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SCIENTIFIC SELF-DEFENC by W. E. FAIRBAIRN ‘Superintendent, Shanghai Muniespad ‘Sto Degiee Slack Belt of Rodokar Iuicitsu Cniversity, Tokyo, Japan ‘THe AUTHOR, WETH PROFESSOR OKADA Hts, Second Papil of the kaos tusirastor)s shangla, Chingy 1998 ‘The Official Text Book for the Shanghat ‘Municipal Police and Hongkong Polieg D, APPLETON-CENTURY COMPANY LONDON NEW YORK PREFACE do not know of ans: more interesting hook to study than Self-Defence, W. E. Fairbaitn, the author, has a most extensive knowledge of thisart. L was forced to cone to this conch attempted to grapple with hitn, ‘Twenty-three yoars of with the Stianghal Police Foree has given him an experi he eonld not get in any other city of the world Im the exrly days of the cattle country, the six-sheoter means of leveling all men to the same size. Now that the, the six-shoter is prohibited, every ane should have seine ki of the art of self-defence in cases of emergeney. take great pleasure in commending this work to every particularly those who have not had the good fortune to ‘with great phyrsleal strength, ud commis, Uy D.APELRTOS AND. COMPANY Dovouas Pan