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1. tanker steering requirements 2. sketch mech seal and explain 3. why heat treatment- annealing, normalizing, hardening 4.

how to take indicator card, power card to calculate what?? 5. if planimeter is not true how to calculate power 6. proximity switches 7. lifeboat limit switches 8. l.p cut out of fridge compressor. How it cuts motor?? 9. panting beam, stringers?? 10. chain tightening 11. hoe to release co2 12. d.o.l starter- operation, use, diag. 13. function of crank web 14. function of detuner, location y not @ back? 15. what is free surface effect?? 16. what is brass? 17. what will happen if fuel inj timing is advanced? 18. in old engines crankwebs big and large and now small. Y? 19. t/c latest development 20. single forged crankshaft possible?? Appl? 21. s/b how sealing takes place? Lamellar ring matt. Y? 22. what change in design of volute casing of t/c? 23. e/r where wil u find toxic gasses. Name them? What is tlv of named gasses?? 24. why chain slackens? 25. no. of tie rods in 7 cyl engine 26. why node is called node? 27. type of sealing between e/r and p/p rm 28. special feature of bottom end bolt of a/e 29. what is floor? 30. m/e running at 85% mcr and sea turns rough. What forces on stern frame and propeller? 31. what r d clearances fr oil and water lubricated s/t brg? 32. diff between septic tank and sewage plant 33. what is wet bulb temp? relative humidity? Psychometric chart? 34. what is c.o.p? 35. newly joined 2nd engg- checks on s/g? what is compass called? 36. pump room entry safety checks? 37. what is pv breaker and pv valve? Which operates first? 38. j/e informed m/e unit 4 temp 360. whats ur action as 2nd engg? 39. what is proportional controller? 40. y cargo p/p makes noise at the end of discharge? 41. m/e overloaded- reasons? 42. deck machineries with relevance to engineers? 43. s/g overloaded. Reasons? 44. new crankshaft for balancing. How to proceed?? 45. what is working clearance?

46. thickness of co2 bottle? 47. instructions to newly joined 5th engineer 48. checks in e/r to take over as 2nd engg? 49. liner crack-indications actions, how to find, reasons? 50. y boiler manhole door elliptical in shape? 51. what is new design for double hull tankers? 52. purifier rpm? Motor rpm? 53. types of scavenging? 54. safeties on msb and breaker? 55. how to check continuity and insulation of motors? 56. how to overhaul motor? 57. stresses acting on tailshaft? 58. unit overhaul? 59. vit and super vit? 60. limit switch ckt of lifeboat 61. c/c inspection? 62. 50 lts mech foam 63. what is reserve bouyancy? 64. tabular freeboard 65. annex 11 ships cert? 66. bunker tank cleaning procedure? 67. co2 bottle filling details? 68. action in fire of e/r cargohold, scav space, c/c, purifier rm 69. ISM certificates 70. emergency gen solas rules 71. f.w tank inspection, sectional drawing 72. rudder inspection? 73. scav fire reasons? 74. safety v/v setting procedure 75. any onboard control diagram ( alarm sys or data logger) 76. engine balancing- detection and action 77. induction motor speed control diag- when switch change over what happens 78. motor- how will u ensure that it is in good condition? 79. iccp system? 80. AVR working details with parameters? 81. centrifugal p/p overhaul? 82. impeller checks, reasons for damage? 83. a/e crankcase inspection? 84. sprinkler system- how zones are classified? 85. IMO regulations for stability of ship ( damage stability criteria) 86. liner inspection 87. air starting v/v leaking during maneuvering. Action?? 88. muff coupling- draw and explain? 89. how avr works? 90. how SCR works 91. no output from alternator. Y?

92. what is OCR? Draw. 93. how to remove thrust bearing form a/e? 94. why VIT not designed for load above 85% load? 95. t/c surging symptoms/ indications 96. liner calliberation 97. explain on board co2 system onboard 98. liner crack reasons 99. double cage rotor material for resistance 100. speed control of induction motor 101. largest induction motor onboard 102. O2 analyser calibration 103. crash maneuvering procedure 104. safety interlocks 105. VIT graph &efeect of VIT on draw card 106. refrigerant charging 107. 3- phase motors protection- types 108. m/e air cooler shell and tube and not plate type. Y? 109. which chapter of solas for for bulk carriers? Explain 110. s/g checks in bad weather 111. satellite composition 112. purifier gear backlash- how much? -1.5 mm 113. cast steel/ cast iron difference and properties 114. c/ shaft deflection, its interpretation of result 115. main brg renewal 116. indication of piston going to seize 117. C.A.S?? 118. difference between audit and survey 119. diff between major non conformity and non conformity 120. elements of ISM 121. maintenance of fixed co2 installation 122. difference between case hardening and annealing 123. annex 2 discharge criteria 124. heat exchanger material 125. heat treatment 126. load line survey. How to prepare e/r for l.l survey 127. c/case inspection 128. destructive tests 129. reversing mechanism 130. difference between m/e and a/e governor 131. v/v timing diagram of 2 stroke engine 132. small fire in dry dock and no extinguisher onboard. Describe actions 133. damage stability?? 134. purifier overflowing- 2hrs pf fuel left no or less do onboard. What to do? 135. checks on piston 136. condition on class? What does it mean? 137. co2 system in detail

138. foam system to e/r and dk in detail 139. boiler inspection 140. ballast water management methods 141. critical temperature of co2? What is its significance? 142. sketch of propeller 143. chain tightening method of m/e 144. stresses on a/e conrod bolts 145. what is isps? Which al organization is it applicable to? Date of action? Ch5 is amended for what? 146. what is the specialty of container v/l? what is the type of framing? Why? How? Compare with bulk carrier cross section. What r torsion boxes? What r cell guides? How r containers lashed? 147. how to plug boiler tubes? 148. how to ensure satisfactory operation of air compressor? Overhaul. 149. difference between voltage and current transformer? 150. what is glazed liner 151. l.o purifier overflow action 152. f.o pump h.p pipe connection 153. what is control voltage of limit switch (24 volts) 154. uptake fire? 155. chain checks- how elongation is checked? How chain is replaced? 156. received overhauled spares of fuel p/p. how to check the timing and proper functioning? 157. how to run m/e without t/c 158. how does locking tool look like? What prep are required for the same 159. what is pid control? 160. how to order motor for sw pump 161. how to control speed of motor? 162. what refrigerants are used for reefers? Y? 163. is ballast carried in double hull? 164. how phase winding is done? 165. how to check insulation for star and delta connected windings of motor? 166. why ship rolls and hoe it comes back to normal? 167. how fin stabliser works? 168. y and where panting and pounding? Define. Y not midship? 169. entry into enclosed space. Db ballast tank? 170. difference bet SBT and CBT 171. indications of chain slackness 172. vibrations in e/r .y? and how to locate? 173. pulse and constt pr t/c. difference, use, functioning? 174. a/e 1 unit brg wiped off. Reasons? 175. provision room temp not going up?? 176. frosting in evaporation coil. Y? 177. power/ weight ratio. How to optimize? 178. new engine- its certificates? 179. what is MEP? How to obtain it?

180. latest development on engines? 181. annex 6 certificates? 182. principle used n gas cutting? Y heat treatment is done? 183. fuel prices gone up. How to reduce fuel consumption? 184. boiler not firing. Actions? 185. boiler water test? 186. in water hull survey inspection? 187. what is GZ? Explain with diag. how ship heels? 188. what do u mean by toxic gasses? 189. what is TLV 190. tanker safeties, deck safeties, cargo tank safeties 191. how to detect leaky boiler tube? 192. tube repairs? Brass cap? Purpose? 193. refrigerant charging- liquid/gas- which is preferable? Y? 194. piston cleaning method? 195. x head and telescopic pipe attachment 196. piston running hot- indications and action? 197. ESP? how it applies to ur ship? 198. bunker procedure. Start to end. 199. emgy geny requirements 200. annex 6 explain all 201. what is fqs? 202. what is reset controller 203. split range controller? 204. HRU? 205. contr and use of bulbous bow? 206. SOLAS Ch X11- explain.. 207. midship x secn of b/c 208. coffin plate?? 209. grain carriage densitiy? 210. winches and windlass safeties 211. use of cable stopper? 212. what is hydrostatic curve? Its use? What is area under GZ curve? 213. what is static stability? 214. significance or importance of propeller clearance 215. height of air pipes of ballast tanks or any other tank ( 760mm from dk in main deck and 450 mm from superstr deck) 216. routine maintenance on ventilation pipes of ballast tanks 217. name major non conformity while auditing ISM (no record of maintenance. No record of critical spares, invalid doc .invalid smc) 218. if Mumbai registered ship is surveyed in Calcutta what will u cal it- flag state or port state inspection? 219. regulations regarding ballasating and deballasting operations of db tanks of container ship b4 leaving port 220. draw NRV arrangement of ballast tank air vent 221. major breakdown of accident faced on ship

222. draw fridge circuit and show back press v/v in ckt 223. when to say ship is stable? 224. when ship is loaded in port which stability will be affected more- tranverse or longitudinal? 225. when o ship is initially unstable what happens to it?? 226. what is angle of loll? 227. what happens further when ship takes an angle of loll? 228. how to find in port whether list is due to loading of angle of loll? 229. how does a ship move? 230. what happens when propeller is partially immersed in water? 231. routine maintenance on fully balanced rudder 232. indications of breached rudder 233. oil lubricated s/t brg. How to take propeller drop? 234. is rudder hollow? Y? how is the weight of rudder supported? 235. diag of rudder carrier brg. Draw and explain 236. s/g arrangement- draw and explain 237. effects of rudder carrier brg wear down?? 238. normal sailing condition how to check rudder drop? 239. which instrument of IMO deals with pollution? MARPOL73/78 Annex 6 240. is bridge manned or unmanned in port? 241. draw water tight bulkhead 242. how induction motor develops torque 243. intrinsically safe equipment 244. what motor is used in p/p room 245. what is VEC? 246. what safeties on exh v/v? 247. vent v/v& puncture v/v function? 248. y slope is provided on tank top? 249. what r periods of survey of propeller shaft? 250. IG sys and p/p room ventilation sys drawing 251. b/w differences and latest developments 252. dk hydrant maintenance 253. constituents of IG 254. electrical trips- like undervoltage, reverse power, overload,- how to check 255. motor maintenance 256. how single phase motor works? 257. no. of EEBD and SCABA on board 258. generator thrust brg location and how to check clearance 259. checks on damage motor 260. ships cert?? 261. load line survey? 262. fixed fire fighting sys on deck 263. how to check strength of frames or structure 264. how to prepare air receiver for survey 265. actions if corrosion taken place 266. what is hoop stress?

267. matt of air comp cyl head, v/vs, piston, piston rings 268. mat of c.f p/p casing, shaft, impeller, key, seals 269. how much is air gap (1to 2 mm). how measured (feeler gauge) 270. what wil happen if air gap is less or more? 271. all about indicator cards 272. what is port state and flag state inspection?\ 273. how to prep ship fr psc? 274. bad combustion, high exh gas temp of few units of m/e. u joining ship as nd 2 engg. Company told to analyse. How to proceed for investigation?? 275. noise heard frm c/case of a/e by j/e reported to 2nd engg. Actions?? 276. control sys basic elements draw and name 277. accident/ breakdown- reporting to office for ISM. How? 278. strengthening members in ship 279. SOLAS requirements for batteries 280. CO2 gas calculations- considering critical temp, filling ratio, weight of CO2 in one bottle 281. how reversing takes place in m/e? fuel cam how much it turns? 282. which types of engines have chain. Purpose? 283. induction motor-appl in e/r, synch motor application of ship 284. y to use ind motor for some appl and not synch motor? 285. SOLAS requirements for refrigerant gas 286. types of engines served 287. double hull alternative- mid deck and cousambi egg 288. anchor- safety for speed reduction, centrifugal brakes of lifeboats 289. types of purifiers 290. l/b speed how much max while lowering? Braking arrangement 291. c/shaft deflection curve 292. d.c motor speed control 293. types of cables? 294. for renewal of cable which cable to select? 295. battery specification 296. emgcy gen battery exhausted or out of order. How to use any othr battery if available in e/r or elsewhere? 297. starting of dc motors 298. old ship hull plating renewal. Precautions or area of intrest in e/r (bed plate alignment wil change) 299. how to improve stability of ship? 300. halon y banned? 301. safety competency? 302. STCW columns? 303. A-60 blk head x section 304. types of gas carriers? 305. tank construction 306. ORB entries 307. drydock safeties? 308. slop tanks?

309. bulk carrier safeties? 310. diff bet act and a law? 311. how convention is made and implemented? 312. drydocking- tail shaft withdrawl, propeller removal 313. CAPAC/ICCP details. Which is better? 314. SCR with application? Pn junction? How transistor can be made to work as amplifier? 315. gyroscope purpose? 316. supercavitation to propellers? 317. IMO- how body is formed? How it works? 318. what information does stability booklet give? 319. if psc detains a ship what happens till the cause is removed 320. fuel p/p check- sulzer and b&w 321. stiff and tender ship. Difference? 322. floodable length? 323. latest regulation for bulk carrier? 324. DCP checks, operation?? 325. types of framing. Difference between other frames and web frames? 326. location of web frames in e/r and cargo holds 327. collision bulkhead. Location and purpose? 328. b/c upper hopper tank purpose? 329. fire line- how emcee p/p connected to fire line y relief v/vs fitted? Y isolating v/vs given 330. how collision blkhd and other bulhd are connected to tank top and bottom shell 331. how to make stiff ship tender? 332. CO2 bottlr room- checks b4 and after entering/ 333. requirements for fixed fore fighting installations 334. fixed foam type installation- checks and requirements? 335. GRT, NRT definations and formulae 336. which volume is exempted for GRT calculation? 337. y purifier motor takes a long time to come to required speed? 338. motor tripping causes? 339. A/E decarb 340. working of megger and tong tester. its purpose? 341. load line survey item preparation 342. conditions of assignment 343. difference between SOPEP and SIMPEP 344. stuffing box overhaul 345. soft starting of motors 346. maintenance of motors 347. battery maintenance, charging discharging chemical equation 348. margin line 349. fixed fire fighting installation regulations/ requirements 350. m/e one unit piston seized. Actions?

351. m/e t/c rotor bent during passage. Temporary action to reach posrt and repairs after arrival @port 352. m/e l.o sump tank level increasing. Reasons? 353. emgy d/g starting electrical circuits 354. s/g safeties 355. boiler not firing on auto mode. Checks? How to fire manually? 356. boiler gauge glass blow through? Pupose of blowing through 357. boiler water tests.why? what? What chemicals are added? 358. m/e l.o pump type and survey? 359. e/r overhead crane safety? 360. MARPOL annexes. How many? 361. annex 11 discharge criteria. types of cargo category? 362. psc inspection 363. double hull tanker regulations 364. ISPS code significance 365. f.s.e? 366. angle of loll and its significance? 367. oil mist detector 368. how to take crank shaft deflection. tabulate the readings and draw 369. last engine peak pressure and compression pressure 370. simplified maneuvering diagram and its explanation 371. boiler water test- limits? Y phosphate reserve important? 372. during maneuvering the intercooler tubes burst and bursting disc burst. Action?? 373. t/c overhaul 374. as per annex 6 modifications to existing engines 375. how to reduce consumption of f.o 376. split and cascade control 377. brushless alternator use? Why? 378. reset or integral controller 379. gate v/v operation, construction 380. s/b how to ensures/b working satisfactorily 381. windlass safeties. When power fails what happens? 382. use of cable stopper 383. difference between bulk carrier, general cargo ship and tanker 384. fuel v/v overhauling? 385. fridge and a/c compressor safeties 386. reasons if liquid refrigerant coming back to compressor? indication? 387. oil separator how to ensure satisfactory operation? 388. type of boiler? 389. types of gauge glass? 390. gauge glass construction? 391. how 22v is produced from 40v? 392. hot plate not working. Action? 393. welding transformer.- details, purpose, connection to welding rod. Various tacs and their purpose?

394. ISM and ISPS falls under which convention? 395. MAC relief v/v operation to show in front of surveyor? How?how to overhaul relief v/v? 396. Sulzer RTA exh v/v operation? Its tappet clearance 397. A/E turning in one direction and again reversing back. Reason? ( air distributor fault) 398. routines on m/e t/c/ 399. how to calculate sfoc? 400. m/e starting and reversing 401. what is thyristor, thermister? 402. how to order battery? 403. how to order motor for particular p/p? 404. C.A.S? 405. ISPS? 406. MARPOL annex 11 407. valve timing diag of 2s diesel engine which u have done last? 408. mechanism for reversing? 409. electric shock- action treatment to the affected person 410. alternator maintenance during a/e decarb? 411. what is derivative and integral action in pid controller/ 412. oil cooled s/t l.o system? 413. scavenge fire actions to be taken? 414. how to inspect propeller in d/d? 415. wear ring in c.f p/p. y not in reci p/p? 416. explain dye penetrant test 417. any hyd ckt components and their symbol 418. locking of turbocharger 419. boiler safety v/v- overhaul, checks, setting procedures? 420. jacket cooling water test. Y and how much chloride? 421. fwg vaccum drop after opening jcw. Y? 422. m/e exh v/v overhaul and checks? 423. matt of exh v/v and seat? 424. bilge p/p not taking suction? 425. fuel p/p overhaul and testing? 426. case hardening? 427. selection of purifier gravity disc? 428. regulation of fuel p/p (bosch, single/ double helix, etc) 429. safematic s/g system 430. O2 analyser. Its calibration? 431. what r floors, lighting holes, limber holes? 432. what is velocity and acceleration? 433. engine types worked on? 434. how to take a/e on load? 435. tlv for hydrocarbon?? 250 ppm 436. how to inspect db tank or e/r f.o w.o tk? 437. hoe is rudder drop taken? What is trammel gauge?

438. under ISM how will u train j/e? 439. CAS how to do? When? Why? 440. fuel p/p timing? 441. ballast water management? 442. l/b winch limit switch- both electrical and pneumatic. Draw 443. how to order O2 and C2H2 bottles? 444. m/e turning gear interlock. Draw diag indicating v/v, pneumatic lines and explain its functions 445. piston knock reasons 446. t/c surging reasons 447. cert under SOLAS 448. aneex 1 and 2 explain 449. IOPP cert? 450. C/E and master not onboard. How to fight the fire then if CO2 sys is under repair? 451. e/r crane safeties, testing and certificates 452. how to remove main brg of main engine? 453. faults in indicator cards 454. why so many bilge suctions are provided in the e/r? 455. draw mech seal and explain how it seals 456. draw m/e stuffing box and give ring matt 457. combustible gas detector 458. GZ? 459. panting? 460. types of camshaft drive? 461. chain sketch 462. what is induction motor? 463. steering regulations? 464. how to take over e/r as 2nd engg? 465. where do u find fire extin operating instructions? (in training manual) 466. checks to find liner crack 467. why boiler manhole door elliptical in shape 468. what r new designs of double hull tankers? 469. msb and breaker safeties? 470. clamp meter- purpose and working? 471. purifier motor initially takes high current. Y? 472. main brg clearances? 473. sparks from funnel- causes and remedy? 474. 45 l mech foam extin- explain 475. CO2 flooding procedure 476. Co2 bottle bursting disc thickness? (3mm) 477. ref compr oil properties? 478. actions if piston seizure about to take place 479. as 2nd engg what to check in engine side for load line survey? (vent, n.r v/vs, w.t doors, shipside valves.) 480. emergency maneuvering

481. how crankshaft and intermediate shaft connected to flywheel? 482. cross head inspection 483. piston checks during maintenance 484. tie rod pinching- screws are found broken. Actions?? 485. fuel p/p timing 486. fire p/p capacity 487. foam regulations 488. fridge compr running continuously. Reasons? 489. bad quality fuel received. Actions or precautions? 490. boiler major repairs are done. What to check? 491. c/case explosion. Omd calibration 492. boiler safety v/v setting- how? Why? When? 493. what is P&A manual 494. electronic governor block diagram 495. tests carried out on metals? 496. %age of C in CI and types of steels? 497. while maneuvering m/e not reversing? Actions? 498. oil in boiler. Action? 499. how alarm activates and gives audible signals?? 500. specification, charging, routines on battery? 501. how to measure rudder drop? 502. how to calculate power from indicator cards? 503. how to tighten chain? 504. 2 times engine turned on air but with third kick it failed to turn. Explain 505. how power transmission takes place to drive the ship? 506. forces on tail shaft 507. func of tie rod 508. exh v/v leaky. Indications? 509. how synchroscope works? 510. how purifier desludges? Diag 511. what is thermister 512. lenzes law? 513. checks in e/r b4 entering d/d? 514. diff bet windlass motor and other motor? 515. liner inspection- b4 and after cleaning? 516. omd alarm. Actions? 517. foe m/e 200% excess air is suppled but for boiler 20 to 30 % excess air is supplied. Why? 518. ISPS cert? 519. permanent hardness salts in boiler water? 520. air start. v/v timing? 521. how main air start v/v opens? Simple diag of starting? 522. indicator for late inj, light spring diag? 523. compr takin more time to fill the bottle.? 524. T/ expansion v/v- superheat?why equalizing connection? 525. rudder checks in d/d?

526. harmonized system of survey? 527. what is ISM? How is it implemented? 528. ship is grounded. Will she sink? 529. how to find accuracy of crankshaft deflection gauge? 530. how running direction interlock works? 531. how to convert purifier into clarifier? 532. m/e overloaded. Reasons? (unit misfire, scav fire, shallow water, piston hot, rough weather, hull fouling) 533. rudder s/g overloaded? ( rudder breached, rcb pintle brg damaged, insufficient greasing, fouling of rudder, pintle brg clearance excessive) 534. what is bulkhead? 535. braking air? 536. difference between ac compr and air compr 537. types of induction motor? 538. what is diode and triode? 539. what is GRT and NRT? 540. sketch piston of m/e, show clearances, checks and tests to be carried out 541. butt clearance? 542. s/g protection for motor, for system? 543. types of a/c compr 544. capacity of a/c compr 545. COP i.e coeff of performance of fridge and a/c plant? 546. what is synch speed? 547. what ius slip in induction motor? 548. synch motors onboard ship?? ( on shaft geny and governor ,motor) 549. checks on s/g while taking over as 2ns engg 550. how NPSH affects pumping? 551. FWG salinity high. Reasons? 552. what happens to engine performance if f.o timings are advanced 553. in fwd motion of ship where would be the clearance in thrust block? 554. function of gyro. How it works? 555. guide shoe matt and clearances if more, what would happen? 556. type of boiler you had? What is composite boiler? How often boilers are surveyed? 557. how to make boiler ready for survey? 558. types of burner? Turn down ratio? 559. how to plug blr tube? 560. what happens if 1 bottle of CO2 is released accidentally? 561. bulk carrier failure areas?maint on ref and a/c plants? 562. composition of steel for hull? 563. why should engine run in wrong direction? What r interlocks provided for it? 564. how does CO2 gas fight fire in e/r and how to make entry in e/r? 565. safety devices for air compressor 566. specification for bunker f.o 567. during decarb what to look for?

568. 569. 570.

how to lower life boat? what is SF and BM in bulk carrier (SF=0 and BM=max) how to check jerk type pump timings?