terms of div man ike works with approach that is one of the values of the co at the very base of the co they completely trust in div because they re an internation co and need to be in touch with all markets and need div to accomplish this. Maybe something social as well but main reason is business. They need to speak to the whole world since they work for the whole world and need representation from all cities and walks of life to be able to respond to cust needs. Cust are 60% women so for bus reasons need femanle gender well repr in co or they risk that their staff won t be able to respond to their main segment. Not only in stores, this rep is present also in management 60% female on general level and management level. Board is 60% women 40% men. Whatsinteresting is that in Italy, core business functions are rep by females (district manager, finance, logistics)they pride themselves on equality all over the co. career path was based on these people. To recruit 50/50 isn t strange for most big companies but the problem is that the balance usually shifts. Ike maintains this balance through internal promotion, opportunities, to keep young talent present in the co and these young people are usually below 26 y.o. these are great opps for female, what they ve seen is that most females over 30 s are no longer available to relocate and be mobile. They say that if they anticipate this moment, they can benefit from this time lapse and give them international experience and once they re back and ready to build a family (mat leave) this is no longer a problem for growth and development. Therefore the requirement to have to move around (for int companies) is no longer a hiderance for them as they have it under their belt already. The two main issues are the age at which they start and the second is the actual potential evaluation because it gives them a snapshot of what they have. They ve seen that if they postpone the age, most females refuse, but after they ve made the fist step younger, they re more able and eager (perhaps also due to a higher income so the valuation of their job has a different value within their family) so if they stop before they get more talent. Mobility is also an issue because it is hard to manage; many more females follow their husbands as opposed to the opposite KPIs :see stats (they like to mimic their market). main problems are mobility, and also their own barriers, what they build themselves. They often consider that they have less value as professionals, lack networking skills usually they have more than one issue (family being most important one). After work they run home to their families and so don t spend much time networking. They re not brave enough to take the positions they want and take their place, instead they hang back and wait to be asked. This needs to be addressed and Ike takes care of this by pushing their female employees to apply for growth and it becomes their managers role to push this. Gender diversity is not a female matter, if you think its a female issue, balance will never be reached, it is a company issue, it must come from an inclusive approach. Diversity is an opportunity for the co to grow with diff styles of leadership and cultures (bilingual in language of males and females). It is not about gender diversity, it is about

To attract other diversities.07 CITIZENSHIP (%) .93 42.62 3.BACHELORS 6258 4. this kind of talent comes in. most stores have social projhects when opening a new store. Normally it is from 3 to 5 years. They had difficulty recruiting philipinespeople.FEMALE GENDER (%) . Most represented culture other than the Italian one.71 95.U.ITALY GENDER (%) . This is mainly connected by mobility of managers. Gender div is perhaps the easiest and first step for co s to take.MALE .EXTRA E. they have a good number of gays/lesbians they are part of PARKS iwhich is a declaration of values to not discriminate against it. lastyesr had a football match in and out two teams one gay/lesbian and one hetero to show diversity and acceptance of it. CITIZENSHIP (%) . they look to hire these cultures in the store in order to represent (in the same percentage as the market) the said cultures. the project integra was connected with south African people. it becomes quite normal and business as usual! TOTAL EMPLOYEES STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL (%) (%) (%) (%) ± NO TITLE .diversity management in general. After the initial wow that coworkers have.23 62. They use an outside association to.U.E.71 14. because most emplloyees are in stores.LICENZA MEDIA .DIPLOMA . they re not interested in working in retail! They also take care of parks project. it was the most representative race (in Florence it was with the chinese culture). Once they establish which cultures are most represented. They believe in making tyheir managers move all over the world (for 6 years!) it depends on the project. By being inclusive to this type of diversity.67 57. CITIZENSHIP (%) . In rome for ex.59 0.23 17. where they look for the most representative races to be represented. the others are much harder to achieve.

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