Biciok Kiir Malcolm X When I was younger, I used to watch TV all the time; my favorite TV show was The

Fresh Prince of Bel-air. The main character, Will, seemed to have very high interests with Malcolm X. At the time, I had no clue who he was, yet I saw him on posters, t-shirts with his faced printed on them, books about him, even necklaces with a pendant of his face. I thought to myself, a man with a pendant of his face must be an important person, so I set myself a goal to find out who Malcolm X was and what he did to become such an important person. Unfortunately I didn¶t fulfill this goal until the middle of my 8th grade year, three years after I set my goal to find information. I finally found out who Malcolm X was and what he did to be such an important person in history. I now find Malcolm X to be one of my heroes because of his hard work and determination he had while he was in prison, another reason Malcolm X was a hero is because of the way that he was deeply into his religion, finally, Malcolm X was a Civil rights leader who fought for equality by any means necessary. Malcolm X was a man that promoted a society in which African Americans received respect. He believed that blacks should achieve that goal by any means necessary. In a time when blacks were not allowed to sit in the front of busses, use the same bathroom as whites, or were not admitted into Universities, he was working to change the situations. Malcolm X's cry of justice was believed to be the voice of all blacks behind closed doors. Malcolm

he was introduced to the Nation of Islam. He grew up in East Lansing. and changed his name to Malcolm X. He was very determined to get people to join the Nation of Islam. After his release from prison he started preaching for the Nation of Islam. the Nation of Islam. That was the exact opposite for Malcolm X.Little grew up poor and did not have much parental support. While in jail. Before he was in prison. Malcolm X became the minister of the Nation of Islam¶s Temple Number Seven in New York City. He was a drug user and a drug dealer. Malcolm turned to robbery and was caught by the police and sentenced to 10 years in jail. While Malcolm was serving his 10 years in prison. He read hundreds and hundreds of books and educated himself into a sophisticated and changed man. that he became one of the main leaders of his religion. Prison was a turning point in his life. The X stands for ³unknown´ because he gave up his ³slave´ name. a Black Muslim group. Michigan. To change yourself that way is a very difficult task in the surrounding of a prison. His father was killed in an accident when he was six. Malcolm X was a very strong willed and smart man. his life was full of drugs and other bad and wrong things. he went away from his life of wrong and into education and knowledge. He made speeches and influenced others to join. Soon after his father's death. To try and recruit people to join the Nation of . Most people in prison just do bad things and never learn anything while they are doing their time in jail. He believed so much in his religion. Malcolm¶s white mother was put into a mental hospital.

Malcolm X wanted to change that. Malcolm put in such a great effort to convert many people to The Nation of Islam. This shows how determined and dedicated he was Malcolm X didn't see eye to eye with Dr. He changed many people¶s life to good through his preaching and teachings throughout his lifetime. He led group speeches which helped convert many people to his religion. King's concern was equal rights and integration for blacks. He wanted the blacks to have the same opportunity. many black people were given a hard time. It didn't matter to him whether schools were segregated. He stood up for what he believed in. They refused at first but finally let him see the man. to be treated with dignity and respect. ML King. When a Black Muslim was beat up and arrested by white cops for no reason.Islam. Dr.´ Not having second hand books and being degraded. Those people were beat up and even killed just because of their color. He showed up to the police station with hundreds of his Muslim followers. no matter what anyone else said. When Malcolm saw how beaten up he was. Malcolm protected his kind who were being ridiculed and abused by white people. In Malcolm X¶s day. Later thousands more Muslims showed up. Malcolm X then asked to see the Muslim who was beaten up. he wanted schools to be the same as whites. he asked for the police officers£ . Malcolm would travel from city to city preaching about black pride and his religion. just as the ³white man. Malcolm X wanted rights for blacks in general. Malcolm used the power he had with his followers to help him out.

They are brave and courageous and have many great achievements. He used the power that he has earned. To me. That is a real hero to me. They said no. Malcolm used his power to save a man¶s life. They saw how Malcolm could control the thousands of Muslims so they let Malcolm take the abused Muslim to the hospital. to influence people and to protect them. To me. He stood up for what he believed in. Malcolm used his power of the people to influence the police officers. Malcolm X is all of these things to me. He stood up for his religion and for black rights. A hero can be defined as many things to many different let the man go to the hospital. a hero is someone who stands up for what they believe in. . that is what a great hero is all about.

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