There s No Place Like ROME

ART and ARTIFACTS of ANCIENT ROME The FORUM Taking a stroll in the Heart of the ROMAN REPUBLIC Copyright 2011

The Forum as it was

GLOSSARY CLICK HERE It¶s the first century BC. You are at the center of the civilized world, the heart of the sole Superpower of the Ancient World. You are at the Forum Romanum. It¶s Times Square, Washington DC, Wall Street and More. You are mere steps from the centers of every aspect of the Roman Republic; Religious, Political, Commercial and Financial.

From the perspective above you are on the Sacra via making your way from the Circus Maximus to the Forum. The round Temple of Vesta is on your left with the smoke from Rome¶s Sacred Hearth Flame emanating from its chimney. Next on the left is the Temple of Castor and Pollux whose portico acts as a voting place on occasion. After that is the long building known as the Tabernae Veteres or Banker¶s offices although the original building has been replaced as part of the Dictator Caesar¶s public works project aimed at rebuilding Rome¶s crumbling infrastructure. Straight ahead is the Temple of Saturn which is the home of Rome¶s Treasury. To the right is the great space of the Forum where the people of Rome gather to take part in the governing of their country. At the far end of the Forum is the Rostra or speaker¶s platform, also built by the Dictator, where Rome¶s leaders address the people. Behind the Rostra and Temple of Concord on the Capitoline Hill is the large building called the Tabularium, which is where Rome¶s important documents are archived. To the right of the Forum is the Curia Hostilia or Senate House. The Building to your Right is the Regia or home of the Chief Priest and the College of Pontifices, Rome¶s most senior priestly college. As you can see and feel, it¶s almost midday and the temperature is soaring, business on the Forum has concluded, Praetor¶s Tribunals have all closed for the day and the courts have adjourned. The last few business men and citizens conclude their conversations before the do the same thing you are about to do, take shelter from the midday heat.

The Forum Romanum

The Forum Romanum Standing between the Curia and Rostra looking across the Forum at the Temple of Castor and Pollux(3 columns) and the round Temple of Vesta with the fashionable Palatine Hill in the background.

View From Palatine Hill of the Forum Romanum with Temple of Castor and Pollux in foreground and Senate House in the background Looking down at the Forum from a terrace on the Palatine hill. The three columns of the Temple of the Temple of Castor and Pollux is in the foreground with the rectangular Rostra(speaker's platform) can be seen to the left of the columns and the Curia is to the right of the Arch of Titus(was not there in Caesar's time). Beyond the Senate house lay the Subura, known in the current vernacular as the "Hood" or low rent district that Caesar called home for much of his life. Roman wall paintings Images from Metropolitan Museum Collection

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