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Human resource management PROJECT ON Analysis of organized retail store

SAKSHI SINGH JIML-10-120 prof.manisha seth SAURABH kr. tripathi JIML-10- 126 SHAKSHI DWIVEDI JIML-10-129 Supriya narayan jiml-10-150 SWATI DUBEY JIML-10-155 TARANDEEP KAUR JIML-10-163


In the survey we made the category in the questionnaire based on recruitment and selection, orientation, training and development, reward system & performance management, career planning and talent management, measuring hr effectiveness, work life balance, employee communication & counseling/grievance handling, increasing work performance to accomplish organization job, opportunities for learning, growth and skill building, employer branding, enhances creativity, flexibility etc. the questionnaire has been filled by the employees of 2 organized retail shop i.e. big bazaar and Vishal mega mart.


Category 1 Recruitment and Selection

From the survey we have found that recruitments practices ensure reviewing vacancies in relation to business strategy, exist formal assessment tools for recruitment and Organization has flexible job description and screening of employees is according to skills is strongly agree by 18% people and agree by 29%. strongly agree by 5% while disagree by 19% and 29% are in neutral category. the average of this category is 2.85.

Category 2 Orientation

Question 2 and 3 includes Organization has a structured induction training and Providing all employees a copy of the business plan and targets. The option 1 are opted by none of the employee of big bazaar and vishal mega mart. option number 2 is marked by 8% of them. Option 3 is largest i.e. 54% liked it and option 4 and 5 is 23% and 15% respectively. The average is 3.45

Category 3 Training and Development

This part includes 5 question based on Annual review of employees - "Training needs Assessment " is done properly, Continuous skills development programs are planned and executed, Training to perform multiple jobs is imparted, Self managed and self directed teams are promoted, On the job & Off the job training methods are used. The option 1 is marked by 15 % of employees, option 2 and option number 3 is largest i.e. 27% and 33% respectively. option 4 is preferred by 20% and option 5 is least i.e 5% only. So the average is 2.73

Category 4 Reward System & Performance Management

Reward system and performance appraisal have question like Performance pay is for some employees, Performance pay is for all employees, Multi Rater performance appraisal system is practiced, Training of appraisers, Review of feedback meeting is done after appraisal, Work redesign for improved performance, Golden Offerings for employees. 35% of employees are satisfied with option 4 while 39% opt for option 3. only 17% are satisfied with option 2 and 9%with option 5. none of them believe in option 1. the average is 3.364

Category 5 Career Planning and Talent Management

Mentoring & Coaching is prevalent practice and Workforce diversity is considered important for competitive edge are questions in career planning and talent management. option 3 are marked by 34% people which ids maximum and after that option 4. option 2 is marked by 10% and option 2 is 23%. while none of them prefer option 1. the average of category 5 is 3.3

Category 6

Measuring HR Effectiveness

Organization has QA assurances (e.g. ISO 9000) Systems, Quality circle/total quality management is existing, The Business Excellence Model or equivalent is supported, Exit interview is done. option 1 have 1% option 2 is 13% option 3 is 31% which is second most preferred while option 4 is highest preferred i.e 42% and option 5 is marked by 13 % only. the average is 3.525

Category 7 Work Life Balance


Have provision for Flexible working (hours, location, job sharing), Recreational activities (picnic, family holidays, LTC) and stress management exercises , Family friendly policies are a part of the job. option 1 is again least i.e 5% option 2 is marked by 20% option 3 is preferred by 30% employee and option 4 is opted maximum by 32% and option 5 is 13%. the average is 3.27

Category 8 Employee Communication & Counseling/grievance handling

This includes 4 questions based on Circulating information on HR policy changes pertaining to employees is done, Organization has a formalized complaint resolution process, Work related grievances are handled judiciously and promptly, Personal, career & financial counseling is done as desired. the option number 4 is highest preferred while option number 1 is least preferred. option 2 is opted by 16% people and option number 5th is opted by 11% people. option 3 is preferred by 31% of them. the average of this category is 3.4

Category 9 Increasing Work Performance to accomplish organization job


The option 1 and 5 both are not marked by anyone of them. while option 4 is preferred by 40% which is maximum and option 3 is preferred by 35% option 2 is satisfied 25 % of people. The average is 3.9

Category 10 Opportunities for learning, growth and skill building


55% marked option 4, option number 3 is marked by 25% and option 2 is marked by 15% of people. option 5 is least i.e. 5% only while option 1 is marked by none of the employee. the average is 4.05

Category 11 Employer branding


40% believe that employer branding is important while 5% does not believe in it. option 3 is marked by 25% option 2 and 5 is marked by 15% of the employees. the average is 3.8

Category 12 Enhances creativity, flexibility etc


The option number 1 is marked by 5% , option 2 and 3 is marked by 20%, option 4 is again largest marked by employees i.e. 40% option 5 i.e strongly agree is marked by 15%. the average is 4

Comparitive study of pie charts:


Category 1 and 3 is 7% category 2 is more preferred by than previous mentioned categorized by 1%.Category 4, 5,6,7,8, is 8%. category 9 and 11 is 1% more than the previous one categories. option 10 and 12 is largest i.e. 10% .

From the above survey and pie charts we have found that employees are not fully satisfied by recruitment and selection process only 29% are agree with the techniques used. 15

Orientation programs are influenced only 23 % while 54% are neutral. Similarly training and reward system are satisfied only 39% of employees in the organization. Career planning and talent management is disliked by 23% of people. Opportunities for learning, growth and skill building are highly agreed by people having an average of 4.05 which is highest among all categories. While increasing work performance to accomplish organization objective having average of 3.9 training and development is least preferred by having an average of 2.73 while recruitment and training having an average of 2.85. From the comparative study we have found that Opportunities for learning, growth and skill building and enhancement of creative ideas, flexibility had highest percentage of 10% and the least is training development and recruitment having 7%