Monday Clean and Jerk DE15min Crossfit20min Short Intervals20min

Tuesday Press ME20min

Wednesday Squats ME20min

Thursday Stamina Tempo or TT

Friday Deadlift ME- 20 min

Saturday Long slow 10-15 miles 90 min

Sunday Bike- 240 min




Long Intervals-45 min 1 hour 25 min total High carb 40 min total 50 min total 40 min total 1 hour 30 min total High carb 4 hours total High carb

55 min total

High carb

Time per week- 11 hours Crossfit- 4-6 x week 15-20 min workouts Strength: Squat, Deadlift,Press, Snatch, Clean and Jerk Types of Strength 1. Max Effort- 2 rep max 2. Dynamic Effort- 2 reps at 50-70% (more reps optional) FAST reps Gymnastics movements Stretching


Crossfit Endurance: 3 x week Short intervals 100-300m x 8-15 fast as possible Long Interval- 3-5 min x 6-10 fast as possible Stamina Tempo- race pace equivalent to distance you aim to race in Stamina Time Trial- as fast as possible to desired race distance

Always do strength workout first

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