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BOB BLUMER Bio: Cookbook author, artist and professional bon vivant Bob Blumer, host of The Surreal Gourmet, is one of today's most imaginative food personalities. Whether he is poaching salmon in a dishwasher or concocting recipes in his own Pee-wee's Playhouse-like kitchen, his contagious enthusiasm helps transform everyday meals into a dining adventures. Bob's accidental culinary career began in 1991 when he wrote and illustrated his first book, The Surreal Gourmet: Real Food for Pretend Chefs (Chronicle Books, 1992). Despite (or perhaps because of) a lack of formal training, his unique approach to cooking and entertaining, and his confidence-inspiring instructions quickly endeared him to a loyal following. The San Francisco Chronicle called the book "an instant classic and possibly the wittiest and most sensible how-to cookbook of the decade". It was also a year-end recommendation in The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times Book Review, and picked by the Book of the Month Club and Better Homes & Gardens Book Club. Three years later, Bob proved that anyone with a dysfunctional kitchen and mismatched place settings can throw a killer dinner party with The Surreal Gourmet Entertains: High-fun, Low-Stress Dinner Parties for 6 - 12 (Chronicle Books, 1995). Unceremoniously thrust onto the talk show circuit, Blumer made over 400 TV appearances on 3 continents, including all major US network morning shows. Blumer's third cookbook, Off TheEaten Path: Inspired Recipes for Adventurous Cooks (Ballantine Books, May 2000) features his trademark blend of practicality and eccentricity, packed with recipes, anecdotes, culinary adventures, and his own whimsical

three month odyssey in a Toastermobile-an Airstream trailer customized with a $50. The book was awarded "most innovative cookbook" at the prestigious World Cookbook Fair in Perigueux. France. The tour was covered extensively in both local and national media. Since 1999 Blumer has been a judge at the Los Angeles County Fair and the San Francisco wine competitions. Participants sample fine wine at each winery.2 mile race in Bordeaux. Blumerdove corkscrew first into the world of wine. As the food flew. a 26. France that winds past 24 picturesque chateaux. . including features on CNN and in People illustrations and objet's d'art. including his favorite ³ a first person account of running the Medoc marathon. To promote it.000 stainless steel industrial kitchen and topped with two eight-foot slices of toast. He has since written many wine-related stories. Blumer embarked on an ambitious thirty-city.

who Jamie considers one of his mentors. Jamie began working in his parent's restaurant. It was here. When he was 8 years old. Jamie formed the band Scarlet Division with composer/musician Leigh Haggerwood. own a pub and restaurant called The Cricketers (still in business). The title is a reference to the simplicity of his recipes." The Television Star: The River Cafe was also his big break into television. where he learned "all about the time and effort that goes into creating the freshest. which also aired in the U. After The Neal Street Restaurant. totally delicious food. Jamie worked 3 1/2 years at the famous River Cafe in London. Here Jamie worked alongside GennaroContaldo. 1975 in Clavering. At age 11 Jamie could cut vegetables as well as any of the kitchen staff.S. most honest. In 1989. Jamie grew up in Cambridge where his parents. at the age of 14. five television production companies contacted Jamie about starring in his own show. The day after appearing in a documentary about the restaurant called Christmas at the River Cafe. His first job back was working for Antonio Carluccio as Head Pastry Chef at The Neal Street Restaurant (one of the best Italian restaurants in England). Two seasons of the show. Trevor and Sally. Culinary Career: Jamie began attending the Westminster Catering College at the age of 16. Later. Essex. England. Jamie says. were filmed in 1998 and 1999.. he worked in France learning as much as he could before returning to London. He accepted an offer from Optomen Television to produce his first show The Naked Chef. .Jamie Oliver Bio: Childhood: Jamie Trevor Oliver was born May 27.

Greenwich. Jamie's School Dinners. The show. a not-for-profit endeavor. is a documentary that follows Jamie as he mentors 15 unemployed youths (1000 applied for the position). The restaurant is still open for business and on its third class of students. Fifteen. Later.Jamie's Kitchen was Oliver's second television series. Jamie trains the youngsters to be professional chefs and help staff his first restaurant. It also showcases the Feed Me Better campaign. Jamie would film another charitable project. Curtis Stone Bio: . produced by Channel 4. This four part series documents Jamie as he takes responsibility of running the kitchen at Kidbrooke School. his crusade to change the poor eating habits of children and improve school meal systems. The campaign was directly responsible for the British government's pledge of 280 million pounds (over 3 years) to improve school dinners.

When it comes to cooking.« More Saturday Kitchen. Curtis Stone's philosophy is to cook as Mother Nature intended: keep it simple and cook with naturally . Curtis loves the outdoor life and is not only a keen surfer but a keen skier and at one time was a professional Australian Rules football player.Recent Role: Guest on Lopez Tonight Born: 11-4-1975 Birthplace: Melbourne. TV host and entrepreneur. Curtis started stydying for a Bachelor of Business but half way through decided his heart wasn't in it. Curtis has now appeared in a number of cooking shows which include Dinner in a box. He debuted his cooking career when he was 18 at the Savoy Hotel. but in food. Less Curtis Stone is a master chef. Good Food Live. My Restaurant Rules and can curretnly be seen on Take Home Chef. Australia Birth Name: Curtis Stone Curtis Stone is a Melbourne born chef who is now currently based out of Los Angeles but lives in London. best selling author.

For the past 18 months Curtis has been based in America hosting TLC's hit show Take Home Chef. . He went on to film three seasons which air in 26 territories worldwide including the UK and US. Born in Melbourne. The restaurant has been a Soho institution since 1926. With family ties in Yorkshire. after achieving critical success in the kitchen. the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star.' During his time there. Curtis advanced to Sous Chef at the Mirabelle. his first major TV series with a tie-in book for ABC in Australia. the youngest chef in the world to be awarded three Michelin stars. The show has sold to territories across Europe and Asia. Curtis filmed Surfing the Menu. In 2004 Curtis hosted the hit Australian TV series My Restaurant Rules. From Marco's Grill Room. Australia. Curtis left Victoria University in 1994 to follow his passion for food and began cooking at The Savoy Hotel at the young age of 18. Curtis likes to concentrate on flavors with a modern European edge.produced ingredients. where he remained for 2 years and played a large part in putting together the 'Mirabelle Cookbook. Curtis traveled to London and secured a hard to come by position with the legendary Marco Pierre White. In 2003. In his cooking. After winning Marco's trust and respect Curtis was handed the reigns at Quo Vadis where he received critical acclaim. at his restaurant The Grill Room at the Café Royal.

With his popularity on the rise. in November. Curtis is currently based in Los Angeles and working between television commitments. His latest cookbook is Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone: Recipes to Put You in My Favorite Mood. Anthony Bourdain Bio: The Chef: .S. The line will begin its roll out in the U. Curtis is set to launch his exclusive range of kitchen solutions products with retail partner WilliamsSonoma.

published in the New Yorker (1999). Kitchen Confidential (2000). fancy-hat chef out there. white jackets or fancy hats. Anthony Bourdain was born in New York in 1956. One Fifth Avenue.. He·s crass. His passion and adventurous spirit are what have created millions of gourmet fans around the world. a great cook. Gone Bamboo (1997). Chef Bourdain came to many people·s attention with his exposé of New York restaurants. He expanded this behind-the-scenes look at the not so glamorous world of restaurants and his own personal history with the hugely successful bestseller. Chef Bourdain travels around more than a dozen countries in a search for the perfect meal. and Sullivan·s before coming to Les Halles. he spent two unproductive years at Vassar College before attending the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. . Some of his most memorable episodes include dining with gangsters in Russia. is the anti-celebrity chef.I. however. After high school. the Bobby Gold Stories (2002). and has an infectious passion for food of every kind. Chef Bourdain may have turned more people onto good food than any five-star. The Writer: Bourdain has written several books including the crime thrillers Bone in the Throat (1995).A. New York. offensive.Anthony Bourdain. ´Don·t Eat Before Reading Thisµ. He is. A Cook·s Tour. Bourdain was the chef at New York City·s Supper Club. The Television Star: The success of Kitchen Confidential led to a Food Network television series. a great writer. executive chef of Brasserie Les Halles in New York City. Following graduation from the C. and the nonfiction work Typhoid Mary: An Urban Historical (2001). and doesn·t wear starched.

including locations in Washington. and revisiting the tiny fishing village of La Teste. and Miami.swallowing the still-beating heart of a cobra. D. Chef Bourdain is also capitalizing on the success of A Cook·s Tour with a new traveling culinary program. My Favorite Shows on TLC(Discovery Travel and Living Channel) Take Home Chef . Anthony Bourdain remains the executive chef of Les Halles. on the Travel Channel (2005). France where he experienced his first raw oyster as a boy. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.C. which has expanded to five restaurants.

The Series . the surprised shopper is usually a woman (typically a younger and attractive woman). Following the popularity of his first TV series. typically an attractive woman in her 20s or 30s. When the person responds affirmatively. and asks if she is cooking a meal for someone that night. being aired in over 70 countries and helping to establish Oliver's global popularity. and there are 52 episodes in total. They drive to the participant's house. cook the meal. and then surprise the participant's partner or guest upon their arrival. Stone introduces himself to a stranger in a grocery store.In each episode. he began producing Oliver's Twist to be aired outside the UK. While Chef Stone is a tall attractive man. The Naked Chef. Stone offers his services to help cook dinner. There have been a few episodes of men surprising their partners. Fresh One Productions. Chef Stone must "pick up" the woman at the supermarket and convince her to take him home.[1] The show became a success. so the show relies on faux sexual tension for part of its entertainment value. the name of the programme is a pun on the title of Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist. Oliver·s Twist Oliver's Twist is a television series featuring chef Jamie Oliver. Production The show was produced by Oliver's own production company. Jokes about what the woman's husband/partner or neighbors will think when she brings home a strange man are common.

the rest of the episode is dedicated to his preparation of the meal. Unlike in The Naked Chef where he frequently speaks to a person offcamera and acts as though he were not being filmed.Producer was Simon Willis and the show was filmed in London. the band for which Oliver has been drummer since 1989. After the intro sequence. everybody eating the meal. The end of the show is. naturally. or speaks with guests he has with him. After arriving back at his flat. Jamie is usually seen riding about London on his trademark scooter. set at Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken. Contents The show typically opens with an introduction which tells the story behind the episode: usually why and for whom Jamie will be cooking. gathering food for the meal he will be preparing. although on occasion it includes a music performance if he is cooking for a band. New . Oliver presents the show directly to the camera. All music for the show was composed by Leigh Haggerwood. Cake Boss Cake Boss is an American reality television show. airing on the cable television network TLC. This part of the show set to a different song in each episode. The theme song was performed by Scarlet Division. sometimes accompanied by the guests he is cooking for.

specifically his retired mother. on the Travel Channel. 2010. 2009. and increased tourism to the Hoboken area. Food (Season 2) The second season of Man v.[1] In each episode. Season one of the show premiered on April 19. Man vs. with new episodes every Wednesday at 9 pm Eastern Time. an American food reality television series hosted by Adam Richman on the Travel Channel. 2011. and season two premiered on October 26. Season three premiered on May 31. The program currently airs at various times during the week. Man vs. The program is hosted by actor and food enthusiast Adam Richman. The show's fourth season began on January 31. Food is an American food reality television series. 2009. four sisters and three brothers-in-law. It premiered on December 3. Food. The show stars Buddy Valastro. the shop's owner. 2010 and returned on October 11. 2008. First-run episodes of the series aired in the United States on the Travel Channel on Wednesdays at 10:00 . 2009. premiered on August 5. and depicts their everyday lives running the bakery. and his family. Food Man v. The popularity of the show has resulted in increased business for Carlo's Bake Shop.Jersey. Richman explores the "big food" offerings of a different American city before facing off against a pre-existing eating challenge at a local restaurant.

in association with the Travel Channel. the final second season tally was: 13 wins for "Man" and 7 wins for "Food". Food is hosted by actor and food enthusiast Adam Richman. Food was executive produced by Matt Sharp. 2010. Man v.PM Eastern time.[1] On February 3. a special "Live" episode aired. Man v. 2009. Not counting the "Live" episode in Miami.[2] In each episode. The season contained 20 episodes and finished airing on December 16. Richman explores the "big food" of a different American city before facing off against a pre-existing eating challenge at a local restaurant. You look you could be a Tyra Or an Amanda All that I know is that you·re beautiful You look like you should be a Tina .

ok. ok. ok. ok No woman. ok.Or a Selena So why you alone girl I just wanna know Girl I don·t know what your name is But I see you looking down I really don·t know what your man did But he left you with a frown I know it might sound a little crazy But please let me inside I really don·t know what the case is But I want you to dry your eyes No woman. ok. ok. no cry You look like you could be a Lisa Or a Theresa I don·t think you know but you should be with me You look like you could be a Lindsay . ok. ok. ok. no cry (no cry) Cause tonight is gonna be alright You gonna be ok. ok. ok. no cry (no cry) Cause tonight I·m gonna make it right We gonna be ok. ok Everything·s gonna be ok No woman.

I·m waiting patiently Girl I don·t know what your name is But I see you looking down I really don·t know what your man did But he left you with a frown I know it might sound a little crazy But please let me inside I really don·t know what the case is But I want you to dry your eyes No woman. ok. ok No woman. ok. ok. no cry (no cry) Cause tonight I·m gonna make it right We gonna be ok. ok.Maybe an Ashley I·m in no hurry. ok Everything·s gonna be ok Oh every time he breaks your heart I·ll take your pain away Don·t you cry. ok. no cry (no cry) Cause tonight is gonna be alright You gonna be ok. ok. ok. ok. ok. ok. don·t you don·t you cry I just want to chase those clouds and bring you brighter days . ok.

ok. ok. don·t you don·t you cry [x4] Don·t you cry Because It·s ok No woman. and it requires some description. ok. ok. ok. ok. ok. no cry (baby don·t you cry no more) Cause tonight is gonna be alright You gonna be ok.Don·t you cry. no cry (baby don·t you cry no more) Cause tonight I·m gonna make it right We gonna be ok. ok. ok. ok. Everything·s gonna be ok No woman. . ok No woman. no cry The "Quest" mode is the most significant new style of play in Bejeweled 3. ok.

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