Testing & Certification of New Vehicles

April 28th 2005 by Mr K E Takavale, Member SIAM Working Group on CMVR & General Manager, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd

2 . lights & signalling devices and so on) Passive safety requirements. crash requirements. Active safety requirements. (These are the needs to reduce the chances of injury to passenger and road user in case an accident occurs eg: seat belts. noise.These cover: Environmental requirements eg: emission.: brakes.Introduction In most countries. (These are the needs to reduce the chances of an accident eg. helmets and so on) Others such as Gradeability. electromagnetic interference. it is necessary for a vehicle model to be approved for compliance to regulations before it is allowed to be registered and used on roads. anti-theft devices etc.

Type Approval Procedure -Country Specific Type Approval Approved by Self Certification by Auto Manufacturers Approved by Government Agency 3 .

4 . Type approval is followed by most of countries including India. – Practice followed in USA for active and passive safety regulations USA follows type approval method for emission.Self Certification or Type Approval Self certification: – Effective where Consumer Protection Laws are strong and vehicle user has legal means to be compensated in case of accidents due to defective design of vehicles.

Budni • IIP – Indian Institute of Petroleum (For Emissions). Pune PUNE BAY OF BENGAL ARABIAN SEA 5 .Automotive Research Association of India.Type Approval Agency National Test Agency • ARAI . Pune • VRDE – Vehicle Research & Development Establishment. Ahmednagar • CFMTTI –Central Farming Machinery Testing & Training Institute (For Agri Tractors). Dehradun • CIRT – Central Institute of Road Transport (For Tyres).

National Type Approval What is Type (CMVR APPROVAL) Approval? (Homologation) Specification Component Test Reports Documentation Component (Part) Type Approval Whole Vehicle Type Approval Type Approval Certificate (CMVR Compliance) 6 .

Safety Parts .Certification Process in India Veh Manufacturer Component Manufacturer Testing Agency .Vehicle Vehicle Parts & Components Type Approval Certificate (CMVR Compliance) 7 .Specification .Verification/Testing of Specifications .

Standard Type Approval Schedule (for vehicle) Month 1 2 DESCRIPTION Parts/ Component Approval Whole Vehicle Approval State Transport Approval RESP Parts Supplier Veh Manufacturer Veh Manufacturer 3 4 5 6 7 8 Part Approval Testing &Certification Launch Transport Commissioner Approval 1. Type Approval procedure is applicable for Indian. as well as Imported Vehicles. 8 . 2. Manufacturer starts approval process 8 months before launch (registration) of model 3. Generally Type Approval needs approximately 6 months.

– Every vehicle produced conforms to provisions of applicable CMVR rules.Conformity of Production (COP) The manufacturer ensures that: – Every vehicle produced is in conformance with the details of specification based on which Type Approval is granted by Test Agency. 9 .

TSC SAFETY/EMISSION Discussion New Regulation requirement New Std requirement Regulation (CMVR Rule) Making Process AISC/TED SIAM AUTO/COMP INDUSTRY MoRT&H Discussion & Further Feedback Discussion action plan Formulation of draft standard Standard Finalisation Feedback Consolidated opinion OTHER FACTORS INFLUENCING ENVIRONMENT REGULATION Supreme Court EPCA & EnvIronmentalists Further discussion on feedback Information Final discussion -decide implementation timing -conclusion on draft notification Draft Notification FINAL NOTIFICATION 10 .

Emission 11 . Standard) TED Transportation Engineering Division Govt Private TSC-CMVR Technical Standing Committee for Central Motor Vehicles Rules TSC-Emission Technical Standing Committee for Emission AIS Automotive Industries Standard making committee SIAM (Society of Auto Manufacturers Association) .Safety .Regulation Formulation Process Committee’s Involved New Regulation (Rule.Technical Committee .Working Group .

Road Transport & Highways • Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas • Ministry of Environment & Forests • Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises Involvement of Test Agencies • ARAI • VRDE • CIRT Involvement of Industry • Automobile Industry • Auto component Industry 12 .Regulation Formulation Process Committee’s Involved Involvement of Govt Ministry in TSC –CMVR: • Ministry of Shipping.

Gas discharge headlamps {AIS 010 for 2&3 Wheelers} Performance requirements of lamps. AIS 039.New CMVR Regulations Subject Automotive filament and gas discharge bulbs {AIS-034} Automotive Vehicles – Flammability Requirements. AIS 049) Performance requirements of lamps. AIS 040. Gas discharge headlamps {AIS 012 for 4-Wheelers} Interior Fitting for M1 {IS : 15223-2002} Spray Suppression system {AIS-013} Interior Noise {AIS 020} Implementation Date 1st April 2005 (for 2&3 Wheeler) 1st October 2005 (for 4 Wheeler) 1st October 2005 1st April 2005 1st April 2005 1st October 2005 1st April 2005 1st April 2005 1st October 2005 1st April 2005 (New Models) 1st April 2006 (All Models) 1st April 2005 1st April 2005 13 . {IS 15061-2002} Windscreen wiping for three wheelers {AIS 045} Plastic fuel tank {Permeability Test} Head Lamp leveling Device Standards for Battery operated vehicles (AIS 038. AIS 041.


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