On Eagles Wings

Isaiah 40:31

Stories of Africa from Greg and Deb Snell, missionaries serving in Kenya, East Africa with International Christian Ministries

On Eagles Wings … on a KLM flight to Minnesota!
Yes! We will be in the US from June 11-July 25, for our furlough/home visit. We really hope to see as many of you as possible. You, our friends and family, are our “home team”, our cheerleaders, our encouragers, our prayer warriors and our life-line between you and Africa. In truth, we couldn’t be here without you. Each of you is a piece of the puzzle that when all put together sets us on firm ground, enables us to do what we could not do in ministry, and blesses us. Our prayer is that we can share with you in person if possible, how you too are blessed by loving us. You have made so much happen as we live here among our African family and we discover ways in which our ministry can be stretched beyond what we could have imagined. The primary work we were called to is leadership training and development. Training? Well, that is the practical, educational side of what we do. But the real mission is “development”. We so love this. Greg is especially great at living out the ICM value of discipleship. It is something he commits himself to for the long haul – it takes time – it takes trust, and it takes truth. The 3 “t’s” of discipleship we think. It produces eternal rewards in the friendships and common bond of Jesus many of us share. In addition to our seminary in Kitale and other countries, Eagles Wings is going to be a place where this will happen. Where God can shape it into what He wants it and us to be. We want to tell you about it! We are excited about our plans and visions and dreams. A new chapter is beginning! Some of which starts now. So here is a partial glimpse of our life and times in Kenya during the last few months… We have finally moved into Eagles Wings! The 3 bedrooms are not only for students and retreatants, but for YOU! We hope you will consider coming to visit us and see first hand our ministry.

Greg has recently been named the new Academic Dean for the seminary campus in Kitale, the place where our Africa Adventure began almost 17 years ago! Very exciting for him. He has recently taught several courses, and looks forward to teaching 4 times at the Seminary next year. In the pictures below, we attended the Anglican Church in Kitale and his old friend Bishop Kewassis, who is Pokot, was preaching! The distinguished looking African was a guest at the Kitale graduation, representing the Ministry of Education. The bottom photos are trips to Mt. Elgon to the ICM campus where Greg gave a gift of a motorcycle to a pastor, and Deb helped give sheep to the widows!

Deb has renewed her friendships in Kitale with the ICM team wives and alumni women. A retreat is planned for them later this fall and early 2012 at at Eagles Wings.

Eagles Wings has already had our first visitors…and we are planning for many more! A soft bed, an early morning birdsong alarm clock to wake you, and a cup of wonderful Kenyan coffee is waiting so we can show you firsthand what we do. Pictured on the left is Doug Whitney between us and in the front row are Sue and Chalmer McClure from California and their daughter Tara. Greg and I have been Tara’s “fill-in” parents here in Kenya, and so were invited to her Introduction Ceremony in Uganda. She is marrying Ivan Wawelo, a Ugandan and this was the traditional meeting of the parents—where a dowry was negotiated and paid to Tara’s parents and the entire community approves of the marriage. It was a very fun event!

Left‐right:  Which one is the bride?   Negotiating with the elders for the bride  price.  The dowry!  Tara and Ivan. 

We are “integrating ourselves” into the very diverse community in which we live; 17 nationalities, multiple faiths, cultural diversity, and great friends. It is an incredible opportunity to impact lives and show them the face of Jesus. Pictured below are some of our friends from Kenya, Holland, Finland, Britain, India, the Seychelles, Germany, and America and yes, even my warthog friend (note that the dog doesn’t seem too interested.)

Volume 2, Issue 3 June 2011

    Lake Naivasha Community News 

Deb has been named to the Board of Governors of a new Secondary School in the community where we live at Lake Naivasha and is now the volunteer founder and editor of an e-magazine, the Lake Naivasha Community News, which is distributed to over 400 e-mail addresses.

Greg continues to care about West Pokot as a mentor and friend, most recently taking Doug Whitney from Minneapolis to visit. Pictured on the left is Greg with the “lion man” from Pokot in the middle - an interesting story of how he fought a lion with his bare hands! Doug and Greg are standing at the border of Kenya and Tanzania on their trip to the Masai Mara. Ongoing plans even develop on the golf course - Eagles Wings brings rest, reflection and renewal even to us as we entertain our visitors, in this picture, our great friend Ward Brehm.

This life, however, comes with sacrifices. But not over things. Someone asked me if I had a dishwasher. My response? Yes. Greg. Dishwashers, I-phones, and other conveniences, some of which we don’t even know about – are not the sacrifices. It is the people we are far apart from and missing our family of five children, 4 of whom are married and 3 of whom have our 8 grandchildren! But God honors us by providing friends like you who also make it possible for us to come “home”. We are arriving in Minnesota this Saturday (June 11) and will be staying with our dear friends Jeff and Suzanne Pope in Edina, who have so lovingly and graciously offered us their home every time we return to use as our base. We will have transportation in the form of two cars loaned to us by others of you. We are blessed indeed! We are including our planned schedule so far. If you would like to plug in anywhere or would be interested in hosting a small gathering for us, send us an e-mail. We don’t want to miss you and have opportunities to meet new friends – the ones who will quizzically say as our friend Ward Brehm did on his first trip to Africa. At the airport Greg asked him “are you ready to have your life changed?” And he said “What did he mean by that?” June 11 June 12 June 13-25 July 9-10 July 17 July 24 July 25 Arrive in Minneapolis Colonial Church, Edina. Anyone want to join us for lunch at Pearsons in Edina? If so, hit reply to this e-mail and RSVP by Friday so we can reserve space! We will be at Isle Royale, Greg’s families cabin. Greg preaches in Avon, MN Greg preaches at Knox Church, Minneapolis Colonial Church Greg departs for Kenya Deb departs for Colorado to visit daughter Jane, husband Steve and grand-daughter Hayden. If you are in the Denver area, let her know! She would love to see you. Bless you all, dear friends! and

You are invited to join us for our 5th

Africa Open House and Harambee!
At Jeff and Suzanne Pope’s Home 6621 Mohawk Trail (Indian Hills), Edina, MN

June 30 – Thursday

July 12 – Tuesday
7:00 p.m. for dessert, visitor stories and our update!

We really hope to see you at one of these two evenings! It would help us if we knew you were coming, so you can RSVP to this e-mail address. But just come at the last minute if you can! And bring along someone who has yet to know us and perhaps has an interest in missions or knowing more about Africa.

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