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Abstract: Based on the analysis of planning and development of domestic and international metropolitan fringe areas, this paper

summarized the development of the urban fringe areas of several different modes and pointed out the problems that arise in the developments. The author is in a people-centered, balanced on the basis of ideology, and put forward the regional integration of the natural environment as a whole concept. By the enhanced coordination and orderly development of security capability, the deepening of system innovation, enhanced support policies, laws and regulations enhancing protection capability and so on. In order to achieve good guidance and control role in the urban fringe planning practice.

1 Introduction:
India has entered the high-speed urbanization development in megapotetice city, and urban fringe as a specific geographical area, its geographical entity space have some drastic changes such as the economic and social structures. Along with the rapid economic growth, urbanization body in space has undergone an unprecedented expansion. Because of the lack of adequate space city and the high cost of transform and other reasons, many modern cities have a trend of transfer important role to the urban fringe. As the space vector, the study on the mode of development and development planning strategy is of great significance.

2 The definition of the urban fringe areas and the characteristics in the process of Development,
2.1 The definition of the urban fringe areas: So far, the conception of transition of urban and rural areas at home and abroad are of many kinds, but "urban fringe" and "Urban Fringe Area" and "peri-urban zone" are cited more. Semantics and features integrated consider two aspects. This paper quoted the China Agricultural University Professor Li Shifengs definition of Urban Fringe Area: As suburbanization and rural urbanization, the spread of urban and rural elements and each other elements gather infiltration, interaction in the formation of large urban districts between the rural areas is different from the typical urban, rural areas are different from the transition code strong, dynamic and fuzzy region. Its development process is accelerated degeneration, the mother city dependence, initial disorder and the double-edged nature of the ecological environment, so its in the forward positions as coordinating urban and rural development, integration of urban and rural areas, and solves the three rural issues. 2.2 Urban fringe areas of the characteristics of the development process 2.2.1 The acceleration process of degeneration of urban fringe areas: Compared to simple urban and rural areas, the accelerated process of urbanization of urban and rural has accelerated urban

fringe areas degeneration process. The degeneration here refers to the variability metropolitan fringe areas of land, population and the changing nature of villages, there are: land use change from agricultural land to non-agricultural land in rural areas into urban residents and farmers to change. 2.2.2 The dependence on mother city of the development of urban fringe areas: Urban fringe areas are Suburbanization of the cities and villages of the city and rural elements of the spread of the common elements from gathering. Therefore, the development of urban fringe area shows strong dependence of the mother city. 2.2.3 The disorder in the early stage of development of urban fringe areas Because of the mechanism of the formation and their own planning and management, , the development of urban fringe areas will experience process of from the initial disorder to orderly gradually. 2.2.4 The double impact of the ecological environment of the urban fringe areas The double impact of the ecological environment of the urban fringe areas are: on the one hand, due to the proliferation of urban pollution, causing more serious ecological damage and environmental pollution, more serious effect on the urban fringe people's quality of life and working environment; another , greening projects and the building of eco-agriculture, urban fringe has improved regulation and protection of the ecological environment in urban areas throughout the functions of the ecological environment of a giant barrier.

3. The development of urban fringe patterns

In the process of realizing the value gap of urban fringe land, the agricultural land turn to the urban land of the mixed type. And the urban fringe areas are in the city built around, therefore, the use of land-use patterns generally shows the layers. At present, China's urban fringe land-use general form of the following categories: industrial parks and development zones, residential areas, logistics warehousing zones, tourism development zones, college culture, green open space and other land uses. Sum up our country's urban fringe development, mainly in the following several major forms. 3.1 Industrial Park building Industrial park can be divided into Agriculture Park, Industrial park, the high-tech park and four logistics parks, which the agriculture park is the modern agricultural technology advanced cultivation, breeding and processing of agricultural products. And the industrial parks are focus on industrial production. Science Park is focus on study and development of technology or both nurturing and incubation of high-tech enterprises. The logistics park is one or more logistics (distribution) center in space on the layout, with a certain scale and integrated logistics services. 3.2 Residential development Urban fringe land for residential development has the characteristics of low price, the government has adopted some policies such as the transformation of the old city, causing a large

number of residential real estate development. Apart from the value of the land factors, the majority of the urban fringe has a good ecological environment relatively ample space, better traffic location, and constantly improves the lives of infrastructure, these features also contributed to the scale of the residential development. 3.3 Higher education district building Its mainly for the University City in marginal urban areas of construction. University City is a number of universities gathered in a form of a university which is a specific regional city as a link to surrounding areas, including educational, industrial and service functions. 3.4 Tourism development Because of the location and their condition, the tourist market potential of urban fringe is huge; Secondly, as the current domestic tourism in large urban, peri-urban areas has become a potential market that can be developed; In addition, marginal urban areas generally have the delightful pastoral scenery, good ecological environment and open green space, also some are located in a number of major tourist resources. From these factors above, tourism development in the urban fringe development will gradually become an important form. 3.5 The building of new urban centers Many of the faster economic developing cities in large-scale expansion of the geographical space expected, have construct the new urban centers urban fringe areas in the direction of the future expansion, including the centre, sports and cultural centers. This new centre in the urban fringe along with the relocation of urban public facilities construction and administrative, financial and trade, cultural and sports facilities, have a huge driving force and opportunity for the development of the urban fringe. 4 The development of urban fringe areas and emerging issues (1) The dispersion of the building. Administrative division (mainly to nationals) is the result of the constraints of the main reasons for building distributed. It is not conducive to the rational use of land resources, and not conducive to the coordinated development of infrastructure, to the detriment of the overall management of environmental pollution, and not conducive to rapid development of the tertiary industry. (2) The mutation of space. After the city framework formed, it has the effect of strengthening combination significantly, and the Urban Edge low-grade roads, incomplete municipal facilities, and

poor living conditions. (3) The lack of co-ordination of mechanisms. As it involves extensive and complicated relationships, which eventually led to administrative inefficiency. Townships without enthusiasm, lost control and management of peripheral, marginal urban areas have become a high rate of illegal construction areas. (4) Building lagging. Peri-urban and urban areas should be simultaneously planned and built. Simultaneously building sector should co-ordinate arrangements for the residents of the urban fringe production and life. And lay a sound foundation for the sustainable improvement of the city. (5) Environmental pollution is serious, and the ecological environment has been destroyed. External negative effects of industrial pollution and internal ineffective governance of the urban fringe areas increased serious ecological pollution, and impeding the sustainable development of the urban fringe areas. And green vegetation belt, pollution control system engineering and ecological agriculture and urban edge District regulate and improve the ecological environment in urban areas. (6) Mixed, high security risks. Low-cost housing and transport bring the edge of the major cities area into the combined population, the demographic composition of complex led to different types of sub-groups, and formed a marginal-defined social strata. A strict restriction on the system determines that the identity of the population and external liquidity, leading to an unstable population, an increase risk in social security. (7) The emergence of new groups called landless peasants. Suburban landless peasants is an unavoidable economic development of a real problem, so the human resources of the suburbs is a new subject to ease the suburbs of landless peasants reasonable and conversion, also its an important part of the economic development. 5 The advice for the orderly development of the urban fringe areas Edge cities coordinate the orderly development is a systematic project that involves many aspects, but it must adhere to the people-centered thinking. Urban fringe areas orderly coordinated development is to coordinate urban and rural development,

coordinate regional development, coordinate economic and social development, coordinate the development of man and nature, and promote the productive forces and relations of production, coordinate economic base and superstructure coordination, and promote social, economic, cultural , the idea of building and the coordination of city planning and development, urban and rural structure to achieve convergence of integration of urban and rural transformation of the urban-rural integration. 5.1 Overall concept of regional mutual integration of urban environment 350 Under the consideration of the overall development of the city, urban fringe is part of the overall city, belong to urban ecosystems, urban fringe areas and the integration of the natural environment, avoid cities inhabited points and the unlimited expansion of pie-sharing on the development, in line with the overall eco - Artificial environment appropriate environment and the relative concentration of the dispersed space requirements, and also embodies the harmony between man and nature coexist concept. Only in a better overall natural ecological environment under the premise of marginal urban areas can coexist with nature, and only in urban areas and in the marginal zone, the external hinterland between the ecological environments under the premise of mutual coordination with the natural urban fringe have a reasonable existence. Therefore, its very important to safeguard and strengthen the natural ecological pattern of the whole city. 5.2 Coordinating urban and rural development strategies and plans and enhancing the capacity of coordination. 5.2.1 Based on urban spatial development strategies and planning to make the strategy and planning of urban fringe area development Based on urban spatial development strategies and the overall urban development planning, focusing on the size of the population, land use, economic development, social stability, environmental and administrative aspects of innovative and workable urban fringe area development strategy and planning,

including overall direction, the guiding ideology and strategic objectives, functional area, the industrial system and key projects and strategic plans, organizational system and operational mechanism, so that elements of the city within the field-proliferation, since the elements of the rural villages to the city of aggregation rule-based, health continuing to protect urban fringe areas orderly coordinated development. 5.2.2 Determination of the functions of the marginal urban areas and industry positioning Accurate positioning functions and industry, is the insurances of coordination and orderly development of urban fringe areas. Scientific and accurate positioning, can enhance proliferation of urban and rural elements in terms of space and gathering reasonable and rational distribution of productive forces, improving the allocation of resources and effective , to the structure of urban fringe areas and gradually rationalizing and advancement, promoting the coordinated development of the marginal and orderly. 5.3 To deepen institutional innovation, and to improve the coordination and orderly efforts 5.3.1 Break the urban-rural dual system China's urban and rural dual economic structure has not changed. Its a serious obstacle to the orderly and coordination development of the urban fringe. We must completely break to remove the obstacles of the intersection of urban and rural. 5.3.2 Innovation of land system Urban fringe land acquisition activities have the highest frequency, the most problematic. We need to strengthen and improve the land and work hard to expand the resettlement of landless farmers, pay other compensation in addition to the statutory standards for monetary compensation, such as enjoy endowment insurance, stay in resettlement, land resettlement units, employment training, employment opportunities, credit and other support. On the acquisition of non-welfare sites, and promotion of the right to contract land of the shares, so that eliminating worries of farmers. To solve urban fringe land-use zones a few problems, especially from the Center City businesses that move out of the arbitrary use of the land, and promote the coordinated development of the urban fringe areas. 5.3.3 Innovation of household registration system

China's existing household registration system constraints impede the flow of the labor force, and it has been severely constrained coordinate development of the urban fringe areas. First, we must innovate conceptions. Ideologically clear, as China's accession to the WTO, it must be in accordance with international practice, to establish a nationwide unified and household registration system can be flow. Second, carefully cleaning the residence and connected to various kinds of fringe function, reduce urban residency "gold content" to gradually stripping account by the city additional employment, education, housing, medical care, insurance, and so hidden benefits, cancel the account migration restrictions and 351 repeal reasonable fees. Ultimately realize the application of the freedom of movement of the line, open, unified urban and rural areas, and the household registration identity management model. 5.3.4 Social security system innovation Innovation through the social security system to address the following three questions: First, to create the conditions for the urban fringe to reform the household registration system. Secondly, how can the local and foreign migrant farmers into urban social security system; Thirdly, how the marginal farmers as urban residents will be able to enjoy a minimum life security (unemployment insurance) of the country, and gradually establish a perfect social security mechanism. 5.3.5 Enhance the policy supportions and laws, and enhance the ability of protection The coordinate development is inseparable from the guide and support of the policies and regulations. In the preferential policies and sound regulations and the guidance of an appropriate administrative intervention, urban and rural centers of human, financial and material resources would naturally flow to a reasonable and orderly manner marginal. Government should be enacted as soon as possible of the scientific development concept, consistent with the laws of market economy policies, rules and regulations for the orderly urban fringe coordinated development of policies to create a good atmosphere, and to provide more opportunities. In the population policy, land use policy, industrial policy,

preferential tax and credit policies and regulations governing the oversight mechanism for change and improvement, in order to ensure the healthy development of the urban fringe. 6 Conclusion With the continuous urbanization process of China, it become a hot topic to study the growth of cities, however, the urban fringe of this particular regional research is still at an early stage. In view of the complexity of its own, the author put forward a series of development measures on the basis of relevant study, with a view to specific practice to have a try and preliminary exploration.