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SHANGHAI MUNICIPAL. POLICE. Manual of Self-Defence: SHANGHAI MUNICIPAL POLICE Manual of Self-Defence. POLICE MANUAL OF SELF-DEFENCE. amrnopveriox, As a rile, the operation of taking a pritonet into custody in Shanghal does pot present mach difcuty When once 4 Chinese offender Is cornered he generally submits to hit fate and goes guety to the Station. Scmetines, however, he ofere a stot resistance and then becomes the poiceman's dity to overpower him without lou of tine Moscular supericrty wil oust for & geod dea, of courtebut even then, if ated unsklfuly, it may be no cary matter to got the better of an agile o desperate cpponent whois fighting, pomily or Mis Me + i ee of srength, hid efor to do ve ate likely to seul 4 an unéignised struggle in which he -imsell may Hence no member of the Force can raton Thote methods are adopted mainly ce science of Juijiteu and depend for their efcacy on e average man cin bear physica pa in point, beyond which he wll bmi

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