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EDITOR: Ian Livingstone ASSISTANT EDITOR: Jamie Thomson PRODUCTION EDITOR: Albie Fiore ART EDITOR: Mary Common PASTE-UP ARTIST: Brian Cumming COVER: Chris Achilleos ILLUSTRATION: lain McCaig, Gary Chalk, TYPESEmNG: Sushma Solanki PUBLISHER: Games Workshop Ltd,

The Watchers

of Walberswick

Jon Sutherland


Gary Mayes

A Call ofCthulhu adventurethatfirst appeared in W050, involving a small English fishing village and the ravages of some Deep Ones, in the tradition of Lovecraft's Shadow over Innsmouth.

27/29 Sunbeam Rd, London NW10 6JP. Printed in England

ssues White Dwarfgo out of of print fast these days. That's why we decided to present the Best of White Dwarf Scenarios //I for our more recent readers. Of course, we knew we had to publish the whole of Irilian, the complete AD&D city, because of its popularity and requests by readers to have it all in one volume. Printing Irilian in one volume did cause some problems, however. It's so extensive we were unable to get more than four other scenarios alongside it, despite an increase offourteen pages on the last Best of Scenarios. There are so many other excellent scenarios we would've liked to have put in - but that's why the Best of Scenarios IVwon't be far away, with all those other quality White Dwarf scenarios we had to pass over this time round. Anyway, enough talk, here they are, a selection of the best scenarios from the forefront of the British RPG hobby, White Dwarf magazine.


The Eagle Hunt

Marcus L Rowland


An AD&D scenario from WD40. Somebody has raided the king's armoury and stolen an ancient and powerful artifact. The king's men sentto recover it have disappeared. Can the players retrieve the artifact, find the men, and find out what is going on?


Daniel Collerton


IriJian is a complete AD&D city that was serialized over six issues of White Dwarf(42-47) and is more than 30 pages long, packed with all the information you need to know about the city, including historical background, guilds, NPCs, shops, gods, temples, militia, courts etc. It is presented in the form of an adventure, the Rising of the Dark, involving the players in a desperate struggle against ancient elemental forces of evil.

Rumble at the Tin Inn

Michael Cule


This complete pull-out RuneQuestbar-room brawl appeared in WD33. It has a full map ofthe Tin Inn and cut-out counters representing the characters, tables, chairs etc.The players each take the partofa customer and are given certain objectives to fulfil. The resulting mayhem makes an exciting free-for-all!

The Snowbird


Andy Slack


A Travelleradventurefrom WD41. The players are members of the Covert Survey Bureau, an Intelligence branch ofthe Scouts. Their mission: find a missing Explorer class scout ship, the Snowbird. But things aren't as simple as that. As the players progress they uncover a web of intrigue and double-cross.

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A Call oC'Cthnlhn Adventure for Inexpe:rienced tOI IDtel'medi.3'~e lD' estig,s't,o,rs, _ft .in El1.gland.~'J4. by j,nn, Su,thedand
The bont il~~H is the

inVe!i.]~.tC!r~· hl'fo:.rwn,a~iCi!ll he phlyen are .. n ,al\~t:ilille'j, g'[ ~11• F:I!o!Jt{lf,d Archlled,lngkal Research S''Oc1Ct fhllru:cli rth HAllS. The StlCie'lv ~;.; been in l;!;\isl~l1u) fll~ ~~m,e ri\'e yean; and .11m;; ~lId ;,i&nul 'iii. 'e~s 0.11I~ h ry eoast, Mcxu:oandT[lrl'~, The 1It\'~SII~ •. IMs IIm,holPmg Iu oocolile fu 1I 'lIi(;lm bers ~lI'Id obt. In t"lal::es on 1:1:. L" Suclt'll' !ii, b igguS·t ,~;tI:pt:!llitii1.nli1I,daM:;!l1'! Ct!lrond~d ",isil h~' P~n.ll, The f.lllytm; m:e,~l1kcd lOilUemh:llbnd'ngIJlllleS~I~tyloull~e byJ A 0 ArcylliJA (,~lons)l, l'h~ lIIr-il.1irung.Prnfessm Oliver Wi::Jij',bi.l1ld 13(1.3.:I-II:d tn 'tnt: Departrn nt nf AfclHleulo~jI' :ml1lAnIIH'Q~olu~y.l..ofijwrlfl Uni\'~r!ilil)' L OJ RS me-Illber, WDS [("VC'l;i11 IlIuklfll£ [or f1! cQmrn:rl;!l,ble oouag~ IQ sli'lfH11Niii)' Ii hi 1!S't I"}' ing a'i tile C ach and Homes. Wa Iberswic k • ,t4J. ~ he vtsiled II much Fmgou.ell local mascum in ~Il:evillage, i'\il'lon.!!M the ~11:1'~dlmen.ti::L \C~hln: r3lnnil1i~(l~'lmfliDLLi'l'lilY,,~ small, lnll tl'l'lpri!'iS. J si\le~Qllt:cli~~lfi bJfJlJ(:ks nnd rmfOi~~C:IliJJ;!;hlIi!Ds auentien. He' waspartl~Yllll1y,jrl!dgued h)l'D bone, which appeared t~,h (rulill ~{lml'! I;: reaIllire's leg, B,aill.cd Illllci EJ[]JiH.l'cd, he' could not readil idi?l1Jlif Ihc bone, S~ayhlg finly Olver tile we kend at tli.!? .... lIl:I~c .be 'Imd 11100Hm: l t to e!lqll>l~ as to the SUrppDSl:U ni:lWon; or the bone. he cwamr WI] sumctlhin:!!.ohlll fi'm1~i ...c {ltd IlIJ who~ould not orwouldnut lilSllisl ~itn sn the P:r'Ofus§lor wtliu.!d Uk!.: the hgrmi:1 Qn".e;5ti~l1t£d. V'An;} believes 'ihilt. i! i~probOlhly !'Iolh iDg special aml ][1 ilks o pin i 01'1 !l'ho<l]d

~.c~u~r,~' :Lnfioll'n11r1:iion

n.ea_ ·I.!;.Suece ...~flli L1~l~ 'li"'l: wnrk \tilll lid llll! 1!1'i1,"'~tig:nlltlo the dis wer}' ofa lair ol Deep One. in the IfIfOoo!>!; ul" absndonment, -I~edentl.l n nd_~U~T ,cque n t WlI11Jl'C.rl ',d I~f-~ ' \5lil'l1_i f he nw ner \11' G rea t rlmgk Ira,t:m• I n Iat'! UrJl~~ pOne. ,~~h"fhts 1'I100he.r !mtl been carried owru~ h~' 11H~m breed i~lJilJlurp{_'5t s, ea liSle J <lOW ward pro bt'or ~ lams fC'lr the settlement, Sinlllil'l Fr:anklin ((II.:'l!ltlL<;ed) 1uHl owned land neur Wal,bers"" iCl:.lllH:I hau lef! it untouched ill order 'In prl!'\fcnl illl}l buildillig near the Old 1 nwn lar!lhgs_ Throllgh Lhis r{mh: th..: I eep OI'iJ::ilc1:r.ditirmaU gained IIft'!:SS to the [I\IIn • ltd ihdl'll1"hil rn~_ SOlRe thirtvye:arsn!J.O', the Deep OI'leS home bnd S'Uffeve<l tJIIIllllforhlliah~

r )r~l!cgL'lf i:I Decp nco j,'IlU n (IIh}, Rcgimll'u Krcigh, now quite mad lIfter ~1,"'!!l encounters with tll~ arcremen-

bank of the

m;;~.defll, \Ii,'~en /,i.I'[<;hillg

f_!!!",,'ler I1IJl n'gruumJ on the ~um.l ::m(l,fI.1,ptJured tOi: n:m:1"or rhcrr C8Ve~ _ he under-

jud,ged for tl:mimmri.L" ill thi~ I:Imllh5l1 II "~~Llt I:nm::lLJS,ifl!l~ '~m:ll!' will wcJl when ~liic &i;;Iecuoll pare I !'Ilce"ts 10 decbdc lhtt rcruvm Ii tnp, .

not take more thalli a cUklph~ ui d lI)'S 10 sort out. He Wivesthe group train timct .... bles, u d savs tJI<iI, III' '1iI.;!!\I;:!' been b oked lnlbc CoaCih "."II Ilor es. He i-eminds the g.roup I.hlll di '}' ure being

thre tening the ~

!!cll'Illlnd ~ystem WlIS ~.Hhut ~LI,hlJl,t.:r~din \I,'.Tlt"r_ W~il"'l rrp.uiring, ]~CggH:, some nends 5hunbJ'ed ~fl()n:1boat ~liIg lIsc{1 by ill1U1 h.wklmfllldfuurDeepOm!5 Reggu:;j!'iI wllywnha OLlI1!e e had h IJSm::lte lighl uf[a Deep One, a1nflilClflllylhe bone appearedin tile mu~c!.lm.lor~~(CIJlHlld mow UllimruutllnL.J-\ul1U.l:iitlpi was IIImu'e to ~;k'lt~ Reggie', r&l!l'iflg~. hm.LJ hllml~e~ ilIlH;.~n~:11 reaHy Fi tlm~'I1_ Then the Frnnldilri'Sp]uts were pU[lchflscd b~' the Cmmt)' COlll1:c;,L
I:l)'ort~l~ grol!llp. Hence lin: decislon h"ulb


Pl;ipi.Jl.lllt~11 qf WlllhersVrick~ .1,511 Ilpprox, AU brullditlg, Me If 1~lpic'al 'period des 1,~n~rnostl J 'si m;rilc strueturcs; oJ hel ween In-B~11 years. old .• . 1. S1i:md'UlilJ5l!'~~IIJ&tIilm. .Ii rJ!,e I bee l'}' ~,uil(~in~wi'll1 ctlln1l~~ ttl to reur nnd e~ISLThe yard is hltcn:d \\1llh (lId rtlst~' pll1uglu and suchlike. nothing or IIny note. Till:" museum i !t1i:k;e(l and li!Wl1}'!. l'O!;lM dosed, B}I di'ign1g I hell , MJ£ e roline Eecles. the curator, ~11 bnasquely dt tine !lila er's business, I,,,,? iH k:'t llu;m 1111 a lid lio;;c w Hr]'!~a.r into lIn'tlq:II:i\,IiIl: fOnm H:IIlO.llll1tlll1 'til knock when ini5l1lcJ. S~e will suy S:~lCis ren '~usy bJ nell'. A teall'HIS look ulllill! c:thibu~ WiU It tid till!: pl;f),,[;!,F),; ~n the !i/el!)lJm} flml:rwlilerr LIl.~ Wlt~ nllw the



species. Al1llther s.uc(:m;~fiDl rut~ wi~,1 n;\'CII~ l,h_rHthe Cfl:i.ltUrc was ~tlb(iJI~ ~ It feet t iilJL C~m~];'(";3 mw.,aHiril I~tll!mHg H Mall};I ~ili~I l l _ i [ m m[Jn tI.I)' ~L:'~t~ "'" It~ I1lit':!:")~.~'Q~ ami C'hemi '.tn,' s.kill~ wii[ Ll.ldurk lh:H 'Ihe- crelilllr~ died ap'pmx.llll:1l1tdy 4(1 'Ilfs 'lgI"l. If the hook t1t:]"! nm. l'II IS, ,rie'~{] [hen <I librnr II • r III i !C'I!,!ir7 lJ lind.

l"'o&!<jls nd Rock, section, 1UKIIi1c bune ense \Viill severul olher u itcrnsut nomtere 1.A ~.rds:a!t's itw~srr£'S.Cntcdl'{1I~i:l flt1u!.t'lim ~~} ulonel C H GSvimnn. uIJI!t'1I91h Deeembe, ,1~22.Miss hCQlc!owl1I ,1110.... :J closer inspecri 1\ nofme hone if pressed and a ;;ucressful P:alal:ofllu:lil..lg)' roll will, nmJit'Uhl t.hm Lbi:-> ie., imlt!l1'u [I't'lm 11 I, knnwn

S.lma~li'tIri GaZf'lft'. Duted.lIlH'!~5(h. liS92,l RAWL"RRU '5 AGRO ND ON FR RE' BANK_ Sm~111 Fi~IJing~~~.:I ~tL4cl. .H1 Mlfld hnil1k. I IarD"lr' Crir,tlJ1'; lhe. t''UpliJ ~n SUlltlij n~J w.l~w IQ:I'I Ieg. Til re ~ ship~ fl'O!rI Southwo1J m'l"licd III 'lOw ~~t!1 ,.Iety nf the R~i\lrr hI B.liJ'tll Om: 'I"r II~e I:it:i,:~' whi! ~!lH~ \\''!I(j:~h tile dHl£: ~1JJ.1L.:I hi:ll h i~ on ::It . 'HtCi'ltitm Wg~ ,I,;;:lught hy Imge fisJm hC'lJulng l('1Wllni land_ StWlh'(J1J Gttzi?tll!_Dah:d: July 2mJ I' lJi. 'ISI nNG TRIPP ItS ATfA 'KED BY UNK.c"lO\VN SSAILAt>.J'TS. nleSllllC1' LUSJI] 'lII'ul,I'el wic.k regl~hned l footer ml'ncd h) Lnw~ Ullill YiUJ, ~.nd c:h;!rl!l:.mci b)' 4 Sl:!Imll'.'m'ld r:nt'Ui1t~ WIIS alh:glo:dI.)' auackil'd b!i' tt"plih:i>1 .)ffFr.;rcs BEJnl, yt::i.h:rd-li~i, Three arc 11il~~~1I'1g_ !ju.i'l'lv~Jr. f';,,1'r A Rl.:giil1ald KiI't.:i~l1 Stlhlll1wnhl fteing qUCllllilJnI:~1 b}' Ih~ P.IIJ~-:e_ 2. SI ~lllll'y's CliuM and Vk:um!l.~. 'allier Rnll;'l nd ]:> r,1Ehcr r:lit um:l pOmpOIl hut hh; It!:tlrt ib' il1l 1111.: right rlHce _ H I,ll k up hi.. ,." rtln lR!: !,liI.:ath nj''[I,e o.g~d ,.nllcr Chamb.~r~. bm:k i!'l 1921. HeC'm1flfJ~f ,10 re-a I D:!\SI .t lIl1CC. ~lI"C 'I ta t1' dij ElI)' 'LIf 't b e ~Flte fn Lhe r,. A n ,L:1l1 1,~1II" uJ)' 4Lt.. ~8t1Z n:"u:;I'"; 'ReghtaltJ K!I'!;!igiL pOIriihlumu uf~,l LIrJ,~";;, SQ'Uilil& ~~oIJ,~'i,~hiiltl.Jille today In,asl:U·,.:" or~llgh IIr:1Jod.:,> II,~ c1rmncd n1uny Incr~d,hl ~ tlHn~~. mdudi nf:! ~hI: ell! ". iHIt!~t3f«].l~Jl'ktl cr ":.J l!.Jfe~ Llf'lh,,; sailli h Ilks I1IC<lrlhl! nVl:'r BI,tlu:. I-k t:tiHfl'Ied 10 have hn.J [l h:nifying ~IIC01Hllirr witl1lhcS<i:' ·cn:alllrl!s, '.Jgaill :! daYl< b!:'Uvrl." illlJ \HL~ so. rri£hTl:rI~J Lhot,he' 11U~nClt spoken to a Ii"'illit <:<l_(O1. Ilu~h!!\I'~ Ihe.·~(lr man m b~oqll .. lI1a(~j-l"llhuY,c' enc:omag~C1 him U:rwe'k n!: m I?dnr ...1 a~ w&11 ~Jl;!lpll'llllra ~III ~Istlln.re, 3. Coof1:h lind li~IiSe'l Publk '1iI1i'Ul\1:, Thc' PnJprlC'lm, Mr M~bri'Jr. IS fri",ndly t!'ltOuah. 'fhi: 'ini"lc~t'ig~tl'l'\. h<!v~C(lmf(IJn::JJN{'rlJflln~ nn 'Ih~ 2nd 110m y,'biC'n. me splHsle flll'l"'fllBhC'd lmt udequll.tll. TIii(';' can Ililwill !.;11Hkl.:d llIt:clls !1f]d nul of nOIln. drink readily ie s[arr C nr;i.,t I3flli~ Wife M;lrgaret. a part ILl'll!: bar flllm lind IW(:illl'1I1 women \'/!1O o.C'l D!!i rook imd c'hurnb!:!: lnald,






_" m" t IhcIllllf"lrm"~·lllollli~ ~"gld:n:'!>I1J.l.U":i:I A t'ru;~lJl hj,.,,,k I1Jln~~11 Im"d,,~ ":l1m" 11 I.~:ull 111> Tlll-i.l;.1>', ~r.i., 'ml~ d.1I1 i~P Hnhill'" p ~H IBlllhll~ ml IHIIII'flC! 1 I 11.: 11I~~ ~\~r~ qhllll.ll ~,' ,ti,e I"" lk ,. ~1l1• "'''~h 11- ."1 ~ 1 k n 11'" n!;l m!" in.., him 1L le '... .n 111~~ o! I~I, ..~I.; .Ii • 1 ~ '111~ 1111;- ,'I!d I[r~ r r~~.~ld I J;ll!\..rci J~-,Irllfl oInLJ di~'ITddt, hili. S~h1~~, '\IJ~U ... I iIN-.I_ I


I\rh. I IH

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l1F11111Ji 'cnllm"'l

11'"1.,·' .J~nl~ 111 .,.lnh ....~IJ fS!. Ulhu.uhl ... t f!'Illloe 1l"~~'iJ IIII~ III h'j:' ;, Si I'i.~ih,,~UI~1'"Illifi~""9IU'~~'rinl ~h6,'IJ f\ ~r F;JI'Tldl Hiahtoor Lind Gwnrr .I!'L"J'\' HI ht f11) t~,J r il d II' IlIml ;'j II~t II ~ I [h, t"u; l h'iou1.: ~ er hh I"'IPL:l r 1'C)I"'II~rh 1 11" SUl.lIIi IIIlJld ULl"l~TIC:), Sc e S Iu 111:-11l!Jo.c' L fi,lu .'umlilllr, ..,llhllll,II,lutll!'f ..II~h'lUl'tll"1.&_1.: : Jl!iII.lI~!"Jrl'Tf)11 • UMltl1 r ~"'I!lIij!u!1'}. B.m~ nnil' Ulrf I"' 111.1: nnel r 1l'1h enred ! Ih ~r I,;!lu III'rrIIH~ I Itlll' II1~ ~L~l~K \\ ",I wl~~ 1111:1\ '\';'~~ ., ~n ~11'II"!lh [ In ~1il(l('1 fiLl l,q}~'J:1LnH ..., U Lol cd to Ih~ ~{ll'm"'I~ Ill.lU
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b.c In1.1emnre Iluin n nll~N,I"C~' '" n~f1 ~d 1·1t: w,~~(!n r'l'l~llm~ h t II Bf~ll Il'r """i1C1~~l h~ ~u! I, I~ t f,;J'IIlJ:'t I!IUJ ~~in 11,1 HII"Iipr lC'!it)i! L • W.AI ~ 'Fi'h'IIn 'T:I[ flih',iii!l~ 1B:n i' IlcllfT!:' P'_:~N I ~~.!.l. nw,," IlIie hll'l.rt. .... ),lIul ~.1U h:J ill I .- '~ln.J11 1I1kl t,r~ 1111: !tl,~' I\I~[11 I~l ,(lp!:"'tnm r ~ Il i':Ilm~hil~kk 1I11..11Fbul Llb\ll1U<,17I [;U~J.:t!~lul; !!I!Ii ~I."f} p.:rJJ1l1'1FWIIll'l
111m IH' Hillip 1"~ ....:lo rU!l!; i Illh r.~~11 I 011 ij '1l..Ii i-.;ll,! Ii Ul1hwa'i Ifr!l!!rI. 'one of d "tlkh '''''..~ Ii 1\'t'1~1~ liheH'~~,['I Wl,'llt 'i~m~lnB'~\liIL'L! rm Ill.! 'Ilu ~~~r been rii!ll.md nor of ~J~ pi!Oplt: 011 [Ml!il1d. e:N:Ge'p[ ~ Krel,flb.t>
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...nm: ~l:Ilrl"'t ~~IIN ill!" u'rU~rh" ill.ll b!C'cJ1I ~pUfucJ b~ Ih~( nlrm ~~, R f\frlr:~l 'Nllll1lo;'fljll'O io,ilTlril;" r.ll' 1'I~ITi(Jr d!iil'll",nL" AJ'<O wl'n:,uJint:'tl ! r~ ~I,; 1 n I~ "I .... lIS.," cum 111111 ul r JI~ f1. hI ihe u,,,, r~'IMITIIl b,)l1 uTli. I 1J1l11l!'~r u I j' In. h I 'I<!f,,~ ~,1: I~ l'ic.1 Pi l1~iL"'1 ~ !!I1l~ ~li ... I\llmFlnrn 11nil J ~~llllr'I~~-d ~tJ ~lh i'I Iii <111.:111 111 1 Jl'h~ "jlh"t~Ur:~ .. .1.J.:!;jLlcJ hI."~ngM

IHr'oIJllL"o;. 1.1 df1t.i! III 11!~ !Il mmhcr h,lL~ Lh~. flI"""lm:d

111~~J:,,11i" w. run h~ I1l1nUlh'l~ ~ W n~tl"1id '[;;uflllIft FrnnkUn ,,_~,ero;o;;rull~ ~lIr!llLI rI IH" L.; III1111 :'I~ ,I II In~ Itl'" srm It,1"


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I.,'",,,IIK! Llllrllo III~I~ hh.: 1 ·~t...d hUll'll II~j 1:~I:l~ , 11.1 1bnfoc. tm.d f'iTh-t TII~ wi'll ~ru,i:ucio:hurt to:mw I..

[),.;iJllh !:ri1Il;.lt~ died natural C::Ii:L>OJ:'" ".lIb 11 '~~nb j, 1, ~2:! ll!~ IIWd!l~....I! jlUa.! ih.n S~jl~11ii ....I.lllJ: ~m I.~r II I j t. rent ~:ihi'l~c ~ arm nnd ~!:'~ ernl nCl~ able ho 1 use.. tIf ruJ 'I11'esI [J lh It' Qn:;:J

~~ Jh 1I1~~iJ L l}r'Jld )I',mn

Tile S.'l~"'·J.(l~~I~o.)k~d


8. Matthew Steddon House. Matthew Steddon is Reggie's nephew. He thinks his uncle is raving mad, but looks after him as best as he can. Matt is unemrloyed and he will be at home most of the time making nets to sel to Lows. He will tell the investigators to leave his uncle alone. A Fast Talk and assurance that no harm is meant to Reggie will induce him to tell the players where Reggie lives. He prefers not to believe Reggie's story. 9. Mrs Kebbels Shop. In the midst of boring trivial gossip Mrs Kebbel will tell the following: 1. Reginald Kreigh (Reggie) lives in Walberswick. 2. Colonel Swann's son acquired several acres of land near the village, all of which has been compulsorily purchased by the County Council since. 3. Reggie often sleeps near the beach. 4. Strange creatures are thought to stalk Old Town marshes. 5. Sometimes eerie lights are seen out to sea near Freres Bank. 10. Reggie's House. Small house within easy walking distance of the sea. Reggie will be there 60% of the time during the day, and 20% of the time in the evening or at night. Otherwise he will be aimlessly wandering the beach or the outskirts of the marshes near the sea. The house itself is unremarkable. See Reggie's Story and his stats for further details. 11. Steve Franks House. He lives directly opp'?site Reggie and 80% of the time will be in his front garden. He will tell Reggie's callers whether he is at home or not. He knows nothing and is little but an interfering busybody. He will attempt to follow the investigators should they go anywhere on foot from Reggie's. Stubborn and stupid, he will attempt to conceal himself in the most obvious way. He should be used for annoyance value. 12. Great Dingle Farm. Accessible through a footpath from Hoist Covert or by road leading up East Hill and then by track to the farm, It is deserted and overgrown except for an old and ugly man who will appear from one of the outbuildings. He will approach the investi~ators. There is a strong fishy smell about him and he will keep his face downwards revealing the scabrous marks on his neck. Anyone getting a view of his face will have to save versus sanity or lose Id6 SAN. He is suffering from advanced stages of Deep One transition. His name is John Leigh and was one of the members of Reggie's crew from the ill-fated trip of 1892. If Reggie is present he will recognise John and automatically lose Id20 SAN. Leigh will fight if attacked but will not harm Reggie; if trapped he will attempt to get to Dingle Hill and then into the marshes where he will lose the investigators by swimming away down the Dunwich River. Being almost all Deep One he can out swim anyone but the strongest. If captured, a successful Fast Talk will make him reveal the following: 1. That he is related to Colonel Swann's wife's family. His wife was, in fact, a Deep One. 2. He was the one who attempted to talk to Reggie but is too frightened to go into Walberswick. 3. The Deep Ones below Freres bank are in the process of uprooting and leaving, and if sufficiently convinced he will take the investigators into the caverns to prove they aren't malevolent. Reggie's Tale (to be read to investigators). 'Johnny Leigh, Bob and Ian Carter and Meselfhired the Saucy Lass from Lows for a weekend fishing. I remember we'd been out for a whole day and caught nought but a few tiddlers when Bob suggested we try the approaches to the Blyth. We could see the lights on the pier and the jetty alright, but I saw a light further upshore. It was near Freres Bank) where only a month before a trawler had run aground, so we thought we'd have a look and see if anyone was in trouble. As we got closer we could make out a small boat anchored right on the bank with four or five shrouded figures onboard. Johnny shouted but they didn't even look up. As we got closer we could hear a strange murmuring, and when we pulled alongside they looked up at us ... it was horrible - one of them was human, the others ... well, like fish they were, all scaley with white bellies. Then two of them sprang overboard and disappeared. I was gripped with fear and screamed in terror, lost my footing and fell into the water. I splashed about a bit and then one of the things was swimming real fast towards me. I turned and swam onto the bank, and stood up to run. Then it reared up and I ran but fell through a hole I hadn't seen. I fell about ten feet into a clammy, cold and damp cavern. On the floor was all bones and things scattered about. Above me I could hear scrambling and one of the things jumped down after me. I picked up some bone and swung at it as it was getting up. I bolted down the passage behind me - I didn't dare look to see what it was doing, I just ran and ran. Soon I couldn't run any more and, it fell really silent. I stood up and kept walking along the passage until I could see a light along the passage in front of me and smell fresh air. I came out of a crack in a rock near the beach by the Dunwich river in the marshes. Looking out to sea, I could still see the little boat making for the pier. It looked like only one person

was in it, there was no sign of our boat, nor my friends. Too frightened and exhausted to do anything, I fell asleep. When I woke up I ran into town straight to the police who just didn't believe me. So I went to see Father Chambers but he just humoured me. I felt I was going mad - all that torment and frustration. Why didn't anyone believe me? And that's not all- coming home from the pub some four months later this thing loomed out of the darkness at me ... it was Johnny, all scaly. I ran off into the marshes pretty sharpish, I can tell you. I did not go home for several days after that ., I just lay near the hole in the rock just waiting. Eventually, a policeman came and took me off to see Old Man Winstanley. Him and his friend from Southwold asked me a lot of questions until they signed this paper saying I was mad. They packed me off to the Bulchamp asylum. I got out in 94. I still watch for them, you know, and sometimes I see a light out near the bank, but I'm not sure. Anyway no-one believes me.' Keepers' Guide Reggie should be hard to find, at first. There should be a 25% chance that any inhabitants will refer to Reggie. The Deep Ones' caverns are in the process ofbein~ abandoned, since the impending building of houses on the Frankhn land. The population has not grown amongst the Deep Ones to any extent. At anytime there may be 2-10 creatures in the caverns. Dagon (the God of the Deep Ones) has decreed that they withdraw from the area; they have been tardy and for each day, after the first two there is a 15% chance it may be deserted for good, rising to a 60% chance after 10 days. They have stolen the pump from the Saucy Lass to keep the caverns relatively dry, the rernams of the rest of the ship can be found as timber supports holding up the cave roof in the rickety places. If the investigators go into the caverns with a view to destroying or defiling the caverns, the Deep Ones will fight back - otherwise the Deep Ones will just try to escape, as they feel outnumbered. Concluding the Scenario The investigators should succeed if they can obtain positive proof of the nature of the bone. This could mean the capture, dead or alive, of a Deep One, or perhaps a photograph. If the investi~ators go too far up a blind alley then a direct mention that R Kreigh and Reggie are one and the same will help. It should be noted that the village is close knit and protective, even extending its hand to the outcast Reggie ifhe is roughly treated in any way. IdlO villagers of unremarkable stats should come to his aid if applicable. In any event the policeman would not look kindly on outsiders interferring in his quiet little village.
Name Caroline Eccles FatherRoland MrMcBriar PCBertram MrFarrell Dr Winstanley Peter Low MattSteddon Mrs Kebbel Steve Franks Reggie Kreigh Deep Ones John Leigh Deep One 1 DeepOne2 DeepOne3 DeepOne4 Deep One 5 DeepOne6 Deep One 7 Deep One 8 Deep One 9 Deep One 10 STR 8 10 12 14 9 10 14 15 7 13 11 STR 16 11 15 10 18 20 15 16 14 19 9 CON 9 9 14 11 10 12 11 12 10 11 12 CON 12 9 9 11 14 11 9 12 8 8 11 SIZ 9 14 12 15 8 11 10 12 11 10 13 SIZ 14 12 14 13 18 16 14 21 11 20 12 STATS INT POW 14 12 13 9 12 14 10 11 11 12 14 12 9 10 7 15 10 8 5 12 9 10 INT 11 11 12 10 11 8 12 9 10 8 4 POW 8 11 7 9 10 8 7 11 8 9 13 DEX 8 13 11 6 10 14 13 9 7 9 12 CHA 7 11 12 8 10 12 9 11 9 8 13 SAN EDU 60 15 55 13 71 10 50 9 48 12 65 16 52 8 55 7 62 10 45 8 25 9 HP 10 13 13 15 9 14 12 14 8 15 12 AGE 64 38 42 32 51 28 35 26 81 49 58 DAM 2d6 2d6 2d6 2d6 2d6 2d6 2d6 2d6 2d6 2d6 2d6

DEX 8 11 8 9 10 11 8 11 13 9 11

HP CLAW ATT 13 30% 15 35% 12 25% 11 30% 11 55% 14 25% 15 40% 17 30% 10 25% 12 30% 14 35%

Final Note The investigators should be urged not to use firearms, if possible not carry them, bearing in mind the operation on which they are engaged is seemingly a peaceful one, and that the availability of guns should be restricted and indeed frowned upon by the authorities. An alternative for more experienced investigators could be to make nearly all the inhabitants in various stages of becoming Deep Ones, and thus all potentially hostile and unco-operative to any of the investigators endeavours.D.

An AD&D Scenario for 1st-3rd Level Characters of all Classes by Marcus Rowland

- --J

THE iEAGLf HU.NT .hell. dqlJ1.1Im.·'>rs:.. He MU~d OVl'e I~nhe tr,ltes' ~()II~!:!!I,.



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:Da-19~~i"+2. B:r:IIt~rrs AC4. If J:III:I !ls'!!1ol'led h,e, will re ~i""t::s'vHsit1l'l1g tlm'E! '<I ilV they '~Imd. ~ru:l heO!ir~n.g';;I len of' no:i$~'fr!}, . shi(:I~lty)!ift' ,iIlIeitilvem{;:onshm~of EI l=l!JbJic~~~ wl" l:!io~(I·!J.2nj:I:at,FOAS."3~ ~i'(¥g~\<\~i1 !fI'IQfIJ!l,lnt, Ii sro~ffl room 1[2~ pri·
W:0JiI5 Wi.111 ilnc~u die '11~2'.<Ii~'$as~,]fls ·of1Lv~'l.0;3'!ll iljlny Ull.~ P~!1;¥'!lht\ei!l .. i'lg~j)e.t1Il thiar:!lt, h'iillElm m~ ru:hntll n is ""WWi~Y51 r1'es.s:, . ulwil[l~ry t.[IIllre¥enl <m¥ 'vi:[I". I'enc~ iln his, tJ'!\I'e:m. 'If'l1li:lditie!l1 to the eqll vp,mett'lt Ir5te<! I1!bove he 1oi.ee'psB!'pjiIJk.axe hanC:l~e ,alntil ill bottle:, hold~n9, three. doses, of steepi1ng [potion. IJl'u:lenh,e bar.
V~!~iI1O;Qms: (22 & ~3) 'II nd'a w~nlil'd ya rdl (2,4~., Thejjl;l {.lO i1i :3'[1";" chan@ellh,nUHIUlVi1lfln'S pal·

lifl'e stBlir!tnlillltillil'ld~s,siJP,iPJ!lS~d'to Idllln~Vi.!)dr ers; but ~s, ct~,i3J~ly-bm!ld fuI,y~hif> ~o'b<!nd his a lowwlil~es fhie'p.I1~Y IhiiiS.,II.B pJrSI!1lli. f.!1"lf,e.ii!Il~r .. g to be i:mbed • if Im,,,, IIlotl(:Oi,lc (;it 1!lIO!J$t l <!l9~p Ih~ .... gs 'will irllTl'llU:cih:lroil'ly I.~a\l~,




O'Iih.e:r clilEiits, . _ !!i"'~I",e5oa m_1li11:1 t~ nee ofjts" walls, T:h~ QfI'Sk . 1' dl'aw,er:SllJ~ IO~€Id. If opl!nlllfi'all"ld :~il'.aln:;lh~ii!I ~h6 collll)Ej!l'1Its wUil'Iti~JI)ti:!~'dI t,!"I;;)~;, ,an'5S1Sol'l:mtBn,1 afstatioll'l\'!ll!Yt p~'l'iIse~lil"iOll ~11.ii\i Ft 'l1lif iI!1l:ie'l'1Itspilrnsatttill tw.og~a~I;;~. i! ~i'IV m,.p. l!hr;~!l1i1'lrowifi:g ~nr'ii'\e~ l[ane~IIPiped untnerthe, d~s~ tnpl'. ;a, I'!llve~ e:fi!tiUed NffJil't,~f.lfl. !fl,,sacCi!,Jlll,,~ magnilvinill 'gial~$",<!ndlal j;J1j:ie' and PQulllmof w~u,!d. . ' . The~e i:$·areid lille tlr~wllt on li1le!' p ilIifO~l'1d5~ Ib~oGks oHh e liJ\e~k' ~'~e!ms ir!~nfl desk 'lire' f IO~ !:l<iiQ\l'li .se<!liicihed IC'llni!'IoiI~ht '56'1:itlet.dl"~win iI be'
~5gIl;Il'l'fd h~lfadip;l!el'l 'elich)'. fllll~ CtlP~lB1rds :a,l1Id lSi fl. ves lIKI'U'l'1Id '~. Il: room ,oon~!lil'llll [1Ir:g~ Mmlool' of hooks 1~1I'Sp.&ilitl~'llIi'l! .about lawlIrtdl fO!Jliill'll ..

Thl! SiYUd .H'Q.co~~h.~ th~ ot bu i Idlng5- the ,Jdlly T:a,r, tli'IiEl Menna ild CIn,E!!I1.c IeI)' a nd L~ill[Ide~ Se~~lFitv $,toll'age plus nreiu; vards ,i3l'lcl,out,. blJ~l~in;~ ~Ilnd lUnGe; 'IilC hJlllI'llel,s, illld,
~tSUllllly l-arne 'S,II\,lU th~ glJiid uses 'lim Is,bas:~ to 'Ilraifl I'lIWo' 1'II1I0mDer$,. ilS:BJs't1l9iI'l9 ~st for :lssas:si!1s 11"I1r.aI!'lIS~t. : lao ~:nhler0o.lJfluies~lImll to Ii1'DUS~~H'I~ ofthlill r

(liuild I'IfladqlJlllfll)If$

I~t$e!!' m~j)l3;~



29,. Ollrieil! Sllt!l~\ DhAdll3 'Imill twp',suction$ by I'1It~l' the (j,Ul!;Ir !pan luling Li I"!~'ulrnished 1Bl'ild ti'l'i:I;~n nllirtiu~d with$lhelv.as: holding ."31 V'."3'~il3t1{ Gh~j);s' .&lq~!>.afll;lll;i;gi.!iI'lr:I'!!ElJ]I~ ~f Th~ro IS~ raclkl!lf tiail]ilQQfi!~ in the niTldJJifi' of th,a Il'Iorthi ' Ol;!!rin,g ~he diJY '!Ju~'re tomers in Uf~ ~hoji:J; agel(, Lvl4
til hiQlh. calli




w 1·4 rQun,oIiSh ~Sll~,esClerks,'., I!;I,iI1asssfSsiflls:l..!iIFlP', l'eatiler'Ojrmmir. ,Ae'.s 5, ,6; 3 d'agi!il,erS, flatch.At i'i!lgIU,thh; sem'rQl11 is eml'lticcd ll!I'Hf ~h reewa" ,tWgl~h(lm~ arelockcd'i!i'!.


fociG_ ami

llc®c:Ul'ltan~~" many ~1I~s.a:l1d a ,~~b~run air




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ed in (iliI1il' wo!l!u:irlJlile. I! WElII'I:il'e cPSh.lm~s 'cf
U. BlUlwolmi.

"",lg~ i~ aii;o,tber,.afil~ l'Ioffi1lHl tkJtfi'ilngll'fiI '!~ird,



ACEL Hewe<at5.~,tM~d:edl .ite,EI.tner armeu r u lI1oCiol1lr 1'0[[0 1!hBW'BS~:wg,II"!TIOldlil'fiiifoM-Way gll<!~$. his Clol)il'l i i1Ig•. a Rirlj} !j)f l(lvisiJ';lilr,(Y,:I h til,11 QiIN 'N~IUtl>_'rl:Jiilt! 420 ~f~he .. t'r'~gwJth 'thi f,~e do!!es of S'f~p.iRfJ ~fi!JJ~t1, and ijfie the m~ !'fOr drop~, ~hree ~i!g.tle(5. His Ib~ll,dswor:{d, 'o!'IiihY~h irs, ~hewO!lt ~re:O!tle{i'o'll1lthlt!j.l3idl[llo'\~l1Ja'm, is- Un~E!f n'll:iietSw,i:D~nll3,r i,s!ii,' i30tlVe ~j;.~ t!:luntIlF.1 70IQP· .... qUmhlt~g ill ~!:;i'd;:of The iIJ.t:lsmmec;: l~cllIol!l6, 'dlookw!)ft!etS'~4 Sl:eep5tep~. LIo'I" .assIlSlS'1 ns;;,lI, <t, 5.,,~HP, ,AC:e:![ :if):~ 1 . 'Ilrewm be),orfle81SlSiIISSiln fLv!1 "ii1~ L\ii12IissEI'ssin; mHIll'/ Itc"} (dlr~§ ",,1;.:1 ill 'Iihis ~I)em. diS'Q[uislj!d au clierk oir ,ElW,8iU::hJ.. ~saS:srn; 112HP, ACe: jltl~):!lJ!Irlty.); fTl'iOln, but'1i'f !illniltl:a:mJe. is ,e)\:p.er:l!!tdi a'~lJlfler 24 wIth thireE! d:a;ggQi!'Ji alnd 1!I!:Il'U) bdl ho;t;)k!!j, d:fm· 111:1,6 11,·6. Qu,aros of' 1'\\lV~~ 1 ThQ~ut!!r 1:1100 r lo:!'lIi'1is ,room, ~I:I lI~l13UY 1I1I~ro~'ha~nQt!>': ;2 h:rakerian.tjl ba rred 'f'ro!'11'l 't~:tli ~nl~jdll_ ~.de_il>.'I~ri~f; 1! Lv _ tlmtyli Witi'll d'l9gersiilnal 811,. ilddrV.fd. M HI~,1 iY high walls nlppe~ d_:! mage' 1-3"pll;!i~"sEil'ol'e \is wi'nfll brl!l~'i'lI bOI1I~.:iitrea,ll1d with 'taim~dl meat fiO'Yf ber,.5eril:;ers; 5" 7" ~

2-5. Mi.ln IEhu HOIlIiF!.n e b~ti!e!1deri!S'1iI s~ocl!:,y man W(li:l~if!!i!i liir~'~I:h,e;~p~onl,with a ij pakh O\l\ElW 'Of1l~' e¥a~Gi~O:l.I'armfB<!n'! Igetl:e; Lv14 Assalssin lOHP. fH)'U!1I~:S(!Ii;d (';~,BI!i"aC~eris'b~s.

3Q. Slorage-il1'!d

Fi~hil'R AM,lIa. Th!!I'I;i' ;lIi~~ ~!1 Ils5ol1mell1l ohllJu~s ,l3Jll'ld aU!$ pi:lodro,tlln d,~h Q u w:Bl~lsIl'IIld tWQ W11l1~k:sof' 1:41 nHgfm~·a~~ ~i 1'$!IdJ:[~ jill the mid1ti1l1:e ~I{)ar i!rl!<l"Th:e[ei5'~ 1';'!lrge mii'-



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l!jltiers, PlI"i~ariQ m.afgi" ml~l:y l>Dwerth'SiIi1 ~t'frlQ :l!';:if!till\S,H!!~(L re ibBrrlld 3ml ~lIillloc~dl, T1'1r~i!lW,U' d:ogs 1. 5, 11~10:H!'F". r:D:BIII1I'l t ,IE!yard. - iII>w ~tiliiBi!.t(l ~!!ri' tll',aifted tl:l ~t1!adJntryi!l':~n. ",nlO!"'tl~.

26. ~nn V.ri:I.' 1:2;'h,igh wallns {flpp-elil IbV nJt'8til'UI


,~n~Oll 1\'!_i:l9'5'H,ecad•. me M\!inn\t!~ 'f1!j;'!\


iIliVeiffi!5 - List!> '17& of wh~c'hf'I'HJlr ,~re' in


T11eJol1y Tar1l!'i'id f.11,~Anwo.r. 'C>I' ~lhnCN'l1i1!lbll:~!hf;ll9fit5·~hEl w,il!rl.l:~~y~e baclom onlUte Merm,ali:~ eh 1:1r];~I~el'Y is iii i'iIG a,tN},.s~tle \ot!rMt from The: K~rIiQ.5 Hellii:iiln~ The JeUyl!lf. (see mil:p 2'~.
113.110 ... \. ~. Siilnli~1l r l:{!1 MIiiGiuiffy"S, lIili1!d ,.1'0 !!Ihiowin~i:lIgns of lilse!ll,rliih. N'ci sigIl~flcam dl!leSf or 'IO'l!Ilu,1Ibiles.wi~l'~ rOJJ 11'101. ;4-11.a.d!'.O!)i'Ilil, AU a~ I\!!nllp.~koe"'l !,ilrl,O-r::a!'i!~ 15 anl1l 118 iIIlill' ~:~Ir,e reo!'l'li~"1 G i:& r \1',!I]rn.EI'!'1ia\l'ellil if ~Oi"!'li.'17 1'f5: Ari ~l,!lllel"!l ~GJlh Nlofl1i!Ffg O'I''IIlrnV ~iliilterEl~'cWiilllirefDund in these


nil~ 2.'1. St.Qfe'RHm.

IO~ b~rv1~!5

lhe waJUUrre IlinENIwith <'Iii:! ,,'iul :i:r~te~ pned nel1lriy

~. 'W0il'd4l1ll1 H'IIJ~.~liis:,,;:jlJ'l<!dIlG~~~d ~OQ~ ho,usc In!) llJf,lto 8 w8lr d10g~,,jiOmE! Q~wtllch wm nor'mi!illy ~.Il'ifl:29'Q'r gl.l~'(l;lOe d~g~. hai.l\l!leeil'l

ahlnyt~mm 7,8, 1'1.~~. 'lot 1'5,1I:7HP,

M'sill'edi to


.s:i.I'!ll"!lt '~a(i~$an'li!l ~

flCi~ ~c,balrl!

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rOom~. '11'. [~.

thllfl:lfnm:!'. Th~ Im:IIi"angws'l?i~k._t'Il~rks,


taciked~'rilpdlOcr ()rn~O

Je5Cllpe' ftliiil.~:fI.,

liOi'i'l'lnO-Ugh W,o,r~"'s~!!! ~I~I nl~e'§i, nla o

~0lW roof pimEipel 'I:lHI pllElink tQ}eMh llhjll r~QN)iI'~h Let;i,ttier ~

i5 :p~,ii1of Ral!a,~'§:

emom l'Iu'SITIlIsi(;il1igJltnl' presetrl0illo,f 213~ , . _ . . 1'11:si'!lided ,elwhichi'!as'i1elm ,out i east wil!_l~sOlihat:]t I nl,l to 'fot:l1I,m BIPP:;lrIllrIt l;'d"p~l!" ThI[IS,~''''lulii,onLS,IJnjjfl'Li.I!iIIIIIV il'l!!Iw!l111J11 ami wlU wij~lSla,~1;I bl!O'!!'o's...alf\ld asS;:;l(li;J, p ~h rOl!.!g:fu! U!,e $e<)i':I!!~: dool~. ~'nth,e ,~ppllIJatlii~;~ifi~foE! ,O'rUnl ~j)9m h. al",bl'e <I,t whr,~n s~:three men: lIl12)ll~as~i!'l~~ 'Ul~ 13, AC!l,I,eather 31'iTlOUlr, ~ihor!$Wclrd~, roWing jkJIi\l'e~.Tooa I' !l8Qlp, . They ilir'El~'retendliJlllg~~oplitV'a S1:filJ1l~!e;g'!lim,e !n\1olv'll11lgSI!3iV,lIrllllllncokis, 0mll, l!l'lld mdi:!e'l's: 5 Ill'ld rurilolJsVV sihaped dfce 1~JI:Il ,81mlicro.flII~V intiintclI1fl,Lllllrding, ttl!! flrnra I'I!C~101he und!erQlr'olln:~ CQl'1fIpl~j(;There ~s anPlih~r repealllngj en)~i;!~' J[l>I::III:!IUIlt!'l'll ,tlllD:I!!l.,aim'e~ len the docf •.Whien CBn ~Il: i by ~~:e'mani~Hhe


~y.~;aIi!Jdeil'S .Ill Tlilis,js; tin ~lhe SQutfl, . . u~ til1~ DVlI'r enlf<ln0E:!S, on that side !I:m lW!1)',8{1' squar!l . steel reinforc:e):! doors r.l.~tS~d ant;:llloweMd by w'n~hes ins'ide'th!l MIt'eh~l!!ie,W!tiICh cannot TIi1;e'rrilIilll WliiiEd'HJ.y~~bu ill~lf high, buill: of S:~O'l'Ie~ .arldl h!ls,a tJ:a~ m.of ring:~dl wi'llh s:pilked iron rod1~> Tllll:! :c;Il'lly ~lh Qr QI'IUlll!'lCa ,~pp'alr~nt ~$I!II yard and dCii)f!; ,y,f!I U"!,~ecasft ~I!rd~,


YII:!',dl -15' hfgll1 w-;:a iJs' . ~t1ru'NTII !6~ Sl_pnilli"l.!>Plnd irong~tll's" 9tllh~ day ~l'lS(;! g,;!!le[$~f\e '0iP.if'n ai"~ o-o~a5 ,o,nil I e9~ll m:lt~ !\ll~t5l;cmef5 V~~!~ wii!!1l:hoy~. thtei Bill d11i!~ 1:1.'.'0 "Workmen' ; L\!11'.<!$~a~:>ufl~, 3. 5HP ,,tlJ,;C~;(d1eil'\'lleril' alrm~d.w] ._lii!linl


IL.N. S.I'Ii[])\I'1cllword

Guildh~ad<I' :~etireGl50:I'!:iI il~r: .:Ji5HP,1I10

aflditillJree hlllHLUed gl' "'51ci_~~h. 'The ,a_ssl!ssil

SJou~h.chilir"On rile,


tmflleowwine ned; S8f¥El



CBI5e dow'll


.~.u ~:m. lIDthe Antr!! 30'

colli rS~le,

head o~'!I spir."3!~ :s~ail'·
pi'8~ Cllj'nCe~ trull"lk b,y

3*. St":~,

~''!o~di f<ll!O~ rrlrjln.~ l1ot'$e~12IHP. nl:l.~
'cart Mr.:.es,;9 ,Sind 1IfiMIP'.


3:'5.StIlDlt!\ h,sh;;lit1l{j ~


I ~Ilil >Il!l.'i!llIf1IlI~!'l:g m-;i!, ThDl!g'IlrIiilQ!l!l!J!H~n.i!:I'~ gL!r~(dpapany.

JJ1. MI!! n 'W,r~l!tl!g.g-,,~, "'" 1~1lIi11l '~hl:ll'l'Il1l anfU1iI·

w~ner ti,a.lli,· h~gh brlC:~ boklll:illigi Vlliit'" iro!' b!!!l ) ~1oI-:I' It. wi MI'~,," 111111:1' ~a !'!:HI nilill M .pi fM( !lI!1g~- A WQI;!!iI;!~!'I ~t'll1\11ilii, un S,IHI):!,mI:Ill'Ie r

l\!f~'d1ffijLy li'l bytm'!IHl'Sllil¥lill"!t~I:iI.II'~~tl'!ie dillV Inc! ~,I'II!1111I I'llirml, If!i !.,Ii.'l,ll'llghl, 11'1 h i! N Er ~


,~, 1Iii'~(lIl'IIj;I!; ~l'Il!IrI eQ!'I1pol!lta
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1011 r IlIIiie hiJ'\l11I bOon ~lJmQ,,,,~.





-----~~~-----------1-~J I
519. orture Chamber. Equfpped with two T r,lIcil;S.!i!f1'upElrattf1>g'!Bble, two imn maldens, a bra'i ie F of hot COOl 1:5. &-trlCks, af'I d II n assertment (if cnil,i f15. t:hl u mblSGrews;, wn Ips ,aU::on varioLis she I.... s. Two men are chafned to the a E waH: Jcu;k:arid Crazy E.ddi:Iil, bBrserl'ier,B S, and 6HP. both w9ilrlng r1lgs, They IIro guild hrflelings wile dlsobe\'edl ordie'b"S. A yCiUng we mall isfa~i.iI1i.H:lI:o ltie west rack: lrene, L,v12druid, S1 ,', T12, W14. 1:10, Thellssassinili are torturing herte make her lieveall the location of a, grove of Ent-w ..... as es, pain of ,acomplex plot t(l discredit the looal dlruids and re.p!aee (hem with iii sUIMbl,'jI evil cult leg I'<Ilil.ll1is in tum i!O pert of an arnbllie us, sd'leme ~oraj'58 hlm1 prices and levy hig Iii er rn,otoolj,ofl ronoo ,on 'the 100<1 Igranari &S ••• TwO tortllrers are at wo~ in tne room, prepBr~f1Q~a,rioLis knives alld b,i"Srnding Irons:: L...IJ aSS-IIs'S.in l1HP, swdcled leather, swoni sn!!irpeneEl steSlI hook l'\(!plll(:"I11~ 11ll! hndrl.·2 rate 11 nd eutsr door jlnd Il large pump hand le. flOw rate is set to 10% and outer aoortQci!:l!'ed, These eontrots fill ceH 611,tI,e pump (l;§!J1IbIl !,l~d to ~mpty r,t:. The oon'lrols ,Em'! u n'<luend ed. iflcihes p0f rgum:l. and has an B' cB1Ifn,g'8nolio fit.Jf!'lltwe. ill is c,urrtlntly fllDcdocl4,' deep and red and opens towards lhe complex. J_f iris opened without pumping outthe celilhe door will flylbsckfor 2-8 damage, and the lower corrldor end stairs wUil fl.Cilod2'6,· .deep. A naked man occupies tl'le cell: IRyan McGufIY, Lvl10 detec::Uve Jd1rarnIW ip Lvl7)o; 'SHi.117. W12.C12.D16..Ct'l7; now lS1HP, but 'on Nidus

, I

811.Cell. ~eser\ltld for those ~1:p~dBllydlsliked by the assassins. The 1'100l'1l'i BKtl3onaS' under the river and hes iii rerrlotl3'ly"controllled' curer dam. It can be flood.ed Ell <I' rate of1-10

outer door h. open tliier'!l Is 11 2% curnulatlve chance o'f some large .aqUiiti~ predator antering tha Clomp~e,x,The preeees 'ofsllbotaging tne dotH lind pump inlerlo.c:ks willi ~ki:l 3-6 turns, Tlli's~!! accidentally happened in the past and 'the alOs:<!ssin'!>, lla,v!3tco ntln gai1GY • 'Plans!o deal Mtll 1T~oodlng. Ine Iud'ing III good supply of sandbags. mops and llucke1s ~epl ,II fill D ngsl the warehoUJs,el sllOek.

D'12, C:111 6. 14HF', N.

'filling at 1nimund. The cells Inner deer ls bar-

62. Dormilories. For neophyte assassins; '!lOldh roam hclds 5 stacks of'three bunks, all ofwi'1ichwiIJ be e'mply. 20-50gpwlll bafound by dillgelil'lly sear:chlng 'the parson!sl 'PO!!!> s· slons rneach dormiloOrl{. not rfmre I hum 6gpil'l E!ny oneacolvte's gear.
63. Dormitorle.s. For Lv 11a~5'..ssin s, ell ell l10ldiflg fourdQu:~I'e bunks.lhharl;lls an Blliilrt t,ne roo rn Ii will be, u no ~m,jpied, otherwise ~(ldh wllll~gld 1-4 assaseins w~m sri! tikJelV10 be in bed or ii:laanlrng'Bnd sha:rpenil1g) thelr

hil prolbld<!mOlga '-3' A,Cili (01'1)11), ~4Qgr;J.!Lvi" assll5isin 19Hf'. studded Jleather, sword.4,d.rg~er~, 1 villi of,acid, 1 5NaflgITng Wife. AC5 ~De"'l. 170gp. All weaplJil5! carried by both men BrB treated with fiI·aFB'I¥Sls enom, durav ficll o,f effact 3:-il; turns, The torturers are wa\che!!l by srI( studerns: J lylO acoMas, 1, 2, :i!HF'.ll.marmoured with
dagger.s. All ,AC9. N~ mfirlffY. 2 Lvii assassins,

to partia] drownTng. IN .. Dl.!e!g tbi'~ EI'Jf:et;I;i;i oHne cell being 'twi~e 'iloode~ lh;;m draur:mdiMcGuffYls de\l,eioping th eli rst ayml"ltom soof pn,,; LIm on ill. He. fs be 1n:g punished for aUl3mpdng,to klllths assessin's lleader when, iasttaken for i.ntl3'rrt:lga~igfl. Ho 'knows thilt 'line lea,der's office is reached by taking two rrght,a leftt and a rlll'hllurr~ from tine cells but does not know where he dsln
relation to the cells. H usalso 1lJ11!1w!lf~of'tlllB distances ir'lvolved in relilcMilng ~hB office, slnce he was mostly dragg,ed th!ilrlJ. The outer oell doa'~clmnOl be opel'lled UI'lIII'!>sthe in n H'r [S closed and the cell Is (willy flooded. but ~hlis, mechanism can be bm!<:en by,an adroii:tnieho $1I,owtlheceUi and lower corridertc befllQoded wit'" the in:nernoor OP'll.ll. rnt yse ofth~ rate control, then the eu le r eeer lpb!! op s ned, Th is will eausa til I!l OQml;ih~x-'IIO!iil wfth water to a depth of 2' Ijtt iii fa~ 20 cubic fee! Clf wa1er pe r ro undo COmple')I doors tend to stop the flow elf water. F,or ,each tum thi:s prOEB!lS continues on;ae 'lhe

'ElClIUrpm enl,

R Dormit,orie!l. !For Lvl2 ana J a.s!l1I'ssinls, 'each holtUng' two douhle bunks. I! there ,is no 'l!ler11.2 assassins may be ln each fioom, Wflh nO'~1'Il81 Elquil~mel'lt. 65. Eled'rooms. FOr nQ'gller level assassirll;_ All three rooms are Igcted ,and colntain nlflSoml unusual ornaments to 8J vElf,ueof BO-150g,P, <inc:! are ul':loccLlpi:ad. Emlh rnorn al50 c.Cll1tail'l5 some' form of btoobvtrlilp hili to (Jeter iMrud-

gers, both AC6 jDl;!)lj. 1 LvI2Cleric.'7~fl, ~ea:the~ ermour.rnaee, 5lhleld. Ae?, :3 Lv.l1 lJpe'lls, CE, Il prie:s.tofKa:1T Il'lamTng newtOr'fiure methods for his ~Fnpf~.OO9F1' 3l~IiI' spe~ls" A FI otJMa,r 1lwo stu dems have falnted aft:e r !leeir'lglih!3' equlpmsnt iill1d arll lyil'lg 0'1'1 !he iloar. to Ibe ~:I!.mijshed when tlriey Wlltlo!o, LvlO
aCDI'fIiIlS "

4. 4Hf', leatherarmour,

broad :swords, dag-




SSP! _.A small mantrap C!O<ited blade In \iell om ~saliS V5; pa ra il'srs 'of 1·6 tu rns] 0011-' eeal ad u ndsr a smalll ~l1ga'ti:n!il fuot Qfthe bed. SSE!" All ol'l1em,ents rrllalild with m.Byic mQ.l,Ith epe I 1:iI arid C'fY 'Help -~h,ie'les' 2·51Uri"l!l after removal from the room, 6SC· Pet!;lsnomous snak€l curled IJnder'[he

em and 'J;u;l'rrDwfng':



L __ I









r",_.. ••

'}. N.mM


bed: HD1. AM "-2 + IPoi.scn, save vs p.ar~lysis 0'[ Hi nruncls, ifparalys!ililftJ.ien !i.tlVe'vsdeatiL 6i .. Assas'sins I..Bader":;; Bedroom. Tjqis IS sup.9rlI[;[ally like roomll,6:!ii)l!.·C but holds ornaments worth 2'20gp ';U'ld B "fdeusly booby. trapped chem, ,spraying acid O\l,er 'lJh~entlr" to om ifthB II] c:k is p Tcked. lts t:Dl1tl~H'iIS are il Broadsword + 1, three sacks of silver Goins ~2"Qspi5aC'kl, and a batt wl'ln six sfflOl,III:!!I!!tller pc~ches,. E!<lchj,oldlhn;:l IJpmiO!ll vi,a~,All pOTIQnsare poisons ~h the following effccts; I: Instal'l~ lfelll~ a .2 ~ Dea!'MI ;:I:fter !.4 rounds. 3; lJeathaftar i4days,4: lDEl'athafter,3.t:HurJ\S; 5: Instlll'1t<lntll1lln,:Js; pa'ra,lysis 5-10 turns, 6: Drain 1 level-All a"e1 dose phials of"bladrneJ"llDrfi. i)l'1d DB)!;:}. 120gp, ' 1 stu<!'dediaBI'het iJrmour, Dagg,f1f +2 [p.oisoned, p:;naty~i~ vlInom), tJlrlO<u:i'Bi/I'l:Ir'd which C{l1Il!llso caSl' +1

whiei11l8g<lte:SllflY invisibility Or silence IiIpells on tts bearer. All are carnented 'to {lhe itwili fele'Pon 1.0the victilms IiiflMd rtle next lime he reaches 'for -a weapon, A fe~t (:If

!roo r, b1.Jllhho


dB.wo:rd is eV~f1 tOIJ~hell

swords, or 1-4 founds work wi-rh a hammer al)Q chis,al. A .grey (JOlB' lives Or) the' aastern pJ~wall, 17HP. .

stre n {II n' iil needed to rem

a ily of the fithe ,

6'11. O!as!!r.oom, An i!,s;><i!1s iM: l viiS, 26HP. A£:4

GIElamifllg 'EI'i~ulpmost advanoed di~l>igfl5. noldi'ng three men, ,IIUwe.~ ri ng pro Iective OJ p rons, vi sI:I~ and 910y.el;: Lvl4assassin, 22HP.flrticers· AC2, p.okmned Sword + 1 {lethal polsell'll 120:gp; Lviii' essasstn, 1,0HP, leil,the'f. sword, 3 daggem;rlOtllmgHng wire: ACS. 2egp; Lvl1

691. Alc'hemi£s,ll..llbor,atory.


T'he tn 1 'f\igll re raprasants iii PI1IHGlItl 0 n rd metihod: 1: Blafiev!ilI'1Qm, 2, Watof'sollJble, 3: Wine .5oluble, 4: lFood1!lodftive, 5i: Al1yfuodldrink, 6,: Contact poison, 7: Inh!ll"!tion. B~Injection. AnQ lho flnal figure a (JLJBllTty CQ,l'Ilrol ill,lmber: yi1!~ mericed 1 or 2 af13 !ull weo9th. .:lH3are .:;11lltl"" old. Si!\I',e at +2, J-iiI alFe 0'1dar g still, save al + 4, The key to th,is labellin9 sySl:em IS kept III 71. mill workers in [nis roam krlow ~I too well !l'oses clfpoiS(i:m. Around thB ream a~1!I sever~1 with one or
plates off'ood
11 nd Q III OdlQF

\0 be'tller keeping

a copy. All vials hOldl1-3i


daggers. 1111 ,AC9. . 11''II!~ slu()len1,!> am a II seated ,On wooden stools. If the eornptex is alerted for an.attack 'lOISclasEiwrll be C!lm:el~ed !ina Itle room eJl1'pty.

dont!> ~,n soma mtlndinerpain1!> elfd[sl'lulse! 131.\112assassins 8, 10,7. S, B. !iHP, leather, sword&. dl\'Il gel's, IIII AC]; "* Lvn assasS'lns 9., 2.:1. 6i~P,lgilther.s,word5"d~gger:s:,aIIIAC7; 6 l1eophytes 1.2, 3,2', 2HP, wlilllrmOlJred,

dlilrkfi'f'I.5S ur raditNi, IS lecturing




assassln, 3HP, ,'@ai!u3r, 4 dsg g~u"Ii,6 po 1S(l ~ ed derts (paralysisl. ACS, 40gp. These assassinsare ~ltemlltjn!ll to produce new petlons ami PoisJ'JFldowtn,e gui~d.lh,(1j Lv" a8llas;sih has just drunk a new potion w~jcn will Bilow IiJm 'Ul'!::jO out of phase before anacklng' U~IkB phase. spi'l:!er}, This potion El has an unsuspGcted'tlilw iilnd,herlJ ilj 1110,% CU;I1lI..11 ~i i:! eh OJ n eEl p'l'!r rail PJ'Hl.uOIlnCE! tnni th e. aV a'S~assin will suffer iiln um:.ontrolledl ,eh!;!mical

various 11;:5[5, {J, dustbfn in cl'I~ enrnar holds anG'InlElfB7 dead mice, arttempti!j
1,0. COf'ridor.ElIldsln efalSf9door.llf any


~hhe above poisons, and.a

lasses of wi ne, ,11 [I trMled

dozen whitQ rnlee usad 'far

lron portcullises f;.lll from the ceiling 10' and 20' from the 'deor', and a feat of ~trel'1gth [s ~le!l'd8(jto Hf\J Ih e m, A be~' rl ng.s wI'! e n the

mO!d@tll pull or push it OpJlIl he9\1j1'

ponclJllislliS. fall,

7'1, Caljpeted

,Iia, Temple of Karl. Also!! trap for"ln(rudlllJ'J. The ..... l}s1iern 15' of 1hv room is occupled by a 210' des'p ",it wil'1l1 00 swo rd~ fixed po inH.! p to the floor. A del:(Jfnposlng corpse fies

Hl>!U;lro'nleildlng tD ilipOJ1laneous burnh'lg 91 his flesh '!rId rmrrhe'd~ate de'OJ!h. Armmd the mom are 42 v1!;i,lsof pois,on. a,l'I marked wil.tl fuur ligure 1:0(10 numbers, The flrst figure of thts ,;;odledes,iglll'aie;sthe'chemi~ats effect Iroll CIS): 1: Dealh. 2: Parul~ls'. :g,; ~I~ii:p, 4; In.&03·nity. 5: Deillh,,6: BlinDness. 7:. Vomi~ifl9,

desk and no 'Oth~r futni'tul~e. Po. man wearing
bl'a~k stlfcldded leather arrnnur
S~!l' behind


wlth a !.!fgIB' milhogany

8:. Damag,e 1-.3

among,sllhe swords.

m~1 imn, steel, (l," brenzt! weapons bUI two il III ~i1ve n:>il d, one is studo!!iIl!cIwitflgem s worth 120gp. lind one ;s iii -3 eursad 'weapQn




turn •The seno neilfig U~II tn d~'CIlh;tsthe I ime befora·thIa' pUlson t[lkes erEct
hOUNli. B:

Th~ ~ftect:s Of nOIl·lfllh,iili potions


1: Instant, 2: 1-4 rounds, 3: 1:4turns,.4: HI tliJrns,,5; 1-4 ~ours, 6.~Hi hours. 7: 3-2.4

Hi de,ys.

a fHlW gJuildlmastOlHlfrives, sincethli pmviclus, Ilealiler was Khll!eddurillg tile raid in wlniid\llhe EBgl ...of the Agll!> was stolen, There are al'i;,ofour guards in the mom, ~II w~arrng ql.lild livery over leathar armour. All are armed wfU, ~i!llhl crossbows fi,rln~~

Jahin \llta)(;o~; lvlB assassin: 816. 117, W1.2, CUi. D17, ell 1'<1', 4DH P, AC3. Ring rlf/n visibility, +2 armour, Life Stealing S'wcJrd t2, 6' pOisoned da,ggers. Hels ambidextrous ana uses as,word ~nbislefUJand '<lfld adiigger!<I\ -1 hit prooaMitvl j~ his tight. He il:!~th~ lem-, pOr!uy ~e,Eld:e-r Hlllls Ibrtlneh ahhlil gUild 1.11"1'111 o



THEEAGLIE [JeTscned tlJar,a~ys.isj ItJg'lu:;, b!"Dadl:!iW"ords;and dagg:ern:. E::acihIlnSQ' carrrlas: three ,alchemicell WlasH pellet5,~~plodll1g far 2e1S damage ~n ~ S'M:ldlus,; lvn @ss'H,sins3,.4.4" 5H,I", ell ACSc Thl'! dask: ~fllwers:arB IQ~l<eQ,tYifo.b€irl91 tnllltad with [onlrac1 pm,SOrlC1!lD s'!'!>g\l'lol.em Oil n~Ii)1~C mrs, lhev hold '" p'~nvciil!>11tlcx cont~!I"! Ing12'Og,p, Sialionl!il¥, a bonne @f poioon,ed' <I m'llnt 5J!lifits ,ii nd lWo, glaSS!e,ii, ~ lea!lle L ba£L hQldli,r'I 9 l1hrelB st'l\lall 1.I'e f'le~(l Us

... es 131 til p of lh@ bQ!c. nl wihilJst the sarting'S mads ,are shew,1'l1 glowirr1:9 sc;:al1el sym b01s O~ (he crystai d[w, ill the commOl"l numerical system, Siooelha'cubesaTe misSing, howell,e,r, -the dIsc wfll onHysi1m\1 these co-o!'llin:ates aflter ill, jump. TneC;(!Inlrol,.. ElfQ: 1; Cg!ilr~~ ecntrcl, I;enil!,lries - 0·1 00 oemulrie:s ilMISl9PS 01' 1 caniu ry', 2: Fine contnl,ll, yeOl.l'S -O-1{lOyearsof 1i 'fe-au. 3: FIne conl.ro~ 2. dOl,VIS0-400da'V1'i;Jf1 steps a,f 4dav:>.

snakes IAC7, H[)Ilk, 2,3, 31F1,P, iilH.1~~ phllS; poison Ips rilly'S IS 1:11,~n('J'el;l'(h after 1.,j3 rQUn dsH. U rule r ~ e ,desio;, il' rack Qftlhrle~ .is d!!gge ~ {all ,ooated wiihl !)1l r{IJIVsrsveMo~Td a I'Id a ba nil of levB I'S QO ntrolll FI9 \'18 nl0U5 devIces" A: eOlflce'alec! r:u,j;)board wIth fo ur she~ves;
IIIold. Fl[l eg,ui gm~f!1 for di'sgu i5.9,5, an assortment ef e~~ rnbln 9 1lI-1l.fr, I'! 1"10, a ~no,1b€i II miJde of an-'odd s~lvery m<i!e(ia~witt:. ~ !lades of P'Ouches aM loo'ps. Th ES is ~I ~1I,..h Clg it",1 f1cOJ th IWiIls-toQI kit, and was' borro,we d' by 0:1'1e ,0 r Ihei8ssassj'ns!J!'1 an e:)C'l:laptio!'1al~¥ unusual ~:ped.itio", !~'C(mt&ms are not iiilbe'~laci but ~re' an elaelron ~c'Ioc:kiplel(, a d Il-\l,i ee wh Ich ...i~ brlltllS locks, <ll'Id has Ihe same chanoo 01three ri:luods fo ..... rk.!~ Ismarl!:ed witll peeulo Tarsymbo.ls wI'! ich <! re Unlral'llslalab I'e witli-ll::nJit mOllg r"al aid, <ll1Ifi iread M:ildfl lfl Galiftue. 8 stetli'loscope, iI'I P~'l:HI:i!~gro~ (batli!! ry rife 12 II eu rs), 4'rused thermijttl b!Qcks-;'i!a eh ca pa b Ie of _b_!Jrning.~4" ~idfl~OrQ through Ulplil::i 3" ~" :;teel," of u'on" 0 q2 of wood. E,ilcn block I:;; 2' squa1re a no !h"' lJi'ick, witi'! <I a ruundfusa ~~j,::kilng_ (;If one si!liilecl!1d 'one n[fl'lfsce o!.1t co alac! in, adhe$ilol'e, An !,!ssortm enl of lockpJ cio:S, m0.s~lvof stan derd d'll'silli n by! .50me designB'IlI fDr un LJ Il\HI ~rna gneri callei' ilh~clronic loci(s. 'Th8~e~saliso <I sel (if ste ndard picl\s_l~~IlI'!.l of!! ha ~d pl8S'H[! inSrea d 01 ~Qt131. 1\dig itaJ wil,tch with ,6 months, batte Fif Llsolf ~ oj ds a g(,Jno"Elaled 'filn) b:le shOft SWo Iell bl,ade:,.wh lei':! ell n be :>c:~wf:lcl tttll the I:l:Ln::k,le _a,l'1d becomes nighl as,1t istignlonecJ:, Th il cupboard is bQobYtra ppod V!I~tha l:Ie~;V¥ guHlmJne blade {i:lama'ge 2-112)wt1ici&1 fBn~,If !:I1!1y1tnllilgis, IliftecUmm Bny :sl'lelF. TIlls' 'U'!!,P,is ~1Ii!!~!GhIild off frQIT1the' clesl:.B; Co 1'1 CIl!i led cupboard ho~dil19a ru:;l:

alTHmab'IQ i:B brlhes, ' 1I"he'room riS Hnl3d Wldll shelves holcHn9_a Iota IQl4lea,ulier bag;s,OIf1idsi!(wooda!1 ~hast:s:. A rn agi,oa\.!.ra spell has be e,n ~a!ii all @f on tiluem: 8.1glh!'lldls 241J~p- bOl!ll' IJ IT'Iolcs500 'fal~e g0~i:f pieoelil, It i:> a fJagrJl Holdinri. Bag II I hokl:;; 1'OOg~.150s;p. aoocp.'8ii1191IV ~oJd8.4 ,iIElWi;lU~d ehalns (values 1:40,500, 400,-200qp) end III ernatl ~ rei wh lch IS JI,bli1 to ct1i!i ng,El Its ~za cJ,a1111" I't fs a N,I$l mlmlli,. a small r~latlvQ of the rust monsUl,r; .AC5, HD2, 11 HI", <ll'tild:s, ,unll 4H1D rnon M>er, L; ltes!'ol" 1-3 d a mag &Qf teu alhes n1:StWG'liny antennaato Imy ferrous: metal ~I. encolJlniers, !flJ:rting WI' to 36c:ubit: Inches of !'nll'!!rl an each ii!tf<!G~ Ithn norm@11!1'11irnal inleU ig once and is IiI'xlmmelv del!tn;u,n', gai n· ing + 2'!':In rnlliiill:iv<e ,-.,11 5. 'Chest ~ is,JoJ:II:ect,noHrai[lpeli, holds
unIQc;lQea,. nmltrap~e,d. h!l!lds

al'!9 boobVtrapped witlM ,Ilmpoulcs of poi:lioQ g.as ~death. l' eu be elloud ~wl11iell burst et anv U nSl1I ~ce5s,fid:1 atliE!ii'f1pt to pic:k: the locle, AIi'I ogre mer.oenBry Is in Ihev1tlult; 2EHP, 200\QIP', not

fullllM! rdln 'fhe 9 roll

shape "md


to' ~l'Ipeilr to "be a~~th~r

4: Pasrlf1_trtu re!Oflf !;i; G eQ!;! r!;lph T~o:r'lloc~iQn - a., BO', S. iRel<!irlV lo~k offl!> n, Contmrs 1.... are .self e:<'!planatory,

iopen~ng 'Ihem as; IQnLvl12 tbtfrl'.22Ilharg.9s. II rnusttoueh 'thal oek when lJ!llld., a nella kel5

nS sillv€ ri rig ers, .oochwe 19~ in'fl! '2,910 iii nd worth 1691'. Ci'!t!$!' ;3 is !o~eld, QOQbYt rappel! l:o:spray acid! irL as' radJlJs tlcud.1t heldsa dil>'m I:! i-lll,ed!lu ill:ll+ I pJar-e mail, a MaGe + 2', awtd
4 potion \irB~5: He1Jfin,~, Extra Heai'ing, .Invlsi· bi/ity, S.J;lperh!l.ra!~m. -,..concealed c:omp,u"ttm!!I1itinthe lid tIl{)Obyt~(!Pfadwhh II similar add sp ray holds a copy Gille Book of VI19

5000!ep, CI'ie.st21s:

Contro.1 5 IS s'id b:ackwa~d'S arid fomards; to set m:ov,arnent N or S (hen W. Coniro~ 6 prevents tne mad1!il'!f!f~QmU1InSpQn1til'lll! it~'pm.$.Lf1g,IOiI'S' 10 an otbe:r piJal1e, di mOr;!si Oil, or on~v9rs.e. Whe,nthemachine was clismlllntl~d ltssetlings;we,rre 1205y,!;)lfIr.s,40 day,S', p~SI,. rtt;n sp'alial nll::lVf;iroent, ~gH:ty IQIi:I:: lf. Once \tif<s f1'rs1 o jLl rnp nas b!!!~19 mad Iil th(l. CO nITQI~ wi II,rIlO·


]U!'flP is m~d~""ith nl<l!itv lock oifftherce~5a 10% chance lhatthe ~ar1v Wil! indeed shiftro
an affi er pia!'! g

Ih:EiI wTII'not occur random~y <1M 'offl rO!",cOftItDI 4 !lInd 'on' faT conll"Q', 6. For every tlme

dom~v raset 011 d ;nn;:rlharlump WII~O!;Cl:.lf ahs·r 2"'5 clays Iwith 1I1er discfias,l:Jil'1Q violet<ll1l hOlJJlr befure lihejump is l'TI1!ade~."Tih,e.onlvre:settlmgs


D:arlf'l'leds,. C'liBSt<4 is I.od"ed, baob'w'tl"appeIliEis

3. :tlil.C

ChilSt.5 I£! lucked, 'ne, traps, Ilolld~ ~.velvet

@therwls.e' leave th e ram Ilhl r 'liiX. am P~'E!I=;;: Ot: Eismel'lt'al prone of fire. 02: Elemem!31 plana ofw~er. 03-05: The. pa!'ly a'rrive OM a conveyer bell

n lve rse,.l;Is il'l tlrle YoUQwij fI~


hIe left. Normal r::r,owDill'll.,I1Ie.s otc. Thr= ,bal!

C: TrapdoQr over.W' dee!> Dlt, ff(JorGOVQI'~d [11 a·spike!'!. Ope.r!llled from desk. D; Cupb9-!1rdwitf;1I)uUraps~ ~o~dlm,gseveral g..illk~CQr'!t!!ifl!ililil [hill ffnsg[(;:BI.1i'ifu:llJlnldsua!' ~(}sslts;siClns (lfihe' prisoners.8Il,c:h b!:lg is 1!(lbeHed wTlh the prisoner's name, A:ikli G rmz: Rln!il,of Reg,e.neraritln. scrol~. 4 lvl3 Hiusion spells, Dagger +2. Dagger ;- 1, ,gla:s,si phi!!1 o.f veUo'w' dilist!velro'IHlflould sporJ!3~, 'SR"U WIT!~~~Qnts_ . ElrikAiO.se: Sroad-swam +~ Il!v_e.n ro'{J~, cioak ana ,floats. + 20% ~CilCI:Pl"~, :il1r1B .oMl.u'li ' Altef3'liGn, 6- 2dS -nash pellel'S, scrnll·of PrmecDrL~ide.ss Irene': S'Gimil{jr + '1,s11'ter ~!ic'k,I~', a !TalC' wh~Qh~epels avrl rodenm ,of <JJltyge:s" slhret OCWl,5tlroll,4 lvl2 d I"\J 1d!~C spol~~; spell 'comppnl8r1ls. Ry!! n Mli;G uftV: Helm o'.ffnftBVi1Oil'lfJ, Oagger +2, EV6rfu11 Cant~~'fI I 'em Irs wptn Wilte-r ev~rv tl me stopper irsre PI<!Il.!iU:i•.Iii PQII'eomp~ne !'Its, ' ,E: Cupbo<lnUmlding thaillLls1or1 Qf afl1
radllaling VlOJNrllig:il)!!!! con'tponerlts-

mtilnster; 21l-i1f',re!~a5@dfror!'1de~k



Gargoyles, 'I sticl!. .of, inc:ellSil (k:~1~5all: itlse~tS' Tn 20' c.~!l!]:d), iliptl'U

bOQbytf$p wh [c:!;l dfops.-a hUlje stOrje b I~(lk:Olr f 4d6 damilgle if a press~ireov;er 1SO Ib I~
:!;WitcliQQ:on ~f' pfHrmn Ule des Ie Or ko;m ttl Ii pOS&ag:a behrndlthe Slsclfet;d'oorat!hB back of ,the C\J,pboard. Th Q two Ileiven;:. ~JroIi ntted, so 'lha!: rnncving O!1l'f.! movQ!ii'I!h;e ,o!11'ier.
8)l1:llIfi!fJd !)nthi,1;! flQo r.lli! i!i. IJti'llp Ci'l1'l be


or SH\lil! r orna,Ma


I"Inllcl tr,!!IYS, 2lal'ge ~eatl:'l!n-bllund !Joo'.Ks,and a wand cas~., Each tray h~ldsHl, v!!lls of poliO.!'!!> orpoisoll. The pot]oI'!Safe: 2vfais Anrffl'BI' CcmtroJ, 1 d oooNi a I; 1 vi ill Red Dca.QOfl ConVoI, 1 dosl!!; ::I vi,1'I1 s fJefU5]on, 2 oj olle::;i vi",I,1 vi~! lci!ltJirng, 1 dOSI;i', pai;,!onedsl'iIvevs death; 4vla!s Hell/ing, 1 dQselvi'<!l;l, via'! Her(lisffl, i dose~, 2 vlal~ (""'isibili'!y. , diose;;? viails PoI'1mo'l'ph Se1f. 1 dO!;EI; 1 VI:1i~ Phil"'" pollon jB5 ~n '&'9. als!'J,de'l'ectiv~') 1 dO!llli!. The r,cmil i!llng 23 ",r'B Is are ,a'ssoMad ppisClns, ,!liS ll'lose tl'l '00. Th e twO books are ~ Man ~"I Clf Golems, with instructfons '1.0' btJH~ e day goh;:!if!. TIl Eli we ne is Ai kii" Gu nz's Wand rtf musio!'!, and Hs,1I!/'e1ias tllis type Qf Wl:ilf'! d's nOml'IJ'1 fu.m:;'il on mm cal!'if permljn~ fit i Ilu Si01!18of u musy~1 I""IJli,lstlOl!1lc!!,!s~~ 27,401 at ilL cost Df 110 (l'h a rges. lit d'islll1 a r'g 00 t:h is flcJ,nr:!imn c,iilI"IMt be. regall e raleC:.lirn tlu-gllHhe ncOtm a Iwan d PQwe;: ClIn be. rechargea, Th 1;1 want! 1'1 (llcl8'31 {lna i'yBt;;. Ch~.st 6' is ~oclood, bOODytre'ppsd with COI1lE<iot po~so!'! r::!1'lI irts loc!i:;,lI'\d hll1ges [death ]!lOlSOr:l). It containslh rae OOXies madie' of a softly QllowIlngyeHowwoCld, allS'lJamped Wllh t:I\1& Kings <I rm5"c.AI i t!'ilre9 bam!;, a Ie :Iocked bu,1 n Mira p~ p'fICI, Hnd filrfl 13)( 13:x20· . Box 11 hole!!: !l alifvar mQdilllOh forketi branch, tllPR'3d at O:rl~ 8id9 with a sCcwewth fiead!l d soc- . ke'tend aUtl a' athe r with a cl)!s.ra I dIsc cra ,!Ita d in'lhrea 'twig.s". .lis baoo'eru:is In a screw !Il read. II is paDj(f!cll !'n padded \ll!l¥e-.t. Box ,2 colltaTns, ,!I tl at..si IV'!l·r block. " slq []!:Ilrll' and6""I'hicl<. Tlfle'to]!) o,f'lheooJl: ha.s Bfscrew 'soc1l!ilt which wii~ take the 'brBllch1 six' il>hallow depfJ!lssiol!1s, e'<lch ~!I!6'·,an.~ V4" d'e;9,p. ThTs mm is alGo paddedl in velvet. Box: '3lh 01ds "I .~ad8 st.ai!U e of en ea.gl e wt~'n Je\!'ljl'el~ed eyes, wli1icl1, has a screw thr,e,ael enl i:lslclesiH'ill'ld C!lr'i"Scwew'\O the' om nc!':!', a!.];Io, nestled irl\le~ ...itt.


rlts. fitted! with a

Megl'lt11y 1·... eft. The control bloc:k.s have bl;l'ElOJwlc!et:i"8c~rorad ~I;rQu gtnim.o E! ~d S,P&l!:fI; a'l'lill B!:Ich"l'o1 tl onllyfy,1'! Clion i., OJ'l~ S!Ql. If COF!tt-o!s "ral'ouf:ld afll d U~1l th ril' Sill nil'll", flileviHII ill the 'CCH'flrc'l d used wi I ~be shown on (n,El diE>c b-efore:tI.l Lim p. The, ISI'H'!,Hs that'went i1'lto Ih,e -machfne's G:~nstrucliol1 m!:l ke 111nyu rne ~;abI e liD Bnytihin 9 s,hG It of disintet}rat-i€m. a nlll wi II prevent. itt or thos13 '~a ffi!3'd' mmer'al1Gil'! 9 i!'Isnde 'solid OQlsct6 'a,' mOra ~han 15' ilCW:e th.e 9r~lJindl ~Qr water!. I!I wi'11 re~npor~(j I ySI!] P worldI"'! 9 if dJfsmea ntled -withln am ho~,r of ,8rrivat a ffer wl".icn tIme Ul!e fOinhll leek ufttil the neliii'l.jLtM,p. lhedll~n!irti(lln!Jme ~et ilj: 3tlg ve13.rs.b6~!)'re 111 il city 'was'foull'u:llld, II n em of $U parstiIfDu ~ Ifioasm'!il n wi'! Q 8t1.u;kanyoI'l9 I.i sinQ a 1'1)1 form of magiI:'. tha, a,res' is cov,ered 1n d'lIci!: I{)~e.st, lime ill this universe obeVSccl'lOiJlNnowil as k Cc;lflsefV8t/,g(l Ql'lE"lIenr:;:, ~nwt1rdh !in\! ill"!~ra· lion im th8 'tfljiiJ' C:;OlJr~n:ft "f-ev!l'o\§;t@[1d:liW r~]J'ai r it:setr:t' aKtremely r" pidlV. If someC!le is "I ned at the 'wrong' tIme !hey mOlY be resurrecle,d bV a:1"1 In'llerest:ecl Qod.spa.nllllneous'ly fBii'l ni iiIlaieils ,EI aii ng,ly Ille ~~.R:e bl as, Il F m zOrn b~ rep'!!'iGlijd a p,lirty !ilriiimimu. K~epin'9 by !H~mIlQI'!I;I I~iV8m .. h!l\l'lil !i!imll!l,rdr;jl~ic ! I;:on· sequ IllnCQS.. Ifnile II nHkely evonnhallthe pa r'ty SUOi!:'&ed in making OJ signifrcal1ll al'te'rat.~on to e:\fl'ln:IS i:l-e'r'Ore tt1ieir own met~me!i, therell!'! a chance that e'llle,nrn, wnl be alba red lS.ufficieni~v Ittl'qlU~1I Of1B. m' morl3' party mQlT1iberrs ttl b!ll' el;llm:1;lHed from Inri!l,t,~ry. ~I!1'th~s,e"'efltUu;l p~rty mem ber~ concerned will irrl'stand'l' va ni&h, <In.di tn,flMS! af !i'le party wtll not be able to mmam ba.r' t,h em ever exlstil1 g. On Iy Iftl1l!' partY. nappen to ,eha n,ge eVINi'lts, ;bac~ to t,he.ir oril,l!i!1'a! M1Nse will the miMing membe.~!l; rn@l'Ii:lel,ilr.HOiI\J tltrey sp-OIfl,(hlheir tim 13 wl'lil~ 'C6nCflll~d' is up to the: IDM,. but it ~!iInDt ~i~ely W b~very ,e(l(cWn~!

une'er a sIgh sait~ng 'You am now ente,ring


'Tho,G'ree~ E'.gle
'Th!;lse thrljl~ ,r;;Qmp'enB I'1wrQrm ill devioel' known 13 .. the' Glean EB.g,l~'.whose true or!g1 he> ,snd fynr;tion are not kn,own 10 a'ny ~i\li perrig ;sOJ'l.I't.is acl'LJ'il!lIy,a'fl.lnCliol"lil'lg magl-C:ill'~~me 'maohIne'. w~ose lrue name i5 lhe E'aJ;jlfj ,of !lle.l\g,9s,. and h as span !the Iiill>'lfive I'm n clred y,earsln Ih~valJllts;of Ihe,Roval pal'ace.IU~e th le~,pal1tSia'!e5creweci tog Either th~'I wi[] ~ m'rned'itlll'!l'I . .[ m:gl ny Ii"'L~'iJ a 't!rg!'l'r1is m!i tII1~ 'B$:;!QCi!'lle ~lJ;er (eg iP rme!! r letc~ wiilin 25' ~hrQI.!~h tim&. Normal I\I' the journey to' be m"de I'!;';sel by ,,~xco nUD ~ blocks. 1" quartz cubes whloh slide back ana

G: :ShtHt passaBe to 1.2, b(ll~bytrEi pped :a So E wrth C'onml~S al:the desk ,ill nd !!'11 72'. 72. Sm--!!lll StrcmgfODm, 'lI'hQ d por J!l m,Qde of IGI'-I~ id bnm~;e h mrmlHle iu rrI.!sti f'lg)' over 13· of sleel. lind! fittad '\IIf~tl:l a compols:.: locks. Ipl~ked atl -1 0% p robablHtv). AlIlh ree lOCkS

F: Empty c~pbcard.

FiltullNme IfDl!.1s do notwiah 10 l~cGliPorateTrme Tr,a'iel into tllm fr lI'!iI iverna, an alte rn ate fu nt1~Qn fo r the Eca,\l1le ~3 fu'llow!i; rile Grt!eJl E,aa1e T!fI ln is a <9\'!iceptIOIU!! Iy IlQthal m~g ~cal !;'I/tI@PO!1'.{) n"e it has been ,~~emble'd the bird c:al'1 be made t£! become etha rEI!i I e,n~ cl~ectd to lin}' desired ta rg,~ by p.ress!nQI !'i rIg if'S [!'Ito 0 n6 or Bn01~€:r 5101.The d I!se lEI Ives an 'E ag!!es,E¥!l vruw 9f ;i;s, SI,l rf(l ~ r,d"l'Igs,at an'v r.u"lge liP to 11' miles. Oncs !he F~ole 9:S>il [l'S Ullrget ,1: can materialis,e il:nd:~i',e i;lf1.e.alllinleQration beam. range 4' W' ba5Q corre.l:t will then l'illftCJmatical Iy return, 10 Ihll bfan~h ana £lliIfi!narbe,iJ~,::Iga[il'!o!':24 mQIJ ffi.D


fo!Qrn"n~ilt\JMl TI1I1!rlUowing ~omel1lll~!Jrc ~UI'[I]~ :;J~rtB~,

wllll:11;!' u~



Chafll,tffij'!i, IftA Rilee'" I-l HurniJin. D Dwarf, E Ell. G E G,mma, Vlt: = Half·E II. 'h = Hn I fJir.J gl 'IlO = HIl~HJ reo AI,. = Aligfll'll'u:liiil; lG = LlIwful G~od. ,"N = La\!'!!flll NIiiYHa I, I'tg, CL -:-Cla~",: A =A.s • assm, El' ': ~.m,j •.C= Clsrk, tD = DruHi. F = Flghtar. H Heurl, r = 1II1I.I,,~onlst.MI.J MCl:llt:t•.User, M = Mo~l! .. f' = P8.t~'Di1Jl, R = RIlf!Qllr,


S<l>i~ F




l=ihl'l3Ii. LV = lIlvl'Il IHP Hit l"<Jl'U:s.orljuste<i I'"r GD",,!ltlJ.t.rtln, Hf) .. Hit DI.:,,_ ,11,1: = AfflIou r Class.• a.[Jjus,t~d~i:Jr iiilll)(terity and

At; - A'll" in years. WI:. =. WC811UII in g IlL This is IhlllD1:Ei~ Im11l [lie ,,!til e ch<lra~",! IIi rrili!~'ir liP ,!II:3% ~""Ii",d:(lL'Jm s, 1~'!-I. !)eJJ1ii, ,.".. olElbts. g..... .. ptilltill;;~ary "d nrJ\!}B, shaaes,


Dle.::1I;>% equiprnen; a nd perl'l:Il'l'al posse-s'~Of15, 00% IDffij:'erty ;f;f1l'P1!"._ltb·le.,lr r,DI, tbij't:I I .25% fi!ltt]~ ai:'lll f.2li..", p"r~"Fl1lII":!I'Ii!:l' .. ~~Jlm'. 8l = BrfilelellclOIl·flIll. \li!l1:!al'I\I~~ryol'l~i" IriJian ~al!l be t:i~.Ib",:L II not p""'DTI"IIl'lh811 hI' B donilliOIl CO.j) 'go}[id cJLJsCl''JI"ir:i d<ltlirmTflll r!·.~p.i}rson 3CCOprn .6 bri be a I'Id lIMen cerrillos ~l!I l"e' de iii~~ ;i!!;l'Il0",

re I~ij 87a~ •.., I(u! 11-1"I"",,,,~el. Ilh .. bid,b!l !:>u l!U3ft ~ Whe1,h"'r th.:y (Ire .a\Jte<j ,ST. = :Et'fe.flQth.+ai-t'b !jtVI!",U:i 11111 ami [iii lia rnllg ~ ltfl bonuses:
IN = Imllili!:lel1ee: Ull'OW~ tlw)Cl1aMlOl.ll,oul il'hyway. Sri bes ara al most ·H [WH.'!':> accepted,

the bounce r, to .ilil oW I] i I'n. to re main lnthe H~afod A.ef 0 1'0 "flar" Imii.hg IUI1I"'_ The DM Uii i'ik'!i til aii. in tI'I e Oi'E,HMlaACM, t11,,1·~is a. -10% en a nee ct this ooln!l' j!)~~bl~. f~eclta rw;;l;e.roHIi!f:i a 1>1'1!Il I> I;!,f ~,(.!~p, TI].i'~ Is .. tim!!;:; KiJt!LiI·~. Sol 110 Lhor,,, 10:nJ:! ..... !I10~ '-1 O-14X'2[1ll ersance ti~~lli:lJllu~ will IIgfeB. T1:1~ DM

[lMiil1 eu I:ci give " Irer~"!1(~!I" oilan~ Qhhll ~"'(''!;[l'r1 !"!1.r1![!! rrnl n>,llhat ~ ~!i If mt!n~.y !lS'~l1lll; Hi Is poteen· "m la!l)B mil ....be "1l1Itm.i,<:e,f~r eEll'tl bfilbe eouel I~ rhe, b nb.lll,,""l o·ff<rro.ci.til;" p",c.-rnl "til", •• ",">lId by ~a%_ Ii'", W<J;lmplll. a character altcmp&SJe bfllJ~ i(HII'lJt,


Ih iii question


CO =C{lmllituhtln;


DE = Oexterlw;


owned; . I!VN - NOflTlliil

C!'I· tho d"fI'I<!; 1\011 = MiIlQ'.I~ It'lIM

Ii .six part series defa{Jif'l'f} an AD&D ~eatures ,an epi'SQde of a linked seenerio (the well as .backgmund information to introduce IrUlan first appeared' in WD4.2.and ranthrnugf1 pages pa:cked wf,rh baokground information S(;'€r1[lri(!). A soenar-iD and sefl1e.s f!JftJ7is :scope before by any other maga'zit)s and it proved

Part ~ of

A. 'comlpleteAD.8.D city by Daniel Collerton

town -kilian. Each part
characters to the town, to WD41' - thirty-three and an exc.eUenf has· neve« b.een tried very pO(:NJI,ar. So .here it

Risi n9 ofthe Da rk) as



I.S, fhis time complete. characters

$ljpi'1~; 1\11 -1\Ii,lm!ler blmomsCH1 lhl! gfCl!Jfld flliUlr: fII~ 1\111m~ r of

8u7laill.rl~ SoT~ NlJmb~ of

R'"ferenr:es DMG = Di1il'lga(l1'l Ma~Ui("':S 1Jwdti~

who at its .start, are joumeying

is for a moderately largrB group of third to sixth level through the' wi~dernes:s,
1111;)1 ~Ulnriving ores ijiro; Grtilr~hU2 leader: AC4, M0ve· S"', HD2, 1

!Qi;!rtrI$I[)i"!ld1e fii<1>l'lioor,
eoo~ON' = C(H'ld~(i·!ln; All a .A~"'T.aElij, PO =

PH= PI~~r's H8ndbaD~:

~~ = MQIi!,!jt"r~liuuJIII; Demj'f!a!lfs;

PiDDr, SA == Slid, CO = . C~IJI!Il~ing.


F_ - Rend 1"0110,

In 'the !;j'!'!rl'l"morning 0'15041· C4elf • Storm Eirda,~g. dla party becomell,wal'S'm th!3 SCiU G! bl'lnl'e t'JOmi rig 'Irom nl'lela,r sid tll of III no 11111o Ihe noi1t-n. Any i:llaracter in,\jjsstigarifng t wtllse;ea con·l1iet batwe'BA some Qw.arf;s, wno are gUBlirnli'"9 a smell caravan, !iII1dabout twi 00 mil] r 011rn bllrm orcs. F~()rn tiIl~· po~i~Tgn ef the m timy 1:II:n!li 1t seerns' that the i:J:WBlrll,; es, we.f{l !3m'b~s~e;d In a sm:3·11 ravino to 1hu we~! but I't1 Oil nag ed 10 fig &Itt titli si r Wi\l,Vo!.e:O'l.r beta re

The Ambush

!Jllirles and'


are ,ooiJflde,tJ! .!U:an.,,: Th.tII"- {tlr p'J<'liImf1f~, ~fPrw"'nred V<lrd, It rse~il,#' r., 11IInk!l fl ....• )1"" 6,1'~rJ911s1l.!I,Pckur-. ... m, ., $r;!'lnciiniilv!II" .:iec~n.t. . S!iflllJliI,~tj;o~Si!ry tor ...full!lr '!.ril'Il."Ml/on',
Gel!rif,,, NO~1l: f?lmil$_~$. .~nd Ilh'lI:fl£lS' used wilhIHJr furl fJ'Xp~IJJia~ ri.C!(Iwil! b-e cQw")'\l,flio!ll!tJir d!lrti!~riI in .~Llb,,~g!:l6'n t


~rnnlll.lncilltioll In g<lflll,ai, iriJja" '5 prolT{W~ the o:m:Tl!1B,'; Ei1gli!i/i, l!i!'{l;llpr O· w:l'lii;h if!! froulIdtNi 11.!!v,r""", "'llIwels -

their hl;iH'S'E!'iWIl!"S'broughl batants <I're'as foHj)ws~

down. TheoCom-

111'0'0iffer·ent d


19rema:ii'i'ol·S::l'.lMl{O'Ir,efrom !'fioe-s, tine GMrSh~:z !llndi the D.B~9nq!i; mlll!n:(!Iwl) blood ,f:j!1~mi@~.1tis

Or",,: OF1lly

u nhearil 'Of th am


.sctlog ether in ti'll ~ \IV",v.

Mgve 9"!, H D1, .~ I!b1!d:: at 1ciS {short i'iWar'd), HIPS, x7.3)[~. :!~_ 2 D<'ILlg:hqa Le.l;lder:AC:'1,Mov·~9~, HDl, 11 attac~ at !l'Ofig sword), HP9 Or¢$: ACij, M 0'11'0 9"'" H D1. "1ilfUlIck at 1tilS Hong swo rdl. . Hfl6., 2_'1(5, 4. 4)(3·, lt1a WtlC.i:1 DOc,'tOrwfil mlfltbe in m;lmbat but ilsiilg 11'\1 is chan'_ Beca,use (!111M ovel'c;).st sky and heavy r~rn! the orcs are 1l[)1.IlUhBiT~ nor. rna] -1 to hlt j n i:hil:Y I'tg]ht,

AC7. MOII'E! ~2", HD2,' -attack. a! ld6+1 [mBt::e)~ !'-IPS. Spells: cure ill/Ill WBilIrlQSiC2, ch8fll( LIsee); puah, l!Ihie'd, SCaf'lfI" BOres; AeS,

,!tI1ir:'1HI( 1d1I(HfN1IMm),

fiP14. Wit~h Do.;tor:




OWarts: Dfthe 42 members Oh~9 K~Hl:zal clan eBcon'ilL~ the G<Ir!3\!i51n, 13 SUNfV(l. A!I ara
m;ale lighters..

gil va lue n ort h €I co m p ositlo n (Jf th'" C-.l ra va n'.s meT.Ghandis6wlll be fij,iven, The party shQl]!d

pi ttre n"ff'er_

B611 3 14l::l'li 1 113 M"I + 1 Mace. + 1 f'law Mall.

MJ ~ ~

6 32168 -3 11E1!7i>] 14 ,11 13 11 12 Axe', :i! i'1~te 'Mail, +3 Shield


j.IP At::


IN W1 DE CO GH 16 l' 14 '4 11

The Journev

1!;II1'm 3 10,'18 (I 17 9 7. 1!l MI +2 LLJaJf1'i1lHamme!, F!f<ltil Mail. 11101'1 1 4i, 4 14 12 18 1:3 U.!itii 1 7'·'9 7 1"3 4 9 II Si!ll~ !liB., l'e(65) 15 Hi 13 Fiif, 8..'12 4 14 1 ,11 11 Killltl 1(] ,4 11 NI 18 n




Movsmefit off It 1S'~mIP<Qss!b!efQr cartaand at one t!Bnlfn normal speed fOr others, ~neach he)!' there willlJe EIcrEla~lng sultable for makjng c<"imp.,The 'crest is U.f]l'IlftLJr8lUy Qur~·l and

(See Milp ~I ni'lFtQw, rotted track winds fts'W,!lV around [he IloW hllls. 119!?fI~ throw;JIh.iI tl'liclrfir latest

Two rou nds ,f.! Iter [he atf{u::l! beg rns, il 'gr(!l1 p II r deo rne s tel Ihe r[(d e aut of II'! s' fO"re:e:1 tg h !l'lp the PElHlvan. It possible, thsv will use tf1ll1ir magical, l'isicmicanci divine ~We powers lnstead , attacli a! 1d4 tdaggerl, H'P32. Spell~~ Cf}/OI;J[' s~r,8y x 2, /igtll, h_vpflDrfsm, waf! of£09, blindhes.';: x J, hypnotic p;!i nprn :.::2', fe8r x 2:; PI!H1Jiy,zlJ.tir;m X 2., Ct\lrl fr1sion x Z. p'l,im! ilsmDI killer, Pr.itlce: AC3, Move 12"/24" fiD6, 1 aotta:ck at 1dB (iongswardl. HP·42. Spells: amarl,gle )( 5) charm perSGfI. Qf mamma! ",,2. CLUe U91l1'
wound's )( :1, !:IJI/II[JiJ1ofng. 3. ,call wl[JorJlana beings, !:~['!) ~1¥IQrJs w~utlrl~r 'Waif of fir&. . Fool: A.CJ, Mewtll:2" 1;241" i ~1J6, IrJIflQ5wmti, HF'37 He h .~an AI"ISlfll'll'l H1IrpIDMGI. Queen: AC3, Move 12"0124" (horsed).



12 10

111 12

there is a rnerked ilosllFIceof animal


l'r;m~ I



10 :l:'a


15 ill 1::1 1"1

517 31'51




15 17 a i1 lfl U Ii! 11 !I 10

18 11 Hl 13 11 S 1::1 '11 1:21E1 Hl 11 " B iii 111 ill ,

wiih atrnost c.ontin'IJlIllt1ul!1defS[OrmS;




r~ the

me... The


x.i;. permanlilflr WIJ!>ral1.


·isil gen:e~al feering of mpnaea. Roll ()n(!elnOll~ for rilnGlJrrI a\l'~nls"l sccl'eof1 en a d':2 ind[·
2. Carl105es <I wheel. ldfi1Ulrm;

seen rlsrn~ ["rom aurroundlnq hnl·ltll)S,ThIHe!

drums cal'! be tIIe·arc between thethunderclap,s and eccaalcnel pfHar5 of smoke ;:;"1'1 be

me ore-

Nates: All (irst lelle1s wllilr'6.plinl MElli and! shIelds. i!lhd have oil"l1le.axHs. shortswards an d sh ort b aw,S" \Nitt-; :m OJ m~w~n~(l·ch .. H'il poi nts blifm'elh!l sh~s11 <II~!I cu rrs t'lt to ta Is (d u e iowflu"cls) these after ara r10rrnal lotOiis The caravan COr;Si1>l;;; o-r1 .i>~litHvbuilt, covered wooden carts, each pulled by a draft hnrse.s lMMJ AC1, MoV'~ t;r ~ HD3, 1 attack at
Fv['eac." horse killpd,.'speec.l drops bv ona elghth fmm hs normal 1 he,l(.·' hour on p-am roads,.2. hi'L'>,;'htlm On g(lod rOil OS t - ;:Vi6"/lu r n I. U III to H hou rs."dllY CBn be s·pervttravelling, Night trovell ts aniil fifth ld3·, HP'S6xB.

caresone of the Jollowil1ld1: 1.'Ca~lB'et5bogged down. 1d4tu,mS.'lo treei'l. 3. Hors!! gllm.s.lamJ:l.. Mo v e lilt h'a['f speed until,
rep ia(;!;! d. 4. F!illtlJr1lrea to rQpalr it

~IcJj:::k!; roa,1. 1 dB turnsto

move it.

norma.~.speEHll. At' nigh!, Ihtl carts; may be linlreif10 fcrrn a ·!>!Q~kade. Usual!ly.14 of tlle. eaccrtinq dwarfs ride en the carts with t~:e othsrs wallril'lg a'iongside. Afler the battle, halti;lf the horses will be dead, tha Khalal mines and trading vOnllJres:
The ~r1s contaijil!wQI y.e,ar's pl'ilducti!:ll1

locatlon encounters. Should Ihese clash, th~ tlrne enco unte I" and all folluwil"lg lime enccunrers sjl~olJld be IJOstpo'll'ld For 11:l'!i111. Enctnnnreted monsters wh~ attack wiilll'l'll'ke an immediate' frontal as;sj3w~t LoIsjng wave' u)!;:· lies, They will be maddened wili"l'f,ear. Their
rnm<Jle will be 15~'o better than n()tma~ ~ut anvadverse r~slJlt shOUld be 18 en to mean 'Ilee in p~II"IIe;'IDMG].1ihus morale wrll be beltnr whrl'Ellt lasts but, WrUl'irI it fails, the FOiUlcs

EflCQUllleilli There are two types

of GIfICQtJr!!er, lime and


Eirclaeg. Dosk. As il. rnOlk~s camp. the caraTha total va!tJBis 80,510gp, distribute!:! equal~ v~n i~aff_acksd by the' following ~umalnoid tribes, none of whom ffilMi'rnl5s1le WBap(lIns 1',1 ,11111011951 I.he carts with toh~ mGS~ valu~"lep!alirlui'Tl. gold, jewlllll3.ry ami gsms.-Iocketl' and 1l'5 with thl,Hl)rcs, areall rioloriaU's. Bn~mles: Jrlsldll frah-boulI1d chests to w~ich Thorfin ha.'S Ih 13ic{'!y •. 1E:.u,1i C'cat! abo [:on lB r nB, foe d fm ii KI.[ol:Q: 1 Gob,lin ~fldor AC4. Move 6", HOT, , dwarfs tor ~ O-davs gl1dl eQuipml'H"lt for mnl:lng OI~t<ld a'~, dB ·(I~:lI'tgswordIJ,I-rf'B; 3S Goblins Ace, Move. a". 1-101-1, 1 .mack at 1de rShfiJrt CilmlfJ· The ri'rs\ c:haractats to r;harge down tile hill sword), HI'3a)C3~ Na.i'Q: 1 Gobrll1 LmH:!er AC5, WIll have surprrsQ and, on uheir firs.l5lrike, be Movtit t\". HDI ... 1,1 attack at 1d8 (Iongsword} 2 ~o.hit Ilnd + 104 to damage. 1I-IF'9;46 GobllnsAC6" M0'J1c6". HIJ ~ I 1.1 If'ih~'p'uW SII.U;;~s5iflllly aids Lhl3dWllrfs, atl:ack at 1 ciS ~shortSWOfd~ 'HP46:<3; T1Jlu5~ 1 Hobg[)blill Leader AC3, Move 9", HD2, 1 t!gey wlll be ehanli:'ed by til 10' 13LilFllof survivor aLtad; at idS ~lcmgswordl HP13: 27 HQcgo.b· ~md"asked Ie ilc:.t <IS ~k1'f1lrdlji until th" (l<iir~""an linsAC5, Move 9"', HD1 ~1, i ettBcl: at ldS reaehes Irllian rer <I ~!le'9I;!tiBblgl perCenH!gle cHile value onne g'llods In tho earewlrI whir:,11 (long=;;,wordlHP27x5; Felhl:'1 Bugbear Leader lrI~adl Ihe GiIQ_s Fiilector in l'filiBIl1. The percel1lACl. M(r.... 9". HD3+4. 1 attack at 1dil0 flh1ll· e ·tage shQuld be 9110IJQI1to comrillDe the pllny b rdlliP24; 12 Bugbe-afl;l' C5, Move' 9~ A H03 -1, , <ilfilCk at 2rl;1 {guisarmeJ HP1 2}(1 3. that ht1rH~S1V is Hm be:'i"i pa~icy but nll'lthllf h:i

311 platin;l.I!rn illgol"!l. , ""lllll' ilillch. 5(1 $!Iold IIl{!oi5', .2,(IOgp eaah, 70ll$llvero II1{1Ct5, 101i1l~nuch. 3000",>ppCr ingllts, 19p aach, IEill;lh !"Qo' weigh~ [Oltosl. 3wro!.!l!)1fl ~QlrJ pJoteSllt NOO'lllP. mOllfl'p,1.ltJOgD lWI1OIJ!lht pl"~lnllP11 bowls 31250(91), I$OOI'HI. 311Cm'SEll s~lvllr gDblFl~ iii J{l{lQgp eae;l'I. , 2 Ili~.e~, ~f" Ispls IlIlull ai 10!l;!p.e"ch, ;I p'lece.~ o-r <ifill''' >iC 5J!lgll eiIQh. {I pleees (If Jll! B1100!liC !Jaoh 3 p iere .. of p!l'il:!<> ~ • [ "'OOiJP "'lch, Ii fire CJoF'Il'S IH 10IlOgp eacfl. 6(J(Jasoor!nd (Lulli w.,.-lll 15aO:!lIf,J.

will be more catastrophic, MOFls"lers Wl10fail lhslr morale throws onea wm net allaeli: agait1l.No atteckar will be taken alive; those Who are ceptureu will' dle- apj:lElrently from iii pslonlc arraek. Time Encounters 9y1ile lime of the aftermath of the b<l~lle ltwill iJ:B3 Nel3hlUrl'l, Errciaog. rtJl!!'followfng encown·
'[ers wHI 1,E1 I'l pll1l't:ji! !!.' tlmes gflll'9rL

biJit;y, S1IfJJ).r;) JrerOiliOln and TelepIJthy. A Following lhe de'rea'i orll;B MlUlmantlid5, itil I Si~l'1aaUeen will give tl'1esenior SU rvivor of tile earavz n 11sealed silver scrcll tube. She will 11:1)' I.Ipon ill! those present ths task .of t:l6Ii\lerln~ r,llfi'~LlbQd ttl 'Ten.r Gl.lthdo~l\Or OIL the AbbeHi lrt lrillan. She alsogivQS 1:1 wBlrnfng. 'Tho Dark is rtsll1g antilll will do svervthlnq In Us power to preventy you: reachlnq klll.1'O, However, there will be those 'on YOl.Jrj01.jHlIl'V who wiUaid YOLl. M0'3,Y '{OUf Gci!l's look olte,
you.' befnra fel\.!fnlnlg IIHhe forest. EirrJiJll!.J- MJdd(1fJaM. The W1rd Hun'L IDDGI gOldlQp;ks HCruScS the sky. It WI" not attl>ck lind 0111'1' l1lal<lcuuswho ~oll <11 on <I d2iJ ~tg c sej:lif Ihey are Bwake~ <lI1d then fad ti"wn saving

are 6', with 5oft,Iair skin and leng blond, blueblacll halr They hlji\JQan LlnDBnflly b auty which gillo!llilom il cJ)arisma of 7-24. These wi til 1S+Chmisma have Diyiml Awe powers lsee DDG]. Th e s e thm laan 5 of Fi'lieri e have grail! p<lwers ofllire mind find a rCEI11 IIlnowIt lied[Ie. They are enlv corporeal a,l certaln times, otherwise they orG mare shllJdows unabte tn effeet the m;Qtel'ial world. See.WDrn for fLl11 details ifY()1J wish to Lise [hem outside this sCS'l'lario_ '27 D<lcilleSidhe ACt Move 12"'/24"" HP3. , allElI:~ al1dB !l1lIn;gswlm:lf, HF'271114. All of the Gldtm have the psicnic I;lOwrns of Animal Telepll't:hy. D~tm:rtlrm fJ'f'GoCId IirrG fvfl, IIWisi-

T116 daulne sidhe are


to eiliElB,


a LNillg 'I ne jo LlIIley 1Jlt th


farthd8Bg, Dagung, 10 I]nolla, AC5, Move g", Hila. longsword, HPl ami 2 Dgres. AC$, Move 'il", J-iD4 1-1,1 atlad at ld10~ HP21, Hi, anacil,'tne rlMllV!3I'1 i'I:S it ,,1:rike:l e~mp_ Etittil(!j.a'ecg. 2 NfJaiJilJtc. 4l{'obolds, AC4, Mvve 6", I-an>!!. 1 OlIn-adi :2d4, Hf:'4 +1(2, Ir.1!·n [be, [;i!.- ra'ian 8S 11~!rilk9S camp. _


attempt; tojei"





Tile WIld


/WQnmJalJg. i1 DaeQure. A HTII G11l1I'lt, AC4, Move 12"! HD9, 1 attlicloiar 208, HP4'9. anacli:s !he ~,aad ~1m, F'IfdlltJlI.' f DtJBgur.-!l .. f!< tlOOfl'll:l::l! IFF! AC4, Mov,e HI ,H'D6+3, , Iltt'!l'C:J.: OJ! ldll, SpetHi! Atiad::s: Shrii;ik, HP34, and 5 giarl'tlJalS lFFI ,ACS Movli! 3" /18". HD'h, 1 attack at 1d2. SP€felal 08if8nses; Aeriill M<Jnoe'yrBbllity, HP'3X3, 2)(2, illttack'the lookout.""



Name Kir'ji RA SX AL CL H M eN F rt F N LV HP At .3 Hi S '(. 14 B AG WE BL Sf 52 1435 icc 12 47 1136 1<00 II!'i IN 13 14 WI 9 7 IDE CO CHI MI 12 14 9 10 15 11



LongsW(lffl longsworcl

z z

Thl:i'~lrn~!ll continual fl.a5hes of IIghllnrng wUl fiElveflL thrt'lollgh ririe driving rafn,ll olOLld 01






fori:. The wallis are of 10ft hig_n logs and hailS tI walkway, Tile Inn arid the Slors are: stonebulle sIngle-storied, slnglc.roon"lIldi t.H.lil:din,gs. The 20ft high !IJO,kQlIll0Wer of open waoden eonsrruetlnn. The.,slore contains fm 1H1~ 51'UIII selection of weapons (10%cnanCQ <II lor <In'll partlculsr enarand frr,apping nquiprnent, The 1r"111 provides B basic meal and an area nfIlcor (or·tln~ nigllt fDr 1 sp, 0ara\l!8r1S ma,y bfiJt!ltnQiI'lJ'dill thaYiUd fm 1gp/cert1night. 111.i pe:st is run by tw~ relired 'flllh!.ers, Klns and Sili wi,11attamottc keep the peace, bUlln-al at IhllI:Qs't mfll1eir aWn sklrrs, When lhey learn of the attacks em the r.araivan, they will Insist that II SUlys only ornE fTigh'l, Also ill the Tlfading Fcst is a small mule tram of 1Z ml.!llies and Hi rutn~lers, ar:hll'lily disguis<IldllJi'igend:s Who will attsck tha earnVII. al:2 Daequre, There are 14 0 Il!vel fighters (RAIH. SX M, AL CE, CL F, LVO, HP14x4, AleS, WN ~kmr1$wordl find ona Leader AA H. SX F, AL eE,C!.. F, LV3, "IP17, ACA, AG32, srts (-0/ LOI1!j,SINord ~No speclal abiHties) WN LorlQl.sword Kirls ii1~d SIIII warn lnallf'ie b,li:lgil ollEl'f fhe sri on the E6cS,t Read 13dOWIl, The only ether Classing 1$lhe ferry or; tf1~ West !'I.!m!:!. Ferry. The f-arrv keeper !file'S in !I small hut Qn the north bank. Nflme SaHq. RA trlE. SX F, AI.. N. ct, F, LVa, HF'6, ACe, AG 18. WE98. BL.1Ci, STHH.,..o/-111N:14,WIH1. DE15. C01l'i, CH18, MI-. W~ Longs-word. She has a lanw Gave atta:cks al1d8, 1l1itfacl! at Nl~. Attacks: HL.I~for 2elil. I-'IP4.o.

location Encounters Trnding Post. See above'. A smlll'1 stockaded

bla,cl<ne:l.!l mlllvfng ~1[J\I\(!y ~10f~I'tQI.m",) down Ihe D<I~thrWE!g tDwmd~ nhe cara'ltan. When fi r51 noticed, it will be JOQn dls1..lmt, 'ns;id~~ ~he cloud are hon~ of kYllS5 IFF! AC1(l. Mo .... 9", HD4, 1 atlacK,ln 1dB, Spacral e Attaclm·: Worms, Dieeaae, Sp-I:!Cial Defenses: Fear. Regelleratlon, ~"IP.21.18, Hi, eaeh accornpanled by 3lornbies, [MAllj AC8, M!l\lie 6"! HD2'. 1 attack at , d8, HlP9~1l,. Tlr1e undead will attack the caravan untIl cieslroY"Bd. Ally who OlreturIl:ed will return wh.BI1 the duraliol"l of'll1~ turning has been tilxceeded Vislbimy inside tine cloud ts Hlft:. Wh!l!'llht: do LIe ls 150ft from tha caravan, the £tBlles 0'1 the Gr,aefgMrd will slowly open 1~reveall. a figure o~ck(l1'11ng rc thill' pa'rly. It Is d'rQssad m.a black shroud, tha cowl oFwhk:h ts Ihrown back to fl[lveal a deatl,'s he"lli. Th~ Wind, wl1ipping madly at the ahroud, will S"'~W hi<nealh, black armour embliilloned witi"l <II 5k1JI~, The figure)5 rhe Charrrrrnan: a clertc [Jf the DalJllhFM.m, the lrillan God o'f the! Dead. He will shalulf Ihll q.araviin in 'be Grl3E1fge:ard; Rel'pfng defend it iCgilln~t the Unde.aQ, lin lhe mer ning thiii·gateiS.af lrlllan will Of}en.

and most J)O'werfLjI City-51'Uel> in the' area. II attracted manv adventurers as we'll as rha atten'tioh of the larg~ nurnanotd tribes to !he noM who tried to ~aclcjtlieV1i!f"ll tlrnes Qafore be,ing vlrtuallv w1p0d eut In UTe Darnner ElBflllly!e, ~h·e finall battle in, Oi 15 -yea)' w"r. A century ago the gems failed ",ml!r"hH1 started 10 de.ooy; its lands and possesslcns Wf::lrEi solei off OJ' occuplad :and lts power dedi[1gCl, n~W ,~)I1landlnQ 11bdre 5" mlles from the clly. II !"10W ri'lakes.a precarious livll1g Elsa tradTng ~enlife, sltuased oetwB~n the-civilislild la ru:ls 'to ttl e south BInid th e wi I deme:ss 10 tho north, Only III1e atreet r18m6S rH.W bear witness to the ~Iory -and po ..... r 'l1lB'1was Irilia"" a Although nominally I'ndepsndent, ,Ia·mimleans h~avily 0'1'1 the eeu nlr-ies to the soutb for I,>LJpPOrt and, i" pOS::libl~,. wl'l try not 10 ofhmd them, However, there have 1:1991'1 1111'1.~S wilen [rWa., has h<lo Ie defEnd Ttself· lIgafns:J: iii 'frsteme visit' from one or !WeI arrnles, Thare iilrB 'lw,1) rnaln Iaeets to IrlliEin pol ltle s -I h IIICOli I"Ist!i ~13 ndlhe Mob EndSI i ~g' In !J!na'.H'\Ipartnarshlp: Counsel] pro~O;)i>rr(9 ;imd 1'11eMob, nowllndthrrn, clis'f:105,ll'IIQ, The COUI'lsell are the elecled rep resen lali yes nf the people while the Mob are the people themselves, tD~t8i!S ofthe.Couflseil and Mob will


be given in a leter epIsode.

zen must oiti'1erhave been born there or rake
Citizens can vote in the C(lI.Jn!>eil eleenens aM ejllirn proteerlen undrJr IrTUgfl La,w ~Regardle~!i of citiasrrship, svervorte in llilian is .!rubJf.!at.o t~" pl.lnltfve aspects: of lhe Law,)

Citi~IlWlhip, Any'one wishing


become a clti·

ail oath "floya'tv and !Jay 1'9P II]th(lT"I"r;:"~,lJry.


Taxes.The mlljr)!' Itlli.?inlBX'~ I'lro: HfNJ'Nh Tax: 1spl!-amily or 81ngle I3dult,Y(lar. ,MfJr!Ji'I.mdisl'l LiIJW: 3% of\i'Blu Q of go ods 'l-or Ira de on a n tarin.g or I !;laving Ole c~W. Pol! fax: lsp/volf.lrl y~;;!r. IlrllJi'lrrs are allowed a vote. when over the age 01151. Properf't_ Tax: J% crvalue ol pWipertyownliid/YIHIr. Toll; l..l.persofl on p Fool, 5Cplcart, 1 !lp!dd'er, on ertler~ng! or leaving the city. rr81J'SUre Dur),: 1O'fu!Of all gems., lElwellllry and nOf1!-lriliBn' cuin:> which I3lre brQught Into ltilian and not raken out iil91oin.

~11.INHl. W1B, D1O;13, CD; 1, CHM,


Goods in transit are


G"reeffjeal'd Bud CIlan1T. Th!1' iJtJyth r 2, eN AV.lrilian's dead arB' bm. in thl Ii! G rIJ G"f913D rd. Ent'fvi.s Huollgh 1'i sel doubJIB wlou:,ght-lron gales (OP\,I5l in the surroundirlgl0fHlione wal'l ~D<lml1gr:lPoint Vaiull rON] 41.11 is overseen hytbe ChEilltnman. FlA

sn Nt


All travellers enterrng U,& Gfty are checked end, if ~Olrryi'191'JlIllilbl.e goods, are rlirected!g the C()unseil Flus 10 pill\l their duties, Should Ii'ley rB'II!J1Se, Gl'lrd'~ will be ca!led'. I"'ersonal the


not cOr1!>ioer~r;lI<I,)tal:Jle,

bear, Gtun [MA/fl AC6, Move 12", HD6+'6, 2

denH, rlP~x'2. 3)(11 .H!. Simultaneollslv, 2 othars (Hf!14, 112)auemp't 'lQ cui the haW!>E!r. They willi need 1 turn '1'0 CQ ll,istD tt~B '(,oin!. wher'B.!twm snap. Eh'G-aus~ nile light. 'th:e !iai1uagin will hui!lI -1 Ia'hit and 6ClFf1age, Four round.&i!lfterthe SahuilIgTniflI:Uu::k:, thery wi!! be attacke d in lu rn, by 20 5e131 elves jMMJ AG.5, Move 12"/24". HDl +1,1 attack !I! 1 + ldB ~PDngsworl:l), H P8l:9. 7i>a., 10x7', .....hOowill '''{In-

MQ'ile 12"1'2,;\", HDZ+2. I attack fill

'rOpt:l- Sall(1 Will 'r:::hatae 1 gp fOre:ac!h Cf()sslng. Wlrlid~ will take 1 IUrl'l. In the tMlreafthEl rlv'j;ironlls fi rstl:ros'!l [119. the jerr", is attlrcb"dI by S sah uag in IMM] AC5.

small barge ami will ~arr-y up to !iltmrse~ Qr 1 carl. A hawser is; :;mchcrIld 'to. each riverbal' lor fi Pi d passes th mu 9 h P u j Iays 'at ea iii end of'll, e I:!lIifge'tD 91JJr::te rt, 1M~tl.... PQW8 r [ e is p''!lllid~d by'lh8PIiI~!l~f1g(!rs wJ1() pulll of1lhe The f~my

Mail, WN Mace. Spells; aeleel IJvll x 1!, pr(}tR{;,lion fr€lm evil X 2. eure J~CJht wQunQs. augury, eh8f1 f, hold ,JfJfSQfl :.c ii!, silence 15ft I'll dius, disPI'I! mllgic, rol'llow;! cur;.<;·e, sings1he prdyers,fot thB deBd4 He hate:; Unde'cld, desiroying! them wh\l'r \lor he ~I'l, He might Ewe.n join ~ p'artv of Ojd"~nl:urerJS rl that 'Were thmrl nl!9lf1trl'ln. Becelll1>'<l 0' hi $ low charisma. ttle C~lanlrman ts solitary in his h~blts; !J I'll IV \tllntur[r;g CluLsrdet:lie'~hllJn~r when his irl<IS!o:, whTch ~j\les him an offectiV(l cnarl.sm;,uJFI'!. isln plllcalll!1d, 8V911·111911.ort!y' Ip bllriB,ls.Il'''~lj;ditiol'!s 1!gainst the- Unt1ead ur 10 visit his graort friend, Tel';al GUIl'itdohuir" a~ the Abbei9), The cost 01 a burial ril,r:1~!l:S' from lcp to 1DOOgp dej:)endirlg upon Its mag.l1ific9'!1Ioo, For 1'Ine1>Ch'l'I!JIP'wika, the: Chantrman will 1 si Ilg t hB desth SOI1 9S for the decs ased.
fNUfl c:ol1vsf5atiot'r3

H,SX M, AL NG, C!.. C,LV5, HP3{l, AC-3, AG3iL WE5120, RL-, ST17j-t"1it 1), IN14.WI1S,DEt2, C016. CH3, MI: Mace ,,(Disruption. +S,PI8ffi

Irllian lLaw.ltiltlin L.,.w r~ 01 tour types; Crimin,ElI, Ch,(fl, Flellgim..ts ilfnd Milflary, each has dif· ferent ccurts and pi!! Iflties. They Wil!!:J8 detil il'Od inl a later If:!.pisode.

The I'rlilian Daeq. ThE! Irilian DIIEtQ. 24 IJtre ill10ufsl each of GOminurfl's, isdiVldBdlntolhe rated




at U1e

Ch<lIntr wlriere' In.e


Daegure and the Neahtu.H1'l; these beingsepaby Mlicldilleant and Midrlaeg <ll'1dsubdlvided by Dagung <linc!Dosk. iltPicallnN.a.n D;'jBg: ~iddnfJ-aht Cha.ngll1g 'Dfth~ Mght Patml. 1 ,i)e1l19!-!1r!il. 2 Da'(lgure, J D!;Illlgwfe, Inns ct,,!>e, ~eg~ars finlsl1. 4 ble<agu~E!,5D.e:agu,re, ' Dellgure. BeggarsSlIlrl, Bte;i!t~fllst, O<rgurr{J,. Dawn, City g,nes -open" food shops Open, Nii_glhIPEltrol e)(oDhEingesWith Ihe Day Petrol!, Temple SQrvi'~!l.



ish without

I,{([;m. T," Il' Cilfollvan ,EI rivas al d liS k, Uitef gmdl,e.:ssoHiI ow fl:l r It h.go 'to 1r avel on I he Iina~ d'<lY, S!lme misl1ap will h<llle tilelaved it.) The

are dsadl.

e.>: ia n <I,!l!l n when EI" 011'tn.. p

Bael!grou nd Infmmation with the dwarfs and lihEl' Clwn-ers u~ the TrCldin!!l Post, the party will be a bl e Lei lellorn tr!;lIl 10II00wir1:g ,l:Ib~u-i Iri Ii!'!",

90'eagure. Other ~hops open. 10 Deagulre, Inns Gpen. 1i Dooglilre Middaeg, Changing! uf lheDay Patrol, T,elTJple Service, ~ Neahture. Midda ....meal,:2 N.eahlule. C:OUIlseiI5,its, Courts IlrJlI con\lElrmd, ,3 Nealhturil'. Markot I1lI0s.a!l,At Ne!ltufO. C:ouns~il n&f!'S.

B O'EH!gUr'9,


CpSI'Is ..

!5 iN eliI htu rtil'.

Dos 1<.IDusk, Gil UI.s" d.O!le, Non-fa od she p!l elQ6;~, P\.I'11 is hme nts c"Brrler;! out", D~y F'atrpl e!l<;ch.llngeswilh Ihe NI~!'U p~m\l')l, M<!i" T'ernpre 7 Neotlllure, EIi'Bn,ing meal. B Nellhtu re, Food shops clo~e ..g l\Ieahi.ure. 10 Neahl.i:.Irll, Middneaht,

Gealgagel!ltwill close as il arl'f\les and,simul. ta 1'1 !l(J 1,.1 sly, ihe Wind will rise tID a glBlla,thQ LhLlnder and Hghlnlng' reaching:a now peale.

Hia"orv. 500 ye~H$ 019,0,whliln Irilial1 WiilS il ~1lI1II!licHen of hlJ"lIr3ls b8SIdB a ·f@rdantl'leriVerlril. gems were dlsoovered rn nearby CIB¥ beds, J'ri· II~aoIhen grew rapidly to its presBl1i size, acquTring a reputation as olle of the rirohest


11' N.18ahtum.


9hh@ Nfgnr P'atrol,


IRIUAN The Ure <Ira rmlrkad by Templs g,(JI1~S whIctl sound one, beat for the hair ure anti 'the n:levant nurn bar of beats fm ~he u re. Th e Ure (If Mlodn(]al~l. D'agung,. MicldBag !lfld DDs!!. BfO jl,Hther mar!;,ed by <J snatch of S'a~rEld T(ll<:l sung out lrom the Tarnple Gong Tewsr by o lie cfthe cla rics, Olno whrlil! ;'lnim<ll, At rtre culmination. the

The Irilil!JJ'1Cahlnd'lr. The tril!OI11ye ...r comp r i sn fau r Sesfil/'1.!i'. ~<i 1:11at e 19h I Wi1!'a Qf tan l)<ileg. The \iii rka are SMrm, R[vf:re. Wae!,e!r. Lse, HB~I.Monl, VBI~ilndPiJs; Hie Sasuns <ire Caetf, HI!!Bnfr;m~, CLI ann:! BfJJ~: and the Daeg; Regndljag, Sunnadaoy, Eirda'a!!l. EanhDri!l'fl'!], radlleS1. Fro-Slfiaeg, <ind C}Yr.t:<lilg.iE!l!ItvIi'e9t'1 Sesons are the festival.s or D~orcr;leiiltJ

Gtlard bV clerk" 01 tne Tarnple, TI~B eareasaes butchered and \.Jl e faw !lest! is COtlSIcJ rneti by tile assembled populace whu rnaantlme ~cJ'~O!m to !tlEl' Goris to IElUhefellowing seson be fruitful. F2. FondlNicm, Thls cornmerncrates ~rllh!l"!l" IOLJnrfaLiol'!. The members of I~a COLll1SaH<Ire bourne thrice round Ihe Marl! Geartl in palanqlJb[l!HlS thay tihrow 'gem!>' to the assembled

C~ IV{lS OJ re

rilua. ilY61"

Uj!J I'It~f(iJd

irl. in

19 M a (k

-a re

Sesa n F'e5!tiYals.. Samadeo re - ce~e bra!1 ng mat the nigh,l is Llrresame lehglh as tha da\", L.mhtda!l{l-- CI1i Ieh rilli n9 ! hat th B day 'h<IS j,ffi IJr~alei:ill'Bngtll. 1:hime~Goh\. ceJebra:ting that th.~ dav Is tho same length 8'01 111,gll;n. DElorcdaeg - cs!el'lFatTng 11'1 ...11'1,,,,iligh~ lras I!s 9rellteslien9th. Each of these is celebrated by Msling uml] middc.!l9 ~hen the Prima! of the Temple deel a r!o:i t h r;: f~ stfvi!ll t![llirBve :i!'.IlI !ted, Th 9 t::;g 1'1 EVe-


.Fyrdfleg, Se(ilf


Ll!!ohrrle.!'Jcr1. S<'lmf'd,~rc,and SliImeJer//H phrs mBlly other ve~rI!, fl3stivll'ls; the most impcrum ~ af WI! i~11:;)I ro COilolfdli1og, HfJ;;lfrro ,",(}d.[j>f.I!J, CitH:Jae!}. Boledlilli!f} ana D(;)lluJd&~_ Wile., givrnEi a date, the year is given 1TrM (Year Zero is the date ot lrllian's FClUl'ldaLi'ol1 as fI d1;yl followed by IhraS85:0n, theWikil'8nd the Deilg_ The' present V13'!H"1&5M H-ms, For Is 8M - Sole - Rivers- Eind'1!8ll. Nllmerii:i!lI~v, thiswould b~ 504-4-1-3,. To ccnvert to AD&/J game time, lor hiring and BginII pur(}O~ElS! far example, let 1 Deag = 1 dav, ,fWi~a = 1 rnenrh, 1 Irlii<l'n V'El:EH = 1 ve~r,



the d I3t8 [If Ih II second 9 [Ila! ma rket

senr !ltardlim!l(l.lh~ 'gems' IHII Go.IOLlr(1d gla$£ and p'retty pe:bbI as, alneof rhe tIIIIo greilt y,early ma~kal.S, tli~ Foncialicm Mark, is t,eld On this. d,Ui::g fS. Haab fDnl.ai!&g. A~ Cae1Ida <lg except e estvas 0Jr1Bl repleced wIlll merEGfS, f4, DIl'eg Aef lIiC::lori9_ The Il'ilisf'!8. re rn om· bar their more glorious pasl.ll'l particular the DamnElr BEltByle<. All day IOi'L(J, the h'il'i~n Gtlttle glllil!O marching dlsplavs. p!3r!lcl~,f1ghn'B mock b~UIi3's ,gild g~fl~rnlly !Oh[]liY~ r;lff, In the ,ElvtlnTnl3l,t tl~fil is <I g real SI19II- and Ior"n~1it drcus ln whirh various unlor!uflates ff,gf11 to the death ilga In1ilit aali'EIrl!!H:d Q nsters in IhB Tn hope otwinning some of the prizes on offer, f5. Folda(]g. ih9IrWan~IDs~th<;l1rcust.orn· arv reserve and vi~Wrlh !;'~<;;~ ethar. 11ll"lJOly t~!) most ()utraQoous p"lcHcal jo~oo. Allllorma' rules of behavlour 1He suspended ~1lltlh(Jugh the ,~w l~ IlQltj-B,['IdthEJCoum,eil Aef Mitsriulll. a grcrup o~ drunkards and rakes, rules for the daeg; pa'sstng th,s mest s!1oc~ing hilwsthal tliey can dream UF;J,One flllmous uarnple was When the Counsell decreed that tha ma~e:i an!] fernalesln lrilisn w[luld have Ie !O«&haH!:l~ clothes. 'from dlBt time dates the geDBI<lJJ sil'!'HI<!rllyll'l mate and '1"011'1111", !illl~m rn lrillan, Fli ClIdB13g, As Cm,llfdasg, Elxcopi t~n CO,VII!; ate S!BLlgi'nerlll:d to try af'ld!i1\o'ifaY tl,a G-ods" Fl. fleiefA.efIrilian, Duril'i!'j ~he rjall~.'n remembrance ofthe sie,g,ra lrillen by humenof oldtribes lo"th!1 ,(13'E1rs376 37~.ll1E3' lrlllansaat ih la fOQ dtn wli i c:h the V' had bean red ucad 01{ the tlrna tha !>ei.g!! snded: w~od bra<ld, raj Slew, ~rlllS!i l[1orrid~e aOQ&imilar delft:ac~es, AL Dmik, Ihil Temple 'Jof'lgs rlng OUllO rna~'" thEi relief of IriHari alml ths PI:l~iJ'il",~ thl'ln i'Hi.t ~nd tlrinR lohel']lseh.le~ TI"!CS<l1'1 Ofll rmHe 5H"le p'al'atabja fair .. 1"8.BDlerJiu>~ Apart from b.. llr;;;rBthEir than calves bElil'l9 tji'B' :sacri1'lcli31 .. nimBI .., this cBle b,ariol"l bmlrs" ram Ii rk'fIL,la ft3s(lml1Ianoe W

multituda, Or


used te, in the pre-


occasion amI dr[l"ll\s ilseld into 11 's.acreQ stupor to, I~Qpellilly" .become tfluptive 10 !he G oc:i So' cornrnanda1i1":1L,IUMItheygfvEl any', Thnv nBvl;l nct es Yilt, butthe Irillans CD not let ,01' Hnloming [ikn that step them,

gatioM. seated 111 tna Mark Gearcl. then llr,i:ll!it;he.s,~asks and W~ne5kil1s brcug"t lor t!~~

W,etither. The lrlll11 n cl ~ma'trstst.em perata

with short, lntarrse wimers, the IsS'l. two Wlk;l of Bola and thil flrsttwo of eBeli. and mild. wel slJrnmers. lastthraa wrklJ: andflrst.three Wik.i'i oHleahrore IlIT'lO respeCtiveh/. Todctt'i'rmimr. Cu l'h e actual WEl,tlH'ier LIse ttl a cha n pro"" dod"



QLJarll;'lr HaLr Th rae CI LIIIlr1 ern Tat.:;' Nlilrl" UIl,r.t





eu Bolf} (J1-CI~!l'H,EI
Cll-:15 OiEJ-25 20 ..60 UI.4t1

Ei1-OO Bl-i)1J

!J<I-ZO 2100

8HI(] sa-so 1I1-SIl ,fll..Q(le'I..(lQ &1-nll
01-~!i ~t-SO




41 :Hi


(11-(;13 [Jil-:<Q





~1 85 31·9[)


OHHj QJ;-l!'i lEi>,O 7Hlll

f)1·1~ Cll·)!} 16"45 JH5 I!jJ-'~ ii'fH15 7ji.iJS 9(;-00 !lEl-t1(l (]HlJ m-11l 1:14-1D 11 2,1) 11-5(l 21-00
1i-1-I'l!O BHl'9 ~o!i...[JD (Ill

Ll~f, l Qro!llEJ Mt>d&rstc Iil.-e.e~e S'[ron!! B[l3~"


lIfi-~O 2T-70 '" -,'ill Hl9-00

StrO"1l [3[!re




_.1._I-tl IHI

H f-t H !J _


1 I1L~OJ" Wao[tJ'


1Ii.,!e'S-: F; fest",,,L hi: H"lioiay, fill: Markil't. GM; Gr~.'1 M,,,1;.,~ (Hl.~"Jrq~"1l

Fe', Oomstiflflg The d<!I~1 on whfc:i1lr['lians. lool(rorward rOlh9!Emdof lhEl worldw~en'~Ii'U" skies 5ni'i II 51] nt, Uile 9 roy nd 'anal I be COIl5Uffled [n HamEl,tll.e wii11ers oFth!! world sh<illl btl !limed [nia btcod and ,B nEJWLimd grl!l!!!ter Irman !;nall 'Olriso to Ulk-!l Ilor ri~t1tlu[ plaGf: OilS 'lhe Queen of 111~ cl~i,Ljlsil'f tile! w~rld, MIl'S1 eF (hs- dHyis spent e '[her ell Ul e [) omst!aeD Marl, or \I'f<ltci:1ingthe lengthy plOiJlin tli!:: Mum.u;: ~eBrd w[jjc:n dllp1(;lS the tlotJl\ie In all ~I~ gruesome, d!ilt~ils. FlO. Gemmafo]ils, \/1.11111gma't WEI'e,llillg"S !lml wailiflgsElF1d gnashil"1gs of le8l:h,lhe cit~e!lls remember wherL Ihe Gods IlJ~ned 01'1Fair Ir1· nan "Ilel tile fJerrl r,edslaileCil. No Irilian will SPD!l1i: between o.~gllng anc D6sl<:nor allow foo(;l 1:0paS'S hiS or her Ilpli frl)iII middr1~.ah! to m~ddf'll!ll'lIT!. Fl1.Dalflhf-(188g, 1h", Fe(&n'!!lll;!!th~ Dftad. T~H~Irilians dressil1 rherr best r>!lrJ c~g!he""red I:i.fl i nQ the col ow err L'1ea <l nd i'ltt!l'ii d Ii. U mertl1., gusltemplEi s,!lrllilCe.s,; fmalin.g sifts ~n Ine d SpiITt.. H;lftlhE: r:I~'lJdtu p,evl3nt Ih~m retiJming I and pl'<lguing \h!lli\!'in~_ As:afi'naJB','It'l[ll3mire popLlJatiD~ piosesslons to I~~ GrO!al~ellfd whare offeringsare lell on Ule gr<lvQs,<l~!d:>arvices slIn!!! '~or the dead. Ho1iIiBVS.


'!!V!Ullh~r. roll PQfCI;l!"1tagQ dLCIJ 9nce/dEle~ Separtll&ly far clowd ttover.l1lre~ipll;.Bilo[;l, ternpefBiYr61'111d wind. If l~-e r~slJ~t is !"nQ re tb!ln 'h'lL;! de~ !l3es IIi Flerent fml'l'llhilil pre\liau:!iil\l oblaln~d lOr Ihal type, them IhEl de,grsewhillh '8 l:WadiftEl foot L!l used, fe ihhe !lrevlow:s d:OI\1'S cloud co",e~ was J'lona iJnd tho dice SBY ll1allOda\l's is lotal 'Itlsl'! 'tl~u aCn.F<!I dOllr! co'!,rer is: '11<3lr, Prll'Ciplta'llori LSonly p-Ossl~le 1I1hare I!> sionufdoud emlBr !and only (;onstantTi Ih~l cover fS taUII, and in !ilubzl>ro tBmpa:rlltWnl:ll, fa 1113 S,!"IOW, i iI'I very col d t~m pDnlt uroo Llll as s~ee!. II (hare is r10 wind ilnd tha tOmperlllLiJfU is averc;ge Or !ess, there Js il 40% [It-l8~~e 1:111 f(Dl;J Iftller!! i:s no wi m:l a nIIIth illem pelratW,B 1'5 11 I::iOVIl c.VB'f:!jg J!l!, the re i.sa 40~.. uhanDEI !J I h aze. " To d:'eIj;lrminQ

Disease!! ..Irlll a I'! Cfll!lnt!l <l-S-1J fi!tny. erowded 8n'lllrcnmenl rOJ delermiomQ (jls"'<l~e. T'!lElr;:1! m:ate is LJ5U a 'i' r.o La nd moist on'l \I to r [11 EiI I1lSil WIlla I)f H'lll1lllfmetmd lliB fLffi! wLltll 1)1 Cu, tJth!:l!'Wi.!i1;) it r.. CQ~I, All mEl<ltln Irilil'lr1 i:H:i'lm.!der!3ci imp~op~rl\l (;.OQ:~e'd l!~d fliJ w"t~r CClI'ltamlnated unlass pLL.rifiad by OJ Cleric. n, t:naril c:iers mall be c: unl d T Ilia to, t>baie fo;! r a Ii. 'd'L1In!;!t[cn' of i 0% (If Iheir wearth. There are. E!'~ I1ft3se.At, no epidemic diseilSfrEl in Irilian.


The FesVvars. All the re5itivaLEifeature eillTfl.g" CiI~lnldr:l9, pr'or.e&GOlt1l'1s, Tl:lrnple service:;;, \ili:lm. ~!;I plays and aelf1.er<!~ !glity_ ThE! unlqlJ6 fearu~es, I'll eech <lIe {j'lvtmop.lnw_ 1'1, Ca(Jlfd~~8, Thi~ cel,~brilres the rlfst s.1l'5Cn,h~ C.... jf, th~ fl!l'W yel:l,f, There hi 1Ipro· l ¢;essipn, thrOlJgl1lhe strertts" of fiv'El mL!ltchGld p.Blirsof \:Illves; e.!!:::I, pair ht!!oIfng 011'113' bl!fd'

m~diUl',I;I, ~!31 and clirin~.

m:rt.wOfk; or w~r:k 'For trlp,I'e pay, buL rest,

These il,re da'ys On W n !cPtI ri Iia nS do

M,a diJ:et. G r,eat MI! ~eil: II,!I?, a r;l;d IH(lif,d,,'t¥,TP"lese <lir,e tn<lflml day.siLi1 the i\,lhlriod:;ea,ra, fu II'\' dela iJ ed ina la,ler e pls>ode, H el (days are l1'imnOiI d~V~ IlJnlill'llidd.e:eg, wh!3n they he'COme 1119 sarna as holidays ..

p1lnlhf!l:m oi deilrfls, wi,U, Cf'H'l',piilTron deity ill ti1iCi. pa\l. 1"191-10 mage tel.! he ot~, r.!;. ~!!l OC:~aslon ~ dOIT!;]nQ.s.; ~nu,.; ilWClrTial'l wtH) hilS Laidhal'1a5 <IS her pamm God<less mjghtpraljl LCiFe.lli'lu lOr ~O!1ltl craps OnSlICc.il.:5slli I tilrtn' The marn deities are,delailE:!d be'O\~ .. OauthrMllfl, ThE! De<ld MilO, Cod of f"EiBiOe'f1.J1 e(lt~ 1ind Quii'!![ Journevs. Burials hy O derlcs ohhllD<lulnrMari prole!:1 the cClrp.se from 1111 islurb;.l'l"lClf! :lind from be,c:oniil1l£l~> d

Religion in IriUlI!n.lri1i<lI'1~wmship'!l


IRIUAN HIs clartes h-ate al~ undead and will' nd d slrey them wherever- posslhle, Esrif. God ot Battle. Hls clerics dllllght in halt'!!l and are alwllvslhe first to enter and the las1 to re~\;Ie It, The", di5play rllctdes>s cou .... go and Ctmst,lrlU\I seek l"[liT lil[im~fB gOljl. OJ ylo.iol:ls dOBfTh fighting against overwhelming odfllj: conseqUentlv, t~ley I1irely reach hi~lrIle'llel:9, seal( au popular, rrlos!lV benauae of 1FIE! rgi~mllie rliQ!I o whrch aeenrnpanv hQr services, Her clerlca praetlce Sat:rEld Prostltullo,f1, ofi{_lrrn~ thlO'~r DO'dtllsfor FeUl'1u's gmaun glary. and are regarded <lSenot qurte res:pectatlle bYI1lII,e, clerles in lrlllarr, Felthu's deril::s have il partteuiarfilsl[ke for Lagu's because of this
Namp. Area of COl1trol AIillfimer-1 WDrS 1.1 pp!lrs ,"'Ji~rlmQnt 1·h:'I~ Arn,,,11


r::.eJrlm. God dess of Fl1.rtrHtV" Feith u Is very

Fo,grefi:mas. Goddess of Mercy and f.loaling, CI~rics of ForglofansSlilf pacifists, seeking to avoid trQupl(l wMenever possible, and anI glilnernlly pOlilJlar because [If thelr work in tending tne .sick .and dying, dlstributlaq alms, IlJolriilj] attar orphans Oll"ldsuchl!ka. Anyone nanning one willl9nd up at an imprerntu &lia(:l111on• hls OWn. I..i1YU. Gocl oJ Lew. LB;;Iu's followers, beHeile ln ft'ie Lew 'abova BIICrvthll1g Elise and Ii,ave a rigid set orfb",htn.dl;li,lr norms, davlatlun lTom wh lch is FIu n i shad in Ih til a riel! ife, This bali at 'Should !'lot he no I'lfu5ed wilh a slmllnr veneratlon ofj!JSlrce; follow.ersotLagjJ oenssa fittle CQnne.cliolll between the two. Most or lhe rest of Irindn cIJ1'l5idEl:rwClrshif}~)9rS of li!lgu to be 11arrow-rnindnd bigots,
Ii [l ;>i'U;;;; Fl'ltgll!fm'JtJ5

LaJl;itranas. The Supreme DeiW. Goddess nllh Family Clerics of Laid'ha nas am \N1l"t cleries are expected to be: !:;tlpporti\lQ. shepherding the lal1Miu i consoling I'he desolate and smiling the inli d e~.The other Iri~j8n I1lI,erlcsllsten 10 the1r advice. even if they do 1'101 "Iways foHaw iL, and they are the mligiow;t heads of lrlllan: the Ghi!!"f clerlc of L;lidMO!nas

being the Prlmat uf





Bauis CN An\,



FElJtlw Fe!"! Illy

He ell l'I'Oh Scm''''' LG

l-aw LN





Olher daWes ~n~udEl.J ual, Gods of Gems. !lOW !lQm(lWI\IlII'ess ,p0l'uli:lr-lnan allies he W!!S; mubul, G(l~lJtjss of Evil. fBIiIW£'I, Godrf~ss 01 the elements and Cahacubo, Goddess of [he &9S0r'l5. Non-Iril ia n Deit1&5. The attllude lQwa rds wo r sh lppers of other deilies d epends upon whe'lhe.r those wcrshlppers am cl!i!s!;'. iuo as pagans or Infidels. Pa9<1ns are Lhose who, through 110 fault of thelr own, happen net to have sean the I[Qni. The lrlllans tim a to lalllVll them alone; hopmg thet thelr ptous b:J"snaylcut
will CllUS~ thOSB u 1'110rrunates HI realise





CIrTHd"EiHI'l~d CI" Ifl~n r;i I!!odv Sac~iflce

VUIiD~11l "'rl!!qLrIlI1I:lV SacrillcoTVpu BU'1ili A,,), C!ericS6IIiRBCe f'10"1I DrV1lQffi"'P Gravasi e,

EllllQ:/Rud Dilath Mask Helm Blad Sh'o~J<:I A"mOllr

Sililtlred H eud W~'Ull,l K<I\"!k I-lit'e B'a"d FI"d l""IG'B""



Bl'ol111l!!CI Dov-!l


Lei, IN.lE. Cl~lp. Golr.!lC'rclet Anv A.nvtirne
tI1110Sawl Golcil

An!, :31",1n~ed SI1IJ1IfBe





Samtlit.:ClIlL F'Lllit.5elf

RQb(} Anytime !"ravers


ElILJIl Non!! AJ-vo,i



I" l!!B<ttl e



An\! Fi 10 ~




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error, Infidels "re 'LtlCSS whlJ' a!Jgres5Ive~v prool'!lim their erroneous beliefs and try tel tempt lrilians from the Om~ True W~v.lnfidel.s are- persecuted. ls burnt, Follllw~r!I nr laau -ara the most lntcteram and are US us III' the fH'!:F!l Who COrIVel"l9 the Temple ~rt with a charge 01 BlasfjherTiV' The major fl;lliglous tl'lslilutlon.5 in Irillsn are tJ--a., AbOOiB, Ihe Monaslerion. the Temple and the Graefoeard and Charnr Titlcse wllilla doserlbed In fLJ!ur



AbbP.i ._ ...... "~,, •••• Abbll'Y AtlbIJl~ss ,•.......... _ .Abb .. 5.$" ElI~e'i::... ,.,_ _BI:w1oi ElI~~"F'fr ~_ ••••••• ,Sla4flm 81a a.:g nat , _ ._. .81..t.1g all:' •• al~e.Qtl!llo& , ~ ...• BI~Lrnrw. al~Ll ~m


.. of MIS'rtly ilrPrl Hl!l8/irrg Frolltd!leg D'.!lV"rlbe' Wik43 """r!><i"eg "'''''''''~"",,,,,DovoFll!a WI~'Ii G~."I~~.-.~"---~.,,,~,GIJt~ Gtl!ll.m an ...... _,....~ _..rJrHrri"f I" "h,,'!l" aIG,,/"e!l

Fcrgiefa I1a:; ,,,..,, ...... "Gollidrui

,•........ BlO/O! Orchil} Elt'llil m B raltaM I ~ ...•• ".BlaDd M"tllliam,s OJllu~fclil~


GElrd~ Clor( Gualyll
GeilIEJ<l{l~~ GIl@lgagu"Q


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Bo..,b " .., EI'r",~h",rs Aef , ." M!lnOl.t~"ol1l Brun ,.... ,.. ,,,, , _ Brul'l,f10ptHlfJ ,

(Divis-fan OWl ~ G,mia) ,1'11.11/ rA~esll".) ,Buljc:iI1Y (f1 Bi51~11 fe.stival! ,CQf'}pp.rP;>W., ,.Brntbrm;ofrl'la Mcollll:lf('ry ,li'roWfI f'IJPPV

G~arcl .._.~.

,•••~.... Yard Gpaluh _···r- ..... Yel'l"w _.'


G"I/Ilw.s " ••,GB"I!l\'Yg.!llu Gij!lowsglJf1g ••............ GemsfaJ'l rF~jI;ti all .. ..__ ..•, Yellow LoiDS




F1egndilijI'P "., •••", .. _.. .Dliy~Fth(lWn'li .. __ R.,Ii<ff ...firi'lf~I'I (Fe:nr<1i1iJ .SmBllufliturt:;iIllalrV " RWhr R I ere .. ••••• , __ R. it!>, Rfdiln ~..... ~11t1_._..._.. " fiUJd.h ,
ReloFAdl"luJIl Ri"ereWRp.f: Tor

F'!!n ni9l " ," ,0, ? DJpper Pffloo Prim'aL " ..•........ , ,_".('n'm~rl} to r t1fer~r·M_!l.re!l-o!i a I ., ..F'fO.OBI MlJn.fr:a1 f''lirpp'' " ,._....•"F'ufPIf" PYlprElI.oj-o!; " "_.•w,.i'!.Irpl,,,Lor~ 'Ret:d " " """ _,,~Ri'Jad


CrCFldan ,,,,,,, ..,,,,, ..,,,,,O,aRldilf.<l ((]ivi~i(Jn oW::!" G>J;d,fJ!

", ••",,,

,,,,,, .., Pase /A Wil'ill/


Gild ,__..~,,,,..,,..,..,,,,,~Guifd , GJldAll'f "~. __.~ .. __ .•Gui!cl(.r ._


"".". """

" •.,. .. I'teli


WlIlC"I' Towal

Cah§<;IJbc ~~onlr ('"h3C8 --Clerk ,_





"' •..• ~,C"I'1A 6(JS;Jni c.alrdilY fA So! .. "" ,,;.'tilhl/l
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AdllllnlUn!!['5 ."",,,,,,,.,,i';ufldf;8CrOt Gild M""slti'!! Go.rI'ldMlI.61.liIr Gilds MaretUII11 "",M~rlf:fllm~ Gl.lfld



S;;Tl'1med"or~ SOimmel.lOhl ._


Cf1~l'IlrI'nBn ••,


._•• •.• _ _.Clase
~ .... _

, , ",_.G(ld'dIl'SSo(ltiQs.ooson~ ~_ .._.Cl'!r'll'my ,•••,(tJWrrUyPr"!tH ••• ,_ ••••• P<rs:&/lll _ __ ,••.•.• Kfm/J!if!;~fjfl~ C~rJm;aJ1 fDccm!s-

Gitd Mllar~liln
GUl,,1 g.. .,..-o HIl~1 _"

Grim MBrrJ;s.:hal I;lrjfQYn , " .."




_ ••••••• _ _

~~.'O"yoft~" w,'ke
r:::i1.. alrv

CIJf1'If1Bn.:t1! fa Ae

liom C!]fllmamle

,Kaep.riftJN/mMirir __ •• Camrl1/mr1"Ff1UI1,g


Ham ,.._ Sm"llstiiW"m.,"t He"rod Aef a rti n n.Oro·S HClid lnn 1~~!JI[)d b:yning _._ ~Netlrl$Ki"!J I-ftlElhfore ._ ...... ,......•• Huffar (AMsl'tri)

_ .•...__

GfIllfllV'liird " ..•. G~"I M,,(sfoiil ,•••Gri{foll flHl

, Gilf:JMarlii

SargeWlts ABf Arms S""e,;ch,,1 ,..,

_" ••SBrneDllrk (Felli/val! -.$lIlfl" Uflh! (FIiI!?li'l'f'll

,RlJrJ Poppy

Hilll)J, WibJ

ShOlsh 511 ""

S~ill·lradll(lg ",.,''''" ,D<I)lo/ ih~ W,:/is Se!;Qn "il.,.~"'.•"'I'nl ,5easl9.n Scirgllrn r cI .. " ...... , ..•.... SIo",i{I Sclll"'jllrtiodll'm ." ...... ,SI.a!,G-)I' F,e.e.tiom ISO't'r6t Sa!:r!!1 f'J

rra "

.;,,5!1':;l¥t1]ilfsA.(:Arm.s Mfl't/jI)'ttlmm8I'1dl'!~


_..~" ..._, _ ..,s.r81l "., .."." ~ ...R,rvurSrl
• _Smlill;J

_~.... _.Heffer-fliI'II


Staat G,,1l1l • _~ •.•__._, Telilnilglil
S{iw63r(l StQrm

" ••" ._.

C"' .. CI lIi><

re Ael "'''' Commlltid{lHlftflll Man . ,1 -,t"f1 flY .. Ctnfl~tllble "",,,,,,,,,,,,Co(!s!able O!JrolJ'le .,., .. "",,,,,,,,,,,CorolJ'lIr

Hlienl'laJ'lnmlll'l I m-a,1'1

Inl ..._~...•• .._ ...~.l'lj"'Hldl _
Ju<!1 , ,,",.,""""'"
I<.am.ar Ii [)g

rAse'Son fet;tiv80 .LilughlfJgMElIi (D1vSlo/'ilJ(tl1a Gmr'ia)



_._. .,.._SIB....im l ,.._ .., ~.S'lreer _._•., _._$Iorm


_",,(;llJltfl!Jii CoLin ~llil us .,,,_,, ...• OJunsiil-Ji;,use H Cilun ~eil tie! C'.1lW1sll f MI"rJie o Misruil~ (:see FolsUllC{Ji Co """""" 'w, ..~.~_.Cow IIf., ~"'§J:1lI1

Co Crfm1~aori " CoUm;eil

" _CIIilICrJurl "".,.Crifj,/rW1CCU'1

SmaflltlflllHr.y u"il _""".",.JJi!"I!t!i ..,••,....... ,'" O1fld.,I'{J r::Jr(f'f]11





C.., ii.WMI,i;!l&>D(] '.',,11,,<11)

D<!Bg , .•~ ••-- ..• _.!;J/ll" . Da~g AcfVlctarle ..._.0',,1' 01 Vi~1)I fFe!;r:iIlBI/ D-!l~.g'Ir!! .... _•••_ .•,_.Ho'm;-(jrr11~Day nBlJgw"-ll"Ct;an ~.- .•••D"'fWBfI:;h

I.~~ef) , " , ,L-oadm U!t)'flI , , .. ,."oI.tln~ I.B1)\I " , " ..", .... ,GooafLi:tlol' 1... IdJ-ia '1115 ," "'~". GOCfd.esS' of tile Famil'¥ l..ll r1l:ivog l _ _..... Offid<J! l'l!;sl5tfng _


"' .., lll~IlIA Wikn!



L'lOnl ~ ..... _ ..


riwCoraun!! .J.igllr

5uI'ldi ... ""' .."" "".,Gild5vn'J~ps S,) n "",t:!"69 ".0<1 ~ of1nlfl' Wi/(n· TalL"r .... ""., ,•._.. _."._.G"'ldPifff:ll TEmlll11l .." .. " "", ..,... , lumpm Ten'li[lfe Ctlrl ,," Temple C"O,Ht Tllffl.tI!1l !-Ills "", ..." ' ... ple H"uiie m ""'I1lriSeorral "", ,,,,,,,,Thrli:aSlars[rHl Tar· , , T(]Wf!'f Tor Wys:ml ,~" •....Wi;tar~'~r~l"!'!i!r T VPsliO .. r

SUlllrtride'{i frm ..,••",~StofmWlllllt'aro IPM~]{}fl.Qrl/'l8Gpr:t1BJ



.•• _ .. ".~._ .•• ,DdWII

lllButhr _._ ••,.... "".""Drmth..DlUld lJau'lJ-lrWeg •.......... , ..,00lNI'rbWlly DIlu hrM!lfI ... " ..... ", ... D"ildMan (GtJd(1fDailrfl)

Leollltdn eg_ .~".----.--Llf;r"Jr,JHV'(Fft5lw;al' LesBrdmB-1l ••~ •••__ ••• Lil'ardfmm lu!t _ ,..-,._ Liflft Mare~tlal _••~ .. ~" .•. ""MatShill

Olilmller ElE!1tYle """",Bmlll'l Oft/Ill Dammed O.eQrc ,~ ".,p,;.'rk DjJll rci:l1lfltj "" .. """" ... lJt.tkrJ:;zy (F1iI5Ii .... lj "
~.l!JbiJl ...... ,..... "'''."".,GqddflS~QfEldl qOn>ls€tollg "".",,,,,.",~ DiOam" ~iI IF... tiv"lj Po~k ", .. ,... " "",_,,,,,,,l'Jiu,!,!r !';a rtno:l(! ~ ag ~ _ D.(l'~Qi<tf'le Wj'ga EirdslljJ ""', DlIral r.h.. Wi,!-".


Milr1! ... ""~ •••" ••,_ ...... MaM\le!

,__ ..,_, ..... M8r/r't!tPIIlGll

- .....•..... OFfl:c'fi!lin ~llIlrg!l ~ftil!lMtlri,'"

Qft/(.'i"j fiSs/lfNn!} llll~ Sh~riff Ure ,,, •.,,.,,,,.,,,. , ,. ,Hour Ulglld _ _,••__ •.. __ ,.__ Otll (ljid fP,nVr·"Uffl817S V51ie .,.",,, _ ,._. VaJl",V (A. WIIoa Va n~ Ij'r _ .,._ Glld of Punjs~m~nr




" .. ,TlY!lliS{)fS

Wat;)o:tca'M ••••• ,.,



"" .. "",,,.,,,,Mail1

f\,IIl d",,~ """"""""",,{I,}'OOI'l Mi~cldJ'l il<01n . .- .. ~.- .. -.MI<Jn(rilll
MglrJ'II"""""""" •• """"i\'IMft


W,,~er Wi§rel" W1Hl!<lrol;"'Q' _ ".._ ~D"'r(lfTI1f'Wi~a W~ e'I'!! rgliet ••, n, .. Watarg.Uu W<llrttI<i.n ... _••••.. ~" ••.•. "Offidlili" r:hlJ.ffjf!'r>f lrilhlr, '&. ""!filii'

Fe,rrWEI " G<,,:I~ S.5 t>fri-r!!,Elemll'ms .. Fettl:, LJ _ , ulfidda-s.s of FartilJ'iy F", Idllo~ _._. __. ·-,-,-·--,FUDI~ DBY !restivl!'/ _. FI'! ndall DIl _.FDlifJdMIQ'1J IFesr,villl

E.. rlr ...•....... ,



MlJmls!&r«;1 n
N!!'9,hi Nes'hturEl _.,u

Morn _,

,u •.... ,.MDn.~sl,l\!ry
e " ••



Wo r~gild



,..,' Soc-iOJf id !imited to m

_,.•... ~l4mml

,.. _MolJruailf fA loIti"'i:PJ Niahr

afthe IINg,",1

~iIit-:~::::::::::::::::::::::::~ Wud:lIflor ,,,


...... " .... ",Wind"ll1g

",n~ro;>WJ'j Wilfd 'Wh'









I.~ I'~




Teral Guthdo htorAef: Abbeie
T~~~_ep,i~ode det1;lil.s thenm1h·we~.1

(NSA~,INN S\,tJ,IllIr'~,.Slimancl sardonle, Tlrcuv , is the \ilt!maw!ro<Ld~.r; hi~ ~Vl1!rv aotlon hBlnQ 1!;'!1@\I1'Il!::e fIJr prl:Jfi.L I F tha jJii'<lspeclS ar'f! g{)(Id, Tlrouv maybE! persuaded to linan:C::e'<ln exped ilion to reeove r loS! t rea 51!!' ra or a 'SI I1 f f lar venture.Jf Mssibie, Tlreuv wH! IUS!,) nl~

OH Hi. MI -r2


4-Z Bro<ld~.VlCon:d

whld~ ~m.r()d!uces~ayers 10 lrilian, nJescnpt10lls p net fullye:,olhlHe{j, here wmll be' dealt wit~ in Imer epi.sodes. Ti"re seer-arte ,eontil1~e5 at Dagurlg '\N,iththa Pearty she'ltering in ths Gr~ef'9~ard wafit~rJglfil~ ~l1e ,(5ealgegaet [(I

this arall of Ihe linked

q]1.li'!I~~r Ih,e town of

.. d~th8 m m_aJor encou.nt~fs

opert, The Emlil:F'{o' lrlltan. t " illl~ G6t1~gegaeU;}pens 0I10".gl.mg .•The CB'f;)Vafl w~~t then be able to jol,.. tine ql.!elJlll offar·
rrrsrs ,i;!lr1r19ir'l9 ~rodY,l:1;,l a~TIU Wti~l'I, h~P'Bfwlty aVoidii n oJ I h €! 'S'lraa ms, o! J)iOI"WrS ca rfyi n 9 nigt1'l-5IiJil out to Uiltil rield'~. The gale g~IOlms wil~ ~al~e~U~QII plus an extra 11lgp "cwnslde!\!'!lk~rI' for them~!i!~ali;. faillJriO: to pay wm bflOinrf 'Ine p.aFly OJS pos!libi.9 trouble-makers, fhepoP'1s,i,denl'tion Il·UCW5, tt..vei I~ f$tQ1P;3 ss witliu!llut fu nile r taxa non, As Ll1e Gar,Ol"ii<!npaS:EHlIsth'rDlJgh thl:l',\)!!l:te, it"!l'il~ be pestered "''I'' a grOUf!of urchlns; tim FtulIJis WegG;mg. th!l S,t;'lOltG~ngl wht"ln c_'i!rftro:! the lucrauve (:J'IJ~de-worl(jn Irlli]ll'l, Toe le<lderwi11 initially Offfl~ Ii glJlcleto the party '~r 10glp./ ,ria!!!g .5l!1 ~<lY be b~ l1la~nEid cloWT), toStp!o'aeg, The serIlDrSUr.ilvmg, dwarf wi'll !>u~~Eist lhElI m as t aT 1he pOIny 9 (JC!l to 'tIm Abbe,'B With him 10 de1iv~r thescroll to Teral G~~h(:lohto~ while'lcha, rest oftlhe.Q;lriliiVan iH'!oIll soma repn:!,1>~nt1itf ves of tJIHl pa r!y Hl k.e LI1fj me fa ll.1m,;H~a W'lh.!! Gild! faeet.or. 1I)Je two gifOUpS w/:)uld IaWtrnt!1 Wi)llndol::c to

wEJi]ltn BI1D frrfJLJMCfd ~or ~:Hoffll'll,i~ wHl, If !'Ie·Ce15S1ilry, 1I"'8 'hrsswmd-IJi' raHnE:r hiir,1e 'som,e,pne e,I.e;!;I"s. The ~mund W'I:H is warehousllf:l{F ~he jiving qiIJanteffi'ill'e on the first floor find ii'lrElIrn<lgnrficen'lLYIl'Pl!ldln(ed. Tlrouv uses !l"iemil;lr I~vhl'l entertalnrnents to whL~,hth .. tnqre ImJ10'rl~rll G'fIrll~af!':S cltizens !lind vi.5illng mercl~'Hlt!l.m~ invT1ed. The s(lci ..l.status Involved lin havTr1j;l beE!nlnvrted fO'lilrouv' is c'b)!l~idBraI:JJB, Hls parti es ., (01, usus ~Iy' tH~1 on the e\t~l'I1lng of t b B d fin>! M" rr.o:l;ltda e,g r ri e<)ch se!iiOrl With 'p'8 rticu[arly E:pl!'lrld~d8ffi3lr5 un the aves of the: 6nN'!l

Moir~. llfouvwi:IU p!~y t!"I!;I dW;)Ne,S'!hefloJll \I~liJe or lheir I1'Hl'r"tr.J.,cll~e With a I~~ef ehre[ji~
clroi3Wn mil DTrrm"lh'~ FnOtur,y·I!'lr1derllliimker, orlloRI.

W1l'!'Jor in gems

Th e P!l rty make the i r.persentS!)rl;l In th a ~ a !Tni

A1the Abbeie.

Wh!3ln the gr'QufJ &r~r\f8~ lho¥ ~ill be S,lOPP}ld 111 t~Q gmnbya ....,.i:llla~rfJbed g~stB[ who WJII cl!1qlli~El'!ittelr cuslltes!I. If S<tlislied, she wlll s!'lQ .....them 10!i small, bare.1J!I1!rlour wliere. atrer ,a shnrt 'iIli'ai,t. 11!l'fal GlJtlJdohion" ..lII arriiN3. She 'Wili OloCC~pl the scroll tube, errad!: the se<!l.am:l e~tr",e! ~ rol' !JlwhiJ~el(Jtn. S~e wH!. s"HJdy i'l rer <r Wl1 ~l t.h en re\l'~lf5e lt sethat e th PS'Q present ma'llrea.eI il. (j,n I'l, em om! tJers d

In sllv:enhrp,<ld, aretwo wmrl'S: D,Ci1W"Aj$· D 11 rio;Ri ses, In a q UIIet 'loic13. ,aim est t(l herself, sh~ Will charita!'! o~dlrlllan prophMY s~ns·
ThE! /J<Jr/fl<l1mIEl>" cmw#ng, fH .<Ifnl ,higher,

01) I·af ,the We.:;I. .

re"oo~vJiIU S et the Abbeie Vl:'h iell well Id ,ElI500albe car~.d mf 01' the Sisters.


Thamld1Fa;JIctor.1? MarkGe'ard ~D4LBT2. NI 3, eN AV. The rep rcesQl1'IlatilJI<lot rn 13, !:lQW~rlu I Gild.s-M.m;:hi<!ni.ln ~ri!i~l'Ilcs. TirQuv F'gl~ri()A. Hi5 st1lls are: RA \o2E. SX M, AI. N,el F, LV.8i. H1"43, AG t,A,G lM,WE 10984, BL 1I00(l,5T D, IIrf1a, WI 14" DE 16,0(:;1 14,

ThliJ i.igJit, 'siill1Jurfllng, S:lilnd!fO thEl Hem. 'To clUj runfil'~l!1/l'1vrfl.
A br!Jl?1ly ~11t13 wrtllstllil':l 11, ask .tho.se· presa rrt to ~en1 OJI wh i 10 s:ha prays:; 9 ~VIl·1Jlr.cl1!iira th ilUhey n are to be l!jeiked! after a nti leaVe" tho) rOQm..'>


en Ihe sky.
till: East.


IRIUAN When the remainder ofthepanyllrrh/,es, thery will bashown inil:o lihesame reorn, Sisters will pUJ\lidafoocl [;Ind drinkand tend the wQundlild. Teral willlr,eturn In Dosk, She win '~ugg'I:IS1 til altha dwa NOS retu rn to thel w h a lis and PUIp!BrEIfttlrwar, The dwarvali wllj DOW and l,a3'118. She will then turn 10 the uartv and explain, 'Th ere Is sam e !?re.a I evH 'ri'SIn !;I, alth a u'g 1'1 whiCiI form itlali;:tta or fTOm wJrJeR'loe It ecrnes I cannot sav. I haVI1 pTE,YBd to Forgaiflmas but ~{hr wisdom is hrdden, I QOly know tl1aUh9 m!:l",Il~ ~o 101'1' thls abomination lies some...... ,hero rn Irilian, I ask YI:lU to 3~d rne irr t,l~is se,m:h- remember thaLih,ElDark has already touchad you and [s strekiiliJ Yoll stlll.l cannot leave ihe.Abbele so Vall must be my Ilimbs and sertses intne town, You are net known III [rllian find' SQ shal] be ubi!! to movQ about W·thoul being associ ,ned With me. If It were kr,awn that ~were iMQ-reSled iii wh,1I ¥DU will hav!! to seek, 11would cause a panic. As it is, yam Wfll merely ,be' another band of adveruur@rs.A'oo",e all, YOli rnuattall nO·0l'1l11l'10ro of 'jitnstflanYOLlhaYfl Bb!!olullill !'IEledio-ths DOlI.r:k Tel,lds en fEi-ar I ~ug:g ast that ve u b 1'l91n with Timls the Sage; he shrould be a,bleto provide some il'lformallol'J. Should alflY of you be killed o r Tnj1J red. I wllillelld YOI,J. Your rewards in the nexlilfe wUI be greEit'TBral will give'lhlil [l!lr:tj/ her blessing and half€! thorn directed to Tlmls's house at 7 LIJti Mel Wag. Sl1e will allow the parry to IleavettHngs in the Abnele. cure>!any wound d me-mibers and give any alill tha she can, She will also ask Serial and AnKos anti tsee Abbele descrlpnnr, later] to "'B'e'p an eve on the p.utll, aiding thorn, lr nacIjssary'. Flnally, she willgjvg lhg Piilrt'i' Oil 5af!1lconduct bearing_ her SQ'~I,ad mOl1i!lNng I~em :~[) se tt enlv u Oi>i:lI uta Iy F1eto'lS5<1ry •. u reads: Ttl e bS.1 rr;rr; of 1'/1 is- scroll B'J"e Imd;:,r mil pro!a<;Nt:iI/1, n,eysre t&l:la aflawiKla/:JlJut;their bu"5ine!}$ wltlH1U! lei Of' hlfi'dranE.e Bnd /lffiorded .§ uc.h .!iISSlstil'l'lCCl' (;If' thew m~y roqulre. Ta~1 Gurhd<llhlDrAef Abhe~e.

1nformarlion, In two hours, durlfl~ whil<rh time he wiU i~5lst that tine party stays In C85Q anyone 1011 Id have flQlic~d that ~e wa s ,th Il ou werewlil!t !no-ol'le elsa did), Ine wiitrealiJpe:;lf· wi'th th Q fo Ilow~ nQ specu ~aIUoi'i'ii. The Dark ls an entity'. It !sthoug'hl: Qy:some til be! Hle exp,resslon cihhe ca:l lee, iv,e evil' 0'1 crBB'tlon.Al'lS,Lllllh, It has I1bP~vsfca~ f(1lrm I'HICiI ca Mol d irectlv affocttln:!l worl'd, only ex.p ress IlselfthrDLJgn corperata :being:!;.The mora evll a bel1l91 the more ,easHy Ihe Dark can warp it furthgr ,owards evil. Normally the Dark has no raat structure, being mere~'1a motivation for Elvil with out ~ro"iding (he guidance fOrI hat evil to el<!pr.ess fts.e'lt Hawflv~;lr, when the Dark rises, i~gains a majl oi gl;! i> intB.IHgsm::e a !:'lei wi II actively work fore",ll. When risen, tha D~rl: could directl), aJfecttl"l8,wtJrltt Win' II shoutd rise is unknown, T~o Oilrli' oO!nr'lol ibe' destroyed Wrtl'l(H,It first deslmyh19 'e'Ii'llry il!vil In crillilnkilri. U m.al( be laid-att:l~ol.:lgh Tlmis has M idea how 't~is I::m.Jldbe dOne beyotlt:lUle elues whh;h '!Ire gT...~n in an aid verse that he has fourid-« ~h@ same une that ririe P:EHty earliaf heard from Teral Gulhd'ohtor. Wh<Jt the vense means, t'oCll)gh. he.has no Idea. The only olner suggestion that Tim is will nave is to consult thB Astrologer, TorhAg02Jlh. at 21 Mark Geard (,04). lf such an evil I;:. rlsll1!;lthen surely thll'hl3!!1vans:wouldshow eliidonct:l of It Aguorll'l [See shops for mare dEltalJs) will <r:grlle to make IIIsUNey (;)'fine heaverrsfur h!!<r standard f,Ela: l OOgp. At the UW8 of M'1d:lJlnupht, she will start hm :>cal'l. As s],e looks towards IhlO West, she wi!11 stiflen. moan end 111efl slqJm~ on the nOtlr; 1:lIaml trickling from her aarS, eyes an~ mowlh -quitedead. Anyone Irying to loelc through lhe teli'lsQopll mtlltt save versus D~.ath MagiC Dr be sHuok um:ot1sciOlisfot 1!:l20 LUmS. Whetherlliethmw is mEide or not. thll:vrew~r willi have only il col1fused lmpresslon of <i gloaling iflt&lIigllr;cQ disapPBaring into theWem. If Tlltn·AgDLth IS raised, rB'IWrrB<:'1Bd or 1'1 s_Pfilak with ri{')EJd i'!l, used,l1l'1Y of W~i.(;h TQr~1I G LJtMo h!or wi I peffo rm. !i h s wi11 l19 ab~e(Ill tell H1e Dartv the r-o'lIoW[filg: As :;11" IQol<ed iHICl theWest.-sha fell herself drilWI1It1fn,the ~mbn'lClEi ofa mil1d which COI1sjd~rE:d her bEiforB Elilowing hEIr to PIISS rlllo its tho ug hm whare !Ohewas, ba'ltlE!red 10 daarl:1. H~r (lverwilelmill imoresslon was: at G()_n~dan~ power bUljuS! before she enl:p1red she Ui:lLJ1ijhta lhrwghl which she reC09f1I1Sed-3 Rihi Khalkadcm W'e<irrl. No-te iDr the DM. Urdlklll mostsO(lnanos, thi-s series dapel1ds UI)Onlhe Darty foUow1nU 11mere or less straight pal11 lhrough Irman SQ'Ihetr actions are contained; FOreJ(l:lmple, (hev s'hOurd fiGI be allowed' tD vent,u(e [nto i!lre'6S of IriHar;l wili>:.., have [lilt yet bDllln' DlJlilcrlbe-d, ThQ BCflflllrios !iWEl rnmg, ..d, howEl2oIer,so tc,nauhls a should 1'101' b!l rro,;oSSi1!r\l'. A~s;CJ,,in. they slal'1d. llle path wl1icl~ lhe pOlr£y hasto follow is fairly ob ...lou~: DMs Who wish to Ii'i'i'l,\r' give Oul res:;: Il'lformailolfl-So that the party hes la do mOr8 of thElthinking OMs may also wish to oomplicmo matters by. for instanoe, having Grtc,s, '!tieBard from tl1e Grifoun, notice Timis' memmorJ)ilollis lind U~Q tile tnforrnatlon 'to ahemlJl 'to blackrllail [he party_ To Ilconomjse Qlilllpll~. some NPOs menliol'1ed 11'1his-seqHoo Who are notesliel'ltiartf) ! thfl' plot, will nol tiEl tfelililEld untlilate;r eplsmles. DMs should !lr1!SlirElthat'lh,Ei 'Pi'lrty dOllS I1Q! b~'l:Ql'!lillf'lvolv~d with ~fNYofUI!i!m.

will tnank them and, when I-H~ has heard their request. !llenemusl,v waivel !lO% of his ful;l, 1OOOgpilf'l tois case. and dlseppear lntn hi~ library 10snber up amJ' consult his sources of



M<lril<. Gemll'd ~D4J.l'o\.h>-

7 Luft MetWeg.TImis' house [ST2N') 4 N25 eN BA) will be fOLi nd to ba shut up' and deserted when thEl parly lIrrives. Enquiry at th~ m~i,ghbot.lrs will ",ve<'J1 thAt E1ttj-u~ t"lOUf, nm,is Iii lJ~Y.. llytQ be teun"'!!1 f,he Grifoul'linn 116 Marl( Gaard IDS]).

\:If l;ar"V,iln gUilr"ds lAA 1h~~~X F, Ai eE, CL f, LV 5, HF' :lB,.tIle 5, A.G 4:7, wE l!lOO, ElL 150, 5T 11 +1"+l,IN 12, Wig, DE 12, CO 16, 1::1=1 S,
LV 0, HP 2)(6,4)(5.1:>0:4,1)1(3, f!.C7, WN umgswmd.1 ~II ora spoiling rOF'ilIf1~hL Whel'l Timis comes round, he wfU 3ltQmp1 (D crawl under a ttlblEl and rrlCliIlI1Drphose into 11 wereWolf in Cm~f1rto t~~c:h G nak II In50n. Th;s sl10lJlci be notlce-d 1l"'I1' One of the party. The bouncers will attempt 10 pf£l\i'€ll'll any bmwl developing. FmJr rounds i'lftllr :JI1V Ir<l;;as develops, Ank:os aile Senal ff,Elm thio ,Abbeje wlirl li1oo[1spic .. ausly arrive. Should the plHtyappei'lf to nlesd it. the ... will Jain in., Un~l'is!Sthll'tgs lIre Illxpl~im~d, hoW9l.ieT. 111a\l' will first try to enrdklillil;l tl'1R f@1IJ1 s.p~,wrr 01 utlllCS thauhey see I:lElf"om lhem~ limh:. Two turns I~!er. ttr'llrmm of Ine G:ardewiJI ar!'i"'e to i[1',!ecSligale the dlstufbilnce H the pariy evel"l'lually take T[mis i'nome, he

tabla. Closer ir'lspoction w,U reveal a loOl prOluudil1g from LmQ~r It. Allache,d 10 ~he '!'ocl is TiJl'Iis; presently lIery dr'unk.ISM under shope IOf rl.Jrlil'ier derllil5 of l1mlEi.I IrshaJo:en sufficienllv. he wllll:ome: ilrournd but w II r,slu!S1iIo r::o~oparllta with tho party IJIn!m;s t Ihey swear 01'1 their Gods tQ P'(lte-f:t him S.hDUld he be att!lcklad. He will bequl'le adamant on this, point, #1'ell'l111e pllrty have agreed, he wlllieave wrth them ror !lis how~e. Uf1fortUrrtBltely, Gf1 the way CLlt, he wllllL1rch rnto <I large, 111fa"Dured half·ore. spilling .hllrl:irink. The i'latforcwill r,Elplvw1th 1'1 PLJllch: hurllng TImls 1!CfOS.!l a. ~e;arby fJill:!le an~ S'tl~llning h~rn lor ff The hflll.(w;:~;s; Gnillk.lhe leader of a gmup

Tludlrita 111In. If Ti Fblr'S r!i a8,~;Eld for, El ba rt~nd!!lf 01 b"ouncElr will pOllltto an 11 PfHIren1 1,'1 empty

b~shfilled m03riillld topped by a ten fool high wooden patisede 15 D"PVl_IrT9gu~arlv spaced <lllofl~1the woli <leu Or'lly slightly less d ecrs pit gales !l nd towa rs. Towers lire ,i:milt of I~rf1e 9 ran if€! :blo.cks, now 80m !lwh at p I tl:e~ !l,nd dlscclcured wl~h lime. In p~BHles it Iii obvious that repairs from a ~afl:"'r-sandstonEl ,1'0011:: htlvf! been t"]1l1dElI,From dIG rop\ofe"d1' tower l1oat5 atattered banner iden)"tifying! the lrnen nr Aildlsln I ns Id (iii. SpaDil-d at e fe.e'lirm'l rYe Is arou n d eacb Sl01'6Y Cit il lOwer are B rrow-s Ilts, Th ~ top of QacMtowe r i!l pretested with batt III rnanrs and eq,uipped wiH1 balliatae, huge pile!; of stOM!! i'll1d 1Vi.'O, IlIuldrons whfch can C be L1sed to Iheat oil Or WlfUl r Qr mall leadilO pourenon ,;:ntacker,s. The oil and lead' have lo~gsince bB>El'1'I sold flffso .C)nlyb~ilingw8ter will ~ow rnanace any hostile foolish enouqh te stand below. W[lOdenpDL~p-rojQ£rtef'!fe!llt 1100'1113 ~hetowertllp iilnd p FOVIl:h3 a fra mew or'" over whlf;:h nets !:<JI'I bg "p~ead to g liard ~gE![rll.u~nttOl~k Hewaver, It isso long since the nars wer e Ll.sea that 130%h ~~e rott1O{;I to the po Irrt I~I<I t they a re u sel ess ..E ntrv ~Q a tower fs '[IWl.ugh iii ,eillwrceq w.lJ~d>l-ll doorj3 DW) fn the seUQr id sto ray, reach ed ,l1Iy lEI ght ohlaps which 1m Old from the: wl'Ill< The dOQrwillelwilly!> tie covered by at rUOjljOtthree errowsliUi:. Mona Tar. 40 DPV, 2 Salli.s'lae, 3-Ch!40x50h, 4s1oreys and cellar, occupied o'l3rd,4"t11 and 5th Ridj'll1 ofthe Qrcrfdiflfll, Horsas kept In the open space nearby. W<lBt~rTpr, 35DP\I, 1 BliIlllststl, 20!{20>c3Oft. :2 st'Ofeys. and eallr:Jf, occuplsd by :2nd and ~rd lrnan or tha Hltehnanmsn, Gf].!llgag<'Jst. Towers; a6-DIi"VellIern, Porteujlls 9 DrV. 2 Ballis,Hu! Of1each tower, T(lwers, 20K('0"l<35f1, Galle 10)(20 T Ower5 2 s[flr.::¥s and eellar sad], !'eft Tower Cernandare Al:!f HOI'S, 151 Rijd~'nef the Orc.rldan, ~ighl Tower 2nd Ruden of the' Orcrfden, A.I'IhDYgh Ins gallows: "Iter whith Ihis 1ij00te were 'nemacllllre no h:m~e:r in UI5B, the GeElIs,<igaets'IIIII'1El!ains 11sIlissodatlllnwftn dlilat'h sinc:ealJ bodies gQll1gto~fle tG'r!;l~fg~~~dmU!it lEIil$!S throlJ!J1'1to gut to rna Dauthr Weg. Also, ~he selie red heads rl'f criminals tire exhibited on pikesfixe(i above the !!'late!! while banners "f'1n:ounein!) [heir- crime'S han_9 from the battle l'1'Ienl:5.•nm gales aTe OpenlrIl!fTl DBgLing In Oasl<. !Juring HillS pm-lod thef0 Will be one Ridan Iln duty (;h~:Il;klf1g Ira\ljlllurt>. The I'o.rwull[s re~l/iri'!s 30 strength poi'l"Ils rCHljJ!Hl ,il'nd may bedosed_i!il 1 segment, opened 1)1one round, The double g::I!ElIl.':EIr:Il oak and metal bound; 01111;1 parson 1;:8n opon Or dOSEl oneh!llrin nrm mu~d_ The moat br-ldgl!l'wOIs bLJHtlO be Quick!y daS'lfCI'rl'ed illrili{31'l were amll::l<ed, ~l Is I1IL~er rf~kety end r:im be remolfeclln one turn by pUll ling out twa of lile marn supports - Bach of which reQuirc<s 50 sLre.nglh points to rll!mOVili.






MI Norte. WN Lotlllswon:ld.

e of ber

:bElfld. fAA H. SX M. AL CE, CL F.

D'rrl'lktl1~ with her

Imaf1, A Rican is the UI'1i1 or cavlllry_ II is ~<ade up of 9 Otn 1,l'tv&lmen-!l1-';IrTTll!i Ollnd<I 1 rol IEiver Laeden. Elich h!ls scele mili, and shieW, 'Uses Ilam::e, longsworcl or dil~!:lf!r iiI ti[lule. quar1er.si!liffw,nll'n dealing wlli'rI civil disuJfbam:es .alld rid illS ,I! rTIodl!,Jm Warhorse. Thus Bach is FlA i..J, SX Mi, AI. Any; tending !owards LN. CL f, LV Lileden 1, Men 0, HP' La!)tiOI16+ Id4, Men 4~ 1cJ3,AC 5, AS 10f1d20.I3L 5+1rJiIO, ST, IN, WI', DE. CO. CH, AI'i 8-+ ld4, MI NOlie, WN Lance, swofd or quarlersta'rf. An !m~!I'! lut1e Gfluivalent infantry !Jill It hBiStihEi s-arne org.mlsiltlon and equipmentars timtlljjan e)(cepHl1annfHanlli'HS replilGed by :II longbow, PersooalsfiHi5tlc!l am thlllOOlme< The ~rnan "md lhe R.id-an d~gp;llst:l 'Bach ether <I n d fre(1 LJen11y have Ie be d Isi:ipll ncd '<If

The frilian Garde, The Garde 'WilT be Mly tletailed In!l furrl~6r Instalment. For'lhl1 moment. 1he basic uhits,ilIftle the-RJd!lflsnr:l-tfiA



Be:ckgmund Info'rmalion
The-W!illiS and Tgwers of Irili!rm. Irilial'l's 'w.alls· "'VB'" crumbling earth rampart ~1i5DPV! rising tEln Taerim Ii a s~ug,gJS"hIVnowlng. rub-

Piltrols, From DagLl'r1g io Posik. the Daeg" Waeccan tl'll!!ipS I,ME! eace i'l'1 Ifilfan'!i; sl,ree'l's. p Two Irl9!ln ind'(;'lPon",entIV par\l'ol, e.nfo(dng l:Ihe I:ilw, ,,!ul.lStibnil'1g suspicious ,ch[lrBcters, accaptll'llQ bribes lind s'hakirTgd'owl9 liIIil¥C1ne who offends them BEltwElHn'-Oas'k .. nd


D<1!}l!ng. the Neil htwaecca

n t",kes.over. lreonslsts ol'llhre·e trnan and one mounted Rldan, named after '1'1e'major The r,ou~ I1fl'lre I}fthat area. There a'r~ 1(J,g OJ ng s, eaahwrtr. Hlt1dl0membem,FtAH,SXM. F. AL Any. ~endjf1.g tOWBlrds ICN, CL F. LV' O. HP and a raC'l!iet which proviclas a small Income. For elGl~ph~. th{l A'ubis ~ea GBilrngprQvkle~

KieV I!'OR AU. P!:.ANS S\~iFgl!Ip~


9~!l9. usually

Stilet Ga ng5l. Each afl~!iof lin Iran has lis street


'lLd4,AC Hl,AG 12+1d4,WE: 1, ElL 191', ST,IIN, WI. DE,OQ,CH. AIi4+1d6. MI None,WN CIWG. sth~et
1;(1 glliLQGS

monop!;llisil~th Iinkbay' trade, Rivalry beL· ween tine g,9,ng~ is 1ntense ana pitched baltl'es

arid th.e Chrlsopece

Rll'd Ga~!]


m rn a FT- du!!!thrs, are,


gSI1Qstelld to save [heir BrilImDsity for each D~her hut a Illy SCI'!lY prey wa ru:ler0l19 alone Iate atnighimlghl well f!f'!d hirm,elfmu!'!Iged. As wilh mCl1S1 'rilian's crilmlnt1l actlvities, 0'1 l"'e g<Jngs ere contrnilled by Pel<l5lrilsUlnu::!l1d 1"0910:5rflsdo,htQr who set each's "B'r,et1! influI Qf ence anti sllncare rackets. Tho 'fawn. The streets qllri!i ..n are narmf\l\l, winding .md cmwde;:l with cans, antrnals, beggars. cOslermong ElfS; p.eclla n;. ana pedestrians. The (J11I .. rt1,;mging hOU5e5 ml;llJrnh.,,1 'theyl!!ild 10 be gloomy. espeelallv after ~1JI!lk since at nighT ~"e only ligJ1l comes from h nusas andl tli e 'flam bel:lYl( irre.gii la irly situated @t strs!!'l come re, Th iii road i5 us uall 'If <I gO{ld sixlnclhesdecp in mud. animal droppfngs ..ndl ~he contents ct.ehamberpets which emptied from Ih~ u pp ar s'lgrcys @f In 0 bIses. TJu) smell. especial IV in hot weaUier, is an amalgam 01,1111hB BbQvi!l plusthe odours of L (.u;Jwashed bodies 81'1cl the 9~c'I'els af herbs tnDl many Ir1lians carry aboLlt with them to try to drnwf! ~Ub ti'le SleIH:h. Th"r!l:<!re no d~5t.Inct qu~rtEil~s tn lrlllan bwt tha Counseil members and slmilan;li{lfltl1llries live around the Mark Geard and IMe atea to the north ofChris,Qpace"'hid and Be.ru IIIos Cloo is considered to be the fou~I;Br end (.)If t~wn. Th evarioua rradas tend to cl ustar; !l1e I:e,wo rke rs to, the no rth-west, woo d-workers to [ho nmth-eaSL GIOlh-workers to the southeast Ollnd leatn~r-workers to ~he south-west, Wenponers1'lre mc~tlyic)L.lrid alang Rulli!:

[j,we, The



dawn th~s!reSl, l!lesame numbers beil"lgll.lsed for both sid 95 . look! n 9 dow,,, from l'1tJ mber 1r the I1~Li5es on tha left are knowh 615 LnJfi:BJld those on the rightagRiht. Thus tna address 0'1
Ihe greengrocarol'1


Streets 1H'e numbered

im Qrder

berlng Is used in r.hlll Munuo G'i:!atlli wfth the Mon8!ltB"lm~ being 1, Buildings on tihe,l:;prn.er of tWD $treon; h<rye two addresses, the m 05\ conveni(3r'11 Ol"ie being u'Sl\Id_18ljildi~!:ls in the 'text a fIB idelllti~iifldby ~ code n umber. an address and a nrid reference. _Thus the GrTfoun InJ1(,fu r e~amprfl.15 I~ 1S :Ma rk Geil rd (05', Abbele.1

6lufiChrjg;op.eoe, ~"d (03). i3uildillgs on thl} Marlc:Geard ar~ nymbereclclockwisa from lhe Tempte whidlls nUimoer 1. The s~!n~e' nurn-


FJ~d la522) Is

NAME E.Jllofl
i(irias Selial

Kortael Jerea Klsmea









4 2 2' i



WN HI" AC AG WE 611.. ST IN WI DE: CO Crt MI ~OOO 15 16 'llil 12. 10 50 9 t3 NOIll!:! None 1000 12 14 15 ~ 13 9 NQlu! INane '21 HI 45 10001 11 15 17 14 15 17 1'/kulEl None 15 ltl 3'2 1000 Hi 12 14 9 8 10 None No 11 I:l 10 10 27 10 25 1 O~J.O 9 U 16· 10 11 18: NOJlB NQrHiI 10 14 1000 7 12 13 13 14 17 Nona Nene! 4 10 17 1000 " 14 10 9 12 11 None NOfle ~ DOO 14 18 17 112 NQI"Ie NQl1e "\ ~ 1'0 19 ,'000 13 7 to 9 11 9 Ncne None 6 10 20

, "



Luft Rubi5cWIil'!jIID5) ST 1, N 1 13. eN Abbei.;l is.!i compli!!?( ofcells, par~OilJl;5, refecterv, ,1011'1 jnfirmarv. ,a workhouse, a a Ilibra~. an orpih'llnage and arnadhnuse alii dislJ'ibuted areund iil central co~rt'illIrd, T!w ADbci~ is home 'OCi an order !:lfs-iste.rs ef Forgiefanas.

AV. The

5 f'QIYcms rJi Extra-Nuling - SQOi<lP each, 4 Potions of Outing {Jissllse [act <is flIJI"13diseass spell e<ilQ!;lpl tha'l ll'ach lJoQol11s onlv

tYpe slWIns commensurate with ~I'teir level, All ohlle Slslerl'liwiiJl have the sums I)'ll() Aef Abbe ie. Elean Aef Ab be~e isthe A I:Jbl.'il!';;;5. The : Order of' ForgiefanEl!i is s, pacifiS1ofoer dedlicated '10 acts af charity. The Sisters are experts in herb. lore and possess 9(J% of (he herbs listed In the DMG. most ofwhfch they growlfllheir h!:lrb!aM~mo.They USQ Ihem to brew p-otionswhlch mimie Ii:flBgit~1 ;:m!l;S in 'thai r eff<l!;;t~ ..JlhouQ h they 01re mluhem selves magicaL Those usually Elvaili!lbl'eare': I 0 Porions of Herlfing - 400~ p' ealc h.

Spells. The


"""HI all onfy ha ..... /J'tlB/irlg e'

w;hgrnthey think deserving ofthem. Good c,har.allteW!HililqlY9,gt l.!ptD a 16%,i:lis(;o!.!nt; neutral,ch,arli'chlfS'wllll'ioal1e1r.Q rnakaa donation a1 hl<lst ~qyal to the price snown "na 'f1vil

efifuctive <I(Jainst one of [he '1yp~-5of disease listes In the D~seBSB lor Dis(JrI:lEtrj T~bl,e ~n the LiMG) = 5QOgp eaeb. . A potion can be produced in one Wlkl'll. Up to five may be slrnul'tl'llneous:ly brewed.lhe Slstersw 11onlclfsell thuir potiolls la those

30 beds ilTB.8Vail!!bhil. Characters

may rct;(liVll 'lll'eill'~ment l'or illflElS'S. or tnjtJry Ell a CQ5! of 1OQlPldEle~ plus a 'coFtation' of 10% of.th~ character 5 wealth. ~fn9CeoSslI3l)'. Iha Slstlrrs; WI ~llJS(I the i r spell Ii and potio 1'19 to en.e r:l e eure, L1brary; BI EollecriQn of nooks. scrolls a~d mill'S'. ir may be usad to research spells. TIh,tlsa wlshln13'ta n1ii1keuse a'li! must pOly 10gpl'daeg plm: a copy or thespell should it bHsuroassfully created, It may !>lIsabe used

characters will on1\1 be: oCOPlosir(1er,ed e:xcljjp' in tlona! cln:;YmstBnces, P'avmenl may be rn coinuge. gems, in gOGds that the Abbllie elln use or in service. In the! ~auer ,ii:IiiS.Ol, 1 &ervl'J;;a for theAbbela is genefBl~y goocl'ior one potlon, Chan) c~ers who I'l re aoble to Canv i nee lne Aboeiess 'thai the causa o'tQood' \!l,iauJd be so servad, "",,[II be.able to gilt lhefr pctrD.n8 free. Tile. Abbeies5 is verv sceptical. Thu' Abbele".5 ;isset, Elx.;;a-ed 1&[},QOQgp but 01m ,rap h:llly !:lei n.g d~pje!'tad 85 the- 51isl1;!rEi spsnd lavlshl'y on the l"Ie:edv alld no longer receive the bBm)faction,s lnetthtl>v usa<:! 10. Tlhesllrvit:ail that rhtl5~steffi,prgvid9' IncliJdle~ Almshou.se; at DS,9.ul'lg aM OCfsk. foodisdistribuled to :lrili!!lFl '" popr.lnfj(rnary~

C'O'.mllYs~cfe, DElpendi!lg upon 1he type of QIJMt10n, gennral, specific or eXacting Isue under SageS! in the' DM'G tow further d,e.Urllsj. 'Iliere is lEI cumuletr ... 2%.1 % or 'h% I:hiJl"lCIl'i e dae.g tl1ii1tthe answer will be fOLJlnd_ uhe cost OIf md'19 the [lb-a ry is 11"1 e .sa me; WorkhouS>e; IJIJ to ol(l paupers will be oared Far. OM enlry the pauper d'0il181iel; ill) ti"llill he Dr shlil' ,",05SElSij,~tQ theAbbs'ie. fooeiving In rscturn a set ('If whl1!!cIOthlng, l1hree meals acing anda FOQf o .... r their hCl!lds... Inmate,s e the Wl!!fkshouse most '!:IOh", unskiJled III!'r9rF.: ;;lroun,d the Abbeie_ MadhclUose: From 21 -30 ml')dmen (roH on Ty,pesof Insanity ~able in tine DMGfar der~lIls) are I'QQked af'lar Orphanage; 3d10C>

.lr'Jswa r q uesti on S 8 be UTI !h!l

'~~J rreu






orphe nil are 190k.~d ,afi:ar. Set1 00 I; about ·twenty puplls attelClcl,learnin:g Ihe rudlrnents
or IriHOIJ1. mati1emartic?, the(JI[l~i\l and. Com m~n. th,a r<teters. wish ins 1:.0 !OIiJ rn to raad and write milV do 1>0 In 4+ 1dB WIk!J at

NA.ME Serial Anklls


RASX Al ~L LV HI" AC A.GWlE BL ST IN wI D£ CQ eM WIll Wi'll H f LG P Ell 4a -5 ,4:0 400 9tiiJO 17 14 15 12 Hi IS: See Bellow Sward .1....11+11 H M LG P 31 1is 1. 23 2{) (J 2500 i 6 ul 16 11 1'7 ~1 B VcmgswOrd SWCUQ t-011·1


EGO 4 AllG Powers; Empathy, f)O!!ilr;;ts Good, Evii and Ma!1ic in 81 1'. rad'iI;lS. [DMG). A-t neild, both wililide heavy wilrhorses;
Sen!'! I hOI!>"' Paladin's Horse lP.Hl Serial AC 6, rilD 5 1-5, Move: 1B ,No of .Mtacks: 3, Dar" q;ge.: I dB!' d a,.' 1d3, H P 37'

neurrnliSfl f,}rJiscm jll!2l. c;Jre crIfic,,/ wounds, rgiSfi deiid, hE!a~"re(:J'ftn8late, rostfJl'eiicm, rBSlJr~er:rirJ<r'1 [A III I FI'DMGI. WN None. SIilt]I~s~ 1st: bless •.oommBndx:1. cur:!llj'91l1 wOLln,d's x5, de<tecl Bvll, remove fear.2I'1di: aU(Jll;Y, halt! p!l1fflorll(5, Knaw afignmeflr x'l, siti'i'rrce 15' r-adl!Js 1('2.3rt!: cure blindness x2, cure disBBSB x~, dispel mflf1,ifl.x2" p'rayer. remoOl:IJ CJ1fSfa a_ ,4th: cure Sf'!riolJs 'Wol'ulds l>;:3~ del'f:lf:l flB' w2. exorcise, fleiJtralisff r;)oisfJn )(3. 81h "lonem em, cure (!:rWr::~1 w(J!J)':,d,~)(2. ClLlflSI. raise' deeM. 6t h: .blade barr/liif, lJf.ieJ I ll:l. 7!dl: r(!gef'iflretfl'. A short, rnetronlv ftgure. "feral is also <I paciflst. Sh!l has vDwed never [0 leave the .Allbal!:! but will work for1,;joOl'l in as many iNav., as she lsable. Her reach is 10119 and her jrlll'LHiIrllie,md prestit;lBlnlrl'Manafsbelh Mig'h, ~FLhl'!re ls ;any mor!ll guidencsln kilian, It !;ol1r1esfr~m Te:ral (JL.)lhdohtof. Teral will .31d gooD parties!ls sha lninkll [hey deserve; U'sing her spells aneh1'l1lgic to furtfJer her i,lImS\ Wherl'! the parly is Hilla 10 afford it, ...11 a will charge standard DMGfees otngrwise she wlll !li'l,k the !1roup a:o~mGd 10 do her some !ie-Wire: -h~ IJIMlJf fWCllChariJc!ers clJmmcH)ly to ba found if! the Abbeie are, In ml'lnv ways, the OIlPPsll~ aftile rest of the inh!lblt'lnts They EIre Serial Vtmgerdohtor <md Anl(os \I!ll'lger5IJ1nnu., Pllla!:ilil111, of.E.srff, G,od llflEJatlle, Wham thc\I worship in hili (l'llpeC! 1JsVer'lg!!lt. The .. IPunisher of Evil Selrlfi3~'~M~gi!; l'le;ms' +2 Sht sid, +-2 Pia Is Mai.l, +3 Cloak 0 f Prl'J1l!Olion, SCi,'ilrab Clf PtGI'fJ'fljOn. +21.i:lFt,gsw[.l/'d I NT 1 J
;0115 WOlJl'llisfx2'J,

DE 11,. CO 12, CH 17, MI Brac8rs of Defense ,AC2, Rddaf/'?Bsurmstiol!l', S'faffofCQmmamllng, S P'otiO[J50 rrlf I-/fHJfir-fJ. 2 of EH.tr.8-Hea ring, Scroll 0: (If PltltBCflen versus U{1dltJ.tId. Demons, D9.vilsant;! Posses.sjrm, Scrolls- Qf cure JrOhZ wou:nds he 51. p.mrlil.~itm(ram evlr lxZL cum blindness, cum disease, CI/oresej'-

Mo's! oh.IrJQ.S;5ters· time is spent lnsldethe A~libeie. raral y C r1 e may .be.see n 0 nth II stre!]'(s: hurrying to a house '!:lall. N'o sister has yet gonG! t'l1.Jtl1iide Irillan's; walls. fhe Sisiers :lrliJ the Sl.IbIeet 0'1 greEl'llovliI In IrJiisn (abeut tha only !le(}~11Iwho are] ann anyol'!e' faoHsh enougll to l1ii1rmone 'll¥ollld be ,certain o'r beinn tom .lIp:.t1'1 lha mob. by For pr9tecli.cm tile srsrers have a pack of 13 6 link OQ~s [MMi. Blii'ik egg, AI:: 5, HIl4, M~\I(j: 12"', No AtlEld~:;~ '1, Dllmag6': res, Spet::i.1f1 Al1l'id:s: from rear '/',5% of thatlme, Special Defences: Tulepol'ti'1l), 1-11' 21, 2x22. liftS, HI,.2xUI.lc}.2:;c13, n.B. Any Sisror outside tlleAbbejewil1 always be escortad by two dog s, The d'ogs <Ire If!l,ned to grapple attackers 'rather than savlIg6. Dam <'l,ge done then, (:0 II ntslQwatds 'S.!J I:>dual rattier than dellllh. The AbbBIe is alsg homo for a retlred HIgh Pr1estess of Porgeif'anas, Teral Guthdnhtnr, AAH" SX F.AL LG.tV 16, HF'63IAC1..AG 1m, WE 1 11:1000, BL 20 000, ST ., 0, liN 1S, WI ;n.

They w111 ilorm:~'[rmEl5 befmrnd intheeom:·
pEiny df the Brnthnts Aef Mon<!5terion

'usually, with ~d\!h::e but J:ossibly by joining. [hem lor 2IVllhll!;l or resculnglhem should riley famritll the Mo:!nt:ls of s;env'al1ts cHtie Evil (1I~'8;;!. on a

quast to wipe out an area 01 Chaos or twa,


Inns" Further abbravlatlons me nfl,acted to detail ~rmiln's inns. S.C,) B'r'l3wl Chalnce.ThElIIJEm::li;mIBgfl,givOl'n is ~ne ehanea per 'hr,e.!l tu rns of-a brEnNI brtll!l~iog oul, Tha I:i!r~WIwflllrninJllvl3 1dl 0 customers, U1Qbouncer's and any NPC QFpla,yercharlilC1er which the DM wishes. There IS iii baslc 5% that a character wilJ be the cause ,of a brawL8ii% of brilwlrs wi'll beowith fists eruly. the others will be with foug 1'1'[ wit n nag ge rs, ~nQrt&word!ii and cluba, Those inv(J~ved ln.a br,1lwl will be l1+th~r (01-2:S"I:::) slightly, ~2&Eig%·1 moGieratelv OJ' !51-(1Q%I 9 reatl 'I j ntO)( i catad, SeeU11'l DMS for details. eM; CQ1;!tModifiQr.TheCM'g1vestheiiglJ'!'e. bV whleh prices In the PH andthnllst '!liven later sl'iotJld be mll'llioplied by to g61 the price !J,f gllods In a ~arilcull!lros'Wbllshmenl. For ex:ampJ~, ~rI in'r'!wilh!l C~ tlIQ,ih".IClUld s~1 a 00"'· give .the Number of CuSl:omers between the ure of 10 Dae!1um-3 Neal'rture l3 Ne.a,hlUfEiI-

Micldnelal~t- 3 Oaegu.re. NS: Number Ilfslarf ,'ncILilcing barmen, aarvers, IWO K:Hindvial ters ,but ei'Ji!~epting,~ny sepBla LeIV dela ,Ied 1:1'1 EIracters SOW ,as. he un cers. II::h FtC: Raid Chance_ The ~:J!m;!l'lFItag~ Is ttn~ chancer slxbcurs otthe it1nb~ing raided. An l.nnwill only be raIded once ir'! one I'ligl;l. The mid will be by eltner ftl1-BO%J two Iman ufthe Garde IlS part oflheir pmt,ectliol1 racket nr ~'$1-06%1 the Brothnrs i!j.elf MQnJ!ll~,tElricm seek1 illl to starn p au! iiC€: nll h;;nJsn!ilSS" AccommGdatiof'\lnfgl1t; Commllm 'Room; !isp! person, Priva'l.e !Room.: Poor eSp/persoll, Averag!!! 12splperson, Ga(Jd20s!,). St!lblinglnighl; MlIle: b,p. Horse, R'i~irlig; m;p, Llg.ht W~r: 1S'liP, Medium War: 20s,l), !Hea\l)l Wlilr: 4~S~. Drin/<. A,ltil, til orma'l! 7cp, :s pecil'l I: 9icp. Beer', Sma'!; ,liep" Normal: 5cp,. Strong, 6cp. Spfrfts: 8-1 2cp, Cider: Scpo Llquer: 12Gp, Me,lId: 1sp.@tout.: Scpo Tea, Herb: 3c;p. Wine. Poor: Sep, A\ierBgl'l: ~Sp, Good; 2.sp lIpwards, Food, B.mad: 3cp, Srea'klasl, ~oor: Isp, Average: 2!Gp, Good: 3.5p, Ch,ee~e: 5cp, Dlrmar, POOF: !!lap, Alferage: 2sp, Good: 5q:=!, Bam~ue1: 1.2SIJ IJpwlirth s, IFrtJit: 5cp Pi,e; Scp_ f'udd [11~: bp. Reast, Fowl: .2.sp. J 0 Int: 3sp_

rnn CO$ts {To be modified by the CM~,

in{}r::Ifg:oodlw~ne'fol' ~2:;px.O.Bl '= 1"S,:sp= '~op, NC; The lour comblnations i;rl dice gr v","

-; NUBh1;urIl

17 Nua!1wra-




Soup- S'c:p+ Slilw: Bcp. Supper, Poor: 10cp, Average.: hlp. Good: :lsp. Tlw GOst& Foprellef'lt ~he lower end or POS5ible price flmge'Sand can be iTlodifled

upw,ards for h~ghel qLla~itv sarvicess The sflllllppl,(. of course. II Grifr:wn. 16M ~rk CS 13:,m;I I05t $T J, N13, N2 9, N311. CO AV. Be 1, eM 1.5, NC 4dl0i2d20tacl10'Sdl0 10d6. N'S 20, RG 1. The Gfrf'IJi.J~ [slrTliall1's, music hall, 51 Ilgi1't'!J a series o·r more-or-tess tastetess IiIntl~rtpil1rnents often consisting of plays featuring the rather IUl'lliki8ly adventures of [h.JgnIILllI:,lIwlla I (J~.a~herp' - 0 r Lrou pe:;; 0 F rned hrc ra mililstrels<lr'ld 'tumblers, II does not rent rooms 5int:~ itg aCl:ommmJ.fItion is mostly taiken up by performers and ina s!aFf. The o[lunce·r'll, are lninae and Tlsllm Locha. twin sisters woo fill Ih 5,pare rnnmants wilh iBI scnqand dancs act whicn tih~Y' r:1I;i'li'orm on Mil!]!! 10 U:le de,light of!ha C:U9Iom,ers, Siaving ,[lttnfl Grifl:lull. PQsing~s .. member of il troup of mil1strols:, is GUm. Sangsmitr.




lilA 1/.112. 5XM.AI..CN, ClIFlTfB, LV6/6J6.HP55" AC 1. AG 80, WE 9687, Bl 100, ST ~1Si.IN14~ WI 17'.DE 16, CO 13, CI-j , 7, MI +2 Cn8inmBi1; Mac Fulrmitfll CWem. + I I.fJnaswara INT 13: EG 0 3 A L eN, Powars.~ Emparll y, DfJ'tecr Preaiau.,!! Mawl, Iype and ilm~lltll 2Qif[ rad~uEl. O..r,ecr G8ms. type a i'1 d amount itT il 5ft r,adi Li S.
WN LJ;lngswar~, Gilos !'las beell hired bv 13 c(msmtlul'f'l of slave dealers tIl bf80lnhll loea'i br;nch ohlie SchlVB Freodol"ll, th!l' Slll\l9S' freedom society. mld 'nmloll9' i'tsleacer. Gilos Ts !c!'lall¥ _ammE'l1and will betray hiS cmoonl comrnLs'<slon! or lIrryt b.irt_g eliSe, iUhe p rke lIS r'9 ht, 01'1a norma! nrght, the lolkiwil'1g c:harm::ter!l mall" also be.attheGrifoun. Theffgure rn bnl,c' kets is the perc:entago chanc9 "for aach to be preSfll"l't, Tlrouv PolOlricm, the Gild!> Fa ee'tor (6), DarQO.n Aalftlaerl51 and EritlTm Stormboi (101 o'! th e C:ou 1'1 sen, , d4~1 t,h e 1 rfll an Scou ts f25), Alllss fl C'l and Miril (36~ ofnnti;ll~mple Acfvst. •. the DruId ~2l. TIm is the SliFgill (101, Glldo, Sandy the Thtef(1!l), 2d4 OTthe Garde 1100). OtHaT til.." SI!rtage raised fille 'feel or (he grolJf1ld whlcll accuples one: end ofthe rOom ami tho bElf arid cooking, area whicn nils 'title olhar, the whole of the ground floor of nUl'


Anko5 AC7,HD~


AC2, HD2, Mo .... '6 .'24", NO! of e: Attach: l. Dal1l.ag(l~ l'd3, Speoia'i Atlilck5:: pois(] 11 5p~ci!l~ Dirl!mc s: ~nams~el:mpuwer, , 35% MIiI,gic Rt3'5istam:e, 1"11" 1. 1


AtlElch; 3. DamBge: ldS,l1dB/1d3, Serial nilS a pet PSI)Udo'OrilgQ11,

:a:,M,pvQ: 15",,1'110 of

HP 23.


Serial al'ltl.Ahkos,arflfiil1iJtica~ 1,11heir pUfsu-t of'evil and chaos, d~~VinQ [I wherever llllJrk$. Thwe is ,a1.5% chance [h,m at anyone lime they will 08 out of"lrllian cleansing an lIrE'B Qf~hc;t Mal1iiesla'lIoi'Hi gl Filth. They will try tcald I'awful or good partlas,jn somEl way:

NIAME I'tASXAL CL LV !Hi' ACAG WE elL ST IN WI DIEeaCH MI WN l'nlnBB H F N F 6 31 5 31 BOO5'0115 1129, 12 lEi 9 Potfol'lsotHealin!1,lol1g:.;wcrd + Ol'f 1 Storm Gii'ml' Strength 15.1im H F N F S ~1 5 31 BOOSt 16 129 12159 +1MaCB Mac.e' -I-{Ii+l 2:1

IRIUAN Grif'OliIl1'S<giv~i1 O\l'e, to 5ealll1lQ. The' atrncsp'le ~re ts lIs!ually r'Qwdy, th e aJ r fUllI of the sound ofoff'<ke\i SDIl'lllhlg (is,tne ijllielli'tElI~ a:nemp:15 to, fol !ow'II'@§ilQti,;m Oil 5:1a ge wfth t'ts own :;iJJnQI comments. T~e allilitY to make spontaneous lTI\Jsfc:al wirNeisms is hig.hly
<ll'Id isthe only POPUIOf IOlrm ~f humour. OU1(Oid~rSifiFld the eustem olRen som ewbat off·~ uttl mg, DespitE:' the IrOWdlin ess, II) 9' do m inal"!rfeeli n9 f s of >gQc;ttd. fell'cwshl'p and 0 lit rl ght b raw) Ii ~n! f!l Fe, E"'~r! so, all W8!lpon]S, Q,!hB'~'tlnan rJagg.er,s nava to be- !;"h ;;I,lll;;e door. Charil,etetsm"y altarnptto sm.uggle ether ~~Il'IBimeiJl::dn!:fu'l an\l1hing 1afge,.rtthaln a sholltswmd is certain It:>be Ilidk'ed up. There ara 11,0 ,F811trTI~iQm:s on arm ou r: ~ o'wevifl r, :a!'lygn 0' clornpl ng nn plate Would be 'Ill.ill 'talt:get el'r nu mtl '0 LIS ~Thlad 'liEi rsas, I Tine other·two H.:JgrSo~ the Gnl'oUfi ina given ~ver 10 !ii,tgr!l ge an d '<I eeom rno Jj'ati O~. milan HoiliSeS. The n ew~5t IJ ulld fng i~' hiIian is j!tl~ ower 98 ye~nsDid, the o blest dates back lihe sscgn.dcsnturx of l,rllill4l~s 9~tS' ~nce, Whan or!g,lrNl~I'II 'bul!t. Irql!<!J'I's ~o'\Js.e!l wer~ 01. iii la'lis,nnes:s unccrnmen El'15ewhe~e, btu Ihe passilge On~m!:lna'5 Mused 'l:Jlem 10 dec::ay '10 th ei r present r,i'imsha I::kh,: state: I 11 i[I~y street therewlll oe's~vl;:r~1 o!:llilmed u~ fe.'I1<1rdQt!lIn lrillan Ope fl,l\! c:i'li"f¥ ln 9 we<t[p OilS olhenha n a ~ agg'i;l r er shortsword is conal fed be arish u 1'I1~ss: the ra Is II n obvl a U II reasen for !lOI


doil'lg; being a bodYg.ll<rre or rnsrnber of Ih" Garde fur ,Bx<lmpll,e,AnVoJne weartng armeur
about tjJ)!IIn CamelS, in 'Ilor !'fimilar social estracis rn, The P\l~r,!!g Ijl <;Idv~lllt'l1i ~s, rh Eil refQ re, rer held il1 I!'ery litt'lel el>wgm,

kJl'JIIQ:uBge; 'Irill i ilns s:pe<ll::Iril'ia11i1ls thai r fi~st: lan9l!J~g;6butmost ~a:",e ,'It lej!5t a smariawi'l"lg (I! ;!:lomman, A.1~gnmerit Ian gil 1'19 15~1'1 own by e a bout 60% of tha PQP1JlaLi on a ItliiouiQ h 'th \'I\" ten~ to use i!,Qnly On'llrert!;l~n, ritual' m::Qasion5: temple selVrce,s f~r~~mp'l,t;\I,
Irilillin COi,rliage.lrfH1.H'ISQOifl;!!g~ is/,~~ rniElIH be e)(peJJled, htgli1lY deba(;ed, bec2;!u!:(!ohttis, V/liJ ~,o~ most


equhral'sl1lUQ ~xperieME! Ilo~ru!s In Una eio5e:sl ci'lar:acten:;!ass, ~o'the character's prclesslon. lh,e ';es(j ~tino leve I ls iJ!sl';ci to l:h::~ ri1[1 B h il ~ ill p@1nlsan:(iJsiJvii1g throws, ()~hliHattJfi)Jut~!: such 1'1;; at~a~l<cha~e!l's remain those o+a Olh wJth~!'lI~~ese.eli(m
leval fighter. An Irinan's

BoR9UOI'Il:lly \ here :'1fa iew ops fI :Bj:lI!iC'ElSIsoft i'llsl,d () tt,e t!lV'J11 walls, Mm;t Meuses' hi,piI'etwo stOreys; some niil'll1E':!' d'l'ree.,l1rid ,{l 'lew hovll fn ur, lh~' 9 rcilJ nd '11 !J r i 5 O LISLJ'8il\l .01' sl'one CIt Il:uicl(, '111eu ~per s:ttlrevs aF limer-f~amed pls,Mer and rubble ..Wlilri3"l1:wi!lIldGWILt!nijTt;! a.r!l tllnlli.lo:b!l s.ma!! Ilml shut" lal1l;ld; .. fGW 'of~h9 ri:"her i'iQI.IE;EiS have g~OIss

and otl'l¥lrS oc:cliIp'ied by sqn.Jart~J;s: =lrtllan's pcpu!at~o!1lhas 'sun'" se muc~ N'I!lIIIn:erals no need fO'f the sha ntylewns wh r clh ,01111 t Ui es er (I'!'!e n haive; lhefa, ~5enau,Q11room 1ns ide tl1e w,dt5for everyone. E'le'rrll'e, hawevcel"/ the pili FlU ~atiOf1wa!! s~-II:m 'til st ,every 8'!lsl a ole pieciiJ of lanet WaiS n.J~~q fQr hO!.l6<Lng,. een-


eal'ni-ngs. are de~1t

bot most k~~p Cl ut1.hQ wi n~ wiih5h~ et~ 0'1 w1!xed 1'<3 par e r ~f}1I!rchm~mt. Ltg l1~i '119 1 I::: 11'10s1y by rush Ir9 ht or 1':01 nelle, bu Ilhose able t 10 <flff!Jrcilhtem use ientems 0, rnnt!flual J'i'glJ,1 s:peHs, Th El upper SIQ're)riii of ho U!S1:lS often

aIU r~fugJllI., r[me!> Qfl~oubIG. All ¢1;~e cel~ lill'fS in one bloc;kare li:nkied by d00FS,thus. mak[1'19 p0'5slb~eto move abou'llr!nan will11coni'l' it shl;l!"ljOklrrlIlYS. a~o~e grouW'n:l,. These dOOffil 8100, Iru;::I!Jii'll'VcJ,n1>'lIrlab~y IOl:kI:!d. Roc;lfu a rEI I u5.uall'i o~ tile, although Ihe pom-e9:i. h,ovels dwarves 'mliJ:ney"grubblr,1l9 a.nd mIserly'. h:awe pnly '~tUII(:h, end (l\i~~h,Bng '1'l1esneE!'l ~l'I F'arnaplS lbeC'II.1I!H~ Bgth the mOoney-lender/ II, rna rl<od deg reo, provid I n'9 SOrn e shellter b,<ll'l!!r;;er.s TnlrlHan O!rll J:lwafV~'l:l', 1ilPY ~rit 't;<!IPI'iifrllm IlwelelllilQf1wforthu p~~s~~s-by below. y m The 9~Otm.d floo, o·fa houISjil wJlI USUililtiV DEI' CRail ,tiij sHke.d; occ.lJP\l'i.nJ~1 ~ ch 1;n@ sam e pO:5~t.i O!l illS Jews did Tn M 91l1i e.lla liE U fOp_e, tollaken OI;"e!Fcwi!l.h the oWlier's business, rifl(l erated ~b1ilr€l\!i most of the time'~nd' ot~i3:r· familv livfno abo ...e !I~esfioll, FUrllfsM~n9sWi!1 wise pffir~llculed, Other human.oids sueh as typil::iilily be mllllim'tll, a aheS! or MO, a table:,<il ,ores. gobHflSfllnd' gil r8$ 11 all owedl hUo 'lOWn re ciJp~Dlm::d Inlel ~ffirhi'l,p'S EI fews'l(]oI5. On,ly the fonr~dlng pij(~nl'>fls. ThH'!( il.M elioorl!Eiel by ri~J;l!Jlr U :;:ehDlds will have beds, c hiairs <In d the GardEl ..:a:nd l-iiav,e t<.lle~'lIe ~efom tlhi!!! ~lltll'E! 's~m~ ~ar Lu)(u ri 1110. rpo'ts arc <i I,mm:t LI rnkn ow fI eel ,do·58 of b~ arr,95Uld ami ImprlS'onad unMthe as <I're ~alrrna's. 'B"t~!i <I r,e com p! e.t9l1,yU I1haard 'r:~f'CU$ 011 the Claeg Ae! Vidori" 11"1 wfn.;e~ !Fls,\, Clf.Tf'ieusual hoy~e i·sST:;:., N12, N23.'eN PO, have the !lunring rola.

wi I i pos$'lts:s.;i cell.p r wh ich f s tiS EidlI'or §to r.a9

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~ ltyHg M~. Virtu 13 eveIY Uy



wealth, th!,! peop'!';l, ha:ve sunk ]1'110a Male of sullen liI~a:I;hy, r~Slr9 eutef ilol'1ly to, eal and drl n II ttl e mse lvaa Tnsa n sfble DO th e ""I'I'riou5 Fe5m.i~£!,15 spri n k1edl~ bera IIV t:h r.ou.ghdut the year, They c()n:stanl~V teU each other of the 'Olld lJay,~, wlll,sn to be an Irllii'l!1 WCIt!> ,,, be !S®.l1'!!;IQI'lIj' and ,Elrldll3s1i1V deb:ah:rth,e crN3!1CElS: of Iri 1la n Ir'isin.g tIl regl3i ri Its f~rme,r poa! UOil th~y '~o noU~Il:~ l:imllytoElnYlIM !Jelling them iilllt it 1:1. e bOUHIS likely Ii~ a \11sit ati en from tih e ,Gods. Theyawe (l~ ~J1d,"pendlf.lntfIElIK, disHkirL9 In::ingl ordered arom1'd an.d W1H"\!, anyan~ nf 1lhev do not know well. lhe\! dislflre ,me! !:Iisj,rus! fOrt;i~gI1BrS- to ~h'8m anvoll'le 'from Jiu11hlWtl'll iii 1'1 fiv€I I'll..lEis'ElWi'll' - <llno cO'tti Ftlar .<1 n d Yilwn '" n il d. IJf1!tufarl' ~JtIllIO"'!lry th~s do EiS V nol prEl!Ven'lU"em rtpp~ng fhem 'offwlienev8F 'ttJerOi' sl r[d~ ahimea aT ;mOl11 ~ ado n- dlJ (! I ri 1jails II re .9I 50 !lot noled!or 'lhei,' bravery. Tlh~, Ir~'1 niS' views 'Of de mlhu m<l ns are Ia stterQatygad iElr1d IlIrle'Q8rmrall')!tflre worM possib'le: th!iS elva's ,He tnQughl to be 'gQod 'fun b.utFlight?{ ,Iha~~~id\les '.IlIffi't1S1: hUI'!'lIl;Il', i9 n'~m8<5 'sly w;ith a IB5!ei to r the bacI til in~~drt :rafl , h IiIlf-o OC.s,!l,nly a /lttJe W[lrSfI lha n a 1'11. rna Is', ~ 81f1iT;l,gs '11lI1ilv put IiQ'hHr ngered"amJ

IrUlan:s' Del!!lutioul'. Slncg ~rin!m IOStlt6

is <l6ispted in Irilian ill faes del'll lown s will on~y Bocsptti'1eir oWfIl,'ch;ug,ng a 20'J'o,surdi'l1Wlle on all Q!tl1irm;;, Tlln,[ltil'ter sitfl'l'afll1s' coln,1.:!'i,'ln.I'!' IFill<ln ooinage isol'1ly \r;;l~uedlat 1[I'SoH Usla:Ce va1luewli.elil used outside Irlli£jn" Tho majar Goins minledlnlrnia~" I.hetrAD:&:D wurth ~nd modern EI1,~n!ih worth are: 1 permeie 0.1 ep 1 new pe m:w , TU1e smallest ~ 11;ji:il Co [11, ifi 1 l'rowt! 11lp 10 fIl ew pa m::!'I. The' most common coln, , lri] 1Sj:) E1,cm, U:s:edlo.f n:u~m eve (ydlay tre nsac~l':m 8,. 1 T~!I!ii~ 19p =' £2,O,Q(l,The mOSIV<l~' lHllIleoofn, higher 'I{ al ue COl1'15 ~av'e 1'10'1 I:iQLln mlnted stnee




quaHty ohhemElrcl1iandise en off(;l~', . The .Eiver<l,ge s!hop will l1ave 1!.11S-1 ~1J~iQm· ers; thillf€lls Ii basic: 2%d'lllm::Cllnatone (lflha ci1arac:tltr!,-i!'l.I.fiH,m will be prelle[]i, use tt19 ~~firaoter encounter tables'to determine whIch one.l'l1Ier~ will bQ m,E:re'hi3itldi5e tlno I>oinag,a to the ...a~ua of30% ~nd 3% 0'1 !h,B own.er'l> yearly iIilOOm~r'1!boll.[!. Prices in sh Op5 wi Ibbe 'l PfHOXrnHll~ Iy I hoslil af t'h!ll DMG 8~d PH FilI'Hof1IlITsed I.e Paul \/!lrfiorI's Ala$l[and<)Jrd [WD~91 hip'" £1 S:lellrlof in~, morel! tlla shopksoper ca,n sCi persuad~, Ih,E:(:L].sttlmer. Hlglher<l".~li't'f 13 ri:il;'l('s wilH 1;0.51 Ihe S&l,u8re ofth.!l!ili" im:W!!Ol ~~, ; f1 q lIal it\l morEl, il;) am aFtide twice a~:Goad a!> in orma~ will.c;c lOt ICYrli'l1'le:;; as mU,d'l as no,rmal, one t~r!!ia IltTIes IiIS gilElod, f1iFiBlirn.es m:f)re, ett:.Tti,e efhmtof na\lifl9 o'l.1l arth:~elwh;e,lIs.,I'ICQd <15 normal1sl'e'Ftto thlt OM lC;HleiEi<rm:me, th~ ea slast solu tion ge~" 910 OJ Ilow itto last For l\!\IieeliilS lang ThE! ti r'lI'IBg~ed!O filS ka al"l a rtiel eo'c:an be !;Iet>(lrmnf1.:d u:sI1'1 g, Paul Ve~I'IOIiI's !ll'uidsl'i!"l9S. To see if an <lrJiicla is availllbJe aff the.snelf. 85'5rgll.1110 a. ne Qf 111!;! eat<1!gorhfs, very. rani

the S,nOD.TlTIe.· grOl.lfldlfloar Is Lil>uelly undi",i [Jed a,r1d li<i'S lil fgB !Oil utts rs [J pel'll n:li'! 01111. ontD (1:1 (:i street 5:0 Ulf1'ljp<l;Sse rS'- Il.y C!il1'I'!l9fi th~

Iriliaf1 ,shops.lriJi.an shops, are comblnatlon 'W(lrb;;llDp}sl1 nps witn bas lCiill>I)n,he s.rme fl:l rrn. Ill,., 9 ro~ no fkmlr hOU5C!S wo rking '01 :l m seWng are;;l&~ li\l~ng areas are loC<!leCil above


iie.ry w,Dghllyand ora quiclrrtlJ re'veng." a slur upon Ihe.famil'lll<!me~rniiilln b~in9 wtJ~t it h. !hOYg'I'i, il !.'lIQuid! be i1rn"d 10 stain a 1'1 iri1ia'I'1's narnewi'to lessjhan an a.c:.cusation a·f Url'flat!Jfal !Elf;3ttl(:lfls",,[111 SOn !lHY'LiSli IFF]. 11131<1a tUves C<!fl us u'!illly be m'~ied u po IfI to ra,lly ra und tfll:asE!.s of ~"@~e~hfp !Jnd .~nl th .. iS ,11[1 kilian's ~it,st IOY<J'Ity',
The <lveragil< Irilh:ini1rl'ale is AA H, SX M, AL Any;iencling tDWl'lr,(j!!: N, C.L 1", ILV 0, lip see L ST, fN, WI. DE. CO, CH, AU H2d4, MI Woru;!, INN Daggll'lt. Tile n~rmai female w~11 b ~ id Luui~r. Hit pO~i"Ills shou'ld be 8ss~ghed :as 's'''ijge~t~~ t:ry PHU~ Vemon In hi5e~~ellenl Stl fI8f.:' III WD2.9-3D, Designing iii QuasiM~drfi'va/ .5QC(9t'V fur D'&(J, This rneiln;llJsing 111'19 ll.h'ifliltl:er'!OII1!=!-lime gaming!> in sp it!> '!he

closely ~mt, usu8'll'y mads !tiP of ill g~andpamf!l, tWo IlIlii1rel'l'trl, tWlJ rni'ltllFechil'dreJl'I lI[1d livlII "cum. Ilprohildren.lrilians [ate kilfl5hip

hiliBn Fcft'IT!Ui'f!S, i(iliBi1 lemn~ies,are 1<11[,91'1 tl'ld <

chBncI8~; fairly t:ommon (30%), C(lmmon 175%) or VEry Gtimm~r] HilS%) , 11 i!i. ",~ry. YClllkory tnal HflY IrlH;a.l!l oraftsmen would

{;2% I::haru:e Gil "'eing a\lilil<ll!llc~, rafe ~S%

uraflsfIl<tn l 1'd6 Bpprel1lHceswa'rldl19 in it, n"ill,nI8JrllfigEi lind ulilel delail!s m"lI. oncll'l!j}ain, ib," diltar· mined kcm !".I'lLJI Vernon's exc:elleFil serr!:J;~, HO'W0vr,n.UlEi1sum:~!3rrivtld at shlluld be mul,tip li~~ by 15% If! reilellt thlii:dep,resSeaSla1:El

rmeN~t!Od ~nwo ~k.iig f E1iid~ WQrhhop wlll

bEl fu II-time for ~ CI1"H;I,~IH r, have a mEisterd3 jQUfneyn"l8IN::;raft.srnen ilnd

,later, AC 10, AG Ul,;3l5, WIi: 11)j 0;,,:10, BL 1-5, [

If! Iha list 6.f If'le sheps: which 0l~e1C1Uf'le in tha {l ortn-wa,sl ~hhe lClwn WI'I i c:1l'Foil ows.IHe fOB(lWif1~, information i& glv!!'1'\, A coda 1'!L1111
rna house In whicm tl'Hl snClP Is Ice:atacJ, eClS} modifier, yaa~ly earnings 011 lhe mtl!!tercr<ilf1sm .. n Tn ap ~,(El, Wml wea II hi or thl3' m.ElSfeH:raf'tsmal'n in gp [WE~ and·;JofqV O!~UIF
Olilr" 1ldill ~~SS, 9 ri d. rl}f9'f<~ n es., d 0sr:rtpli 0 fI of



!lEied Eid cO.mrn erll'l!i. Oht'lf~r dell3 i'l!lca n be d 13'fiV8d from thfl!H:l·givel'l. Thus, fOl'e)(emp,l.e,T>

the owner's WIC \!IiHl (Pe'tennine nlsscctal stomdrng an.d the amOlm'llhHI The othilrmamLwrs of the iSotlft earn i3l'ld the eM wal gIVe 13. g~OQ lndleatlnn ef ho .....axcluslvean e.stabli!J~miiflf is, Shops, ,a61 ArmllJUM!r Type UAllty(jies.a! armour, SIlEi 1"'<11..11 VermJI"'I In WD2.9L 2 ..:J.lfilfh! TO~9!~

sh.loi::led, small' hclrrrs 13f1dshi."li::l:;;), 4 'Flint Top~~e S!r<JOl ~b4), Sf ;1,N1 2. 1N.2 6, PO, eM 1, 'IE 110:2<1·,WE 4738, a63 Astro!o:a-er. 21 MlIrk'8e,H',d (D41. SiT tl'l f'<Il':!, N21, NJ1,N111, eN AV, eM'. YE 1B3QQ. WE 48'993; T~lh-AgOltJ'li willc:asthClmscopes J orchara eters 10r a fee wh Ich f51 dj3pen d'efi'l U pen t I~e' ri?fl$fih of-t~ me wlei ielm it tl;i·~e her to s C(1fnsuitliTle stars. Th~swlll take 1 cd3d<l8(] with ~acl1 dOle'] CQsNng 3aOgp. Llopqndlng upon [he' DUl!:;(lme" the character nlav llJl -5% tJliIl· rer off." This rn<ly mi:lf:lrfes[ Itself i~ ± 1 W!H.lVIFlQ throws, hi'l [Jrob-iiOII;'lfe6, ",IIPI!> nlE! DM wisiu:,:s. The ",lIe!::'l of reading will Ioil st for 1 ssson. To~Im-A8Drtl1lr"..e~ alone in her house. IJH! up p9r &t(J'rfl\l of wh Ich rs 0 pelil toO tlw sll,y ilF1~ UJF;f;ld. OlfO:an cbservetorv,

Stf~etiD@l, '51"2, Nl 1, N25, eN AIt, t::M 1,2. YE'4'13a5, W!: :2']M~ . .il'S') ArmO!;lr1J1" iy!,?fOllV mcall3, rin~ leather,


aSf! BuIc:Rl'lr .. 6 Rrlll Le.a Weg ST'1, /111 ~" eN is.A, CJ\\'J D.S. YE 7947", W!E37,o!1l9. as 12.8u li!:Il,i!r. 4 RihlTull!os St raeUC\l.), ST2~ N1 4. N27.GN 1"0., eM 1.2. YE94IB~, WE:l982. ",513 C<lrdmak~r, IPl<lyin,g' t<lrtls), 12 lI:!ft log.Weg &CSL 2~N14;N2 :ktN PO. eM UL S~ \fE 7989. a8~4 Cook.!il Lu'fiIMagi L.aen to;;U. ST 1, NI:3, eN All, I;M I,D, '11'1:" 6745. WE 2987. . ilf)/'5 Cop;JFJtSmiHl. 11 luft L.og WegII03iJ and4'FHhlMaei LCl.en~D.(!tST2.N14,l'I; Nl2.7..4.. OM AV, VE 26394, WE 136.57. . as 16 CU'I'~f' ICw tle ry~, 116 Luh Lo~ Wei:q,(B si, ST2. N1 5, iN2 4. eN PO. eM 1,1, YE 8<;),,6, WE ·::It'Il,2,
N 1 3.,!::N PD. eM l.q, YE 5838; WE lE1.2D. i!1S1$ Ffs{Jff!!itl'Jf!t. '3 Lull Geri'HlEFdef1Weg (Cn,ST2, Ni 4.N23.CN CO. eM 1.~. Y~.6:;!8D~ WE 1793. (lSl!] Foundw. ICClst(> lren], 3 Rrht GliH"I"I"a e(j~!,! W~9 (188), 3, 1'1113, N.2 4. N3l'i, eN co, eM 1.0, YE 1"29913, E 6748. W lJ"S20 GI",~i,~r lW[nl:fuw ~ilnlOsl. 1fI MB'rk GeElrd (D41. ST 3, Nl 2, N2 5, N8 e, Cf'i AV, eM LQ, YE 16923 •. WEe 43159.
0'1517 PatrY·:Il RIM1 Chfhop<JcecFilan



ST 1.








il' Late. <l bl'iiI£$-ri ks· mllltilJl 5 U.. Log W~g ((;2!. STJ, Nl ,01,Ng:5, rfl: 1\13,B,CN AV, CM 11.0, '(E .:23401, WE10ZS0. 852'9 I.A:Jc}tSmill1. , R ill~ .FhJfde. C!ICH> (,1::2~. r2, S N 1 4, f';J 2 5, eN ro, !";M 1 .0, YE Ull!J31l, WE 8970..
I... fJttiJ'fler.. fWeI rl!!ar

srr, Nl4, eN !'o,eM i.e, YE:7S03.WE "3056:

!ilc),!25 M.ilr~G"<lfd ~F;':.t),STJ. III1 3,N2 6, N3 '"I, CNi"o.. eM 1.0, YE9Q83B:, WE 5'J056. aSlllSrtJll'l'lyro.cer. (Vegell:ll:iles), 5,LlJfi ChrTs~,psoe !Raedm::n, ST ]1, NT ~,r2N ~o" eM IJ .9, YIE.9420, WE a94.~ .. eSt3 Groc!:!r. Wmvisions), 5wL!i1 Met We·!;) (C"5). ST 2, Nl 5, N:i' 6, CNI3,A, eM UI. YiO 12493. WE 601;9; ~St4' H(wJ)mef. (Gri!il'l f"hl'lm5), 1 RIIlI l'0p(lze Strael 1031, $1' Nl 3, 1112.:1·,N3 7, eN IBJt ,eM 1. Q, YIE 13482, WE 6491 , ,1'}525 Imnmoil'ge'I""./8ell,s 8m1!l.l1 irOfll>rI.,iclEl:>, nall::; !:l'~g:), 6 Luft Tulkos Strael ~C51,ST:t:. N1·4, N2 !i~CN PO, eM 1.0, YIE 14903. WE: 674Z·. a 526 .jewl§!//fJ!"". 22 Mi,UK 3c.ard (D3~, ST 3, 1\116. N2 S, N3 7, eN AV, eM 1.0, YE 549.361', WIE.32946l. Own Vlrj I:!y IErsa Gasrlntl. J<)wellUlr sl0i 1,1 Ial/tl] 7-6":90 .. fI5:2 1i!.ant~m- maker. 71t1i1WC! pa I'il 1(11109 (I:;'f),

.aS021 ,r'i"!~'SbIOWG:r, (Glaswcl,lpw<, ju-gs, vases,

T!1e< Gild of Sages' re~re5en'I<I'Ll",e in I,1I111! is 1'1 TImr8Braege~.RAH,S)( M, AL N, GLS, HP15. AC i LI,.AG S;4, WE:.8019i , 8 L 1200. 5T !I, IN 1'6, WI1 B, ClEo., 1.'::05,Crt 1?, MI N one, WM Dagg~r. S,Yelts: <Jffer;t 1T~!'m ill firES. r~y Gf fJnf(J;r3Q/g,. 1fIi\'n!, e)[p!osi@ fUnes, COIlf1Jsiofl, fum bie " C~I~~rnri~5: MilfllJir - Humti!'iJ,I~s and Glarrll~ind. Major - Supernatural.end Unus.rall. Sllecial- OWSOITlEI'TGT"IIFi, Astra], Eiml':lrl;:al, EII\l· I1!'Nlltai'1 and Outer Planes. As tha resul.1 of .an w"!forilUf!0I1;e expe.riat1cE! when i~vesUg,ltln,g lycanthropy, Tlrnls hils beco me 1l were;wCl II. AC 5, I.. 4'1· 3, 111.0 m of AU!lt;h:l, Di:lm<lg~: 2d:4. SPEH::iB'1 Attadls: !iurpFi:s.<;I on 1·3. S~~i;;;ll [DefenCEl~:. VLi~n~rl'lhll;! f:lnly te silM~Fond +1 or b13itt!lrWIl<lPOn!l, ~IP19. Origina!ly NG!.lIra! Gopd rn ~li{J!1nw!l'L Tlrnls has 'recently t~nded WW<lrds C haOl1( 6""11 ,Ulcl!.s- presentlv Neutral. He has ful! conlfolO\lE:r when fl~ Il":nan~re:;; slliilpe anri has b.ecom·e qurte attached to 1nJ5 full-melon IiI prowls around trlllen's !>tr~ets. RBvhor ~ul'ly ami ratirirtg In his Ilfa";' lc ua human form, Tlrnts lrss at:~l.Iired a neW ~(>nf~danc€ I!~Qn'ti wHI1 !1 is new form. The II i I'jam;; Imow ~h<rllb!;ly Il::lV>e.a werewQrfln I Ilefnf1fdslI:ilJlt 1'11:1 one !;tJ5peets TImTs 01 being 11- 'fet.



,,j84 £Jaker 5 Ft1h1Opale W~g lC:4~, ST2, N' 4, N25,C~ ",W, eM 1.2, Y~E!597, WE4B67. aS5 B.,kar :ntlhL COf<:lrlo CI08 U:l21, St~, N1 5, '!2 4. eN cO, eN Q,9, YE 1137'01,WE 3998 Th~ ~@kEl[ hiisl3 KiHrno~lls IFFI ~i<!yll1g with him AC 6, f-i1J 1d4', MOVE!' 15", No 01 AU1o!d.:s Nil. SFlI3(;iol,1 Dofllnl;:O~,: !-I1,jlng, 20% i!1i1gic:



fl R&I~"L{j~rrn3iHll3n Weg ~C3,. 5T2, N1 4, N26, eN P'O • .cN 1 1, VE 1314:;;0"5, ~ 463B. W 1() B:r!ff;ier. (S rll SS·W~f~erJ. :2 LuFt SV9 rI h

WE1'lS86, .flS9 BJorrjesmitJi.( Kn kfeJd:"g g er biOitMs ~, [;j

1.... fl M lIol Lfl£!(1~P2J, ST3, N1 3. N14, N:3 Iii, GN BA, eM 1, YI: 195:t1a. WE 887.5. ifS1Blill':Ksmith. 11 R'i~lL LllgWeg (C:J',ST~. NJ 4, NU, eN PO. eM 1. L 'r'E 1 £'478, WE 5482 IlS81i'Iach'mith:& Lu rlell rhim pfJa:e Rae ~C3j, ST 1. Nl 3. Clio!CO. GM Ltl, 'l'E 230195,

rfl~stl3n1 .. flS(i Beflro(wder. (eEl ~t~ .Be lis), 3

WE: ~igg.

'n'E 5003, WE 2943. i,i'f53t MtmeyllM.rifi1f(f'a wm,h(J'p, 6 L u It Q pa le Wug ~C31. 5T :2', N 1 4, 6, co, eM V:l. y~ 76810, WE 4JOO~. T~'ecowner, l.lzuld. an old. Ii()nely dwarf, has bet;:Qrn'lSi Ill'Icr!l'H1s.1t1gly flrnbrtterelil since ~li1e deaths 01 hi'!:,f~mi!v ill OJ n ~nrl-tJw .. F" rTolj <1st oO,",El rthnl~ tll.md, ed'5 yeollt5<1gCi. ~A D,SXM,ALN,CLF,LV1. HP36, AC 5, .A~ <wO, W!; .:13004. BL 1i1UO, ST 12) IN 11!,WI 13, DE 12, CO 14,CH 8, MI: NOr:!~, WNSaltleAKEl. An independent operator, U~I;!!d will !end u p ~G 5~Og IJ on no SLJ mtv so I(m~rEl5 he is CI)[mdllt:ed TI16ll [here is 8I'ea:f0f1a~JEl chanqe 01 him geltill!1l it hali;k. TIlE' o;:hi;lrges !lr~!:i% c"Om>lCIL.ll1d inte[es'Vwika i~a mer(l4716%1ye<l'. Its rna p;)w!"Ietl Wllh U2lJ Id wi II 9 iv& :W'l'li of thl:lirv&ll.Ifl in r:EjI"Ulm. !tem~ not c.li!il1~acl wllhfn 1 yom will be :;!ol.d. Ul'uld will store vaJu!I!bl'es fo r ;:]f!3e of 1"A. of th Il,jr .... IMle£on; 1'8 """,:11 nor olu wrrte lener!l 01 eredit, as!S2iNa{lf:Jf", (NaH:.), 1 lul1 Mael LaElfi IC1~, 9;11" 1'. N14. eN PO, eM 1.0, YE 7563, WE 3142. 6533 Ntu~,cller..1N Iil ad les L 1 Rifi'~ SVf!nh We 9 ~B:1J,S12, N14, N:!<I, ON BA,GM 1,.0, YE75~O. WE::1098, aSM Oi.l"rI1S5.r>F, rOIIj, J Alh~ 5iVElFtll We.~ (El2). N14, N2 7, CN PO. GM 1.1. VE'9B40.

T[)p<lz~Slw<Jf(! ~O:<i]:ST1. N 1.3, eN B.A, eM 1.. . 0

8S8fJ i..orr(1QJ!',

~Me1t<l1 said'[lle i'ittfngsl,

., FHhl

Tlmi s Ih,,!it~Ol' . ne.n hi:; orumbllng, . disorganised house On'! the Mel Wsg. HI!! will atL~mrlto c)1'li>werql.lei·sU~l1Isf[Jf!fi{lndil!rd '(;iijld f"I,,,::; [DMG].SholJld he fal], he will <lsI; ;:mother member Mtlle GHd in Wno;se Spacfad Corte1!I'D['t" it wiH be, TllOl answar wHi [,,1\;13 l'I further 20+ 1d21J da(Jglli:l,~rrive and cost the standard

fao ohh~.oltl .. ef
13 In .1I:lchtrcl"!lO



!f<lfl~ 20·~for Tlrnls. !t1ts TimliS, oi'lgln@1 f'lO'eI,. of I::tJ.. fee, lim!s also mOJirl4;Jlins-llllic.s with tihB 1001'11ttymen's hlva, SlOe Wi) Su&nB(F(}s l/tor iniorm'!110'11 o::Il!1 flymell.,



The stralns of .leading a dualexrstence, as human ~n~ woil, <lrEi.howl!vet. biilgrrmrn~ ~o jell on TlmJ!> .and li!l h<l6.late.ly begun to V;!'ilt the·GrifcnlH1 mere 'Freque.,Uy [han ba!Cmil al'lf~ drinking rather more r!'tan is !:I oed forsuch <In ,elr;te.dv sage. !tS3!J Scrivener. ili r.FI be, acco U nra nr, lawYElr~,:!! LuA:Met Wttg ~C5~,SU, N1~, N~ 5. eN "'-v, eM 1.2, Y!': 14936. WE 63n, . "S40 SI'Ii/JJS Chilllt',}ler. (S~,~ppini;! Il'q'lJipoi ment), KieVfl (E'lj. ST 1, Nl I, GN AV, eM 1.0, y E ~maQ,WE 3349. eS4LShfpwrigiit fS:hipsl, I<.BYEl {E2), N1 teN 1"0, eM '.ll, YE 29!!\<5"i5. Wf. l23l;i7. CeltT blJi~d rowboats, small b.']I"gl;l~ anlj r<!'T~s; la!;img 1 Wlka p-l:Ir IH.l11 polm aS4"2511I1e'~mrlll. "3l'titl1 Op<ll!l W~9 [C4), ST 3, N 1 ~, N2 4, N3 5. GN PO. eM 1.2, YE 34265. WE 20"l4c7.Trealasjew€llerohJdll ~e"'l'll Ie s-11 Who will only work in sLivEir aS43Spurrla. (Sll'l.!n;l. 3 Rihl COF<lII(J elas ~Di?I', N 1 3, N7 3. !lA, eM 1,:0, 'V'E 86',813,



(821, Sf 2. N 1 6. GN PO, eM 10, VE 30006,

. aS3S' P,e!tl?'l9M!"", (P9\1V't1flr-WlOlker), 4 Rlht MOlEli l.iJ8f'1lC21, $T3 .. Nl J, N12 4, N3 7, eN co. c IV! ~ .2. YJ:;2SB~30, WE 13485. , <)S38 I'lumiJ9r. ~ Lead-worker) ,5 .l..ufr Corallo CMs (E2~,:sn, NI S, N12S, N:31,CN !PO, eM 1.0,. YE 279801, WE 134$l2, 8&37 PIn ner, (PiA s), 5 fiji,! Top<JlZe S"l:ril8 t (04) S1I""1, N"! 4, tN SA, eM 1.0, VE 674,0, WE 2g7B. i"i'S38Sa!iI:'i. 7 LufL Met W~9. (05 ),' N 1 4,

WE 3.1125.. a544 Tfrlner. mll-wor~er!, 1 H1ih! Corl;llll) Ck.:; iD~I< ST 3, I'll 1 2. N:! 4, 1\13:2. eN PO; (;;M
1 Q, Ylt 2'1l4S5< 1325. CiS45 Wi~e:!ilmp. '9 luft log WI': [I i 0"1, ~Tl. "'13. eN 00, eM 1.0, 'liE ~OQ'"W~ 0(110:2 LL1FtAI:I~JeiEl Won;HC4). 1.0, YE 452:9.



we ,

eS!:I6 Wireyjr.:1w.~r.


S1' 1, N'] 3.GN




N2 5., eN SA, eM 1Al. ¥E Hi091B. WE S0197 23


Abl.}[~1c WI'l.g ~Cl.!I, 5T 2. ~ T 3. N:;14, eN PO,GM 1 .. , YE 90S4, WE 37501, 0

a547 Wiremf!ngli!f~ 1SeUs wirel, 2Lutt;


~g~j~j~;:f~~rl~~§~.~~ :-0 LT.·•.·•••LT • 1cJry5... -om. .'1?, L •.. ,.L \,L..' m., .'..•....•. .L, ~'An
Abbf&le. SeriaiandAllil'Os (P.art2iflnd!dr rhe Chantrman (Pan 7) to join Ih~ t!iirty to P rD vide sf/vieS' 8 nd assfsra nee. See Part 1 for tbdyl(Jssal'V8nli rmmenc1a!uH1' key, Thos« .1feas nOf ftlllV de$C!ribed her

This tiI,;ilmde i;'cvers the rrbrIlH'iBs't qt.Jiif-

3. Riht Khalkedon Weard

will be completed in later


Xl ,3 Riht Knalked on WeaM ~1f31.5T:2; N1 ,2, N2 1, eN co. ThB house appears daroJil;1 and

deserted. All 'ground floor opii!llinglO<Jr, bricked upand upPQrstorev windows <Jm boardEid Over. How.ever, anyofilEl milking ill 5 Uc('115sful Locar!} 8em'Sr Darns rQ11will nctlce B loosa s!loian of board en tha back doer, B!ilstlv removed to reveaJ 111nBwwnll-01led lock, OpOI'1 ing thelflQk, unless a 'sul;;ces:s~ul Remova Trf)f)S Inside , the Il'IliIlhlg o[ derehenen ls reil~lorced: lhG plastar is crumbling ofr the \.IViIlls, tha cQiljngs and statrs j.,[JVQ 1:C!llapsed In plflc!lslIJ1d rats mav!bEl h(t<lr~ St~llUing about. 111;1 fiOO'f 'S cO'i(Elred. with rubille but seems firm. The rat notses come lrorn a pack ot 1'5 liIi,ml TIlls rMM~, AC7, f-ID \':', Movs: 11". No of Attaeks: 1, Damage: ldJ, Spedoal Attacks; Dlseaae, HF' 3x4. <h:3~ 5>:1. 3;d. An IiikL['IlllfevU and 'Foreboding tomes: lrorn a skull gu-arrl [WD351. AC 2. J-ID 1, Move; Ol"~, No of Att.lI::ks: 1, Damage. ld3r Sp[lci~J Allaelts: Pear, Spe(li,al Defences: lmrnune IrJ SIf1E1P, storey, II has been or cered 10 use 1~ fear power 10 drive the rsts ~:mIClil'ltnJdeFS be1'cre attacklng'ih rn itselr, least armoured ffrsl_ ~ ftho Cflf'!'! r1301111eoroom is elQ",r~d ol ru bb I~. a trapdoor will ba found, below it a ladder J!l<tdsdown In£Orhccaih'lr. ThelBddermav be (:Qv,e.rad l:iY:B dl1r/(n' 5S speilisee later for clelallsj. From t~B Iltllia rlsas a stel'1ch ~f dm:ay, The cellars 'af 3 Ritn KhaU([ldofi Weattl i'ind i1'5 twa f1~lghbours (both Bgjlrn d'fjrel'icl) nave belli'! colwa.rted into i3 secrnt temJ':lle 01 Gizher ..a, Thr.! Gmlde.ss of SW9~llSLifferin~s Glzherael'ias III prosel,t 30 follower.s!n ltllinn, allhoLJllih Ille number rs: iMr<rClsing [<I.prd,IViii!> more converts are made. Except for Elhlrf, Dna llhhe houris lrorn tho Heafod All'f Ore, nalia a'flne m.emb(mrollne II:Ol1lgfl3!'jBtio,fI!lea above JOurney-man Sl<!tus or have any rBal inUiJence. All h8lV'flllle sleH:;lh::::; of norm.!)1 Idlill!ls.lt i& mainly Ihe prornir;;81l of r'e'l\far~s 10 cgm(! wl1ich are e'nticll'lg I1!lW wornn,ippers to Loin Ihe cult. GTzheraeis not, how~'Ve,r, a lru'lil godde~ buta Si.u:J::;ubu& rMM1. AC 0, HD S" Move: 12 J1S". N,o I)f AtUleks: 2. Damage: lrfJ"1dJ, Spildl;l! Arutcks: Enlill'llY Drain, Spec1al Defenses: I 1 or behcr well"CH'I to hll, 7'0%

roll is made. wlllscund

a IbElI~ th~ C:QI>lGir. ln

nvss, etherealtty, I!.'nBrm pOJWIl, 9'S{t r;;lairdildJ, eM!:!!, 5uggesthm, ·hjJpllchall!J~ gfflB [not clIt"remtlV lunc~lOMIf'l9,I, wiJo lUIS found '1m!> B eenvenian way ofobtatntng vtctlma= evorv wika erse Iherprfest D'Hol and iii group 0111'1'Orshippern sElIHF·!::Iagll piil'i'sar-by late-at night 10 join 1M 0113 'feast'. D'Hal ill adrow [FrJ Ner:romancer IWD~5I, RA Drew, SX M, ALeE, CL NecromElnC:Gr, LV 6., HI" 37, Alt a, AG 503, WE4B31'l, Bl50. STU, IN 15, W111. DE 14.CO 9, CH 6, MI 12 Chainman, +? Shield, Drow C~oak ana Boots, +2 Sihortsword ~NSA). D~mOI;:i Knif1110i!'i5"~ilHed with Gizher-alel (WD34j. WN Knife. Who in addi'liol'1 10 posina OJ!> GI~Elmo's,~ries'l, is her lever. HIS poWDr~ 1611it~lIel~~nrmate drrad, eeus« darkll8ss,.. evt! frYf.l'Sf.P.<J1( Willi de<ld, llfld tever: m.!ll'luf..~c!!.ire

M;;Igh:: Resistance,!-'IP



&'8[11;6 dark-


charm ate HP 6, which ,overs in lhe ~ec!'md

TCUilly' eli'il,TI'1om\.iuhly n~stv. irrelrievably narnned, D'hI~1 is enjovlngl hrmself 'beyond his wildll~l ni,ghlmares_ As gU<lrds, acolvtes .me! companion!!, D'Hal conlro:r54tambi~!i [MMI, AC HD~, Mave: 6", No of AttaJ;;lC!.: 1, Damage: 1 dB, Special Detenses: rmm1.Jne toS/tlflP, fhsrm, li'ald!lnd

ghol.l, wls(/(Jm ufrflfJ dead. <fro level: creet« skUll guard, par(,llysis.

IUhe fiAht gCtOS aHaim,t the m, Olzherse will go ethereal and leave and D'H!!I will make 'fo, iliB bo!t-hole, J,tlflvin{l mis <lndead to dElhi\!' pur su(t Iftl"i'ey su rvive, tbuy wtll <!ltempttlll SeliJf'! ~hop elsewhere ifl IrilP'af1 Hssuss, l'he Ilzardnu'In. !Nfl I bill nasr dlil<l~l whef'l the party reaches hlm but wlll survive
long enough to be a~ie 10 ask lnel1l1a ratum Jli:; bOld'll to the LeMrdnul1"i Ham where the correet ntlBS cai"! be observed,

members of the parlV to ellmb down [he ladtier hefu re sIl e rnaterla IIse.s and knocks It awav_ D'HElI, ,Gizheratl :Ina t~e undead "",.11:1 than all melee. Gizhera~ and O'Hel will <Ittemptio extinguIsh all liqhtsourcas, If they iWI aueoassltrl. lin,!, Cfllah.lro wlthOIJ'I infra vlsion will ghl al·4 to hll_ltnol rorewarned. Gizh~rrae imd' D'Hel wt11 be if) nlJ'grantc dr;!licto In Tileir ClUCinEl'r:s.

mon room having flrst eaet dar/mass on llie ladder. D'Ha. will be in thelr nuertors w1l" Iii!! undead. Grzh~me wHI elltlw thr;i firSL rour

will be wiliting

in an tlthere!i"statlll

Tnl11e com-


Attacks: 3, DilllJ8flll I d3i1'dI:J.,IHH3',~p~c"ia! Alnacks, Pa,[fllysi'lticm, SpedElI DeferH,I'l'S: lrnmune to ~Ieep and chBrm. HI!' 13. The temple comple« has t!hree secnons, a common liOorn, the iemprl;l Ilalr and Gi~hl.lrau arid O'Hel's quarters. The COmmon roam i51'1 100rgebare room having little lnlt mllerthan a co IJfl'e of torch cressets, two d 00 rs iii nd 'Ihe ladder up 10 thE! trap dour. The temple hast!hfl .atmofOpher(J' of a charnel-heuse: il reeks of mrdng meail.. ThEil walls arellneu wflh pld gra\le-clothes <lind Well-chewed blOl"IEls and bltsofFlesh are pried lip in OOrmlrll. The room Is oUii'irwise b;;l1'9 e-l(ce'p! lor a IBrgei stone 51ab. chIpped .. "'lC !l,lai ned, which serves as the Bitar. -8fllIJ ~ large X 5haJ')ed ,cross wllien :swing s .slowl 'I' b~ t:J;: and fa rrl1 abovs 11.ThQ [;rOS:S f" I.Jsed to hold prist;mers awaitrl"lg 3aciifk:c who "He 5uspel"ldeo head d{]wn 1j1l0nhe allar, II is l:urrf)l'Itlv oC'''Jpied by fl.s.'SLl!:;s.iii

Goid·t:ms,ed spells, HI' 2)01 1 )11 i, hiS, !:!l'Ia 11 12, ghoul [MMI, At 5, HD 2, Move: 9". No of

Ham,ll'i!l party must pass lhmLIg~ I(,e Waetefgae'L Since 11zardmlln re I.Hlnned (1rom enterll1\g IriHM, thl:l'i" will need SOm!] [!Qnvir1i::il'l!J s:xp III n.Eltion lor HS5LJ5S' body 1)1 be qlJic:!c wilh ~heir Jdo'I"I<!'fions' to ascepa being I;;<lrterj off io the RivereWgac Tor to. fLJrtl"ie.r questlol'lin!J The le:sBrdmm1 Ham ~rilsbank (G1l. As the fH1rl'l' epprcachas the \'ilJ!I'gl1, they will be.rno~ bV tITO neO'lojman, Tssuss who will reeognlsli! h is ~a n !~ uss, G ri efSlriluM1, u nless QXp IOJ naSS ticmsare QtiicldV made, he wr~1aftilck. Hccm\Iil1l<eci o_thllfWi{ie. he will gM! orllers for .the proper I1tllsm be [)bsarvod b~tore IIIJe.s:tl(lr)lnll the party iUlIl1her_ All hs talks, behind him can nBseel'llne preparQlrOnS rur HsslJs!O' death fea6t- mainly the pre~lIfEfl:lofil of his body for m1l~fing. BroRElll1ly, TSSl):;;S will tell Ilow his son developed !!In 1II1"1naturai lovil "far a 'lady' from Ihe Heafod Agf arc. No mattEir how he 'HI~ trred '00 persu!iJde him otf:u;::rwjSil" :several r1igl1ts agQ ~SiSuS.S had.sllpped aver the lown 'Walls10 <111 tls;siIlllatiDI'I, Since UHlll nQllhlng had tm91'1 I,eard The lIad')"!! nllrT11l was Elhiri.

Waelerg,a'et (G21. To rl'J"c~ ilia L~s.mjrn,m

Gi;lh<!rB19and D'Hel's quarters are in Ihtl ctll'ilr (;If fin a; ram a'llrn g hou~a" The walls a:re-lin.e-d with blatk!lllil\i'e~and a billcit silk carpet COlle.8 thcf1oor. 1.<1r9~crimsQn ells.~l'ion5 tiEil~:l'!il'lred ,aboul and ,mil 1'~·l1lped LiJl 11'1 one cprnllr to Form a bod,. A grotesque sr.atu'e in centre or the rlJomslIppoft5 <I gutterin~ IlJmp ofhumlln f<l! whh::h provicLri!S IJhB Qnly '1Iurrrrha~.iCln. Various cr.mt,orted low tables O&C;up\l' IPQshionsaround the walls, n\l~ gene rill impn:==ro r'I i!l of IUxlll rl [JIU<s' drllC<l!;Jem:e. lI'1'ile small room 110U&eS Il1e liitril"le <!!1d th.a. l!HTillle lrf,la5ury ,10,Q'00i,lP of gams ir1 B lockecl, poisOt'1,-needle trllpPB'cI cMest, tu Which ILl'Hel ha!> the klly).il frI'",san ilrCln-bllund OakBI"l dQor l3 DPVl whicl'1 is always left open but which will alJ!QITHlflcally shut lind lack if passed Iluoll!:)n. D'Hel intends it to act as iii 'final fefu:gll.lt contains" ladder leBding to a IO'cke~1lrcp door-whieh t!lpens intt:! 2 Alh! Khalkllod(lr'l WE!Brd, from If'iere D'H~I 'WQyld ~loope'l,? mallie his escape; rnjn~llng with the crowd lil KhBlirodw1 Weard whlllUlho ooor delayed PLlHIIHH!!L !fGiztIimlEi ,and D'Hel !lw.aJlllitilld by the bell !j!;; tlhtl f'O'Irty opens ths jock abl:lve, Gi:zhlllrBl:i




112' Tht! HeMad AIl,f Orc (G2:I. Ootlgin'l:l thE! i'le'Elds swaying rn thR wind, ~hEllJarty mOlY enter the inn, having first [0 give up all weapon'S otnl:trll,an da(;l'QElr:8, ,AnYGne ,t!5J.i.lng' lor Elhiri will be dfrected t:ipsl'alrs - alone. Ethirl will only speak ifpiiid h~r ~aodanl fee, 19p!tum, 1l1l1;1 !l1l'6inthen wiH r>rove il:V;i,slvo. fr questioneG directly aiboul the IrzsrdmBr'I sine will deny all knowlEdgE! and SHamp! t!:l ,sfld~C'e the (;JlJestiol1e-r. In fi:lr.:i,.as thB: i-lil18Sl flif'Crui'[ to mzherlll!l'!ll;lJlt..shehild bllI!f1 asked lO pro\,r,ide so methfng sl!Iec:i al I n til eWE Y ohn lt1['I~allon slI,(:rifi.ce - Hasuss. If the sedu6Llon wo~liii&; Ell'abi will USE! rltn kiss ofs/aver,! on tJor interrc5lilLor; using her mOlste,ry 10 misdirecnl'le plI'li\( to 2 Lufi. 'fheof ReH.I,a completely in"oc::u'QU5 empty houu, or"erwis:e she will 01U;;J cB_lllo'ii [Dr help and cli, tllllnlrng that the Ci1'HIlCler tried to rrlipB her_ She wlll byah:led by the other houris Iflhe p8rty h!:lllrsthe oommotion 8m! tries, to interfere. they 'WHI not be allowed LJpSlOJI,rsut b rl'ilsta<ad ,asked 'ID lesllO, Thul10urls wm try to pummel the character ~Incal'lscious before snfpping him or hlJrniil"M and throwln,g

c..! ...II .... ,Pf.d~·.1 '


' G:J,t:T


:'" I


a 1'0%

aheknows nothing about tile Dark; MeamNhrlB, members ofthe l'!I.1'H!-Y down~tIli rs wi II'be- able to overhea r th I] J ;i~tOC:;:ll f!;lr t!!rH:1.lIFl,!I~!l rLJI!T'!Qt.!r ~II(;h IS :;woe~If'!E1lrUi.m. W Tlha .dW<lrllfS8sure oaraV1ln whicl1 hm Irilian <I couple oJ-l'IllIysl':ieFQfe rewme'd 11i",1mornin~.rr!Ov~lfIg slowly down the Dll~lJlrWeg surro:Jnded blEl~k !::loud wl1ic:h i;liisl'I.p!"el1lfeo ;;iI(Otlilewagons rolled thr,oughir,(} GeolgtJ:g~~t ThBb(l'rsw;; IPullml l;lfith!i'!rOWI1<1cCQn:L thIH!~cortwIJiSd9'~d -I'1;f11Ied"oli'1esii~",Eli()fthe eans,

III ti1~ wino'Qw iTdti ;::lamOIlle plus a enance of drowning if! the mud tfl'loU rea>cued wlthln 1 rClCH'1d~, Elhirr is a false leac:j,


~y ~

'The MBrlG~e.arn 11"4). Rescu,ll"lQ their eompanion 'from the mud' or returnlnqfrcm :2 l.uft ThBOf ,~ad. thEl pEl My will hOttC0 ~hat meet ()'f
the\, wiUI ..!rly,e as a w~man. a elsrla by the h~Cl''':ior nel, is, nar,anll·wlng the crowd from the roof of 'IIi h at a ppears tel be a tern P~'e:. _._Faolilll Vmmin I YIl!J ,~grn~ 1>cL.ml1ng trcrn

lnll !hrwsI11'ay

II rmay not tile disp!3IJed, wished ..wav or I:IHert.ed in ern" m-ilnrH~r 0'1' !!lilY be.ingolrobjecn o.el'ow lL;l~er Goo orArtl['I'Ic\;sMlus;, ~tonlv 1l1l:l~.8 n:s 1l'}J LInG li 1;'1rig billl1!g~_ TI'!~1 O(l!!,! 9, .rff'll)(;t":0 WL!! lJakflpHlli\{G ny [!1l~ Fire alt~m.t!lh con" IL!'IU<i~ly bLi!'f!~ng-n,iO FTr~dOi:!S 1dW(;J<!'ITI!!g,ei segment to anylh,jrog t'.Ithenhan 111e bejng wMic,n PIsLirr.nunds. ~twill mnvetc foo~ll:lw the beili1lg about wnl~h it 1a~j;lC!HS. Wihli'(1 bUflnilRg, IlGr~~_"II'II!: m(lyordy ,,;pliI'<lk lInd !i)"J{lf1 thell mustmall:l3il1s:<ivll1.gH1roV\l vsesus deEl'~h magit'fOr each wurd., Fallin:!) H~i8'me<!l1s,thal 1he bei og has bee ['I 50 ovenmme- by <l9,OJlV 1h,II itls [J nab le to speak, .Any 11 iJm Der otS<lVL

The Blm:k

rl re bHI' rna n


ollhe ilark"

must always st1!rtai t.1'le begTnning ca,!'N1UI raad furtllfir. The -fii'S114 Wl:llI'ds, srs: character

1MrM'5es by O~% (roll 'far ea'ci1 word~. A !ind, !;)nce burning.

Theo-Di:lr-ki-Rl1fed Void. 1M,!hilll b:efl1nnfng o.Wm e W\5I5 m ~ V:~i(jami II ... F,oweech word ill.r!;
13 person til the 1lI.1i'ickFire 10 'r:ei~·!ilY, B'!II\I'inrg throw versus ae.ilth -Eil !1f'!W~! I!ro m;;!lj1e.


The party should' Nli:e the boo!:; olosed and

pr~le,rab~\, inside i3 securely liJ~ked 1"IlIolS1 to 1 era] G uth do htor ,111 the-,Ab bele,

iEI.ao1!gr,!')u nd IflforrnatiDn Ga.t!!'!>/f:t!wer!i h!ee P.!l~2:fOffyrth!!;r df;l~ait~)




Mark 'Ge<.mLII ~J~evloin thE'!flow,


be rUi1ning

Wh(J5E1W,!,OU Irttoti'!i5Wildd,w~H5~e:y(!lU (Jut, '1m I have seEm [J-n 13 Ds rkncssand [I is good-I have WQleomerlln c1In[j II !lEIS GfllBr~d ma asu

yQLlf hl;ll"!l to n~"r me whow,aoli 'A~'I<Js flads-do~mr, chlllf cIeri.. of laidhar1i1l5, ,Prim:n ABf lri Iijan¥e~yml kn ow net what you h ea r. I.

qff-. up rh'~ 9'01119"1°,werblPdk,:ed by two dn.,,,m de [TJ<;! nS [$eeBB~! of PVD 'Scenal'ifJs /1, The BraG/( Mansel. J1!,C 2, HD ,2,[18+3, Move; :B"t1:z", No of Ath:lcks: :2, 1D<!!lla_ge: 1d4i1d4. '5pej::1E1!Derenses: immune 'to in".istbiliry, pbant8smlli rlJi"?B. cf;:li(l.Ur sway,; lJypn"~ism, the mol the stalrs

p-any attempt b~'r.D-re ~h(l wlll~s

be atternpted


loin, AsJ.Els 0111 thay wn~tint'!


sh1l11 enl\3T YO'I.I,SO sq~OII~ W~ be OiS'One:. But ~

[roi I aD Oil ell DMollo\iVO d 1;1'11 , DIl ~~Oll, [OJ ell trme,l"fns' person pO!1l1eii 1<], Wll~ h!1J~t i!lta bl:sddtamlil and rise BCm;;lmi'lg lI[1Ti! Thay IWl on the 'Il!l'fllBis'VB! i'jS ~er, 'form I"9 p pen!ll·o!e abm.i! I~e.r. 'And 'j's L' And ~!;jas 11 errS:E)Ir wi!1 h.mg irll,I'9 ,aTr.

Marx Gsard. 'Vaw Shill! ba as lIWSQ,' Ai1(;1 she wi~! ge&llCre nve limes at r,aLild:cHn i nto the cmwrj rThere'~s a 11n 2000 <lhance for ~il~h oUhe p artv I,n Eli Il FIe o fthem is,'!1(:li eate d

Witil 'Ihis, A.SIEl5W~1I Blk out !PltQ the air' W untllshe.Is suapanded Elall\le the cefi!~re m~ of

y<hJ de)



scrailm~f!g; bUrrlln~ witl, black Frame, ..
Aslas has, 01 COLJ;!'!':!, been posses(;ed

Dark, The e'rm.vd in th e Ma r~ Geard willleWllll1 ~till. shOCKed n;otJonless" until Aslo;ls ht;lr~lf I.gnitas whe.rIilIJ'pCl~thEiY will po![1Lt; and f1l~llI, 2P+1d:W wL11 btl IKLllilid In tlw8Wmpede, an~ 01 11iii1 r I1d20 w<)!.most;!. ~ft1rt9party rernainS'SllIl

bv thie

The demons willl'l~ Irlvisj'b~e. Their'rrr!ill altaN will be to usa rhstr maZfJS en af'l'y eb ....(m~, i $pS'I~-C!l$HJr5; tl'El'r>eflf't:er 'hey will USE: [hleir wi il!l s. l3eClaUfi.e (If Hi'_!!en nstru ctlon gf til 1;1' gong,to>rver, d!llv one dream dernen and two ch;l'r'<lecterSc will be able to melee 81 !iny one lime. Reg'im;lless of I'!!('IW $Lj~C"'S~fLd the party [s il wHl not b!;: (lb!!J to Feilehtf1ief001 be'~(e' A~lm;: lHEI ri~har wal k, Aft)' ~lpelJs cast a\ ASII illS Will be IIHlffflCHJ,' ai,' phy.sIC;J1 QbJe,.c"ls burleO!i1 h~rwjll tu,l:[;or;sumeti by lheBlacll rir~-il'~ will f/19 ,Illiti~r. No si3'1ing 'lhrow. lfine p<lrlylrw!l's(ig<l.les AsJas,J qU'!lrters, Ih(lY wHi s_ae<l smjl.rlleacH}C1Hidbook Iving OPL;lrl~n her [able. ~l i.E!di<i~e:;i, evil sa ~rQIl~lv it ~a., be reklevan wi t'h out 01 d~te[;t s ptilfi.. - Hi!) the TzUIIl'i Ap Ner;"r02'th"l f {l1!J nlJ~d !It. there 15 <I basLc 110'0/"Ihalliie vLewerwL'l1 bel:cme p055.~5iSed by~~ e' [)~ ,I: ~11 d b{!~ in \(1; burn with: the BlllckFiro ~NosflIvinglimilw). FQr Q,ach Worn a ctua~ Iy read. this clilance 25

.fJSP,nll'lhll;;im)to'1li' 'term in. phalltastnal 'killer 1!!.i% Magic: REii>ES'Lance~50%Re<s1s'llInt IIll muslonisl MagiC}, PQW~~s: V'e'l'ltrilDl;jui$,m,. d'arn::il'lg il9111$:il1 wHl, ph<m~EI~mBI for!;!), IiYfJ> Miic p8tMm 3lD!lY, 98CZUf(lflf;lC(ial'), iRvisltJH" (ry, minor c.rearian, ma:;;:"131 lallY, H1P16~ 1l.

10 DPV. G.. tre~ 10 ,DPV,';;:Si!lHstae Qil eilch tower. TOWifHS 20!&Ox.301'l, Gale lO:!cWl(ZOft. Towers:2 8tO(l::'Y5irlhd nerl.IIH eaen, occupied 0-.,...: ~l>ftTOW~f. HI'ic~l~hai'!mBlil eOl'illl3nd~F~, 41'~a!llc!~rh IfJ'l.~!'1 the I--Ili~hh:!l!:lmi.'iF1,'li~h~ of I TOWl:lf, SICIdmardfian1 Comillll;llilre, 1st <In'ij 2rrd fln1<3;n1'.11 Slodm'arcl:l-an't. Ih'e The Wllelef€j8B1'5 'Lowers are the, same ElS

Walltergaet. Tow~n~,3%! [j1F'V @lIeh,p~rtCLJW~

those elsewhere on the walls. The ~i!lle-WOlIIJ [I':;;ell Is rnElru;i1icolaited iD Illl[lw b~ilir'lg W\iI'ler re be POl.! f!il ~ 0 n iltl;;u;;I(e rs. 1"~ po rteu fll s 'iii nd

g,atlls may !JoEl apsrill!e9 In ~Ilssame marrnar
<ls.'l:il')(l 'Dpen-and,cI6se
G ~a


flc, Li)rJL<I Gllidgagaet t~e

l!Jago~lE,ts (par! 2]. W 1111 lhe!l~tQ\S ;;Irs e npSFl, [mil lrnan will be on dtll'i;·C':~lIIeotil'lg to,H5. e;<;amln, h191,trave!len. Ill1!,i:I dirilding,~ ira,bridg~, tllQ bridg!'l

<!Ilhe same

Mour6 <IS,

i-I,~olh'lpsed dU'ringO~rnH"iny saascn 341'0l:afll ag'o, lI. wa:. trebu iIt with :;w:h :5! re n gth 'Ihal 11 would !'lClW rl!lquire:2M rnq,n-hour~ilp dll,mElQ.e 1;1:1 th,!! point Wm:f!;l ~t",,111 be IJl'lcross13I:!I'!:l_ R1rVr(!,TBWItB'tl'or. 20 bPV,:I i30JllisfllG on roof, 2J))C2D:;;300, .2 ,stPHlYS.{I nel cgll a r, OOCLI led by p

aClms5th~ !rHwlIs hullt so,tha'tlt cnuld be aasrlV destroyed if lriIY.l'n Were <!ltacked by! after

tlul 3:rd ,lmOl~ !:Iftha B!odmO!rtCh-l!!1t. iha !01WfI gl!w'l LS In li-HHleil[H ohhelGwer, f1~r!l!l ~E!~'9 'C)~II!Oc!!nhold iiI' '10 20 priscmers

eech;"iloHre-div5 (;Il'l !lr;<;-<QIT'!Odil'tI'!1w,o ea-cl'l, rhose beiflf./ reseF'o/IHilor- more imp!7Jflo!lnl or tlcmgerous eflQJ inal!!', AN prisoners ,are dkif). {Jf!odHak~ld I'Ina fiJs.lfmed rn!c /flB i'UJflr>i> p3(!;

i'- - - - - .-- - - ,_ •

I Ga ravan f'itth~'ll ~ --




- - _~ __ I







ItIJIl lit I



I 1

!ro ;


!~I I



I :










---I 1 1



r~ ,.


IRILIAN I> cerrmfllad in Lo-thIII wall. Alii VCi~a bl es !UIij oemU 'fjs-ca'tBd 9!'1~11 seldom returned Theeetls ~hem!J,FDUght

selves ara dank. slinklnB and usull,lly evercmwdle~. The1(1QfIi which j'B sBrved erroe iii dl:l~ at Mlddaey.ls vflryp.n;>r-most!,y'sl#nl-rot!;llIn vegetab IeS-1md Iimile din qua ilTilV', FCIJllll;:;h wikElthllf! OJ'[;hafilder ll' irnprlsoned inthess ocmdr(i'Ons" Me point wW be tempararilv.lost rrom ulIcll or ST, DE (lml CH down til iii rnlnlmum of Jj normal, E!lch ,poilltwr~1 r~[!Uire j dllBgS 01 normal food and exeretse 10 regjam_ The guan:is are brutal but easilv bribed ~BL , gp) ae, wI1h sufflcient money, IHe can oe fairly ea~'iI. The ehance ot a Qluard illlElwlng Elsc-!lpels, at the basr, -100001'k (500gp

dran oftl1e G(lds~ w!itcr,E1lhey pass .·hrol.Ig11 une Rites nfAdulli:lood; wherethev arejclnad

reHglm..rs HIe; ihe "lace whore Ihey ere out iMo the world {IS one of the Chil-

rh~""emp'le clsrles are Aslas R<idedohlQt, clerlc of Laidhanas' and Prlmat Aef Irilian;

M r rll HI3,11Qignes,cia ric of Felt I,y a t1 d 1",81 nQS Esfif$unu, iii cieri!: of EiSfif_

BL 5T NAME RA SX AL CL LV HF' AC AG WE IN WI ~:E CO ,Aslas HF G B 32 1 55 201Q,9 5{).Q 14 14 is 1'2 14 MI 2M,81:S, 1 Plat~mBi(, Scuff of Earthquakes (WIJ22) F eN c H 5 21 Mitil 1 29 10 14 ;3 61 19017' .50 17 MI +- I Maca', j I Shield +1'+1 Pelnos H ,2. 33 12 M eN c. 4 14 957 HO 16 9 12 +Olt1






14 Fillil

rntnlrnum brid~~,

Grifolln Leglllr, 29 DPV, 1 Balllsta. 20x21'1.X36,fI. 2510 revs, OCCU~)i ed by the 41J1 lrnaCi of til '"

a lotilm.m:IHII


The Lesar,lIIman Ham, lrilshank (G1). Tile Losardman Ham [s i'I corlecliell' 01 one-room 110vels occupied bY0l5malllrlb6of Lhardman IMMJ. At:: 4, I"ID 2: 1-1, Move: 6"/42", No of Att:ad:s: 3, Dam<lge 1d2i1d211 dB. Special AttElci;.s: MiSSile WQ<lPOI'lS The teader is Ts'!)ul>'!tHP'14) who Is as.sisted bv 1<es, 11 third 'IWi'l'1 shaman rl'f SemlrEli'lya [DUG, IrlP 1r1. Spells: wrt;! lig".r wUi.Hldsx2, prFly!;lf'~.Also In the trl be ~l\1iI tlue'e 0 t her rna I~!I (HP 1; . 9, S), O she females niP 9,2%1, 2x6,:n and! five young fHP l. 4)(11. As 'o'V<Itchi:logs,.lhe lizBrdmBT"I h~ve 10 rnlnldrags] WD30] AC-2, HO 2, Move: Ej'''/Hr', No of Ar!IH;k:S~ Nil, Specia~ Attac~: Poison JOl, HP 11. 9. The ~l.i:llrdmar' make their livT!'lg from selIlfl'~ the fish Wl1kh Ihey catch in ttnfil ~rl' nd a hi n ng outthelr OO:lits_ They own a small ba rg (Hull Va~ue @IL:1 rafts ~HV41,:U B,nd IOLlr rowboats f!1V 2:)(2.2;,>11. 'These mOly be h1red for , gp.!daeglfoiV point r ncil..ldlng lhe cast oilthe iil,lIn:::ima," crew. From thl~ If1Jde.•Um H:z·ard rnen haJ'Ie' rpan1lged to amass a·lnrtuna o,f 2000sp whi!;:h ls kopt buried under the dirt floor of TS5USS' fltUl. Th'elriliBY"I~ l1a'le fairly cordial 'rolatlatlEi with the Laeardrnan arUwugh they 1'10. not allow any IN hinlna IOWn wliIrh ...Till! Las<lrdman s!fll their fish 10 Itle Iriliali'ls:: In fll!UfFi ttl,e 11'1Ifans soil the' leslifdiT1an Ihe odd slave - al mu!.w.ally ptofitBblg LJndertakii'ljll.

in the Cl!lmmoMY of Bondijny and whQUI. nnfllly, Illey h.ave the Death Songs 5U,"g, II js a IElrgElwindowJessli'lal1 Th.nOOf,40ft Bbl;lve. is suppor1el'l by massive wooden pillars, each [;iilrvord in representatlcn Dr 01'10' 01 I ri IIa n' 5 gods or godd EtS'S9S. iii I Eli r{l e Ii re 1:0 MtlnlJilljy burns in fhe ~l'ltl'iinirepit.al1l:t JIj"keringvotary lamps illumfl'larlil_lne shrlnas which llrie the WPI Ils, The H~g~ AllElE is r,aised aOcclVtt gmLJnd level and encrusted with ,gems (OIII glas:S,unf';rWnately). Peeling f,resc!lss ot,lllictIn!) rnlu!n!l weal1h and power'cQ1Jer thra i()~'f, The Temples-outer walls IOtr,e less imp resslva, tho nltt):>aiC5 wll1!l!ln once adorned them have mflstly lallan to revl!lal·tbB rtnlfl'lbJin~ iJl<LS1!!rr IJsfnilFld. LHIJI:! double doofs lead lnro tl'le Mark-GUfd or entF"l/' m!;lY be gal ned tlm:n.~g'h EI sfl"!""Iil dggrin the Temp.IEI Has. The Gong Tower Is8-0ft IBllllrld bare eo:capl Fur the sl<lirs l£lading up 'to ll,e gong platf,grm. A small door ,ileads unto thal"smple roof 'from Ihe Gong Tc,wer.

Spells;; Asli!ls; lSf !j/6'!l5) Gummlind. cure light VO'mmrl's x 2, SIi!lCtl11lty. 2'nd ouyury, hom oersan x.2, I'mIJwaNgnm at, silence Iiifr radius_ ' 3 rl'l di:opol magic- x 2, /;l'f~ yef. r8mQV# CiUrsOJ, J.\IJ, Qet6r:.t /fa,.. neu !1·.,IiS6poison, ~ticks to snakes. MiriJ; j 51 command!> 2, (iurQ light wounds 2nd {lugury, deWatcharm,silel1l1e 15ft riidiU5, Pel nos: 1sl bless, miro li!Jftt wounds J( <I. ."nd hold parson, S.J/tJllC@ 1'5ft rsdfus x:2, spJrllIH.ll1ammer_ Astas is a remer tetct;v old cleric, much !;liven to prQpnalOyinH in 13 dotll'!' ~ad'r.::.[l volee and thundtlrll,g !in a high pitched voice which 5polls rha effect aornewhat] about the evillJf the trlliart's way and tjwin:onseqlJerll f;J!1 from grace. Miril,even Fora ele ric: of FelitllJ" ,IS f<llller-fNlewitn hodavours and Isth-a Bul,ject (1'1much LI3I~in tihF.l Inns and horrres Of Irll:iE:Hl. Pelno:i>, by dint oT some InrredibJe Im:t.:, hi'll> 'KEVFOR ALL PlANS
SUllrll [up]

x 2, 5'allcwl:I!Y.





~ £:J.~". ,.. x,,' q.




SoT i, N12,CN PO, Templa HusSll2, N14, N24, eN PO- f.ha Teml1leis the eentra at <lilltlliarl's

R3 Th:e Tem pIe, l' Mark Gillard {(4)_ T em pia




AE.I" ORe,

rnanag,ElcJ 10 SlJr'viva long en~lI!!1l~ 10 re;:J,ii::h tha rank ot curale;ll'le hi~he:H ellet lor OJ c,leric I)fc Esrtf, Thls has, howe"'!::r, atJ:nil nall1lnlll to Cfllm hls r'I atu Hilly hot-tempered and ~n'lpuls'iv~' m:rtllre..E'lctll:luric ~<!':o e au., IQ\lBll3m;:lI¥I~ wtiD is Dei;,'g pU!'f)llred to !ol'l()w II,elr IUD!slells but none ofthes'B alre even close to

!I.'sme ,D'.i>!;'",'<>f. Po~~I~ Pa,"I •.

r.bl. n.m"nrl",,"v

1- 0"'90 '"''''''I.I>!o''ntho H~."'d''''.1 n ...
~ •.,. .P!J.IlJtl("n






i:,'/.rJeP.~ort> E'(;",,, SF'""i. Spac",l $po<jio S~I> !iri.d,,1
10 .1 u. ~I!1Ierm






~(l.;Jp 20gp

a 1"".1.


,[0 18

G~elJ.JhUHi:I!I PIJ rDr~IOtJ:lIP

Bf.1'I{liill !:!!1Ih,.,Il:lnQ'iI~f! :;"


~tL1 ~"I




'FL!J~~J h~I1"'~!.1 A.d:!Illn ' EJ,n.lnDO~~


~Il . 2<111) Ch



The clerics win provlde a,11 normal clerical Itemsl'Ind !iier""Iil':~s for the r:loI'T'l1<11' 'dcnatlnns' anGi wll~ train elarlos in thalr rellglor];s TOrlho usual fie!!::;, 5T2, N1 13., N2 22, eN BA,



10 ~<I'll l~!Y

'I"'l' 7

.... I(t1T1


r" nOFl'l





~~5~] 'J:S~

I pe:nn:a]B ~ighi I

25, eM 3_8, N:C 6,(j1O/odSi20d 10. 1 Od3, NS 24, RC 3. Alllhree are l't8(Qened 10 fheirworl!: arid will SO-l'1amad tie!HIUSe of~t'le tarred ore-heads not hes lta te to rn b anyone 9'tLJ[Ji en oug'h 10 d wfnich h::lhg rrem Ihe rnftors ball' il'l'O,Ica Ilrnd ·_gIIl13 Ii'lem Ina .:h.mCiEi. ill~y "lst:HldmlnlstIi:F Q.n,1:'hEl Heafod Aef OrC 15 I rrlia I'!'S mosl the dru!;] dens. EUlirl is a receil1 COI1V~t1to Ih.. Moto ritnJs r n n. The Ih B''!Id s 8 re there s;111 df ~ HUI tamnus hlEllL!lHl :poJ[cy of il 'freedrfnk f'or Cui! af Gizhelrae. Hie remaif1it'1Q5:svell ~rostitl.JteS''arGl a'll an ore's l"161fJO-Thi& rms boeomesemilnslilIJ11onali5Hd to the an:; H\'!I1'twhilih I!O 1"11;:1(1 hurnanr one 15 male, the rest Female. AL eN, LV [I, HI" 5. 4:-:4, 3" 2, AC 10,. AG -U,,_ 1dS" WE on the third M(Hladaeg ofCu each voar. ihe 3d20, BL 1dnl. ST, IN, WI, DE,CO, All SI i d4 ~ un I ben lns ilithe lHe;ll~jj Aef Ore: ill iii 9L1 ng CH 1hld6 MI Noml WN Da!iHloL ['rh)Els and ends on.the same place ill Desk. The hunterto rerum wllh the most Q,t'C-heads range from 1 tCJ' 50gp dQIHmd1 Ilgl upcn thu service:?;de=;;if.ed TIH! neurlseest three Iimes1lHl galnsthe IWe [JH-I[mfm::l CyJ1in;:!; a pUre!y hnnusua], ona ry rW~ II\' h ld)c:;lITios with It i3 year's rr.;e The drug dens are i3 series of small morns run of LI,e Heaforl Aef OrG_ The present fi.;)efod C\mingis ZlgLJ~, tl,a <Irena champlon, bers 'iI)lCept "n:w eouchas and 1P1l11'Eltllupon As FfI,ighl be el!pe.cled, the Hesrod .AeNJf(:;·s whl!:" "deliOIS: can r~cllrt~ whl!l3,tDldng their drugs. T~lecdrl.ol&lis <!l1aUEIble are glveni!l table 1 !lQum:ors-are both numerousand IilxCeplio!lTl'p~ givlii:s !he eiass 1.0 which Il fjfIJ!) ally vlclcus.

12Thtt H'!!alo.liI Aef OrlC:. 1luft Sa l<:Ie LaeniG"U.







!lp..... ,


6 {!L.vl:ii

i3L Fi::!\ SX AL CL LV HI' AC AG WE 7 18-1 4.d20 Ssp f-I M N F [J 4 j, :lSS 1!l 15 Kullul 'lJO M NE F :3 24 98: :2 Swlll~a 'liO F N F <1 31 Ei 1:(1 2. M OE n~Eloge5 H F 4 17 5 1'9 430 NAME.

ST 12
14 iii

~N WI DE CO CH 'WN 10 10 10 10 10 Shoriswlnd
7 12 15 13 17 11 14 12.

13 -.-Ol+11





8 Sllcrt'Sword SI10flsword 12 StlOrtswOrg


H M LN F S:25 I RiI~g Q(Cnn!r,Brines5 rDMGl

5 24



B I'(l

10 13

14 ShmlsWurd

be rolled rl;lr eac.1, dosR tak.m.l! flililed ~ie IhB number or lass comes QrJ ~1 (0), '''en 'Ilie user rIO rlEpend'Mt Li~l'ln 1119 dfi..lg and n'1!.11S! lalm a PU:R(l will-irn 11B ctae!;! divTded by UU.! %DI>'r!'}ern111I'Hlvl. fcHufe ttl:! chil lniswill cause the user m 105<31 polnt of'each 011 N f EI rui WI per ~ae.. r or Ihe % V8pl3'no'jJl'IW nurnuar of daeqs after t'he deadline h,.,!" pas s-ed l;l"fUIFWh Ich the lost po 1nts ,11 r~!OI'<i Fe IrltlO 1;11 Ihe rats of 1Idfleg. However, j Ie lth er IN or WI rea~I'B:S zero, it S\,<.lY!! there Bind t'hl!l chllt<ll!ler becomea el1fet:\h'llly <I vegllta'ble iIN = Clo.-a completE! hebaphrenlc !DMG] (WI = 0). NilI' mal cure d(seiiSBspeHs a rei'~Nlftec:live I>£iflin st drug· in d uqed chara cterlstlc losses, % A ddlc;io(l is lnll c b anre 01' <I, us e r OBGOmil'~ p~~ysiolaglcJ)41\' !.lcldil;ted to i3J druq, II is used in !l1e S"OIme wav a'S % f.)",ptilnaolllH:v. but toe dEl<ldilne b-rillora whhdrElwal !lff1l'~S are fell is 130 dileg dlv i d"d by % AO'dicrfol'H nnrl 1 point per dEleQ ~slo:sl!lfFST, DE. CO 'il'nd HI" If ,.my 0" Ih~~ feBiChE3:l, zero the user wilf die. A ehara !:l"le r mu 51 btl psych 0109 i callv dependent before adc;llClion iii DQ!l:;lbl(l. F:<Illcd % Atldidir;m nollslJefnra· Lhen-are dls-regarded_ 1.0 I_ r:fl'llJljl" I:;: the ,011 n ce til at a dose of 01 a dru g. wll~ bol13!Ol1. It fs m Ued 'for ea ch d 0.5 e bU'1


Kwlle and Mlaylme.2 ogres IMMI AC 5, HD4-1, Move: g~, NoofAUOlCks: 1, l'},iJiT!<lge: IdlO. HP 25, 2:3. Th(l: f'.Ill:~hJ[~ I'I.ef Q n;·~ grolJ flClQrI::l r.n 1([ n,g· hflll~ ara' LJ su ally p!1r!l:ed. mostl\' swemy. alm0(61<llw~y's fogged by smok~1i!n(i permItnL'rltly dan!'le~ou5. Theccrnsr of IIwwesl.em


belongs. SpBfllal drugs ellow Ina uoor'S' soul to rncrnenterllv snm 10 anoti'!er plal'le ·of 9Il<i~·

sUr1'ken arf!l'tr:l Where .ea~h l'1ighYl al ~1~9 11'th Ne:'itni!.l~~ Zjtllll, tlul afanle dlampl~n,igl,ts f to Ihe death 1!i-Q<IIF1st hLII'h.if1ord lak:ilr'l fram .. the holding pens in the ce'll.ar. A m:ms~m.are iI.Clor, i!igul ahfll'B)'s mllnllg.es to !l'1<Ike thE

Nyom holds !'hEi'ro£k..pit 1/{hare bcdger-oa1tiL'1!l 'lnd C:Elck. 1iInd IEIrng.fights am neldat 30 rolnl,!t!:ciflt!iln,la~s-llllhl;! Ill;lls.tr;lrn hal! i!i;<J $mil~~

I.hey all(lwu!;IvoL EII,ileclDtos will 0111)( alloW 'the soul to go tQth~ E~~menl;aII',1El!l:e5,: Gec~lJnlotn!'i10 the PQsl1:kveb'lnd NeglJth/E:' Material ~!an.es <lnd of'lly P'brrprelo!o." iiiUOW wl'Irc:l'lL'l the (Juter PleFies. Tr .....eI1s-1F1s!an1:;!r1GQu," lJh",llich plane i;::; ~cluall'\! at ri..... b ed wl1hln a ,~elUli!1 (lIrau.p Is entlrelv random. Whate ..... is Etxp-arioflcod bV flslIlul on <m[)U1~r er pllln~ is also sult'er!ld D¥ ~Im,body [n Irilian.

lhe three

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MHy if the U:s~r 113 addleted. No (If Oases LJ I'!til s i da @ff!!Cl'!l m'll,ri ife'~t tllem.selves sh~l,~l~be ral!ed al'll1ll'll'lted fgr aaoh m'liO:r Wnen 'l[l]e rifS111'fose IS ml::en. :Side EffBds, Prfce/DosEI, Size of Dose a ncl /:/0 IN TaKen. o'lr~ s£3I·!-ell.plana·hJry, "'1. Av;aifabllil [l Iii the: ell iI n [;e t'h Elilhe H eo! Fotl
Aof Orc nl;l'$ the drug In stock_ II no1 tn slack, Ine cl'l,lnce incrs<!eas bV <!a"tblor ,!J;;Ii;hwilt:l



TIl us /)o.:>es

WI 1 1, DE' 5, CO 1,], ChI!~, MI + 1 ChainmlJtI, +-.2Slile/til. +3 Hammf'll' fDw.-lrvF.ln ThrowerJ [DMGj, WN ftlammrarA 'si1eF1l, stiturnlO'le dWiiltr wilt, n(J real lilies tlnd.an !l'Xesiil<Jf (J.[sH'ires, in hhnipEire time l~!Jull eels es ~ deb! cmlleclor 1C1rUzuld, t.he dwarvElrl mOlileylend0r. Since he do~s not li1t;e it to t:le kl10wn ~g mag!~, Uzuld will. I1CU thw1l\' hi.s ham [llll!f un las!;! fg reed t@, U f)!il<l i rs <l r,~ t~e i:lrmheland drlJg:~Hj9n!;. fIJI'! bv tim:!!'! lrIi'lllri~ [Sll~ B'!)lS'fDfWDArtidesll, stab ~e,low, SPE!is: l rOi Ifil, , lOt "nI!PHJl plw;:ufI M 2, fal>cinai rion, "silvalitm~9~IGz impafQnG~, 2 hd infIIJen~f1.1ealrJHlii'l. 8C-Sf'WY' 3 rtl /,!(Jltl person, jJodyg Liard, ElhTr1: 1st cbarm pe1::501i7, t:~$l!iMatrOrl. imJjo19I1OOt, kiss of S-/flllping. 2n D.jlf'}f)tDUSY, e=tll;t;y. k~5!l of WOiJl1ll'ffl9' 3rd kiss of sla1lierv· Gir'lel: 1 st Srlliferl~~nfjiJe. kiss Of!;IS'9piri~ :<:2. 2.nd e!:!15taSll. -

lig-b!~'oo" uf!Yihlr'lg cJthm ~tJ<ll1lIftQ wl;llk Ill/InS ih i'il *ey :nll. Eliott]"!:!10 r'I ~lllnc e !;Inflicts is" 1rrt'lm SEt <lind otte,ncraoknd, llguL RA D, SX M,AL eN. GL F, LV 6. HI" 43, !i.e Q, AG 1201 WE 3V85,IBL HKI', ST 0'. IN 12,


~ Lmnalfl¥ arE .,,11sp-err:i'a,1+1>Oand dl::lp~nd a upon wllal is sncoU(Jtered 01'1the ~t~ef pk!n<1Il' B[]II'l~sw'tll rIIOlsoiJls ID.DGjal"!l Imrm.Hl.a 10 tlw m:rftects c'f thelle drugs. f-/aJlUG'iI'N"!!9nrc.rdru_gs {'.;IiIusethE: W;;E'r tel e!(pElrHmce sensor,!! ~<lltudrl,~ti(Jmi Ilnd !ilelu~iClhar1l' fdeag - usually ir'ltel"ls.aly p~es,gu~esble but 05% oHhe time d.IJflgCr:ou,s, <l bl;tlillllhlfto'l,t"11lil> useF C"<ii'! flV For example, Or1ierrifyin~,i!i dolus.ionthal the user Ii> suf'ferrl~QI fmm I!'tWos<V pOlrhap&. rral1QuIJi.~er'l; gTv,othe uss.r a feelIng or fn lief r-MCfl ,il nd co mel,! mll!11.. PI)r lih ~ dlll'<ltton 0 'fhe effects '0 r lh e dw g, I h,o.y .. r'O fm m u~ El to 01~I r-ctl I.J sing 51"ElJil> @!1Id P@WB(S fs.a Dut!Elnd to be dmic LJ It to 111 O!1"11:<lteI'!,c! TU fiC>~ tion at 'Only 90% oHheir nOfi"niill dbl~~'~re!>. Srlmulam':S9ivB<lI~ElIi!'1g Q"! !Jllusuaij~y good i"I,Elalir.<lnd bQurujlll'.s~ Hn~rgy to thB UBer. For thEl dUrilitiOr1 or ri'1l0 sfleCl, ~dl ~bmtiBs !il'rElat 110% of nmnl]jl,~ (El,g ll<;hCl[Elcierwpul,d '1:1 it. 110% !1'tQr~!l!h~n. ~asl !ip~II!l91% el ,he I.Isua1 rimQ, move 10)O,~filSU:lr. tc:) l;iut when the dru!l a w-eani off OJ 1'111L1i I ftlil'!> d rei P to 70"'1<> o!t'll el f normallflvel ror IWic!fjh<)11~n~th ohimEl. DEipendenq is the r:h il nee GIlG U!Hl.i' :bMoming' pS'lI'chologicalll{ l::iepe(1denl UpOf1'" dru~. BL 100

r@ 5/tfe

fff'olG/:I'}•. gidfl;' Effuc.!s



Hilbitu~tlf#n. As:mor!! o'r <ltilrus 18 tHk-Bfl, 'Ihe lImauni of it flJl:Ede.d wr tl1El UiiElr to el':.pjui"I!"!C~ilS funl elff~ct ~!"!()rl3.aS€s_ For ay't;jr; 1(] doses ~"I<;)n, ~h", 905" need Ii! ci will fl'll::flll!lS'El .. cumulatj,.e 2Q%. Flilbrtuayion dlsappWl~ i rm clrLlg5 IHe Ll'lki!!!'J fGr a P!ltiClcl. of ~B:egsellual 10 tile ~LJ rri .of % Depf!n daney, % AddJctfoli <'Ind 0" LethBN.ry. OvC'rdosirrg:Tali:ill'l9, mOfEllhlm one dose wil'hfn 1119dUrallcn ohff~ct of OJ, drug w]ll


scolu,el eHe.::'t ",f tl,e drl.l9 wW I'll; multil'l1i1J[:I by hhe number of clMes- 'laitf;lri Im~dified by Hab itu llItkm ~b~ I % D",pB'/ul'ellr;'],', "'" Addletlan al1d % Lethality are mult~p1lQd b)! the cube' 'of r~e n~m_i:i!:'r of ~ose!; la~n t1i~d % L~rh,,!my jTlust be ImmetillllRly 1'\01113d,jVO;ln~ad1:l'lc1]on ( is no! pre~en't. For eXElmple Teag<ls, ElI[gMer. ~'tllrt!l NJta~e W ud Lllf'1'Flo rn ~lL~aSEi h i~rn'lrt~aJ pr.OwEl:5:5. is o 1;1 Gtl~l'[tt;trc:s !lrEl ST, I t>II_ W,I, ClIO. CO, CH.all, t2,

h <iii e






~!l d

tl1 er



12d2Q,he may talle.s.o ir-16!ttm
rQlledl -



10 get wi~h one],

develop;:;, . Ahr:r 1Q dl:1!>es,he Ands lhat he n!:lii 10 take 1"''1flow(lr I'!~ads tQ gm1heoffm;t:tr,!li he ui>lii:d After 15 doses, ~1af.!iIs hi s- '¥ Dap'HH5iQn(';'it d",m IJIJ on Wudufto r_ DrSlllI:ili'ig thi::j, he Lr-TG Be; Ide!! Ihllll'habit_ After 5.
Ile'Si13rts!l) tOQse

as dU5es befone s~hli;o-

rG II a rld Ile.co mes d apel'l 'lWO~i1E1'9(1518~


E M eN H 6 11 HI MI 7' I DaA'!lIBf. PJyi!lre onove IDMGI. EIl'lirl '. f CE HI 5 1S 9 MI -+ I Rinf) rJJf PmtE!cao" Girtll'l E F N H J 7 10







WE 35,12

fiT ~N WI mo: GO CH WN 13 ~l 9 13 lj H 1P.<I{~ij!3r 9

and W~. AHerB-d,reg, he I~i!s I'N and WI beth <4 ami begin:3.to g a i'n po inls'<JIi!'ill n. ATt~ 16 d<l"l~.h he i~ b<lc:kla n()rmai,


1194 1'50 763


11 13


14 8 3'1


[),;II90Ilr Daglger

50 1'1


Cha~lenaa by ~hi.~ e)l;p€~jence,11~lhenaaflliir !lIBYS aW-<lV 'Fram Wu:dwrior "Of !I Vflar un'llIl,e '~rnds: hrms~lf in the midst: of,iil baUle iii'! which
h it ill 0 w:r1Il~B !is.<3I)' Bm::-a US!l

,m t~ i~, helllkes



Do has ds otthe dwg, This; I'1'lIHlnS. that he IT1ovas and hits at; 330/0Dr normal 1110/% x31 blJllI1al
bacomI:l21f,%(, mati~!llly dependent, fiiih>\o maka ~h~ % Addicr.if)l1 roll end so IS ad dl cted but makes the % LerhaUcyrofi and so does nat rJle,
% Dep~l;i delj % Adcficrio.n ,ne all multiplied ~\i'3c:ubed


%L ~tha';ry Thus II,ey 21%·and 27%. Ta~gas is aueo-

fI nd



Once again ~e trIa!> to kick the Wudullor habit As befull£i, OiIfterHi dlleg,h~ i!; nt;llc!:Iger d<]Plil m::fe nt, Onth e 3.Oth d !lll9J (30 l 1 = 30l he loses 1 point off ellch of BTl DE, CO end HIP, T~leseO!re f1;Ig'llllJled the ne)('l daeg,a1ftcrwhich he is n'O long&r addh:md, Te!!:l as t s (118:fIfOlf the mom EH1't -ree' of the [ WudUI'lOf compulsion, He has taiken '18 dQ~Ulfl ln all and 50 has another 7B to 9,1)before he develops .5dli2iDphrel1ta, Should he survive that long. Th e reM of lh .. U.pper no-pr Is Q ivan lJ>lerto .fIccommodarlor1. C.l..Lfren.llv ln resfderH~e ~"9 5ig1l an,d Agrea11-limhan. a husband emi w1f team of bountv hunters; Tlvean f~allen, ,HI undercover IllVeSl[IlI,a[Qf'lor rhe Gild ,of Herbalists and three I<enku IFF), .. dfLIg smU!!9Ie" Tk'k and his bodyguards H'rQa and



Market DRag. Or; Mar~eI Deag, sialls, arrar.1yed in fi:'B north-stele rows occLlpy the southern section of the Mark Geanl. Owner· ship of,a stau is a p,rarog!llive to Irilran citilens, and rnanv oUM major craft maste~.5 rnafntaln a ~II which is 'used on M;i.ki;lt Daeg to supplernenHheir normel shcps, bell stall Is, reS:.Lricredto Oil;;! type DF prod lice! rnostly fomlstwffsj v6gel",ble~, fruit, buUenm" ~heese. NS'h or meat beth fresh <lfld !lm<:]kled, salte_dor etherwlse preserved; bur small m.llnOlfiill;1\Irllid gQods such aGO clothing. shoes or hOlJsehold itllms arealso 9n nftQF. TIJB allocation of stalls is CDl1lmlle~1 by lhe: Counsell, In the !10rt11 w!!l~ncf1he Geard Is [hs' !;I~,H ph:.a 10ft deep,.zott across pit where bf~wn beal"s,ACG,HD5- ,Move: 12.". NCHdA'ltac,kS. 3, D!ilma~e; \d611 d6i1'dB, $pocia~ Attacks; Hug for 2dil, fi~""'L 10 II,e l[Iealh agslnsi packli of w'iltl dogcs, AC1. hlO '1 f 1.Move~ 15".Noof AIIIlQIqj; 1. D;image; 1r:t4, Ftip'Ihe fmilll'Will' ftI e Frt of the crowds, To lhesOLAll'l01 \h hear-pjt are the pitct1es ofth.e caravan merehams, One caravan wil'ij normall'l,De, 1::l're:51"p')~ writ! preduca Ii 01. usuallv IiIl1alhlblQ in lrllian: exotic harbs and spices.

j'eWellsry eta:, whico may be SQld at the Gijld F-<l8Cl.or's,,UZlild's, [llr1m s or IhEl'GaldsmWfs, Silv8rsmith'srJeWeiler'S or Gemcuuer's fer 8"0% of thelr actual value, goods maoy be disposed I:If in lrtllan bv.sell.lng ~ha'm to Il s.hop specialising in tho~~ Ii! rtlctes, G:haractEtrs will receive 40% t'Me IUlm's rctll[l ~rl eu,


Sh~ps 'liee Part

WE 19B76.

~, 4, N'J.;;, N3 "J', eN PO, eMil.D,

nD mendllrrure). I;ISI ArchJteat. 29 Mark G,oard IF3L::IT 3,

a [IND.43 I



YE 18495,

bS2 B~kBr: 3 R,lht Berullos .Clos~H_:31, T 2, S N1. 4. N25,CI;J lEtA. eM 1.1, YE9117S, Wf:4038, b5'3'B'Blrer, 5 l.u~ lie 1Mi2ldWI), 5'[ 1< N1 S, ON CO, eM 0,9, YE 7986. WE l~76. 1iS'4 8asketmB'k,Br Irnakes wicki;:r baskets] 4 Lurfl Laltorn Weg !112), ST 1, Nl ~,eNco, CM 1,0. YE jl,iUii!j, WE 31 08, !JS5 g",ttlsmaker lmakes c,!;'1y lJ:"niEls).:3' Luft Kh:alk8·tlon Wl9<'1rd ~13~. ST2, N1 9, N:l5, eN GO, eM HI. YE 59!'!7, Wt 1!U8, b56 BoxmakC]r (rna!!es 14'000911\ bexesl, 11 LLJFLBer1J~lo:; CIOE: jilL SOT;!, INIl4, f\ojZf;1, .N B.A, C eM HI YE 9187, WE 4024 . 6S] Brei.oW'l'r, 9, 10 Aihl Ambre E:h,H[I ~H~', a,


NAME flA SX Al Cl LV HP AC AG W~ BL ST IN WI DE (;(1 CH M~ WN Sigil H MI N F ID38 ,4 3-6 10S91QO lB"" 141 12 17 14 12 Soe B'Eilow Ltlngs-wtlrd '2.1+4

sr i. 3, 2. N13,

s 32






11 B 91 -2


11'+l 106475017 17 14 13 18 1'" See Sel:ow l..orll9:lOwarci ~ l'
LJnu~,.uOl~ wQlIpcms and dollilng, rare lewelli;lfY and furs and tina materlals-> all at exorbltani prToes,c f cou rse.l'h ero may CilBIl 1':18a reputed treasure map or minor magical itam on offQ" The earevan wm have ihe CGmr>osilijon ~iVf,ln

864 7517


1'3 113 IS 13 Sia't3 8.slcw LClng:.word


Mlagh:llams: Sigtl; +2 SI1i'eld. -f !P,illl9maii, 1 i.ongtx} .... ,1 Lanqsword(N5AI , Agnl<l; +3P1alemail,ll Lallgsword(NSAI Plillliln;llr) AC 2. Rin" [lIr nWI1 ~\I\I'm ilmpElt.herj+2 LOTlg5word (NSAJ, liral!Jcos of

Whee 10', Sigil and Agra<l are'Goldlyeflffcl,enl pmf:essionals WftO allow no-one nm nm;hing to get 111 between them ami the;r qVOIrry, 0111\1 ifi! iii! Jess bCl~hrc("":111 UWY bring tile., prey b"ii:~ . a,11'11.:!, TI'IiHI11 Isa flfl:il~erSPil cummtly working for 111!il rb3Ii!i'tn~1JY alld cli<8uover Whu H
is oe,hind the illegal drugs trad('lll'llriHan

c~~IVlIi1l'!nhe degree of IrUI~ QI up to nile sta,tumants.ld e eQ.) Kenk~; AC 5, HD: n.'JL Hree 3, WhoeWhoa 3, Move: 6"/18", No of An1;lc:ks: 3, DIin'iBge. 1:d<li1d411!'16, Speoial A.rmc:k6: Tk'k web, cBlj IIBllIni"g, S'hof;ldng gFiISp. magic ml$silB, Hree ma,;ic mis'Slle, Whoa-Whoa: rnagir..mifisilB, Spe>l<ial De,fel'l!::e;;;: snapB Ch8!lQ8, {n",tsibiliW. Di5Quise..lO'% Magic ResiSltiHlCQ, HI"; Tk'k j 9, Hree ID. wtJoe-

cost would necel>S<lrHy l)eeKl;QSsi\lB, T IJ the ea 51 n! Geld L,Elell, rh 8' :ca",.uf.ll;l waif Iril n ths Mark Gealrd, am the :alll m III pens.

aach merct1ant. neneef tiiJeguards will be allowed armed Into Irmal"l. !t an item dosirod is nO'I posse-ssad (IV 'the carava 1M Ihe)'1!! S il , film,,11 (g!lmmill", 2d20 %) pOSisilJilily. depel"!dant upon on hem's raratv, lha~ it might be "roUgh.l:lya future CIlf.w~n (104 caravans lime) if Ii el'ulraCUtr espec:j<)lly asks for 11.The

In 11'\6


bUJI!, part from two bmrdvgLJ8r(Jgfor a

bSTl BI!1t:/1fJf. 2 Luft Dracunarn W09 (GS). 5T " N14, eN 0,S5, YE SO 6, WE 3907. 'Q;$'12 C8bfnE1t-mak~r ~high clS55 rumhur!l~. 5 Ail1t Hassel Rad ~J4l, 513, N 13, N2 4, NJ s, b513 CarplJmer. 1 RIM 6erullas Clos (H3). 5T 2, N1 4. N2 6, CN PO, eM 1.0, YE 9M3.

don Weard ~131, T 2, N"1 J, N<!3. eN 1"0, S eM to, YI<:6003, WE 11857. ~S9 tJuilder. 1 RiM Khalkedol1 Weard (H31, 5T N1 3, N2 5, NJ 4. eN AV, eM 110, , YE i :3456, WE 6352. /JSHJBut.:;lmr, 5lult'Temp IIi! tsen lHEH,ST2, N1 :tN24, eN PCl,CM 1.1.YE9451, WE 4012,

PO, eM 1.0, YE 15098, WE 7034. "'58 Brrck,or (mali:M bricks). 6 tuft

4, N2

e.a 2, N3 0, 4, D. eN PO,
Khal e-


eN PO, t:M l~O, YE 21354, WE 10818.


WE4·(J32. IJS15 CaflIS'd,carves

bSltI. CBrt1'tl811er. [carts], 21 Luft t:hrrs$Jpll~{j Rild ~G2~,Sn, Nl 3,CNCO. eM 1,0, VES91li, wODden obieels), 6

11 giving (hem a bad ~eputation rand Irmmkis
10aOOgp 0'1 Wuduflor wM:I, 1he¥, <lrd' w!lliJng to sell 10 Plillos Iril&doh!or and her hali-orotlluf. CornmC'lr1 elJsll'lmers ,:n the ~ealod Asl Ore are !p:ilrl;lntheses give ttlB ·/0 eltiance 01 ~ Ch<iril't:-l9fbQimg pfl3~Bni~, 2d4 of the irilrlln Scouts 1351,Stormweillt:an, Hliehhanmanand I3IQdmarchant COlillal1deres (15 eBch). Gisrir .. 1ahhc Gild ofV!'>ntlJf6fS (20). Tlltglilltle Assas!lln ~2QtGildo the tbie"J [ZOoI" , d4 of tlhEf' ealg1!g8nQ j30}, F'<lfill of1h19 G 5!1Jlillia cschBpe (20], DJl;ela 0'1 thB PSlonlo Fel'nwsirllppm,1d4StaetGang.s al':ll.2d20lJf ~he Glude {lOO} Tlla Heafcd Aef Orc IS o\l\(nl9d throu\iiln a series affront men by F"el,n.lril!>'urllJ alld PalosIrilsodoirlto,r !lniJ is !hiO centre of f'nost ·of the crlmh131go1ng,1l en in Irll1a~. The only J'1!!aSor'l WMrylt hils nOllon!Jsillcebael1 clos.eddownis. the[,f defense (Jf II in the C(II.!1nS1ilTi. tI'ilI'lJr<lrelUmeP'lt hEl'in~ that k Js bettlllr 110 have disl'lrdim concenrra,ted in tile Heafod Agf am whe.re It Is easily IiOl'lta1ned mther than spread [lut over Ihe relOt. a'r IrlIIBn, MarkG'ellrd. The Mark Geard is a l,u'9!i1lto~Died area ijr"! thgC!ll'llre- of IriUOin, usually rali,er bilre bun. on Markel DMg and Great Mar~·t Deag, crowded will, a large varielv of stElll:!;, costermoll{Jer.5, enleflalmm;, Ihucksteni and w.amlerkl9 cliU:81l5.


TIH!'Keni:u have e :;;nipml!lrltillf


tle,sIH3:ep,l1msE!s.~sses, rJ on keys and mules; dlog,s.e,8tS, hawks ,and simHar pets611d ~1<lvl9s, The prkear[,a slav~dscalculiltedillllWCQstgf am Dl'flY Il1g' 81Ireema f110 oiHi'le 51,,1'0.18'.5 lat 1Gb slghl y~ars, Animal feedstuffs (;o'mprrse hay. barley ilmJ COin, Balrleyandl:orFlllf1El alse usedforhumEln can slj mp'I1o,,,, W~ndli3rrn!1 throughm.J\ 'II'~ crQlI!'!.'cl on Market D£iag wifl be troupes of~nl.erta!jners, from 1JheGrifoun; tumblers, mfmm81s and S'lorytejl "rs; cOl'1fidsnce trfaksbm; and hUlill1stl'!rs 2'nd ph:k[1ockc1J& ~r,lJm1he Geal'ga

Mosr normal llvestockfs available:



LuftPlerHOIWl;lgIG4).5T2,N14,N,13,eNSA, eM 1.01 Y'E 19513, WE 1l:!i'4. .!';lSi!> COii'c/i-rtlak'flF, 1,:2 Luti 8f1,FUi10S C!ClS (G31.S1 2. Nl 6, j'.I2lt eN SA eM t.n, YE 16294. WiE S613. bB17 C.olftmiH (makes wi:!)ocJen'Colfersj, 11 I.ufr Gll<lgan lafln [iH<lJ, ST 2, N 1 5, 1'1123, GN 1"0, eM 1.0. "if: 891.:lf. WE 4126.
bS 18' Coffin-maker. 5 ~jilt Ambre, Chare




Illlres!l!lr~; cowmen" :;l1epherds, teamsters and 9!i1f'1~mill farm lil,am~sal1dother semr-pe!rmi'll'lent 'i3I'11ployees, MOEII wiil wish 10 sef\i13 at least until the noxt Graal Miilrket Daa8!. Hilr ing raUlS caD b(! taken from POill1Vemo,,'s SQri(),s-ln WD29-:n. an~1111e fJli1srof WDArri· c:J,;,rs Ill. Finarlly, Iherl;.'!wTII he 4, I 1d4 rnetl:enary emph;l¥ment Plaver ICh:ar:alltlt~ Attempting
lJ:and11I !see

G'rEl'&t MarketDaeg, Although 9,ell!Jr,~lIy simi lal" 11:) Milrkel DasQ, Grillel! M~rkl!tDal!g is f'lil ema!10gEn.hergreatersclIls.TI.reliJ 'I>BiI'I.WOI!"I8 wl.1I1:)1O pressnt amI 9">0PC .:!l!1Ilmols Sll~h iii!; gnffons, hi,ilPogrl~r5 or psa(jdodr!l~O.I'1<l' MEI¥, farely, be on off8L r Great Marke~ D!lEtg also fUnctions as a primitive Bmplo\lmllllL.llxcManga whrer\;l pro~~~c:tive ernploye'rsand Illfllpi,0'l'eJes may meat. Available for hire will l:i1J bEtarer5. pDftafs. pack hlmdlers, va~~l1s, la90tiHH"S and lirll(bnys; reapers, S!acic-flrll, winnowers and

IH3l, 5T 2, N I 1. N2 3, eN CO, eM 1.0, VE 75301 W'E 3075. bSUJ Dairy. 6 Fllh[ Amt.lrEi Chilr~ (rI:3l, ST 1, N 1 3" GN BAr eM 'U'l, '(E 6043, WE 1486, bSZ() Dislr/Jf]r, 2 luft Monan} L;lEUl ~HA,L ST J, N1 4.1'1124.N3' 8, eN AV. eM 1,0, YIC 2135~. WI? 10485,. bS2' F'ur-bislleddeaner ~nd polisherL 1 ILlJ'ftI~eRsd [13),:5T 2. NI 3, N::.!4. eN FO, eM 1,0, YE 4834, WE 1435. bSZ2 Fuster ~wQadworker). 1 Riht Am!lchisl:eWeg IF3I,ST2.NI3, N"2.5,C PO, eM 1,0, YE 101391,We 4750. bS23 Gufd::;milh.:34 Mark G,,;ard [F41. ST 3, Nl 5, N2.4, N3S, eN AV. eM LO, Y1E!3D47'6, gold. Skill ]'ljIveI76-90. bS24 Greungrvce.-!veget'i!lbles).
WE 52931, A:;. jewell!!r 'bur will en I!,' wcr~ in

DMG 1m dBtaHsllll3eijng:

to' Sell Goods. OthEl, than obvi'oLis Ha3sur,E!i,gold'. gems,

eM (l.S!, 'Ie 7931, WE 2854. b826 IV'ifir/;lI(}f (11'18 rble we ~ksand sew IQWrs), 3 Flil1t Gnilgeil Laen '!Hal. ST 3. N 1 4, N2 I:>' N:J5, eN PO, eM U, YE 28945, WE 15475" bS27 M6'Safl h; ttmeworkerl. 1 Lu r1 To In Weg ~~21.STj,N16,N2il,NJ5, CNBA,CM 1,0, YE 16645, WE 13493, bS28Mi/lJJr,1 Luff BI..e,;We<;l H2l. 8T 4, N1 3., N:il' 1, N3 11, N.41, eN PO, eM 1.0, YE 18015, WES045. The-mill iswim:!powBrQd: tho u:pp~r Lhree sto ri as are ab Ia 10 g,vo tic) fac8 th e Wil1 Q.

AC~1QleW'I'!ilI (f4), Si 2. ~;f3. N1Ei, BA, eM '1,1, 'l'EBS92, WE 1450. Cg .... 0lI:'Jldr9St;iorTlJr· ef gtl! the .A5Sassil1. bS25JQln~rh"'rJo~en fr<llm .. flillrl;iapd.lm.15 Fliihtlle Rad H"H, S1 2, Nl 5, N2 6, eN PO.


7 Lull

IJIrLITJ D,rfm~ Tholi
BDmhcis III'AM!: RA SX AIL CLLV HF' ACA:~ WE 86 D M lG F 1 98 5 304/9430 JOOD Q F' NG F 1 15 ~04 3745 15[) D M LN F 2 113 2 1143 ""32515 ~D ST 1,2 13 ,IN WI IDE C0 CHr Mil WN 14 13 1:1' 14 9 Nome BdttJaAie 1:'3 1513, '~'2 12 None Hammer l:il 11 HI 1/1 91 None BB!tlta'Axe Chari! ctun. wf~ hi rig tg contact 1fIilJg ~ I may ~ose via th~ Heafod A,efOrc. Ely T;mgtfBldT'Iiol'l In k] ljan, assllssirl<!1'Io'n is' not tQtaUy S(lt:rst,



M eN

F J:21

:2 168.


-01+1 ,6 14


Oracon'em We.gl

bS2fJ Mona.y/(lrgd!'l"";BBn~c::r. I RiM

OW~Qr.s are tJrH'1; ,elwa rvan (ami Iyofr.hNQrg, ill selon of,the ~haMI (l:lan.ltGoF!si$ts of the

eN AV, eM 1.0. YE 15C1S4!~, 89lf30. iIh e WE

G3vn 3, ""11 4,

N2 {), N3~!:t

parel"l13Dirlm <Inc D1rimaand twosoru:, Thnri 'imd BClmOOS. See above f,or srata mrirn ilnd hls wife area cilHilen:le;c:! cou P'lrli!who OJ rei;!we 11ilkBd (for dWI'lr've's]r in Irllillrl. Tha:ir srO!'1:6 thol!gh, h!lvg Q~I;,aml;l em bit"l:erll'!d bl! l1'1eco 1'1r"!, their tempt In w!,k;.I r<lOO h; held and flr,El v'eFY tOiletw ofl~ha( Subf!l.Gj. . . Money dep'osrt~C1 with mi'imfor~mEl amc p ret~ 1I'B'i!i r w~II g:HI n 1'% ,nt its "slu il In fl1tfl resr minus 1;1 i O[)~~ 1i,1I1'I d IiF'l 9 eh ilil"'iJe. Thus ,n Igil ~1; 1OOOOg rn list be I) rt d (i'llosh tcr a w~ 0 Ie ,{Ela,r P b>afora 1iII'liYpr(lfi~ 1S n1adlst !-Ie w~!II rendl up to 1OOOiQlP" §oQd !'lyrely rm 2% cornpeund 9 inle.Msl:lw i ka le OO%Jye,u, re pilryabl8' wi liliill 1 yeil'r+ If mClns')!, is deposited With him, Dirim will wrl1ea.leuer of creCl'il rorth,lIt amount rnil"ll.(s1%teewhil:h will be accepted by ij5% G!b~~l<:a"ll{9a% oft,1warU}.ank.ets). Dfrflf] O<lIS ,MOOgI' GO d'e;posit with him at most tlrries, bS30 N,et.m~k'er. ~fiti!l_,! l-.elrtOrl'l,Wa,g (1'12), ST1, N1 4, CN GO, GM 1,0, YU9SSI. WE 094·. bs;n Pa;nte, ~p{lints sl)ddiebo\!/s), 6'Ll!!f1, lie Fhd (14), ST a 1'111 3, N2 6. eN 1M, eM 1.'0,

ShDp Protecti:pn, A.s w(lil tll>-poiS-Qn neftdl~ lr.!!i'S ~ml Qther ..emmen prd'hilcliorl:S" "HH1',! of l'rfliarn's.sl'1ojJs are poro:teole.:il by the GilJ;l of HflShishTyy, <i GHtil gf .i!\s.s.<I!lsifls whh;h maintains ill repreSf.iI'"ll:3Ii¥a In Irman. :1r1rliimlstoc small to have 8 Gild of its Ilwn.lT'rg:1eCleci shops.!)re udellH:fied by ~.!lr\fi..,ge small ornata H ea reved'~ver the m:a In e.nlr,iirlce and till the s~mt1 g 1lI0Jl<:6S(,Any 'CIUI t"aeter r:obbi I'1g a proleere-d bU!llnf!!)I!!Js. marked dawll bl{lhe GI'I~ tor :!iiS:'i;lS's~flailDIt1f locBrled. Wlth the Gilrd's I extensive u.ni:lel'Yliarlc! 'Ii!"l!~, Il;Icalion r~ usu,!Illy Ii~ry Irapid. Gal1:s:equEilmly',\f,~ry few survi ..~ to mhEl pro\ec'lJeid Imuss a s§l::oridtime. F',roi:eeti on CQs·w a busi n ess 7 % of ~ts I) roiits, or 5QOs,piYear, whkhever [SO tih(lgre!lter ..AIrI of the .sh op,!'!mel'lti 0 ned in h 9r~ a ra !)mlBcll!l d.

GiJd of lBe"galfs. AI ~h.[1U ~h it: i sa Gil d in no more tl'ian name, ~(lIU'lrr ~ bt;Jgg,1!r:s have <I do loose 0 rg e nlsaticn oHh(J~ r 'ow !'I wh i 1:11dl,slri-

5 Afht Achete Weg W3', 51'2>, Nl1 4, N2 6, eN PO, eM 1.Qr, 'ri'E.9794, WE HIOtt b"S:;I1§ PB'ilirJ'F (121'\1 S: p:a\!0m~1mtsI. 1 Ri tttTlh QQf A8d {H21,~n:, N"I 4. Nil 4, eN BA, eMl ,0, YE 90~B, WE 4CS9. bS34 PJaster9'. 2. Luftlemple L.a:enIG5.J,

VE.602:4, WE: ll'P54~ bS32 P<fsfP.lel' Igrlnds pigmenlsl'.

p?~r;lss;iQns IRX«lpttor d otinil1 9 arid 8 t:reg· gm 9 bow~IO tna Gild' <I ndl ",greB' to hill il d (lver i 00/0ofthe d,allv take. !n reX!;~lllrig !r,IIn." e. b. e99ar g~tSil ~IEI~ ,EltonB ufl~ ~ tvvQ f~op· ' h@\!Isas1hat theGlld runs and [Ioowl ofg.ruel QEll:h'DiJgun~ and Dos:k, N.Or1-mflJl'l,bQr.·heggaV!i. are set UPUA enqClften glV!I!!! seme real arffiil!:tiOfl to IIdd t@ thel na,lppo~e d disabilities, 81 Flop·hous'B, 11 Rih! i3G'I'l.IIIJosClos: (13), ST2, N14, N2 3, eN co. __ B2FloD-h~use, 2 Riiht M.Uhk:r LB~n (C7).

,EI !:lllr!V desrultorywOlY. TQ beCfll'he a meflr1!b~J, a futlllFe beggar millS! dOl'l.<lte ,a~~ hl s· Of her (If

b utes pilch Sis,EI n.d Ia oks af!(I r th ~lr IF1tB'IllSLS in

are noUoIDwoffled <l'oouttna actual ~11~lI!'Ig. 11'111. dQ~s, of CG urse, rn ea n ttl anile viet I'm gll'tli to know ~bl1thB OJ she lson a deeth-fist, lhe're ara I~en t:wo ehnlces fer tl1le vlr:lim to make bevondl flee.ing thelOW!I'! Qr talking pte· ea ILl ens, IFi ratl\!, he all' sh a eElflaitemptillr Ii buy ou l th e COlllraEHo,f 1SO$, of~ne assass'in's ~eq; .se(:oudly, hie or'Sb@ may pUI out a eeuntar ~'0ntlract: on 'Lhe orig ir'! III <)H~ ~ g~ir.In th e la,lter Gl'iIseir both ina prtlSpllCJt\lovittims maVwilhdraw, ,I 09] I1g the Ir deposilts"t'lf b61h m ar" eo ntlnue to tin,eir aea,t.ITs, A few dE"U~gBafter the anrteuncement is made, ,aher sno h1!;;I, had time tOrinwstigatl'! andls ce>flvif1ic~d lhal the request Hi genUine, Torgullwlll ma~", c(lrIJlac1 to dlseuss fees. 'I:e~fl. Tm1lu:1 willi 'take the i sJ,mo!!rd Gfld fees,; half pa'\f!l bl ~ befom,. ~ arf alfter the job ls cempleted, Ushe hiH. iBSIii til@n e 50%ch~El "e, ·sn,e w,i! ca~~in a higher reve Iassa !O!Oi VI 1I!,Tlr, Il will have aI ~eai51 50"% chance arid whG wi'll <I ctn!lFgE! 's:I.illldard Gild fe.es plu,s8% lroF'velMng Ql<pe1n'!>E:S:. Assassinalion auemp1:S will cont;~UIl 'until ~);jsass(ls;iliii'l iili tlE!Eld; theGiW wHI nOlf(!liIow up aMJl'1'pmwhi~h fillr"e lelld tothl'l death, of one of ~ts;rlHilm09fS. If'IElyer ch~r!lerer as~as:S'ins who ,ntompt tlO gG sl;l,lo In.lnllan wTlI, III the.,.. cerna Ie !"looil":l3. bEl'asked' QVforgul to j0ll'ltha G'I~dof H:asnis.h,iyV, Ihhe chanicter lIgroos" sl,e wi!'! I!if~""!tlettOl[ningr Olrld <ldviOl?"; IJLhenl'JGsl;I Ell'le willi aUempl to Kill the il~wI.!Om(!r"If th~ aniH',iH:ferliu·Mves, he orshe \!Yl~1 bCl::ornethl!l !'"lew mid fepj'esen~iiltiv!l uf!Tessalre(ldy a member ofl'lnpther GlI'd In wt"lkh CliiI'sehe or she w1U ~l'eeli m i na'led as, SOOrt <15 D.oSS II'll e, Tha I3lk! of Ha~f)i5hjyy l sa large i powe rIll I.


lh~ ~:;;~l!I~sin':i>id~ntril'Y is no.! 1o:.I'IOW.Ill£,lll! wh<l asked forthifHlssass'ntltrofl Is. Under Irlrian ~ElW, wtshlng f(lr"somf!;l(lnrE'l'S Eleath Is 1'101111!3 al altl'loLlg h <Immg.ifl.!j it lS: tllt!~, once til 13' g an nouncement ~gl mai;le in tj,'!il H",afud Ai!lf Ore, flll,cont;ijcts willi th.e ass<ls.sln ara made ln ~g!l1Fet.lhe lnitiaiElI'i.nl!lum:'emsr1'l is m!jITh~ P<lC'.a1ll ohll e lri Iian dislilte 01 ~h~dQWY SEj fig,u res rna ni pul ilili,rlg t!'lem: sotO"9 ,<i!~ the i'd'9ntity Qfthfj ill'VI(isner i,s kllownso that the
vit·tim h <!inl eh <.l !'ICQ'to 1'!3,p~V., 'tile.y

Na~iJr!i~V,sne ~II 09 in lfthere ls <I gt,e,,~ei'th.m


chance ofslIc,

ST 2, ['II 1 6, N2 6, eN co, eM Hl~ YE. 13:574,

WI: '651'4,

WEI6i054. bSJS RO{Je-mOl'/(fH·, 3 flihl 1'011'1We.9. W:'!), 812. N1 t, 1112.5"eN PO, eM 1.'1, '(in,56; WE 3256<,

bS35 P()t1er. 15 :FHhtB BrlJ II o·s Clos (I~~ 5'1' :3" i Nl 4, N,2 6, rN,I3 GN CO, eM 1.0, YE 12~5J" 7,

m.muiOindfilis half-siswr and is,olten used 1.0 col'lectinfQfrruulon.1000sp W~I~ buythre'Glild',; 'SliHvices Ic,r 1r wik<l. Ap a 1ft '~r9m I he GTld'm:aeS'titc i1rld hls assrs'll1lnfwhQ:;Ire

ST2. f\.:J 1 1, N2J, eN co. The Gi1d has no ftirmallinks wi,h lha ~!'I1!il6rwtnld ~ut pay~ 20% pet ~~& profits 10 Pltllos Irt~-


V,E 65i38, WE 3075.

bS,'j6Sai!~maJrer. 6ll.jll18erullo5 Clps [H2& 813, N 14, N2 5, N3 o,CN BA, GM 1.0, YEB7!!l, '\I'i,IE 4025" b539 SBW¥!lf ~pIEllltk:sand b9E1ms~,6 Lufu loin Wa9JGg~. 8t1, N14, eN PO, eMiU,

WE 45S<'3,

NH1,!5, N23, S:;CNf'O,

bS37 Sm'i'(jJer. J, ~ R'ih'IIIB R-l'id fI4~, ST 2,2:,


VE Hll;IS'9.

begg!;l r& wtl" malu) LIp the Gild h!llve the ISllltlstl'iS of normad I'ri~ ian!>, Ag:r01h, (;Hdmaesne S~li~al,

IDw·I!il.""ol pickpoc~t$:,

nhe 37'




2 Hi

8 47


13 lEi

7 1~ , 1


Nom:! :Shortworo




f NE if



8 38

981 75 1[I 1:2 110 14 ~3


None SmOi'tlSwo.rd

Weg WJ41.ST 2, N'9 4, N2 5,

brS40 S'Caltul~(sl<lfIl5

Wtl od).3

eYE 57315,WE 1287"


Lu tI F'errtG'! co, eMI ,3.

bS41 Szr'ing,!lri:<it ~ing l. 5 tliftToln WflQ IG3)! ST1, N14,CN 8.1\,(;l'1l'i1.05, YE 5961, WE 165J. IJSd;t SWffer(stuHs rurniture'). 6lbtlflAche~e Weg Win,Sf;2 L N~3'! NI2 4, eN Ii'IA, eM 0.9,

E,~ch b'\llg9!!"i"b.ts s~me' real or pretende<l <l:5 b~lln1:lnes5,leprosy rnt;fl misT sing 11mb. The GHd and this St!i!et G!'H19i!' I,1rrQ c:Lirrentily I fl a state 1:11 Bllig",.r~nt mnllraHw, D


well-organ ~s~d Gi ~d Wlllil!>!l! teiildar hmi rt:;! Id· maSler stlHU5. it isup IrHne i'l1dilltGIrJIlI DM 'I~ deci de IllJ;lcan Its eX:B d :;truclulre,. 1'14The Dr!,Jtd., 5 fi1ht Toln Weg [FaJ. ST 2, N j 3, NIZa. GN SA. !) ru<idic a iffa i IS in WI ill rr1 are looked after by

'liE SOi1l:l,WE 149fl

Weard {H3). ST2, N15,. N2 4, eN SA, eM .0.,8, YE 6904, We 1906, ,bS45 TIm:ifjFbr1xlm'ln_l Luft OWQllrg Clo!O
U4~,ST 2, N~ 8, N2

tJS43rBble-m~kT!l'r. 4 Luft Amecihill~l'! W!ilg ~~.31, $12, Nl 5. N2 6, eN co, CiM 1.1 ,'VI'! 9530, WEa275. .. bS4:4 Til9f (roo!'lrlQ WeB}. 1 Lu[tKhalkecion

Gila of H,jIshishiyy, r:he GHt1'~ rep;rl'!sen\aiiv,e Ir'I trlli'1m Olnd ilSSlJffO!.mdfng 1l11il<l:!;AIJ{; IEsrlni, I l:Lrmmlly undelcolleras. a 'l'egelaille [radar [bS24}. Torgul.RAH,S:XF,ALNE,CLA" LV:6, HP22, AC J;A.G 34, WE 145tU3L]QOr, ST 14, IN 13", WI' 9, DE 17. CO ,~, CH 1f:2, MI Ring Df Prptfll;!ir;m -;-4 011 At::. on Saving Throws,

eN BA, eM 1.0, '1"1:. 10097, WIE.4563. oS4}llphofifterer (OO'lers fumitlJr~l4 Luff He'l Laen ~(3),Sr'2;, Nl 6, N24, CN,AV.CMG.!lI,

WE 40m3. bS'16 rurner(tllrns wood en objeclst.:ll.,uf't, II ~ i hi Mo II"Iath Laen ~ H4).•ST2, 2, Nl 4, 6, 1'424, 6

4, (;N

FiO, eM ~ .1. YE 8957,

TYEi~:;; A-D lind InrSinu!ltTv,e s Ty",e!lA-D [DMQ']. .1\1 i$ Is cu rl'Oll1t!y b~!'lis'h ed W Itili<lll as punhihmlltll far a fllilegi aSSHiSSimn10n atfempl.

~NSAt Periaplot Pmr.f agalifult PGisaf!, tDMal. Sc.arab r;}!Assa5i1!rfi3titm (W£J\2·81', lAIN Baw, . PQlsol'l~: 2 dCls.l;i's'!3t1C~ of' \i~Poisol'ls



e +3 Arr"w,!;,


+ 1 VJfI[}$W"r,;Jrd

Actyst R'A H, SX IF, Ab N, Cl D, ,LV 6, HI" 24',' AI': EI.A!:>:34, WE 204,. 8th. 100, fiiT9,1N112, Wi 1.5, DE 1.2. eo 15, 'eH Ut M I -+ 2 Sp.~iir. + H,~thElr Armour.. + 1 Shielcr, [DMGl, WN Sipe<llL Spel ~s,~ ~l11nim!ij,1fritmd.sfrrp }( 2, lacf!!".9 OInJ,nal ~ x 2, sp~k with ;Jnl'm",ls J< 2.

wQumlS /!leal

2n!ll rih~rrn


VE 6597 WE 2943<.

9Luft Gm,i'g81'1 L1lfl!'"! (H4" SeT 2, N 1 4, N,2:~"eN PO, eM '.1" b548 Vlnlner(wiflB).II, bSjl'9 Wh~alwrighl. 20 Luft ChrJsppa-CB Rad (~3t,.sn, Nrl ~" N2 5. eN CO, eM Ul, YE 604.3. WE 209:3, b~&I W{neshap.7 LUft lie !'lad ('14),81" 3,

'lie .245':'36, WE 10980. s. eN

t~ail'lae ...she I'HillElS m!!r1 !!nddeHgMs rn malting them:as miseralble(l5 pOlisible, 5heprefer;!l to m a ~e her ilssa,ssi nationslmma Siltil llIista F1~1I u III n;g m.Elr rmissil 1'1 W~EI po n soa., d Il.n iAsi n !d'Bti",e plll~rJ. Sfi.e ICIWiflS'i\NO houses In WIiEl!l: Af (bS24) Gr~er!gf"~r. j FllhtAchfl<t~WBg tF2), 51~, Nl:ilr N2 5, eN SA, eM 1.1, A2 Deserted hal/59. 1 Rihl Maglikos Wag k:eepfn1il the cne en M.EI~i·~o!!! Weg EI.5!! refuge Iri ~l es ofrrl1iu'ble. m

8er,a,u.se of som'e earlier e)(1l9r1e:nnes as:a

3rd hr;JJ!{:1 ij~im.l;l1, pyrot!;ldmit::s. 4th IJnima{ :>~ n1fflolling 1, Ad\{SI spends most Qfhenime roaming the c.oufIt",:.i!;lesu"~e~lII1ding td~ll:I.n ·Elfld so has 1J1r'l1".0I [% ch:mca of be~n;g lnh:l""ln Olll,lfl\l i


fJr mammlll




~C1), ST 2. t1114.N;i! 5, eN PO, Torg!JT lives il'1l.i1e kOLJse on AGhelW Weg,

N1 4, N2 4. N3

SA, YE 895"7. WE 41 LlB,

tim!'!i!'"! lJheMark Gsard uyfr.q la'sle!, the' bear-· Dr ~n lhe, 1Y~lIifod AFt 0 rc a r:t1lmp'H I1g 10 pre',l(fo'l the animal fights. In nerltlaF ~s she \lary welco:lTIl;t. Hgr hallse is:.o'Venr1U,nwith wOi.l!lded allim!l~s >.Il1Ida~<lnleQ by pOIS'cf . whji!ip'8.rin1~ tongues [WI],2'8] O'f, if you dt)fl't Havil, ~h!lll issue,.1 hr.ee '!raj ned W!l r&~0:'9;5 G rjf, liigg<'l, anit! Morili:s.[>

with or IilVVf! <Ltta('lkanyone sme SfHlS m I strs·"rll'lrg Qitnar. Conseq,Utmtlv shS"S~':lf1d'!i much or he,
n!ltlJre and animais,and

dil~.She 16IiH'Elnc,,~In harprotcotion


bi .. ili IfI 9

In Quest of a Sceptr'e
This episode d~tail5 the south easr quarter and if furtfieri!)'staJmf,fntafThe Rising of Ihe [J,E! rk. TlUl DM sho!.! fa decide if asslstanc.e is needfld trom the A,bb8if!1 afrerca m.lderin9' the sce'}srio 8fJd {he !;tr5'nglh' or his or her party. fnPan' '3. th~' p/aYf1rs should rlll"i{B Canducled the' scena'rlo jlJsrbefore vis/tioy fhe.Abbeie. ~arl ,4 continUf1S directly wher~ r;;m 3 left off.

diro.;tly, thElV wTl! be questlonad atthe GatelH)Llse EI ndthen escorted Iicro'SiSth@coil rt':fard to tha refectory. After a 'few minutes, <I 'flor1d-'faced man, Krfs Ae'f Monll$l.o!rj,on, the Grai1 Mares.cl'!ll •.wm e,xit from Ihe'llbr-Bf\I and as;k the party their business. AftOf Ih~'Umin,g implfllienUy, hewm Mf'!J~f'lJloii'ilbJilf'll!roiilllow Inem aeeess to the Sceptre-no discussion;mi'lintaql'lit'l!J thlltfor anyono btU bimself to 6VeI:11DUc;h,let alone usa, thu Sceptre would be sacrilege. The real reason1orthis Is his fear for the M(]nas'lJerlon's prestige should SceJ;ll:re be relleai!Jd 1l3'13 faRe. It ltappears II1.n


Ag N9CrQ:lth .and jump to th9 (wmnfl j) ,Gonciusion 11m! it is il'(im[;tir'rQ !,he Di1rlt lti IrrliBrI. In fi!lcW was JJrough t try dream oemonl'J (Best of WD Saenarios mat the Dilr~'5 command to spread fear ill'1d eonfuslon, She knows the Tzuthl Ag NecrO:tlh'saUlhors are uni(lulWf'l as <lIre it~ Elxact. CD n rems but it i'8 t h [I'Ll 9 1111,0h avo slro.n9 links wltll 'E.vil a~d Ch!tos. WiUl thE! cor tee'! precautions [as fa r as she knows, rio-one knows Irhl~m),the S_.ok may be read end the reader b~cornlng more endlle!l!'I.ih.m bl'l'for'e. fllEl eook silo'LII!d be de~ucyed bUlle iiI) !>Q wauld require enormous power" f,eral ciln _ only thinkoT Ihl! S'::eptreAer L!i9U; a relic uf tll'le God of law kept Hfil ~he MOI101!ltf.!rlorl. i?erhllps iflrwera smashed ag<llinslthe Booki' T'he:pi.lrty should go there immedTately; Inking H'Ie Boo,k 'with them,

The AbbBte. rem/ wfli' confir", It Is Un~ T~l!thi

Rubis 'Neg, A'i>(he pilrty I~a'l,a.." Rubis \(!Jey', Gealga srraet. Tall Street ,and Al;>bele' Weg "'II ~Ibe ooi'dOMd off by sold ie rs W!}'" ~owme<n lining the Vili!1dows of 2!1] <I A~hl Aul:mi W€Q ,erld 5 ancl6 luIitAol;JaiQ,Weg, AsmaU grolJP wm 'ell In front oFthi!! AbblBli gl~!es, 'file soldiers are tile !lve l,mpfI! of the Storm" wealcan and fhl) 1sr end 3rd [rrtan of Hie HII~hhllilman;lhQ Q.rcri,dat"r aN ill reserve to the !Oou~hof Rubis Wog and tine ,4th ,and!ith Irnan of IhEl Hlieh~!lnmal1,{I're ~!Jardlng Herbarium Gate alnti Ili1a AbbeHl waUs Thv characters sr[l ihe I"man SClCuts (with spells feaqty) and rhe G!lrd,~, Stormw(!filcl3n arid HliGhlummBI'1 Cornmtmderes, With the frXtaptl;;)n ~Hhe Scouts, 6I1ef'ii',OI'Hl Will, b@rlar\!keeper won'lleial'll{lJne baeilin !.Intil she fjnds o"fwhatls going on. fSee, fan 2 fo,r Ab1Jl~i6 ma'pl, 01'11;0the party' is [lUlt. !he Garde Com, mal'id(N·e, flanked by hi:> two lieutenants. will step fO~!lrd llna 'ask' I~!i! Pl3rty '[0 accompany him to. rh@ CounsEl.i1 Hus;I'here to IlCCGUllt rtlr tI"1Bms1>'lv,eso the citimlls t of lfilian, Iftll"le-pany lJ!Jrees, they wilt be allowed!o k'lijllpthil'litws;O!r;lQfl<S ant1 e5c>oI1acl toO !he ClnmsetH HUi> by the Gafd~ Commanders, Scours -and ~hrelllrnEin oftko Stormwealc.m.lf not, Ih,sy will be BItillH,keci until UHI:(Jm!t;;icus, strip~ ~e~ 1lnd tl'le" take!' to Ihe C(lunsell alon,9 With Ihe-Ir equlpmern, !nelu.dlng Ihe Book. Note Ihat, as thE! Lawful eJ(!':cutors of Irilian's will. I he Garde s!h!JlJld 09 t!beVed by Lawful chlltac1ers, Aa H moves aOrOiSi: the Mark G(I,md, the partywlll bill unab'le roescape ~e sight (Ii Asla5 and her pElntec'e; $fill hallb1ing, still blJlmin'Q"slill scrBamlni;!,

tn ...

'The CouRse'll Hu.s. AFlHmtl i!he UlblB tri1l1ne Counseil Cham be-r, wiU be 1Me Collnsei I. 'Ells 1m DeQrctungl'i, the LS'OOBI'I, wiH rille to his feel 'SIl"'!lIr!ii~ i:laeg ago, the KJeiu:rulc-araVi1lfl ,arrived in Irilian with yQI:f fgrminQ part 01 its 'escort. I I1a!lr t.1laLtI had an ~excltil1g· jeurney. It'! e1t iii fElW da-egag (I, 1111& time wit t)O'LfI you, but returr1lid !fifer two dae!J; this lime with the 8!n::ort nailll'd!!OJ [hill sMes d-r the Wllguns. Yes, ~erday, you w.!!Irs poking around Kha'kcedon

and ~rtinQ around Lesardrn'OJ11 corpsas white A'SlilI~, the Ie-ader of our church, appBllred on IheTempl'e rCQf and, aftar sorns nOnSElII)-S!l aobut It b€lin!il Dark, cauqhl flr'<l aronQ with five of our Citizens, They ElFEl-slltl IJhef~lln Ill!> panle w'1icl1 followaa many of our dtilen~welfe kil Iei:! and mort! injYred Yew w re !ateriS.een lin her quarters, Is tlilera', I wondar, an'jl c:onne~iicD'n? 80m .. of our cluzens, abouT three hundlcd In all, loft lrillan ye(;;t~rday even~ng heading south, Ou'patr6ls now lnform U5, !tll:nHi' DHhem thart telurl'1Elclthat is, 'Ion their lnie-ads.lIlowform a ring around the at tow~. Ytwwer!;l.fllso iM Ihe Gri!oLln whel"l Ina! b rawl deve'~oped aud at the Astro tOQ ers whe,n sha had her ~accidam". What is gl.ling on?' tfihe patt\!' l3'~pIBin5, 1M Coun!OBl1 Will b_:come split Dareon, E,rea, GaroS' and TIrol.iv willbs10F the party, wish~~~ tham to ccrrtinue in 1'lrIair seareh, Ahns. Palos lind Felas am ilg'Elinst'lhem, l(Vishfng 'I'I9!'11 dead and quickly Erihiln and lflHIIlI~ will be ",l'1deIlJ~ecl ,aI'lQ, depending upon the case the fJ8rty makes, will [;Om8 down 01"1 alther slde, So;:)!'!, tha s,oU1'10 o-fw.amlITg will bs(;ome nortcaalble as r:rl)wds of moumlng IrWam~ galher out'ilkie ..A1t9~a while t~ev will star! chanlinu, 'Brin,g out theBumers,' III a lew minutes !,ocks will begin clattering offthe COlln~lIil HLois walls" If riot Ol~feady aadded, tI,e Counseil willl101d an Immedi.iilte vote on whether wallow the flilrly to conllnLJe with their mission tllito fmprlsC1f11hem. Tlhe~tr .. nts and rocf.;s ~Qrn~ from the Mob outsiGltl-, Ilfl~r U'1 e. rLJmour Wl3f'1t ra u nd thaI L11e party werre res· ponslbh~Jor lila -.;sfious Dark manifeStations, Ir tJ1Ii~p~uty c:onvim;e-Uhe Cou 11 eil to leI. s lruem go, (hey will be s;hl)wrliJO the s~ri1lt pa5sa_ge leacHng to:2 Lull T@rTlple Lael1.lf not, they wi II be Lal:en ~ohe 'lh rown to th El M (l b. til d!hll'l'Ca'SEl, as Ihev leave the COl.lnsel1 Cl'rambl!lf", lhe Mob will 'burst thrQu!Jl1lhe Mark r3efl~ddoers; thelmllr1 en dLity ha'l/lng openecllhem to ingr.Hiutt;! U1emselves wlth Ihe fin!!'! rD. TllO fru nI rOll ohffl e ri o'tJe will be n'lt rs 14 nmmallrilhm5, Pmv'ided ~he peuty-appear,s, sufffcient1v aw~.illspirinQ, by liising a.spsctatu ~ar-spill I, or c utti I"Ig down fi \lEi or six fa r e -ample. these ,wi II p@l1ic: ~nd flBa. '!:lIving LI~I! pI! rty iii wun ~'s g 1'<1 CQ_ to fin u.1Ih'8 tl_oorS '1l ga~n, The doors Will hold I!HI Mob for 'hVIl rQund~. Oinough time to escape to ike hous'll 00 Tl!l'mpl~ lLaelf1.Inili;JII'l" the Mob will be Loo bmiY lootjl1glbe CO\Jrll:;c11Hus tQ pUlrsuEl them, HowevElr, wnle,ss ·the pllrty 1ake precElulions such as .. hanging In-elr ciothiM9 oralkli:rrng 'tneiralPpearance in some other way, fon:HlCh rollnd [n.lillh..,v spllnd In tne sirefltthOl\l w111 have 135% &hance of bell'1g I1lco9n~sed lind a Hue ll.nd Cry selll IU p.. Tb"MonasterloA. To :ge! 'the Sceptre, the pa rt'r' c,a,n eEl lion lhe P{ll a,dinS from tho Ab b~ie ,er borrow :an;y m Tern I'", fl'!<IIgic item,s Ithll Staff of Commanding?) Th; Paladins will @1 agreeto.m actuil~,altackQ[1 the M(lna;;!8'rIOFl; lit masHh9Y will pro,vi,deadiv~f'Sioll whileth0 l)~rtY does the dittY work. Iflhl'l partY-ilpprOilcfles lila Monasierion


(hem show'l'l olJtilind d.aubl", <IIIguards. In ;Joy case, he wi'lll order Intr;eased IIi gil ance on the ps r't.~flhiii ng rma I 1;;1 tla:r\1s The e'firtV Will be able to reach ~he Monastarion Chapel disguised as pHgrims; tRB g,atlll gUElcd (Ou;;m iiind two men-at-arrns] \l\'8 ...ing 1hem lt1rough after .. CYf&!lIJFY qlJesl'iOllin,g provided trhey appear ss-ncrmel pj~grim5, Ie no 2-hanc'ed SWords and pllitE! rrial], The\( will arrIve in the Cllapelas a servlee be:gins in"'Qlv~!"Ig 11mPrll!lstAr~i!l, i3rOlhor Bar and tllree of h'i!i mel"l3nd 22 pil~r.ms (OJIIas ",ofm~llrm6lnsl. Th will' lasuhr-eetUn1s 1I1:'1d, Linless ono of the p!lrl-y Is a La_guworshipper, there is a Ul'}ocumulallvectlanco per turn thii'l Arkis will boooma SU8p i~ious of I h 8 pa rty'.s lack off<llTIilianty with rne.servlce rltuals"and seek to inliElstigate after servlce. Otherwtse, after the servic,e'the'lwlU be ~ef;talone bot ftn Brottior S!'!r·!lml CIne otitis men who will bl'l' praying to IhG Sl;eF'lre witll their becks turned. Itthe-alnm is ralaad ~remembprthatih dispBNnagic ~S'casl around the SOflpira, D,n ofttlB spella un Ihi'l area of cffel!:l, IIlxoepl lor tho

lhe ,,:;lrty stlll want !he Seepif'fil, he w1ll have


' 'iii

after 4.and 6 rounds' Nona DUlnese, however. will an!]!!:it or do anvtiTing whil::h mi,ghl pess1bl\l harm the Sceptne unless thl:l party appeai'S aheut ro destrov ll or escape. Iftne party hrTs inti Boob",l'th 'rna Sceptrelhare \I'I;IirI be aloud cril~1i: 611 the Sceptre snapa to reveyl, a tighlly wound piQCB ofpalfchment, The Bool< wi'li be unl1t1"med. Anyone ·eble tQ read ffl.llyic wiH see the parchm ant i.s Ei 5C ro II tram Il craa!IJ farge rericspj;jll, 1,\ 118 daled Ihirty years previously ,[)nd 5i.~,H'led ZotaquBii'fl Ae! TfJr Wl!sard, If [119 i300plreis destro)'Bd In t"e pre:;Sl!rlll:e afrhae BrDt'hofs, all blll the Gnm Mareschal ~WhD wUl Join In Ihe gener.ll expressio,n (:If ru;nrorl wi~1tle g~nulnely :3;hat~E1d b'jl the raV!l1000iofwfitsHue t1(llur& The paryywill bel'lble 10 use. 11'1 SEln se 01 outFall! s to barOil i rt fer r is their rieBc!Ofl1i 10 r'n...,\'!.sTigandu.rther.ll1o Gran Milreschal wlll keep very qu[et but ma'rk [he pa,ril dawn for Ia.ter 'correction', The piilrty mol' be ablfl to try some ILI'diclQI.i~ blackmail bYI would need to bs vBry oareful; 'ih!l: Brorl100Fs are nQtGrlolis fur IIlelr hlltrll.d O'f lawbreakers. The TJQtWys!'!rd is'Il'HSily VIsible fro m th e M Q n'Bsterl0 n: its spell "ill to rm tow~rrng infO the lowarin!J,.stmm-lasl1ed &1(y. Qut:;:ide lfi'lfan _Enq ul r~n9 aboutth e 300 r'Elf'ugees, w[lI r·evQaI that the,!r n6l'lds are 11'1'1 PlfillOld 1.lI'u;:rui::!e stakeS 1:1 ~c u pie 0 nlHld red feel from Irilliln'll wall!;:, Fifty feel beyolld that, a bank of bl.aqk mi:sl eJJtsoff all lunher vision. P,liItrols whioh lIenlwred init;!, the mrst dtd not return. Ir lhe p!lrtir' investig:nl;! rhemselv,es, th ey wi II be-all ow,<Id 15CJ at ins;ide b.e[ore 4 apparitions IFf] mateIlaHse. At 0. IHD B, Move~24", No o'f,ll.ttacK,s: 1, Damage: FBar, Sped,,1 Dl3h~l!1Ices: YIf'!lDrable only tIQ mJ)g[~at V ane! 'silv(JT weapons, HP 40, 3B, 35, They flttacli; but oUlly lollow til e pOl rly as far CIS the' misl edge, lfihejl are un ~Elng,er of b-ejng defeated a further II IHP 45, 42, 39, 31) Will mater! ali 5e al'nl attack an,d so un J<J ~ iii aftller tllepartyr~lr:eats orllil of Its memibers BreIkH· led. ""is wHi happen whenevertl1e P,Elrty 1)oP'ller8 the mist

r;reatsfalsflre/ic, mUStb saved for. TIl1.1 S one dispel rn~9rl: ~(l~lICl c:olI'I(leivEibly nEOlgaleall of tha wfzarri lOCks iill'ltl magic mo.ut/;Js. See E!<ickgwund Il"IfQrmatfon', lIle m';IIJ'1 !;!a'le will bEl 1iJ''lrl'ea in 1 IfH.md and Brolllms WItW! their men-et-arrns ardlle lit the rate oll,f)llr reund aner a two I'OU no de"I'!'. Th e p ftests wiU I!rrive





9ack9roLllnCilIIfll'lom;liItiOfl Gatesl'loweFs

NAME 6i801.

H M LN M F -4 1:'0 F F 1

1 Ballista 01'1 ea;::h towel'. liowll'rs t~)!~ 5x'(3{l'ft. G,lItQ20x20ft, Towers 2. Storey;> aach. Occ:.upied by; Left Tewer, COmmanders Aef Man, iRi:ght TQwer 5th lrnen oftl1.e EllodmiUchari!. InlihB dfsmm past a IBrgl'lfire I Btl some Qf 111'9 S~rl~S crgr;k~d 'lind tha \P!IhQ!e bl.ackilln. ed w:th l2Qot inQ gate is llttle used and onj,y haJf~he,lrnahwfll be on duty at anytime. The bridge is rfck.ety and ta'_, be destroyed 11"1ne o turn by pulling out two ofthe mlfin supports; E!Elch reqLUi'fin!l50 Sltren,9rlh pe.in,~s to i'i'loI'liaVJe. In all other respects it correspond's to the GeOlI'9!lgaat ~F'im:n

ISee' Pan 2rC1f fYJ1!'1(1t detail,J BI'acegaet. Towers 34 DI"'Veac.;h. GillQS 9 D'PV"

(S,ee Po 1'1:' 2 fo r fiUlrther detail:S1 IH N


965 5<0 '6

14·12 1311 12 13



2. 27 76540'
2. 24 9142016

(-~1+11~ ~+11+11


12 1'3

+ 1 Sh;eld

WN LO"I1~!;.word


14 13

9 None

Scsi I

'120 M LN

4 ZO


~ 14 "0


Commar;u:J~re an,G wiH do a'lf!1c!iiit"mythrnl~11c disarel'Ht bim. HB is, however, an e~lH1m'!illv .Qcmpelerll ..soldiar and UndElf hRs oomrnanlil the OrcridaJ'l have bsccme a r,ighting forcefar mare potent llilan ·their numbers mIghl suggest (+30% on morale).

·Comm II ndll'les Qf S!l:oiim,w,eal'ca n•.IH~iehhark IlIall.and Blodmarchant. Il~sel F~aumhBer,

N~reall Lang's!l::ana and SasH R~iall'1. l-IlilJ'nh!lllm<m1jnd Blodmllfchant !UB noton tories jln the lasrD1J·eg AeifVictorie's
Sipeglking terms after a


of di$p'Uled vic-

TOr Dauth,. 24DPV, 11Balilista, 2.oXl!5~400, l Storeys. Oc-.cuplied by the 5th trnan of the Stormweali:ltln,
Tur OIlI<lUl'Ig 40 DFf'V 1 BIlIIIS:LII.MI(30x40It, .. 3 StOl\Q\lsand caller, Id~c!lpri3d by '!he 4th Irrnm or tho' S~or!1'!wE:lal':Il"', Ttrte Irillan Garde, Garde Com mandere (M areschall. Tree itiOI1lallv carriE'ls w[,th itthe post of Ma'l'll'sch!i!1 and IlverEllll1espOIl&ibility fOIl' ~rinEln'sdefel'll::e, Tile prll<Si!11'I COmFl1EHwere is LEMos Gefra.cleofitHl RA H, SX M, AIL LN, LV 8, HPJ', AC-2, AG 54, 4. DE 9, CO H. CI-i 1:3, MI +3 P!atemail, + 1 SNe)cf. +21.ongswOrdjNSA}.10 +1ArrDWS. Potion of Heroism. Pollon of IfllJluJnerabillry [DMGl WN Lcmg;;wlJrdl• Lelrmi lis <I ~1J11 lstind guis~.ed cl.rholdier who is becomlngl se.nfle, !-Ie does nO'I re~l)g n i51eh ~Ei conditi (I n anO'will not accept th€ [ud'qernerrt of anvona who poinlS, it QU,t. "

Omrida n are tha I;;<IYOlI n/Illrm of theG a rde, They are divr~e~ inill f.V9 Rid!an aaeh of 9 Oth


chal]J'f3 <II t'!lV lI:iam!1cr Bal.tlyle,Tjf1which 1hs\1
!ih.eoraarrmies rnell1:1lic:ing Irllia'n'.T~e


NemBcll1"I memory

Qfa rarneus

IBllel rrren-at-erms and 1 list Iwa'l Laeden. All nave scale mail end shield,. usa a lan.ce, 10119sword oroilgg8rTn b.ilttle or a quanarstaff whS'n ~·e.alrn'91 with civil df,M'lJrb<lrrt::~:s~ntl rkfe <l meg bU rn w.. rh Q rse, AlI'e rarl<le rnem bsr of the rcrudan: RA H. SX M, AL An illnc i1'1910wards LN. c'l F. LV Laedel'l " Men 0, HP Laeden 6+104" Men A-+1d3, AC 5, AG 2tH1'd2C1, ElL



None'. INN L"n(;u. sword or quartBl"5llltf. The Orcridan do rust get"" w(O)llwith the other
i"rIElmber'!;.ol Ihi:! G;Olirde.

5+ 1d1!O, ST, IN, Wf, D,E, CO. GH. All H 104. Mil

rlas_lndividually ·Ihey aIe plollsan·Llll9ough. iYPlcl'lll>oldiei's; but U'ieir :pe!l'SQI1I-Eillmimosftv roiaLl1l'S BlmcsteverythTng Ihey Ilirtll~pt Th~!ililtefE!rI down 'Ie tile Ihree dIVISHlF1S o~ !tle ,nfi:mlrv with thlt result that they have taken up l:heili lea(jers' cau613s witin such fervo ur that tlrawls ensn brs ak aut between riva'i pBtml!i'd:ncl iUs II rare dayt!tatSQmlnme la nOl halJ.h;u:i before the 'CQr't 'Mmla'rili fQr f'!illi1til"lg. Eat;h _of the tltuee dfvisi0i'15 c.Ol'lSists !Qf five Irnsn with tho serne Drg an Isat.on lind eq II iprn ent IIMhe fili dOl except th .. t the Ian e9 n is replaced boy a IOI'i!il-bow. Personal st!ltistics. arsthQ same.

mool!; bOl,t·

WE-101gB,. ElL 600. ST 18i26~1 +1/Hl,

~N 1" Wj

Com mandere Aef Mii n, He Ias Neai'l'tJocijan: i'lAH,SXM,AL N, eLF, LV6. HI" 41JAC 1, AG 42,WE56B8,BL 100, ST 1'I'iJ+OJ+l),IN t3.Wr , 2, IDE 113, Hi, CH 14, M I +-1 PI.lJ'temaiJ, + 7 Longsword, WN Sword. Halas. h.,tunhe Comrnaoci'en'i AeFHor:5 becaus-e he feels that I:Sflm


WE 4632. '8l 250.ST 17(+11-1).11'11 14, Will, DE13, CO 14, GH 15·, MI' ~ f CllairrmOlil. +.2 Sbi-eid, +'1 CLitSmi tOri~·swo·rd IN:SA), WN Longsword, Isril'll lsshort and slcut and becaLJSeol'tlfs,sword, has a qlJiile undeserved ,dea.dly rival of Heiss Nlealnloetian, the Corn· mandero Aef Man, far the post of Garde
rEljJUl:atlon for fffcklE!.5s daring. Hi! Is 1he

Comm·andero.Aef Hers, Isrim IlJeorc'S,unu! RA H,SX M.ALLN,CLF. LV 6, HP33.AC 1,AG39,

Is 9'(;11 io stB;;I1the post i r.a~ :!ill i:i U ~dIr~9ti1't!u Ily FLg be his-that ofG!ilrde Commancere. The'feeling mutual, Helaa is Ii medium sized nonentity of a man and, while a fairnglitl'lr hims,slf, he i's unable to ecntret his sub-eemmandees, Thus lihe rnfant'ry portion otlr1iian's military ft;l r ces is 9 nadllilily fallTng aeart under tha IJr~u rs· uf tha S,IOrrrlW'ElEi I Oil n, HI ie'l1i an mal'! h and :BI.or:ln~.aFChllni ommElndewes' squabC bles. Helasfeels b!i)trayccl !lnd ls, II:t1ln,lng tlis. Qrieva'l1ces until ~II cen gain reven9:_e.;mean-


whHe SOlJndln{l oiJllhe Assa'ssin's Gild represelJta;l:ivall".art 31 abol.j'llhe Is'r'i"I1FI'remaved". cost of haviAg

Militia, About 750 man Elm divided into three -g!rolups.aceord!!'!glo wtl,9therth:IlIY come from north of, wes'l! eaSt af, erseuth Qfthe Mark Gelirni each gnJuj:) tia.s,roughly ;l50 members, The force is armed find armoured a~ follows: 500 No aernour ~AC 10,), Spear. 150 Pl1ldded 3jfmOUr (AC 81, Spear. 75 Leil,lherilT[TIour rAe 81, Shorlsword. 25 Studded le~lh'lr ijrrrnoltJr lAC 1), lOlng.sword. In addl tilllll~ 1tl% ",hh e mil rlia 11 Hve !lhortbows .!Ir'ld25% slTn9l:;O;. Ststl:sticS:8f.ethose of rU'lr;11I'l<![ Irnians. Th 0 rn llltla has 1110 I beef1se·rl ow sly cal~edout Tnthe 11I3t75,vullrS1lnd its tmjning and morate are, to say 'the 11e<t:st.suspect, EalC'l1l 'V,ear,on Cu -.!'Iivere - Mnfll'i!.daBI:!, IIln inspection and !F,Hning sesston ts he'ld In rha M.ark GCBTd butthe ~!lult!'i are lamel'llable.llthe militf!l WlJr'Ei aduii3ily put il110 ct!mo'iit, H"iQ most Ilkf.!~Yrssulrwnuld be the mass desertion ofthemiHtivmm H~5%on l1(Ior!llel.lM militia musters In the Mark Gaan:l on lho sOlmding ofthe W~r- Dryms; tlt!iil muster being ·complele (lne l10urafter fhe cI'r~m6 arat>
11Pj I

<.::'-"" l~r:""',_: '~: :!'I
1;,1 1#1 4'"








HI' AC AG WE 5 25 2. 32 1572 1111'1 g"6fard Sword + 11+2 vsMU (!JMG} Brahen H M NF 3 13 .2 V 14001 MI PQrion QfFI.vinQ ~DMG) Anhal.as H F 'CG R 4 4Q 2 34 970 Ml J.;(JTlf}sworfJ + 1'1+3 vs LyciiI.rrlhropy WMIS) Elas E 'F LG F/MU 4,14,17 3 64 .2140 MllOJv(1fl CI18'nm;;i1'f


FilA, X Al CL S H M' liN F



100 18(92) h2!+5l


g 12 14

co Cfi

9 13 SworE!


150' 17
. 200 350


~+ ~ 1/+1
(+ T1+3)




12 tOPlg~word

13 14

~ 1:!;. 14 longsword 7 Long'sword

Klra~ H F LN MU3 HI 4 41 670 400 i'l MI StaGers AC 3IDMG) li"e!1I5El H F eN C 5 20 :2 37 104 roo 14MI Potion of Extr.,-Hea/ing IDMGf Imilos GN M eN liT 4/415 4 175 164(J 150 12 MI ~ 1 Leathef Armcnrr (DMGl
The rnllltia 1il1 mm,mdeill by Ihe Cones[;0 tabl'!!,1l pIJl&tcturr4mly neld bY'lhe Giilrde Com rnandern, LelfQI>.

MI Ring



fill MU

1-3, Scm·il








150 9


"11 12 11 11 ;1613

6 12 14 Dagger 10 17



ufaeture, they a,r_1l-1. 'tIJ. Q!!imag'g ImH'lrti,um 1 polnt dama~ej. fhe' Hus is locked' over by thi!l Gild ofHashlsh~W jPa rt 3) and located behlnd duuble-lockad lfOll door5'(5 DPVj prot,ec1eCl by a Vlllriiilti,ol'1of~he rire (rap spal] which "",1~1 be tr1.gSe rad !:IV.my.one not W'i:iari n.g one of len speci!l! minlalllren:opies_ of the Greill SIl'!!! of Irnial'l set into8 r1r;Jg. MQgic moutlls 1'rn sat to soundrhe atarm ifchilr~\;.lllrs without r!ogs attempt to enter, . The 9,round floor holds the Counsell Gharnrbet; Il IBlr~or00ll11 'III',th e. semi·l;·ircLl~anabl!l' Where the eQ~nSeIl5its, and a robingl roorn.A secret 'p<1ssage, IMd.!! from Ule ArsE!'l'1alto' the csllarol 2luRTpmpie latin, The ~tili_al1SUreiltilCracv ..The pOc!llts 'see ~blel wlhfc::h !il1ay iJe hstd by an lrlllan !i1rti~en ;;Ilf!il each in lhe haind:s of.a single {ami,ly and, I'IlthoiJgh by raw open to el'eClticm, l'lfe by custom hereditary, Officelii open to Co!.!n,sei"l memller~H!ra Cli:stdbuted by 101ai:tne begml'1~fl9of·eacm tenvear ierm (JIQfiice. The ~1li;l.IiI!.l(:raGV IS both .e)(ce~dill1gl'y inefficiuol andeolTu,pL TIl 1l'!AI!.! nseil. Com p(:lsed of e·leCleci c:l1lzens and the eurrerrt Glid F\Jector ar.d Garde Commljlnder,s; one of which IS saleeted by lotto be til 9 laed.en. EIactlc illS a re he~t1eve ry tell years whll bye-eJ!lctionll.as. needed. Eaeh elected

I> fitst sou ",decl.

150i50l. The Arsenal is mainly for and has the rollow,ng weapol'Isln IS I 1mrb.'W[l rds: Hlammers: Voulqes;
Ou·arlels: SU"U SI~n8!s' HI!)


mili"tla s-Iorfll

IrillanScouts. S:~e abo .. e. At grou~' ofjrtdspBindgntcharac:L-er5 Mred'lD carryoLIlal1 UnsEU,lOl;lfy
r-as'~ Iha'l f\ormlll' guardsmEu' are either i,mablEl or wiwilling to perform. ChiifHci11O!l .....tsihl!1I1' to join will be· given an assignment; if suecesshrl, fr8 or she Will be hired a-UOOgp per S!;lsQI'I oswell elsa share many treasure found. A.ltho!.1.g treasu ra is mQ:J I'll 1:0 !be .spl it :20% 10 the SCOUl;5, 811% 111 tho T,oWF1 Treasurv, In practil179 ~[ljese proporrlcns are reversed.


100 300 1!JOOO


1M 1011

Arrows;: li"r,lllrlllcl1" • ~,m,,;miHltled ~ LIg'l"ll Clltapult:


Sp .. ar~:

(Oi9'm a nltil'tH




Heavy Catap I1lt: fDlsrni:",tledl


Because of their gener.al choapnass

oJ man-


Spells memorised: Ela.s: burnillg hilnds, r:/"Ilum pefSQn, sleep; ray ot enfB-eb/.tl-rnen,r, stinlfing cloud. YI1CiiJIdeh; Cll,;J'JI1T! paU>Ofl, Slelffip, fri.mds, ml!lgic missife; weD, ESt'. firebllil. Kfrsl'l; frierJt1s, .bumtrJfJ hiilRrJs; web. PBlase; Cornmlmr:i";(2. CJJffJ ti~hc wolJndsx3; il'~g!'/rr, 11CJ'r;l plHson .'<2. IiInowalfgflfntmt. silet1ce' Pifl. radIus. lmim8iB dqiu:i. pmrlill': ~mnos: oolc[J['spr~.,.. hVpn_Ofism, waN Dtfag: hvpnotlc; p;atleuJ. mvfsfbiMv. Yno\ldllh has a hawk familiar AC7. HD !h, MOl<a: 24,", Nil (If AttacKs: 1, Damage; ',d~,Hp· 3 Pe-Iase IS j! cleric ef Tuoni WQ61 checking out Irllisfi'!i I3l1r181:111il",,;, 1m iii temple ofTuc!'1i; -Supporting herself by sllrvlJ1Q wirh the< Sr:ouls. The others Ilr!l aH ild",a"lu,r~r5 down on IIUlir luck - [If so they prot-es-t. Whatelliilr tic1eirr(Ola;;-ons ftor joining, the\( discl1iil~ rhelr dlJlies wit., commendable ~"'ill and Ifsusl!y manage HJ tlJrl'Hdalrprnfit cmanyjobll gl\let'l, They all hava mecdrum warMorSes W,Ii II Guard$. A l/I!illli:l1l:' kep l 'on Urll'!:su rrounding counlJ)lsrda liFom the gates arid

At night, rhls gUiln:fISjOlned by lVIIO others ( who p!rtrollhe wall to a point midway bilt· weell110Wers. BecaUSE! of the Iass thart exempl,uy manner in whieh this duty is ex~ tuted,lIlere is a~ Ieast 13 3&>,k,iCMlinooot sorneens being able tD .glip across un-nortcsd Ead, glJ!1!rd carries 1:1 hom "10 alert the nearest two lowers. Aher mur munds del!;l\l, ·a:Dcl1wilH,end llaM of their aVBi!lll:lJe, manpowerto Illvestijgaie_ Eac.htower has a diffareml,!, [onad alarm b'!ll'll errd en alarm beacon. These will bri'rrg he:lp aftm ene turns delav with halfan 'rnan Or Fli.::lOirl &rrivr.ngin ea-ah sUC'Cll>EldiI19 rou rid: thess from the nearest tOWlll'Snrst, E,ar:IhGllte atso pOS,SElS!l95 Blset oof War Drums wn1cfl are bl;atltrn If <i'majlJw attack !:Is.... elops. These si~l1al ths rnllltle to muster, warn. the tmp'ess IrHilms, and sigFlal tl!B rels<ls8 ()'f rnassenqer pidgeons ,nq-uestil'lg !ilrd hem ne[ghoour~nQ .coLintrlSs.

tOVII~r8; a.Clef'nllvi!1g 0Pile,gll~rd~mlil~

011 dutv,


L"eden ColM'Hin Kilmllrlil'lg

A'''<J uHl'elYpansil:Jility O\l,t'rall oonLroi CEluf11ielJ M~nl 'lOlOi'nIH1iUfV
T"1I16~SM!Ul1 ;'I'It




in lrilla rI !!:ureaul:Jl!1:1' AAnuallllcorne- Hald by SU'M"Qry alibi'!
1 GDiXll:lOOO(l <iOOOi15{JOU .61101).-15000 80G(lHll'PClO 2000H90[J[l 1 DO()I';tDOOO 10<100.00000 4OQ(J1121lCll!l 1OCl00I20-0()O

CQu'llleil Memb!>r-


'crefC Maman


Counsefl M'ilrnb",r Qlun!mjj Me!9nbnr


TOl'I'nR"wlt:i:e tr~de


FI'ffiYlatinll ~l1e fTllo,Ioe;1 flicgu lilti!'!!JI Ei!:lIIr'll·lwlll ri D Civil La,!" ~15tlng Li1s Con!!.l!1ll, .. ~r"il1!J writs !lJc c,.i rni n.B Ill,,,, As!iisllr19 rl1eScifQ9,,,r ... ArT6S111t1l~

killall Cil'i~el'l (H[!:ilIl-dl'I"ry~ Irili~nl C:ill'l:~1'1 (Hermli C\OLlfl.se11 Il!1I1b!;l' M Daraen Ae"il'hoaer

w."" ~

m ll1e COli eN AV.ltls

nsei1 H1us. Sf 3., N 1 3, N2 ii. N3 ilEl, built 130 DF'VI otlsrge!l'tO!UI biocl(s 11ke 11 castle keap with nrl'!I!lhfcalationsal1(j arrow slits strive flOo! inte~lIals4i'llhe- ieJiqjftllr Iloo'r5. Liirglil fron door.s 11 Oll!)PVl open Into ~he Mark'GIi!'!lrd where1lln I'rnan Or Rir::lan'ohitle Galrd"ewill'alwlljli! be'olf! r.hlly.lrlllie c~!lar a.e the 1'lJwn M~l'Yt,l'h"II;;me and Ar~(lnal whtle the iJpperflODrs hold the offices cittle varlDus WWIf1officials. Till!! Trsi!lsLJry hQh:ls all i~lIJrm'g weal1h. 3&0009P& wonh llf !dIVer and capper

CO'D~Il" LiillldvoliI'l(Jl21

CoIJr15BiI M"m!;J'Il.r Inl ian C:itizan ~1'18r..d~l;!rvJ
GaLl fl~e ij Mam bil'

.50.irgerllfil fvp~toef()(21 M-E![6Scilal Warma"

rrillarrrCiti~1l (l-!,goodltIDjl) COllflS911 Mh.mt:J.I!T
Ctlu.n~eil Member Iri'l ill1'1 Clll,um Garde CnmmBndllfO

Pe10s Irdlsdoh'tc r .Lelfi:l:i 61110 cleof,,," E.rn, im Storm IIDf
ErH,lm 8to:rmbo,

Cone"~l:d!! S"rl'l·ntsAel' Armi;!l<2)

fiOOO/1000 rrm<l., 's milita tl" ,;"I:aty 5QOOi1!lOO lIphep Qhlhe TUlwn W"lls lJ~keilp crnho·Tcwn G~te~ !iLlOM50Cl C-oun&ll!i I'~ llaietv. 600011000 TawnMllit[iI COIo"'~teil'$S'!fr{jlV 5~MiMoO-

L!!lfos Glffn.illofijfi
Isrin.Deorcsunn", liilljj~ N"'il hlloel;]

Gcmm".,d"f'6 AefHor;; CIl m nl1!1.lide !Aef NIl! n ...


Cpunssil t'f'I'ember repre.s;e:rUsune O~~rili!iln's,a elp,clm:ElI wEirds. AU Irinan citizens leill,B'f·the

O'l,g_a of 1'5are allowed


takll1 their ardlers·tmmCounseil membl'lJ's. A character WT5Iiili~ elect'ion has II basic -50% .chanca plus-1 % for-every 100gp.spenllJlIying lIotes. M am bersh lp IJ I ~ha'C", L! 115,[311 tIh soretis rc;aily unpald butthere ilre many oppmtunltlss for ccrruptlon. The. fu nds nsaded 1.1l buy a CounseHsllllt are such as 'to 11av9 had the effect of makfnB th'l!! Counsell into il heredTt ry D~l·garc:hy. places boil19 re!!.tricred. to t'h~!Jrk:lll»stflimilies in I",ili'.m. ThaCmmst!lI mnkss Irl!hm's laws, reQulat:es 18l'Ies. and sits as tile G,lmrn~ and Civil Cons, dEi~lafes holldavs and fe5H"a~5i. t:cndut:!~ lriliiirl's rehulol15 wiU11ts I'lBighboms am! gerl!'lr<.ll~y looks afte'r U,ing:s" LlIW5 are passed by malorhv. t~1l Laeden hailing the c:;!stil'lg vote, and come Into law wonn stamped with tha Great S~31 or Irili<lJn. The Coull"!sElil is deeply cCli'lservative, disIfL,lstin9 <III CIHiri9ii!~, lll,speclsllV rapid '1'!18~, BtlO ustn~ its p,OWeffl'~{J DI''Otect itselfancl flraserve the sl'/liWs quo. 51 M,ceh:rIian' s era lilt I, tiS done li1'l;'9, meeting only a few times if year andthen only when busi/1e5~ is pressing. Cc:u,lf]sfI'il MemiiJers. The-Counseilors am: ~eleC((!d members have lhelr Ward BAd which Gilds thill/ ecntrel given): Tk(luV I"olacrion ~Glld F.nlCl0r, Pllri :!~. 9·lfos-Gef cleoflan L ~GBrcle CQmmanderol; AtrQ~ S,nakae8ge ~Itil Ward, Gilds dl ArfliOUrers(mfJ tl'1lfl Gilds and! Comp!lmes 4;lf MetEillers;l: Dareon Aelih'ilIer IMa ~ Warel)', Gilds and Companies of Le'ilrnitlg 811d tl~Il' Ughters Comp<mfEls): Ellisim DeOrc.lI.mg9 (Seorr;;'! W~rd. Gilds !ilnd Companies 0'1 Clalhwodll:IUsl; cree Gallrintri ~h~el ..

often as dfnlotfld hv 'l1le G1Jcls wl'1ien in turn

bYlhe l~a~dofth,athoUJse;

bUI i3~1 \/Ole,s ln a


NAME ~rlhlm


H l.N F + ~ Sn(}ftSWI'J'Fd ~NSA)




Al Cl lV
5 5


riP AC 23 10


A,a WE 67 4.3960 86:lf 29



STIN WI DE 8 '12 10 9 14 1,5 1:& 50

8 14




WN Oa91ller SWord

rhe rest dislike him inlensBly oiInd t<l'ke care to keep rower out IFf hie hands, Nlitu rilHy, Dareol"l resentUhlS. Dareort RA H. SX M', A.l 45099" IBL 1OO~{$T I?l~N 1 t. Wll~, 'DE 1;1..:co 10, CH 18, MI N:(me. wN n.ongs-word, HI:; amnHill1 Income is '45(113231), NAME

eN, CL ME, II.V a, HI" 3Q, AC H), AG 32. WE

Erihlm IS a doppleglangli!r ,...,ho took Eril1im's plar;eaft'sr he,wiII:>CfIptu.ecl. AEo, HD 4, Move; 9''', No 01 A;ltacks. 1. O.am.age; 1d12, S!)eciorl Atl<1cks. SUrprise 01'11-4, S,pm::lal.lL)e[e.nt::es: MLllOl I;J I,Q 1m. S aves as lOll'! ! c,."~I·n~htEH. H P fo

2'3, TIle dQPplcgsl1geF liS IIs1n£! Erilml'l'g pQ·si-· tlon to irl!lirluiilt~ the rasl of iI:s clan imo

RA SX AL CL LV IHf AC AG WE 9L Sf rN WJ D~ co CH WN Elisim H M LN F 6 2~ H! 7a 786QO 7.60 12 14- 7 a 5 l' Dagger Arlen E M CG MWF 414 11' 1 4]8 2049 ,650 Iii 16 14 16 Ht 12 Sword . M I + 1 Chl.lifl m~il. '+! LD'.n.gswO'rd, 'I ;] 11'5 L ycamh r"", if $i1"1'! lls: 1st: ma.t'l'lc mflliS'l/a, b.!Jmlng fil'lfrtis, ,affeat norma! fires. . [rlllan lite. S() !BiT it Ihe!! managed te plaC1il two 2'nc;l. ESP. sliatrBr ..Serell: maze.l'r:iO.;HfJ obj€u;/. 1I-IIP13,,17)"<1'1: servants il'l Erililim"s househnld and plans to engage the rest in the guise of 1C4EH~irnDeprc:tun!te, a MMk Geilli'd1IF5'.ST mert:eFlary !]tlams (riP 15, 16, 2x181 .. Ailkra is J., INl 4, N-2', N3 8, eN PO .. SIf@;above. The cur14IlElW'"dre of this tlul stifl Inurses suspicions reMl ClI'w J'lllclll;;reden. Eli;S; is the I<J stsu rvivor m a'baut his master's 'd isap p-earance' an d co 11· o.. his 'OI1C~ numerous ~ '£a rn] I,.., nd prrn1ariiv a stant I'\" tries ta catch ~tout. As il result of thls. c:.::ru::e(I1 .. cllhal_thair f)l13'rnory.sho1Jld np1 dill e Hie de,[:!,ple!',)<l1J.ger gradual,IV be>cof!ning i~ with him. To tbls-errd, 011.'1of hls energy IS dlrparancld [DMGl. ect.edr'ClW;Jrd:s ensuring tnat hls funeral will The rel'lt Efil'ijrn rS, s,lltl alive in tha dopplelive 0'1 i 1"1 toe minds of' lrillans IOllQ afttlf he 901n9fJ:rs' Ialr in the wilderness to the northhlmself Ts wortnfooo. Other msners eencern He would, no doubtbe very grateful if reshlrn 01'11'150farastney bear upon thi:!OL lisim's E cued. Erihlm'&wes,lth comea melnlvfrorn l'Iis iITInrosl'S inthre dJathifl9 ~adll5 pnHlue!il' 011'1 income of 3:5<19i10'Sp per year and ,ne 'oo!:!Jd after bV his lfi.. ghl'Ftiind man, ArTE!in. mG.nopo.lyoiFIrili8pj'sluFltrlu:le'l:ill.lthisQolltr,ol· ~~~grrl1srC$l in thele<lthertrade a15,0 b~irlg!l. in a falr 1::IrIDpOfl"kmof nils armual 39il879sp.

Talnon Ginie~


H MN F 10 5S 10 74 90499 563, o/>E F NG F 4 31 2 45 98 H F NFl 13 2: 28




6 14 12 7 5 50 14 12 9 12 14 50 15 9 13 13


112 Nons 18 Non!! 12 None

Oagga:r LOl1gs.word lOl1gslNord



'Erihim StOTmbol (RwblS: Ward, GTlWi Bl'1d G(lrnl'an~ils "fLt!iltherworf(ers]: Gllr01ii; T,·eowege.f.a lAtlbeie Ward. m,ida of Armourgrs and the Grids ;and Compal1lies of' MDtal· lerGli Pelas lrilsunnu (Ore-Ward, 'Wds anej CIJFl1pani0s of rloUSElrs alll:1 'lne GI!d.s ,and CQrI1pal,ies of WoodWorkers); Pelos IritEdohte,r tlell1j)lili! Ward, mld!lIl'l'ld C'ompanles 01 Vir:;tu'3llersll. Iflli'ln'!; Gilds and wards ~wilfd.S are like bOfOIJQh divu;lIons wiltJirune cilV) lire described in "' later

Ward. GlldS!lnlCi


CZ AlrC1S oSn a kae0ele, :3 .Mark G.~anIIIG51. ST 3. NI1 5, N2 G, Nr3 7. eN P'O. UnUI ~rililln·s.fall, the Snakaeage were lowe,r mrddllfJ ~1"'5ismQt!lli. W(lrrke:l'S. it" the e)(od~s of !noSt of Irman's W upper claiS5es a'fter the gems Failed andthe Snak~Il;a.gEl'~urchases of I~'ll,e parts of the p
foen;alnm[! Tnlralf1l m:elalwor~JFlg commu,nlty, their r6!i!1IVe staf1d~f1g has mc;;r!nls~u:l ~f1ol'Tli!]uSl'l". Altos, t[ria prase..,! f.am1!V i1ead, h,;!:Ii

three hundred years she had become Ifa:thef l'iftat:hed to the. place. A dls.lJallsi'cna1a busi1'190&& 1'10me, ErB.aalwev.s remembers someg (lJ19 Wh.g has ~iiher helped Ul[ hiridared her .and nevar to-:gsts to pay b a 1::1< a debt ofelthar 'Iype. Sne' j~ flfJl1tlrl.9i ofT a sorres of ,!ltternpTs by bidders Working ror Palo,s Ir!lsdohtor to take (lverth e Gno m.Er JUle,1Aer. RErcent trOlJbl'lls moan :she muslsOon clo!;·e. Mea1iw~ile she istryirgl0 fillQ Q[Jt wino ~suehlno it.all. SinCE! the

81'3, N1~, N25. N35.CN AV.T~1f! lsst remalnIflg Irlll.mg~mme!' EreastaYfildlnlrflirlnwlum alii others left pBl'tly becsuse orlierownersnlip cUine GnofTIeJu:ei Aef butalsu because over

:05, ~c92'1 ~E reB GasNntri,

,!i, !Mark

Ge{lrd IG'5,~.

C1Glloos'lrr@QIIY"gjl!'f~,9 M .. 'k Gellrd !F5I, 513, n N1 4, No~'§, N37, tN PO.S!l~above, AltnoUf.lh .strength ofwlil and

WandefSSQrnewhort, Gams can still exert


as an mllrm

o:ld man who!lEl' mind great



IloLJb~es. S'ne IS acc.(Jf1lp:anh~d everyw:hore

her n1ll5,ilranclGarli. Erea"s Ineoma. ~s.450;,l54·.6p RA SX An. CL G F LN I 'G M N F Spalls': bL GOIOlif.spt<1Y,


cilirly where his larg,e and ever-Jncfea!¥in_9 ramify are C;(J,"II;;erned, Garas is lCurrently fi,9hnIng off Ij.lms a1.1tamptU(J ta,IHl i:!vel' Albt:lElde Ward's, fil!<itall'lr~, Since\,irtu:ally all or '~he afm"est!ld i,!lf'ifJl'IfI(lmbers of his fir ri1i Iv. 'this 15 fUii at pre.:;ern 100 d·iffic:ul'l. l-hiJ'JI1l1Vaf; were Gams to die,lris fBniily could well split as a reSl,ih of squl;lb'blas o\1.. hisoonsiderable er estate thus allowing Alms tlO mOlle in. Garo'i> tlas 00 immediate f~milv; l:om;;iIlIqllently .under lrilii'l'n lew. h~s iM grarrt!~!'1ifdren o!)lll lniiiVEl ian equal c1alnn c'n H1e 'L5'tllll'l. Twa O'f G'8ms' Ilra'ii1otlrii~dr,en a~e I~js btltlygual"cls ..

NAME Elrea GBrli


MI Bracer of AC (; Daargne 'hi) M NE F/A 4~1B 31 MI + 1l.ongs'Word INSA)



RA SX At Cr:. LV HI" AC AG WE BL ·51 H M CE F 8 42 a 57 50068 50D 9
S 4.'

IN WI .DE CO CH WN 15 12 11 14 14 DaggElr 91614

IHP' AC AG WE: Bl ST liN WI DE CD CH MI WN 51 7 ,352 975 :SOU 9 14 12 17 13 1,4 NOlle Dagger 3 23 5 294 504 )50 1.q 12 1 l4 11), 12 N'tIrne Battle AXe flypnoHsm. ICe Pels!! Irllsu!'!flu, PeJ'o!) Irilsdohtor, 16 Mal'\!!

1085 100 16 12 (-0/+-11
C6 Erih.im :5tormbDi,

Ge:amd 1'1'61.S,Tl, N 1 4, N2 5, .N3 5, eN PO. See beJow. F'eh::l<ll, wltl, nell' naU·:brollier Pe!es, QVEI.r!:lv dom:inates Ilriljan's, sploo, building and t 8 LQl'Ig~wgrcl vlcl'IlI<11rades Bnd [XI,vertly regtila:tes mast of it5 ille!:jsl act;ivities_ She is an evil,n1111IesslyvinWO!'l1.Em, Who tiompletely dominates bar w.e~kQr willed h~<llksitr'li'l'lg and vet meniilg as10 [0 tr:mvi n.eeaYeryorl Oi Q1f Wi Iil~ Ihe rtllJlilnly btameles~u:.ha·rilCier. 0111,111 brother 8niEl tler bodygllJ~[js, Erin., Aran, iDis'trlan and KHlmln. know hertr!.l!l' character. P'el·C1~ontrols Ifillion's small undeMorld c ltnmugh Inerowflership altlle rleaf"od Ae1'Orc fa, fa us for the s~am ~er sid-e all ri Uan~. her bodygYard'l> WI10 'wlk' to IlI'I\!CD!1e wtiI,o mfginl diel!vQ

and has 5l~sured that Almn, hjs;4yaal old s,on

p~w.er 1!'1 his own hands b'll a cQrmblrlOltUQnof bribery and assails illation

will su:cceed n,lrn l:iytna slmlJte killiJi'l9 off everyone else. Neil eonlsnt with either, owning, or c,ol1lmlling ell cl'h~emotalwork'ElFl} II'! l,r.1Ward, AJr~s i'5 trying to extend nics: domir;,'!lliDn over ~bbElrIlIWa.rdl b~ ulll,ng l1is pgWUf~'!l6 ~>anr~hlling to hDI the Abbe I1'1 melallefS to eXllrlcl'IOfL COl1l1eq~,ently, Gams and Alros are !lit 0<19" gars "'rawl'l13nd riots bel:Ween the two factions arB nol uncommon,. Alros is aCCDIT):panled evef"l{il'li'here by his. bodyguiilollciller, Daergml BI(IOIrgtl_

m of



an I.mCOnSckHJS Er.'lhii'n tied lIC1'Os.s its bec!!:. As"a result olwhfl'IE!Ver .hapj:l~F1edlIn 'thein'ler"enil'lQ months, Eriihlm Inas ~Llffar,,,,r! !l' (;omplet;Q

·~·3 Matk Geard !iES!'. ST a, N 1 5, N2 5, Nt3 e" eN Se~ top of pfll~B. ~ast.,v,Eillr liS usuall Erilhim IO{l!i:: "'[1ft in tfha ~e{lfQd AeHllI'C'S Orc Hunt. UnllL!sulillly, h~ became sefJ'iiirated from the rest of .I~ispartY and didnot reappe'adortwo mantns until Inis horse cantered U'lrlOug'h [lie Waeler9ael wilh


!Ioss fur everything durlng and '1ll3fare Il1altlma, Errhjm has 1'10falmf!y" hisl'leeds beIng looked after by h~s bodygllard A",kral. RA SX AL CL LV HP ,AIC AG WE

c.a,n!l"i crossing he r. and her dom i 11 III n ov@r dar the IIIlIWwhich heund he.rhll,lf-brother'spo5t~ BS 5df$lerefinlflQ Corou!flll '<live lieI'. Palos and P~11I5' combin.ed annu~! if1 c,Qme is,003685sp.>

C3i Dl!re~:t!'I Aelfbii·ftf,

hisjposjli:on 'liS SHweard, Darl30n fsa rising star in Ilrili;)fI beinq young, enterpdslng., dvnamib; ~Ild ambitious. As Bnsull oHhis,

l. N1 4".N2 8. N3 B, eN BA. A highly successful caravan me~!)hant tlh!!n'kl; Ie Judh;ious, UStl gf

10 Mgrl!:




!,,'el'as H M eNI.lF ~ 10 10 Pe.llls ~ F CE r '9 56 ;0 Er.in HI F U\i F rs 31 2 IMI + ~ LsnYSINDra (N,sAJ 'o'f!!fl H M I..N F of 20 2 Olslrian H M eN f 3 119 2 KUmi'R H M N F J 18 :2


BL ST IN WI DE CO 43 '185\18 MO 1:1 14, 12 10 9 .:lB S74BC 10008 18 13 III 34 1509 8017 11 7 14 HV-'-l)' 32 84650 16 9 8 14 13 10 9 13 U 27 n04 7515 24 587 95 1:4 8 12 12: 11




'):2 Dagger '17 DElgger B SMio,rjj

10 longswOId

9 n.,ongswon:l


KriS1: Ii M LN F 11 M I 3 J8111]Iffis Ughtn!ng



IN WI DE CO GH INN SX AL CL LV HP AC AC WE Bl ST .j 6'1 - '9DO 11'l(aO~ 14 13 lSi 14 12 ILc ['I 9 sword ~+:i!~

Rlls H f LN MI BDOis of Speed 9111 H M tN Nek
Ral Sar Ml +2 Longbow H H





51 -1




5 42 0 41
J 16 '3 1!1 2 15 2 1.3

13 10 Longswordj tJI 13 10 90.017 ( l/+1~ son 15 14 ~ i5 17 1i1 Long sword 1+2)





I" F





1 21 . 1 25 .
26 24 17 -

1 36 1 3B

soo see






2 11

Siq Glfld






.9 LOl'1g~wordll+11 900 1EI 12 rs 13 l' I+QI+I) 9QD 17 lEi 14 16 13 11 LDngsword 1+ 11 II 1, 11 900 15 13 12 13 16 U:mgsword I) 90016 Lcnqsword -I) 15 1'2 14 15

12 16 11i 13 15 sec laj57~ 11 (+2/ 3)
900 Hi

14 11 10 12

12 B

14 14 13 Hi Longl5wClfd a 11 12 Lon gsword




~1 -4"


longs-word ~ I 1 LQngsVl/ord t ~


a '"


The Mob. Unpopular mnV9!1 by llrle Co ",f'lSB.11 ~r anvons alsi.! will elmesr C:Orli!iinlv le<lc ~o a mit. ThE mob [aka' 2d4 turns to form and 19 made up 00d6 illmdred cllizens who will bum .all~ lmlll ul'llll sithor dispersed, theh

t:lElnl'l.al'lds<Irs met or th~v run cut of s1o.1lm' usuallv il"l one Dr twe daag_ The mo,h b6gill!il 1::1'1' att!![;king the abject of ltsang,er, Tn mast

casas tne C{lun&1l11 Flus, bul1iiiJDI'l rneves on \0 I!)thefttlllrge!.'I; lhe richer merl!;hl!lnbs'iJgUS9S and the Inns for example: [111'1 religious BrB I'lllvlil'raU;Bcl«,ld, The Garde is of little lISIl agil[nsl'lhe Mab sincelt usually ItJrcvldes ..


orthe rioters.

The MQna·s.tEtriGllrl I:lI~o rnalntains 8 hm:e.liif 6J[J slIpert:II:!8VY t:;llv!llry armed and eqblipped as tile Brcl'thcr's IllCWpl thallhey wear plate mall ratilartna,n full plato and have rU:in."mOlgi[; SWClrds_ RA f-j. SX M. F, At LN. CL F, LV.o, Kf 4+ ld4.AC2, WE-, 8L 100. ST11 i 1d.4, IN, WI. DE. GO, CIH All 1l-1d4.MI NonB. WN LOllg!>worci.l?!ieh Brother is raspenelbls lor a unlt'oHi~'fl men Id-arms. TCiElellililfthe Brcd'lOrsand thelr troeps form tllEi moS~ powerful fightinEl forte wlrhln 100 milea of lrlllan, The 5piritual guTd.ance oi'tno MO[l!liilert{ln Is In the hands of two clarlcs of Lagu

Iilnd "ra feartess if1l baWl) (+50% on mcralo~.

at-arl'1iswill be in ,-esidem:e fll the MOnilslarIqn excEI!'1 for during 1t1'1eSU!T1mer campaign when al18rolhors but one wilt be ridmg north The Mona5tllr1an's main seuree ofwaallh 0I1'!il ffe-dllg!l mil de byrifgrirn:s o wire comll to prilY totha Scepl,e Ae J_.o"Igu; legendary a Bi1i1BC1S!fld to have been usad by I._agusHhe Dawn of Tlma to etch the Laws of Cre!lt[on upon the Arch af Heaven, w~lich Wil. rediscovered bytne ,las! Gr,an M:aresctral but ene in a COllie deep under Ihe Scanrp Mlluntslin,s.. In mnh.at the time the MQn~~t,er[Pn was vir!uaHV l1:ankrulJted by the eest of Its constanr warfar!!!, The tholl GrEin M:arescl1al strayed frnrn tile One TfU P,ElUi.alltl paId Zoraquaan, thtm il newly gualiffed wizard. to It:Ol'lslr!JIl:t 6' fake rill lc The ?OO,OOOs!" pe r vei'ir fro rn In e pil grim trap<i has kept tha Monils;taricnsol\Oalll ever sfnw, Onlvlhe Gran Mar8SI:halllrid lotaquaan ,1i;1l(lw of the daceplJon E11l1] aJ though Kris; would dea rl 'I" IOIlE! ~o Qispose 01 the Sceprrtl, he hasdeoided that It is tho lo-ssar of two evils to k.eep 1\ rather than run Ihe rilil;: 011its true vahuJbeing diSCOVllired. Tha ~ce,:Ilr:Oltsell is 11 .c:ompletef,y plBlfllWtl feellcJflg.slim wbite rod. The spell create false reHc{stre lalef~ makes the rod give off 11 wnltll ri~ht <i'l'ld E1L1rElS of cold Il nd (eal'. 5toj19d Inside il era Ei rlm/~cd wish lind 5 dislfltBgrll~eslJelJs WN FI~il Rail

man Thus" at mast; 6 Bl'otlu:l1'5 and 24 men

clM'r an area of deviancy, ThlilY ma,intaln 1wo sm<l~I'!ol1S bllyond thl': flO'l!f sn w[.Hcm Bre each garriscned by two Brcthera and thalr

Pl5The MOResterilull. 1 Munm'; Geard [G1I51 ~,N 1 ::l-6,eN AV Horne IJ'W'II'I Br(Hhors Alif LagU'; EI rnilitlll'lt.· order 01 W<lHior.mo~ks (not AfJ&D monks) WhO&60lJUuok on life IS Or(jar ~lr1rai.JghDfs.cipl rlO_ Se~ above for srats. Tlhe S,Qlhors·I1Eive the surname ADf MO'[la.:;Hl!icn.l<ris Asf Monasrerion is 1t1~e.l!:urrent Gran Morsch;!!l or Abbotl.TI1e brothors half! Chaos wJth en aU·t;~:Hls~l1'Iing passiol"l a~cI can often be heard ill the Mllrk Ge_ard warnrno o.f '!he Evils of Loose ThinJcing. Each has lull plate OIrmQuriindshfeld lAC 11 and.abunded heavy warhorse AC 5, HI) 3 I 3, Move, 15", No o( Attacks,; 3, Damage: i dB,'l d811 d3, 1-11" Hi. Atll have magic I0l1gsword.longu6w anrllal"lr.t!

len I:!









c c

is 2G

I=t~ ~C

1 47




ST rN WI OE CO CH MI 11:100 113!7a~ 14 17 14 H; Hi +.2 Rail


!+Z:+4) 1lloo 16

( I 0, !-1 ~





Sp(;Ins: 1"en q: , st 01_ x2, rure iiBM wounds x,3, 2nd.chant x2, tlo/dp I'Wll1<2; spirituOl'Jhammef, Sid. prover, Arkis~ 1SI, command k3, ~tJrs light woundS K2. l!l'Id hold P(W>{)Il, sJIBflc6 :.:2. s(Jiritulir nam'l1Wf The BmthofS C'onstanUv harry th ilurnam)id IribosiolJje nortlri of Ir-man anliol"lce a yeer, IroHl tnQ Iirst dBeg of !ha·ahfore - Hlael on... Wl'Irt1s, mourtt ill major campalgn to sweep





one o! each rem~rn~.lo\at!l.lil<lJ'l set word.srLagul hear my prayer; sraspcken to iLlri return. he re~ive :lO%. Clf ~he revanua From it and f[l'9'~ chnica 01 IIny magic items ~oulld on the BrO!lhCU!i'lf<!lcls_ The Scgprre is kepl Inside 11 wizard locked E'lf.glilSS CII!l~ 15DPV) whili:h [s III turn wlwrd locked ome tile' rtiUh AUar c_tthe Chapel of l~.gLJ_IEa(:11 of Ih!J case, the Sceptr7, and rha Altar has 5 magiC' mrJlJU'is cas{ on It to seune seqlmntlally case is touched by anvorie bullhe Gr an M.iIrescnaI.. Om: of the 'Brothers constantlv kll!J:ps w3toh on the Chapal. F'il· "rlmsllre net <lllowec!l clcserthan .2Oft, TI,e Mcmaste(ion's Clute. w<!Uli!5 DF'V115 bilttlemen!ad. b1l1l1sr.a toppe~ !QWi!'rs ~ST3, N 1 L N2 1, IN3 1, eN AV, LiF'V 40} guard It& cor FJers i'nl'l Iheg,nel'lcuse is equiJ!ped whh if porft'l:uIMS:j15DF'V, Gates lOO'P\{J, rnsehleeisliOnlHlrnd murder holes. AnHJ.,d th~ central ~eLJnva'd arc the pllqrims' hosrol.asBties of bare moms; the ItlrtlliflsTIi'I'i.armoory barracks and stables, a sm<llllms;pit131 and librarvand flm refectory arid d1apel, Guards [:Illlrc1lha walls andi drill ocoupie>llilhe courtvard.

1110 .ltlggerlfihe




FALSE RELIC IAlteratiofl] MU 6Ul, 111.51h


CDmpOnell1u,: Cas-tinsl Time': Sa1llingl'hrow:

A rea at Effoct:


1 item 1/, S, M_ Iidays


lilis 5pe~'~i\lMtlf' obiectth~ il.p.gaartln,-;e elf a flelk or artifact <ilndi, lliflpend,ng upon the spells s:tor!1d InsH:le jr, eitJ!-i(lt rewards or p 1-11'1 i,shes those whQ in V'llkt! 11.Tho sp ~II m iI\t' KEY .F'OI'l'ALl.l~LANS St<liirs Door Fir!lpJ~!;e Window Secret Door' SCALE ; 1

be Di;l:>1. upon al1lV objsct whicFllssm ..ller than fWO feet In Its 1'''f'gBst dlmQnsi,on.1L hastllllrolI:owlng 1rlfeIlU,; ,. Sa IOrlg .ilS itsgcflneriil5hEli;lQ



~I;I -


dues nQ'! a~tflr 5LJnst:anti31IV.lhe objeci ffn,ay tatke 01'1 the Bppeat!lr'u:e the CO'stel' wis!"l-es. 2. A ~SH ,lone Brmmd tile ~tlltC'rnlli' be sst to raaisle !:Inn from each olllle fo [lowi tlg pllilrs; I,ignl: or d<lr~ne;:j.5. l1EH!!or Clcld, flliar or w~ll. blling.lI, sml!lil_ of per!'yme o,r rot. J. U,iJ to 10 each of ulJ 103 spells mi'lY be sEDn:d m the nillic !ilnd 'S:iH10 trigger 'by IiInv ,compinaltlon <;If Y jl to 1 wo rdosin "my lan.gIl,llge. AMV' SpE!~1 '0 maiy b-estor.ed In t'hefalse relic bul thMriggllr

IF! LlAN c-!!:!mbinlltr.:lFl l1li111 glli~Y .iI.wally Ii/lJlJr~ 1 time r.n 100,000; all ~Iheriiltrcmpt:ll b~ing illeffectl\fe-. Which spell of the pos!l'lb!e alleJmatiVOOi talles a-tfl3c.t on the parson ~rigll;eri.n0 11 is eempl!lte~v randcrn, The.spelts Laheshl[ed In tile r!llre; rnusr be Gl'S1 at it within I day ef the create f",/ss f9/fc; spall baing tOmpll;llf;lG!, Cal>'(lng thespell ,,,,qlllrll.ls llt1<1lthiiilcl~rng lneantation must somehow tie perrnarlientlv a ..Sm::iErI:ElL! w.iih Iihll rallc, Sln"e inscribing ' ti Of'! the oLlU:lde of the object mll!:;e:s fl'much nH.'lrlaUkaly that it could be discovered as a Ihe [!cm This. spell cm.ll1ls 8S B .pllifmlmencv Spa.11 anyoM casts a dispel mag/r! Upo n ir, if The 1'I"l,I1~rilll ccrnpcnents ccst Zi:lOOgp.

7630, WE 4CJ 1:2.. hl'lLsl.6

Aa.d rH~1.Si,T2, Nl 2, N2 6, ~Npa •. M in, 'fE e

cSt! Br:nw,fl·rm!ihn (1r:1I1'3Ve rand ather 51i ill. Templa CCfII (G5L 5T 1, N 1 3. GN BA, eM 1.0, 'fE 6~0'S. WE3!llS7,
c$5 B'fOd~rer {em b re ide ryl. 4, M u nue Ge ard ~HEf..5T:Il, N"l :l, N~ fI, eN PO, eM 1.2, 'fE 15tn9,. WE 73:21. (:$7 aOr/eSTr;I( Iwomlil'Hs' headrusaes}, 21 Luff MOfuilSCterh"lIl laen W6), ST 2, N 1 J, Nil ti, eN SA, eMUl, VE5930, WE 190-8:. csa BUrl'eoJer [eo 11rs-e ru 5SlIl ,I) loth ), 17 L~,ft

4,Nl26, Cr4BA.CM '.O,Vre65i1n,2907. cSJ(J Mt?rf'cer (s~II'r>, iI 1;5, race, etc). 15 l ufir s Amcre Chf.lllll (!6', ST 3, Nl 2, N13, N3 '7, eN PO. eM 1.3. YE 33108. WE ~019a, ",531 P"I,nlmoflkBr'\!lMOel<ilc;!lsJ.2 filht Gmal,a,
6790, WIE: 2903, c-S32 P:ou"hm;.?k~l". 3 LI.Ift Orrn '".fl.tI dl IH6!, ST 2. N14. N2 5, eN PO, eM 1,0\ YIE&a97, WE 2903. ('S33 Paullerer ~pcl'\'IHrv~.1 Riirft Oo)ctJe W",g (ID"~, ST 2. I'll 1 2. N2 6, eN ~Ai eM 1.0, '(IE 6793, WEtl013. 1:-834 purser (purn:s). 21 F'lrhi!Manamn GlnsIGB),ST2,N1;:!,.N27, eN SA,eM HI, YE


~ElglG7l. S]2, N1 S, Nil S;,CMBA,eM UI, VE

f<lke,ths mare usual prllctJcl;d,a to II"o'riHI [ton a sheet a r vell LJ rn It!! h it h ls then s'Elc)""f!!adim1dR

13Th rl S;i!llIrra.!5 Tem pie' Col"!: I G51. Sf 2, N 1 7, N2 15, eN PO, eM 1.0, NC: 8d1QiSd8!12dHll 1.2dl 0-;-1 (Ida, NS 12, FlC 1, Be t. TheThrl SEa rr:lllis na m ed after the thre e SI"Il'r ~ilP JlI'I1res U'i.lllt sparked off !riliOln's gerJ"l rush when tl'ley wen di.wol/'erlild ~y i! gnc)pi'!Elw"Il~Drlfig OlI'~l"'Ig the banks ortl'le lrtl, La r,ge glasS,rep~ic.lIs oHhe fllm[llu5: gems 1'10"'"' nang Q'!.I·9i the Inn entrtlr'lc-e.TII-1~Thrl Sacrra prevldes a dr,irlJo:,ing I'!Du!lF.dor mOlillltlOlJ frightened 10 go to the HE!llfOd Alit! Om and 100 p Ql;lr to gQ eism'lthere arid 1',;tnerafere J;lopul,n wfth normal lrlltans lrhes IJr'iv<l18 roorns r(l~ visilOrsal'1d a oom· 20 mnn momwl;h;hwiI15IeiilparmLhsr16. Tl1a~e aretwo if1.E:"FfiBclive ouncers, E.ri.l]i'!I:rlFlako'"Ib man and Rigi.s11 D~kklln., DOllh of Whom are lIsu.a'!lv ('IrUf1.kOF than tine nustnmars. As well 01$ fllll norma! Irlliall d,t"i.,Bn customers, thelcJl!:}wjl'lg may IlISD ba present; braehtied n.. mbers Eire PSTC'9N"Ilge chances, C[)mm!li1~ere A1'!r Hers ~1Ol. I-I"ITehhanaman Com l")1a ndere !5l,3d10 of the Garde ~1OOl. A.cfysnhe DrLJiid !151. lMirll ofthe Temple I'm). 1"(I!11011 Clf lh~ Tempi,." (20). . Tl,f:i Thrl:Secrt<lls E! p(Jpiylar !jrop~iFlg phn,oe tor lesser ni8r~hill'ltsand itsprivll.!e reemaare etten hired 'fm Gild end Comp:;my meetTnQ5"

W'E <'llQit

FVrrg~Rad {F71. 5T 1. NT 1, eN SA, eM 0.9, YEO BOQ~. WE 3:BM, .:£12 C'ambmlJltffU.:2 tun MonasterlC)n Laen U"'7),512, N1 3, N21,CrIIIE!A, eM 1.0, YI:·9H8, G.wfauccn Stram ~Hi), Ell 2, N4 3, N2 6, GN SA. eM t.e, YE 5.978, WE: 12013. r;S'14 DrOl'p£ld~eJl5 cloth', .2;:1,2":4 itlt MOi"'liilsR len CIQ:!i [tG6), ST2, 2, Nl1, 1, N2 5, 8, eN I"Q,
1 Aih~

Wlr; 40ma Owl1ed by the Gaalgagar.g. cSlQ 1iulta/lm.Bk~f, 4 Aihlleo@€re ue.n ~r6l, sr 1, Nl 2:, eN SA, CM i.o. "1"1:5786, WE 1796, ~S 11 C!iees.emong~.r [rs.eI15 ah!,:-j!ses). 2 turt

AmbreChareUlSl,ST2, Ni 4,1\1.1:7; eN SA,eM 1.0, VE 640:3, WE 2970. ~S9 (nJ 8~tc;hfH, 61.,ufi SIOilgih R'<Id rH5~.ST 3, N1 2, N2 6, N3 8, eN CO,, eM 1.1, YI; .8913,

r;;$35 Sat:/(ert:sBck!~l. 7 I'li h I Onlch e Weg ~f7~, ST" N 1 3. eN co, eM 1.0, VE 4785. WE 1'980. r:;S311Shea rmEIi"j [s h.~ars ",Jolh; s:kiI"H'). i;J ~ il"j~ (3f.lrhu.lO:;'01l :311'0'11.,1 iFlill. ST1, Nl 5, N~4. Cf'>,!

793i, WE 274S.

SoH, Nl 4. N2 41,eN I'D, eM' 1.0. YIE6095, WE "2'E!9(l.

r;_S:rl SUker [setls silk]. 14 RIM Monastijn C~O'S ~EJ6). 'f'":3, N1 21 Nil 4, N3 7. eN AV, eM S 1.3, Iff 210<'13, WE 1u981 cSJ8 St<l'Milm:ljkill',.7 MlJnl,Uc G{umi ~H61. ST I. 1'1113.CN 6#\, 1,0, 1'15.4&Q1, WE 1490.. ~5j-9T31Ior(clOlhlnQJ. j T!Jmpie Cort (H3~,

PO, eM 1.2, Vi: 6534, WE :2905.


WE '1:'603.

!:lA, eM 1 0, YE 22431 , WEU!l14. c$ 15 Dver !dyes cl of n '.1 LlJft Sereowa CI 0 s ~(iffiU:;H, N11; N2E, eN SA, eM 1.0. YE 5831,



cS16Engfmm, 3l~FtSli:tl3t1Wiil elm; ~Gf:il,:1>"1 3, Nt 2 ..N14, N3 8. eN AV, eM 1.0, YE 60193",

,,"517 FlJltmair-I!J,_ 11 lu:ft DI!lmem R8d liE7). ST2. Nl 2, N27, eN eM HI, VE 6750,

WE 2Ilo8. c[>U3 Fishmonger,


sr s. NH!, N2 5, eN PCt eM 1,2.. :VE9549, WE. "760 cSI!/ Fisflm~n9E!f.5 sun SI!:legh I'f,grl (15l..
ST2, Nl J, WE. 1694.

12 R,htTemple

ltll;i\'n W5L

cS40 Taplear(tl:l1'l6 &try). 3 R i h~ f'\e<lJIreW~gl N2 T, N3~, eN eel, eM 1.2., ¥E UD89, WE 6312, 1:541 Up/TIJt1:i'el' [sm III I I 110 u,::;eI'HI Id cbJElCiS), 13 RiM ~]eRlld 115),sr a N"1 3, N2..3, eN 1'0, eM 1~, 'tiE 0003, WE '907. C'S42 Wea ver Iwe (J I).'1. -3< 4 t.uft Peu tre We.g W1),::H2'.2 •.2.N1 ',1, 1, NO!3,5,1. eN PO, PO, B:A, eM 1,0, YE 7969, WI; 3HJa~ 1:-543 W>tffiIo'E'i'flluen), 7, Rilll s.~r[t1i!!/II"~ Clcs [ jH5~,$T1, 3, N11, 1, ~2 0,4. N30.~, eN co, eM 1 0, "i1E 8{n!li WE 201 EI. cS44 WtWf9r ~WOQIC1'1'CI(]Ihin~l. "1 Tern!;!I'e Co,t m5~, in 2. N1 2. N2 4, eN PO. eM 1.0, YE

wn ST 3" Nll:,




5, eN SA. eM 1.0. YE EilOS,

NAME RA SX AL CL LV ErizEleJ H M I'll 'F 3 RL.glsil H M NE F 3

til" AG AG WE BL Ir'" WI DE CO CH M,I WN 1-0 54S 81J~ 100 i 691 11 U ~5 12 NOl"l9 ShQ.l1sl!V()~cJ 21p 31 7lila flo 14 10 , <:i 12 14 11l N~r;e 5nertswor-.cl cS2~ F[.lIlIer~ hsats ~~Olh), Lu.ITIIe Rad ~ ~5~, N 1 11 N".a, eN 1'0, eM 1.0, YE 6014, WE 190B. r;S21 Gemcuna,. 5 Mark Geard ~G5t ST::!, N 1 :3" N2 4. N3 6, eN AV, eM t.2, YE S1C1 89, WE 307690, Skill level 91·GO, QWl"II;ld by [rea


Co I ... aIHlmi5il [DMG II W0.'20]. 27 Fl:i hi V Mo n aSle ric M Lserd G6), ST 3, N 1 4, N2 Ip, r\J,;35, eN PO, eM U,YE 100363, WE 105947. ~riljlln'S re!\ider,l Ind!Jp!;lnllenL IlI'thl:lmi5! ijs E.Jlail·g~t1 Heaoi1. R.A ~I, S.>:: M,. AL N. CL.Alcli1SHl1ist, LV 6 HP 19, AC 10, AG 64, WE 105.947, tlL 1000, 517, IN 18, W!12,DE liE. CO 14, CH 12,!VI1 SBA llGllilJl"I5l available. WN Daf<~'9r Spells: Omaldaeg from; prOi~ttJon From .evil, dQlllCtfnllg!C, dete.ct fnvj2libllity. delect fl/u· skm. dttfflct gVOG or mdt, KIlPW atlgnm~m.. slow j;lo./scm, slillkil1(j aloud, fools gGld. erlCl';.:ln! an ill~m, le~'eol'ld lore, fru~ see-ing, flflcz!i,m!ad lo'\!'ea/.l'Vrl, st~"e hl fles" , Any flU m bL:lrld[l eg fro rn , p Y't'1J ~e.r.frn feS', eQ rriure eI9fTl.;mtl!l/. rf>!lflsmuI.e racA: to mllld, BIIC!lilll!l ht1 fl<ll!.lhrcwn Qui ohhEl M~ge~ ACildemy f:or ch(j~tll'1g, Elr;l~ h(l.S;a n"lr~ o,f MUs .mel Vllill ol'1ly WClr~ wi"lh It'llilmfor lW[ro tkle norm tI I fees; in 110caS>a wj'll he accElpt perfll'lEln,entllmployment wilh eny, In ~ddhfon &0 CI>SltiIII9 s.pel'ls fa r the us ilia I reBS, EIHI .. b reW5 poti~n:s for the :ot ~ n d 1l rd p Ii I;f.:>. lfo1ose fjJ! wtlil:N li1e'has a reclpe~rEl' EJar~·HeCillirrg·, F/ro Rf'5i5raf!~e, Heroism. HW'I'Ulfl' CmHroi and !.OIlg)'i!llf,tl' ~DMGI. He will usuellV hoaiie one,. and MO dos ~ boi:i!es ohll r:h rna GI;i'.U nfc rtu II'lEilaly, flfH3 (If til~ Extr-a-HfJlJli"'r; pCI lions h M '!!I,on el off' .111'1WI' I! I:m~h [t USErr !t"1 1d4 rila!i-g WrlleS9 a sa\!~!l.g tnrow v~rSlig pois@n ~9 l"IlOJc:iQ. To di5'c(J[Jril!jle piHEjret.s Eli1l" has mllOOd Oil ~Clup'le offaUed E!l!ps.rimEll'!ts]n wVlIh other potiDns; thesEi lire iii (}~lusiomlfY P'ofirJfj r;Jf 15SJ!'rDMG1I'IJJd a FoJlicle. Philrre JWD16]. potions .. r~idl3ntiti€ld by B I:ode ,known 0'11!)( III Eli>!;!. oS2 BlJKe:f. 'Iii Rltn SCI'I~.!l,w.f! C;I05 ~Hc6J. ::iT 2, N1 <I, N,25,cNI"O,cM 1.0, 'l(E7~86, WE32'97. . (IS:; /3aki!l.r.B LLJFitOnfi:'ns We_g STt N1 :3. N115,eN ca, CMO,~, 'I''E 3647, WE 397G. cS4 BeadBf ~ml'lkes bead:;). 1 Riht Sloegh

She ps (S ee WD4Jlcr shop no m anc:I!!r~urej

:SiT 2,


IJillU Th'i!!V6S. ! rlllan 1"H~5;m.m;y 1'1 rn areu w Ihrev.Qs plollonly il\!elllrQleii'~lgnBlii; Hirean Denrnsunnu. Korsai WleaQ!l' iJnd I{IJrI,e;:aland Pi rB-B I Tuorgltm-t:ollem;rvel'l/Ihfl Geffillgacgat'lg - ,md GHd<ls S<Jrliily, !l'\l'ISIIOr trcrn tile lilas:1 Ths GfM3~gaJ;i,8nj:J spectalise in meti~uIOIls.IV pl1fl1n·ed bur'!il~iiiri~5afld never descendte .

WE 34S6, cS23 G'folVer IgloiiEi:!». 10Mumu: Gaard IH61, 5T 2, N1 ~. N2 4, N3 0, eN. PO,. eM 1A), VIE 8796, WE 3207 cS2a Gri3Bflgrol;.Elf (v-Qg!;'lt,[]hro!!~. lufl 9 Lilar rlefi! Rad (E7)" ST:I:, N i J, N2 4, eN c: 01, eM 1 ,2, '(IE 819~ We 34132. ._ (;525 Gllida, M"e~ljfw[Jflf. 13 LL.ift 01ffi1mel1l F'l.!ld~Eel,ST;J.,Nl 2, N24,N~6. eN pO,eM U), YI: 10(11'19.WE 4:191, .A,vElilil~le are-s",ides far tllril arefil:Elrouml IrlliBn Ie ,Ell d'ilit!il'lce of 50 miles. The me9se.n~ors &r~lignt l-Iorse!l1~n whot:l:ln coyer 40 m!~~:dae-g. (;051: Sgp/dallg. r;S26 Habe,rd<Jsfltr ~sm 1111Ftijiiies at c1 rEl"S, a rfb Dg filS" 131 a Lu It MOP1<1ste rlOI'l laen (G]~, oJ. ST 2. N 1 3, N~ a, eN PO, eM 1,1! YE 23D7B,

"B5lrinli, r:S2~GltdIBdtJehs). 3f1Hu 5!OBijt'l FI'od (H5~. ::;:T2. Nl 3, N:1]S, eN PO, eM 1.0, YE 8!07,

lawed! bv IllS CillO.01 HasJ1~sl;i\l'\l W~n 3',1 will cliiltermintllheLl\.lt.cDtfHllf 1:1 (;onflicl tllavEliops The·Gang I/II"JIIP.f[)\I~de l'lI!ninglo rnembers111 Ills I'lIJrmal :[l'fices. TU,e GEifig 0 wn a L-utc h em sh op (n I~9 DII'I 6 Lufl Sloet;ln Rad ~H,5)flSB c:pver 'I~r thsiT !H:;hvltiell. Tille\! are !'IS ~l!It UniilWEI rEi of thE! indflpemleni thiElf, GildilS Sanely, wllh her r;o..... <1$ a llilark';;1i:st~lltlOld(lr. RA 1", SX F, AL er N.el LLV8,Hr32, AC3,AG 55,WE 5.8911, B.L M I ,if Lelllh~r Armou r, r 2 5/H~rl:5\Nl>fd (N SA), lbg !]f.Hatdiny ('SOW volume), WN SlloFt:!';wllfc!I. Gildas IS Ell tikel'lb~o mguE! who IiIrlF1.5 from toW!'"! II;) toWn !.ilg~fing them Cl..lt ull.a by 0!1t;!. Sh~ ~Iii~n ~loCc::eUBrIl ca,t~burl;llar, IlIJiiletailSI1'l9 In sUlalmg 'rom Wllper.stlllreys.Qf l<o'l1s~S-.1!ndi~ pr.e"el'''Uy lookii-tg fo.r O!ccomplices fora raid on the Tor Wys,lml, o bVio<lsl V,:. hili s' Unilwa fe 0:1its (:"0l'I!;iciem ole d,l'l'fenr:ff-5: When hal: In"'lhe Mii-rlr: Ga.m:l, stl!~ Ini1E1bit~ tfFn~g!!lmrl {T218t4 L~Jft LBoglerS' ltren IFbl ST3, N1 i. N3 I, eN SA. Gildas willlr<aln 'for any plil'r'er Ili'Ifer wh", In eiel.Sn er 0

rnu gg} 11 9 ps s:;\ftr.s.by ~ mu eh tho ~9 '"' I<ors.e.!ik ..nq PprU"alOlfU~!'lmlJtlml!il wmptfld. All fOlJ!r EIre members ()j Ihe iheel Gild, Il'Is major Il1i!lve!f <lite '10 Ihe 5ClHh of Irilian and. if i"le=5~a1'y, wi" call upon It"lllr as:siBtancB, Player cha mete r th iEives oil iSCOVDrEld by th ~ Gan 9 wi II be IIs,Ked 10 jom; tIom 1,l·1~(lrnati VEt bo[ng dr.JO!I!l,. ~im[l<!r fll'aclldurll' n~ th.!! l'Q1" A

100, Sin,

H'oI 4, W111. DE HI, ~o lit, CH 16, 1

cS27Hatti:ldh~ts), 9RlhtTemp~-e Lmm (G'11'. ST 2. N 13, N:I! J, C 1'\1 PO, eM 1.0, YE 69'1 S, WE 40 10, I1S2iU-lQs~'ar ItriiJ b h'I3,~d, 1 S. F! fhtTem pie lila!'! 115~. T2, \\1113,.N.2 S, eN BA, eM 1.0, YE 746.5, S WE:31 (f7. cS"P9 Hurer {eal'S']' <! IArM Oniel1(l Weg (F7). NAME I-iirean CL LV Hf" AC T f..> 20 6 rVH H De,l1ger, + HealherAmrDur KQr:saI H M eN T 3 11 8 Mi l"crt.ioI1S; Sp~ed, Lev[tJtio[j Kur,!!,o:al H f N.I: T ~ 4" MIPotlon: FIyiI'l'!I. Piraa! H IF-etc T AA H Sf(

WE 9078.



A,G WI=. Ell. ST IN WI QE CO CH Wi'll 31 1400 60 14 1J ~ 16 12 1'0 S!1iortsWQrd



198 2Q


H1 14 14


t4 Sih

0 N:sW"orc:1






7 17 111 5 lEi l;3

7 81lortswonl




This ~mi'5{Jde aascripe.fi tile! s(}uth-'w@st

Iran ofThfl

wandermgiillfl'l'iflSsi'l over rrIIUJn.~a 8ug9(J~UJOn shDul'd ~C:f:'}rt(lC! anI' mistBkefil id~as+

oUhe Dark, which staffs where Pan il leffo(f. DMs shcwfrl read it G<l'refLJ!'.v oe.fol"6l deciding whether the pariV' miglH j:')B€Ui.fJid from outside Ra!1r~s+ Coreshr;:illid ~e' l:aken !G ke:~p !'hl:!. p/j,rtY;QnVfJ_fJ.jj~I.)t .therJght l'r8~k Bnd prl'wenr !hem _
Risiflg :from


of the city anQ lhe p~fwmmatfJ'


€lInl::e'IITIJQ hls force proreerlon; Zoraqula~{l Will join !he~ palrlIy and, wa,i~s 1,ls infu:rl'!a'r!>IH"ani:;; nand ft),lma f~l~e5,firtlBnh;, ,1'Itemll'! a ront<l(;cothftrp.lant!l;s,p.e.ll; trying. (0 [DOlch one of Hili hi gh~r PI'" nus, Hi!! wr!1 ~'l II iii!': Ih~ ~JPper p lilT1C,Shave bean c'los;eld by some power Wll·iilh he ~iilrlf'llOll:!;realc WI,ilsl prepa'rlrlfj 'lor anothe;r lItle'rTIpt, il will ClCC:lIFto. himto ask the !Rally if th ev 1'1 a v e ever wo nd ered why Incy hElve !'laon allowed to gets,of,!;If> HIlle Dark!s so powiOrfyL Why has ~~not dlc:~'tr!,i'Yl~dlh~rrI? I~ il p!"II'If'!g with rnern or Is so.methlng prol!l~11nAlIt'lemlls It !lomeli'iinfj paf~3~~ a~OlJ'[r'ill<ifll ilse,l!? An~ I tl'ley sure tnat e);lerythiflg is as it seems.Z OJ"] hts sacend auampt, he will lS6ICCBod 11'11 reachlnq one of the lower PIa I"! GHvi-le wm-slif· 1'e:nthep rtBla~" blaek:ne5:lS.slan1f'!9 to pour f,om 1'11S <!V!l'~, ~1f~,f!~S'" arid mOl"~h as he

me AiJbere

or MQllasterfan

Whispers, 'It C(]imes, La:ava.'

'Tliiil!! Tor WV,!SIII\d"Berme 1;!la"'~l'lg tha MO!1~slerloll, the (3r(l1'1 MarflSclli31 wIll rr'_siSll~UIt a

The party COIf! r>ea,ci9 Ihl'! O!3~ftof the Tor WY5,tlrtl '15'!leTcwar pe:&crrr,l!ionl Hind s.tafii \0 climb withollt lodderllf prro'lidlBdi precautions a r.Q1~ kiln a.gii rtlst btiilif1 9 recog Ili~ed. OtherwisE!, lf1e ens nee O'f be~"Q!>i'iotter'll'ly 1:l1eMo'i:l is as, in f'@rt 4, Ths wi 11 a~read\! 'QllSIi n9 st~Ql"!g'ly lit d, gFCllInllll'~"ElI, will lncreaseas the P<!fi!,:{goes 11i(l he r,Twemy feat fro m tna lop, it wlll raac.ll hurricane force,; ,each chariil!;i!!H mu~rQ.1I under tl'! ~ir !l\ler!'lge Of51 ntl{1~,LI'I a nil d'e~a rity on a d2(l1 or be bicwn offlti :su[lIe the ground fer Ilrd6 dll!'f'la.g,e. lfth!! party are r~ped to ...eJhaf. those ~Il~ ar sid~ p1 a,flllHng Dr" arscter ,<lddIwo to t h];llr rol], The s,jdes <Ire'too hard to Mke !;litclFIs m Clth er '[esten II rs.j~I,n:a tham~(i!r fJ;:I'I!;ti1 n 91 the IQll Ifll (iY ino)? a faille: ,;1i ~CI ri d a p inr)([cle ,A, spiat;Jf U climb Will Pflj\lEif!t the rec::iplef1l ffOm IJs,lng b 0'11'11if:f. 0l'11"<l8ci'lingtRe Q lOp. t~e s!Orrn Will inlensifv. iiQillni f'l!:l oonli IlIJ!BIIIIYslrl r.:~ the l'?lt'.s ng p.nnElde5; I:!nY en,mlOller raisjl!!~ iI.mm'i<l1 OPje,c:1

6lDthorAe' la~u, U,e S!!I!'HiI.li,Cl1 .. 1R~:;;. lSE~ PliJ;rt41 acoompi,lhyth® "arty m keep-om {)V~ on t hem RiEls,who h 115 h15 tlWfi su Sji)lci0 1'1 S al'lelut the Sceptre, will gE:~erall\lnOI i!'r~erfer9 urt18.!>sthere I", i3 very good ~E3iE1!SOIl fgr G!llng :s~,



pi nfilacl !'H, h <is a

50% ~h .. '!'l C-C'I

nQ~ e_xplairl,1 am rmtenlirely to blfolme. !Rf.l'i> wm keeplrlis Il.....n co u n'5e III~ Do '\lOY !fIOI ijng it 1!!Tlu.i't,rngthatthB l3'rolhorEi Aell1lglJ, :su~h flnB L!p,ho~d~'~ of Tn!! L.aw,shOlJld ~CJard <J: faille re'lfc7 NIs? Well, 'Per~IlPJl !flot. Sn]1 ~Ill)w me tel make ~ome 51iT1:EiIII reparatlon.: perha!,s I Mr! g:ain lillma informattiOf1 to hliilp veu,'

to yo u lila s ... 1'11"101.1 9 hl~

mund c;Jf being :otrm:k fDr6~13 diilfllage (sal!~ I(S ~lgf1lrling for half d<lnul!gsl" As tilt;! p-~rty t!'llapDrls down \0 ZQ'IaqIJi3an, tl'1,ebeacons fls'fa on '11'lIa Mona and Gril'll!1l'f Tors and li'113: disl'fl nant S01-l nds Oft"'B! r a IOJ rm De'l ts !T~comle f~if'lrt'l {l'u!;lible 11"1i'l~ 5t:rEl.B'l'Tllif1!l:£!,<Jlet The p"fl-,:!wiil arriv!! in ll"iEl,SLlJmmoning HilllJ .... 11II a l,li uneer-e: ap ()t cdispI <i!t:eQ <Ii r.lllm;rqum:lfI I 55eilte.d en Ii;:;, ltlnH19. He has sil¥!Jr 1"1 lrnHld C 9 0.1den 8l'e:;.' A startsl jewe I ti Iazes !Tom h i s IO~(l~e.lIIfand a shi'fl[n~ r,ed.i[JIf't~e"r;3lrs from'h1!l csbbi.iis;tic rubes: At ~~Sten hal'l(li is i'! clerrv)!'l and at hls rig.l'lo\j a devil. A,gdl'em slilJlldSllle'hind, and,iJ.sablp.-Il¥Eidcatg!l:ze~frlJm his lap.ln ni5 hand isa wand Rnd (l FI hts J'J naers, dn,g!1.A '/br.,.. wB,II:shimme[5 bef~He hlm, He waHs, stlent: unrnoviJ'lgl and unmoved unfil the party eXRlla'rll'!>,The!'! he will cnut:kle an(J S'\8ItlC:L 'IOIm!ryly sorrvthat \l0'l~ have-had to ll!J'fliElF 9·II.H:nl incol'1lnmiIiH'lC(l8. I,Ei1pO~Qgiiiie!lSpll:ciOlI:ly
f roa sO!O$

HowQver, befarlil this 15~o5Sib!e, tna dark, still pOlJring O!,Jt, wi~1 Gover his body and '[he flllor<lmh::tariwlt:I'jmb u.,p(he wtlll~, mal{in:1;i it im,pO:9:5E'ble to find! tha HlilapOmnioflI::Ontrtl,I,!i. Asi'j spreads, tile room wil~ i::I;arl:Eln and ~Q('lJ untll, iJ1,two rounds, it 15"weH bel,Qw ;!:fJr.o. From 'Ih,em on,l'lh~r.::n:ter5 will take' one r:ml n I of de m.age pe r lu'r"d~om til'!e co I d". 0 ne rou n'd a r~e r 1m i"pp~~nlru::a, tha dark will r'fl:acI1 lhl;i cl~vII EHH:I d,fimol'l, mla'3$.i ng them from :ZOtil,qu aa Ifl" s control, Tney \1MB then tl)' 10 destroy hlrn. The I glllem! RasClI'lf:l thecal w;flilry andpreventthls, AftEl rli\l8 TOU nds \0 r sm;merlf1t B ppee rs mal h~ wilJ be ~JII'edJ, Loi:iilqLl!lai1wl!! il~rwptlysi[ up, ihen destroy thorn .l=h;l wililiheo Soil¥' 10 lh ~ ~ll MV, 'Se!fi!! for 'I'll'! ;;;ot.i,''t'''' '1Jn~reliq [lId or J'ffe; ,fJe[ve ttl i/l~ riftll'k fo, tll!'l secret 11ghr. ' Then he wHl mutter, ;NeEldlBss: Qlb:;!!::urmrl'~[c dogger1l,l II:!>l!JIsual', <l[ld losa CQI1S¥iQlusness_ Thill gJolem <I!1C dm eat wHI prevent the part\:' ej(C!11'1lnin!JiZ0t:aqU<l31'1's,bodyam'1 il'liIJm<llililJ1ar Lhev I eilve; Ih!H:;(l'l PQlyiflorphlll,9 thel'l a cUvi>iing the w1epO,rt. r~e liI<lrk, Frll,';'ingl vl3f]hdled With lotElIC!U,I'l,fHi'S recoV'&.ry, wiH raappear on hls.collapse. gi"'lflg the jQarty (Ji~iiI round Io wIoIXJ11' !3W~V" Arty charMl~rs remOirnirn~ (If!er rhat wH'1 bGcorme:cov,erea w~ll'\ Blaille Fyr, ncr 5a~ln~ 111 ow. ZIi!,wq'li~1iIn will be: ollJ.5J;1Ur-edas F l~le tlark!:101',"",el:op!; n]'s,circle !lfpmH~ciTom. C ~nd.it io!'HI 0 n 1111'! lOll ohh IJ 1:0 r will b'El 13S Wn e rI tha pa M:y Ieft wi Ih tl1e Sa me GIH:H'l'OGSal being ~IDW:[l off ell: TQ the WeSt.. Ihe city w<!,lls I
~11'ecw\Jr;5!l' .:O!s! iJRwc!'}C(lr:Jn from ~vl'j 100 nrdws to ~8ep of! lhe auac!::ers, i!Pp'OlHI~dymmB


whlch I ca


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'iJ: :: ::



I~I '",I~

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I!'IILIAN wh[Jlmlng Ihe Grae1g:e<lf.c1, alLhQnJ9h the CI,antJrn'ltln esca:ped'. <lirJd I:fOS'SCI1.g t,he wil,115 1I.n nuldr of so 1'lIlter. Sll"1ce LeHQ5 ha'" nrlil enough men to def.emHhe waU:!I fthemiliti1l l1avlng hlrl~d l!;l rna~l;dI3Hs;~]., he declded to lRgj,t a delayi r 9. nett 0 n: wit I'Id ~a!iji ng to tlnQ Marik Gaardi for a !1~"'3~ stano. Unfortunately, lhe root soldierS' mora~e f1litled"as the :Dark a iiiprnac hed; llilovi 11 g t 1:1(1 St:oul.:j, an d Qr~dda n 10 (!'lee II a!o !leo l.elfos dis ill ppe<il"iH:I eb DU', tjle :iaTTIII i me .. Isr] Iil en w]thdifew h 1~ troops; t fClr,nin!l them up behlndthe w~II!>: glo~B b dlllilr1l!Lng as the Darkcrossadtnarn.lnside the mist Were IOIrg!:!l'lumharsof humanoids of ilil 1\I~e.s ores, goblil"l!i'. b:ugiJer:m,. nlnds and norkers, Han ollhe ()rerralElh did !lot rerurh. ~fthre P!'Irty in tum explain I.he~r'!lH~i03llion Bf!d appearto neE!iii it, IllriRll wfll d~·ta~1 AfitHli'<!S. E:i,3'cS and Kima ohhe SCOU'IS [P:arT 4] till <!!l:STsts bll·fbre wheeling hls r.ematni"lg forces am:! charging a;;ali'1 cJlown Rubis We~. From Ihe time Il1at tls:rfin leav1es. tlll the Diirl( e~ivc~; tll~ pOlity willlilllvS'tvLI''' turns+ irth;e damage dona eqll.lllis ctr·!lJo:ce9Gs a


a Cnl~!JIof the D.arlt, inc;jlstlngUI~fcIarblefrom flQrmilil ~ut frJr it~mistv·te<lred bJilGkeyes. Dam'age i'f'lUiCted LJ pon a CIMd 11 rthe Dat k DiY 11erm a I. wea P~:lVl:s: DU Ills '!I~a r n$.t the C Child's P~E!'poese ssl on h i'I po lnts, If 1Frm;il< reach zero, the Childl:s kill~. Milgillal darn~gEl', includ Ifig tl:l;Jt do n!l by fin lIgJI'la.i \M!1i! POllS. fs o~IV 1i00mta-d E!~JiillrrtSllhe Qssess]nQ Dark's P .I, it points whioh are 1I1i'li1lUyeqtlallo the bEilirlg(:; norrna] P~8'P05ii~5~iOl:' hit points. ~f ~nese beeornezenr, ·~h.e secup\liI'!9·ljar!t; i~di:j:. persed: the IJ·Eiill!;J'!l.dispill\1'~d spirit or saul ultu~f!ill~. BaIng:s may be rE,pClsS1e.ssed. BBllkgr~mn.d Giiltes!TQwers ~'"IOfmati.Qn

be] n1:t s h it. pol nts, tM'<I.tbeij !"ttl. becomes a C h,i r d of th~ Dark ..Any se~tu'!~t .hlelrt~ ITIIl.y becorna

iSee Part 2'fol' lu I'lI1er delalls.1

toWBr beaoolls

..re _\lere.r:l i!l'l a

Iha5fl; wrllgo OldI Ab o\ie III E!win d, tiley wTlI tiear lhl'l dlstant 5CHH'H:I Gllilanle.~ suddenly

b 11] eli:m lstth fOLJg ill wh i~hIh9 dimly glow, As l'hEj,y wat~h,

~Lj'I·Q'if. [l'own belaw, the MUI'I!;J1!iG!;!ll'lrrnI" 5'8eHf!'!g wltha cmwclof h'l-gn tJe ned ~rllilOln~. ODS~'elfltllng. to loWar b.Ei5E1and Inlo the !It:ICBmil'lg. swe<!f1lllg nrowr!s,. they will be


01 smpd:;e, 10di1 O'will gillS' ~h<lSil [all 51iatis'tiI!:S Il:l normi3ll~lIhm5 fj~~t +-200,il,.of']rcnml\llEi due to III:]~sd;sfl~rtiDm. s<p~]ttTngofho prevent the party movil1l!;J north Dr e:a-Sl: l:'nanMfflng theFflltJmugh tha !lVG!Jt!i crowl:led with we.e,ping ct)illdren <lfu:lfd,ghlerl>ild mill'll Ilnd warne);, I.OW1iI,'dlS the <Megn!li 'HH. 8~hlnd the, Mob [hE: TmWysilr,d wlllllut!>!ir'itO Biaecfvr:.AtHI!i"l MOgrlg81)1. morelJlfthe Mob., appFG<lchlF1Q trom othar dirQcutans. will make i1tmpe~a'lve thalll):!3 p'<lrty !;:ee'll. refuge. Just ber[tI r9: I h e Mo~ '<I r~~ves, the doD r o! tile Gn~meJjJleI.Aefw1n 01'151'1 and Ere<! GlIs:rlnnl [hrt 4] will b~'cko" the' pCirty fnside. GnolTlElJu![I1 AIl!'. Thl3' Mob wm,group oLJlslqe bllfa·re ottG m pri ngl to SiC r:ml the DUlidi n 9 U51ng Um.bers lrom nea{bV buildjngs <IS buttering rams Il1Islde Ihe Gr'lome1c assist 1n lis tlllfo;m:e wi IIIb~. E:= tea fl r1 d her tlllJs I:rartd. 1J slaf1 ~~II!1.ormal klliillns' aM Djh!l'ill of the I"sionLc ~131~owo;hi ,These wi~1bel;lbreto f'l1J~d .. the winCOWl'!!I<nI:h::lcQrs·fmfiVI! round~ u!"ltll thEt Mob break_"lhrou,gh by Sih,,<lIr fon::Il: of llu:mb1;irs:. Dillels wru y~e her p~ir:mit; pO'~al1l> ill thg iJ!!!>t pLl5silJle moment.but W~'~I) sl1adoes,so, toe I rlli,1I11s' FeCI ~ f ~s ionic!; r fi ~uch1tHlt Ille M" b r will ha.'II'E!!CIm'Elke; em immedl~He moralaci'lec!li Elt ·00% em c:I fll rther ~hBCksi3N1EH"\/ rou nd, al&o QI·50% 11'1 [In\! eV~flt.11 will only contJl1l11l tho:' ~lta"ldQr another Iwo I!Jms b.mgrc tho liIIPr:lco:;;rchlng mifil~r,;,JrW it Qff. Once th8 Mob ratnaats, Djhlilla will enquire wl1allno PJ!!.!1y's. usi~llSS is'; U51n9 herE:SP to b ccn~irm What t~e'I' ';;<ly.lhhe party has ,"01 already SO'IVlI'lt! Ih!:! tl'ddle lef!: to tl1eml:ly lmi'lq uaal1, DJh eia w 11 tern Ci rk thaI ...... J h.en dlrrr'i~iFlg ItOilt\ne Ru.bl~ Weg V!i,Blls[;]ereDeived c,\l'l SLO n or b I~ Ill,{l tight from her Sensitivity ndi to Psyr:;llk Imofas,srQns. Perh!Jp~'th ~ I·iqu id of lifa' isw .•ner und I~ '!;g'U1rca' lhet·welll' Ru b~5 We!::!, two F!l (jillll of ~I'e Garde wi th Ili'Ie CommarHIiere Aef Ha ~5 Hsri m Deoreu IiIIlU) wl II gill.lliop oUll?ft:he wllli of blad! rrrls[ wfilu:h IJJocl:;s..I'lLlbls We9~mlTl tAB SBIl lfIi!;If!~ ,S1lS" waru~; the l~nlar1 SQ;O~rts fl[l~IQwing clasely b:f!h i.!ld.C,atdMin 9. !l ighl of ·the pa ~, they wi II rem! m ,HId 9!Xph,!I!'! thal tlrre mist stal'i1:ed to move tow<! rQs I ri ~i:eH':at lirst I'ig h'lr firilt o\le ,,-

spotted by the Mob.
Af(Elf fi reund

The RubJs Weg Weill. T 001t de!)!, W~!~'15ft of W;l'!EI r, f(5 wa 115a re,s1T! ()O'lh fin d cO\l.Eirad With 8;lim\! moss mall\inj;l it virtually lrnpossfble to ellrnb r·]'Qo,o·1'{] FlOHIll'0I1 1J.lrlanC8'SL A C~1mluer a bl ,110 Inspect \haw91! !:lidS's,Who 1'011", i.ll'ld·er intQlligem.:e I.Hl a d20 wr.rr nPlice til at asquare area abou 150ft dOWn I::i a·s m OSi8of <l :>1g htly i djffeteml colour to the rest, Infrlllvisillrn""W r~eiillhe araa to be sllghdy wUflll·grm!ln th~ resl of the.. walls. Anyone taiJping the waUs will autumatlcallv "'h>IClDvBrti1J:1tlhaarlO1itililgs hO.llow. rCI:l<l'ractl!l'rsw~thOlJit ~op~ may ga1!tHlr 1(10ft rrl 3 rourldsfrom nearby housEl:S.~ Cl;IBrl;lCier.s f.a~~lnglntotha well wiljsufler 1 per!'ll dam;'!g;~ for ever)!" 1(ilHB I11;111 nd must a ma!;:e asy .. ta.m ~hQck roll to. Gsc!ilpe \being DMGdmwning rules should be used ft)f ~hi'lrB~,!er5 in U'1e wine-c. The mossmB.y be cl·e.l'lned oR I'll (lnei Found ta r~vll'al a sevan fopl.,s"llii<l~ ail' willte ll'iiiilFlJle wit Ie! B .golden RUf1B of Wlilding ca !'Yed into it. TI1~£may tie f,ernO\i''9d bY;J c!l;:m!c!Elf~fg!:'iod aligfllmentor <lI'lY cillilrac!er usjng III ;;flock ~pell.lliiI ttullatler nil sa, lh96!ab wrll topple: .C)\J1w<trd5., clltr:h[ng the ~esler 11 or Sit1e is 00 orr below that Il3\1e Ifor 4d 1(I dB rnag:13i1Il(.j, il1 'lldditlr;1l'1, 5(}'%, 5f lr"nimB, brlmldE1:g aflV~Op!l us ed. S inc: .. til e slab filS Fl~O\ld\i illto l~ e. 9h dl"meter afti1:e well. 11j1; lmRossil':>le to' oO'oge·. Good ~haratter:s need mererylo ask:tnecslilb 10 OP{l n. II willlig low tJ ,ielly tt'le<n tn:ill r.:lpe~r. f:low· ever ills opensd,lIDeirlind 1\, along s.qlHilr~.'Fe& IlJrEi·I.e~~ pE!SS,::!Ige shrln~,'1 to;EI point Illlijgh~. Mi!'illi'lIV~ire. onefa:IJmjl bef.orelhe mlsfw.E!iI r~ac~~!i !hewell head.l~dm!fol'rH g"U\'lf'! GUllOif' jrwith hrs:remal!11in:g man-threlll oftlne O.rcr~~ Q;;II'I .mCil tile Scouts, <Iii plarnly tarrlt~ed - and dIi sgj) pea, lOcwCif~slhe!lll 11 Ge!e rd. The m r,S'! rk wlll.:NlenUy wasil over thE! PBITt.,..alml pour CkiW>n the we'll, IMitle ,1.311 i~ ::111 1'\1 forthe e Q.1I! cr",~Ii;IEllJfU~e BI~e[; F'I'r which is s;pre:a.clin-g amQn~H;'lU'IS l1Iulld11'1gs, Vi'S ib Jlliy \lariatS bl3'~'





the Wal-er.Norm!l~

MIS,gn,'lae't. TQwllrs 4{J DF'\! airich ..[l'I"aworrdlae DPV. Porloull.i!J. 12 DIf'V. Gate!l16 DI'V •.2: Bill· llstss Ion each tower, Towers2f1J12th:4Qh, Gate :l [J)iijOft, T m!l{fm;':S storevs {1iI1 d ;;I CSrl.H aach, Occupj~d by; Loft toVIi'ar. Garde. Comma1'lder·!tr Si(NmW'e'alt'),m Cornrnandere, 'ht Irnali of the Siorrr~weakiln. Righllow!1Ir;4nd .& a!rdlrn<ln of Ihe Stmrnwei3I can, lrillan's main gate is; (:hj,;tfl:", memorable for rile· theusands of mag.nmC!l~1 g.ems wl1i~11 IlJ ppa<llr W 0311 cru~t its U PIl€F surlace. Un f 0 rtum!~ery, close !rls!pe!!tion will reveal coleured {iLa.s;l,witlli li3r\je bare arEiBl>wlill~rae~ily re;;! c:f\ed hi kes.l1.ilve b~>!l n fei IT! c\i'~d. Hc.wsVEl r, [rom-far .IFI~H.lgh-.\IWlY, Ina gate IQok3vllry . ~n9 with liul sEining :iI,un !!lUi.'<1i"1~ bill:"!:!", of . IIgl11 from Ihle stones .find It ~!l.£t!il afl;;lvourltlJil spot Fc.r lrillans to coma and dru@J1!l of It:ierrar Ii rnes, The IIIfBwbri d.g1lu;oQvars II ~~l.fil. w.' it.l~ ~ed 5Ji1fkBs 11d6+~DB d1i11mag:a:}whi'!:'11 IlVElrY!;(l often .i:lai r:n~ "1'1 Y I1W.HY dry n r.; at night. The b.r~dgElaeress the 'I'!H·UII.I'Illhou;9l1'i1 st.r~!l.ger IFfla:n the 61 aecg a 91' 5 to su pp nrt th 13g r~~tBr Irafil(';, ca n .S'l~I!! be ,de;str'(]ye d I Illi two UI ~n s If tne neediH'ises. When open. 1 Imlllr'l will be G.n c!u'l¥. In El~l other r~SIl!llCt:s the Mei:lI11ljSel res;ml'llbll~s.lhlil Gi;]a!gilgaet [~art 21.



Sa rnI!Ju m'for. 35 DrV,4 Ball i51a, 20;<20ic30ft, :1 j stor;evs.. O~[;iliJied by thl3 h~ Iml;!l1 qftb~ HljelmhBlIlm::!lm~ GrfrnmrTQr,
2 SlQ,6YS and [li)'II.ar . .QGeu pi Ild by rri !i!lln TheTorWVsaril1ll.13

·115DPV. ,:H3allls:tOlI!" 2U~2Dxa:Oh,

Specfllil A LtllC'k~: If'o5.3e~s.ion tJy the' D.ark, HP flOClll4], 91('4[.3J. 2[2] with II 1'!Ir1:t"\er'10 arriv· ing ~Jl tI.:lch ~ub~... r.lI~ntrOUJlld. lh,al:'hi'ldren q will riot foi,lol!'i/ ·chanllillers out of I~e mist nor dQWl"Ilhe w-el!.

see later I AC. 6, HD 1. Moved)"', No or' Atla~kl;: 1, Otl mil gg: '8, ~pe,cLli I AUl'lchi5; F'il SSE':~~i orr ~W 1110:Ej'Elrli, Hl' rlJark [SodyU 5 .... [4J. 3x.4r3l, 5 Zd.[:3] will q~lEltly OIPpENIF afld I;Ina!"!.;" lin t'hJ1l<o wmmds, tlne~8wiI DOJOin "dby 1Ct 9 obi i n :Oal'k I Chj~dfen [!VIM lIncisee lelerl Ae 6,1-11;.'11-·1, Mave; iJ". No 01Attacks: 1. Dami3~e: hiS,

tl1i.!>" 10 or~ Chlldrel'1 of tl~e D:arli: [MMal'ld





rsat. One rtl u nd ;l'har

ei:i In l!'rh,mlLi!ilC)ver,,¢Bf'!~uryil9Q:ll'!}~g'liYnl, its oa:cL:Jpa't'lt, Zotaqu<lOlII'I Aef Tor Wy.sard. Its ou'ler swi1aci!!' Is ..::1 r Of de:cClratlcr'l bLit fOi'!'In eiil un pmt'Elcted EI'tII3Ii rwl'! k fcI WInd s as i"pell~llit \!V,I'I)I up the m1li/1lrdl~ ssi n g as n iillildtlild j h mug h pas$BgB::;i .DOJmj Iintn the su!'ponimg bunre'SS'8~L Atlhe fCwe~'s OIp",~, t.hes~ bultres,s,es peel :away 10 '!orm three five foot pififl~ade5. Tlnil: sITHmtl:l roof 0'1 the lO'WI:lt In 015' !n!;clblilrJ into II a pe.rillil' IEI ~ILifr(JImd sd by til'Lemt:!is.El~p:~tn common. ToantBr', stalld inside the, p.el'lt:lIl~1.1li aflQ stata your bl!sijm~S>!;.'T~ll\l' pant!,!"le rs one 'Iarrnirnal ~fa (fJfe;pcrrt: I!~EIolherlbefngl in ,Zotllqlllaan'S summcH1i·1'19 room. P'erm~l!'Ienl vaf,a\iorH;; of ~hB"'ICrait.voyafl~.eano clfJif'O!(Jdien'"!>' i~,~~II~f(llc~seQ; (Into !;he !aWi;:F !l'Jp allt;!w Lot:aq IlIl1a 1'1 ~!;I .(;11 who i~GEl11.1 before ~ck: ng rictlva!1r1g thenetepQi1s. Th-e' ~on·tn:l~5. I:oclI!e .at,0'd on ZotOlquOljln's Infon!'l; '{IIh8n 'BQ,;":<itild. .he ~i)nlants af th!uwCl pe.nlll,"~~~ "r~r>

N1·NI2', eN AV,lQQ IJPV. A.II:tWerin9 5IJil!e of~I~:ssy g~©e[lro(:k, dw Tor WVSo;Irq IlPPI:!i'l~'

'Munuc Geard {Fl7I. ST


Buk on the Stteels.

U Ihe

pOl My



Child'rel1l IJI1he Dark. Th,Cisewho [mme Into (!;unUIClwitn llil!l Darkoften end !.Up Its Chila5: d~en', eitifler U1rot.ign oUlrlghl po~ess1{Jn or, [T1oreu,~ul'Ill'!l.llhrolligih ilttacks: by ~I'!he[ ClJlil· IIIri'll1. The Cb iId.ren of 111,flDar~ mO\!r<l!. fj 9·111~, 58>10 andsrg funh jusi.8S J"lg~m·!1i1 but since il1I;lY !;Inl ~fhJl;:tive:ly <!ylamatOl, thOl.y canru;Jlt IWise speUso.r other ma.gic or'lake Spofilll'l'IeOllS actions. iQam~'ge cion·!! b\llhelf!' dQes not p·I1\f· s.ic<llly harm tl1ieTr... cthm!i lbutwei'lkans r U"efVIl,


Stuilr~ (u pi) Door
.... ,



SCA,lE:1:sq" 5' x 5' e~changed. ThE! SummOf'!rll!91 Ro",m, again !:If featureless gr'll.t!nslone, is located w~11 below 1jhlllor
passwall s.pells. lis w,of, mty feel above, is supported by m13.ssive buttresses; goldlln ~::lQntEli!le!l, lrclfl~ o:f I!Ol'ljUfEltlOfJ ana wards c ,ire inl<l,1111 ttliil bllao!! floor; smoking ioto blariors, gl.lt'}ering l:al"l.d~es end SIr<l!1gal,y shaped and Inaenibed rnstruments litter tile wholl'l area'. Ughtlng is from Ct:lnlif/l.iBi IfgM





The walls b~l:W,oon eunrssses 1l11!;i covered wrth dull blBck cloth embroIdered in whitlil with oCabbeliistic s{gtlls. 8U'hTnd '9<1(;111, ,Eil5ymbol has been oasllJpgFi the waH, Working clookwise f("Om the fhrone, theaa are of sll.lI1'lli!'lQ'. pa,n" death. fe8'- and srf?ep, Zo,tllquaafllllStll> his, tnrcne when 8xpec;Ung or Blilterta~nrllg vi~llCr;:! Elnd all Elrefuge should .!iIsummoning go amiss since It is the fOCliS of some of hi" more useful Blnc11a nlments, The' !>)lEtIIsu l'IIeilhull::e CD r the Tor's rc o'f ope ra te.s from the thrOMBI, BlS OItlOSIh~ r~JI3p'Qrt lif Zill:aSp.lB<ln Is gO!TIfj rluti"uimsell, he h55 hls fa mi IlsulI;tivate It) BlIld the relea~e lor the eurmost 1J158ful,fealufB, though, Is lts abllftytruu:t as ,the fiiftM side' Of 0 Cube or Farc'fJ I !')MOI &xceplthat it hes 100 "h!lrgBs, does not reCh1lree anlli eovers rhe area lIhown on the ZOU!Clya;aI1'S bounlll.sp1rlls - Ngutllit9!. ,EI ype T lDemcm [M'MI ACO,'HDB, Movliii; 12"I1S",No of At1!.ac'ks: 5, Oamiloglt: b:~d4l2x1 ~Bllda, Sp~di'il Defences: See MM, Mli!gl~ R'esjsUlflC",: 5(1%, HP 37. anc! Gllreth, a Barbed D'evll [MMJ .ACO, HO B, M.ove: 12· • N() ef Atra eks: 3, Dam,age: 2)(108131:14, peciltl Attacks & S

warded dais ,SIU'PPCl1is plE!~11tone throne. 3 s




AI lhlOland, OJ stfong'ly-

ti'ii"'S covering t!lIl'8)i'mbol.s_1rhe !.nronQ's

li'1,alnra!lhe r th an 13 mtt cu be. I<,I!;P\n Iha SummOnIng] Room i




him. Thu gorem ,s further protection for Zot:aqliJla~m fI'hali.lldi I' s;ummoi"lilll!l g13\{I<'reng.

Deiianc83: See MM, MarJIe Re.s:istam::e: :35%, HP' 42, ~nd an Iron Golem IMMJ PIC J. ttl') 1B! Move: 6~, No ,oIAtillrnio:s! 1. O;;tm8oe: 4d10, Sp~l:i~1 Pitt!:rck:3: Gas, 'Special OefenCils: +3 orbetterweuponsto hftlmmU'mltol'lll m"gk but ftlectrl~ I. H P' eo, 1rh'Ei pi rits' el1 m Ity to r s Bach other is onlV 8KI>ElIOdea by lhli!lr hallred Gr Zetlltjuaan, 111 filet lotaquaan wl:luld be 91ad to g!3t ·fi d of1llem bu ~'1tll;!i i' term's. ,o·fbiWldln9 sripuJafe.d relea&!u'frer 10 Years, and 9 dalls <lII'id ·10bn~8 Ii.'them WO\J Idl Oil Raw I;hem to a!Jl;l)ck

Onlytne uPPllreighlsterey:o Of ~heTor Wysard lire above .grouncl !'!lvoJ. These house ZDtilquaan'slivil1gqU,"I,rterul'ld:a library; five' -Floors of Daoks, scr'IllIlI!l, mElps, g~obes" piCtures in alii ,conceivablli:t langllJa,gll~ jjfld miltsrials, worth tn lotlll selleml millicl'I1sil'VGr p'ieces an cI ilOVIil ring ii Vils_t a rea, of kriowled ge wit., special !l'mpnaSI5 on magic ant! ll1!lgical reseereh. Callecfilv€lly, ttH'I6'B form a superb referenaQ library lilJ\ thelr cila€)tlc organizalion meansthBLt, ynlll proj]er~v Cll!tEllogued,1l precess which would require several veal'S, Irlll."{arn us'e~es;lI·!Q,anli'one but ZotiiCjuElan,. in the library, mostly buried! under-piles ofrelalively worthless material and erl1liecied bV fi rB t~ap spell s, Il ra ,zotaquaan 's m asts r spell books. In alllditfoFi to' all o~ Ihe glll-nerally kfl!!Wn'sPBJls, nH'~.5e CflI'I1Ii1~n many V1EIriIlOQI'1!> an ~)(istil1g spelts and naw sl'lells deVBI a'pad by ZOUlquaal'l ~·lm5etf. Arnc,n!;rSI1ht:l:se latter lire Ihe cr(lale fafS-f3 relic SJj eU rPart41, The library is prDu!ctsd by a GLi13rd~anDaemon ~FFI AC 1, HOB., Mave; !3'.~1J o.f Aftacks;: J. Damage: '1d6.i3l(~d12, Special Defences: Immune Ie STIilOP,r;hllrm, hald, pDJlymQrpll ElM fillar. +2 or batter weapolls to hil, Immune to al'l swords, IlIh'lglc Fiesist!lfl!::e: '50%, HI" 51, wtHl dces nat nElva the ab !lli)! to breath fi rill sin co rhEl'tCDuld prove dam<lging to Ihe library's co nWn!S. The Oa erne fI is fTil!~tructed to' etta!!.!;: <UWilInBiwho antcrs the Ilbrary exce,pt for ZoraqlJaan oranvane ~litrQdwcedi bV Z.oIBqu1Ian. The IJPp~rmosl. ~hr~l;I-stofeys of the for holdZotaquaan's Ii\ll~garses, The thW'ElQ underground floors form ZOU'llql:i<l.an's labonnory,; a chaotic: ~rle~ of 1'0 om s Il~ ttarad with -a!c~ern lcal app~,r!iltu.s, U I'lxperi:mentlal1mirnal pens, l1alf -e ompleted e'i!lOerrmBnJSr ...ari"usb~ts.and p,isce'S of magic end stores 0'1 all W~H'oS possible spaH C:OnJ" Il'f ponents; S\lvsral hU!"Idreliis ofthousand!l of sliver pieeas,:wor'!h a'll wid. !;lenuln", alndi 'ailed magic items a'fS' all mixed !pgsther; ont". Zotaq!1ll1l~m knowing what is Wttat. nNe failed l'IBms a~e; EI-2 Braff>d'sword;"" Wand tJl CQfd whloh ,envelopS its, U~f 1iI5 an lee-storm; ar l;uJ151lnCU5 Polirm (JlfClimbi't'lg; a delusionary Porlo,",o( lnvulnfjlrabilityarllf a 1"Orlt;.n af Dim'nutian wnich shrhnk:s Its User to GnB fifo tiel!'! 'of normal Siz,e' until a wdsh is us,ad to' rev~fSU the affect The carr,eelly funC1'~ol"lil'l'9 jtem:SSire: Eisul'i of +2 Plate Armouf. bits of" which I'Ir scatteired all ,overthe labcratQry. requi ring 8! WQllks :lear,eh to 10~l'Ite ~hem IiII;

WE 20367,8, BL HlOOO,51 a.IN 19, WI1i r DE 1B. CD 9, C H 17, MI IoVand (;If Fifil {35 c:;11!lrfigest. BrBcers (Jf.Defen~ AC 2, Robe Dr Scintil/'allR~ C'o/cwrs, Ring' r;fRfl~en9rotirm, Ring afElemal1t8rC;omm811d~E<!rthL f-3 CMgflS'r, WN Wa Fl d, SE'slls:. 1st: ctr",'ml pl'tf'lSCJlI, /'iota ponaJ. idfNI'tity; sMa/d, sle9p_ :2l'1d; deter;tevlf, ESP, Jocatfl Qbjl'i~t,stinking cloud, web. 3rd: di5PIJ~ milgrr;;, 11JJJst8, Jigf'lmina bolt pmt'eCTIan from ~vlI10' f'Gl'dj'us,pr,TJtflPion from {lormal rn/:;sf'/as. 4tl1; oonfusiorl, fea" fee .st,t;lrm. m frlor globe InvulnllfBbility, mmOile cursfJ. 5!1~: oudk!ll, d ccmjUrflJ'Qismentai, 2_~ _contllcl orner plana, hold monster. 16th: wScI'/1leg1:8te,egflna lorB, l 5fJ'rltwraoft- 7th: cO'ICQdemc:m, lim It_ed .....sh" I powQFlmmi srun, 8!h~ !1Ti111parhy,mind Mmk, Zoraquaan al,1I:I'has llrnlted psfonic p!:Jrwnl'll. Ability 131, Anli!ckiD!lfal'l~e Modes ADElHIJ, Disciplines; Detection of Evil, Dsminatfon, PrBcogn/rian,' Emrrgy C.,f!rI\C1J.

ba;forfl crelng. tBken bur are o[h!l:nNi!lfl as normal; a Crrstal Safhmd ~ Hfltm QfCortlpreluNldiflg La nguB,ges and Magll: [aU DMG] In the Form of a bum i Fl.g ,ad ~rn rnou rned upan ~ slim silver flll,et, Zotaqua,ill1 uSiually Ilarries the remainder of hls mligi~ lIrolo.lnd wlth 'him and those era snown unoef his sratlsncs. ZOI!lq"HJtll'1 Aef lor Wji'Siird'! RIA H,SX M, AL N. CI:. MU, LV 17, HI' 4~, AC -2. AG 129,

~Spl'lll,: ~a';'Ij::lemDn, 2 ill ,limited wish, power sword stun, OIOIilB, mOIl"s~rSlJmmonlng VI.p8rmangncy, fJClI~mrJrph 8!lY (JlJjfllit,. giS1B', hape change, Wish, pr{)re.ctlaru s elem~niaJs,fT;uIQi&1al"lo.a wide ro1'19i!lof-powdered potIon s Id x Exlrilhofl{ing, Fm, fT'F1si$~ tlimae,Sra~m GientSrrength, 5 x Neailfi'g, Levltalion, ::1 !I PO;-SOI'l~ wlrih:;h need to bl3 w{tJ:loTl5ilillJ1ieci with "'<llf a plnt<JIf water aac11


ZOilllCJuaan has retired from S&tiVB :adv anturirlg to devot1S i'limselftg hls ~n'y truA lovaresearch. His knowledgo of all types 01 ga rIcia I S(udy of summoning

The -mo~t IJrillliant ~omer~F of his tlrne,

!l!e~l.in9s with

aUiMcrity in that ar'!le of mag~c, HIS f'requent the in.habi~EI!lils ohhe ether Plan!i!s havlIJ not, hQwi'lve:r, curbed his, naturaUy irrevem [It ?ers.ol1 Ellifir' a!tnoug n 1\1'IlVh~\le SfflVE!C'to Tncrease hls 81!'1'Og<lnc:-e. Dcspi'ta this, his 9@. n~r~1 go.~d humour keaps tlfm a
pCljllllar ffglo.ll;!lJ III IniliM. Zotaq,uaan'5 familiar, Fylin, is~lrn;lar1o Iha norm{lIGt.u:m:li,lIlli, Fammar IFA I!l)ulept tna,IU has fr'!:Il3dom of mov;smQnt. is ol(ceplionllily Il1te.lli911llt and '"'lUi polymQrplJ i~61lf!li1 !Nrll Iinto Ii! nl1milrl form, .L\'t 8'liInd bettor, HD llJfld bette" Mo""e~ 12" alfld I:Irgtter, No of Attacks: 3, Damagie: 2}!ld4,/'t:l6 and bettor, gpa~r~1 Defelnclls~ Re'l:!inl<l. Ma~ic ReslstalMe: 85%, HP andbiltl:a r. jTh ~ DM sh ~u ld de~jd!l e!(!!!!tJy what Zotilquilaor(S now spells Bifid

era] irH;:antatiol'lfs ~fIphQfromenO!laml his spes alild c191fr;:lcpment of new rftlJal$ of summoning, binding and b.millil\1me!1t hav,1l made him the undispu'!,ed


v;ariatioDl!l are.. A gO'Od 'soiJtoa 13
pre\riO!1;;! WDs, I

l1eW s,pells-trom


14nil Gnom

rE:EI~,.ST2,N 1 B, N2 Hi. eN FO, aC4, CMl2, NC


Ju!!'! iAaf. ~ RHH Dillman'!


limitod accomrnedetlon: private rooms lOr eight and il' common room 'for anuther tan, Mesl 01 its, yrG U rid ifloc r is til kan over withlh e gamb 111';0,a~ <i i,itgl{'l pi Ihued 1iI~;;1 dswra.ted h 15; wiHl fl1l~ed p'lum plush and p-~Qjrl1g gilt sluc;co and two smaller, more secluded moms ..A. V;8rloly (jIf enrnn;lll'lmel'lts are on offer, nangng from sjnwle card! and dice 'OIBlmB,ll, up to bll'<lrdgatmes suuh as Drcfech! or Aelfgam. he games are Il'rQoked but mll.obViously so; the de~ree vafic~ with Ihe amount t11(1 glli'tl~Ilr c.owld plJiS'SiiblVwinlr 5uocess~1 aflc:i averag!;ls a 15% AGtlS43 ed [!}e.The cash lloat ls i200Q.gp; reserves Olll flJrllier4(lODyp are on de;posil with Disrlm the banker [Ii'art 21. The

6d4/5d5l10d4lU0cI6, NS IQ,RC 1. Owned bV Ereil GBsrfntrllF'i'lrt4J. tne Gnome Jyecl Aetis primarihf' a gambling house; havtng o,n,ly

PSiOllkCS IhrBVii3' thOI"[l·f.!:krag_one IJnder'gmlJlrtd; fonnlll'Qllha secret. Psionio Fiellowship 10 j!]Iuilrd Uleir interests al1d prOfecta:nd train YO!Jngsl,ers gifted with powers of the mind. The ,Fellowship's r~Pf,ese'lI1it~velnlrttian is Djhela Bn"Gri;z; flA H. SX F, AL N. CL I. I.\lS, HP,2'4,AC 6, WEJ791. 8~ 'HlQ, 1:2,IN 17, WI 1 11, CO 12, CH 17, M I 1- 1 R'/F!{) of Pmtec·

StrnetiA5HiIT 2, Nl 3, N!24, eN co, GM (I>~.
YE BBj9" WE <1123.

pouncers: are:
NAME Ugllin

offll~,.rofP [DMe> • WN Daggelf. SpElIII!;; 11Sl;:; audible glamour, alwng'e s:eU, G(J/cWrspray, fI)!pfJf)tism. 2ncl~ hy-pnoUc pauern, ill'vlsiiJilfty, mirror (mage. 3rd: tes«, sper:Jral force. 4t1,~ pIUJn!"8Sff'l1J1kffllfJr. Psi(l,nic Abi~ily 160. Aitacli Modes AE. DDfbm;e Modes Ft. Discij:iIi nes: E.SP . .$ensldvltY.lo Psyallic impN~55j'(Jn5, Otije,r:I' fl,fflBdfn,g; Tf3f.9pathv, Currentrry on ;i two year secoi1drnen1 10 lrlllan, Ojhli!l<! IS thcrmlghlv bored. Unable to locate a single psionic, latent 01" fltiharwlse, sha is ready lOr anything which mighlprove

tion, Seml/,of Imr.roved Inlrlsfl111l1:y x 2, Wlilmi



dS15 Cordwainers trnases sheas, bOOl:S). 2 lUff !'JrosStraet(1B5L ST2, N1 J, N25. GN BA, eM 1.1, YEi:l7S6. WE 3432, d511'i COUrSCll1F$' Iherse de,aler). 11 J'1'iht
Morna:UOfl Cia!> ~E.8I, 5f1, 1.1, VI: 115E4, WE 41 ~5. N1 5, eN 1\V, eM

dS17 C'rossbo ",,!!,er ~'oms~bows, arb a 1!l'S'l;!;J. 140Lui'l Flubjs W,8~ (CI1), ST 2, 1'111 4. rt2 6, eN ~'8, eM 1.05, YIE lBS94. WE 867~,

d519Currimddrem;es and colours leatherl. a luft Gcal!lll Stram (B6t 5T1, Ni 4, eN SA,
eM 1-0, YE 6380, WE 2!146.

3. N,2 4,. GN PO. eM HI, VIE sou. WE 1902', (fS2'G J)f[Jmmlilk~r.fi Riht M 8l' We.. ie 6',

aS190airy, , Luft mid Wl,en {061.ST 2. Nl

ST 2. N14. N2 6, eN BA, eM 1.0, ¥E'90! 2,

~lgfa 'hc F N1 IF 5 35 5 24 2413 140 17 9 1_ Mlif'QrrofiS at E¥rr-8i1ea'lIng, Human Control . (~-1J'I 1~
iCo,mmafil ,cuslCim~f5 at the Gnome




RA SX Al Cl LV ~p AC AG WE 6L 57 W~ O~ CO ell WN \60 M PIlE IF J :~r' 5 1'6 634 5~ Hi 12 51 12 14 1 Shortsword 1+0/+1) 4 24 5 21 1108 120 15 13 '11 13 13 9 Mace ~O M LN! 4 11 18 .• 6 Shortsward _.


WE40:R dS2i Farrier (ShOBS horses), 3 Ritll Monastan C)os (D51.S:T2, N1 3, N 2 6, eN BA, G:M 1.1, 'l'E 18021. WE 90Hl, d522' F~~mDng8l' ~SI!lHlicuntil rmed ski r1<sJ. 4 Luft Geal~gEisnia;t ~B5h 1, N14. eN PO, eM ST 1.0, VE 5!l1:8C1. WE 1903. d523Flmch9rlarrows. darlsl, 13luft R'ubis Weg (D6L.Sr~, N14, N21, eN co, eM 1.115,. YE 7530. WE 3180. ST i, N" 4, eN IPO, eM 1.0, YE. 5~84,WE 1 GOB. d-SZ5 FruilerfJ'f' I fruit). 41'11ht Di1!!!'!"Il;Int R1Jd (E6). ST2, N1 4,. N2 6. eN BA, eM l.IJ, VI: 1(9)i'S, WE 4539. dS26 Furrier [furs); 4 Rif1t Tor Weg [D71, ST 3, N1 a. N~ 1, /'1.137, eN PO,GM 1.2. YE 45687, WE 289!45. Owned bv Garua Treogcgefa RillI nm'Stnl~l
I:IS24 Fis.hmrmgQr. 5 Rlih't Mathkr Laen (C7~.

\6asrll1'lrf 13C),llrcllN POIBrlCm ~HH,J'~"os: ef'I!::leQfilln ~5),2d<loHhe S~oultST(301. om· C I'Indere Aef HIJ'r~ (51. St()rmwea~'~111 Cam~ endare (5). Blodm,m:hantCommBndera nn, ~fslr31ohhfl Gild Aef \fen met!>05l, i d40fthll ~ElBlg~gIlFlg (2(1),DJhejaof the W'sfanic Fel· oW'S hip I;2'O~, 2dB GHt1e Garde ,(~OO!I.The onlY'
pers!lIIlllf rlCI!'" pwe-sentl\f ISU,,!,}"!:!a~ thel Gnorne is Djnela (rlthe Psiomc Fellowship 0.5109 illSa trader ill !j1l:oliolurs. The Gnllme has IiI'" Iv been 5LJffaring a run of bad IlJck~ several weeks 1l90, lt lost ajrnost 2000gp ln one night to a gmup pf vismrlg !1Iamblers~ rnvaterioua flres he v e beef'l break!ng o lilt ahd On Mo oceasions in the 11Ist5ea~ son, h has boel1 attacked b~ Ihe Mob. Gon· ~Jlqu~nlt1i,'eusrern has fallen rllpidly; bringing EI"~a!~ 'the verge or bankruptcv. SII'r'1yltilneErElB n v ar her dlff1cu,ltle5 by ,CIJY'I,"!9 tI %·sl11;lre' In the business. Erea ts C!H1I1II")CQd !hatHI"!"!! is II single ageni b]:lhil'1d lno !:>Mme'!u:fiFlicullies ,but,hIlS r101nJ":lin,g Iha'Ul help

are: Erea

Zotaquaan AefTor W,y-s.ml

a dIVe'k'5u:m. AlihlJ.iJgb Il'ItrlgL!ec! bv the Flubls Weg well, she has rei IJI cte n'tl y dec.:jdll!d tlnllil slHt 1'185 no. ttl;il?<!bHity to inVlBs1ig,ate alone and lh<!uhfJ canno[ilffcrd 10 I"E!veallhe~e1"llC arnYOIO!lwh,o might assist her. The Psiorric FelI~wship is known 10 but does not know of

ol.lsly, a serles of prospectl .... b~llrs ha.... o e ~ppB~rnrl" appa~ntly, motloJ~ued b:v a ":'fish to

Is Peloa Irillsdohior

fPart Ill.

~T3, N1 a, N2 12, 1'11310.eN AV, Be o..ltCM. 3, NC"'dBt4~6.I4d1Q,I4d8, NS 1 s, RC Q, 1. he; p'lormrTg,an IS Irrlhm's Slolelrllgh ~laS1l1nn. The ff;)nd Bod wi n e ill nUlxcfll1 ant.. the be-ds S'.ofi: a n lit Ihe 5hcnrts cl'l,!lngl;!d Qvery s~cQnd seaSOM-

15The Slorm'ridan. 1 llJlt :M<alhkr Laen (C11,

6, eN PO. eM 1,0, YE 715mlB, WE 42308. The apoHH~cary has tile folill:lwing' items tor sata, The-price IPlr' damage healed (D) and number of each ~NAI am yivan: each requires three daeg to rnlllllUllicture. TlnC1UI1! of Healing: P 225gp, 0 'j 114,NAU). Salve 01 Hea~ii'ig: P 4<50gp, ,0 2d4. NA 5. Salve of Gfeat Healing: F' 900gp. C'lId4, NA 3. Potion of Dis6B'SI;I ~ P 600gp. D wi 1'1 Cl:JreOnil dlsease In ld4 dae_g,NA 3. Ail' wilh 'l.heAbbeic" none of these rtarns are magIcal althol.lgh th Illr ~tfec:ts rmig ht se ~m so. AlsQ iI'!."!l 11,,, ble ~r(l' a wide ra ng~, Clf tm,atent medici nes (all U 6,(1Iass ~1J'l hill h IIf recom mendm:l by tha owner) and 'Lne most common cu~,i\fe herbs from the DMG ~60% fa r :a,ny S pacific a !'le). dS2 89ker~5 Riht Rubis Weg (65l, ST 2, N11 5. N2 4. eN po, eM VIE S967. WE 4036. dSJ'IDlker, 2 lu;ft:Tor Weg ID7J.Si 2. Nl 3,

ShC)flS dS1 A{Jr:;Jthtl.r;i1._ry ~s,a~Ves. tir:U:tlJTEI;8" pollior1's e1c). 16MSIrli; G9<m:lID51. ST3, N14, N2 0, NJ

{Par,( 4). dS27 Gl'iloGh,emilk~:r IWilt~rprcct .shoes). 6

dS28 G~rblBr {spice s1ft.er~, 6 RI'h1 Fill!! Str~""t [E61. 5T 2, N1 4. N2 6. eN PO, eM 1.0, VIS 72il4" WE ,2930.

eM i ,0. VE 'S!el9I!i,WE J97S;


2, N14, N23.




N2 5, eN co, eM 0.95, YE 9002. WE 3809. r1S4l!J~fbor. 9 Luft GaOl19a Silra e I IBiS!, ST

~ven [he flailS SQ~1'I1 106S VI:H1l1lhoU5 'than ~lsGWtrElra, Being .. SWish sort afplece. it IIIas: n'y ,one bounoer. Efiral'1 SWeOtdilliln. a ll:aceaiJIe fellow who will, If possible. rea,SOIn ~ Wllhlr~Uble-m~ker!l rather tn{ln lay ,nand;
RAH.,SX M,ALNG, CI..F,LV3, HF' ~!l, 5.,At; S6,WE 104, BI.,'50.Sr 13,1N, U, AC !N'113, DE: 1:2, 1. CH 9,11.111None, WN Til!! irn'l1'SlIIJYfI~~trloor is lali:en u.p"''I'~lh its F~cl1el'ls and df,,;ng rooms. U:l?Slaffs, 'Iihere is !?rt!l<lte am:ommooalh:m fo'r thirty ana c'~rn' inOil1 rOOm'.ii lor iln(]th~r forty. Pupl;!11 .. r With iI'I ernhan ls, it is Hkely to b s' fw fly booked If here i's;8 r:<l roY.a n i!'l tQW,I"'.The Storm ride n's ie I!Ilive Iliolcelill nee 1111lan s I~ a I his often iJl~cle 1J:51:1 !;If by the Counsell to put up offi ci Ell JIJ9Sts, Common visilots l!lre~ LHlfQ5 Ggf2lCBo.ian t 10). AsIa!! o"f the lemple Tirrtis eSage (1 CIl. ZO'IB~lIaan AcfTQrWysardl ~5l. ~ms S'ni:'ikBeil!<lenm,Oar!lon Aeffh,aer (15), ..Iisim O!lOii'ti!u rig III (2,1l. GO! OE'neow!:1 gef<l ' r Ii), Tirouv Pol",rloFllHSl'. pontflem.


N14, Nlfi. NJ 6, C~ I3A, eM UH'i" YE 7504, dS5Bookbfndijr,


Nl 2. N27, eN PO, eM 1,0, YI: 907S. WE4{)90. dS35 /;rslrumel!tmIl'Ker. MlJsoiclJ'f IslitckbUISi. li'io~s etc!. 2. tuft Slllmcun FiladlB5i. ::iT 2. N" '3, N.2 Ii, eN PO, eM 1.2', ¥E lSQaa, WE 9Q75. tralaDes Eltr::I.4 RHlt R~bis Weg ~Elc5),ST 3, Nl ,:ii, N2 5, N3 6, eN 1"0, eM l ,5, VIC.33064, WE dS3'7 Lflll'thBI'NQrlc:flf Ism'S n t~al'hera ftlcI~esl. to Riht G'Il-!llg<l Str~et (66), ST.2, N1 3.,

Rlht Mor1a;slli11 elm. ~Dm. T2, Nl 4.NO!4,.eN S PO, eM 1.1, "fE. W231. WE 43E~. dS3'OH8wkef (~awks, ralco~s), 5l'!ih.t D~@. rn!lllltR.ad (Ell, ST2. Nil 4, N2 1. eN 'PO, eM ~,'3. VE 2674'5, WE 13543. dS31 Hetbafisr. 11 Mark Gea-rd [E5)', ST -3, N16, NZ7, eN A'll, eM 1.0. YE 67094, WE3e8~5. fi512 rlClm6r~horn articl'es). 14 Miirk Geard 1"5).813. N1 5,1N24,IN3 ..a.,CNIpO,eM 1.1. VE Ei9886, WE 30005. . I'l'SJ3 lIIuminli lor ~ man usc rl pts ~,3 Flj hi Mel Weg ~C.S), sra, N1 4, N2 5, eN PO, rCM 11.5,VE 180813. we 9015. dS34lnll'edinkl. 9 fliIT'II Met Weg ID51,!:IT2,

harnessesl. 8

6, Rilll Rubis W",g 1135'1. 2.... 1 6. N2 5, CNlPO, eM 1.0, '('e 11019, N
WE 43SB. dS6Hook!;oflar.!.i



S~iell!ifk ~a5·


n ~).

WE 3983. OS,O Butaher. i4lFHh"t Gealga Strael,!861.


21046, WE 9675. dS7 8owyer, Great IiQn9~ J;I'n'Jdcom p-05i1e !:lows). 17 Fbhl Rubis W(Yg (D6t Si 8, N14, N2 5'. N31i'l, eN PO, 1,:21, 37495". WE 119GB7. '(IE dSS 1'10' '" t.ess"" (sho1"1bOI;V5I. 20 Rjht Rubis _I. ST 2, IN1 ii, Nil 6. eN co. eM 1.1, '1'£ 1:3 , WE 6089. dS9 B.U~CJ'fH.6 Luft MQl:le'S"\~ri Clas m-5,I,

Ailn Sa,lmpun Straet (Ca·l. 313, Nl 6, N24, N35,. eN AV. eM 1.3, '(it:


N2:'6, eN SA, CMQ.95, YE SSil!i', WE :2014.
. tlS38Umner(in~1'!linla, ponrailp!linter).


'Lull Fals Sva·et (00), STa, N1 2,1'11:£15.CN SA, eM 1.2. YE lSOO7a,WE 907.8, dSaS MBoor!maoo5. flail'S, morninQ-!l,ta'rs). :.1 Riht Munuc We!! tC6)i, 512', N1 A. N2 4, eN 3~,N2 " loll I, N4 1, eN PO,
pOJ eM 1. ", YE 375100,WE 19068, , dS'40 MIJI(Jt • .<llLufi FlubisWea ~C_!5), 4, NIl ST


r;n 3. 'NI24, eN

PO. CM UI, 'VE 89'79,

WE '8807 . The mill iswind,powfJrod;

eM MI,

VE 190(18"

Filia.!! Societies, rhlil P'si<m c Felluwship. Ti'uHlrea {lrgunc In'l· ian is notorious for its IntclefElnOB of psrqnics'lftneGnos hadwamed lUi tg h!lvB psionic ~'oWll'rs,lheywo~ld have mlldlll iJ~ Mind travers: r s a' CO!11li'tl view chhe mane r, Irs 0",

WE 1980. dSl3 Cha,;e-makBr(buckle:!;Eil'ld SGaobard 'fiuln . 14RlhHlub~:]!Weg IC6),~n3, IN1J"

5T 2. N1 3, N.a" eN PO, eM 1(l,'S. '1'1: 9021. WE400S, nSf 1 Cham/Ie .. WaN (candies). 4 Luft Fyr R~d lEG', ST 2. N1 4, N:n. ,eN PO, eM 1.0, VE 8798, WE.4Q32. ,dSf2CJ7_9ndler, Talloll\l!tal1d~e,s),.4 Riltrl Fyr Ra:dIE71.sn. N114.cN I!IA,CM 1.1, VIEBOD9,

lftreesroriils may Il_,e pivoted to fl!~~the wtnct (;1541 Orglem8ker (or!;Jans).4 RJ In Sa nt Hael ('06], ST 2, N1 4', N:Z 7, CN PO. CM 1.0. 'ViE
" 802:1. WE 8943, Rlh1 Met Wen ID7~. S

,d54'2P.an:hm. 8.rne. F~( .arahmel"ll, \leHumj. 7
2. N 1', N:i13. eN SA.

eM 1,0. YE B7B9. WE B~1'. 9'543" Pepperer h3pif'lls l. 1 Lufit is an H ElIlI
IC6J, ST 2, N1 4, N2 4,CN PO, eM 1.3, '!IE


1, CINBA, eM 1.1 ,VE 18253, WE 907f1. CQb!J/er ire,pa'lr sholl~l. 2 RHu Gesl9il, 4'9

449137, WE 20014. dS44 Pickt'er I'pres.erves 111"1 br.lnel. 1 Riht (j,eaLga Laefi ,B6),S1'2, N1 2,N21, eN SA,eM 1i.(li, VE ·10584. WE.4.39".t>

(PtJ Ie-a rms), , 2 Lbi rt Rut.~s W'E:g (05), ST2, N 1 2, Nil s, N3 S, eN PO',

1> (/$45 Pof" ArmOUf!lf CM

dS47Qjji~(jfrmaker. liHlihtflubisWeg (O~), .sn, N1 ,"eN PO, CM 101 YE9501S. WE 411Q3, dS'48 Salter jpreserves in salt), 7 'Luft

dS46 Guarm(ler (qUarral:s), I Rillt Fa!!; Stmct ~DSl,ST 2, 1'413, Nl5, eN SA, eM 1,1, YE 9.241], WE 40~ 9.

i.e. YE 1750'9.


smpIOyrneflllfneress(lFYClsuaUy as I:morly pl'Iijd bOdyguards - and assist I;ha~Bcters to ra e ruit f'leb'lcllrnfin and rrimlil'lgs; Ili;!lling reeords on most characters In the Mf!:J arou,nd IrlIhm. The Q~ltI B'rrTill1geslntreduoriol'llS j;or characters wishing training at a CQ!;;t equal rc 5% of Ihfl' irliiFl,ng fee. 'Tl1~trainers av.~i1ll'!'bleare: Cleric: Fighter; Rai1ger: Thief: lllualcnist, AslasofdH~T'emf'lle Cornrnandere Aer Hnrs Al1tlalas ohhEi Scouts Hircan o'FIM,oGealg[lg1'InQ MDnk, Bard: NotAvaIlable Drllid; Adllsn ~hQ DrlJld Paladin: Serial Vengerdohtor M 8g'C U ser: ZOlOl qu a Em Acf Tor Wysard Assassin: Torgul mll'ie Hashishlvv

'Mag.kosWElQ !D11,ST1, N1 It.eN BA eM 0.9, VE J"609, WE a179_ dS49St;tib!;.ardmak€f.5 tun MLlnu~ W~g (C61. ST 2, Nl1 J, N2 5, eN 1"0, eM 1,[1, YE 8674, WiE :2'9f;lIL

dS5{) Skinner {al'llmal SKillS). 4 R'iht Gealg'G S'trael 'lAst, 8T 3, N 1 2, N2 4, N31, eN BA, eM 1,,0,YE 110'3. WE4gg2. dS5~ SIBbIQ1i. Be~Bfln Grlmmr TQr im!:l S<lnguln To'r Hm, ST 1 Nl 3, eN PO, eM 1.1, flOS1, WE 3104. dS52 SWfJrrjsmfth (5wordsalld daggl!lrsl. 3 Rph[ Munl,JcWeg IDtH, 5T3, N12, N2 6, N3 8, C,NAV, eM 1,.2, VlE4S031, WE 224m r;lS53 Tanner (tans skins). 3 LuI'! Geilll;l<l Straet (El5~. ST 2. N 1 a. N2 4, eN PO. eM 1,0,


These· d18,r-aeters Will not ;.tutomiillically


picks, spears, Slifl{:ls). 2 lLift Mllnuc W9:>J [CSI" 3, Nl 2, NE " N3 B, eN 1"0, eM 1.0, YE 1~109,

VI: 50048, WE 17'UJ. d'S54 WBl'lpmlSmiln [axes, lavellns, WE 7201. d855 W/JilX'BlIIIYfif (whrlfill@ame.r),

",ide trairllng stncc 1Ilignml1nJ and nrllgiou'S consfceraTions rnlgiht d1.ctate otherwise. The (i,ill'! MaMlr!i:l is Gis;ral Llilmphealt, a figh.ter who has relired after losinq a leg in 01 20, AC 0, AG 63. WE 970. SL 100. ST 1,2, IN 14, WI 15. DE 10, GO 7, GH 13, M~ H ,shield, + 1 PliJlfi MI'iU, _ 1 Longsword (NSA!. WN Sword A brusqUB old man, Gislral is fond of mminiscfl"lg and comparing modiarnadvEinturars t.mFaliourably 10 tho real n'II1Hl [and dwarves arid elves andgnamesandhahiflings dlnd,._~ rhat tnare Ware In histlrne. Gildsm~n may. lfthdv wish, RBep tlnlir mernbershlp secret. !ho'llettl~! do so-are marked wl1l1 !lI!'I lSI on tno membef!>niIJ llst. The Gildsmenare: The.Irillsn Scouts, Comm~ndBnI Ael Ho'r.l'. Hlief1h<lnman Commandere, Sl}rilll' and Ankos ~f lhe AbbBiil' ~S/. A.d'l"SL ine Druid, Lhe Cl'umfrmar1, P,elno:; of (he femple, GilDS. from th~ Griroun (5)" Zi!Jl..i1 from the Heqfed Aef Ore, Sign lind Agl".!Ic from t!n'El Heafod Aef Orc, Torgul DHh~ Gild of Hashishiyy, Hir!ll1ln of the GealgagEmg (S). Irilia" Gilds; and CGm;p;mll'ls. Gil~s in lrilian <Ira 1'101as p.owerlul-as thlllY are' In ottier inde-I rolled by the COLln'S!'!il.Thus, rather than conatiWLif'l,gapClwelf'1;iloc~epata'l)elfmm thi:=governmenras is usual, they rorm part ot tnat gOllernnnl¥lt ,antlllfe used by i'l. to !::llIl1tmllh~ trades, Also unusuallv, their re-gul'SIOI'Y <Inc social funetlons !naVe been spl,it.ln cQmmon wrlh all Gilds. ~irleirprimE!ry function is .rsgulating the trades but their social f1JMrfol"ls IrulVe. bean-taken 0veFbytheWard~[lds, Membllrs:lilpofOl GUidi:; res.hlc:tedto Irllliin c:itil-'l!l'11'i """flo can provide proof ofthl1lir comp9tllncy in IftIUAN.


hive, RA H, SX M, AL N, CL ~,lV

s, 'HP


WE 4108.

12' Rilu Gealga Stl'ilel ~B61, S:T2.1.i>J1 N2 6, eN BA. f 1, eM 1.2, VE 11354, WE 5149. dS5'G Wifl,f,Jsnop. 8 fllhtt Rubis Weg (C5), ST2. 1'\11 VN.2 7, eN BA, eM 1.0, YE 9010.

members et a Gild or Company may carry on Cl Ireds in Iri ILain_ Gilds and C:ompal1i.e5 are \lory slmllar: tile rne in diffmB'Mr:e bein.g in tI-~eGlld8' greater status rather than in si.;:e or pows,r_ Toge'the.r Glk!h. arid Companies rna'll form a larger grouping known as e Trade; il ,stheseTr'lldcs lIlIiI,ic'h are clClt1'troIIIi.H:I bV the Co unsell rnarn bers lPart 41, fadl Glld!llr Coml!'a,ny !las its own Gi i Id M<lesi:rEl' '11'110to!:l'elh I1i r \Mit I'! III e Slo.Il'Idi(Gild-Syndic) regul'itl!ls ilsaFfaiirs, Each TfOlde Is-'governlild by 9 Gran Mlleslre ~il~l COldf1seH Members! who sertl~s rl'ltsrgl!d disputes. Iflll,IHtrad.e squabbles are rflfcrred to the Cort Civilis. To e1avaspace, wl'1ere <'I shop h~HI bean men1iclfloa In Irman !\wlli be IIl ..t of s GHd M~e5lre Hfthere IS more than cne shop ora particular type, rhll' richest is tna,t o.f ihe Gild Maeslf(J, the olhers are Ihe Sund'i's); il is up lo U,a OM! 10detail otlflQrs crllhe same type ifneceS5<lry. Ganenillv, these wlll be sm"ller wlln nne crattsman of j,Ollrnaymi'lr1 renk and ld2 apprenlicl'Isand Daangll.l'leJj 111 pi{Ja!l~;rork fur a midi M;J>t!stre's wor~Glh()1l The majer Trades if) erder of decr!1llsing 1l't::ltL.jS are: 11~1il We1ilp~nef's and Arrncurers, Jewellers, 'M.~HiUeTs_ etOlhWDrkers and Laathorworkars, Gilds.<lfld Comp<Jnlil8 crf Learning. Houser ,WocdWQrlmrs. VicluallllFS and, lastly, the Li!ijnIQ':;. Wardgrlds. E.filChElel;toral [!lI;'El map; and Thll Counseil, in IPort 4. pJ'Jianl in Irllilln has its Ward· glld: an mg,a!'li!lO.:JtionClfits oeeucarus formul Ilal support, Each Wardglld has roughl.,. 500 members wino sac-h pi from 5·50-l:lp per \ff;lOjlf cI'D,Psndil'lg upon income_ 'The funds are used 1'G~lIpporl dastltu le rnsrnbars of Ihe Ward, D1'lYfor funarols, fostar orphans and otherwise provlda a VEIl)" bilsic social r;;erviee. EBen Werdgild hlilS ,11 ccunsall whico regulates its affairs

their craft and P:ElY the Gild Fee of 5gp. Only

luft GealgaIStr:aet!B5l, ST~, NT 3,.CNCO.CM HI, YE 5985, WE 2014·,
S'E1 SCla .... afl'it!odDm. 4 Riht Fels Stra'llll

dS57 INineskI11f!fI.r(winEl,

Water.~k11"151_ j .


Riflg .ofP'rufo:dh:m, +3 croak ofProrecl/rU1.. +3 Fms'tbrami Long5wOqj. +6 ilslirg.using creetures, IN 14" EGO ta, AL cc, SpeOJlois Chaotic Good, Common, nJetec:ts Good and lE...ll, Traps find Ambushes in Bin radiws. WN Sword, The posstJ_ssor of that rare Ihin~ in r~ll!on. e, socl<!1 CQnSCleri!::,lO, Ilnd iii masterly tact!~,al'1 ~ ~erlll'l5 ',asdsl:icled UP{J1l1'I strate9Y' of' arrackIl!'Ig sl<l;,re,carav-ans OlE>hey near~rii'!ln. Sa sua~ t cessflJll haslhls b~IiH'IU,at Jrlllan's slave trade n.as ooell r,educed to almost nolhill[l with Uie tesulnnlFllheslavQ traders have oifer9'd 1tlOOgp .moO the COUflseH <I furtt1l'Jr 500iJP for hili!' he'ad. PIlr1IB5is known to and SBcretly ~is'le~ oyTeml Gurh,oC)htor ;and E~Ban ofthe Abbc;B [Pari 2J. The Sclavllfrl3odom maTnt3'ln$ two safe houses In Irilii'irl bath '!;,[affecl by sympathetIc lrllians; lWlllve. iM total. SE21 Ril'lt Selalilll Weg (DEi). ST2. N 1 1,

SlI:l.','Nl 2,N21', CNCO, Sirlcvllfi'isn isa major DsnlrE! 'lor sfaIlIHr.,ding, IhOi S;::lava,fre.odom, an anti·siallery society, nasa stron.g presence. Its recentl'f ar rived lea de r in IrHia n, P,emas. S~ng,deo9, ksaS~!l1I11,oldadn lheMarkGeard. MH. SX Ii', ALCG, GL F, I.V OJHP63.AC:2., AG 43, WE 4008, BL IrUlOrruptablc, ST 1Bj60j j 2! -T31.1N 11, WI 16, DE 17, CO 18 CH 17, MI +2


serve racas rather ti'ian geographical areas. They' are 'small in S1z13r ~avif19 Il~ most 21).30 memb9tS In lrilian .;Jlthough Ihfl'fr mernharshIP outsldo the I.own Clin run InlO the" thousands, Thalr h.l'l"Ids Elf~ likewlea mstricted, averaging about lOOgp, ThUJmajor Utfll'lr:ls wi'tl~ IFi[)ir~Glld Mall'stres <lr9: Dwarves; Dhmm the Bani<Qr,Elves: Ari-eIJ, 'ElisimIDcofCILmgl?"s tmdYQllard. Gn_ome5~ Erea Gasrin'lri, H<lJIorcs; ZJgfa from !:hi! Gnome Jusl Aef. All nO·Il-11wrmm.9 In !fll1an will be r'llQrnb}lHS Cit thoir respectivf! Utgilds; tlonllll:ln{) 2% ot Ihelr ~rlCOlfllile in akj!ls.. 01f1~V cl'illrBGters ofl'l'\g re'C:El onc~rned rnay join an U l'gild_.J o BOUNDARIES

IJtglids. Similar to the Wll rdgi lds, Ill", Utgilds





eN BA_

S,E33 Rtht Hrm;,Straut

1851. ST2, N1 2, N2 'I,

GV~ Gild Aef VlIlltel1e'rs.1 () Riht Met Wflg JDSle ST 3, N1 J. N~ 5. NJ 6. eN PO. Thu Gllq Aer Vem~mH5 pro .... ide51'l ra n £Ie of Ser\i'j oeo: flor adrvEH1ulren; in OIlld ilroum;! !ril!lIr1. Glid members hl'l,ve~o t1ol'lste 20% of ~II their 11:1 [;Oll'ile ta thee Gil~! help Ilach otMerwh,enevQr pelssible 01\1ngeth'i'n1ealn ofa Giid,m;,m, and r!l'!lp€cHlfid .ooey the Gi,lci Mii'llsVe. In return, th,e Gild wfll pfo\li[j,e iliu<:ommodilliofl fit lis (;.11:1HU's, U!llil its funds of 495~9P' to aEls]:;! GlIc!smellln Trouble, pmvidinjJ ranSon'1'!> again!>! lEiter pflymllll'lt rOf exo,mpl'Ei, store ""81uables In i'ls slrol'lgroom 150 DPV, firelr!ilpped, triple poison IQr;:k:!'dal1d iaoli:od OV<Eir bV "he Glile of Hasnishry;y), support advlliJlturers' dll:pendent~: I'Ind act all ~learin_g llolJlS:Ofor informalTan Iii will alsD find c:haraefers

SE [)l'lflA




Darkrhse on Irman
T/Jis is fhe fillaUnst.8fmerJt~ which takes The Rj~ing afthe

encounter tables.

lJa rk to 1~5climax

and p,rovidE!S tl,e rin.DI backgroiJl'ld

netas, and the

Tile 'Tunnel ,The mist waH will fo.llowlhe pm1y alang the east p.assfJg.e, CUllin!! off IIght.!!f'ld sound from tlll<1Willi. The wi5IlJs, sheddil"lll <I dim whltQ raaiance. will gradually become flbs~Ufed <15, tendrils at black mletstan to tWine ilcmss Lhe IfW;i~jS eM,cd ·'Ioor. These ten drill! grasp the t::l"uu·"cters and, aithouqh insubstantlal, their umeli will numb: slowing char;lIcters' movernents to hBlf normal. Soon the passOlge will be compllatQ!y blClcted; cutfll'i.(I ejf <111 si!lh~ of tho: Light aneac. Then NvO SI111dnw Demrms IFF] Ae9. 5 Of 1,1107+3, Move: tr. No crl An<!cks~ 3, Dama\ls: 1 dBj 2x~ do. Speeial An..cb: To Hft plus In low I[l;Iht/ Spe,.dal Defences: Imm,;ne to fire,._co!d and 19h1nTn9, 1t11ers depending upon liQht 0 level. HI" 2~. 24, will step ouj '01 ll,e wiI'15amd

Attacks: 1, Damage: 1d6, Specftll Attllcks': Pa~sesEli()n, HP (Dark ISody!) 15;.::5. 10;.::4, 4~;;I, 2, wi'!llllocll! Ihe p.l:!r~Y~ l=Ia111. hese w,][:1bg T joined later by; Round I: 1 lrolllMMJ Dark.cl,lId AC 4, HD 6+6, Movlil; 11", No of Attacks: 3, Damage: .2)( I d4+ 4"2 df.. Spa cijJ,lA uae ka: Possession,
SPllloCiDi Defences: Fleg:enewaticn, HP 2'9121) Round 2: 21J[;IIF~S 1M.M"IDarlochrldr,o.n AC 5, HD-41 t, Move: gM, No of Attacks: J.Omnage: 1d 11(l, Spec 1a I Attacks: PElSSBSllrClI~,I-IP 2DI Hi),

part\lIMVe.5 Darkcnilthen

Ba-ck on the ,Streets. Two

fOU nd'S altw f the the wa~l, 30 GQl;!IIr'J!MMJ AC G, ~D 1 1, MQ""'-l: 6", No 01

From lheTemCllc dcrOr'Wil\l. a [;!'OS!l the M a rli; Gel! 0, into ..loll Dilr~: '1>IJfl!ildinQ; h:alllingimm house to hOllse_al'1~ person 10 fHm;(')I'!, ul,'~f1 the whole of When IS ab~3zo wllh whfte fire. Arou nd the town W;;I 111l,he Da rl! wi II rise I hi_ghillF; cJra,win.g grS'a'ler powil1r lo ltsEillfbQforQ ILJrill:iling ovar th&wa~l,s and sW,EI<lplng once again to thl;l Mark Geii.rd. Tim Light will cHm
IrHian. WI'Hm if'le.popUllliiQI1I "wlllk,e~,ltwlll be "dawn; a golden SlJrL rlSl!'l9lnto a cloudless sky: The DiiHlk laid, Ofthe.Liglrilchlld, thoro win he no sign.

then flam up, suiklng th!=Jsansesfrom all in


hOW~5ofwolvjgs ,mel 9Cte:ams of'lJ!!orc Rvs' (Dark 1'1 i !le) will POhe", rd. From (~emistalleadwill UI.Jn>t!""o Death Oogs[FF1 AC 7, IrjD 2+1, Move: 12 ,No of Allacks: 2, Diilmllj;!e: 2x~dl(), SpE!cial AHtie.lis: Dige!!l~~', HP 9,7, cl[lseJy lollowed' bya Death ,Knight Iff] AC 0)-10 9q10, M'ovS'; 12", No ofAtt'l!l~s; 1, Damllglo: 1 cI~ (lllr,gswofd~i Specia,l Attac s: S:pelis, Special Defe~ces: Spells. Magic Res1stanc.e; 15%, HP391, mounted en a Ni~hlmi'lre ~MMl t -4. HD 6HI. Mo""e~ Hi'" A

",'lIack After defeating them and moving 00. thg thunder of taj:lidly approaching hooves

7, ld4.Special

Ra~na3~ 104 KQ~Qlds IMMI Oarl::chll~ren AC HDV*" MOile: 6", NO.oIAtlacks; t, DamaQlo;
,l!t,Uiit:ks: P05se-sslon, HP 1£i:>t;3{:n,


Rcmnd4: Ei Bugbears IMMI Darkctlildnm AC 5, 1-ii[J'3-1, MovlJ: 9". ~o·ol Attacks: " Dam;;)!JQ: 2dll, S.pecTal Att.I:I;llts:Swrprii5E1, Pos!>BSJIQn. i-IF! 4l(12~11I, 10(~H. (8:). 9 1i/oIJIUIS: g On:!! [MMI Darkcl1i1dren AC etc as before, HP 6x6(6), 2.x5{51. 5141. R(j~nd6; 1 Fro'.sl Giant IMMJ Darkchild

AC4. HD 12,.MO'v'!I:

12~, No of An.;;wl(:s: 1,

DBITllllgliI; 408, Blpecial Attacks: Pas-seSSHQn, Throw rocks fOr 2d10, Spec,al Defel1lces.:

JlPecifiQBllyin tne T~mpl'e fire I'll. ~he Ligli'llehlld nilS, 1OC'In.itpoi1'1US for Ihe: purpose of Eltuu:;ks Children ehl16 Dark ~see WD4lHor by D<lwt CItl!I'drll'r'!I. and willl'le.ed til get 10 rhs T,emple, lhepanvwUl be ,abl,!!to reach the we II with. out difficulty bu! they willi di'SC1Q\/8[~ .group D1 lD OrcDar~ Chfldrell1' IMM filnd FlaM? AI: 6, 51
II. 11 MO!o!'e~ 9'·, No of AruJ,e;:ks.: 1. Damage: . 1dS, Speeral Atta:eks: PQssession. HP I Darli Il30dVU 6<K1li(Bl', 3](614), 5(41. whl} have roped 1hsmselvlils down to the passi'l,g'li ..lftfi1e.si'; H,r,e destlOl'ed. the pany may u'Se lhesc ro,p@~ 10 cHmb back up.

Spll(ial b!>lfentes: Smo,ke serean, HP 41. These will fiyht lulhe death. Howeve,t, if they appear 10 be' willnlng,,[J1 roar al Lighl from tim passaqe's end IN'II engull and dle"Stroy them. The Upht J::ome~ rrem -a oaUl'ilf bUitfnTl1gIlaht 1111 tl1fj' o;;~ntre of an arched chamber wnioh opens eut after half iii mile qr lSO_ The lire is OJ manr!{loStationof tne Ugh. whieh has been prolelctrnglhft j:i<lrt'l{ so far. A Gharacter must. (If her or hi s OWI'I frsa wi ll, step rn[f1 h. The.n !Fle fire '111m glll.ll'! up, bllndinQ ev&yone for a turn and c.oll,.,umln~ whu9V9r.steppe!:l into It. It wUil rhcn fade 10 rilveal the hakedcharecrer, um::hlling'ed but for ill corUi'i~a'ilnOi au ra Qf b1lJo-whlle dlarncnd flr~" whi,cn flaresabout h. Wirh e1ttfl!lmO effen, the char'fIllor macy eli't€lnd tlfli5" ~UI'ato ern:ompass-a thin'll fool radius alb.oullfsej'j', destroying any ml'lnntesteUOtTso!!he DRrk [n Ih,e·area. Thi:!lp.s'S'CI dllmilntfn~g thilt It mavonly p@nQrmthlsrrve Urnes,before belny destroyed, III stepP'[nq imo thQilre, rile ~li1alra!:t!;lr bO!:lOrl1\lS part ofthe Lfgnt; tMe lightcnild, ThrolJ,~h the LiQht,"~lirlli Irilial") lT1ay bO'iS!l",~d O!~lhough, 'Ul ~twill realise. Ihe prl!lJPhecy sl'}ng must be ·Iulfilled. Th[f> me,ans i.hat th~ Ll9tiltchfld must be consuml!;;d il11 af\mera,1 pyrfi!;

:36 ,lIJo of Att.iilCks: a, Damarg~': 2~4i<!K::i'd4+ll:,

Round 7. 2 Milll~;ltOuJrs (MMI Darkllhi,ldren AC 6, HID!!i+3, NQ of Alllj:Jdg~ 2. Dl)mage: ld4,1

10 cold, HIP 5,0(38].


Roulld 8: 10 Unmounted D~crida!1 [Part 41 Dark:chlldraH AC IS.HI) 1, M[we: S", No 00 Attacks: 1, Damage': 1d8 [longsworcll, SpeCIal A1~tack~: P<loSsessiol'l, HI' 1(1)(·5(.'1.). RClJnd 9: 8 Gl"IOillMMJ DIl,rkGhi~dr~n, 5, rID 2. MOVE!: .9", No of A~~lIc·ks: I, DOlmag1!l; 02d4,Speciai Atttu:tks,: f'o!OS'!3ssion, HP'&il [I1~U, 2)i9~9}. RCJUf!d to: 4, fUnds-IFFI Darlu::-Fiildren AC!i. HD2-3, Move: 12", Noof;A,tlacks: 1, destroyed before dw t8 frill?ry could become profitable. ltls up 10' Ihslnd'i,vu:iulIl !)M~o I'FODa maqs: 1dEl. Spec iill' Atbn:lis: POSSfl:S:5 PO r1, H P 2;."1 H 11), ,:!.-: 10[91 ""i"de fUll'lnilir .detaijs If wished.~ 3. To thom tor Ci'li·lcJrM of lh" DOIrll:: elea51!1d!,rom the r tho rlilmilinder oHheir llves; a pensign QI SOO Dink's conirol will f1ght IprLight. In roulld gold pieces eilch IPer year. "teral GUllldot1lo,r A!'!f Abbeie,will Ol!!!."Ir~SJl two, the sUlrvivil'lg !rflian SCDlIlts w[,ll .mive tf) help ttl£! party IPart 4 blllltDwn to half Hi1 tie; than ks b\! rsil1inr/, resurrecting, Ilea/in!) ~11l' ~1J!)lcilPj for the ll~htl::hild \11;'110, b¥ 115, s.:al::Points 1lnd wltn all :lpEl[1s u'sedJ. fC:II.tlr rounds rifh::e saved Irniall, c!!Innm be re!l"alled by OlhliU Il1:al, lhe Gran Maf9Sclllai of the Monas, ,my (:lowe-ron the Prime Ma1!erlal Planel !lIllG. lBrlon [Parl4j wiH (arrlv W1li1 SII, filii. OlJ/an, Ged arid lheir Rlan at il,(ms.accompanil!td by of course, the ethereitizens of.lrillan w111 mUll them like loe!,!,1herog~. Tenq; s'umll'ulned ei'lher by1hil'Ugli"ll crAas,'s IrtHan may be used 1lS'.;;l <lsis for furlhef b ,horn They W\il,lhe~p the p·"rt'l" 10 Ihe Temple. <ur:lYentme,,;; by lhf.tDM. The Pilrty wtlillil,ve Alll,!! Mark Geard, '~hq1t"II'i,ilr1s ill b-e makW made powerful allle9 al"M'l ene:rnToes, both 0'1 ing a final stand. The rem!'1>ants aUlle Garde ilnd lhe MHitia will be sUtlnu out from Dia.which VI/ill I !>eekto use 'U"lemlor ¢heir QWn ~nd's ment"Radllo G~ldllael"l. Behi'mJ them, ill d!;lf'll'!j .mr.l the lCiWn is the ldea.1 basvfrom lIV~icl1 '1G subju gate ~h,s r ne\l\l lerr~ori Ii]"S, i crowd 01 aid me" and women Eilld chHdren EI re pray inll ~aoove Ih e ni, MI!l s rmd her penIBat;;kg,olll'nd IllfollTlBti:on lade slillll:lLJrn; Ilnd tQ their fmrl'l, a w<l~1of (rili!!n Law. Tilere are fCUlf eMe£loor[es: MII'it m15l.},an9s, p@i!i>~d_ All afO.lJnd,ligh1l1'1bl!1!) ary, Religious, Civil <ll'ldCrimina'!. Eacn has Irorks from [nO stormy sky to 't~e rO,oftops. different cQYI1;S II rid ~enaltles Ilnd deals wlin As tl'H party a!'lpel$r~, the mlcat Will r1s.e up diffiBrent i;ri·mes. 1.m!i1 11 cove rs !he Gnd r!l weslem hill r'f afina sky and thon SE!it1 to ad""ance._Thm U\\Ihtchlld shoul,cI go tothl:l Temple 'fire-pit ..A:s It dOrui SQ, Mil ite ry law. Deatsw[th Elil offQnc>e~QOn:'mi'tthe Temp,l@willl darlo:en untilllt]e onlv light t!f.d by members ottne .Gardll and Uile Milil:ii'f oome~,fnJm the fig me in the fI iii F1'lI£lS. G,r<l duwh}lr,l'on dUly. CrirT)es af'll: reported 1.0an 0",1 cer Who tllI!,f'I h~s liMe pOY!lef to arrest 'l!h!l ailV,lhe llgihl wm IncreliliseuntU,cracklnglwl'll'l .,suspedB,nd Eonfino him i"lhe A[ver,ElWlBaC power and ofa b-lind[ng int!;ln!;ity, it blasts


2d4; Sp"G:iai Attacks: Pcssesslon, SpecTal Defences: Surpr"ised on a , in '6, HP-321271,


ing,hat Ihl;! DlIlrk: never existed and that the pl.ry,ers' kno,w~ed1;l,eeO~~8 frDm living In lrl!!in1 lora while, or n:3vlnl:j them parretrate into Dark-<controlilld I I'll. Em; attempting 10 II'lY it) U the Pi.'Irty de survive, the CuurlItosll wlU vote them the fo!lowin9 ~ewards: 1, Tc' Ihem amJ 11halr he1r.s ill parpml!.ll·ty;the freedom of l!'iHan wilh e:!>:.empt[on from taxes (bu~ n!lJt d~ties)' and auteln'101lrCcllizenship.l To them and thek helrs in perpetuity, lordship ovar aU the lands betweel"l the Ifil and the Sil IPart 11 lrom their '::(JInfluen~e [0 the SCI1<lrp mountalns, subjectto the OV(lrlcrdshlp 0'1 Ihe"CIl!Jn:sal! Aer Irilian: wilb all rl,s SQQC!ls, i!:h"iiltelfi, habitrnents, nersons.and incomes theratn, s11blectto aYOHflytiUHHo,theCOiIJnsell Aeflriiill,n, 1t,JllfQr1uflalelv, lhe 1'!3nq.:HQ !na north are [ost tCllrilral1 ,mel are cccupled bel' ~ill,verlll major humlll10ld tribes and numerous menslers,; all of which wiH '1 ed to be pacified IH

Aftermath, Witnin one seeen DarksfaJI. IrTItan wfll be much IlS Ii BlwaysWEl!;, When tha ligl1llElfd the Dark.OIII 0[1[5 works ln lrlllan were undone: rhus all W'lO wern 'tr~pped in Blaee;: Fyr ware relea.sel:il unharmed (the hum~nQids wls,ely lnsrantly talking to tnelr neal!;'.I, iR'el:1onstfllctiot'lwm tHivafrnl>snl'ld bV [1'1 e n Bind pro rn lnent c itil~h s wi" h ave resu m~d thelr normal ~tiltion5. [ff the party h!lIed, the DM m;;ly stan a new Pl'li1¥ off, either "<IS!>l.Im-




Tor l.!r'ltTil1"ial,Mll'1of mime5llnti,s,e ~I.mls.hable by 'flo"ilging) are haard before the commandere Aef Man 01 Atlf fi~rl!. SeriDull crimes go 10 the Garde Corl. This Clll'Isi'sts Iilf tho Garde dred silver p'iIllCQs Cnmlnll:ls unable to ",<!IVO!I .. fine are. lf possIble, SO~Q into ~~~\iery .along with their fiilmilias 10 faise funds, The Cort Clvllis is co~wei1ed 01'] Fyrdileg cf 'Storm, Waeter, Hael andValp. ofeacih seson. CivillOlw ts riot enforced in Ir,lian Lmlass lt1ifl C()IH'lsell wants it UJbs.Thus It IS used O!.gOl.ln!l1 1119 PO'pLJIGLIS rather than fer II anl..i .ltJuses against it, 1i!:S~l:!ciallvb\l' Counsell members, areverv ccmmen and vinlLllllHy unpunished, Law. This cO"lers!lU offellcll1; <'lg'3Jinsoi: parlOur) and property. Suspects caugnt CDm· mining a crimamay be immedi,atelly arrested bV l'U~ Garde or ,[IIW lrlllan cltizen; Ihe lane,r must, li'Iowev,~r, hiilno til'll suspect over f;o ~11e Garde as :!;oon as po!:sibll:!. 11"1 racnce, cjt[.· p 'Zen& m;;ulllll" 5ent'l a Hue <I1'1d rather than aUerniit an BfTl!;!SU themselves. I Ihe suspnot is non c"aklgllt 1nthe aet or manages 10 escape pursult, any wltr1f;l-!;Isesmum. makie <I '!>worn ~tatemerlllo'lhe Scirgelt!ilfa who will make out Criminal

H'<Ie'~ .. d Cry. A~erts, ,!lI~those within 8(;lf0l~r
who wi II attorn puc' pursue aod ~ I'a'p~IQ, th!J rendering 11im.or her incapable Ilf actrors unfi] the Garde arn .... es, Up to 3d20 people may fOlrrn the pun;uing crowd; all with the statistics of ncrmal Irlllarts, None will ria~ Iheir Irv!:J.s.
~lHJ~pect ~

Comrnandere, who

8j:tS as


Ihe Comrnal1ldereA'B'1 liars and the Comm ..ndera,A'afMan. Guilt is de!:eFrnlneti' by iii majo'r' ity Verdict. The !'I~clJ,s8'dmil'll momrn~l'e,a !(lend 10 ar,gY9 hiS ~,:;;e Dr provide 1"115 own defen~e. B:rlbery mil\!, help a not guill'll' plea. Punishments for crirnirHN o;H~m;.e:& such 1lS lh~ft. murder and rape are as in he CQ:rtCrim. marl. MiHmlrv crimes have Lhese I)enaltrf:!s; N~ IIg Elnl~ycarryij n!:l out a (luty: f:{o!Jying.
OWl an ardQr:


FI()ggr'n9. Firsl OffencfJ - Flogging,

Refusin 9 to oauy

Oe5eltfon: Mutlny:

SeC{lnd offence-D9iilth bvdmwning. D'IJ8tn by drown (ng. Der1inTiilfia{l by dwwrt{ng.


Floggl!'!g is [!'sua'lll( 1'0-100 lashe$ltV1th:a :s.ys· tarn sllocl< rclfneedad to survlve every 40, Military law Is, In g,ensFll!I, strfclly erlf'orn.ed a1thou~n lhe SCOlJts tel"lId to operate at Ill) outer llmrl.s. RB1igioIPJ l:Bw, Crfme!i c;ommllied bV mOl!"ll' bars ohtm Roligioui> In lfilian and '1'<'1601015 01 her c ~Tmas arffil trl ed by the Temp Ie Co r~~ This is mad'e up Qhhe Abbeie~s oHne Abbel(l, the Gran Marescllal of the Mgnas;ierlcH1 and the Prlrnat AeF lrlltan: conviction is by iii majority wrdlct and bribery is oi some USB in swaying it. Accused rnust presem thl:llrawn ch.fenOOS.l"rosfll:mfons mev only be inili;'lt@d by fI men'1ber 0' lha Cort DuL IlI1¥OrUl mllY ra pu rt CI tra oSJjJIiJ&:sTonwith i3 (,aq uasllnal 11 he acted lJP~J'1,hl!! Brod';;llI'sABI L'aQ!.Iwill f usually hold slJspects for-trial, COrlviclicn lor "civil or erirnlnel o'ffellcp. in tho Temple Cort will lead to the criminal being unfrol:ked and handed over to Ute COrLS Givllis or Criminari 'Qr a qurck retri~1and punlshmant, f'el1,t1lries lor religlolls crims:> are;

OIppr~,hemHhJEl !iw!!;pMl. SU3poots awaiting tria'i Of p].lni:;;l1ment are in1pr~:;onced 11'1 rl1ri1' the Sdrgerefa anr:i four e.... unsell members assisted by nle Clerc. CClilvictil;ms are by majority v,erd'ict-11Mvlly ~nnue!'lced bv ths brib as. Qfferf)d. A d efenda nt m aV bE!r~ presente!il "'¥ iii !:;'lrJvlilnBr-lilIwY<ir. Comfrlun punishments ara: Treascn Of rebellion: MurdQr: AsSil 1.1'1 I: Death by hanging, drawing and quarfering, Deaf1liJl"lumgil1g. Fierst r;Jffenee-Up tQ50a

a wa,rmnt.'lllr

th e-TliPstoef

and C;,ardeto

Ihing. The 5tJ9gEHJt~d 911cm,mters given slmu!d bechanged or iglncHOd as clrcurnstanell's dl~tate, af'!,d var-1ed wftb thft time of year asw"," ~'S. of day s,ir'l!;:8're5LrvarS,or e-\Campla, f wlrl dictfltre what i~ inapp~nin9 ~n lheslr!le.is, Encoun'llll'rs mall' elther d~rec!ly I!"Iv(i11lEl' or bft wi~l1essed by rhlil r;I;irty: in (he' latlen:as.e,!he characlertablw rnav 00 used to find out wno else, is nnvolvt:=,d, Tile eharacter tables ma,\! elso be user] <15 an inde'X of .. rlIInQ' 'adventurIng' characters and shops In lrltlan Q!u;:npt for Taral Guthdohtor Aef A.bbele [1"3'1"1: 21,wl'1o dce,1'i l'1ollaave Ihe Al:iibeie Bind 50 does 1'10'1 of 1 I1n <I ci6, w11ichshoul.d b~ rlljledaru::e turn spent out On lhe Streets ctlrltien,

E'i1cOlllnl:ei'S. Willi a Htl.llil'!,hOllglll, mosl encou nters mflY be I.J.SB-.d 10.leiHI 0 r1 10'snrna-

figLlrfoi ln th:em.




a rcl]

Rlve:rewaec TOf. Crimes. are tried ~eiorQ rhe Cart Crimil'lilri.






' tIM-~~O 231 ;:~,
221·2~ij lM,S·320 32t~~'" 2~ ~~3~ JlJ6 ~ao 301 '3<'151 XI 4.0 3<1&-4~O ~71' r!,- 4~'·M~ -I01l50li 086·590 500"5Ht fiolti·650 <lSI ~~D ii,;' ·~7~ !i11-!lSO 601 MO ~.jl~ 1:!~1 ~~~ ~ifa.-Nil p!1.11EJI B21·na 7':114':> llJu..1S5 7'W-nO 171 80S 1 }lID Ton 10Th 1I~6·~a(l

Car.iJ~tj'li In I>erP'" !Jrp.'1:'~ltf· C:('to'jmetrtlnl"l.B~J





~~I:i • 8~
IBb'~~ '.I.ii·2~O


-I..,;)s~[lfleftfi'le{ TMrrJ Q.Ffenr;(;!- Deatll' or'

Sewnd Itlffel1ce


O~;lI;'ph'D.n!Ji~1 IJlunk E5alpftAf1;m.1


hand Secondoff<1I'1lJ.f!'Dea!h by fumgirlY,
First Dffence - Less of
9'~'rsal'ld bra ndirlf} IiIn

First 0 (fence - Loss afhJfr

F"bIilV"n®. ~aHI l G,ry FI~h( Ga. 11" "u<!a"d~rv

[lese!: retton:
Heresy: BlaSphemy:

~,'1th b~$tllfV<llio"L ~a(1l bybumfng. Minorf5WEl/fring)-1 wilri) in 5toGksby Ternatedoor. iI\i1ajOt - Des by .stafva ~i"tI.


f(lJ'if#l1r;rad, $llCDI'}'l/o(ffmce -D9~rn try buming. fI'srQfff)I1c:~-8(J /flsI1l"5. Sec.omioffom.e-Loss of
rigtJr hand end nose, Third offl!!l"Ice-.Dearb bV


DS'.ufp by bLlrnluQI,

Fail~ng 10 Doe", ,Hlu,mmom;;


'JouR,,,, Mont·,'l!_ M"Ollfn~ PII~rrn Po :.'Q"i'ot }ir!!. etoePt'D~iI Ie a 1fL/~lllmiiil lin[~ &rJ~J""



l~' a2~

~51·5DD 5'01609
00' iR~

1&1>-830" 14ii'SHII


811 ~~5 ~1'?1~ ~'::8~ S5f j!~rJ 9»~~_D ~~El·~tiU 8 Hl~" 9_, 1!i5D !!6-.Q'~ 9~' >If;p ')!i 96~ ,". nBO BH6·9_"b H~ 970 9S1 Roo o~~ 9!i ·"9m, 91)~ 990 fill 965 991 S95 ~D·99~ ~OIl.O




-mlj1P 1- 10


~l1-!!1a !iH 005 900-(1(10

notor1o'Usl'l easy to secure an llcquinal bBcII!Jse. of til"i e Th'l,er-clJ It 5 u;,lbbles whict;t
dominiitg tile Temple Cart's workings..


Law is laxly enflllrced;

il beiPl9

Clvilla;w. All Wr!;l1n9"dllin9 involving taxes, duties, debts, c:on'traebo, marcinandisin'Ol, and property in'a dMll with in dw Cart C1Vili5l: Ihe C:omU[1e. two CO'Un5;!3JlI memliers and the Clen:: _[!"f(,rI: 4J, .Any Irilia.l1 m~y l'I1VVQ ~ pm secutlOIJ by a !sWClrn i:lepo:')ltloFl 10 ltle Corol.Jn~ Who \NtH Ihell have'll Lancjv!}!1I' dalivuf i ~i.ffilmorusto IhB accu5ed 10 ap!)ear hefore!he Con. Both accuse:r and accl!Jsed fl'1 a,1' be re;pre.se:nted by 51::ivon QT'.~I!I'llll'YB r.s r
majority verdict; the' Clero does nCIIYota. PU!Ilishme:iltts are;

Failure'to obey !l mom ber Ii:lft~'lI~ GardE) ond'l.It:y:


Firsr Offilfl r:;<t - CfJnfisc:B~ !iCll1 0 (.nil prPPQrtv. Second (Jff£mc;l1- BanistJ· men! undEr pain ofde6lrh






Encl!lu !lIte r De5C1fiptioDS Ac:.c;idl'Jnr. SOIT]!;lQnB $tumbJe:. and falls or~ .runaway fijlimalll,i[s him Ilr fieI': roll under dexterity on 1d20 Or suffer 1dl (fa,lj or 10£ (a n 1m 1i I~.0amage. B~mdit/BrJfl,fJnd, A ~mup ofwbbQr!llMMI From tl,e Wild Ilrll!lI5. to the n[]rt~, visltlllg Irl· li<l11·10dispose of I'oolilind l[ldulge. LOQ~ng Hat. 1al0 Giant Bafs If A, 10% ofrhe time accompBnletlo.v S Doo'mba~ [FF], flit a,rOUnd ,Elnd, ir Got kept al bay bV lim, ,,.ttack SBrJgilr. A whin]ng be!ll9a,(witn uivial mfcr· malion PiiiWS Illdoaks: demOlndlng Jlilfgass.e;. B'Ii'!JGriHBwk. 1'M I!llood Haw!::s lFF1 swoop B()o;:~, A Book;], IFA is .surprIsed II\d"ile going about, its hou:oeihold chores, Caralrl1l?'. A group 01 ~ragcl'S pass. UsU!!lIV farmEtfS From the surrounding counl:'rY5id'e; .HC!Hnd mllflce~ clal/iS, possibly OJ Mert:;hant Caravan [!lAM]; 01', lief\! rarely, a g[OUp 01 tlon humans., dW.H'V(lS rM1IIi'],elve.s IMMJ or gnomes [M!I.fl; rarer s'lill, orcs lMMI. goblim;, IMMj, or koboldsJM'Ml. CharnberpOl. A hail, of ordure' desc~nd5 from a window causing II loss o'f'2 ld4 points of ciharisma unt1l a b:aih is lake,n. C;uu:l1crer, Someone apprQ!!lChcs 1Q'Offer,' r&qWest illforf'l'lEl!ionfl1elp.laf.lUSe !ltc. ftoll on 11l1l'oJlowingllablilS thel1 louli: the' char;!G~!!r up m Ii nn pos'Sibl(! rea SOmi lor fiIh el r a pprOii!Ch.


Mel Wag). COflykUcn is bV a

Suspects;who ilre nOT ElrrOSI9'IJ orw,ho, eS[;iilpe from m~SlOd\l malt' be I iied ill' ,llbsenfia, If f?und guilty. lhey are decl<.ired Utl>!glu - outsdde 'lim Law - Ilnd mav bl! hun! ,d down Ilnd killed with impunity_ Tne' C1'lrr Criminari slots on Earthedilea D,t o;Elcn weal:; puntshrnel'lt~ !l'rel, blsuiilily caHred oat ~ne following Monadaeg" AHllOUgt1 the r:rrminlilll.aw llii MDl Quit.1i 100 !;orTupLiV enforced <liS the ci ...rllaw, il is diffkult obtaililllnil a colnvlction ElgBinsi someonD with influenCl'!' Oi', especi!1l1y,




allElek ..

dLlt~es,~ .



Breach c-f ContrJlC'l: IFreud: Giving false m easlJ rEI: .Act! en "fe n::lama!Je5 orlib~I: Carrvrng oul~ busfness wlti10yt Gild permissiol'l:

t~it:elhf1" evasiC!fl plus 2IJ I"S/'i6S, CQnfi5r;~lforl (JIf prop.e'l1Y



to the

Vll.!Utl Df

tile deb~


'Trio'is. In del!lid'ingwh91.ihBF a,chnacter i5 COI"'· \ficted of c, crime Oi ".01. [he OM sir1culd ton5ider the fJ;lllowlrlQ ~olnts. Thill dharact er'.5 s!'aru:JilnQ' i" hili;m: diile..., or nQn·citTl@[l, rich Or poor, respectablo or


Ffnr!plus up liil7(}() l'iJ'~h~, Fine-plus j. w!((a in tfle Mark G9lltd stClC:~, Fin I!l' equal 10 d.am~gr;l dr.ml'u~fus50%" CanfiSCti'lir:m ofl'OoJspJlJs, fine Elnd' 1wib In nh.e Mark GBardstods'.

IFines rang,e hom 50sptol-0000gp

!Upon cil'CiJm.sla·nces; averaging

a tow hUn-


'adVenlul'OLIs', cha,i!Orn!!lie or np1. famous or l1otmfous, popular ,or not. and so forth. The Il1lJmller <ind S'1!ll'Iding o"fwitnesses. The 51:andung ,oj 'lhe pers~t"I mOVIng 'the· pmS'ElG'Uflion.Material evidence. The poHticiil positron eftha eounseid. The t::iI;i'irO'lctefs and pDli~io;B1 ~osllion.s olllie members. oHhe Co~t. The lJrfbla~ paid Of( bOIl'! stces .and the Bribe lev81~ of 1119 Cnrt, Bearrng thElse 1n mind, the OM s~c,uldilrrl:ve ata 'P0rC'llnt~J1e charlca,for tOdi· ",ICllOn WhIch til'" then !;t~ rQI~'lildIlgaan~,

1d2(} 1·19. Narmailrilian 2:0. Ch<H!iH:t~r

IIUUAN NormllJ IriNa;; N"arl2),1dW
Child, 1\I1ale Chlld,fumBle Ad(liasce!frl.. MCI!e Adtl:lescanl. Fem.flle YO!.lngAdUJlt, Malle ¥ou'ngAduJI.Female Middli,,:AgecIAdu~t, Male S. Midd!IEIAgeod Adull, Famiille 9. OldlAdull, Mahl 1II:l. idiAdult, Female O
CI:r':l'filC'!9r~ 1dU)f) 01-17. Cleric

I. 2. 3. 4, 8. 6, 7,

Pai'arJrn5 L ~erral Ael Abbaia (2) 2.. Ankols A.er Ablleie {2]1

[Purple Worm [MMI. ThJ:;lqqua ~FFJ.Oil!l'lOrl [MM1, etc~ apl'i'ears and starts trQuble. Mugging. -R·oll en the [~if.lF C'Jha~i'lcllutable

MlJr:lliler. A !TI on ster of ,[}~e typ il ulnGithelf

1. Tlv,IlIl!1'1 f the Hesfnd AeHJrc o 2. Anhalas ahh!! Seouls (41



00-65. Psladi II 66-'67. Rangelr 6:8-7:2. M!!9icU~>ilr 73-75. m!.J!>ioniS'~ 83-.84. Assi!lssin 94, Sags 9a-9!l Houri

lB..OrlJid 19·62. Ffgi'lter

Users 1. Elas ofthe Scouts 141 2. Vl10udeh ofineSl:!ouud4)' 3. K~rea ofthe Scouts f4~ 4, Arief'!, E!isim's 'bGdVgtJi'lIr'd 5. lotaqu.aaJ1 AefTor.Wysll'd


lo determfrnathe rnull9~F and on Ih'e omer tables to find the muggee. "grim. A group of Foelfgl;oustravel'lers [MMlprnl:t!ss P'i1'~tt;: usually healll!:Id for ~he MonEtlltBrij.ClI"!eut !In:metimei> !'lot. PoJt(jfg~isL A p(lilrergl!!lim.pwflpelicd IFA object exTtaa nEilil'DY 110use; striking a pOI£.'OOr-by. PreatlhfJf. One of rna Aullgious !roH en thll III f!rrc:nal,]~(11 WIlMs aU ho dan ger.5 0'1a'll p!lth:s

btlt the One True- Willi, i -3, amateur,

Wusl'Cm fsl's 1. lrnllos cflhe.;ScouIS ,(1111 2. Ere-II oHh~ COlln:;.ell (4) 3.0jh 1&1 Qhhe' Gnome Jue] Aef(S.)


Pmsti.tute.. A 10(l!lB'personWailolsthe

RabidAnim81. flail 1'd~i 1-5: DOlli IMM], S: Market anitnllllParl3JBfte.gilles-aeurte, tur·
rnlnal accorn~nied byld2jermlaines lFEI. pounce. SpidDrs. 1d'2 Glan! Sl'Iidll!rs IMMI try ro

Ore [P!3rt'3],

frlJrnth~ Heafgd AlElf



nHl2. Thief


6'5. Biard 86-9<3, Man:hl'ln'l

ROoII UI1 0 (or status Dr (1f par(!jm~ or spqu/ie 1. Sundr } Aollo['lshop <I. Apprentice 5. GenllrBllabouulr

1_Agrvth of the Beggars 131 2-_ S h iI EI of til e l3e~m1lrs (;11 3. Hiumr'l of the Ge1iirg!!'ililng ~41 4. KO~ill ~ftheG!;IBlgGlg,mg (4) 5. Kor,seal of Ihlil Gealgagaflg 141 6. Pireal.oh~neGaal9ag<ill:g ~4)

R8tS. 1 !:iii G-i'llit ~als





10ijt Clift-he 11n'19


UndlJ'Bd. Roll 1di4' the fa su~tmate ria·1 lses vnd ,,"Beks 1 -Apparition [fiF). 2-Ghost [M'MI.



7. GiklB,sllillhe M"rl!:G'eBllrCl f41 8. Sl:aetGang member W Assas:;lps '1. AI~(iiCl1t'hli'i"liasllii5n~yy

W8sp_1d!<\l Gi,H'l1 W<ilSPS [MM~ att'ampUI) :'Jeta n[lH;efll'lr1s]de mlimoors,gHhe POflu.kllm,

3-Sp~tre' IMM1.4-Wrllilh IMMJ.

2. MasLe.rcrah!wmm J. j'OLI rti·~"11fnlan

shap lists (Parl'S lHii) for occupatlcn

2. Daergne, Alros' bocl\lQuard ~4J


6, Porter

10, Other

7. Animal Hanoler 8. Personal Servant 9. Farm'hlmcl

1_ Glial> o+the Grifoun ~2)

paign without too much further work. Area!! wl-1'ch !lIhilyers <linl mOlSlllkelv IQ l!O.me :cICrf)S5 have bQ0fJ detauJe·d 'fully, whul,e {l:IVU'Ig Onl\l"

~n '[,u.s s-S'rI-es, 0r'1(1ug'i1 1r'llorma1:I0J:1 on In~j.m has bean givenso that ltc.lf'I be used in II earn-


,BllId.IDefail'ino!llriIi8111 •


2- 1G. SIsters Aer Abbe i e 12)
H. Pel n CJsoHIl e Tern

I. Chantrrnan


12. Mrlri~~J~heTern!)le

11, Asla:s, offheTflmpls

'14. I"elase 0'1' tll~;S [:'mJ ts 14t 15. Tenq Ael Mt)IHI-Slerlon ~4.)
16. ArklsAefMo!1lilmll'ri{)n 1. Aefysi (3) (4)

pie (3)



1. Tiro'ldv,mMF!3,ecror(2~ 2. Aires ettbc C(I,unseil ~4) 3. Dal"eon of the Counsell (4) 4. Elisim ohhe CQu!'1seil (4.) .5. Errihim (If!l~e Counsell (,01) G. Garos of the coul1SilH !4)
,8, Pelo6 aithe

7. Pelas eHhe Counseil14l

C.Ounsei'l (4)

1_ Timis(2l




. 1_ ~rltnliie oftha 6rifoun 121 2. Tlsllrn oHhe.6rif(]un 121 3. U Y!dthemll'n~Y'llndBl"'(2) 41, KtIIlliutaflhl;! Hei'l'fod As! Or-c r3) 50,Sullig<lofthe Heafod Ae~ Dre f~)

N,(j: HtEic.ke'led n Uif1l1 tum. snow 'l:hll epi sode Ltte character first appeared i1f1.

2. elhkl ahhe,Hellf6rJIAe'fOrc (31 3. Glr~81oHhu' HIi!i!fQd AJ;lfOrc (31

1. Tlralle of'the Heated Aat Ore (3~

Haafod AefOrr:H31 Heafod Aflf Ore (31 a. Z~Gu~oft he H eafod Ae-f On:: \,3l 9, Siyil O'f the Hea'fod Atj! Or~ ~Jl 10. Ag,reiil ofthg Haafod AefOrc (3)
1. FirgaofUH~ 11. Dirlmlt1Il'Moneylender{31 12- Drrlma, mrim's wife (3) 1~. lIo1ori.Dirim's$on ~3) 14, ISombas,Oirlm'Sson III


5. Lottos of the Gard e (4~

16~II'll 1m ol lh!<iGarde (4) 18. 1:115,1of I.he Garde (4) 19. Nireal of thiS G!!Irdft ~4J 20. S es 11 clt~.e G<llrlie ~ J oil 21. ..liral oflileS.:lOUIS ~4) 22. arehen oflne SeoUls 141 23- Gadi, Erea's l1usband (4) 24. AI'1k'riJ,Erihrm'.:; bod'{.gluard ~41 2:6 Talnon, [3,aro's' bodyguard ~4j 1.6, Girliel, Gafos' bodyguard 14' 27, Erin, P~Ir:ls' bodyguard [41 2B, Amll, I"B~os,' be dyg U Ii I'd \4 ~ 29. Distritln, Palos' iJ.odVgUElrd ~4) 311 Kilmllll, PeIlo!>' bodygul'llfd1t41 31-41, BrolhoFS Aef'Lagul (a) . <12;. Erizeal cfthe Thri 8eom'! ~4l 113. Rlgisll gfthll,Thri Seorm (4" .:4. Ugilin aftne Gnome Juel Aut{51 45, Kulclug olth!! Gnome Juel As1[51 41. Perflaa of Ihe Sclava,·freodo m (5) 48. Gi'siral·of ~he Gild AefVef]teners ($1

17. He'las(}flhe G"rde(41

[)OfJpffigfJrrgw. On~ I£:rl Erihll'n S~orm'bci'li ~lal1 [f'art41 is reC0!l. Infsed as ilI.Qoppllil.g,;mgflL .Dr,l;!nk, A singing,. a dancing Irilian {rail on (In'araO-I~r tables) at!(Hnpios hoTokSt h.i:slJ"1ebri· s·ty upon othGfS" Reje.d'1, lind iii fi gilt may result, . EStl8p_ed A "imal. ,An al'1i01,,1from the Mllrle. GeBrG IF'o1tl 3J makasa breal( Il}rfl'~lI"dom. r'ire. A house is engIJlfed in flamlls_,l dl3.!'i people l'lrettr1ilppe(j! lnside wlltl 2d4, rQuflds before the fire reaches them. Fo"d V!:mdl'l'r'. A stJreat v!mdm :;;s!!s WnLael'1·Unable' grilled Of fried 11'I1J1gsfDr to ellL Gtl'fU'ir. A Gairrit [FF] 1sdiSllJrQ!!d, rise& from the rnu(!k: and sinks its le-entl into whoever is

{liHiera~ descriptions 01 aihe:r :nel!l3l- enough to provide a fmmdEition on whichiihe, DM can bl;l!ild. This WO),S dYe to space limiUltion:s 'bu't EI~SCl so that ~rpli;;mceuld be I'lHed 111'110' other CEimpllIigns, With I:ne. rnmlrnurn @f re\l1Jriling. DMs may nnQ the folloWII'I'9 petnts usefu.l: 11'1 ib;oover<llls'tI'UC\tH<e.ldHan is very 1'[Ji:i:>ely based err the ~1:iJ.Ita 11 cit v states of !,he 100ie rn iddIe ag,eI!I and I'flnaissanicil'; 1·1'1 Pilrtlcu~;;!r, Venice. 1,.,detail and flavmu, though, it is pseLll,d,CHTlIiIl.:lle .. al (n"li5h. AllY gllod llibrary will De I'Ible 10 provide ciH!~l1ml.lnd malerial and Pau:1 Ve'fn'C!ln'u.xgellenl series. Th~' Td:lwfI Planrw.r{WD3?-331 !l!l1d BeslofWDAn:,deslJl/ will alro be verv useful, Tile Irll1;lIlllilng~l>ge i.S a rreJil ViHi!ilrtt of O!d Ellg!.ish; word,s ean lJe ccnstrucrsd bv ·looklng·1.!p the mots of mod. ern Englillh war.os In a<1etvf!lg!ogica! dklio· ,Mi,l!'V lint! otJalL!glng thE: 5pellH'lg s{igiltl'l. Fillally,l would Ilketo thlln'!t Dom~flTc McAteer ror hiS he'lpful diseussiol'ls of Irlllan ~Rd AD&D- fI,mlEfmoer, Irilian is only <I sugges· tion: il 'limY dln rill! like it, dlulng" it.E
!!ldiiil Jrln~ :3 GI10f1fl!l' JU-I1l1A:sf :3 Gri!Q;!LJI'I 2 HII~'rodAeiOF'~ 4SI.1:lFIT]FEd""

Ahl:JlJlil AsSas.'SLJl·sGI'Iwi Gild QI18agil·a~s Bahav lilur
Bu ra.aul:I!lc\I'


2 Ei 3
6 2:




Tilt! !3;;orre

~ to 6
2 3

Chu~&h{'l1tIla. j;jgd!iassor Co i'nall "

.sWtl'B'lSiJlffffiri 9:~ n Cl'tiZBllShip

:3 1 !> 11

Law Lesemlmon Ham

M!iJl ..hur. r'Clundlrrg <JnaB


dCiWFI Da~$'~r5)o.b\l. Offdl.lW: brU'lll1 "'!"Idlll:en'ti(IUS solchery makes alilvar"lc.es.

46. z'Lgfa anIle Gnome JUEiI Ail'nS)

5 A EO F'iiini\lIIIs Sellll1l1 Goods 3 HQmel. ld4 Giant Hornets [FA buzz the 1 (liarde ShC!ps 2,:3,4,5 str~et, ~al"~ 2,,3, ,Ii, !5 Stijel G" f'I'IG ·2 HUll and ely. COl'lSCIIIiH1tiQl!lil·~l'tlzeIl31J1I,irsue G~ld!'ref Ta>ll!l<~. DutiEts.Ttll!" 1 <I rl11scr·eam (Part 61. Veflmns!& 5 Ternp!" :l f{fdmm-lfs'iJ!Vlvin.g, O'Hei and !lis tc.lliaweF5 Gild Fa6Ctor :2 Thi!l"[;~ ., rflart3J'i!ist'lI pa'5ser-by to joi!'1lhlJll'll'for!l se:rGrrds Ei Ti;)~'Wy5"fd G 1 TQw!lrs 2,.,41,5 I vice If! Gr'2l1'lar.a(l_ Ol:hefWise. ~he -G~qjlkg!lgIJFlg Olli\lBFrlm.,n[ GriJ(JJ~flilifd 1 u'l~Uds Ii [Part 4J try an abdLlclioll. HiSloT\1 11 W~II~ V1l KiflmouUIi. A misc:nGV[C!u5 Killrnoul'is [FA IHo'lJsi!tg 2 Ward GiLds Ii pmctices ils ja~es ypOIl ~ pedestrIan. Hue and CI)' Ii W~alher 1 MQili Rioz. Lill':ge "lIl"f1b'Sr I::[tjzem. [pll,rI41 riB: NlJmtJrmJ' feP.rro.'l!lnr Iii!!' ~lel,/<l1l f i}pi$'ode, demons'lrma against Lhe. C(!ul"!&eii. the Gods, "5= W042-WD4'i>J or whalever.

G8'fI!(I' Ffght, Two or more dlspu,te terrr,\cty. Ga.rdlJ- On ciuty: <I patrol


[Part. 21 slnil!,;es

Compa!l1e~ Cl)LIJlae11 OilY Doill as [)is.oeIl51i'~ Prlil!>~ DfLJid FB mi 1'1' Life


1 5 l 2 1 2,,11

1 1

Mil;!la MunB;5;I'Hi 0 [I N0 n'I~mcl atu rIO

4 <I

:! 1 ~


!"sion Ie li'ell(l.... nlp ~ .s:~tlUt9




There are

provlnees into 5mall units 10 '~n~ ",,,, ill aB PQ5;!;~bl'" 10tH II rebel k)ril 10,controll Itl e wh ale ~ec.to •• k9Elj:l,ing' 111 e lTlil!ffifiShBppy ~~ thallhu\i' daM"! [eel [j~e re"Qlting, soQpar8ting mil1IarYlilldc~"ill1.IIleJ alld'sooll, TIll!


m'I'"n""'''in''ClrIl'l mnsr ot~~!lr in ille coukla jar jn tfmiltllr\t.,,1r c[JVIJf'Ud unle~Sctt>"'y are "IOll'llg !"I.ajllr, hh a ravnh, in whleh case rn ©f\roofls,"'ld ~Illps ",o~ld be d,H.


TTBrr8" 1Eji\fi~iM does all '~hese. !!l1d<rJT,ongsl. other 1T11!,,"ufllS, Il1e EmlllerQr 1;.a5lltJrtlml ",['tIm ,lfIlperl~1 In<spe't:!lor~te," bll.al' 01 plC~BdI hl!l'~·'imklnEi<mi~ljlllo who,n,vfll wjdll~Y With their oWn ijF!il"d fCftces and flaY' peng"'iQ 5l11mr-il>l! vl",(" to Lhe provincIIlllD <;heck up (til tile 15i1otiJ r dull"" a nd sector i'ldmrrab, Oh~iJ ,&(1, "mprl SOli' is II 100'''' 1",rrTI w~ri'" lip piied til' a ,,1&11 severau ~"ou""nd tons of shippi"!l wilh by a h.alf'"l:lQ~lIn marine; halt1'lliQflS on bllard; thetoltlrt seC'tardiJ~!!I K!tI!'I:lSthis eyes open, and ean sl=!lJuliIcn !In I.Inii'iCpl!.lnal'l ~lJdll sell!eral ..... !eks.!iVtIIJ.,. E mel!n.s

v "1",, Sector H.... d of hI! Covert HUr\ley BlJre",u Sector Ai'ttt!mlll, nes m@d lhe.Com9J_u't!:ir COI1'l:pfliltion~ e "lIlliltinil~ ell repe r,t~ frOm d ~1:.1c~ed dlllty,sU>iJ1,s and ClIlner S<lurIlGS. ,ond lcalises ThaI .nl ,lm~l!fll!llnspecr<>< fs en tile way tolilJdrllhe saetor .II ~ d ea 11 loa 1'1. p s..:::!OO to a rrtv II ill .a llil'll' .... !asks, Th 1.0; grvl'le; him ~omQ Crii1l9'"o'''''.'p9ir, l as, he has bee" iiugmentin[l hi" pn"lll!! fortune bv rhe 6om!lwl.at InaDa1 mll!lhod OIr LI£,ing CSB '~lrJippl[lg to smuggle the <;[Jflti"j].and narcotic hype,de~ml"'" populertv


imd HUl 01'111" nope "","oula be Inll<peQ'tor and Iii:» m~n,


'vag', and an



p fn . ;,,,rmul wa,~ shlprnent yag has gdne rni~!lIMg. Ihl" carryillg it had filed ~ Illg,hl plall In eecordanee norma! proGt!riurtJs, IIflrl bV tollacfn!!l the II.r'OI1llSMW~CE5 of d~tIl I!)Ihls r:rI19j:lo."I. SiiJl~sl1 m:1~matos thot me ~hfp di.sapp""J'tJd in lfi(l 51'111"(1111<1 Syll1'lIm,I-Ie realisremhis honG. II I Sl10 fill 'il 8' is DnBOIllhe,stop5)O~ lite Ir'';PIl~IO~. sccordtflg,lt;i hili! com p 1]1 ar S pI DdJ(;t.ol'l!l from es ~I'er QI:t ""'''11. Qu Ickl\l he trim"'rn'ill> tha F18019SS:.i r\l md 0 rs: "g!"oJ lip o. "lI~n't&.1IB ,Ie b(J assam tiled frumn" ..rllv ;;ystcmS,.jl1 ShjjngrilB and se"""F, foc IIiI" mi~$ing v6ssel ,BnoJjls lead of VjI!j, usin!J Lh" G<n'[J.rl1'iasteroid rrrinera ii!'l"rci-lilJ!I f,;u" .:;trl'~!llrrtJheS¥5it~""B ooll"r m"l:!Il1~ ilndpl~rrOlls. The egel1ts\l'i'Dri'~ tlfCOl.RfS<l'. b:elil ....arll of ,tlhetRct I'hey a!te. SBatcllll1ii11Qr l'it!I'



r "g&~t~ tli'I,!! au r If .~ a . ,(Or the Q j'.Ierallon.a\ staJl I,n"l;l<:hql"" to fIIU,ml., ~ ~"1i1lE!'l ~o""~~~~ tlOUIo!S cr' da",1 fales, th.el"lIm \t>I;11 ~u, oomplellon (lIIMlft.i!<l\1<;,




; ,"Q1",emcr11 wlt1'l



Cr'. {I,aDO ~~~~~~e:"\(;lbIfiIQr

A,!:Iraftoh"r.,,, ; I oriie-:; "IJf,(l egu'p;mt1" lts~lf. but al'l'r rii""'~irt.Fl9a:;riJ,B~ .,Iler tr,,;J "ll~sl(!I1' fI1, .. ~q t>~ retu r".old I!'I lM d fo, ilperal1 oJ:x"ei'\s~~, Tills drii'n l;;",lfI(J to CH!1.i"g ,

dWI.e"m to



'~'~!ehillnicall-l IVfJ~-CJJ'''''!da'Iv.!I.tI,f~tJ,v-: I.•"·,,,",_, __

JfiJeZCorEl~!l" AI!3~38I'
••_ " "


I' ra"es·

!Ii ~rms ~Mi3'.r~haft'~ filml r ... 103rd Ol'flcar' ,c ;;l'.iIrQ"'~-l, Body 1"'9(01-1' Ag63Cl !He!JlTls 'SOOlUr~ J terms


:'I'i nalrnn ~ilth OfljC<ll'~

Fm PQrm[1l~e.
turn far "mllucllon




9lifiiill pon 11I;;:11il\l10 SlIlVlcil: ll.:i, nSl/lil and scout 611 P~.
is 1I,lso available 10 oivilililns,for IlID,rmal (IlB~.

price far !I1;s, th~ EITtplr(l lI'IiI!Iil'llrrlns


!o .hll in re01 an IJllobtnrsivll ni'lUJfiI,r..I>Ii'!W

W tll1'lpoeri,,1

&~,iIIC9, A~ II

The portf;;it;;11 ity hS:!H9.SlSt!lI1abl'!; ~!i~a1 r wo~t.s:ho!l'-s. bUt f!'I11I1!1c'fueI'lll h!lrnllo ell m'a-tly HMd 'm.ll<~lsdgy ~I!j i
1:Ii!lm'lrmlil mtll'-SII! eivlli'<m buyers, The world 1'13S, eglilarcrfal dlamel"n an

of !I'lightly

dotted with ,,!lains alisl,L!J'lds llupportrn9 fi~h;n ij eQitllmLi F't ltlas amlll,th,lvtl1!J ~g11ll.111dL1S!ry JI~oduei'i''Ig illilCQllcnr lT1id-tech 5~l!dboats wil" wlil idi the 11l'I',,15 Olle O'ftlill1 adept. Dcspdt8 th e law IeY,,1 00. it is rala1'111111\1 ,,,GYtD oblai~ lleenees " fQr~ll"fil Ei weapons. Therllis !ll1i~neHI,1 !;i<i" Qinall i\",ms'OIIltm:h level]"outside the ~t,.. ptJrI, <l;l<ct}pt'for mi3'dIOBI !le-ar,

pll!If8 G<lmposltlon and pressure, an~ breati-te umane WiUHIU! <!~~i!lt9fjclJ. Some IID% r:ll ttie wQrld'5 :.urt~cs is,~o\l'(!md wiTn \1;(l!1.l!n:o,

rQl~ijmi it.,tll I

'0,,11tilml'linl s


bo!Wmijng li]ube !)old in wi"tBr Q' at tJ1Uh l,nillildcs. Th~r~ ~r. four other wtirlt:ls of a terrestrial e ,Z~ B "d
two g:ilS g18m:;; lheg'<\,s glll'l1ts are the rourth am:! sevestth "",,,rid .. 'from th e sfi! r, I'~i! rOkJI fill bel II'Igt '~tm la~9"r ill approxirnarelv jovi"n 8'12(;, wi'Hl 14 know!'! en irre'EI Lt'la'r b(ils ls, U 5U a Ilv gil pf~wQ rl dllrs wh 0 n e'l1e\1Uhlll With I!lm IQlQ'4!1 C(lmpll!ti!l [In there t'i FI1t;l r<I' elTiJinclitor,illuli:ky!>!rlk!>,


1I11~rlH! e~il'1l~~e IUgrnp!lrBtil8tb"~i,

m oons ano ocea shmal claims f~r more. Ti;t15 1~the matnstte fo. tlHi ast:eroid mnn'tns w!hlch QCCbllS orr

sal runel. Floor is Iris I"Qallon Illil;tur,

k PIlL'"



tve LO A.12. DOlJbfes 8.5 ,~u~

ck Br1dge, l"osilJons l(jr~ili)!a!1d na .... i{!8Ior: onlJ collapjlbllJ 'i\l~" &fI1!1' fOlvlsl.tClrs., Command overr! f! o! eog.nellfln!;l fundJons !!1the {l"1l fll 5.. Crew slat rooms.
that Bdnv""oocfllS d'$!bl,~<f. P1l5SenQfrr st;;ll!follm.ln nen-courier ue:rvlce, tflw iSUSUl>lIy I:iLltfii1ed as a &iek boW tho equip-






men1Tl1~"" be H!FnIJ\I'ed andBUlr<KIl" the holQ 10 allQW.ejCIrll Bf:laommOQ<ltion, CreW(;OmOH)i1 area, ROllrl'!:; val\illt<>Bf>. It wud,,~ doO'king ii"d,r6crcationlll fRci/Jtie!i Crew "1~!a1i>l;Il'Il_ M a\1I AI fl0el<. C8.jling Iris valviYI 0 6,,1.<1rl b t <lors~l SiJrf"e!!S"i~'sl~ckcr, Pllr drive ~cte:;scril"",/w6<i'. This C'r,ijIfTfJCQ ras!Hll s!ilnt5 liP from the d ek and C(Jryes a,1 ~ It is le~st/;lan naif", 111R1r1H.lgh lit tl1u:b05t, and plll1iallv [lbstTUCl.tdd ~V p~~t'iJdlng pi.ocf!Mlf equlp!'"Bf'll.lt all",,",s ',:,·fl.'ghlmllil}lll.flaI1EeClf ll:!edn"'E)ff, and some lIrTII~ed r!lpa!rWOrllon


DfiYa rco.



c:qU"psll:!l.c 'lompOO'at' lor "]~it9rs. 'Iris valves to B8 and (lor1iill IlJrre1. 51)!rboa ni d rl~e 3,IlQeSS Qfl!"o\Ilw<ll'.Similar to "'11. butiJllowS'IlClCPSS"lo the fuel puriftJ}n; end



two engIneers;




2. :t.

area.etc, Ci reuration 8Riile.e. Ttl von s "c·sta rbcJE",d are remgle cOCllr,,1gunl'lef'jl pJ;>si.tions f o rve fllrol

PlIyload bay_lru;.erv'Ir.il, flf,sciJrnes .... ,;'iol..l!> 'Jpedslls1s.n~oror dBta~!lJilgegear as <lPPfQPIJ81111othe mi~ion; if"f1t;Olinl.em~h)1l delIIthB(f duty or III 1'11"] ... hands, mlly ~a\!'e i:.>eefJcl'lnllBrtea fe; <! 101'1'1 mom, reare"!IOO re






1.II'l:;;table'-llnd <ol\iS,To port i-2to any haiadUng rollg made ill'lhis oond'ltioo). Flooi' swings tla""'!l an d starboa."d IO·51l rv ejl~" bEiVdQo; Circul11tiO'n s.?a~q. C.eillng iri!fvnlve LoA? Elille.g,IiI'l,"'1 al,!ocl<. AI.I",liilry·jUlntHlral'lk mecnllillsll'J 'to Opill1lris valve to exterior v nlrai surfaw in CiiS!Hl.f il'owBrhiilure, by crank and keyf..-om ou~liile

I'Qrtal./rtltt b~ .." Ins;o~"icEi,often IJs"d 3:;0 spedmenorci"ta stcre, or 35 C)I!rA calgo s~"ce 14IQn~1. .::In'litl.i!l S the iJiro'rn It flo !IT s.winQS~wo Jnd porno S(JN()"sa bay doo r. S(arl.i!XIrd airl~af! bey, NJI!)I;m",ny Ihe ilif,'raft carried hQ~Qis lefli!lp1oce.ilS ""l!lloIJtil Ihe rough wsililler


. rew; C

SP'eillf'JJ:l!ti&n5 Too(lag9:


'·re5'h~r. Cargo hold, Ccilil'lQ' Tflirwlv(HO At;?

Oimens(Df1s·11 Melle"; ACf!::t!Im-alion: Jl1Imp: EnQlflfl.'&fif19'
Gruvities: Powerpl:HTi

300 tons st"m:!a.i'l, 42o.0r.L1h'll (1'Ifllrss. S. 42t" ,S.5W lOW, 2goonSl'ant. 5.
M .. h'!lln'k.mI 271! flJ"iotl power plilnU:1.lvll'I!l1 one N~;;Z!l1i<l Mot<>fS'04 .fflpulsB mlllllo'auvre drive :ml1 c'M res Drives type 15 MkJI ssries JUmp drive. V!>.;ab!-e 'floor 'fjflfcis, Gl-2g. ·IlAr! InB'rtill\ com pl'mslJili'l I'ii'. One I'lSM COtllPllllOI1;OO Mk \I ~~(ill's 11 campl.1tllfwith integr'" fire Eon-li"l;)'lln:d AStro$cli fl5~I1S0 r lJ'il1lka lie. Unlimitgd O'lanQe\lvr!!.'[]I1~J"'ffip·5(1l\5to"~ fuel tE!l'llla.gel. 30. deV5${"lH1<!r~ Sl.lpplV CDflISUrrlptiol'l. . V'ariabl()-, d<:pemling cn miS5iQI'i iln d IlWMr. Typi;;oHy <;I na beam ras.erwllh a.Qlli1iesd loria, dar sB:l1sing BnQ ¢.@mrno duty,. anI!! 01'1" mi~si!e ra;ck mo~ifl!ll!! 10 /aund! s-e;,,~r probes ioI'ld m~~:SQ.(Jc'l.o!:pedoe1l,as.weLiIOiS r;!j)9fI9tu mm~IIe$. None. Wf!lj~e. UnarmmHecJ. "'ull~ :;lreamlina.d. . One paSSel1ger. ~110l'lsO'I c<lrgll !usu'aH". trlil'le "l!mp!es 1!!1I:l!Q' dalll stgrage lTIo-dU I1}'51. Two. swndard air/rafts. FUetsGQ!;1j)!ianQ p,jrifiIJFS. Crew escaPi! p9ds,Ob.:ocrvatlon pratlorm,

& One


SpucliIJ I'tlCBtl.!re~

Grt'w E~.I:"aIJle f'/Qds: the briJ:!ge IA 1J roo..., ~l\.2) afe fitted with s-m@lllio/id t

""tI In .. dfOV"
fuel fo"lo:el


1l1~I!Jr!I, !,blmille

<Jrnll"gef)cia.,;,lIl\1~ero, oth oc",,,be browl' fr.}e! oftim b

shieldIng, al1~ PJr~p"cj:e: , Bswell'80s very bas,i\;sut'VN81 kEts In dIre

Arfl'lamp.111: S<;rE.efl5:

malO I'Iull til' small explosive dJllrg~, earp,llnQ the occupant,; c1ear PI' lite wreck, ~l3l!od" h'IVe aUlIlmallc llirPlJlts which m..-y bEl Clverriden from Wflhll11f'6 PG!c.:i,.utOlliierwis6\)\JliI !aka Ih.c.fo!how''''g t actilln; lei ll' Ilear af..... rld with an B"1fl1loopher!lo' 5 or Q gru8tJlr, l/1li1l}gOtwill leo enter lind lalld ((0114. !of SUC-

C.onf'Q;ur~liQ;ln: C'Ilpa!:.,ll'i Spacial
Ship's Vellillles; Progra-rnm'9s;

cess, DM ., pcr person ..board in ~ccs!:. qf 3. lfilhis roll)..~r!lJl~d.JOII 1.:16:Iflne .es(Jlti1; add, t"'e pllidl1iJS ·OOI1n.w(jof!' thli lItmospi'll.re lind eMits lr\elplBssly off InlO lipa<;ll; if the resul!], evan, the-pod has bUnlCq L1f1 re-e.nuy_ The- po:d has OA'9.CIl for ti on m8rl'~ovs, (bIll I'l!l~r;a Will' g!al1!, or w.orfd with _ I.'!lfl10spheoB (I Of IclOS, wtlleh would fflndt;lr I<Indlng -


'Evil Eve' sig.lil~. . TI,e .!;.rplarnrclassis fumished w,th.m RSM CompU'II'Dnk:s 5Cba,:i!1: !!'Oftwa ... p<a.ck.age wheJrlf/cstlfJvrch ased , which coni""'" the tr:I'I!QlNil'l!llIlrog rem m!l'!I'; Mlililoellv rc; Jump, 1. 2,3,4"0" 5; Navigaie; TarQiElt: AUloi't:"'i!QiI; !'!Ie.tum F,re;


Impos5ih,,,. as tne fmi'l dopends GI'I otm aspheric braking. 'the 1Jod"",II atlempl to tlmhiJlVe B s,t[;lbla. Drbiland transrnlt di;~'l.1 ess $,gnals; II!!) l'f In deep sp,,!J,e. ihc pod will <10 l'Jotl1ll1fi but tl'en5mi! ~i$l'CSs 51gnals. A pDd may only be Isunr;h e<J b"l' on l!latl ti{j Ihe eorrect cormal stIquence ("firm ..... thli't It- LJmrted i m,aOQlltntre Is l'I!ilss1ble' In. for.p..kample, dcoeklng !11 an omilal stalion. H either p.od t,.launcl!<1d, the Ship's si.reamlinirtllis ruined. if III" ad.....Qom Is f filUi'1<:I'rad. 'il'fcbrld.g_e Il1R\I take cOl'<trolof.he dri"l!iS-, D\I[ 110t vice WiJanlautl!:.hifll'J ~!'! J:!.lve room pod ti'Je;faill ;'j sUShi dcl .. y as ,1\11 dQrsal ·11.I1'",rmullt be, 1!l<,,:lr1&i"'it!Y Je~!i!l;Ofl.. d first



Tum:1' ere} ere reWref1ces ic mModufe 7 rr;"E!d iiIS~lfngr;lli',.e<luippl!ld., ililosmotr a'ficr mtssiM{I sll1iU'!,tllEl pl,,-var~' wmlal~e s~1.!\Emll weeks till ifif1d il. While no mapsDflflli!iyst~m afll'BfilC:ID~dl·' ~h0 dilll'lll:l!lrl!< 00 1'13"'~HIf'lalll(]flitIO[Nll anillvs1s.Q' tile Sllc""birP'~ probilbi'll<!"thi, ""h1"h;!I~ow. HIII.fR1 to 5~~rt 100klnll in roul':hly tihQ rlglnplac1J: ~hll r.eglon ofti'm SCOOIl;!lIlll;' 9.1Ill giant's moens. whlah will take about "wep.~tQ ~"sciv; th" cu,tsHould dl" th"ttij> ,in I~ 111110, D.llt !I)!~!lssl"o sj)<l'll;1 would look SiJS~I-

;::iou,s. Once perw"eK oh;!i3.i1rllhIJl!l irllh"'Olgiun ind'" c"U.!iI b", line, r 11av i gat. 0 nal a i'iilillysi s, the referee shculd ron 2d6Jan~ atld tile h ignesll evel' (if N"vlg~tiM,~~,I~l "",,,;fabl,, I~ ~Ii" Piirty"ln alJt'li,iufiI, DM<; ma\" !:iii ·aUowed ror exceptlon all..: brIg ht or S"'tiJJlidlideas on the pilrt.ol tl1e barr"'. A mo.tili'!d score of 12+lndk .. tas Ihlll wo .. k t:l~ stress ~igf1B"s have beef]: lIiclkeoJ up. [)Yfirrg tile s~ll!l:ln,.lh!3 FijI.,V9E! "h(lllid i!l1~o ro~1WMUI' (!'IFIwro em::Olllflwr mble Ilf Mildule 8. Tile distress 51 nlli mentions only th .. name ,Bl1d r~ t5~rv Dr th .. m,",sl n9 v I!'~$,ii I, an d ll'i;; fJ!'1, Itlll,! the' shiP !la'S sut;tl}r~t! II maj(ll' maFloJ:l!Jvrad"ye !!lIIlJ'er Li'llis-rendelll1Sj II HIIl!lb1!lto mJ;l"", TIW ,!,"""'U!HIl1)(I!'I1l!i,

Appro "toll iIl~ tilt; ll!lU',C e QI th,e, SI unQI~, the, pi Elyer~ I'Ve the' ~hlll ~()""Iy nn"bJ I1D9Il'n-=l!(l' "'" 01., lacki rig m"''''''''LdVi''' (;"p"bl IIll', HIll etc.," l1,ave mit been abletorestalililisetheircrsft, or aim 'i>el' fsser aooll,atelyeI'1Qug'tito$'end "1T1'i>~a!le by it 1(1SHani1nl",: nsi'i"!'! !J'IB~ rrMloftln.il1 to lim oomparaL!liel\i linllm~i<l>rr! method of rillJ'i Q ~l!!!nl3l~. lhm:l'i5,tnl' m"reSt(JIOWDrli"\llg~n,on Ilgh'L!iQI1 IhI! VQ"1I1 and n:o internal ~igliltiI1!J; m'Sl1l1lmfll1(S 3bc.ard ' , . ~f!II1.1j!i~Il!V use '11'11"1 ch""k. (Q wil! 'ip'$ pIJ'i'\'er plMI i$ ~(III h~!le-

but !'o.ntm 11"1;!.


sillln, ' ~Ife, lrl161l'llIYllrswlli prob"blY flooI~D !l!Il:mlln:l tl]e stricken \l1l,."sl. ih~s ,eQIJ!res an apprcaeh !.!!i11il9 \I:ace 'elfll!> and DlICkp:oc·1( h rLlsi<;!.f1!:; eha r~C~B rs mu 51 t makiEl II'! ~ Y;S;~iI!nJ'!i ,~oi!\'Qki !1'l rilOhaps, TIl e ma i1'1 .,~r-, Ilocl< lAS) does 1101respond to attempts ~o Opefllll!1 \tr~nc'ftlml woy; II 'chBr~t>t,p',rQfeI9ct.,ml~1;-3 Colin lJypa.ss~I'I" .1ITl/Jlis "ftot rt1I'!1QIoi'!'n!€1 'tlle;mal~lenanc .. F~llrlJlg that, a ot'l8faUlOlr ort"'l!d,,,rll<laH3_ :maY'-be ,llble to 9,lln scc"ss vill HII}(IF1lsrQen,cv ~Irlock ('861 by 11,ddlirJ!! w'I.lllhli h:ondcf'lIl'1k l1'!ect1a'1l~m rllm.r"IFltl rnaintenanee p.,,,,,,ls, TI,,, plaV(JfS mal" eteot.qe to m"I::e'l!l'k (>,,1.0 mal SiJFI'ev 'oftll Ef '£e~~l liefgreentarlng: allg~llm'l ~11 order en the Dulsid!lol thE! sliip. Thllinterior can. be Slilel11!t twO pOints; first, f'l'lro!JIgl11J1'3' r)d~",. DHh .... ..... ,bridge ~A I), a nd second 1 hlQblgh ihlll' perl oHi'lcd orsel fILl rrli1l, . f!< ell Ii r,IiGter cl!!m~Y'l'1g 'lo th,~(l IOC9 norrs _m" 51 make an o;<ldilional \lace SuiLs1<:III,toll '10 8\10ld mls:h"f>-'Iprob~tily io~frn'!l hiS glrip and fallinJ;l ,on1, Once there, h~ m <IV ",h II'IB a llu:rOtr Ill'!;) III film. The' d ersa] 'CUrrtll h;,e,rilp I\" !l:F1d ,I,ml'il" not ~"e,r. i !1MnnmB~,~!iii! hto ara Ii, up. On the ~fI[j9i1, ~~.. ftIJU,"!S u,f~!I pIlar s['Id na",lga,tor Dilll b,,§p.!'rH;bapplldl Into ~I~elr ElGCJlI~ifl3rio" eou!'h"s. 11n,.,. Iv'olli peJ'fB:ctly ~llnl!!C'e, Ilav ~cog r'!ln'lO)lrei:llheir h~l!rj~'!!t8, .in jj v~.'Y diODe, rh~f(i' is no eviderwe 'l,f,t9,,""Jtlp6iO'Llofil il the plarversttlll'1K to ask, Tl'ililV should bea'ilowed toconfer ~[fl(>e.'!Jh~~ will unde ubtedlV be in r<!d'10~Qjnt<!~'J:_ p,I1V!lnn With ii:oo;pelenee of ..... r~m~ ;od; pert oftl ~hip's cre .....r n hays I ",.a,N "'0, :SCOul ,I') r merchanl cilaracters. IQr ;;);am'ple, ma." ilheasks,b\! I(lid lli~ rUMtiM Of}ltll b1alt-dp.z€1'Iinstrul')i'iiil'ilti whl,;h~ro In I!P, provldmg I~" onlV llllil1i'linalion on Ihe llnd!] 8 , Thev ~htlWlll"t lti!!lll,ower pis nt ant:! IHe. 5i1J pJ;ilQf1s.ysi'l rl'!S' 0li,1l lIctwo; ellerytt1i'r'!!I' ,,1.. Et is s!",[,do.wn. !lnd lille ,BC(IYIW oJ! Hr$s,1J two syst,(Jms Isml n~mat Iflhc plavers ~I!\la'tr<obn more lh,!I1 '15w(;"l(slo II~dlhe .11!F',iI1I'Il'(bu,IIIJI1t&",,!lIil DlJdlmly led; ,;;Dtner'

~"",,,I", .rt.;.

PI<lyer.s wno , .. Lll1uS\lrllJky cl DS€! 5al1!litirw ol1he cruwmcrn wldlhBtth'l'lI appear \(!l bewlladfljl !i>old . r ~Io~tlfll\l' 'lhir . Olles II re closed, ~rn~ '0:'" Lt." c"ns.illin iJ)_otw~Ctri them l~ !lIT '~Ill flW pill-hDttl [I. witl11l plastic bnttl.e ohh e kf,nd LJsud to hold water. F,rom th.~ wily 'th,n9s iire_ . @>lltiITQ eround, it w~DI be c1"ar IJj iinYOIlElI'!lllkmg m th ,,'t IhE! Ip's In t!!tfl"O g.-av ilV nas bile ~ tti rn:<l_d olf, Ol'le>ll aboard, 111 fllllay~'B wllll;eEirl:l'I 'r.IHI!;hl~. Be'lcwfoUow~1! tles<;rrpthon I!Jr wh~ltt~tl\;' Will !1J:ild; ailGl1lncati 0 h i~ HI~iiln tom. DeSGl1p'tlol'1S t>'M~tw", pail.s; i,helivsl' p~irauJrijJ;!h. 1r1 it;;!lia.;, should ae rer<ld to e Ipf<ll'''''''' ~,;1to Il'V Q'rll,or rhe .. ree, and tile ~,eCDnd P:Uilgmph, in nDfmSIIYl!lt:.I,s '\;"'111;" r~f<!nle. Aboard, al'! l[glllS eJ(()!l,pt l~rthl;!i>!!,'StalJijd <I~O'o'lf, as is tfle !:'~,bingr"vUy. Th .. aIr is culd, bu:t ~re;!!lt1"l1lble-; ilOlt qUill j} cold ~ IlI:lUlIh 10 s~_ow OO!]de-"~8[1,"" fr.on1 the pIEr...-",!'s bfl'",llli r1.B.'If ~f1l'tJhe[rrliSlltht.lIJJ~I1.ll !}:ltlll1ts an d ~ rsv iIV GBi'i:b iiw[tcl'lml 0111; tl1 I} lil:l'I'I:\5 [ill! illy usual studs. in tne are•.a oo~cemerl, fln{l'thr- ~"'VI;Y Ir,crro the. p.rio:f.!I~,or ~1[!!JII'leer1nll by il'1'l'O"" ,""tlu:hlp' " """'"" GJ< p!lrilll'l[lOl, [,!lU'tOGI}W;"D have 'serveil (In :sIi1IP~. bejorll. Thfl'heatil'lQI cen elso b"F1"1illJtElclltom H,,,s(J two I oCBtiQ<l~ (A11 or A 12l_l-Iowuvor .11'by ch~I1Q,e, he t pi"",,, cs h;;v" ta -0 FI mnte thi:a1'1 15 l"e~i1.5: te !~ 'the ntll ~h Ip n [j .\l&ten~ Cf~·1"1 ~;, <lc,tW1I'tBd. - !j", IP"'W,H pm FI\ . win tliiI"e run (jul oHusllill'lt1 "toOl~mcl w~rlo:ln9' !fth .. md\l;,f1lu'OfS novenot fotJl'ld the si1ip by the IlrnfHti!l Jlowet ,",'IBFltruns out (If'iuet. I"'<in Ihe 10J= IQwIl"\!l mm;Jifketlon".,ap!lly: ~lr;;:U.Lh!le~IlW~1118" l>e'd" .. d of <U;jd, Socondl, '111 r 0'" bcr.e ro;i,wr!lle <l,;1I liIiI3l a~'llJally ijiquef!eri, ....1'1 be 'il!r I~Q co Id ~o brnathe !s3j1 I abou! -1'50" C) "11U sllg.htiv ta.111cd wltI1 ..... sle p.ma du","s Ira m 111 CrIl ..... t" uathin g,Tl1ird, tfl ere will be Et 's t'l0 pows'r Iii] rw'l ~tie Ii!'l ht$. Il~"" pl.E!'t"~'~l" is fld, on IV ~h,.bridEl" lighl's,amJ ~h~dls;tm!»ib3JI will bflflif1t'tlmlIng- batt ri.c'!sl'indso'lllfCull& provld_eenmJ!B~pOwe~ liCirun lilese, fo lJl1il , be-(;8u~e 'Dr tHu ""lfI?111't! cold the re will blI "Sf)' IIIi I" de,oor1>pQsHion J;]f tl11l tJod tes.

I I . al1Qht.




Tw,!! hum.m m"I'r::'~ fm;old w,Ba~h~r c:larhfnf} 1l(~';QiJ~" !ld'IJI' !J;81l"""I"""r;(m,.c:~ur:llcs, They /",,/r; qB;yj, bur peffattlyromp,Ciil'8ll ,ntd <'t!18xeri, as Ifl/,j{)-V',pI di't<lln

AI: i3'ri!!!!et

sollllber.voon Ih"~e"9u,,/:r!!s, and Oil ff .. rftiln r::'mpW pill·bofile 8m:!>! w.ottl'r bnH/1I of fle>libill pJas!ln. All rhE!(;IIi:rar I!!.gnootreNl'r& OppafBrIlld); cffM'd, A~llljng n~, rho o:r<!'W"W~1 I" th~ ffJfHI!lnd lUJuci) {s " m:'l"fli1d !NUll 1l1J6f1Ci1I1If.<lf:htMJ" NrH1fIOJrm"" is wearlf![J frls JI;;~e~, Obvl~lJsh", i'hhe ilfByity i.s hum~d ba(;~ O[1'I.Il1ll n olc;pad will I" II, It 15 cOl!erei:J WI1l1 d~lib~rat.e'CillcLl· latiDns in iii 'firm nand, wh[",h a 'Ill dealjy !I~tlllla~rul ~f tr!:l.....I<;lIl~ lliia !:re .....can '-LJlViy .... lIJndervarioLJs fIlg'mlls, of omerg ;;r,cy tn ea5ures, V\!e;;r Ih .. bmtofl'l, tl:re snswe,r 10 11M finall caretiI8~iQ" .~ '20 W'Hlk~'; illls is



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em rh!! /,()W (:'prJ"

¥e'( liIiJl'ill!ll.laflQi'CllIl'llair1&Golorselllp.e;; iillf ...,,,I1Hmm til O$'e'preseITl.od the IJ'IaY<lrli in ,5e"JerBI mlljDr <JsPQcfs_A <:hsraenlr of EllMtfonies·:;t, Ilr better may iltleFl1pt to lJi~el1 it; E)1"o~ mil af 9- cn 2(Ull>e 9110·

~lly&emillfiri",g' Hie pilot up 31nd ilS5tlre The "1",,,., goo;: b,tI'a r~,i:h~

~h .... r

Covert S LJf-



'me IIl'1tebook

LI'U:l13ritnl!d &'~erallimll~,htj,"vll",. thl'Mer !'lag,;.: 1lH! ",,,,mined, they c<ii'i'tairr H'e idenlifi ClJliO'1 101 ~he man in '{he IDRs""I: Ile ,Is 11m pilot, AI~o prQs'l!nl.Br'alhl~ will,ll brief log ollhe limellince thlly \IYll!:\ll'!'1arool1!ld bv .drive f(!il'tJre,lInd ",sltlicti Cll,~ 10r the :!i'~der ttl dellwr i.V./tr ~'Ii!trer,lJ_ Wilidi "re 1'[1I'l~ illu nfl


c~-edl'!) a<tl'i'e'!l .....s"B" e f'8i~~,.1 Fn""s ils, Ofllll ~'[;":E!.·IS6 lrl'''s to QPllflll WllnGullh~Il'OPllf k"y, acrd' ~jl.ill!l onlo '~Ila 'tap!!>5 fn!>ide. Ik,SlJroyin!l them and ca!l!sin{l .. !Ioul grlly·smol", ~Cl pun f~om th .. b(t~, jf opensd. s lhi.. bDl,':I tapes proslltll""lI;>PPO'1L1nity IDr the refllr!l!l to I=Clnrl"lI~ tl]e ~~;ln'atIQ '1110 olllllr ~d"lj"ILIf1es;cl'lTev d!llaillh .. '1>":<l1ion and clt,"l'iBo:cteristiios u! Illl! un~",pfored Bf!d d!lSet1;ed world WIH!tlli itle 6Ur'ClGu'!'1fllls{;IlIr!l:e:s are ~rjlnI' dhlel1llljllo 1Tl""llf~~t!!.l,r~Q l~vpmI:l'EII><"mi.,e' (.8iii1flI;o1ol:lul..' UH lor '(610\, [ :S.I a.!ih. (lO!l'Ieltrier ..... '''11 Drt@ tnuf1 hill tli" n'"g"r Bt ,111 the plcnt wlt;()bo tm'Ke U clear ..... 1]6t Sal<lS'h's Ut\tlarM nd sctum'lo is, Ttl" two CS iii' I3Q!lIllS 1rI~tle crew are [tie sr,,~ niij box_

r--~---~=::::::;:::;;;;;;.iiiii.~ ••••

AS: Si.k Bav fOflm can ol)viousl'ji' "aN!! ,!I'SiJ sl'!!reroom o,siclr/ Par'to- tI1sru.A:ni1s mom em (Us IiIftW{!!j!HJ sid I;;i ... Th"r" r~ DFirV norm!}1 ;'",adiGsl eQ,uipmerrt to be 'rou nd. thou!:J'l1 "bvi .. usly statoroom f'3GI111les are present i!l ~1S!.ow!l;d rorm -Dird folflp-ril 1.111 inlo tlll:e "",,,I!. i!lld go QJl,


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will t(lfl th,e. p'al¥gr51i1:t1e that thcy !!lon"l Alreadv kn 0",", btu n eo r the fro nl Ill, I",rge I<!I1ers is \11(1 IlrrI'iOi.incElm'EhHtnillttli1e~fEiw 11:."., !<iken f"st drug to, ek'BI !l ulllHli r s"'~J111 as of o"Vllen J;i I'IId foud. IIll'd that provide'!:!, they 9nl found by~\ICIl-Bind-such a ,fl.a~e !gi"'iilll ~ 15 wileil.=!, "ftflr ti1" ~1l!\I .. r~ ~8r!'edl IMir se.ar;;l1l IhD'f ca,-q !;Ie revived'. TM Ci\!i'W will ffi ctl:iaJly !iile BW8'~B ,8Md aCI ivo 'lot Eo few hmlrs halfwii¥ ttr ro!'! Olhi!!h_!!~i:l wee~, biJ'[ dil n'~ ,iet ,h e playl3r.:l n no '1l~lll f!''I(]VU1g ab.:md Tl1e whQ'e lo.g onl.,. CiQ",ers abo Lit four days. TIl.. pl!Hlattle bie{lN1$ 1'l1lmDrOLIS 1!l"mY~ae.lmrjO ll~mM, and :so 0" whicll will allow OI1!;'~hBJ;Jde, with Medlicill skill [0 r11111:h.lCB thal 11contained [,lSI, drug. The let1~,r::;FI th€l pll(l,t',i>,po"kp,'~~,~re ao:ld'wsslfKHo I hll!I!!.fr~fri!llid (GonCerl1 f!li rly J!l rIJ..:H~b!" ~nd harro,W11'19') IIlndw [he M'llllilger crfne'IlJ5lteJlar iJnr:lS C.. urrier Divloion_ ThIl!,5ec.oJld letteri.sll rapo.l g't.sirQum8!o,n. ells 11l18dln.g up to th<j ~r,eW's QIlIl!HiI ;'Illd 111!! all"" gf " tha: gIMIIWJ. namely IJnffi<pected and 'rrepa~,Bt1Il1: af'lo m DEtul!lll..rrfll''', {"i!!I re, RecommoMauoll,5 as 'to Ihow lD IProvent ~~Q r;jco,l,freno;:e of Ille mlsbap are gl",,"1' a,a a're dela lis elf c\lllryi~ 1fill .r<;!w Hied til repal" '!tJemo'l.Ilr, CI'IB""~G'S l$i{~'rnl"h'lg the bodJes sl10lJla fe"!~§e ~li1l3t omething s is ..... roI'19;, they are in no waydD~omp!ls"ci, eliti ".e even sJig~11'\i ....arf1i_ Th"'l1 ''''l.tle P~~O\ anrllnilyl[jill"r,

In hr. I'!lldkEi1s, 'Il1e log


rainll straiglnforward.


A3: Nailigat.o,'s, Sta11!!riliOm An' LlnromatMiil:.ote i>,fll,enwm, rll1!fe IS! Ii !l'6alea ,'~Urilr pl.aIPliy viaitJlo Qti IJJ,,, desk. bll!'llil o)l~~ ,1;0"11 bE''''!'!
Sl3ti!ifoilll1l'l are raTtly tl1lrl!il,ltd ,,"r.eptf(Jrtlllll!ltl~r.!1 has beellilanilw,itten, and is a J:!lIr"'.'i~o;i tQ a lanni~v wh i~il the plollets ,I';IlIJ kn ow 'from ~hi!ii' b ri.rFin,\'l ifiClu c[lIS lto" navi9.a!Or'~ parents. If opened, fts,cUiii'l'!flts,i!f'e a~ali"l pw,diClable" el!'Cepl for OnlJ p;ls5age III whl.h ihe l1a"'!!I,atm LJrg .. s J,i!l pa rMls, n 01 'to dill toe tfeep1\1 ill'to i'h Ii! "iJ1::~lIns:!a n""5 [l'1 l1i5: "'eBJt'h, 'fOr tli'8lr OW,", grnod. h""d"'~es th'illl1'

P!ld<¢ .. w,~y Ilemly. The eont"l1t5'!lflhe


plIIJiO'IiI,," Ilyll1allle(IiEl!il'n the,serv!oe,oUMs ~mpire, Plil nO-llnl:l can e"ertell them !ixa.lly \!!loy for Sec, ~"!l.5c!M. Ho.;:;!a!a~5' It1Ial he wa" ~War~ 011116 rA!lks, a"1~ ~Qnsrdema th'l'a;;kJi Wonllw!11Ie_


A4: Chief (n!linsg.'s S*!lte<r'Oom This slllt!iroQm (Ile worstpi&,Sf)' VOU"I'!l (WiI' ""'lim i'fbQtmj Il ship -lllIn,g~ IlI'C !:I<l:l'l!~li,-~1Lt'sJ\I'BWn IlDCNJI, whiah ;, rfire OM' Ii "hip, where tHlU'r:J(lf!nlOc:ceJerllfiofl

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A2: Pilg~"5,St~room 'This is a f8irly norma/-I"';Jleiny

slronaDO-"'OPl ilmtJed.

stal'f1room, ft';; been BTU} ri1lH;IIlJ!lIIl;"g~ Ihat sr8no;l'oU! <tro.,;i· fli1fl'" j.J) liol~f81J1l of'!l·VOM,!'i·girl and., 1'j'I'!!1\tl1


t"o i!:111 f). ~pafll '!,in iform=,

The a:llIteroom 'c"1'11fl1ins ;'Iboi.i'i iNl'",,,\ \,0 iJ'c;I,~"Pll~1; II remClle !erInU!1{l1 'for IhE! :511~'5 computer, i a ,ad Qf te,cJ1I'~i~a'!11!lrruals,descrmll'llg pil'o!'" pr[]lIlfj;;tLl~es fOr


suit' Ol'l II wa!1 'ifam!lin caw tl1ll si'lill ;~ decompressed wtiifJlll'i1l Dii'CUP~Flt i~ §lileep (ailI SI'8~!lrfil;lIn~ l111veIhi~'. ! n till! de9>~ draW's", i~ II ~u.,.gle (If 10\lBI!!tt,,~ frtJm t"ne'p.U~'s girlfri'mlll, ,..,d 'I !1I!illeC'liQn of· ~!l!ce' q,tIIalitv tIlP~S 1I!Jr th EIe"'~rtalnm"m ~VS. tem. Tl:ioJhalPllramis in thll fli'rm ofa otlbc about 10cm QI'I <I .. ~e, ,...ilh a !'tt!~ ne'!!r iht> bottom ..tlhe b.!loC~. t ""r8S~, this oCD",,,,,,'UUllmolij'" 01 ihe ~lifl to I go til.: rough II ~hortperim:ll'l.:f mO\l'C'mal'll ~nllil 8Cl'fon Iillway~ Ihe same loop) which 5he smiles Bnd

d 1111mil ng.ancv veec e

could hilTJ lanse objects d""{l.<!TOlJsly uboul, 'Ffoer,,; eroffr:;paSt'flf!!; On rhe wall,. il'fld J')!1meralJs amply Mflr aani "um~d'll;!l,;I'Ur ,if! Iho lll'tn)lIcre: b8d. Thtl'. Ut;S/.t, Ii!: l!lIall"5Ih~l'ap;;"" OIl '" ,8t~ !l8ry ml,l,h the .WiifS'6 far Mwr "'1';1 GQw:rm::l ill IWS!.I'Iy'$(i:r6wled c:aj. r;;uliJli"n~, ()rllwlN's 811dcupl!<laros f18f1g open-reveal. ing c/.otfling ""~I~ssJ¥ ,,~um:Jt:J Ir;r.;s,fcle -mem, /JMlh1 Cl"1;' r:amflr Ii mr':!lr"tf!OlUii' "1"Pl1ralui> l" hi1lf-lJ'rllll, ;:utrOI"!tdeQi'.br too/~ Pilr~ i!'rttd bils of ",hoi! B{)_f)e!i1fS fo be r:h!l~iJ, among olhe~ rhings, The c.eft:lJll1lillfl'S ,Me usel~:s 10 /:lie J;ilif'lltr/il - rllli lIngilJBm /Jils' baelllJs]llg hiS de'Slc ,~s ,~SUill.cfr-Piid veal'S, ,,~d' lfie iigLJM&' fS'fedQ er;oer),cMrlg f/'Om hit; !05fi88 o'l',t di.lli'1loJldtmc/l: la "m sllip ;$ ma .... ;mUiI1 ,pawtlE QUtp,,/ ta his PeQ/' ID<f19,tlse_'i; ThO'"'Kstefiaus appa'ratu9wm 00 rlM'I!!i1I1'iSl!d 8/1 II fIM,kil'sl\irfl ..j', ",urifiiir ,ay !In I"'nl! w~rh Milail!l<JJ-2 or E'If}inf1Brinfj-.P,l/le CEP8S jIlaa'l o;l~E!.m:il'nfllliS'bdet plJrlads of activIty buiJding it j.Q gi!le IJlt) crllW" f~W' I;xtrll hourS when .,1I,oaw.r s,wr""" fJ!~;qgBn J"w~ been I!xl:i<!',rJ.IIfed.


C ....... Cnmrmun A!ilf~1 (;p,mmQ/J 8(e8 all ooCJk/ng ilnd facJJjrfll,. s:r... ",..;',p;w<lY, There IJrtJ IIW1l9rouS; p!lSters ~fl'1m(lro"I'cV and !<iJ'J'ely ~fIilJCedLlrlllS 0.1<11,.' IMil#$ln promimml PIlJa;:I~·. A careful smbron ofthi5 roomwlll re\loo~ rlOLr,ill!J. ailee'pl for .. bg!JUwD Credll!iil'i IOQ'5sCh9I\ge.wllich have f.!lllem cfCl nlbehlm:1 tl1e sellt cUshions. ..... rec;reatioliliF

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AS,: Seoohd En!lllni!1IF'~ Stirterourn A !'leal 8nd,ordsr1y 5tllteroOfl] wlJi{;/i has ooan [ili/ec it i!¥'!:lecIJIJllms were I..'?vjng lIfo. ,,1!:lflQ ,(,Ie. r_rrJ'd, there /Sri dllf100i'1ro app<:tsr(l!l door he;rri ll1!ngkC imr;! below.-I' <I' ~,., of six' dllrts ~ec[J, .. ly ftlstHtj~d in. TI'II"" 110 l1othin!'l of spM1t;,i nOI!lWOrlhnn~ss t'lefe_



A!!! Me-dle:5 SfalllrDlli'IlI A SPtJ!lll$~ly ~1"'1fI s18lOraO/lj wilh a ttfl.rgt:! TBllk o,f j.ovmiflS' 8mi' teXi tap"" illong one Willi, lind II .ta.PfJ Viflw'''f DIj ill 'desk. Posl!~~ ~V!ilr ih~ fliir ""'81/, lil'ld '8rt! C<llloom;;d wlif, fif's,t-iJ.id t}IDCr.ldUIl!$ for the mo"r ,Ciii.rt; IlmJ[wgll B'r~ !<,(lrne-picWres of Iv'gh p.er{eNman'Il., SIDIIII Willer crMt The jo urnal ailn 011 e.><tsa Fft mo~tl y GOOllC<!ri1<ltl wilh me<lrci ne, btl t Il~ci Ul 011O"qlli! eta.. ohi.temAII\r.ClitiM 'sLm~ ~.~ ',An!are~1'1 POWIl',FBc",t Nil"".', qr '1flll''Idling Speeodbrmts Dllluw Gr;JI\IliV Worlds'. [lsliould b13 ggv;Q""th"t jh~ medic:s 'i1Cl'bby I:s powe'rboeti<l!l. /f!; :searcl'1 olLli~.dll'ikdl'''''''lil!r~Y!'\111 rtil1elllscvll!1lJ ~rt~lielite<' ~tte-sllrn9 tOJ he:n~m, a"d rnilmiiler,~hlp Gar-cls '[of se"El,:,.111 bl;i!i!idu'Ds, some Oi!whleh i::l:lIlIlg ~lJil~ilivshiV be U:s~d by llillt pl,~"" ~~ to !:lain IIKe5S to UtI!! IliILJib prem Ises I r] futu 00 1l(j,"lIl'1tu,,~~, A ,h<!!r~,cter ooliflC'tilllll ~Ild .UJct:,.il1!)' ile inslmetiol,.1 t '1'Mn",,!f;: ~llIS;LxmontM, ~"t>~it:llldhe lla,1l.sllIl'I'Ill pr!teti~Q~ ..."U. wril acquuc one levolh r B'''P'!lrti ~e i" Small WallQr Craft "kIU, gtQvjded he saves \I. IIi!o1ligen~ cill2<i6 a1 !tie O~(r oflhllL ilml!, A 'fI<lFif1:~rlltliSml!:!l ,Is .]Jefmiu"ti,l;Jut thillTianLiIiI" !lifO Il,f a !i,mplllie!l:i flatu·I'6, lind <lllli ... ag~er otSma~1 Watm trll'rl-2 or Detter can gain nil uctn!ll'l! Iro:L:mIll111m.


M'; Moll] A1lrlo~1Ii This 's.ar! (J[IiI"alllarrl,p"J: • .c;ofilllining safety IlnB~ JJmfi,fical':s:, fiN./Wm; fQr Iii !'} ir aItIiG1jrnenl, Ilnd IJlherEV,q. SlI;",rs sui:h II:" 11£)/111;., lte"cs'lIoes, o 8nd SCI QI1~ Thilre II~ illJrf.a-r:Jw,!ln Will!; ~l,Iil~ prf!l!~IJI. . A thor'Qullh check or Ule.mlock Will re,'o'!t<lllilat ~II the lI~ri~!i1kHm UHn'IICC !lulu; hilI/€! uaan elllpti .. d Bllo;Jt"JO e>(h",us100 of alr, The c;rew have I.!~.. d them 't'l S,kBOyrl ihc ]l!llpb<lardlli.e~uPIlQJt by bl"Dding Ihulr (:Or1iUlllfs inlo ltile '1~mDsphef"l "huaJ'd,


g!ll'j~\, S\,.U~~ !G !1r!5' An Ol}"" f()Dlli:it Is' In £11," crawf ....tJy, as tlf!i' sHiItlfal """inIDllll'lIce rntlfloa/sljfJd ,iln e.m,~~ ~f..an . Alllh1s ~howld til! "Ellf·e",it!entas to pilrposll"'~' chil'1!"till'witlt EllgJf1eersldll Mn determin!l from ..


~r1,,1 II I ~pe;;;r!Dn di1l'11i1e ITlflFl'Qel;J"'''' dri'les, ar .. ltopeles51y da t;1 Bged I:w~orl\e sort ofi,rne'rnal 9:o:plo-

ls 1II1e'ltJ I" f ,ilingi nee r. A eheck ef tM co nfrols an til rrJ'llrumilJ1its by snm Elone with Engi..,ffiI ring l;klU wi I' rel('IlB,llliat 'll'I,o:power l'1~n,t I;: OP!lr!lti1flg W las,s, tll'ln , 5111i;:'BiI1s'W~re:r"L'ilui'ildto lind till;! shlp, o'lllerwi,... it s not- and §Id;; tl'fflWIS will b.. IIn.,1 nolJJfli1{j In !I\e sh'ip wOrk. OJFIIHlJe air is !J nbraathabl e.) <rt !hE! minimum pOSoSii:,)111! 1l1. 'to CO fls.!ii[V,e,fLJlll, Iml both i.....
lund tih[JJLllTl~ dri",e !ife ln ~Ff ..C;1 cOlulftion. II'Iir:le searchers thi nlo; 10' ~h~eii 1119fwo I gaug~, tin "'Y will see !:tJatll1ll't,mk$<l1"U pmctjcallydry. witt; hO'fu91len 'I"" an,l1hcr ium!l. which ;;810 mBiliillllM!'of two Illings; e'ither the shlp jump!!" II lot further th~,,, ,ts Imgh! pl<lfl rt:lrn~ies: Hhi~ i~ ill 4.,cr Ill'll! ~mlh). or r~ "'fall m a gf,!~llIt urry '!Ild IJad 1(> 111~ketWo onh~e h jum",s-witho'Ur ",[o~~il1'11 w rEJfue'. The' ~lhi"r fl'191fi{lel'"wre'l)~. <i tln'd.ris y,ilY1l in tile or to se<ill IlIff!li", ""ld, Mlilre of tl1i511ltl;!r.,

,.rOlli, poss,bl \' a ·~ompclllne"'t fatture of 1iDl Ui1L1~LJII1 tyPB. and can only be f'l!.placcd.

!Ilr~Ni fllJN DIad",,, .. nd riites; ,,~'S;e"'lld (:,,1"5, life ra It"" anti ,slI:niliJf ireml1.

,A, 11l1': Shjp'~ Lock.e!' TIIls.l'o~ff. it; abo "I /Jillf-rull

All; Driva.liI;ggm
l'1Ils rao"" ,~r.m,ti'lin:5l GQi1frolS' For rlla ilIJgj{lfii' of Ute sIl'ip, .md' illstwm"" Is tEl manIlar :rtienic 7/wr,e !ire' fWQ ,pOflcJ'U,!S b,4o(,," 1M (lONS6Ie,s; lxiII', ocr:IJPi~; l!,/;J peopla jn UJ<1m "relul [j'l il!}jI'n"n" "'1!5' U11l",le<lito' on edemlJ'l(J,.,flnd """ , olli;flg I,"nd~ ElC'P&S' <;IlIlJ'of the, mlltl'i~(lr:5' 1;l,,1 woo!'! them, -nleJI S!;'''\!:tl tali!'!>'''' diad ill tfterr sleejJ, ana f)ll Uw vDnl"Q/lJoard b!5'irJ['(J .hem ;lire <! ;:;mall em!;ltJ' pill.{o"W.e <lilt;! Ii lIe!<I/)I~ pla::;pr; wal'er bottle. Pirlneu i!g,<lills:t 1/7" (ellr wlJ'JI by .rha

[)t 5!IfVivlI'! 5ll'!;rss. Tijef8
r.i riolls,


Th,e relr;;FCIl ~hDldd ['eellnE'B to ;Jdd ~PI.roj:lrl,ne itef1l1~ to tn'e above lis! as ~1;() c"a'!!~ter~sClm:;li1; h·QwL'\Ier, note t!1'" all ty.pes oHiitEiI ma,st or ,e~'Pirjltor IIle missill~ rlhe IlMslr engineer 11>'15 ane !'1ibilh~ed'~herF] rOrlfle.m~sr!!rioLJs illJparEltus inA,..'. as:;"" lila '9(J'[t~01 "old \'I'elll:h~1 <:latnlinQ. wtiill.l1 ~hEl ~~UI«I weRrI"!l. hovlnglui"i"lCd dew" fll", Iieatino "re to co 1'I~"IVe [lower, SomEluf Ihe pair"" i'l F I'rniQI1'~ have l1~n broken inill, and. 5'omo ii'u:llv!llluills,p~okets m. m~sst:Il!i,11~vllllJ bP."", oaten by Ih,ntll.w.



S!JI~'ll ItIl"!,{~iI1 is O~B oitne saru(fiest ;"dil!ld~als j.'QY Il'llli'll f\V~,r seen, with Ills h!lna~ in lu's p!l'I;;k",r" ,,1)(1 e oBseb'illll":llP pllilad ~ow" (;I'I~r his !5'1'lI , A /I s three ",nl ~'ing CDld wear1!""f clo!lj~1T9, "nd ,In<ire is

A13~ Stll[biiitOO C:r1¥,BAecessOr'.a.wlw,a,y this "nJ,w{wIIY ...liilw.!',lIlcceS;:l fa tne dri¥6~' fot
m;;lrlte'lI'1'l'(:'iI_ All rtJe jll~p9Ctlall p!JneJi;h8"1' heef! rem\!) ",ad, al'ld !'here .:i/'il s!gmFfJi a !l!lrnpJ;s: !i1'.,,9~ir:s. ItIHlilly thiJ1'!;j wortlly.gf nOlo here, whloh II tHoro LJQm. ci'la~1:.3IJ,Blirtl!ntl!lirlilec~ 1'1 ns a ntl ill il search will rellji!fi!M,Ii> Ih8~ tile lii!:!,,'1 fecordB,r hilS beafl, di Soo!1['1"",ted, .U[)p!lr;,n!ly m;~ld"nIEiI.r1' BIU!

M 1: Port: Orive ;\!l.~";&f; Cirllwiw!!v INs ~ll'sjJ~li!Qb\lIl!'~ly !l/l"w~ access 'I? Hi!! drIve mOlchihel'}' {Qi' rePilI~. A II tna Irrrtlm(J1 plares ffJr i!CCti'S~ I'D me drllt~ h<l'i{e be!"" rllm.lIvlld; a,,~ tllere ~re aJllilf Brtflmpts fD fU''Y·TJU: some ,~md CJ r ,(tmef-

[j bOil( it) one ..,mar artne rts om. Th", fluarilis ",.. I"'~ f13s been dlsilbled. i/Jer<!!' lire WI"';; protr!l!di"lJ from an 0.1>1>11 panel neadl will -11/;;;vt;; clfli!rl'JI filllm G,ut. rio B p.e,gpl EIItO!IIl)!fel h m uen Ih... ~:!mll: ~oll11l:lflicn as ~l!!jl:i!1on the I)r!D.9 ; tile ~~m,e n(JIle~ api'll", to n, !lInd [0 itl e pHI-buill". The (1 i d ~"t11J 'BhIp's rnooie. ihe O ~t"!lled mll!! it&secQnd Bnglniler; lOll pinned igun:l

'scm e- ye<!" Jag!l.Tn;" ill s t;Io.l meat's fI erma Ipuiipcil:il lstn It;lg IIlI] '~h'p"!i movemerns and 'vitilh;I~!'IS' so thal l'f it cf'Mh ..... the II iglll uerort!er m.v i:I~ve Sl;IfIl'Itl

clue as f[J .... hMwent wtong. nHlfil!~X ll'lBI it ~5disCiClnne~tEl!!t mil", rai." ~ome 51! ~plcia-rts.

B2: ,CIIN!atlofl Space , . ,An IlllJpfy ~r~/rl(JrT To ~it"l}lr Il'rdsc ,[If"!:' SI'l'PIlIi'.,!<pve.> wir'li oour:f",s Iii rh"m. Cl'bYlol.J:;ly £f.)nttol pas.!Jt:lnr; for til!!' lWO Vilnj'F,Qll~"il'[S, The v:ll,ntr,,1 turrels ,are r,enl'Qt~y Icofltro11ed f,,?1TI here. !lind iI.Q~"lfrJaflll", kinds. fitiflD, wi1h ~rlSorn of

A sm"~1 r'Qorn ,~Ol'!mrr"tW

S'IiII1;filr¥ and washing fi!c!lili~:S. appareflol'r" ;;m'llplab/!l 'for 'lilftl'9r.nritll ~~Ii'. N eth Ing 01 in,!!!ltlllst



&'3; 1i!4: ,Q,j.' Raft e.a'fS'

80.111 ll1~!1 r-tlQmS' .ontain B stllnrti'ud filriraft ;;lId faciii'lrfil'$ f~r fJ:l'lllr 1.,,<JIl'CfI IJnriJ m.!linttlf'.mc!l. ThEirI'! il' notlling of pall'ticIcllar if'lllre5 " .. ria.



{IS: Circul~ti"n Sp'U;iI All firr1p []I' i:orri~<lt. TM IlNl'8rby ifl~pllctlc:PI'i {!tliI1lS /Iii ve Pe8J11 F!5'mOI(f!oI ami S0J'li1i!\On(lll~ ObY10!}s11' iJ(1~n modif";Ilt'lIIrQlifli!iI~ppi!)rr.!le9r ber".n~/h"m. !il! IlJIIglneer5and Ili"d'ii !;.a-O'e"j:l!:lIlIl wor£!fIIl.'UUE 1", ~!JIet"h Gunlm'i r cICl'lle n 'SlJppll i3iS b", t~!Tl "en 119 with 1he recycler.
i! ,single 1o'8iWliWl 8nd;!]'S'~11 rim',a/dUt. The air bartles, Olt rhl'l"ult <In. emplY- sell A910r ~t~~le~~~·a~~~9~n~. ~~ ___

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fidetllNl'1 A'er:ron" .. j .Rer:ords; fragijll'lInQ 'W,~f!. b riIlce1;! l!.y 119lO;1;Irled p§iOll:liI'It!m::nerla!s lind ",pe~ agaln!lloacG;dlr;lrlItal fi'I O\1!llTltl Fir, NQl'luilillle.-s. perhaps t!~ re.ul'~ Cll vl<>1iln_ce by the IJMlleffl'fI ~rI'[jriIll9 t!]iU!1;!>I!.IJerllil!lps dya to ,B~,uLclen lurch .when ll1e w;;noeuvrC iilJ'i" .... 'IlI.lea. one: nh3\'11 hii!~; 'Ci;iITOil ~oo~.rami bLJr&1open, BplLIM'I1Ireooll:llflg FI10"· '!lI!!s.e ...~.tyWk1eri);.!5mall DblmiQ OilJBc[S,ab;;Jm.r111l 6ize ,arid sirlapa {)h~pllca:;~ElIt65" Ani:lSQlfiilthl09 , els!;!; II couple of lollg er<;rlIH!li li1e.fSm<lilrkGd Er!iS"Oi'/.:ile fI(t(;~r,ditlgMpdur!l5,; 01'1 Not Expo,e I'", j.rllht alld with Ii Motice ,,!lq~'~inTn~,!h8t til" ml:lsl CQII'!Ficle",~lel records .ere kep~ on modLJloo v.hlch. <1$<1 'Sf!c!Jtlry pnl~<lm"m, a<t;! erased iF e).!;p9~AKI to nglilt _i!nI rl:SS eert~ i n m6il~'li es iII.t! ta lien ro p ,,,,,ant II!1,.. Iflve-sll· r il,~tt!011 ,~f [Ii!! oth", cret""s rellea~s twQ .imil"r .:on,i'a illllfS ir'lilacti. PJiflyef'$'being IIcuriQ uS .101. \hll\i ..... ~~ L II1!:lliy 0il<:l Il eln!; to 5"'" if TI1oe;rB ,Ii [I\" jlro'ffitto Is be' 1\flI<.",Ii.,; t!;1ey ...... find, nQtft!coro,ftg ILI m[ldu! B<5, UI ~ C<i roJfu I ~y·paal®dDllllltlo: b.EI~~ sr.:"'aLh of wfl!l,'E1 pills, These ,af!} l1yO!.J:m:le)l;lmllle Of 'VElE ; ,.Be' M<>dt.lJI~'O [01" fui'U,eil' dE!!Ulils, No'te 1)011'1' a S1rIiCctwi§il"!l :cn~,r3Cter can uil<:;ognTs~ th is lI>ilJ IJst!;lIlCEl. hlQwl!I"'~w. ·1tWill "OW bE>c:iM!F to' the IJlay,ers tih313,11" 1'19t..... al it h ~e_em", Tne r~oo.<I1 1'19m oaw'le~ a ne bh"nk,

This :rurret ral;k' f.llted

mITtn1l5 (Dr rne itt!afll illFsr I,mri miss-111l' IIle ~J'ilp. All i,~ !:~slems t1Fll rumeD off. ;;I&.ciIan oCtal'll Tn H !'jlass; case for use in ern e'l9 Mcy 1l8'~i~<J'liol'l in th E> llBiSe ~hill L11I t~1lIl ])ldjer [ rmdfurlcflcill5; 'tt 15 p<i~s1bie lUI QlotIu!mp~ mill1!1"Dy,


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1'1' dffficu It 1iI1l..:! IIff[IH:QI'I'SIJ!1I1 ,mlo l.ng

with agreatc:f1lil1lce "forror. T119Qclarlt and iUl Boc.ompat1)fill!j man.ual tllemm ore. 1'0r r'ili'lS(lI1;s Df morn ill than



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Tvp;e1'· nnval 11 Hl.Igifl_ elass 't2 TVpeT.ln ..p~Cl:Ofil{e This IIll)re differs tram /he $iandar{1 e/TCQlIrtrermar· fiJi for C,r;:las5 ;itd'rr;Jartsin if>tJ:"lldllcing lW<lI1Bwtypwr qfvessol, which aIB d'llailed lielpw, .
subsrrll5il'd mercnere. £nooy"tors wW'l tVIl M ships ;I,e w.ilh lnno<;'.{tnt.. pellc>elu,1 trade ... ~arrifill!JPIISSSftgilrs <!i'ld frerght to and fr:om Sllan.grlJa_ Thn players arrlVl1Q on one sud, shop, an<l writ l!!iJ\'ll on one anerCOIf1pl{lting, their miss;oh, hCj"Je.fuUy with tl,,~ e<l~I10uf 1l1e Sl'Jowoird amI fIOs"iely with Il~pes"ued creW. Decathlan e,liS!!'; U~ln9 a 4'00 huH, the Oecalhliln ",I!I~s r-opreSBIl\lS " .stop up from !liesl"(1\dard freermde.r, j;!urt'hIlSIlIt hy ""llci:ieS"sli.dMP~ail'l'li 11110 ed'ium-slw"o m il1ti!>rst!lflar trading companies. TVpi'l MMerc.f:uifltl (Bo'lkZ) A£tnllldard



re-n!ieni19 It ~ap!lbr,,(lf jllmp-3 and makIng most W·orld'" !ltlCessll:lte... Also IiUec ii~e MlJOilC;lJlfre DrIVe 1'! rawer Plafrl!", m(ll{jn!llh~ e<»ftl!ilpatil!ja11G 3cce!er:llioo. foe! tal'l~lIge of 150 !'onsslJj}Ji'Or!s th'e

11,9 mllir a~1i3tTt"ge is L~ll po..... erful jump arivil F.


.,owe pra:ni for foll' weeks and alfi!lWS om, jul'tlp-l_ it. 1110Qcl/lcomptitcri5'fin.!ltI ~diil.celi'l·fQ l\lubridgu, There-ate 14 "Ull rooms "nd ..O low benhs, FCUi" natdpoilltl! ~rB fiPtil!ll, lIl1d four CPS {If fiOl' control SIni"e i1«l' held Ill' reservil. bill 1)0 weal'on", is ini~ lillll\l fitted. A speeJlI1 compartrne!lI hc!ds an air/taft or surface -iJIi\Cuvsiol'ls. lind thele is a c.,;'lfgo hold oi

tho lmperial

meIllioC'! to d,~band.Grto heOliernead. 10 <11101 IOr!lWm''''I, thaI fhere l~J'.llQon!!r .siderabl~drl!g-sl)'lu,gpllngact[lIi!V I", 1.111' !lreil which IIlI! navy IS !lliP"C'B_! Iv II1tefl3sted "' stQJlJ! 1Tl1!I. olo,"" b 110W thily
ll1spcctorato lir,i·!(cs to ullecl:' up on l1afld! 119the crime', in !.he region. fn5peelon:!le iJo'!sels repre''itmt_ adllilnct!' un-its of

conversatiol1 pli!f$onnefto tofllmetll1ng

the n;ival ilftlW will tr!liil! mem with "Ii l'Jl)'slfj~le coniempl. haressntem and' l,ostl1irysnortlill ae!Ual violenco; lim "allY- !:IDeS':!'! l1lf.a 5t;OlJt~. <li10 iU,Spilciallv does,,'t lIke tl1'~if spy bllVs. NCI agentS will !ie\1.aVD likewhe. but fIlay p<lS6ibly imprison er $:I;<Iuit I.hlllllayeffl. Harrnles.' <l~ter9jd miners, of ~tJI'!06. While nct tlf high ~tal,:,s, are IIIW.§,llldl"fl1j c!tlzens - when anyofle's. IQu.long. th;iH,h They ere !<rtQwn to In DOIge rn smugglll1g, whleh the lIaval I1!fficiafs will be lookil'lQ fill.; if they fi'nd nyu"," de.><all1ifi6l:lnoard, the group will b~jocled uptind b I b~ key til rQWl'I away. .. Whlil'lm;er ha~pel:1s :whOnII nijVal ve~sel is ",.n~"ntgrm:l, Illi~ referee slioillrl c:onlrlVlI durl!'l!1 Mrm,,,r

9atiOI\S'oU'¥pgf(lll'i<aminB srnuG,glift.[l. II'! ejlher~s the nallal pers,OIi'lllel will .utl!!mpl to bQ:I,tr tltell playetli'vassello make;1 routine clwc~· rhe l\IClwnl be mo,eJ'l;ely 10 S.POHiJlytl'lmg amrss. of Gotlrne'· IIndthepla)'e'~1I\fOUrd do well nQUo ,;!FOLIM lI'relr ~usj:llcjons_ Shli)uld the plB~ers !l.. ~intto trQubll!_ and I:ry to QetoU! of It by rClleatlilllg tl;~lIr true Idallt'tu;!s,

1!"Ying uneeveteo traees ofeSS I'r1l1nd,wotl(!'I thel. Inv!lstll

In.lC natu re of 't.h,,'S'lo.INbi"rrl·"'<:"f'o"~nl'l proofwith aJi'ri iSO!1l 9. Nflval COlinter-1"tBIll9Ilnt:cJ


or Inr.errogulial1'

for one of the nllval

l'Iillflg!ltor_ two I!nglMers. metlk anti ste....... .Jm.. Decall1ron",la:lis<V95;;1!!~On{;ouI11"fBd by tflepartv wllll:le slllp!, ofth:EI !,!,d Giant Cml'l1r,ation's.l3ever<lge IIna Sl>!(;e!l DJV1§lan. purohasing lind !lhlppli1(j AmllH loaves (1!~8tl1a)an d om er all rlr:ultuJlllpro· Tvpe T~ThType deluxe TrallefJerslll.
(ifuee to ati!or

96 tons, Th~ hull is si.r!!<lmlln9-d. A s!am:!" rd deiiigfl, !'ie Di'lClIll1lol1 c1asliI·,GO-lit!i MC<1!l9.&6 ancl taloi9:s 14 momll'" to build ~~ a'Tet;h Le v ~1 10 shiPVa.rd. AC;fljW of sf", htrequlred; enOl,


the Gft'!efleC10s.e E§"(:I)f1Ill' even a TypeC' I!lrlilsoer, Navsl ...e:;:sel!; WIll mOs'!ly be 00 routlne patrol;! ,

T pa~ro' !:'ruiS!lrlsfQund'ln Lila bin eQult! e!l!!11'1htf ret)I:lC'Gti by flag.flpottlog trouble "nD


t\illfi1110UflO 1t1D 4ltJtm( and Imprioo!1 !n e players_ The lJ1l!p~f.ori!tll are not quite i!! liel:ff!t polie1l; if!n" plill\!i11'"S "an COI'IIi noo t!l.em o.ftnneeonee, !hev wm be re["l!.seci. HUVIIB'IIBf, lin'll SlJsple,iol\5 ot th6~roup

tml>llrja! il1spar.i1,'l 's 10r,I:,IIS, ne(fldI19 "head 101 ~ the l1"Iait1body to cnock .hiflgS out. AI50 mown as {he Earth .f'olill:~,the rnspel'tofllltB 1,5 'Imy mu(!t\ ill fil'Vour oh'Oug k j,ustice.i.ike, rnlvlll crews, 11Ispnctol'lltlllJesg"ls will stojJ 11le Il'layar,., bO<lrd tileir Grafli,ana enElcli ij out II they find nothing Incrrminatiflg. they will be jJlfJilsanl enolJgn,ll'a frrfle $eJr-4$!lred.l~ th~y dls.,o'~cr the playe'1l' true ideNil)'. or \find ilny· lhm.g SUSplelO\.!lI, ltlllV will separate thlf "'eve.rs in:sl.a Iltly and q Yi!!stlon thcm stlfjatataty 'O.ne'al a lime iReiert!'e ..: <lsJn.he p!ay&rS re describe Ineir CO\l6[ slQtieii to YQU !odi¥iduatr)', Without allowl!ltr ahenm 110C!lnfer 9r OV(lrflear ,"Mil Qthnrl,. y,:ilh any tI[~,",replln<::v De,n!) ''''9I'1rded liS suflkiil.r11 grl)UnllS

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