Menu painter

Used to create a menu in a screen design.
 SE 80 -Design a dialog program. (yt_dialog_program).

 Go to Edit object.(Workbench -> Edit object).
 Enter pgm name.(yt_dialog_program).

. Go to the ‘screens’ in ‘Object Name’.

 Then continue. Un comment the ‘Module status 1000’. Then double click.  Click yes. .  Click ‘Yes’.

 Uncomment the two lines. .

 Save & Activate.  Goto Program  Other object  GUI Status  Enter any name (May be A to Z). .

 Then continue.  Enter the suitable values in the following screen. . Then click create.

. Like following screen. Click menu bar and enter proper values.


 Go to other object then choose ‘GUI Title’ ie ‘INDU GUI TITLE’. we have to set all possible values of push button in screen designing.  In above screen ‘Code’ refers function code of ‘Push Button’. ‘Text’ refers text of ‘Push Button’. .  Save & Activate.

 Save & Activate.  Then the following screen will displayed. Then set function key((Optional one) & icon type. . Then click create.then enter ‘Function Code’ and double click on it.  Click ‘Application tool bar’ .  Then click continue.

.  Then continue. Double click on the place or press enter. Then fill the following values.

data : okcode like sy-ucomm. fcode like okcode. case fcode. After finish the setting of application toolbar set ‘GUI STATUS’ & ‘GUI TITLE’ in the program in flow logic.  Then the program is. clear okcode. *data : it like ytemp_per occurs 0 with header line. . insert YTEMP_PER. *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Report YT_DIALOG_PROGRAM *& *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& *& *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* REPORT YT_DIALOG_PROGRAM. fcode = okcode. tables : ytemp_per. *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Module USER_COMMAND_1000 INPUT *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* * text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* MODULE USER_COMMAND_1000 INPUT. when 'IN'.

when 'EX'. Call Screen 2000. when 'CL'. when 'DEL'. CLEAR YTEMP_PER-ADDRESS. fcode = okcode.  Go to the screen no 1000. case fcode. CLEAR YTEMP_PER-NAME .when 'UP'. " USER_COMMA *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Module USER_COMMAND_2000 INPUT *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* * text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* MODULE USER_COMMAND_2000 INPUT. ENDMODULE. when 'X'. " USER_COMMAND_2000 INPUT *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Module STATUS_1000 OUTPUT *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* * text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* MODULE STATUS_1000 OUTPUT. . ENDCASE. delete YTEMP_PER . leave the program. ENDMODULE. ENDMODULE. CLEAR YTEMP_PER-ID . update YTEMP_PER . when 'MO'. that screen is . endcase. " STATUS_1000 OUTPUT  Save & Activate. SET TITLEBAR 'GUI_TITLE_CODE'. leave program. clear okcode. SET PF-STATUS 'INDU'.

Both are act as in a same manner. We have use menu bar or application bar or push button on the screen. . Application toolbar.Note : Menu bar.

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