont be able to handle the weight and will collapse. Unless theyre thinking of dealing damage to both sides, they cant win with numbers. The nuns silently think about this. They have a common understanding without needing to talk. At the same time, they raise their weapons. Rods, axes, Cross, Bibles, even the giant minute hand of a giant clock, they have all sorts of weapons. These weapons are aimed at Kamijo Touma, whos above them. Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, tea, white, goldmany different colours are glowing from the front of these weapons. (Ohno!?) Kamijo holds Orsola, whos unaware of whats going on, and frantically runs along the metal pipes. At this moment, numerous glowing feathers of different colours attacked them. These feathers look like rocketheads attached to quills, hitting where Kamijo and Orsola were one at a time. The feathers damage the outer walls and the platform severely. DONG! Suddenly, the platform begins to shake. In fact, the nuns werent aiming at Kamijo, but were aiming at the platforms below Kamijos feet.

They never cared about Orsolas safety. Besides, as long as her brain and heart are still working, shes defined as not dead. The platform underneath Kamijos feet is shaking like a sinking ship. Of course, once he hits the ground, hell be surrounded by several nuns. WAAAAAAAAHHH! Kamijo meaninglessly shouts. As the platform is becoming more slanted, the path hes running is even steeper. He desperately sprints up the almost vertical platform, and the platform that was originally as high as the second level is now reaching the third level, near the roof. Kamijo holds Orsola tightly, and jumps. His feet land on the marble roof, at the same time, the platform built from metal pipes and metal parts collapses to the ground. Hearing the platform that he was standing on collapse with such a loud sound, Kamijo feels chilly. He hugs Orsola and finally stops, taking in a deep breath. Areare you alright? Orsola is worried that shes being a burden, and looks at Kamijo as she asks uncomfortably. Im alright. Kamijo casually answers as he scrutinizes Orsolas condition. Orsola was treated badly and violently, as her robes were tattered, the zippers are spoilt and the fabric is all messed up. This can be a rather seductive scene in an ordinary situation. But right now, Orsolas thighs are covered in blood, swollen until theyre brown. Nobodys going to think of anything wild. (Damn it.) Kamijo didnt say anything, as he cursed deep inside. (No matter how big someone is, he cant face off against so many nuns! Agnese Sanctis! To think that you ordered them to beat her like a spineless chicken!) Kamijo is raging inside, and really wants to rush into the enemy frontlines, but hes worried about Orsolas safety. He has to find some place for her to rest, and treat her wounds no matter what. Kamijo frantically thinks. But he cant stay here forever.

In order to prevent the enemy from attacking him from below, Kamijo runs from the side of the roof to the middle. As long as hes here, the enemy should probably be unable to see him. Then Kamijo places Orsola on the roof thats under construction, and grabs a toolbox nearby with both hands. Thunk! The next moment, a loud explosion occurs below, three nuns quickly jump towards the roof. Kamijo uses his entire strength to push the heavy toolbox away. The box hits one of the nuns, and she loses her balance before falling down to the ground. The remaining two nuns wordlessly land on the roof. Both of them are holding the hour hand and the minute hand of a giant clock. The bases are wrapped in bandages, probably to prevent them from falling off. The nuns without jumping ability rush to the roof through the stairs inside, and there are many footsteps below Kamijo that can be heard. Being at a disadvantage, Kamijo doesnt dare to turn his neck, and only rolls his eyeballs, looking for a way out. At this moment, Kamijo, whos standing on the rooftop, sees a nun dressed in white robes running around inside the wide compound of the Church of Orsola. Like Kamijo, the girl is chased by several black-robed nuns. But Kamijo, whos overlooking from the last section of the roof, cant help but break out cold sweat. In front of the white-robed nun, theres another group of nuns approaching. Both sides are unaware of this, but if the white-robed nun continues to run in the same direction, both sides will meet each other. INDEX! Kamijo cant help but shout. At this moment, the two nuns wielding the clock hands are rushing from both left and right. The girl running on the ground does not hear Kamijo.

Part 2
As the positions of the Baptism Chapel and the Marriage Chapel are relatively tilted to each other, theres a triangular atrium between them. Tatemiya Saiji continues to swing his large sword in this atrium, Tatemiya was the last Amakusa member to retreat from the Marriage Chapel. Just like the other Amakusa members who were fighting to create enough time for Orsola to escape, Tatemiya was trying to create enough time for the Amakusa members to escape. Currently, the Amakusa members have escaped and are now fighting the Roman Catholics. On the smooth marble floor, theres no length of grass, and therere stands for placing sculptures everywhere. When the Church is finished, there will probably be sculptures of Angels or the religious greats, Saints. Right now however, there are no sculptures, and theyre rather empty. All the religious art pieces are blown to dust, as if the Church is invaded by nonbelievers. Tatemiya Saiji isnt using the tactic of think while I fight like Kamijo Touma. Because he is able to skillfully break down the enemys attack rhythm. He wont attack fully, or defend fully, hell keep a balance between attack and defense. When the nuns intend to charge in, Tatemiya will step forward. When the nuns intend to step back and readjust their attacks, Tatemiya will step back. Tatemiyas actions surprise the nuns greatly. The moment the nuns misjudged what the enemys going to do, theyll naturally panic, and normally in this situation, Tatemiya will attack them. Even if the nuns were to carry out defensive maneuvers, theyll be blown away if they try to block an attack from that giant sword. But Tatemiya wont attack back. After attacking once, hell step back. Hes not attacking all-out, or defending fully, but maintaining a balance between them. Using this stalemate that wasnt supposed to happen, he built up an invisible wall. (This is terrible, I cant continue to play with them like this) Tatemiya, though, sees his comrades waving their swords at the enemy and jumping about from the corner of his eye. Although Tatemiya is looking rather confident and smiling, hes very nervous deep inside. The nuns are rational enough to analyze the attacks as they fought; this is why Tatemiyas tactic could work. When the nuns get impatient enough and decide to pull out all the stops, not caring about their comrades safety, Tatemiyas tactic will fail.

Whether its attacking or defending, as long as theres an imbalance, the psychological wall will dissolve in that instant and Tatemiya will be swallowed by the crowd charging forward. Its like fishing, Tatemiya thought. If he pulls the rod hard, the fish will struggle and end up breaking the fishing line as they escape. To catch a fish easily, one has to give it enough freedom; which is to allow the enemy to attack and let them think they have a chance. Suddenly, Tatemiya can hear loud footsteps nearby. A new enemy? Tatemiya panics, but upon listening carefully, he notices that the footsteps are headed towards him. Tatemiya is standing in the atrium between the Marriage Chapel and the Baptism Chapel. At this moment, he sees the British Puritan nun in white robes standing at the apex of the triangle, which is the small gap closest to the two chapels. Shes being chased by the Roman Catholic nuns, only to meet up with another group of them, and is finally surrounded, unable to move. The number of people surrounding her is twice that of the number of enemies in front of Tatemiya. (Damn it! Dont do something like this in front of me!) Tatemiya frantically tries to save the white-robed nun, but the nuns who are surrounding Tatemiya are working together flawlessly, creating a human wall like a great creature. To them, once they take down one, there will be more comrades who can assist them in taking him down. As they cant beat Tatemiya, theyre wishing that their comrades will quickly take down the other enemies. Tatemiya and the nuns glare at each other. In the other corner, Index is swallowed by a large crowd, her body gradually sinking among them. Let me show you Tatemiya adjusts his breathing and slowly raises his sword, preparing to use a killer blow. Suddenly, a mans voice can be heard from above. Stop! Dont get near that child!

Tatemiya looks up, and in an instant, the second level window of the Baptism Chapel exploded, as a firestorm erupts from inside. Next, a Roman Catholic nun is shot out like a cannonball. When she landed, she barely tries to let the joints in her legs withstand the impact, but it seems that she cant withstand it anymore, as she collapses again and loses consciousness. Stiyl Magnus, whos wielding a flame sword, is standing at the window He says, In some situations, that child is much stronger when she fights on her own. Well weaken her fighting capabilities if we go near her. You probably dont want to become like those people, huh? What? Tatemiya is intrigued. At this moment BOOM! Theres an explosion around Index. Index reappears, having been surrounded by tens, or maybe more than a hundred nuns all around. In other words, a section of the perimeter is blown off. In that thick perimeter, a corner is blown off by some unknown force, causing the perimeter to form a C shape. About 10 nuns experienced the impact directly, and one of them even lands at Tatemiyas feet, several metres away. Seeing their comrade flying over their heads, the nuns fighting against Tatemiya turn to look at Index. BOOM! Another huge invisible explosion, therere several nuns blown into the air. Whats going on? Tatemiya looks at the nun at his feet. Her face is full of despair, and her body curls up like a baby, her arms holding onto her head. Although she lost consciousness, she seems to be having a nightmare, as shes still trembling. Not only that, the muscles on the nuns legs are torn. Actually, that phenomenon wasnt an explosion, but the nun jumped back. As if her survival and defensive instincts have gone haywire, she even does the extreme by doing something that far exceeds her physical capabilities in order to get away from Index. Stiyl jumps down from the second level and lands beside Tatemiya. Youre also a Christian, and you should know that therere weaknesses, or conflicting concepts in several Christian teachings. Many different Christian sects exist in order to patch up these weaknesses and conflicting concepts, but theyll create their own weaknesses and conflicting concepts. This is a so-called religious characteristic.

So what? Tatemiya gently swings his broadsword, restricting the nuns movements. That child has the knowledge of the entire world. With the knowledge of 103,000 magic books, she can make sharp criticism into conflicts that Christianity has. This is the Hell Fear. To Christians, Christianity is like a function, and the paradox in the teachings are like holes in a cover, so the Hell Fear is their enemy. Upon hearing this, their personalities will completely dissolve within a short time. Of course, this spell is useless against enemies other than Christians. As for magical authors like Aureolus, they have set up a special magical barrier to prevent their minds from being destroyed by their own original magic texts, so this spell is useless to them as well. However, there are very few people in the world who can write an original magical text and not get their minds broken like Aureolus. The magical books arent just to only use spells. Although she has no magical power, she can use the knowledge of the magic books to attack with Spell Intercept and Hell Fear. Theres likely no one better to be the magical library than her. While the nuns are still panicking, Stiyl and Tatemiya unleash a furry of attacks. Stiyl lets the flame blade explode, blowing the nuns away with a flame storm, followed up by Tatemiya knocking them out swiftly and cleanly. At this moment, Index continues to send the numerous nuns around her flying with her muttering. Tatemiya is impressed and stunned. He says, Come to think about it, since shes capable of such an impressive spell, why didnt she use it in the beginning? Even if its me, Ill be devastated if I was hit by that technique. That spell is rather unstable and troublesome. I believe you know that its easier to do a religious brainwashing to a group than to an individual. From the Science side point of view, the Hell Fear uses group psychology to break through their own psychological defense. Stiyl again lets the flame sword explode, suppressing the nuns. The nuns were trying to find a chance to charge forward, but their faces are burnt by the flames, and hurried back. The purity of the groups psychology affects the effectiveness of the Hell Fear. Its easier to use when the groups thinking the same thing, and much more difficult when its a complicated group with many different thoughts, causing the purity to drop, which makes it completely uselessin other words, when I was fighting with you, because both Kamijo Touma and I were present, the groups purity dropped, and so she cant use the Hell Fear. I was assigned to be her guard because of this possible scenario. Stiyl plainly states,

In other words, if you rush in now, the Hell Fear will be ineffective. After saying this, the conversation stopped. There are more footsteps now. Looking up at the roofs of the chapels beside the atrium, there are several nuns standing above them.

Part 3
In the darkness of the Marriage Chapel, Agnese rests her back on the marble column. Agnese is surrounded by several nuns who are protecting her to ensure her safety. But with each explosion and crashing sound, these nuns will be so scared that their shoulders will jerk violently and they will look around frantically. In contrast, Agnese crosses her arms in front of her chest, as she silently closes her eyes to rest. The position of those who are protecting and those who are protected seems to have changed. Dont look so panicky, thats too unglamorous. Especially you, Sister Angelene. ButbutMiss Agnese Those seemingly mocking words seem to give the nuns a sense of relief, as they look like theyve seen a savior while theyre on a sinking ship. Maybe talking to them will relieve them of their tension. The battle has lasted for more than 10 minuteseveneven if we add Orsola in, we still far outnumber the enemydont you feel something is wrong? Ah? Listen! Where did that explosion come from? Maybethe enemy has turned defense to attack! Whywhy dont we take part in the battle as well? We can spare some manpower anyway Its meaningless. Agnese impatiently says. Thenwhat should we do? Orsolas been taken awayif she runs away again She cant run.

Agnese interrupts Angelene. Shes so confident that shes not willing to give an explanation. Shell definitely be unable to run. In this damned world, this is predicated. The balance was broken in an instant. The reason came from where Index is. From the 103,000 magical texts, she finds the parts that are detrimental to a Christians mind, creating the Hell Fear, and is attacking the Roman Catholic nuns with it. During this situation, an accident happened. One of the nuns, Sister Luccia, the one who attacked Kamijo in the theme park, suddenly shouts, Heavy attack! Light defense! Sacrifice yourselves! Destroy the enemy of God! In an instant, the nuns completely froze. Their faces silently and gradually became expressionless, and like a military salute, they neatly pull out two things from their clothes. Each of their hands is holding a rather high-class fountain pen. (?) At this moment, Index is thinking that they are planning to use some magic to fire an attack at her. But she was wrong. The next instant Almost a 100 nuns surrounding Index insert the pens into their ears without hesitation. The squishy sound resembles a person squeezing grapes. Bright red blood spurts out from their ears. At the same time, they pull the pens thatre inserted deeply inside their ears out, and then proceed to raise their weapons. Although their expressions are distorted due to pain, theyre smiling bitterly like they just destroyed their desires. Theres something white on the pens that are covered in blood. They are the eardrums.

Index strongly feels that shes going to vomit any moment. Dont tell meits to block out the Hell Fear? When theyre unable to hear anything, the Hell Fear cannot work. Index realizes this chilling fact. At the same time, the nuns advance together. Damn it! The one who realizes this first was Stiyl. He really wants to immediately get over and save Index, but the great combination attack with Tatemiya will stop working. Stiyl continues to let the flame sword explode, letting the firestorm block the nuns vision. But the heat cannot reach where Index is. And by using the same attack so many times, the nuns become used to the flames and can find a way to attack them. Over here! Suddenly, a door of the Fuyou Chapel opens, as Kamijo Touma stands at the door thats opened outwards. Orsola, whos injured badly, is standing behind him, using the bandaged minute hand of a large clock as a crutch. Maybe Kamijo feels that carrying Orsola around while running isnt the way to go, thats why hes hiding in the Fuyou Chapel. In this critical moment, Index, Stiyl and Tatemiya rush into the Fuyou Chapel. Kamijo hastily closes the door. Right at this moment, there are numerous blades thats stabbed into the 5cm thick oak door. In a short time, the door blocked the Roman Catholic nuns attacks. But a door like this cannot withstand for much longer. Using the story of the three little pigs as an illustration, its like they are hiding in a straw house now. Seems like everyones okayOrsola, can you walk? You really like to worry, my injuries arent that serious. Orsolas injuries are definitely serious, its just that they are hidden underneath her nun robes, so nobody can see it. Even so, she still weakly smiles at Kamijo. Although Kamijos feeling compassionate, he cant do anything. So he barely changes the subject. Okay, now what?

Nobody can answer that question. Everyone present realizes that the stalemate that was originally there is gone now. The Amakusa members out there are surviving through their own sneak attacks and escapes, theyre already busy themselves, and cant possibly help now. Pang! Bam! Like nails being hammered into wood, the number of holes on the wall continues to increase. Index looks extremely pale, as she says, Theyjuststabbed into their ears like thatmy Hell Fear cannot work Maybe Index is still thinking about how the nuns stabbed their ears with fountain pens, because blood seems to have drained from her face. The Spell Intercept can only work against one person at a time. Its impossible to interfere when therere so many people chanting their spells Oh? Index continues to analyze her battle capabilities, and Kamijos all confused now. He doesnt even know what Index did, based on what principle. Tatemiya then says, Although my subordinates are hard-working, I guess its hard for them to reverse the situation. Humans are at their scariest when theyre willing to sacrifice themselves. No matter how good an expert fighter is, he cant handle a group of people rushing like a flood. Its like how an army of ants can kill any beasts. His tone is full of reluctance, overlapping with the sounds of blades being stabbed into the door and being pulled out. Several eyeballs are peeking into the holes that are dug out. Kamijo feels chilly inside his stomach. Once the door breaks open, several hundred armed nuns will rush in like a landslide. If they cant come up with an answer within these few minutes, everyone inside will be unable to survive. But the more suggestions everyone gave, the more they sank into despair. Although Kamijo is as panicky as an ant on a hot pot, hes at a loss on what to do.

Ehifwe have the Book of the Law, maybe we can find a spell to protect ourselves using my code. Suddenly, Orsola asks. Everyone turn and look at her. The Book of the Law. Although its the cause of everything, the magic book is long forgotten by everyone. The forbidden book written by Edward Alexanderalso known as Crowley, the greatest magician in the world; in it contains a strong power and knowledge, said to be able to allow humans to use the Angelic Spells. Just opening one page is said to be able to end this Christian age. Since the Book of the Law is so dangerous, breaking the seal of the Book of the Law can be used as a negotiating tool. Too bad, the Book of the Law wasnt stolen; its all a ploy to frame us. In other words, the real Book of the Law may not even be in Japan. They only brought a fake, the original should still be in the Vatican, we have no Its here! Kamijo and Index shout out at the same time. Thats right, the original Book of the Law is here. Index, although youre unable to decode the Book of the Law, you might have memorized it thoroughly in order to decode it, right? You do have the original text of the Book of the Law in your head, right? Un, I still remember those codes that arent decoded yet. Hearing this, Stiyls expression changed drastically. No way! If you do so, shell memorise the correct content of the Book of the Law! That means that even more magicians will want her! Are you worrying about me? Index, who only treated Stiyl as somebody who has nothing to do with her, asks suspiciously. Stiyl, who treated Index as an old friend, doesnt know how to reply, and his face is flushed red. But Stiyl smacks his mouth again, not saying anything more. Stiyl is clear that Index already

knows that the magicians are chasing after her, so no reason will stop her. Beside, theres no other way out. Stiyl thought for a while, conflicting thoughts are inside his head like angels fighting against each other. He suddenly shouts, Kamijo Touma! Whatwhat now? You have to be even stronger! If theres any consequences that harms her in any way, Ill burn your body, heart and soul till theres not even ash! Stiyl then cursed, smacks his mouth again, and turns around. Index still looks like she doesnt know whats going on, as shes somewhat bewildered by Stiyls anger. Tatemiya looks at Kamijo with a profound meaning, then turns to look at Stiyl. Kamijo thought, Please dont look at me like that. Puzzled, Index tilts her head, and asks, Anyway, can you tell me how to decode the Book of the Law? Ah, yes, then, Ill explain it to you. Being asked by Index, Orsola continues on. At this moment, Kamijo feels sweat emerging from his forehead. In the past, he thought that its only fantasy, and yet its about to come true now. The danger that Kamijo never ever thought of continues to appear in his mind. Kamijo is very clear of what the Angelic Spells, thats only rumours and speculation to the magicians, are (what an irony). At first, he saw one of the four large angels, the Power of God, summon the magic spell Judgment, billions of light bombs that nearly turned half the earth to crisp. If they use such a spell, they can turn the tide around. But Should humanity meddle with such power? Orsola seemed to have sensed Kamijos worries, and says,

We have no need to show them the power of the Book of the Law, we just need to tell them that we have decoded it and can use it anytime. If possible, I would like to avoid using this power as well. Orsola seriously says. Thats right; the original reason why Orsolas studying the Book of the Law is to cause the knowledge inside the book to disappear. Right now, her actions are going against what she originally believes in. Also, even if they manage to get through this crisis, theyll get harassed by magicians all over the world for having the knowledge of the Book of the Law. She had already thought about all these. But yet she decides to do this. Even if it goes against her ideals, even if its going to put her in danger, she still wishes to help Kamijo and company. Throughout history, no one was able to find a way to decode the Book of the Law. Even Index, whos keeping the 103,000 magical texts, cant decode the banned book, which is in front of her. The base model is Temurah, which is the switching of the location of the texts. But theres a special rule thats closely related to the number of lines. First, arrange the 22 lines of Hebrew text in two rows, and according to the rows Kamijo feels like a duck that heard some thunder rumble, but to Index, its very important. Kamijo never saw her so serious before. Right now, Index is processing and decoding the magic book that nobody has read before, forming a blueprint of the strongest weapon. On one hand, Kamijo is bewildered; on the other hand, hes wondering if hes taking part in a mistake that cannot be taken back. In other words, the texts with different number of lines have to be changed again using another rule, so it sounds complicated. But even if the page changes, as long as the number of lines dont change, the rule of change wont change. Then The sentences with changes done to the positions of the words have to be rearranged according the number of pages. So then, the original content of the text can be restored. The title is End of two Eras, and the content is written in Enochian about the Human Angelification Spells. Suddenly, Index finishes what Orsola was about to say, as if she has read Orsolas mind. Orsola is wide-eyed now.

Its alright, I know whats going on. Orsola is surprised that Index interrupted her while she was conveying her own way of decoding that only she should know. She asks, May I ask, what do you mean by you understand? Um Index says with a heavy tone. This isnt the way to decode it, its a fake answer that the author left behind. What Orsola went numb. Index sadly turns to look at Orsola, and says, Im sorry. I came up with this answer myself as well. Besides this answer, therere many more fake answers out there. The most frightening thing about the Book of the Law is that Index sighs, and continues, Theres more than a hundred ways to decode it. And every single way of decoding it can form a text, but these are all fakes. Its not that nobody cant decode the Book of the Law. Actually, anyone can decode the Book of the Law, because they are misguided. This is impossible Orsola hoarsely croaks. The wrong explanation can still create a text that someone can read; so even when one finds a wrong way of decoding it, everyone will think that theirs is the correct way. Its normal that you fell into the trap without noticing. Besides the title on the cover of the Book of the Law, theres also a line of English words, do you remember? Index painfully conveys this cruel truth. To desire, and itll be thy magic, in other words, what one perceives to be the correct way to decode it can create several wrong answers for the Book of the Law. The Book of the Law is such a scary book. Orsola Aquinass face shows that she has lost all hope.

This cant be helped. She gambled her life in order to interpret the Book of the Law, thinking that itll bring about happiness to everyone, and destroy this magic book, the root of all evil. But unexpectedly, the way to decode that she so treasured the most is unable to do anything. Not only is it unable to destroy the magic book, it cant save her friends in this critical juncture. Look on the bright side. If we tell them that Orsola didnt find the way to decode it, I wonder if theyll be magnanimous in their actions? Tatemiya asks. At the same time, a huge knocking sound came from the chapels doors. I guess its unlikely. Since theyve thrown away their faade, they probably wont hold back. Stiyl replies. In this desperate situation, he gives a faint smile. Its useless. Their only hope is gone. Kamijo frantically tries to bring Index and Orsola out of the back door, but accidentally knocks into Stiyl, whos wielding a flame sword. The rune cards, which were supposed to be the killer blow, lands on the ground without response. BAM! Theres an impact thats much louder than the first, the off-type doors of the Fuyou Chapel are knocked down. Kamijo and company only have time to say two to three sentences. A few hundred nuns are wielding all sorts of religious weapons as they rush into this church construct thats built for funerals.

Part 4
Ten minutes later. Only the commander of the nuns, Agnese Sanctis, is inside the pitch dark Marriage Chapel. The ten nuns that were assigned to guard her were about to collapse due to nervousness, so Agnese relieved them of their duties by ordering them to battle. Although its much more dangerous on the battlefield than here, they happily accepted the order. The fear of being unaware of the situation makes it even more unbearable for them.

(Its nothing big, why so nervous?) Agnese sighs upon remembering the sight of her cowardly subordinates. Right now, there are sounds of explosions and crashing outside the construct, but Agnese isnt looking uncomfortable. Once someone is experienced enough, they can understand the situation just by hearing the sounds. Compared to a while ago, the enemy is in a mess right now, and can only defend. (Eh?) Suddenly, she hears some noise thats uncoordinated with the battle. Its a set of footsteps. The owner of the footsteps opened the huge doors of the Church. BAM! Kamijo Touma is standing at the entrance, but Agnese isnt fazed. Shes not panicking, in fact, shes smiling. For the same scene had happened before, but right now, Kamijo looks tired, and there are many wounds on him. With that difference in numbers, how did you get here? Agnese rests her back against the marble column and asks. Though Kamijo is breathing hard, hes smiling. About this, we played some tactics. Tactics? Hm Agnese closes one eye. I see, I see. Youre able to appear here so smartly by sacrificing your comrades. Naturally, nobody can get here if everyone gathers to fight against my subordinates. But is this alright? Agneses statement has a mocking tone to it, but Kamijo doesnt reply. So now, Agnese thought that she has struck somewhere in Kamijos heart where it hurts, and smiles even more happily.

Hoho, Orsola Aquinas was praising you people just now. She said that your actions are based on trust, that youll never lie to anyone. HAHAHA! This is too funny. In the end, you still tricked your comrades, using them as a sacrifice in order to protect your life, right? No. Amidst this mocking, Kamijo reveals a smile thats completely different from hers, one thats completely free of pretense. Dont think Im like you, I trust them very much. Therere some things they can do and I cant. So, Im in charge of the other thing. Its just that simple. Kamijo clenches his right fist. If possible, I hope that they can believe in me, feel that I can complete this mission, and dont have to worry. Do you think that by beating the commander, my subordinates will stop their attacks? Im impressed that you guys can come up with such a nave idea. What will happen to sheep that lost their shepherd besides going out of control? Agnese Sanctis back leaves the icy cold marble pillar. She kicks the silver staff thats left aside on the ground; the silver staff pops up and lands in her hands. Alright, Im bored to tears anyway. Idleness is a sin Ill crush your last hope and do it as a parting gift. Kamijo Touma looks around, confirming the situation. The two of them are about 15 metres apart. As the construction inside the church isnt complete, the interior is completely empty, and there are no obstacles. A huge group of people are fighting outside, and there are only Kamijo and Agnese in this closed room. The silver staff that Agnese is holding is fine, and theres a sculpture of an angel on it. The angel is in a pose like that of the Thinker, an art piece of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917, a famous French sculptor), but there are six wings enveloping the angel like a cage. Dang! Dang! Two clear sounds can be heard. Agnese removes the thick soles on her sandals, kicking them backwards.

Everything is taken care of. The fifth element of the five elements. Open up, symbol of Peace and Order, Staff of the Bishop. She holds the staff with two hands and utters a chant. The angel wings that are curled up on the silver staff open up like flower petals. The six wings are like a figure disc of a clock, as they point outwards accurately in six different directions of equal angles. One of the idols. That obeys the Son of God and the power of the Cross, connecting to foreign bodies and people. Agnese chants on as she starts to swing the silver staff gently. DANG! The front tip of the staff hits the marble pillar, creating a loud sound. (?) Both of them are rather far away from each other. For Agnese to strike like this, it really confuses Kamijo. Bam! Suddenly, Kamijo vision is tilted 90 degrees sideways.

GYAAAAAA! Kamijo feels that hes hit on the side on his head by some sort of metal, the moment hes aware, hes already on the floor. He feels giddy, and looks up. Agnese again grabs the end of the staff, spins it around twice, and slams it on the marble floor. Kamijo feels his back go numb, and quickly does a barrel-roll. In an instant, an invisible force hits where his head was originally at. BAM! With that heavy impact sound, theres a dent and some cracks on the ground, like it was hit by a hammer. (A co-ordinated attack? Is it an attack thats similar to manipulating the dynamics of space?) Kamijo understands that he cant stay at the same area though he doesnt know how the attack works. At this moment, Agnese pulls out a knife from her arm, and scratches the side of the staff like a guitar. Kakakaka! Behind Kamijo, whos running around frantically, an invisible force cuts the air. That stick!? Haha, seems like you finally realized it. This is like that map magic that the Amakusa used, its really a bother to explain it. Once I damage this staff, other objects will be damaged as well. Like this! Agnese pretends to raise her knife, only to swing the silver staff around before slamming it to the ground. Kamijo is unable to dodge this attack from above in time, and his left shoulder sinks downwards in an unnatural position. Dong! At this moment, the heavy impact can be heard. ! Such an attack can be nullified by the Imagine Breaker, the problem is where the attack will come from, so he cant raise his right hand in time. Kamijo stopped at this point. After Agnese raises the Angel Staff and swings it around, she slams it into the marble pillar with her full strength. (Oh no!) Kamijo hastily throws himself to the side. Luckily, theres a slight delay from when Agnese gives the order to when the attack actually happens. In other words, as long as he keeps moving, he shouldnt be hit.

Pow! This strike that shouldnt have hit Kamijo cuts deeply into his left wrist and left abdomen. GYAAAAHHHH! Kamijo is pushed to the ground by this lateral impact. He feels a sharp pain coming out deep inside his abdomen, which is the centre of the body. Although his left wrist is between the point of impact and his left abdomen, the impact slams his left wrist into his abdomen. The joint of the left wrist seems to be broken, and not only is he unable to use any strength, even the sense of pain is gone. He can only feel a burning sensation. Agnese taps the staff on the ground. Kamijo quickly rolls on the floor, but the impact still strikes his chest. All the air in his lungs escaped. Even so, Kamijo endures the pain as he jumps backwards, wanting to avoid the next wave of attacks. Agnese quickly raises her knife and scratches the staff, causing a few diagonal cracks behind Kamijo. Papapa! The muscle fibres on Kamijos back seem to be torn. For some reason, like lightning and thunder, there a second delay between the damage and the pain. GYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Kamijo continues to roll on the ground, his back hurting like its burnt by fire. Agnese swings the staff horizontally across, and Kamijo continues to bounce on the ground like pebbles skipping on the water surface. Dont think that you can dodge them so easily. Agnese says this with a cold expression, and swings the silver staff. Although theres a delay between the command and the execution, once I calculate and readjust the position of the attack, this can be offset. In other words, all I need to do is to predict where you will dodge to, and by setting up the attacks in the positions where you will dodge, youll run into the attack area. Anyway, this isnt impressive. Those times when I missed were samples to help me correct the position errors, didnt you realize it? Kamijo desperately turns his head thats hurting and hot, trying barely to hear all these. He stumbles as he endures the lingering pain on his back.

As if shes confident of victory now, Agnese rubs her staff with her cheeks, saying, I wonder if you know that in modern Western magic, there are five elementsfire, wind, water, earth and etherthat have their own symbolic weapons. A stick represents fire, dagger represents wind, cup represents water, and round table represents earth. These are the so called elemental weapons. Agnese chuckles. And this staff in my hands, is the lotus staff that represents ether. It has a very interesting characteristic, and that is, it can change into a weapon of other elements besides ether. Shua! Agnese swings the staff diagonally downwards. When the staff struck the ground, Kamijo feels chilly, and jumped backwards. But this was predicted by Agnese. The premeditated strike hits Kamijos head from right above. Kamijos legs went weak, and he almost knelt down. His body is swaying about, and he cant maintain his balance. Kamijo tries to swing his right arm wildly, but the impact seems to be mocking his stupid behavior, as it hits him in the stomach from a completely different direction. Kamijos vision is blurred down, and his legs are trembling badly. (Ughdamn it, I can remove it if I can touch it! How can I touch it? How can I predict where Agneses attack will come from? Right now, all I can do is to predict when the attack will come) Kamijo looks rather angry, while Agnese grins happily. Everything is created by the five elements. By mixing this with the Idol Theory, what will be the result? Didnt that magical library explain the map magic of Ino Tadataka? Its the same idea, but that magic links the map together with the landscape. However, this five element staff represents everything, in other words, it can cause everything to be suitable for this rule. Like say, air itself! Agnese raises her staff and slams it onto the pillar like a nail. The heavy impact hits Kamijo, whose reaction is slow by half a beat, in the stomach. His entire body falls backwards. He struggles to stand up, and finds a trail of blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth. Kamijo spits the blood in his mouth, and says, Ugh Peh. You said what, that you hated the Book of the Law, you hated magicand yet it seems that you enjoy using it

This meaningless conversation allows Kamijo to catch his breath. Agnese knows about this, but doesnt seem to mind. Hahaha, I know that youre very angry after being hit so many times. But, the Bishop staffs that the higher Clergymen use were evolved from the warhammer. The warhammer was used to destroy enemys armour, so whats wrong with me to hit the enemy? Haha, come to think about it, its ironic that people view this metal rod as a symbol of peace and order. Agnese sticks her tongue out and licks the side of the staff as if shes intoxicated. A weird tinge passes through Kamijos body, causing him to jump back frantically. Upon seeing his reaction, Agnese laughs. Besides Agnese gently continues, Didnt I say this before? The basic theories behind modern Western magic that was established in the 20th century were just some backdoor teachings of Christianity. Or in the words of the Alchemists, these are secrets of Christianity that humans dont know of. Agnese again strikes the staff down onto the ground. Kamijo desperately tries to escape, but his feet cannot catch up to his thoughts. Dong! The heavy impact hits his head. Ugh! What do thesegot to do with meIm not a magician. All the same. Being able to get Gods grace despite not praying to him, this is unforgivable. Isnt it? We worked so hard for the organization, so why do we have to spend money on people like you who never did anything? Those radicals, the British Puritans and the Amakusa are the same. Any teachings outside the Roman Catholics arent teachings. They didnt contribute anything, what they do end up being are obstacles. These people are like pawns who only deserve to sacrifice themselves on a mission. (Its coming!) Kamijo grits his teeth. Agneses attacks may not be as powerful as Stiyls flame sword or Tatemiyas strikes, but even an ordinary person wont be able to take it after being beaten a few times. Kamijos legs are trembling, indicating that his body is at its limits. The time of attack is rather precise.

Since its a magical attack, its possible to eliminate it with his right hand. So As long as he can grasp the angle and direction of the attack As long as he can touch Agneses attack with his right hand, its alright. (Its coming!) Agnese frowns as she holds the staff around like a performer. Kamijo is unable to dodge this premeditated strike. Before he even raises his right hand, the impact sends him flying away, as he rolls on the ground. He quickly pushed himself off the ground and got up straight. Dong! Kamijo concentrated all his strength on his legs as he stepped forward. The distance between these two is about 7 metres now. With Kamijos pace, he will be able to get in front of Agnese in two or three steps. Agnese looks rather relaxed though. Its much easier to predict the enemys movements if he is to continue running forward. She tightly grabbed onto the Angel Staff and swung it to the ground like shes hacking a watermelon. BAM! Theres a heavy sound. If this strike lands from above, itll definitely smash his skull into pieces. But (Ive been waiting for this) Kamijo slammed his shoes onto the ground, and suddenly stopped moving forward. As long as he doesnt move forward, he wont be hurt by the attack thats set up in front. (I've been waiting for quite a while!) Then, Kamijo clenches his right fist and swings it towards the empty space in front which he was about to step into. BAM!

A sound thats like a blown balloon bursting is heard. Kamijo feels his right arm touch some giant invisible bubble. The attack that should have appeared there vanishes into thin air just like that. WHAT!? In contrast to this amateur, Agnese the magic specialist is more aware than anyone else that this cant possibly happen. Like a cannonball, Kamijo rushes into the empty space in front of him. Agnese frantically raises the Angel Staff in front of her. But being caught off-guard, she couldnt use her full strength. Kamijo has already arrived in front of Agnese. Agneses staff finally hits the marble pillar. With a resounding crash, Kamijos head is tilted to one side. But He didnt loosen his grip. Bam! A heavy sounding hit. The back of Agnese Sanctis slams into the wall. She became giddy. Old fragments of her memories that were sealed away gradually start to appear inside her heart thats becoming empty. (Ahdont tell me) Agnese tries desperately to seal her memories away, but like magma rising, theres an instinct to vomit from deep inside her stomach thats rising up, interfering with her thoughts. (Im going back) The scene in her memory is on a dark alley in Milan. All the sunlight had been robbed by tourist streets outside.

Over here, there are only people lying on the red brick ground, rodents, worms and slugs. Over here, there is no hope. (Am I going back there again?) Going deeper into the memory, this fragment pierces through her heart. Its the back door of a restaurant. Shes digging into the rubbish bin for scraps of meat. Shes afraid of dropping it onto the body of the slugs, the fur of the rodents, and the shed wings of the cockroaches, as she puts in into her mouth, continuing to chew, and chew, and chew. She did the same action everyday. (No) The cry in her heart awakens her from her haziness. Her wrists are numb; her weapon is on the floor; that knife thats used to scrape the Angels staff. Just like that, the symbol of her fighting spirit, the weapon thats used to defeat the enemy, leaves her hand, and falls onto the ground. But Even though she has already let go of the knife, shes not going to let go of the Angels staff. (No! I definitely dont want togo back to that kind of life!) Agnese holds on tightly as if shes going to snap the silver staff. Her consciousness is back. Her fighting spirit is back. !! Kamijo Touma and Agnese Sanctis are glaring at each other. Both of them are now approximately 5 metres away from each other. Whether its the fist with a shorter attack range, or the staff with a longer attack range, both can hit each other in an instant. This staring contest is like an iaido contest in an old drama, or a quickdraw contest in Western movies. Cold sweat flows down their faces.

Their nerves are tight. They stopped breathing. Humph. Suddenly, Agnese dully sighs as she lowers the Angels staff. Not only that, she looks away from Kamijo, and starts to look around. Although its a perfect opportunity to attack, Kamijo remains cautious. Hes trying to find a trace of possible danger in this chance. Agnese rolled her eyes at him, and says, I know youre working hard, but everythings over. At this moment, Kamijo doesnt understand what shes talking about. But after thinking about it for a while, he understood what she meant. Right now, its quiet inside the Marriage Chapel, not even a pin drop can be heard in this place. Its like being locked alone inside a cinemathe terrifying silence stimulates the ears, travelling down from the head to the heart. This silence isnt just caused by Agnese and Kamijo not moving about. It also includes the outside. There are about 250 Roman Catholic nuns, together with the allied group of more than 50 British Puritan and Amakusa members combined. The total should be more than 300, as they are supposed to be fighting outside the Marriage Chapel. But right now, not a single sound can be heard. What does this mean? This means Kamijo feels a stinging sensation all over his skin. As if she wants to remove this stinging sensation forever, Agnese Sanctis continues,

Your original plan seems to be for you to beat me, the commander, while your comrades hold up my subordinates. Her tone is mixed with a sense of mockery, insult, and sympathy. But this illusion seems to be destroyed. Kamijo is stunned as he heard this. He even forgot to breathe. He releases his fist. Theres no reason to battle anymore. Theres no reason to stay here. Kamijo can only stand around, stunned. A particular persons face appeared inside his head. Yeah. He gathers his last ounce of confidence, and says, Thats right, your illusion is destroyed, Agnese Sanctis. What? Agnese frowns. BAM! At this moment, the Marriage Chapels doors behind Kamijo are forced open. Agnese Sanctis, whos facing off against Kamijo, slowly looks over his shoulders, at the doors. Her face is full of fear and anxiety. The figures at the doors of the Marriage Chapel arent her subordinates. Theyre Index and Stiyl Magnus of the British Puritans, Tatemiya Saiji of the Amakusa Catholics, Orsola Aquinas, whos in Tatemiyas hands, and Tatemiyas comrades. Besides that Theres a humanoid monster covered in orange flames thats standing beside Stiyl.

Agnese doesnt know what that monster is. But everyone who knows it calls it, Innocentius. A flame monster with a temperature of more than 3,000 degrees Celsius. Once created, itll continue to implode and regenerate, melting every attack of the enemy and any obstacles, until its enemies are vanquished. A super offensive magic that follows the principle of Offense is the best Defense to the maximum. But even those who saw this magic before will wonder if theyre seeing an illusion at this moment. Because the Innocentius right now is completely different as compared to before. The density of the flames is different, the momentum is different. The heat thats released from it distorts the air surrounding them, and there seems to be countless invisible wings behind its giant back. I used 4,300 rune cards. The red-haired priest casually says. This number isnt muchbut the Amakusa are really something. They used the position of the runes to form a large picture, setting it up such that theres a magical meaning throughout this entire place. Which means that the Church of Orsola has become a giant magic array. And they even placed this construct outside the effective area in order to prevent the boys right hand from destroying itsuch a multi-structured magic array that includes and uses so many things, although its unorthodox, I may end up spending a lifetime studying this and yet be unable to finish learning it. Stiyl proudly looks at the lump of fire in front of him. Thanks to them, the rune cards can be set up. Come to think about it, almost everything was set up before the battle, and we were just touching up just now, like filling up the missing parts of a jigsaw puzzle. Oh yeah, I havent introduced myself. Im never the type that will run around as I fight, I prefer to stand at one point and wait. Because of some reason, I need that kind of magic. The doors of the church are opened, and one can see the scenery outside. On the flat stone atrium, where theres not even a single blade of grass, theres burn marks from the magical flames everywhere. The nuns in black robes are lying all over the place. Their flesh arent burnt to ash, nor are they seriously burnt. Those explosions that they heard just now were likely from this flame monster.

The shockwaves caused by the flames pushing the air away sent the nuns sprawling onto the floor. These nuns that couldnt get up are just comatose. Though theres only a fifth of the nuns who lost their combat capabilities, the destructive capabilities of Innocentius scares the other nuns, causing them to grit their teeth but not daring to rush forward. Because they are clear that once they get near carelessly, theyll be the next victim of the flames and heat. I told you just now that we played a few tactics. Kamijo viciously smiles, They arent running all over the place just to be bait. Theyre just setting up the cards for Stiyls secret weaponof course, not being a magician, Im not sure of the particulars. Kamijos right hand has the ability Imagine Breaker, and is unable to take part in the setting up of the rune cards, so hes the only one responsible for taking down Agnese. All these were a ploy to ensure that Agnese will be misled in thinking that Kamijo used the rest as bait in order to create a chance for a duel to the death with her, so that the rune cards wont be destroyed. Although Kamijo didnt explain, Agnese has almost guessed whats going on. At the same time, she knows what she needs to do. She carefully raise her staff, and shouts at the nuns outside the Marriage Chapel, WHAT ARE YOU DOING! WE HAVE MANY MORE PEOPLE THAN THEM! THESE PEOPLE ARENT WORTH FEARING AS LONG AS WE FINISH THEM ALL! Thats right. No matter what anyone says, theres a huge difference in the number of people between the Roman Catholics, and Kamijo and company. The reason why Kamijo and company are still alive is because of their tactics and running about. The Roman Catholics can beat them easily as long as they surround them, not giving them a chance to escape, and attack at the same time. Although there will be several casualties, the remaining 100+ people will step over their comrades dead bodies to finish off Kamijo and company. This is the reason why Stiyl, though a professional magician, didnt kill a single nun. Once he kills a few nuns, the other nuns will go berserk and commit a kamikaze attack, causing the situation to become even more dangerous. With his magical prowess, killing people is a lot easier for him than not killing them.

However The nuns, who have a huge advantage in numbers, didnt take action. What are you doing!? Agnese sees that her subordinates are unable to understand this simple logic, and is about to scold them. But at this moment, she realizes the reason behind it. Doubts. Although the nuns understand that Agneses point is correct, their hearts are unable to completely believe. Their hearts are like an unstable balance, unable to decide whether to fight or run. As long as one of them takes action, the group psychology will affect the entire situation. Agnese Sanctis remembered what Orsola Aquinas said. Their actionsare based on trust compared to themwere truly ugly. Agnese lowers her head and grits her teeth, almost breaking her molars. Since the balance is in a swing state, the problem can be solved by breaking this balance through tough measures. In other words, all Agnese needs to do is to beat Kamijo, whos in front of her. If she uses the power of the other nuns, she wont be able to show her superiority. However, Kamijo is in the same predicament. If his comrades were to beat Agnese, itll reveal his anxiety, nervousness, and fear. At that moment, the doubts inside the nuns hearts will disappear, and they rush onwards with momentum like an avalanche. In other words, this can only be settled with a one on one. Kamijo Touma vs Agnese Sanctis. Though the number of people on both sides total to more than 300, the two of them are in a state of isolation and helplessness. The distance between them is now about 5 metres.

This distance is still within the Angels staff striking distance. But Kamijo just needs to step forward in order to say hello to Agneses body with his fist. The situation for both sides is rather comparable. In other words, whoever strikes first will win. (WhatWhat should I do) Agnese carefully maintains the distance between them, as sweat flows down her forehead. Will my attack hit him first? Agnese kept telling herself not to panic. The usefulness of the lotus staff cant be compared to a mere fist. As long as she estimates the position and strikes with full force, beating this ordinary man in front of her, everythings easy. (Whatwhatis the right thing to do) However, should she really gamble everything on just a simple hit? What will happen if he dodges it? What if she guessed wrongly? Should she first use several light and fast attacks to limit his movements just to be safe, before striking him down in one hit? The problem is that if those light attacks cannot block his attack, and he rushes forward, what will happen to her? But, but then, however, rather, the problem is, come to think about it Agnese overturns her thoughts again and again. Theres too many tactics that she can use, but she doesnt know which one to choose. (Methodtime, weapondistancehow should I attack?) In contrast Kamijo Touma has no doubts over his tactics. He concentrates all his strength into his right fist. Hell bet his life on this hit. He believes. Even though hes tired, and one legs in the coffin, he believes. He believes in his weapon, he believes in the path that his weapon creates, he believes in the scene when his weapon brutally hits the enemys body, he believes that his victory will bring about a wonderful future.

Kamijo Toumas actions are based on trust. Its over Agnese. Theres no hesitation in Kamijos voice. You should be clear about it yourself, your illusion is already destroyed. Stiyl pinches the cigarette in his mouth, and throws it to the ground. The two see the orange flame fall onto the ground from the corner of their eyes. At this moment, the battle started. DONG! A strong and powerful step is heard. Kamijo Touma clenches his iron-like fist, and swings it at Agnese. (What should I dowhat should I doKYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) Something seems to break inside Agnese Sanctis heart. Though the enemys attack is in front of her, the swaying balance is unable to make a decision. Agnese, whose mind hasnt made a decision yet, is forced to make one. With a low self-esteem, she swings the silver staff. One side has already bet everything on his right fist, the other side doesnt know what to do. Its obvious which side has the advantage. BAM! A stunning impact sound. Agneses body flies away, grazes past the large marble pillar, and viciously lands onto the ground. The large impact forces the Angels staff to fall off Agneses hands. After rolling on the ground for several metres, when all the air in her lungs seems to have escaped, she finally stopped rolling. At this moment, she has already lost consciousness. With this, Index, Stiyl and company, and the Roman Catholic nuns surrounding them, the power balance between them is dissolved within an instant. A nun who lost all hope of winning

dropped her weapon, creating a sound. A second onea third onefinally, all the weapons drop onto the floor like a downpour. The battle is over. Just a single fist of a boy is able to bring down the inner mental defense of more than 200 enemies.

Epilogue: End Action The Page is Shut

Part 1
Kamijos injuries seemed to be more serious than he thought. He can only piece together what happened after that with his fragmented memories. He fainted in the Marriage ChapelIndex ran over, screaminghes sent on an ambulancethe administrative issues took quite some time before hes sent for emergency treatmenthes still sent back to Academy City in the endthe frog-faced doctor appeared before himthe moment hes awake, hes on the soft bed. (This hospital room again. Ugh, this is terrible, to think I can even tell by the scent.) Kamijo keeps his eyes shut as he thought about this, before he suddenly senses someone beside him. He can hear a gentle sigh and the sound of clothes gently rubbing together. A warm and soft hand is stroking his fringe. Although Ill be laughed at by Tsuchimikado A voice rang. But I really want to do this. Theres some sense of reluctance in this tone. The hand that was stroking his fringe is gone, and so is the warmth from the hand. Kamijo opens his heavy eyelids. HmKanzaki? Ahyoure awake? I was intending to leave. Kamijos voice seem to stun Kanzaki, as her upper body went slightly backwards. Shes sitting on the metal chair reserved for visitors, and it looks like she was staring at Kamijo closely. Kamijo sits up on the bed and shakes his head, trying to keep himself awake. Its seems to be early morning now. The lights in the room arent turned on, so its a bit dark. The morning sun shines in through the window like its shining through the gaps between the leaves on a tree. On the short table beside him, theres a box of seemingly high class snacks and a sheet of tissue paper. Kamijo continues to look around.

Kanzaki has already stood up from the metal chair. It seems like she doesnt intend to stay here any longer. Ah Kamijos dizzy mind starts to work. Looking closer at Kanzaki, her attires still the same. A short T-shirt with a knot-tied at the bottom, revealing her navel; a pair of jeans below with one side sawed off, revealing her thigh. Because the T-shirt is tied down, her breasts are much more noticeable. One can see her snowy white leg, from the thigh all the way down. Although Kamijo feels that this get-up is hot, he doesnt dare to say it, for hell get a punch the moment he says this. He quickly looked away and sees the note on the table, and reads from it, Since youre still not awake, Ill just leave a message Before he even finished the first sentence, Kanzaki snatched the note on the table with astonishing speed. Itll be a new unbelievable record if it were a competition. Kanzaki is flushed red now, as she gazes around, sweating all over, as she quickly crushes the small note. (Teh Ping: A case of mundane utility of superpowers)

Itsits nothing important! Since we have the chance to talk to each other, theres no need for this note! Eh? But No buts! Saying the contents of a note to the writer whos leaving is very embarrassing. Kanzaki wanted to throw the note, now crushed into a ball, into the dustbin. She thought about it, and decided keep it in her pocket. Kamijo is curious, wondering what she wrote that cannot be seen. Kanzaki places a hand on her ample chest, takes a deep breath, and regains her original expression. Is yourbody fine? How do I say thisthe numbness isnt completely gone, Im not exactly sure where Im hurting. Im sorry. Although the Amakusa have spells that restores a persons health through eating, its useless on you. Why do you have to say sorry? Now that you mentioned it, eating things like sushi and burgers can heal wounds? The Amakusa are really amazing, isnt that an old element of RPG games? Um? Kanzaki is puzzled as she barely gives a perfunctory answer. Oh yeah, wheres Stiyl? He already left Academy City. He doesnt want to stay in a city where he cant buy cigarettes. He grumbled to me a long time ago that Academy City is very strict regarding age when it comes to buying cigarettes. Kamijo muttered deep inside this is how it should be. Cant you buy it for him? Im only 18 years old, I cant buy it for him. Why a look of disbelief? What are you trying to say by digging your ear? Liar! You faked your age, right? No matter how I see it, youre already past the age for marriageWAAAAAA! Before Kamijo finished speaking, Kanzakis supersonic metallic punch

brushes past his face. Being unable to react at all, Kamijo is scared, but Kanzakis expression isnt any different from how she normally looks. Im 18 years old. 18! Youre a high school student who can finally do those things! Kanzaki-senpai! Kamijo, whose teeth are still chattering, barely squeezes a smile out. Kanzaki sighs and retracts her fist. She seems rather tired. Seems like I should have left after writing that message. Well never get straight to the point if we continue on like this. The point? Yes. Or I should call it the closing reportI want to tell you Orsola Aquinas current condition. Would you like to hear? Yes! Im very interested! Kamijo pulls his upper body over, answering without any hesitation. Seems like Kanzaki sighed when she saw him being so panicky. Orsola Aquinas and the Amakusa are accepted as members of the British Puritans. This is how the situation ended. The benefit of this is that theyll be protected from any revenge and assassination plot by the Roman Catholics. Kamijo thought about Agnese and the other nuns. In other words, Orsola is still in danger, right? No, the Roman Catholics might look like theyre not going to quit, but deep down, theyre not interested in her anymore. Because the British Puritans have declared to the world that Orsola found the wrong way to decode the book. Once everyone finds out that her way of decoding is wrong, nobody will bother her about the Book of the Law. In other words, if Orsola really found the correct way to decode the Book of the Law, she wont be able to live a peaceful life. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Thinking about this, Kamijo broke out in cold sweat. Hm. However, you said that the Amakusa have become members of the British Puritans? Yes. Although the main base of the Amakusa is still rather secretive, theres no benefit to oppose the Roman Catholics anyway. Really, its like theyre hoping for this development. For

exampledo you remember that white T-shirt that Tatemiya Saiji wore? Theres a slanted red Cross on it. Is there? Now that you mentioned it, there does seem to be one. Thats right. That red Cross is the logo of St. George, the symbol of the British Puritans. Wearing that shirt to battle, it means that he wants to join the British Puritans together with me. I ordered them that time not to follow me around. Thats rightbesides, youre a British Puritan. Kamijo lamented. Kanzaki muttered, Really. She looks like a mother whos seeing her child being unable to stand up on his own, its just that she never sensed it herself. However, are you alright with this? Even though the Amakusa is small, theyre still a religious sect. Now that theyre taken in by the British Puritans, isnt it like a small company being absorbed by a large one? Although the Amakusa are absorbed by the British Puritans, they dont have to abandon their codes and teachings. Like a feudal lord allowing a general to keep a faction, the Amakusa Catholics can still exist. Also, the Amakusa is a multi-religious group that can hide within history itself and change according to the age. Theyre never picky on the rituals; as long as they can make their lives more convenient, they can work under any condition. Come to think about it, Kanzaki originally gave up her position as the leader of this small sect in order to protect these people. Thinking about it, shes really an amazing person. Even though she says that shes 18, to Kamijo, an 18 year old is an adult. Just when Kamijo is casually thinking about this, Kanzaki suddenly gave a proper bow to him. Its not a simple nod, but a deep bow. She says, Ermthatfor what happened this timeIm really sorry. Ah? Eh? What? Why are you bowing to me? What are you really sorry about? At this moment, Kamijo just woke up so his mind is rather hazy. He feels that its really frightening for a female to bow to him, like he did something extremely evil. Kanzaki stammered, a rare sight, Itsthatwhat happened this timedue to some personal mattersI caused you some trouble

Seems like Kanzaki is unused to saying something like this, as she looks like she doesnt know what to do. Kamijo, whos still in a daze, completely doesnt understand whats going on, all he knows is that Kanzaki seemed troubled, so he said, Ah, sorry, Kanzaki. Did I do something that bothered you? If it is, let me apologize to you for that. No, no, its not that. Ill feel even more ashamed if you apologize to me. Eh, its not that, back to the original topic, anyway its Kanzaki looks like she cant open her mouth, as her fingers continue to play with her fringe. She stuttered, unable to say anything. After a while, Kanzaki finally made her decision, and is about to open her mouth. At this moment, the door of the hospital room was rudely opened. This tall guy, who goes into a hospital room early in the morning without knocking on the door, is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of blue shades. Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Hes holding a plastic bag, swinging it around. There seems to be gifts for hospital visits inside it. Hohohehehe! Kamiyan, Ive come to play with you! One entire honey dew is too expensive, so I bought those luxury puddings in the convenience stores, theres honey dew topping on them! Just settle with this, wont ya? Kamijo looks away from Kanzaki to Tsuchimikado. Hai! Its time for school in a few hours, dont you plan to sleep? Ah, sorry Kanzaki. What were you trying to say? Ugh Being asked by Kamijo like this, Kanzaki seemed terrified. She stares at Tsuchimikado from the corner of her eye, giving off a signal saying Do I have to say it in front of this guy? Why is this guy so inopportune in coming here? Tsuchimikado, whos acutely sensitive, immediately sensed that the atmosphere isnt right, and says, Woah woah! Nee-chan, youre finally planning to say thanks to Kamiyan? Let me guess, its a very clich line, isnt it? If its not Its hard to forget your grace even if my teeth are gone, its

going to be I wont forget this even through death, right? Eh eh! Hahahaha! You think youre the crane that showed gratitude in a fairy tale? Nono way! Who will say that sort of thing to this immature brat whom lacks common knowledge!? Lack common knowledgeimmature brat Upon hearing this, Kamijo is hit really hard, and lowers his head. Kanzaki is shocked, and quickly corrects herself, Ah, no! I dont mean it, thatthat statement was to make Tsuchimikado retract his ridiculous commentsbut as for that thanksgivingerm Why bother saying so much, besides, wont nee-chan strip herself naked? Whatwhat strip naked!? Who will do that sort of thing!? Oh? Or are you planning to cosplay in any costume to show your gratitude? What a sacrifice! Shut your mouth! Its because of your misguidance that this situation became so complicated! Kamijo is uninvolved in this as he sees the two bickering (to him, theyre bickering rather happily). At this moment, Kamijo thought of a ridiculous thing. Shell wear anything to show her gratitude? (Nono way! Kanzaki looks really serious! I cant joke around in this situation! Stop thinking about Kanzaki as a big sister wearing that cute swimsuit that Index wore at the seaside! Hurry up and get rid of this idea!) Are you okay? Why do I feel a strong aura from you? Its nothing! As a man, I definitely wont buy that kind of book! I, Kamijo Touma, am not intending to stoop so low! What? Kanzaki is confused, tilting her head over, wondering how to answer. Tsuchimikado however gives a cynical smile, saying,

Hohoho! Say it, whats your wish? Resting on nee-chans legs, let motherly nee-chan clean your ear for you? Or do you want nee-chan to make a bento thats completely different from her character? Dont say any more! Its not a casual talk between men now! Dont say what I like in front of girls! Tsuchimikado, although Im not sure whats going on, but you staying here may cause the patients condition to worsen. Can you please leave? Ah, you want to be alone with him? What do you want to do? Dont tell me its! Tsuchimikados eyes glowed. Nee-chan wants to shape an apple into the shape of a rabbit and gently feed it to Kamiyan? Sorry, I didnt notice it, how slow of me! Its not! I beg you, stop making random guesses and make yourself feel ashamed! Ah, or youre going to feed him with your mouth? However, although its nice thinking about it, its disgusting when one actually does it. Thats enough, stop saying any more! Hurry up and disappear! Wonder what expression will Tatemiya Saiji give when he hears this? After creating quite a ruckus inside the hospital room, Tsuchimikado ran out of the room, laughing. In an instant, the hospital room in the morning became extremely silent. Kanzaki is gasping due to anger. Seeing her from behind, Kamijo is trembling throughout, thinking-Oh Tsuchimikado, Tsuchimikado, maybe you intended to lighten the mood by saying those words, but must you run away after saying all that? ArthatKanzaki-san? Can I say something? Why the honorifics all of the sudden? That gratitude or thanksis only a joke by Tsuchimikado, right? Kamijo is afraid of being scolded furiously by Kanzaki, like what happened to Tsuchimikado, feeling really tense. But Kanzaki stammered,

ButI have no other choiceprotecting ordinary civilians like you should be our responsibilitybut we ended up letting you get hurt. I understand that this isnt a problem that can be settled with just one deep bow. So Kanzaki got more upset the more she spoke, and her voice became even softer and softer. She again uses her fingers to play with her fringe. Maybe this is an action shes used to doing when shes frustrated. Then, it seems like she finally cannot take it, as she roughly grabs her hair and sighs. Kamijo thought, this action is like an author having a writers block crushing up a script and throwing it into the dustbin, theres something similar between each action. To Kamijo, anyone whos still bothered by the situation even after its over, like Kanzaki, is a headache to him. If its the irresponsible Tsuchimikado, hell likely say Sorry to bother you, bye. Kamijo really prefers this simple feeling. Too bad that Kanzakis sense of morality is too strong, so he cant do this. At his wits end now, Kamijo sighs heavily. Seems like he has to be more serious. So this is what your point is? Yes, Im the type that will easily cause other people trouble. Especially you, who carried quite a burden several times because of me; I feel guilty every time. Besides, its not just me this time, but the entire Amakusa sect that caused you a problem. Ooobut, why do you have to bother so much? Besides, the problem between us is settled, and theres no one injured. Hearing this, Kanzaki is startled. She blinks her eyes and asks, The us youre talking about is Um? Thats me and the Amakusa. Ah, and the British Puritans. Including Orsola, Index and Stiyl, and you, everyones thats involved. Kanzaki is stunned. Its like a difficult question that seemed impossible to solve being solved in front of her by someone.

Do you have to be so surprised? What Britain, Rome or every problem, the way I, as an outsider, see it, theres nothing different. To me, whos a stupid and ignorant child, a group doesnt mean anything. In contrast, without any hesitation, Kamijo continues on with fervor and assurance. Its as if he thought that this question is so simple that theres no need to think about it. Im not helping Index for the sake of the British Puritans, but helping the British Puritans because of Index. At this moment, one can hear someone running on the corridor. Kamijo thought, maybe its Index. As if hes announcing his own stand, he continues, Next time, if Agnese asks me for help, I should help her. She was coincidentally the bad guy this time. Being a bad guy once doesnt mean shell be a bad guy forever. (Teh Ping: Cue Vol 11) Kamijo stops, smiling. Kanzaki gives a surprised expression, and reveals a smile of helpless. Maybe Kamijo Toumas idea of doing things is too simple, too stupid. But because of it, hell never be at a loss. Never.

Part 2
Theres no difference between a rainy season and a dry season in England, as the weather is unpredictable throughout the year. Over here, the weather will change every four hours, this is common knowledge. Even if theres good weather now, many pedestrians will be carrying their umbrellas along. Right now, its been raining in London since evening. But the citizens wont cancel their outdoor plans because of the rain. Many different coloured umbrellas are squeezed together on the narrow street.

Stiyl Magnus and Laura Stuart are walking side by side through this drizzle thats like a wet fog. Stiyl is holding a black umbrella thats like a bat, while Laura is holding a beautiful white umbrella thats laced with gold lines on top, like a cup of red tea. If youre just going back to Lambeth Palace, why dont you just call a chauffeur to fetch you? Those who hate rain shouldnt stay in this city. The umbrella that Laura is happily spinning about says this. This is obviously prejudice. Someone like Stiyl wont like this drizzle thats like a fog. Even if he raises the umbrella, his clothes will be wet, and therell even be moisture in his cigarette, theres no benefit at all. Stiyl looks at the tip of the cigarette thats unable to light up, and sighs. Right now, Lauras walking on her way home. Stiyl just caught up with her, intending to use this opportunity to give a final report. The Archbishop of the British Puritans thats in front of him seems to enjoy her freedom a lot, as the time to go to and leave the Cathedral is rather flexible. She doesnt like to stay at the same spot, so even mission reports or tactical meetings are normally held while shes walking. To Stiyl, he has to prevent the enemy from attacking or eavesdropping every time Lauras walking on the road, and its a truly tiring thing. Like this time, the two umbrellas that theyre holding are specially modified such that they have the capabilities of a telephone booth. The voices of the two can be transmitted through the vibrations of the umbrellas, and the voice wont get outside any area the umbrella is covering. So basically, this is how this mission went. The Roman Catholics seemed to treat this as an act conducted by Agnese Sanctis and 250 militants. The Roman Catholics are declaring that the group did this independently, and that they have no intention to assassinate Orsola. Dont they have to take responsibility for not managing their own people well? Laura bitterly laughs as she uses her fingers to play with her hair. Once the silky hair that gave a sense of solemn beauty got wet, it gives of a sense of sensual beauty like spider silk. Stiyl glanced at Laura from beside her, saying, Is there a need to do this? Hoho, youre referring to me accepting Orsola Aquinas and the Amakusa Catholics as formal members of the British Puritan Church? Are you very uneasy with this decision, Stiyl? Since the Roman Catholics have formally declared that they dont intend to kill or hurt Orsola or anyone involved, even if theyre not protected by us, the Roman Catholics probably wont

dare to take action against them. According to the current situation, if they die an unnatural death, itll cause a serious problem thats on a global scale. But what if they die of a very natural cause? Laura gives a barbaric smile thats like a pirate. The huge difference between the appearance and the expression dumbfounds Stiyl. Thinking about it now, you seem to have already understood the Roman Catholics true intentions. If so, why didnt you order me to save Orsola Aquinas from the Roman Catholics? Why did I have to do it in such a roundabout way? I dont understand it completely. Even I didnt expect Orsolas method to be wrong. Laura pauses for a while, and continues, However, these arent important. Stiyl turns to look at Laura. Laura spins her pure white umbrella, and says, Lets think of this scenario, Stiyl. If in this situation we failed to save Orsola, is there any change to the scenario? Once she returns to the Roman Catholics, shell still be executed in the end. No matter whether we succeeded in saving her, the Book of the Law will never be decoded. Laura makes her conclusion, So its the same whether we saved her or not. Orsolas fate is but a trivial thing. Stiyl sighs slightly, and says, If this is the case, then why did the Archbishop order me to hand the Cross over to Orsola? The original situation is distressing enough, and yet you added on to my workload. Although youre not going to admit it, you planned on rescuing Orsola from the beginning, right? Uuuu Its somewhat weird that theres too few reinforcements. Maybe you have already gathered most of the members of Necessarius on standby near the Sea of Japan, so you have no manpower to give me? If Agnese and her group brought Orsola back to Rome by ship, the

people waiting on the surface of the water will use something related to the Cross as an excuse to launch an attack. Is there anything embarrassing about this that you refused to admit it? I really dont understand you. Mm mm! No such thing! No such thing! I interfered with this only for the sake of the British Puritans benefit! Laura is so embarrassed that her face is about to puff out smoke, while she frantically tries to deny it. Stiyl didnt bother arguing back. Shouting alone made Laura even more embarrassed, and now her face is flushed red. Alright then, what is this benefit that youre talking about? Youre convinced by me that easily? Its Kanzaki Kaori. Laura twists her mouth, After this incident, I believe you found out that Kanzaki has a lot of power, and her sense of morality is too strong, so its easy for her to make an Arbitrary action. Although theres no mishap, the situation is still perilous. Theres a need to add a chain on her for the sake of everyones safety. Stiyls cynical smile disappeared. Lauras face unknowingly became serious as well. We cant use violence to stop her actions. No, we still can stop her, but a heavy price has to be paid. I believe you saw the report about what happened to those stupid Knights at the coastline of Japan. Stiyl remembered the reports of the other groups. 21 full-armoured Knights planned on their own to attack the Amakusa members, but were attacked by someone unknown such that theyre currently unable to battle. So we need something other than a violent method to chain her down. In this situation, the solder between her and the Amakusa will be helpful to use. Also, we dont need a detrimental shackle like Well kill them if you dont obey us, but rather a positive one like Well protect them from the Roman Catholics if you obey us. If we force the Amakusa to do something thats not beneficial to them, Kanzaki will definitely resist; but if the things we do are beneficial to the Amakusa, she wont resist at all. So how? Isnt this a huge benefit? Now that she finished, Laura reveals a radiant smile. Yet Stiyls heart feels chilly.

Laura Stuart. Though at first she looks like a nave girl, shes still the leader of the British Puritans, and even the cold-hearted manager who set up the lie around Index. Shes the one who set up the rule that theres to be a memory wipe every year. Shes the one who forced Index to be protected by the British Puritans at all times, or she wont live. Shes the one who lied that these are the good deeds of the Church in order to prevent Index from rebelling. Shes the one who even told Stiyl and others that Index will die if this isnt done, making them unable to disobey it. No one is better than her in manipulating human feelings, rationality, interests, ethics, and necessary values. Stiyl cant help but increase his guard against this girl. The problem is that Stiyl is unable to do anything. If Stiyl takes any rash action, Laura will punish Index without hesitation and not Stiyl. Shes this kind of person. Dong! Stiyls shoulder hits a pedestrian. It seems to be a student, who barely squeezes in between Stiyl and Laura. Stiyl turns around, only to find that Laura disappeared! The telecommunication magic linking the two umbrellas is now removed. Stiyl frantically looks around before he finally notices that far away, theres a white umbrella laced with gold like a tea cup thats spinning around. He has no idea how she does this. Thinking about it, the white umbrella is lost within the crowd. Stiyl, whos completely manipulated, cant help but swallow his saliva. The hidden dragon among magicians, shes somehow able to get to the top, and its not done cheaply. Again, Stiyls back feels chilly. At the same time however, a question popped up inside Stiyl.

The reason why the Amakusa were saved is to control Kanzaki Kaori. He can understand this. So whats the reason in saving Orsola Aquinas? He really cant understand. Since the method of decoding the Book of the Law that Orsola found is wrong, why do they accept her as a member of the British Puritans? Even if they saved Orsola, theres no way they can control someone like Kanzaki. Although Orsolas track record in evangelizing is rather impressive, such that her names even eligible to be the name of the new church, she doesnt have any charisma, and is unable to lead a group or organization like Kanzaki. If Orsola had charisma, the Roman Catholics wouldnt dare to plot against her, for such an action will bring about violence or even riots! That sly woman. Stiyl Magnus smacked his lips reluctantly. If he can think of the real benefit of saving Orsola Aquinas, Stiyl will think of Laura as a bad person. But this is where Laura is most brilliant at. The basis of judging whether shes good or evil is too small. Or rather, she does as many good things as she does evil things. On the balance of good and evil, shes keeping an intricate balance. The balance continues without falling on either side, so of course its impossible to tell whether shes good or evil, even if theres lead weights on both sides of the balance. Up till now, Stiyl is unable to make a decision, and can only continue to work for the British Puritans. Maybe this is her motive. The rune magician thought as he disappears into the smoky street.

To the studious readers who read seven volumes in one go without feeling painful, nice to meet you. To the readers who continued to buy the books ever since the first volume was released, it's been quite a while. I'm Kamachi Kazuma. Writing these books one at a time, I've unknowingly written seven books. The day this volume is released is the 8th of September (Note: This is when the Japanese version was released.), and time continues to move so slowly. Most of the battles in this work were mostly one-on-one fights, so this time, there's group interaction involved. The key word related to magic here is 'magic book'. Since the female lead of this work has the responsibility of being the 'magical library', it seems that I should have added more to this idea. Anyway, the term 'magic book' comes up quite a lot in this volume. Besides that, I tried to emphasize many characteristics of various groups. If I can induce your imagination and you're able to think of numerous powerful moves that several groups use and the thoughts and culture behind them, I'll be very honored. I'll like to thank these two people: Haimura-sensei, who is in charge of illustrations, and Mikisensei, who's in charge of printing. I'll leave myself, who hasn't made any self-improvement, in your hands. I'll also like to thank the readers who bought these books. Although I've been going around the same spot without improving at all, I'll continue to struggle and roll on the road to improvement from now on. I hope that everyone will continue to show me some compassion. Then now, let me be thankful that this work is able to last all the way to the seventh volume. And I look forward to continuing on with this work. At this moment, let me sign off first. Once the story revolves around magic, Mikoto and Komoe-sensei have no involvement at all! -Kamachi Kazuma-