NUML, Lahore m. IMRAN n. MEHRR Customer Relationship Management.

What this case is about? This case provides a successful application of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on KLM Flying Dutchman by its CRM Director, Cristina Zanchi. She moves all resources to implement the CRM in the organization in three phases a. Change Management b. Customer Database c. Campaign Management. She defines CRM as acronym (CARE) which means customer acquisition, activation, retention and extension. She gave every one a target to achieve and install a software Epiphany’s CRM Suite to track the members habitats while they are in lounges, on gates, visiting the websites and seat environment and putting everything ranging from booking, check-in, customer complaint handling, behavior and preferences in the software to build a database. Software enable KLM employee’s to get a signal on their screens if any customer has problem last time he travel with airline. Since KLM is providing this type of attention to their customers it increases customer satisfaction sharply. She replaces the mass marketing by focused dialogue marketing after identifying individual customers and customer needs or wishes. She categorized them by age, customer profitability and frequency of flying then dividing them into golden and platinum members to get proof of mega success. What appeal you most? Aggressiveness and love to introduce new technologies, her enthusiasm to bring some recognition for the team. I was appealed by the justification she provides to implement the CRM. a. Transparency is key to success. b. Why would KLM pursue SRM while all flights are full? Well, then I learned to say the chairs of Sabena & Swiss Air were also occupied, but see what happened. c. You should think of another solution. Point of Contradiction? This case doesn’t cover the criticism or any reference measure taken by AIR France which uses the same CRM vision. It tells us only about the CRM practices make the difference and create success across the board. I don’t think, this can be done only with CRM implementations without raising the all infrastructure to that level and intense training program is also seems necessary. It was also observed by Christina that training and culture are also important that should be excellent.

Lahore . TAHIR ASHFAQ Presented by: Name: Roll #: Section: Muhammad Raheel Taj B MSBA (Master in Science in Business Administration) National University of Modern Languages Aiwan-e-Iqbal.CASE STUDY # 1 KLM Flying Dutchmen (FD) (We have got a huge success on our hands) SUBJECT: CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) Presented to: MR.

Airline margins are low how can they initiate that kind of risk by investing huge on CRM software. profitability and behavior. So they start with an incubation period. has no past. no matter if it is about the lounge or about on board facilities. 3) Campaign Management and define a program named CARE which means customer acquisition. she still thinking it can be done through miracle but need training programs. For the purpose she pushed them to make this program implemented. After applying the CRM. After result oriented effort. But don not confused this eagerness with a lack of propriety. She uses customer complains as a gift. 2) Customer Database. Another objective is to win new FD members. he will receive different information four weeks after his travel. Being characteristically an Italian was her great strength. Question asked # 1 WHAT APPEAL YOU MOST Answer. His ambition to implement CRM quickly seems to contradict the opinion of many that CRM implementation above all requires a steady approach. A complaining customer gives you another chance. If he does. It this new FD customer did not fly for a month. I observed this case as a special effort by the CRM Director of KLM Flying Dutchmen. She has the great urge to represent the benefits of application of CRM in any business specially Airlines. A new customers. To be able to run his program gloriously she split his program in three parts 1) Change Management. It tells us the about the successful implementation of CRM but nothing about the profitability whether it increases or decline. the turnaround in airline marketing is that to get a complete view. a French airline Company. Zanchi wants the award of recognition for whole team. Question asked # 1 POINT OF CONTRADICTION?    Answer. activation. retention and extension. We star a dialogue with customer tailoring information to his segment. Benchmark data is not available to evaluate its performance. real time at the end of this year. he will receive an email with opportunities. however. She thinks to properly respond to the customers if in their eyes something goes wrong and try to react within the next few days with feedback in writing signed by the company CEO. I am impressing by the future foreseeing techniques used by the Christina after CRM implementation. the airline program is our starting point and we have to be able to identify our customers.Question asked # 1 WHAT THIS CASE IS ABOUT? Answer. Then she feel opportunities to become almost unlimited. the alliance within the industry and the culture changes. I contradict or criticize the Christina CRM plan as per following. .

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