Tech (Mechanical) 1st Semester

Time: 3 Hrs All question carry equal marks Answer one question from each unit Max. Marks: 60

1. (a) State the principle of transmissibility of force. (2)

(b) Two spheres each of weight 1000N and radius 25 cm rest in a horizontal channel of width 90 cm as shown in figure .Find the reactions on the points of contact A, B,D. (10)

OR 2. (a) State Law’s of Friction? (2)

(b) A block lying over a 100 wedge on a horizontal floor and leaning against a vertical wall and weighing 1500 N is to be raised by applying a horizontal force to the wedge. Assuming coefficient of friction between all the surfaces in contact be 0.3, determine the minimum force to be applied to raise the block. (10)

3. (a) State parallel axis theorem and perpendicular axis theorem in context of moment of inertia. (2)

A particle is projected with a velocity of 40m/sec at an angle of 600 with the horizontal from the foot of an inclined plane of inclination 300. A semicircular area is removed from the trapezoid as shown in the figure. (12) UNIT-IV 7. determine (12) a) The required uniform deceleration of the motor b) The speed of the motor as it passes the light. Determine reactions and forces in each member. A motorist is traveling at 80km/hr when he observes a traffic light 200m ahead of him turns red. Derive the equations used.The simple triangular truss supports two loads as shown fig. (10) OR 4. find the time of flight and the range on the inclined plane.a) State Newton’s second Law of motion (2) . The traffic light is timed to stay red for 10sec. Determine the centroid of the remaining area. If the motorist wishes to pass the light without stopping just as it turns green. OR 6. (12) (10M) UNIT-III 5.(b) .

81m. (10M) OR .1 The coefficient of friction between blocks A and B and the inclined plane are 0. The ball is dropped from a height of 1m on a smooth floor.1 respectively.8kN and radius of gyration 18 cm. The height of first bounce is 0. 10) OR 8 a) D Alembert’s principle with respect to pure rotation of rigid body b) The two step pulley has weight W=1.Determine (12) a)Coefficient of restitution. Determine downward acceleration of falling weight ‘P’ on the right if P=225N.5cm. If the block begins to slide down the plane simultaneously.2 and 0. Calculate the time and distance traveled by each block before collision. r2 = 37. (10) (5M) (2) UNIT-V 9. c) Velocity of ball before striking the floor.r1 = 25 cm. b)Expected height of second bounce.(b) Two blocks A and B are held on an inclined plane 5m apart as shown in fig.

10 (a) State law of conservation of energy and momentum (2) (b) Two steel spheres of masses 5Kg and 15Kg respectively just touch each other when hanging vertically from strings of length 2m. The smaller one is raised such that its strings make an angle of 450 with the horizontal.75 (10) . Find the maximum angle each string makes with the vertical after rebound. Assume e=0. It is then released from rest from that position to strike the second sphere.