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Free membership to two members 10 Free memberships to NUST SEECS RC Aero plane Flying Club. The nominees had been given 3 days for publicity in which they had to publicize their agenda in an acceptable manner. Some of these are as follows: Lucky Draw . Including this incentive several promotional features were added to the campaign to attract as many students as possible. The elections were held in the Antenna lab in which the Election commission had set up Ballot boxes against the respective ballot papers. treasurer. The elections were held honestly and fairly. Membership Drive The IEEE student chapter previously had more than 90 international members. The workshop commenced with a basic introduction of Linux along with its fundamental and commonly used commands by Mr. After the tea break the students were provided with a small assignment. they were also seen on the Election Day convincing others to vote for them by telling them their agenda. After the workshop the organizers presented a shield to Mr. the students of IEEE. 250). thanks to the Election team. Therefore. During the course of the discussion Mr. This academic year the chapter planned and conducted another membership drive to keep similar number of IEEE members in the chapter. Rao for his effort and time.3 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© IEEE-SEECS Student Chapter Elections: Paving the road to success after being recognized as one of the best IEEE student chapters. and to the Faculty. 83 exercised their ability to vote for 14 nominees which had stood up for the 4 seats of Chair. 3 | i Voltaic | 2010 . The elections did not go as they usually go with a pessimistic approach. IEEE SEECS conducted elections first time ever in the campus on 24 May 2010 in the process to elect its Central Committee. Rao expressed his desire to conduct workshops in SEECS on topics such as ‗NS2‘ and ‗Advanced Topics in Linux‘. the students had little difficulty in absorbing the fundamentals and many carried out informal discussions with the presenter regarding the technology under discussion. 10 Cash Coupons (each Rs. He maintained an interactive environment by encouraging the students to ask questions. The elections were a complete success as out of 90 student members. which makes it the largest branch in Islamabad and one of the largest in Pakistan. These can be used to attend workshops (in/out SEECS) or buy local IEEE souvenirs. and the General Secretary. Rao – the presenter. Vice Chair. but they went in the most peaceful way possible. IEEE Linux Workshop Events and News IEEE SEECS organized a Linux Workshop on 16 th January 2010. As the workshop continued the participants got a flavor of Networks in Linux and acquired hands-on experience on implementing the more technical areas of Linux. which further helped in inculcating within them what they had just learnt. The plan included to gather the fee for the membership in 3 month installments so that the students could easily pay for the membership.

who expressed his pleasure at the formation of IEEE RAS and motivated the students to work in this domain. A discussion also took place in which the 2008-2009 IEEE activities were discussed and further activities to take place in the future were highlighted. 4 | i Voltaic | 2010 . 80 IEEE members holding various executive positions participated in the ceremony. Arshad Ali. Quality of Service. Strategies and Structures of their projects. Pakistan and has a vivid experience in the telecom industry. The event was followed by a movie night in which Planet 51 was played for the enjoyment of the IEEE members. ten RC Flying Club memberships and ten 250 Rs. the Chairs of all the committees working within IEEE took this opportunity to present to everyone their plan of action and goals for the future. The seminar was presented by Mr. This was a unique opportunity for the students to gain maximum exposure to the ambience they would soon graduate into. The inauguration ended with an address by DG SEECS. The competition started with the inauguration of IEEE RAS. IEEE SEECS RAS and SMART Lab organizes Lego Robotics Competition: IEEE SEECS RAS together with SMART lab organized a month long robotics competition based on LEGO infrastructure with near-real life categories. The event was attended by students as well as other industry professionals who wanted to benefit from the knowledge of one of the largest tertiary industry in Pakistan that has great concern for both its customers as well as its own employees. Over the coming weeks the teams competed with each other upon the basis of Originality. In the end the "Radar" team won the competition and the "Spider" and "Mine Placer" teams emerged as the runners up. It was presented by Wahib and Iftikhar from BICSE 5. coupons were awarded to the lucky winners. who gave the motivational and future plans for the society. Ideas. Dr. Mobilink.4 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© IEEE SEECS Oath Taking Ceremony The IEEE Oath Taking Ceremony for the 2009-2010 council took place on 9th January 2010. Cash prizes were awarded to the deserving candidates upon their excellence in the field. The presenters addressed the queries of the students regarding this branch of programming and educated them about its basic coding techniques. The judging was done by the faculty members who had experience in this field and the whole event was managed by the society members. this was followed by a presentation by chair IEEE SEECS RAS. Furthermore. who is Team Leader. Robotics & Automation Society Smart Machines and Robotics Technology IEEE Socket Programming: Events and News IEEE SEECS presented a tutorial on socket programming on 26 th January 2010. He also announced to grant a handsome amount as initial financial assistance for the society. Seminar by Mobilink: A seminar on "GSM Basics and Telecom Industry of Pakistan" was arranged by IEEE SEECS in the process of bridging the gap between the intelligentsia and the industry. A lucky draw followed the oath taking in which two IEEE Memberships. The competition was successful in giving practical experience to the students who gained much from it. Syed Farjad Zaheer started the inauguration by giving the idea behind forming the society and its objectives to develop a permanent pragmatic approach within the students to solve problems. Abdullah Baig. Nauman Khan. 6 out of 12 teams got through the first round and those 6 teams competed for the grand finale.

build and test energy efficient vehicles. It is of course a matter of great pride to us when students from Pakistan show such determination despite the meager resources they usually have to work with. and two teams from the Pakistan Navy College of Engineering (NUST) participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon to compete against 196 other teams from across the world to see whose vehicle went the furthest distance with the least amount of fuel! Thus. colleges. Shell International has been running the Shell Eco-marathon in Europe for nearly 25 years.5 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© Shell Eco Marathon TAKING AN INITIATIVE AND MAKING US PROUD! We hear of technology based competitions every now and again. Winning is not necessary. thousands of spectators and widespread media attention. The Pakistani participation is a source of great pride for us and we wish the participating teams the best of luck! 5 | i Voltaic | 2010 .” focused on more ―roadworthy‖ fuel-efficient vehicles. Open to high schools. there is need to encourage them. Addressing at the media launch of Shell Eco-marathon at a local hotel in Pakistan. so there is need to boost it. Energy use in the world is on the rise with each passing day. The shell eco competition is a means of ensuring this and participation of our country students shows that we understand this state. the winner is the team that goes the furthest distance using the least amount of energy. The energy sector is the way of life. And with such active participation in developing environment friendly energy resources it is only a matter of time before more of such energy production means are developed. This event also affords an outstanding engagement opportunity for current and future leaders who are passionate about finding sustainable solutions to the world‘s energy challenge. Malaysia. For both categories.” or futuristic. Burraq became the first Pakistani car to run on the Euro Speedway track Germany! Taking such an initiative and becoming the first four competitors in this global competition was truly an amazing undertaking. streamlined vehicles and “Urban Concept. participation and having the nerve to present your ideas to the world is enough. Mr Zaiviji Ismail Chairman and Managing Director Shell Pakistan informed the public that compared to the four teams competing from Pakistan last year this year 30 teams from Pakistan universities have been registered to took part in the event while 130 teams from other countries of the world will vie in the event! The Chairman said that a vast talent is present in Pakistani youngsters. teams can use either conventional or alternative fuels to see which vehicle goes the furthest distance for just a liter of fuel. where the event has grown to include more than 200 teams. the program challenges student teams to put their innovations to the test in two vehicle categories: “Prototype. The Shell Eco Asia Competition 2010 is scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur. With annual events in the Americas. there is need to ensure its sustainable use. The Shell Eco-Marathon 2009 held in Germany stretched over three (3) days at the Euro Speedway Lausitz track in Germany. Energy resources will never be enough to meet the requirements so we need to manage them. therefore. The Shell Eco-marathon is one such competition which challenges high school and college student teams from around the world to design. and when Pakistanis are involved in them it makes us inordinately proud. organized by Shell Pakistan in collaboration with Mediapulse. Of immense interest to every Pakistani was the fact that there were 4 Pakistani teams of young engineers who competed in the Shell Eco marathon 2009 for the very first time! Two teams from the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science and Technology (GIKI). however. Europe and Asia. universities and technical institutes across the globe.

it turns kinetic energy into an electric charge -. Transforming that nervous energy into musicplaying energy transforms your twitchy tics into extended battery life for your player. D-Roll Laptop: Totally Tubular Flexible displays mean exciting new product designs that can look beyond books for inspiration. by using piezoelectricity. The tunneling can be suppressed or allowed by controlling the voltage on a nearby metal electrode with a width of a few tens of nanometers. appliances and wiring it will burn out to protect fuses. all the electric current passes through the same single atom. especially if you are prone to snapping your fingers or drumming them on any available surface while listening to funky tracks. This is a crucial step towards the control of these states. the realization of a qubit. A built-in shoulder strap provides a fashionable and convenient way to carry the machine.so you'll never find yourself stuck without tunes while waiting at a bus stop far from home. has been mainly based on the reduction of the size of transistors. Robert Byrne This allows researchers to study the effects arising in the extreme limit of the transistor size. a qubit. The Chukka concept for a portable music player solves two problems at once. which created the present information society. Byrne's Law: In any electrical circuit. that is. The screen and keyboard slide out. it gives you something productive to do with your hands. Chukka Music Player 6 | i Voltaic | 2010 . First. Scientists have known for a long time that this development has to slow down critically during the future decades when the even tighter inexpensive packing of transistors would require them to shrink down to the atomic length scales. Second. The rapid development of computers. As a student at Purdue University in Indiana. In the recently developed transistor. Hao Hua came up with a design for a laptop that rolls up into a shape similar to that of a mailing tube. The driving force behind the measurements reported now is the idea to utilize the spin degree of freedom of an electron of the phosphorus donor as a quantum bit. The researchers were able to observe in their experiments spin up and down states for a single phosphorus donor for the first time.6 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© Future && upcoming tech Defining the Q-bit The working principles of the device are based on sequential tunneling of single electrons between the phosphorus atom and the source and drain leads of the transistor. and the open design relies on airflow to keep the electronics cool and quiet.

They did battle but on a green screen bridge in a studio. The result was the audience could sense every little emotion on these creature‘s faces. while the movie took place around you? Seeing how technology is progressing by leaps and bounds. Films today sport remarkable visuals. robots…anything is possible in motion pictures now. Motion capture technology has made it possible to incorporate photorealistic animation into movies. Anything less than photorealistic would have left little impression on audiences. An entire scene can be filmed in the studio against a blue screen and the background pasted later. Laser Swords. D-I-Y Subs Fan Repair Pure Corrugated Power Who needs Bluetooth Waranty void ? 7 | i Voltaic | 2010 . The dramatic sceneries depicted in these films are nothing without the technology that makes them possible. but wouldn‘t it have been even more awesome if you could‘ve walked those jungles. 2009‘s epic Avatar portrayed an entire civilization of humanoid creatures with realistic facial animations and fluid body movements. As digital technology has improved and picture quality has come on par with analog film picture quality more and more Hollywood movies are now being shot digitally. Each actor‘s facial animations were recorded using motion capture cameras and portrayed onto the 3d models of the creatures. it may well happen sooner than you‘d expect. view and adjust scenes in real time eliminating the wait required in regular film processing. Not exactly true. Digital cinematography‘s acceptance was cemented in 2009 when Slumdog Millionaire became the first movie mainly in digital to be awarded the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. smelt the air and smoke. Slowly films are progressing from recording on analog film to digital film recording. slow motion sequences. and I‘ll walk you through how it‘s all done.7 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© Film making technologies It‘s the 21st century and film studios are pushing the boundaries of what technology can bring to life on the theatre screen. and we can only begin to imagine what the future might hold. Blue or more recently green screens are used to project a character into a simulated environment. The illusion is that of the character actually interacting with that environment. floating mountains. Seeing Revenge of the Sith (2005) you may think Obi Wan and Anakin actually battled over a bridge dropping down to a river full of lava (a little hazardous to the actor‘s lives don‘t you think?). It allows them to record. so-good-you-have -to-see-it-twice movies. Digital recording opens up a plethora of possibilities for film makers. Anyone remember John Connor running from a ―liquid‖ terminator in Terminator 2 (1992)? How cool was that. Seeing is believing. Avatar was ground-breaking because it let the audience see the its world in lush 3D. Motion pictures have come a long way since the silent exhibits of the early 20 th century. As we move into the future. audience pulling. film makers keep pushing the boundaries of awe-inspiring. touched and felt the plants. breathtaking sceneries and picturesque worlds.

This art has evolved ever since and now we are in a computer age. as much as they possibly can.470 Professional’s Salary: $112. Cryptanalysts nowadays have a variety of responsibilities. Such was the art of cryptography and so it is nowadays. deciphering and the safety of our secrets. cryptanalysts are hired by companies to design security and encryption systems for online stores and companies. Cryptanalysts usually start their career with an undergraduate computer science degree majored in network security. the augmentation in the salary tremendously increases. Thus. They sometimes were hidden in codes in letters. in which we require the use of this art to hide as well as decipher codes. So these analysts can find an exhilarating career ride in front of them.8 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© Career Analysis i Career: Cryptanalysts In the past. Cryptography is an elaborate combination of mathematics and the language used for the encryption. or go into a mathematics related field.930 Average Salary: $76. or in maps that folded to show the cipher and later deciphered as well. They help provide privacy for people and corporations. especially as nowadays when our personal identity and money transfer systems are threatened. cryptanalysts require creative mathematical and programmable understanding and the demand for such geniuses is growing with the growing threats in today’s world. Here are the approximate salaries based on reliable statistics: Entry Level Salary: $38. cryptography is a resourceful mixture of both mathematics and programming. Their career safety is also guaranteed as they can easily switch over to other branches relating to IT. These artists are known as cryptanalysts in today’s modern world. The starting pay scale for a cryptanalyst is usually the same as that of a software engineer but as the person specializes in network cryptography and gains relevant experience.780 In today's businesses and governments. This helps protect both the business and the customer. and keep hackers out of important data systems and which we use every day. 8 | i Voltaic | 2010 . messages etc. many complex mechanisms have been sought to protect identities and hidden messages or directions. but skilled mathematicians can also specialize in computer science to become cryptographers. Thus.

35-45 points ==> You should definitely go to grad school in EE. or Maxwell ever visited you in a dream? (This one is worth 20 points. 25-35 points ==> You can feel your life slipping through your fingers as you get sucked into the world of Electrical Engineering. You should not. 0 Have you ever discharged a capacitor? 1 Done 0 twice in one day? 10 Done 0 with your tongue? 11 Have you ever doped silicon? 100 Done 11 with someone else? 101 Done 11 with two or more people? 110 Done 11 with someone without knowing their name? 111 Have you ever tweaked a resistor? 1000 Have you ever blown up an electrolytic capacitor? 1001 Done 1000 while an animal watched? 1010 Have you ever thought you violated the law of conservation of energy while actually your oscilloscope probe was set to 10x? 1011 Have you ever derived an equation? 1100 Done 1011 with a member of the opposite sex? 1101 Have you ever worn a pocket protector? 1110 Have you ever checked your email more than 10 times in one day? 1111 Done 1110 for one week straight? 10000 Have you ever made a joke about transistors? 10001 Have you ever laughed at a joke about transistors? (this one is worth 3 points) 10010 Have you ever wondered how the circuitry would work in that liquid metal guy in T2? 10011 Have you ever used Ohm's Law excessively? 10100 Do you try to impress mundane people with your project.. except where noted. LaPlace.) 11001 Have you ever had a serious discussion with someone about whether CISC is better than RISC? 11010 Have you ever used :-) to excess? 11011 Have you ever had to explain :-) to a friend? 11100 Have Fourier. 9 | i Voltaic | 2010 ." on your project report because you don't know why your project failed? 100010 Are you addicted to reverse polish(HP) notation? 100011 Tried using DC resistors on AC? Did u manage to destroy your home's power supply in the process? 100100 Did u ever shake your monitor to make the screensaver go away? (award yourself 0 if yes) 100101 Ever had a teacher write "WDEE-Withdraw from EE" on your quiz? 100110 Did you ever sabotage your friend from copying your notes by rubbing whitener over your own? 100111 Have you ever measured ground bounce? 101000 Done 100111 with an inanimate object? 101001 Done 100111 with a cadaver? 101010 Have you ever faked a bias point? (Have you no shame?!?!?) 101011 Have you ever had an intimate encounter with a voltage supply? 101100 Have you ever watched while someone else had an intimate encounter with a voltage supply? Scoring Scale: 00-15 points ==> Go back to your English class..you could be in CS. when all you did was light a bulb? 10101 Do you keep your electrical analysis book in the freezer because you're too scared to read it? 10110 (Guys only) Have you ever counted the number of females in one of your EE classes so you could gain sympathy from friends in Liberal Arts? 10111 Do you speak in assembly? 11000 Has your skin color changed as a result of spending too much time in front of a terminal? (That green tone really works for me.9 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© EE Purity Test This test consists of 50 yes/no questions to test your Electrical Engineering Purity. It could be worse. 15-25 points ==> Either you have a life or you are an underclassman/woman.. You score 1 point for each "Yes" and 0 points for each "No".... under any circumstances. fantasize about EE!) 11101 Did someone ever tell you you can't put two amplifiers on a single breadboard because they did and it burned theirs? 11110 Can you rapidly count to 100d in binary? 11111 Do you have more than 5 computer accounts? 100000 Do you have more than 10 computer accounts? (Geek!) 100001 Ever wrote "due to inexplicable reasons.

Region 08 Europe. optical storage and technologies. Electro materials and Components (ICEEE) Sponsored By: Industry Applications Society . applications. scientists. Electro technology. Greece 2010 Symposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics Addressed topics and issues related to laser technology and applications. performances. and recognition. behavior and biometrics. High Plains Section Abstract Submission Deadline: 16 Aug 2010 Final Paper Submission Deadline: 07 Sep 2010 14 Sep . optoelectronic devices and integration.01 Sep 2010 | Boston. systems.16 Sep 2010 Fort Collins. Taiwan 10 | i Voltaic | 2010 . mobile phone design and more.25 Sep 2010 Alushta. and medical professionals to exchange ideas on using sensor networks in and around the human body for clinical and health monitoring. MA.13 Aug | Taipei. detection. 10 Sep . USA 2010 International Conference on Applications of Electromagnetism and Student Innovation Competition Awards (AEM2C) Provided a unified and unique international forum for the Applications of Electromagnetism and Innovation Competition to exchange ideas in the area of electromagnetics. 24 June -26 June 2010 | Chengdu. including: EM wave propagation. analytics. Ukraine 2010 Fifth International Conference on Body Area Networks (BodyNets) Forum for engineers. USA 2010 13th International Conference on Electro mechanics. 29 Aug . 11 Aug . education. and ethical issues. optical sensors. interaction and description.12 Sep 2010 | Corfu Island. China 2010 IEEE 9th International Board Test Workshop (BTW) Sponsored By: Philadelphia Section. microwave measurement system. and medical and biological applications. and entertainment.Middle East.IA. study of human-computer interactions.Africa Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 May 2010 Final Paper Submission Deadline: 01 Sep 2010 19 Sep .10 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© IEEE International Events and Opportunities 2010 7th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance (AVSS) AVSS welcomes surveillance-related contributions in the following areas: sensors and data fusion. processing. CO.

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12 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© At @ Uni A DAY IN NUST For me it‘s hard to imagine a fate worse than waking up on Monday mornings. I think of myself as a normal guy (well. But that‘s not all folks. any day. Imagine yourself having to walk a seemingly endless stretch of this desert just to get to the local cafeteria (whose food. No friends it ain‘t very pretty at all. surrounded by hills that make the place seem more like a maximum security prison than a university. The poor sods who forget their ID cards (as many on occasion have done. To add insult to injury it‘s still 7 am and the sun isn‘t even properly up yet. EVER. would also do better being at a maximum security prison). for that matter) be done? OHT‘s we can‘t wrap our minds around? Finals that make us either weep with sorrow or laugh out loud with hysteria? Add to this some really grueling labs. as I grope blindly in the dark trying to break my alarm clock (it stubbornly refuses to!). the same dreaded thought that haunts my dreams keeps running through my head. you ask. and you begin to wonder why we all don‘t collectively jump off the beloved green dome that sits atop our campus. This place has made me fear for mankind‘s future. never-ending projects and the even bigger expectations. True. but if some were to float the idea that the people at NUST were developing some new kind of emotional warfare technique in which you pound your victims into submission by breaking their will little by little every day. 12 | i Voltaic | 2010 . but given me a twisted sense of humor to laugh at it too. including yours truly) are either forced to beg and grovel for a reprieve. in a so-bad-its-hysterical kind of way. But wait! The fun doesn‘t end here! After we‘ve been huddled into the classes like a herd of clueless sheep. But surely. But that is not what I hate about waking up on Monday mornings. before they dump you they have your ID cards checked (―Why yes security guard sir. or suffer some major emotional bashing at the hands of the administration. you lose your appetite for everything else afterwards as well. But as much as I hate to admit it. nobody likes waking up on Monday mornings (most people don‘t like waking up at all at any time of the day. I would definitely steal some guys ID so I can come study here!‖). I think people who come up with these gems have serious identity/attention issues. But that is how all my days start. I have met many people who accelerate my waning faith in human rationality. Quizzes in every class? Assignments that just can‘t humanely (or honestly. it ain‘t pretty at all. for you see my friends. Now I‘m no big fan of conspiracy theories. Let‘s face it. the place has grown on me. after which they unceremoniously dump you to the last place on Earth you‘d ever want to be. I‘d be tempted to give them the benefit of doubt. not really). And normal people don‘t really like sitting in cramped confined spaces (which pass for sorry vans in our country) for two hours. our most respected teachers arrive. any period). there must be some form of entertainment? Some recreation perhaps? To which I would like to present the following scenario: Imagine yourself in a wasteland almost devoid of all forms of vegetation. No friends. but (as the Beatles famously put it) I get by with help from my friends. incidentally. Forget about just losing your appetite for food. but for every one of those there are several that lift my spirits and make every day bearable.

The product was developed at SEECS and was released as an Links: International IEEE: IEEE SEECS Chapter: IEEE Islamabad: IEEE Region 10: SEECS: NUST: http://www.com http://ieee. Hassan Khan. ·A paper by Irfan ul Haq.org/reg/10/ http://seecs. ·A Journal paper titled "On Mitigating Sampling-Induced Accuracy Loss in Traffic Anomaly Detection Systems" has been accepted in the ACM Sigcomm Computer Communication Review (CCR).edu.nust. USA 2010. USA 2010. Princeton University. titled ―What is the Impact of P2P Traffic on Anomaly Detection?" has been accepted Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (RAID) International Symposium. accepted for publication at 44th Conference on Information Sciences & Systems (CISS).ieee. Princeton University.edu.pk http://www. "Distributed video coding for wireless visual sensor networks using low power Huffman coding".13 NUST SEECS IEEE Chapter© Research Research/Tech @ SEECS: Since its humble beginnings. Irfan Ul Haq.pk/ http://ewh. and Syed Ali Khayam. SEECS is the place where the industry and the intelligentsia combine to form a very fruitful success. Unum Sarfraz.edu. Syed Ali Khayam. and Fauzan Mirza. · Hassan Abid and Saad Qaisar. Sajjad Rizvi.org/r10/islamabad/ http://ewh. Core Communications & Networks Laboratory (CoNNekt) journal paper accepted: Three research papers from the CoNNekt lab have been accepted in journals of repute: · Ali Munir and Saad Qaisar.pk 13 | i Voltaic | 2010 . From Electrical Engineering to Information Technology. Semantic Based Research: SEECS along with its project partner DTS have successfully released the first installable version of Semantic based Web Application Firewall (SWAF) in January 2010. accepted for publication at 44th Conference on Information Sciences & Systems (CISS).ieee. SEECS has evolved from NIIT to become one of the country‘s premier educational institutions. "Coded rate control protocol (C-RCP) for lossy channels ". Naurin Rasheed. accepted for publication at 44th Conference on Information Sciences & Systems (CISS). 2010. "Hierarchical MIMO: A Clustering Approach for Ad hoc Wireless Sensor Networks".seecs.ieee. Princeton University. July 2010.nust. USA 2010. · Mehwish Nasim and Saad Qaisar. Sardar Ali.nust. by Sardar Ali. Here are some of the recent research developments that have taken place: WisNet lab’s journal papers accepted: WisNet lab has the honor of publishing its journals regarding RAID (Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection) internationally and it is the only community in South Asia to have done so recently.

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