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Titan Watches in India (Sonata, Fastrack...

Titan is India's leading manufacturer of watches and the sixth largest in the world. Titan watches is a joint venture between the Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Titan also manufactures jewellery under the brand name Tanishq. Titan Watches are exported to 32 countries around the world. Titan watch division was started in 1987 and was the third company in India after HMT and Allwyn. Titan watches has to its credit the world's slimmest watch, the Titan edge. Below is a list of Titan watches in India

Titan Edge Watches Titan Fastrack Watches Titan Raga Watches Titan Regalia Watches Titan Sonata Watches Titan Steel Watches Titan Bandhan Watches

Zoop Astra 800

Titan Fastrack - 1229SM01 2,252

Kids Watch 400

Titan Fastrack - 1172SM03 2,252

Titan Fastrack 1230SL01 1,895

Titan Edge Watches

Manufactured using a unique combination of style and technology Titan Edge watches are ultra slim and exceptionally elegant. They have the slimmest quartz movement measuring 1.15mm and is the only one of its kind in the world. Currently Titan Edge has 13 variants, 8 in stainless steel and 5 in the plated version.

Titan Edge 679YL01 6,570

Titan Edge 1043SL01 7,065

Titan Edge 1044SL01 7,065

Titan Edge 1296SM01 9,070

Titan Edge 1043SL05 7,065

Titan Fastrack Watches

Titan watches embarked on the fashion watches category with the launch of 'Fastrack' in the year 1998. It seems like the ever changing fashion industry just rubbed on a little bit of the novelty factor on the watch industry as well. Titan's extraordinary and innovative technology coupled with a fresh sense of style resulted in the Fastrack range of watches. It is believed that Fastrack contributes to 4% of the Titan portfolio. Significant rise in Fastrack sales has compelled Titan to establish it as a separate brand.

Titan Fastrack 9286SL01 2,795

Titan Fastrack 9760SM01 2,295

Titan Fastrack 1476SP01 2,195

Titan Fastrack 1477SM02 2,595

Titan Fastrack 2405QM02 2,495

Titan Raga Watches

Exquisite, elegant and regal the Titan Raga is a classy feminine brand of watch from Titan. This is the only brand in India which is designed exclusively for women.

Titan Raga Crystal Series 9703SM01 6,065

Titan Raga Crystal Series 9710SM01 4,565

Titna Raga 2324SM01 3,365

Titan Raga 2324YM01 3,565

Titan Raga 2377BM01 3,365

Titan Regalia Watches

Titan Regalia is a regal collection of Titan watches. This is an exclusive brand for men and may be gold or silver plated. Regalia watches are a part of Titan's luxury watch collection.

Titan Regalia 1927YM05 4,320

Titan Regalia 1087NM01 7,520

Titan Regalia 1375BM02 5,000 4,925

Titan Regalia 1927BM02 4,420

Titan Regalia 650YM02 2,770

Titan Sonata Watches

Associated with the Indian working class, the Sonata range comprises of both analog and digital watches. The metal strap watches by Sonata was a big hit with the Indian working class men. Sonata has forayed into the plastic watch arena as well. Though the watches are of good quality they are reasonably priced.

Titan Steel Watches

Most of the Titan steel watches are for gents while the range available for women is meager. It contains a range of bracelet and leather strap watches for men and women. There are about 32 models of Gents watches and these watches are sensibly styled. The shape of the watch dials are rectangle, round and tonneau.

Titan 9224 SM01 2,170

Titan 9241 SL01 3,669 3,190

Kids Watch 400

Titan 9219 SL02 7,579 6,590

Titan 9224 SM02 2,170

Titan Bandhan Watches

Titan Bandhan Watches are meant for formal wear. They come as a set of two or as a pair. They are a tribute to the undying bond of love between a man and a woman. One of the pair is a ladies watch and the other is an elegant looking men's watch. Titan Bandhan watches come in leather, steel and gold straps and are exquisitely packaged. Titan is unquestionably the pride of India. With a company logo which reads Titan - Be more, the watch makers are truly striving towards being the best in the watch Industry. Be it the imperial Regalia or the common man's Sonata, the style quotient and sensibility which are innate to Titan watches, remains intact.