Sunday, July 18, 2011 Agenda

11:00 – 1:00 12:30 2:30 3:00 4:30 5:30 6:00 Registration HoreshoesTournaments Meal Fish Pond Family Meeting/Prizes and Children’s Games Cake Walk Eat Leftovers Clean up Kristin Stewart, Annette Frey, Trevor Frey, Dave Frey, and Jim Frey See attached list Joanne Frey and Megan Tettemer Bring your own Ron Creitz Jr. Dana Yorgey and Wanda Burke Betty Frey, and Cindy Clowar Jennifer Hoffman Terry Frey Jr., Terry Frey, and Jarred Clowar Aimee West and Angelina West Victoria and Taylor Yorgey Everyone

Kitchen Preparation Food RegistrationRefreshmentsHorseshoesSpecial PrizesChance PrizesDoor PrizesCakewalkFish PondGames (Ages 2-6) Games (Ages 6-11) Clean Up-

Note- Don’t forget to bring something for the cakewalk and a dessert for us all to enjoy. OFFICERS
President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historians Secretary Sharon Kresge Dan Stewart Melanie Banks Melanie Banks Norwood Frey and Pauline Frey Lisa Carvajal

If you have any special events you want recorded in the family history or announced at the reunion, please contact the historians. Sincerely, Sharon Kresge

Ps. Some food items above are still needed, please contact Sharon Kresge at if you are able to contribute.

Frey Reunion Golf Tournament Saturday July 17- 8:00am
SiteFeePrizesVillas Crossing in Mahoning Valley $28.00 per person includes Green Fee and Riding Cart. Register at the Pro Shop prior to reporting to the first tee. Bring your receipt with you. The starter will ask for it. Prizes will be distributed at the Frey Reunion- All prizes are donated and if you have a nice prize feel free to let us know. Sometimes we are able to provide a prize for everyone. If possible arrange your own foursomes. If not, we can place you into a foursome at the first tee but you may have to wait. Foursomes that have their groups organized and ready will tee off first. Dress appropriately. (Collar shirts, no cutoff jeans, etc.), One Mulligan per nine holes, Closest to Pin on Hole No. 8, Longest drive on Hole No. 18, Winter rules- you can bump the ball to improve the lie. Out of bounds or into field- drop a ball and continue-one stroke penalty



Important – Reservations Harold-570-386-3406 or email We need to know how th many will be playing. Please call or email Harold by July 11 .

Food Contribution List
Food Item Macaroni Salad- 5lbs Macaroni Salad- 5 lbs Potato Salad – 10 lbs each Pasta Salad 10lbs Pickle Cabbage ½ Gal Mac and Cheese 12 lbs Ring Bologna- 2 Rings Chips 2 boxes Baked Beans 2 Gal Relish 2 jars Pretzels Box Olives 2 quarts Onions- diced Hamb Buns 9 doz ea Ketchup/Mustard Turkey BBQ 10 lbs Napkins 250 ct Knives, Forks, spoons Brad Frey Steven Frey Food Item Hamburger BBQ 10 lbs Hot Dogs 12 lbs each Cheese 5lb sliced Dana Yorgey Janice Hoffman Donald Frey Lisa Carvajal Helen Frey & Joan Frey (box each) Melanie Banks & Aimee West Joanne Frey Nancy Johnson & Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Jamie Frey Marcy & Julia Narene Frey Betty Frey Betty Frey Cheese Chunk – 4 lbs each Red Beet Eggs 4 Doz Green Salad Pickles – Large Sweet Vegetables and Dip Tomatoes 1 Crate Pickles 1 Gal Dill Pretzels 1 box each Myrtle Creitz Diana Breiner & Brad Frey Wilma Frey Margie Frey Willie Frey Norine Zehner

Carrie Stewart Bonnie Frey Joan Frey, Melanie Banks Lynne Creitz Cindy Clowar Betty Frey Betty Frey Carrie Stewart

Hot Dog Buns 8 doz Hot Dog Buns 8 doz Paper Plates 100 ct Dessert Plates & Bowls Coffee pot & Coffee

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