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A PROJECT SUMMARY About the school geographical location Core principles of the school social responsibility the future B TRUST DETAILS trust deed Trust members Resolution of the trust Affidavit C Infrastructure Documentation Summary of the land Lay out diagram of the land Land documents Lease deed Floor plan of the building Building license Certificate of land Building Plan approval Local panchayat approval Fire service department clearance Police Clearance Sanitation department clearance No- objection certificate PF allotment letter Internal specification of the SCHOOL List of room with dimensions Wash room facilities within the premises Classroom specifications Dimensions of related areas Furniture specification Play area Drinking water points Dining systems Culture room Library Laboratory facilities IT infrastructure of the School No. of computers Network system C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10 C11 C12 C13 C14 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10 D11 E1 E2 B1 B2 B3 B4 Page ID A1 A2 A3 A4 A5



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Appointment letter Common responsibilities Designation based responsibilities Induction process Teacher kit Continuous skill up gradation process As on date teaching team details CORE EDUCATION Planning education delivery teaching methodology Books followed by students Books reffered by teachers system of levels Special children Existing CCE process Educational counseling to existing students using e .classroom Co scholastic activities Physical exercises Sports Karate meditation Carnatic & Hindustani vocals dance Art & Crafts health & hygiene Food and ditrics Garden & agriculture First ad and Safety classes General knowledge classes Saturdays @ CPS Moral Values & Life Ethics Education Eliminating com-plexes within children Developing confidence levels Wht si right and what is wrong Situational analysis Teasing & its harmful affects Character building STUDENT DATA Student strength Concept of year round enrollment application form J6 J7 J8 J9 J10 J11 J12 K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 K8 K9 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9 L10 L11 L12 L13 M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 K L M N N1 N2 N3 .

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physical health and the knowledge required for such a task shall be imparted professionally during their primary learning years at the school. These individuals shall groom themselves into human beings who are an asset to the society in which they live´ . social outlook.A1 About the school VISION STATEMENT ³The school has a vision to create itself as an institution that imparts learning in a holistic manner. MISSION STATEMENT ³The school has a mission to add to the society a team of individuals. whose primary responsibility would be to develop the society as a whole. every year. encompassing all aspects of growth from basic knowledge to life skills. The competencies.

A2 Geographical location Map of school We need to know something about Coimbatore before we talk about the geographical position of the school. About Coimbatore: Coimbatore as we all know is also called as the ³Manchester of India´. The town though famous for its fabrics was mainly populated with natives of the city and an equal number of people who have migrated from the Deep South part of Tamilnadu. PRICOL. Agriculture. The city because of its climatic and location advantage has evolved into an educational hub in the fields of engineering. These educational institutions not only cater to the . Management. IT.««.etc. The city has an inherent entrepreneurial trend which has led to incorporation of various world famous companies like LMW. Arts and science. Some of the new generation companies which have chosen Coimbatore include Suzlon.

O Chinna Mettupalayam is located. under whose P. The city. under the CBSE pattern.Tamilnadu population but has also attracted a large number of keralites. The above enterprises create a need for a quality school. offering high end education. for whom Coimbatore is the nearest fully developed city. till a decade ago. creativity and better solutions in every aspect of life. ««. Noble Software. creating a demand for quality. Add to it another 3 million sft of high end educational infrastructure which is also situated within the said perimeter. The school location: The school is located at Chinna mettupalayam which is right between the two main arteries mentioned above. The IT companies include Cognizant. In terms of road transport the city is connected by few main arteries two of which are the Mettupalaym road and Sathy road. feet of fully developed IT space within the 3 Km radius from the school. was just a normal suburb. in the northern side of Coimbatore.5 million sq. It was one of the first places that the IT companies chose when they want to set up operations at Coimbatore. as on date there are more than 2. These large operations have added a very large number of floating residents who are used to a metropolitan lifestyle. Bosch. . apart from having a regular commercial airport with international connectivity also has excellent rail connectivity. Ford financial BPO. The school is situated around 700 meters from the main road connecting Sathy road and the mettupalayam road. In the last decade the city has also started attracting the IT majors and has proved to be a very ideal destination for IT companies to set up operations here. There is an also a high end defense training establishment around 10 kms from the school. Idea Cellular. Saravanampatty.

it is offered in such a manner that it is almost like an employment with targets to complete. The school shall accept the fact that learning cannot happen without the learner making mistakes. The class. work and play schedules are designed to give a comfort level to a child enabling him to open himself without inhibitions. Once the mistakes are managed in a positive manner. if failed assess. The first aim of the school is to create an environment. If again failed reassess. quantification. try succeed. Once the mind opens he becomes receptive to the information that is available around him in the form of education or better still academics. this increases the pressure on the child and in many cases is a major roadblock to their education. the fear of making mistakes is removed from the child and his learning happens in a very natural manner. enabling education to happen naturally´ In general. which are ideal for a child to spend happily. Based on this even great and complicated principles are linked to the every day acts and observations of a child. retry succeed.A3 Core principle of the school: ³Children should be happy. «« till you SUCCEED. . education is not viewed by children as something that is supposed to give them happiness. and systems that control the environment. They are in an age where even the basic necessities have to be catered to by the elders who generally forget that they have been children a few decades ago. At this stage we need to accept that this world is created in such a holistic manner that every object and act are linked together immaterial of their nature. deliverables and performance bonuses (exam results). The academics itself should be given in a form that makes the child understand the unknown through the known. We call this as ³Fearless Education´. distance or size. Linking is only limited to the creativity and the competency of the teacher and not on the existent knowledge levels of the child.

Known to the unknown .In summation.Fearless education . the three driving principles of Coimbatore Public school are .Good environment .

Social responsibility is a word with far reaching meaning in every angle. enabling them access to a sports infrastructure which would enable us to identify prospective talent that maybe available in the region. This ensures that the building gains maximum benefit in terms of natural ventilation and light.A4 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Every organization is responsible for the society in which it operates. Special discount and fee waivers are offered to children coming from the nearby hamlets and economically weaker sections of the nearby residential areas. generates employment for the people living in nearby areas. The school with its excellent recycling policy actually adds value to the environment then to mar it in any manner. The vendors for the school are also selected from within the geographical limits of the school to enable a holistic development of the zone. The open areas provided within the school are strategically placed based on the climatic and wind movement within the region. . The sports facility within the school are also being planned to be accessible to the children of the nearby villages during the weekends and late evenings. Coimbatore Public School as an organization operating out of Saravanampatti. Refer recycling policy highlighted separately. Apart from fee waivers the school also offers staggered payment schemes which enable the parents of these children to offer a good CBSE education to them without feeling the burden.

Though this is comfortable for the current generation. It shall also have a blog where the parents could discuss their common challenges and find solutions within their peer group. The school because of its highly service oriented business model. teacher base. the school has advertised and recruited fresh graduates who are to be trained for a period of 5 to 6 months in the core principles of the school. subsequent to which they shall be inducted as trainee teachers with a clear career path in the organization. teaching methodology etc To provide school level complimentary training to the children of these villages. prefers to create teachers to its specification rather then to hire teachers where they have to undergo unlearning process before they undergo the learning at CPS. These hamlets are self contained agricultural communities who are content with whatever is available within the hamlet. There are a large number of residential hamlets lying deep in the region where good education is yet to penetrate. CPS is keen on playing a dynamic role by creating small education hubs within these hamlets and using the resources at CPS both in terms of physical infrastructure. unless the upcoming generations are empowered adequately with education the current economic level of the region is bound to go down. As part of this endeavor. .A5 The Future: Coimbatore Public School being situated in the northern suburb of Coimbatore has got a very good access to areas lying in the interior of this city. The school though its website shall create a platform which caters to various requirement of parents who have school going children.


35 acres houses the building where the classes are conducted as of now. The first property measuring 1. . The second property where the main building is being constructed (super structure completed) measures around 1.94 acres.INTERNAL SPECIFICATION OF THE SCHOOL D1 The school is located in 2 campuses separated by 200 feet.

No Page no.East Wing (3 rooms) 7 D3 Ground floor -West wing (3 rooms) 8 D3 First floor ± east wing (3 rooms) 9 D3 First Floor ± west wing (3 rooms) 10 Staff room space 11 Library 12 Computer bank 13 Common E Learning classroom 14 D2 Teacher¶s wash room 15 D2 LKG classroom 16 D2 Girls Washroom 17 D2 Boys wash room 18 D2 Visitors wash room 19 Vegetable garden 20 Lawn 21 Roof top agriculture 22 Open Air amphitheater 23 D6 Play area 24 Paper recycling project Description of each room mentioned above: Front Porch: Dimension: Lighting: . Name Size 1 Front Porch 2 Reception 3 Principle room / operations room 4 Chairman office 5 Project office 6 D3 Ground floor .D4 The building in existence and in use houses the following and the dimensions of each room are given adjacent to the room: S.

Please refer Photograph album photo numbers: RECEPTION: Dimension: Ventilation: Power Supply: Both raw and UPS power supplies are available in this room. The master printer. cordless mike unit and an amplifier are placed in this room under the control of the reception. On one side of the porch ± a ramp for disabled children has also been provided. The flooring is given an anti skid treatment with the safety of the kids in mind.Description: The front porch of the school is designed 3 feet above the normal level. IT: 2 computers one for the Reception and one for administration officer is placed. The porch apart from serving s an entrance is designed to serve as a stage when the school conducts program open for parents or a larger gathering. Ceiling mounted hooks are provisioned to enable easy mounting of props and background screens whenever the porch plays the dual role of a stage. The porch has steps on two opposite sides and one side faces the drive way while the other faces the office entrance. The drive way to the porch is utilized as a seating area with a make shift tent whenever needed. Provision for concealed speaker wiring has been made to the porch to enable connecting an HI FI system and an amplifier whenever needed. A removable flag post is set a few feet in front of the porch. Two fans and 2 lights are with raw power and 2 fans and 2 lights are with UPS power. hubs and the public address system comprising of a DVD player. scanner photocopier to be used by the teachers is . All computers.

Please refer Photograph album photo numbers: PRINCIPLE ROOM / OPERATIONS ROOM: Dimension: Ventilation: Power Supply: Both raw and UPS power supplies are available in this room. The reception area houses the Administration Officers table space. It has also got comfortable seating systems to serve as the visitor¶s area. A __________dimension white board and a ________ soft board are provided for the principle to conduct his / her planning meetings and micro training programs for the teachers. reception and telephone operations and also the Bill desk. This rack also holds the . The principle room also has a filing cabinet which holds the files of all the children. A purified drinking water dispenser is also placed for the convenience of the visitors. A book rack containing the latest magazines from the field of education and news are also placed here to enable the visitors to read while waiting to meet the school personnel. Apart from the official furniture for the principle a 6 seat extra large table is provided to enable the principle to conduct her operational meetings and for discussing with a larger group. along with their student history records.also placed in this room this is connected to the raw power supply and for emergency printer a normal laser printer is powered through UPS. IT: 1 computer& printer powered by UPS is provided here along with a dedicated telephone extension.

Please refer Photograph album photo numbers: CHAIRMAN OFFCE: Dimension: Ventilation: This room is provisioned with a refrigerator. air conditioner and adequate shelves to house the chairman documents. This room is provided with an attached washroom facility.personal record of teachers. This room is exclusively for chairman usage and this room is also provided with a 6 seat table for both dining and meeting purposes. . The room is also provisioned with a telephone extension and a direct landline. There are 3 keys to this rack one with principle. one with chairman and one with chairman secretary. IT: 1 computer powered by dedicated UPS is provided here. Power Supply: Both raw and UPS power supplies are available in this room. In addition 2 more computers are placed here to support the project department. In addition it has got a mini library housing an assorted set of books. IT: 1 computer powered by dedicated UPS is provided here. Please refer Photograph album photo numbers: PROJECT OFFICE: Dimension: Ventilation: Power Supply: Both raw and UPS power supplies are available in this room. The room is also used by the chairman to address the teachers and to conduct training programs about teaching and child management. One set of all the text books followed by the school is kept here for immediate reference.

CLASS ROOM: Dimension: 20 ft by 20 ft Ventilation: 2 windows of 5 ft by 6 ft Power supply: 220 -240 volts Seating systems: Type -1: This is for the pre school children.The room is also provisioned with a telephone extension and a direct landline. Some of the key financial controls of the school are controlled from here. in pleasant colors. Type -4: in addition to the above The school has also got some floating systems which are 4 seat square table for standards upto 3rd wherein the children could sit in teams and work on micro projects or to undertake team study. Type. Here they sit on colorful foldable mats. ergonomically designed. The main function of the room is to manage the school new project building coming up in the second property. This room has got provisions for extensive filling of all documents purchase details and finance related MIS data.3: Wooden 2 seat table and seat sets. . skin friendly plastic study table chair sets to seat 2 children. Refer photo feature Type-2: Low height. These tables are designed with a front cover to enable the girl children to sit comfortably either in a conference room layout or in the conventional row column layout. The flooring is disinfected twice a day and no one is permitted to come in with their footwear on. D5 Before we go into describing the wings which houses the various classrooms we will describe the classroom in general as they are all of the same type.

GROUND FLOOR EAST WING: Ground floor east wing has got three rooms. The central room is a multi tasking room having the required infrastructure for a E-learning. The children in this section keep moving from 0one class to another based on the logistics incorporated into the time table so that all the children get access to the central facility. First floor east wing: This section is dedicated to 6th. The third room is for the 3rd standard. E. 1st standard and 2nd standard are he classes that are housed in this wing. chemistry lab and math lab. The room is also provided with a multi media computer with speakers. Ground Floor west wing: UKG. The layout is so designed so that the space could also be used for what it was designed in under an hour.learning classes for the primary levels. staff room and a library. First floor west wing: The 4th and 5th standards are situated here. STAFF ROOM SPACE: The table layout is a large conference style oval table to facilitate the teachers to discuss comfortably as this would develop a team spirit and in addition they get a larger table space to work comfortably. . The first room is for Pre Kg classroom the second room is dedicated for level -2 and level -3 children. The school has a provision for a 100 seat indoor meeting space which is separated to provide space for staff seating. 7th and 8th standards. One room which is airconditioned and fully carpeted is dedicated for music and dance classes.

This library is managed by a team of senior students. During the rainy season the artificial lighting is provided by 6 twin tube light sets.200 books with a constant addition and up gradation. The shelves are lined across the walls in closed shelves. This unit comes under the direct control of the librarian. Any children who need to work alone on any topic be it language or science can come here during their free time and use the computers to practice the same. The partition set is in such a way that it provides adequate shelves and pigeon holes that could serve as storage for the teacher¶s belongings. There is a separate software library where the school . COMPUTER BANK: A bank of 6 computers is placed in the library with complete set from headphones to microphones. LIBRARY FACILITY: The library is provided with a 16 seat reading facility and a dedicated work table for the librarian.For the art and sports teachers who have to track all the children individually a wall facing work stations are provided. In addition one wall houses a large glass partition which also serves as a notice board for the teachers. While the windows provide adequate natural air movement it is complimented with 4 fans. The room is adequately ventilated 5 ft by 6 ft and overlooks a coconut farm. The school follows a system called as the students own library where the children contribute books which they have out grown to be stored at the school so that other children could also enjoy and benefit out of it. The natural lighting is provided by 2 windows measuring 5 ft by 6 ft and in addition a transparent glass partition. The library totally houses 2.

Smart board and audio equipment are also connected to the computer. In addition 2 of the computers are net connected and teachers are given access to download the relevant / interesting material to enable the children to see and learn at a later date. WASHOOM FOR TEACHERS: These washrooms are situated half way above the first floor and are easily accessible by the teachers. Power Supply: This room is powered by UPS to ensure that the classes are not interrupted because of power cuts. and the realization happens that learning is something which you understand and develop the capability to reproduce when required. LKG is where the real transition happens and the children undergo captive learning. This room is also used as a training centre for teachers. The reason for choosing this classroom for LKG is because the school follows the Montessori system of teaching wherein the pre kg is focused on making he children comfortable with the concept of school. LKG CLASSROOM: LKG classroom is placed over the porch. COMMON E-LEARNING CENTER: Dimension: 20 ft by 20 ft. One full computer set along with a printer is always kept in an open state to enable the children see what is inside a computer. This E-learning center is dedicated for children in classes 3 to 5 and the required software is also loaded on the system. .constantly adds leading self learning software. This is the largest classroom and with an extra high ceiling. So this class is managed by 3 teachers at any given point of time. There is a separate washroom for the gent and lady teachers.

Almost all the children are taught individually or in large groups with the teacher at the center. BOYS WASHROOM: The boy¶s washroom comprises of 4 closed WC and 14 open urinals. In addition the teaching tools used in the LKG are extensive and hence the large room serves adequately for storage and retrieval of any learning kit that is required for children in this class. One of the closed WC also has a set of plastic covers that could be knotted and also a closed waste paper bin with liner to enable comfortable and hygienic disposable of used napkins. Considering the safety of children these washrooms for children cannot be used by elders (mainly visitors) including teachers. VISITOR¶S WASHROOM: . safety and comfort for the children. GIRLS WASHROOM: The girl¶s washroom comprises of 6 closed WC and open wall facing space for the mall children. Here again 2 wash basins with liquid soap are provided to enable the children to wash their hands hygienically clean after usage of the washroom facilities. Adequate slope and wash systems are provided to give hygiene. with individual flushes. 2 wash basins with liquid soap are provided for the children to ensure they are able to wash their hands after using the wash room. Every hour a check by a teacher is done for both the washrooms to ensure cleanliness and to eliminate possibilities of misuse.

Reason why this garden was conceptualized: In the 18 month when the school operated and the one dozen parent teacher meeting conducted. ROOF TOP AGRICULTURE: The school is bestowed with a roof space and it intends to undertake some alternate agriculture there. so that the children could get hands on experience on the various factors which play a vital role in the food chain. The children use this place for creative work during the best climatic conditions and also for practicing drama and theatrical skills. OPEN AIR AMPHITHEATRE: An open air amphitheatre is built in the north western corner of the property. India being a country which has very deep roots with agriculture it is essential that the children are exposed to it at an early stage. The garden is so designed so has to all the different types of vegetables are grown. It is built complete with a lawn on the top step to a centre stage measuring 1 ft in diameter. it was commonly observed that children have a natural aversion for many vegetables. In addition due to their lack of understanding the complexity of agriculture. they waste food without much thought. This washroom is also provided with a WC. This washroom is always cleaned and kept under lock and key. So when they actually work towards it they are able to look at vegetables in their plate with a different understanding. VEGETABLE GARDEN: In the back yard a space of 40 ft by 120 ft is dedicated for development of an in-house vegetable garden. .A separate washroom is built near the steps for usage by visitors only. washbasin and a hand wash.

.D6 Play area: In the existing property provision is provided for children play area comprising of a few swings. In addition to the above a table tennis table and adequate number of chess and carom boards are available as part of the sports resources to enable the children to indulge in these games during the rainy seasons and in general out of interest. The drive way doubles up as the ideal space for drill exercises and also for warm up sessions for children. Since the school intends to have its complete sports facility ready in the next six months the children are given all the relevant exercises needed for any said sport. The children in the kindergarten are trained in hand eye coordination sports so that they trained on the key basic skill sets from which they could develop themselves as they grow up the standards. A proper volley ball court with red sand. In the next property facilities have already been made ready for track and field events. Temporary tennis court facilities have been erected to enable children to get exposed to this game. net etc is also available at the moment. The core strength of the sports facility is in the various exercises related to each sport. see saw and other related games. In addition there is a lawn space where children could play ball games and to practice basic hand eye coordination games.

These are placed in dispensers which are located at the two levels of the school. Smooth edged stainless steel glasses are placed and are replaced every hour with fresh hot water washed glasses to minimize the chances of infections. Whatever has been done above is only a stop gap arrangement. since an additional building is under construction we need to identify a suitable space which could cater to both the buildings requirements. The vendor who supplies water to the school has been checked physically and the relevant copies of the water certification have been procured. In addition to it there is one cold and hot dispenser kept near the pantry for the children to access when there is a need.D7 DRINKING WATER POINTS: The school currently uses bottled RO purified water for the drinking and pantry purposes of the school. . The school intends to go in for an in house RO plant.

So the system of having lunch in their study desks was incorporated. the cross movements we found was not safe on an everyday basis. During the starting period the central hall in the first floor was used but a centralized dining area involved excessive movement of children within a short time carrying their lunch boxes. .D8 DINING FACILITY: The children have their food in their respective classrooms the required training to minimize spillage and usage of the right eating methods coupled with the excellent cross ventilation that the classrooms enjoy there is no issue of food smell persisting within the classroom.

Music and singing classes . this room was provisioned with an a/c.Meditation .Aerobics for both teachers & students . wall to wall carpet a dedicated computer with audio facility. The following trainings are provided at the room: .Basic yoga & breathing exercises .D9 CULTURE ROOM: One of the rooms on the first floor west wing was remodeled into a culture room.Dance activity .

D10 LIBRARY ROOM: This is described in detail under the dimensions of rooms.and growing) is attached with this write up.200 «. Please refer: Annexure . In addition a list of books (2.

biology and Math. The facilities currently available are for Chemistry. Physics equipments are to be placed. However a mini laboratory was set up within the e ± learning classroom for the children to identify real time and also practice some basic operations in the lab as part of their science & math learning process.D11 LABORATORY FACILITIES: For this academic year the school accepted admissions only till 8th standard. .


The IT infrastructure includes LOCATION NUMBER Reception 2 Operations room 1 Operations room 3 Project room 2 Class rooms 4 2 2 3 1 Library 6 TYPE Desktops Desktop Laptops Desktop Desktop Smart boards projectors Printers Printer /copier HD desktop .E1 Computers play a critical role in the school in not just education to the child but also as a vital tool in management and also as a teaching tool.

E2 Network system: The school currently has a LAN networking all the classrooms within the school except the 2 E-learning classes. The children are not permitted to bring any external storage device and in they event they need to use it for certain academic purposes they need to do the same only with prior permission of the concerned teacher. All individual systems are installed with separate antivirus software. Basically these machines are installed for children use. Certain computers within the network especially the computers in the library are placed as standalone machines. .

E3 INTERNET CONNECTION: The school currently uses a wired broadband connection from BSNL with a password protected limited Wi-Fi facility. .

.E4 AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEMS: The audio visual systems in the school includes 2 E-Learning classes with smart boards and projectors and a culture room equipped with surround sound speakers and a computer dedicated for music files.

E5 MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS: The systems in the school apart from being protected by anti virus are checked professionally on a fortnightly cycle to check the quality of the contents in terms of non child friendly material in the computer. This routine is undertaken by the in-house IT teacher. Apart from the documentation done for the above, it is audited personally every month. To ensure no material slips through the system.


SECURITY: The school has doubled up the helpers to undertake the function of security during the daytime. The required training is provided to them on the job. The training modules are: How to assist a child when he is entering the school. Helping the child to carry arranging his bags after getting down Ensuring children do not wander away from the school once the enter the school premises Ensuring they do not run to their classes in the driveway. Monitoring the children in their classrooms during break hours. Once in an hour check up of the washrooms Mid afternoon checking of the kindergarten classrooms for lost an found Monitoring the children KG children who stay back in the school on parent request Pre closure checking of the classroom and corridors Security issues to be checked while doing the evening cleaning of the classrooms Locking procedure.

Night shift the school is security is managed by the project people who are adjacent to the school premises. In terms of security infrastructure: The school has built a 7 ft feet high compound wall all around the building. Once in three days the surrounding perimeter around the school is checked externally for possibility of arrangement to enter and exit the school through unconventional way. Adequate lighting is provided near the gate to ensure visibility to anyone who tries to access the school in the night. Entry and exit of visitors are controlled by the receptionist. Material movement from and to the premises is also controlled by the reception.

G2 Housekeeping: The school has a multi tasking function for the housekeepers. The operational hour cleaning team is more focused on doing a quick job then a thorough one and the main focus is to ensure that there is no movement of dust and dirt within the premises and also to ensure that the indoor environment is not spoilt. Our cleaning team is divided into a separate team for pre opening and post closing requirement and they are made to come on a split shift for job continuity and also for an absolute coverage of the area. Because the health condition of the children and the teachers is directly linked to the hygiene levels maintained at the school. The cleaning requirement is categorized as Pre opening cleaning Post Closing cleaning Operational hour cleaning Cleaning is a very important factor for the smooth operation of school. There is a weekly schedule and a monthly schedule for the cleaning works to be done at the school . One of the key functions is that the classrooms where the kindergarten children study are disinfected twice a day to minimize the risk of bacteria and other similar problems. The split up team does all the cleaning tracks the lost and found materials belonging to the children and also separate the works to be done in the evening and in morning to ensure that no food particle is left overnight within a classroom. Washroom cleaning and disinfection is done twice a day and in addition it is also checked and dried pre and post breaks.

G4 In addition to the raw power supply line. classrooms and offices are also powered by a separate UPS power line to cater to minimum lighting and ventilation requirement during power cuts. This ensures negligible access to the children in the school. . The computers in the school are powered by UPS and the office space lighting and ventilation is 50% raw and 50% UPS power supply. The school has also got a petrol start kerosene generator to power up the UPS during long stretches of power cuts.G3 ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY: The school is powered by a commercial 3 phase line supply from Chinna Vedampatti substation. The load is distributed evenly among the different parts of the school. The distribution board is kept near to the pantry and a place which is constantly manned during the school hours.

Since the new building is under construction. However. The water was tested and was found to be not suitable for drinking purposes because of its high TDS. The water from this tank is pumped up to a over head tank the tank capacity is 5000 ltrs and caters to the washrooms. handwash areas and also for gardening purposes. A submersible pump of adequate capacity and good make has been installed for pumping the water to the tank at the ground level. we have deferred the installation of the RO plant till the building completion. checking with R.O plant vendors we have concluded that the water if treated with an RO plant can be made potable. .G5 Raw water supply for the school is by a deep bore well situated in the north eastern corner of the school.

These bottles are stored placed in dispensers placed at strategic points within the school. .G6 Drinking water: Currently drinking water is procured in bubble tops from a ISO certified vendor.

Every quarter an audit is done to identify snags at a very early stage and also take steps in setting these snags right.Hinges and doors. .All lights are working .Rusting of railings Classrooms: .Electrical points safety and function .Any biological growth in the crevices between the paver blocks Porch and corridors: .G7 ENGINEERING AUDIT: Engineering is the back bone for any building.Switch plates are safe .level of bushes on the road ± safety aspect ± signage .Fire extinguisher pressure .Any blind corners .sand level on the road ± non slippery points Drive way: .No water stagnation at any point .Lighting is adequate .Flooring slippery .Paver blocks are in place ± any cracks / lines on the flooring .Student seating systems ± status .Teacher¶s table chairs & Storage cabinet and shelf keys & functionality . The audit points are listed below: Roads leading to the school: .Ventilation adequate .


H1 MANGEMENT CHART COIMBATORE PUBLIC SCHOOL CHAIRMAN EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: This team comprises of 2 parents.Administration ACADEMIC MANAGEMENT Principle / Vice principle Operations Executives Non teaching team members Teaching team . 2 teachers. NON -ACADEMIC MANAGEMENT Administration & Fin Executive . 2 educationalists. 2 public personalities & 2 executives who play a full time role in the management of the school.

Mishra is the Corporation Commissioner of Coimbatore from the ______ IAS Batch. Since the core principles of the school are built around the concepts strongly believed and conceived by the chairman.DESCRIPTION OF THE MANAGEMENT SET UP: The chairman: Chairman plays a key role in the organization. Anshul Mishra IAS: Mr. kanakaraj: Mr. Basically the role of this designation is to execute / incorporate the new ideas and systems of the chairman into the day to day operations of the school. Vinoth: Training Manager of ING Vysya Insurance services. he takes an active part in the day to day management of the school. Management Committee: The management committee comprises of a select set of individuals selected from various walks of life and are listed below: Mr. Mr. he plays an active role in ensuring that his principles are adhered to on an everyday basis. he is a parent of 2 children namely Dhanush (7th Standard) and Dhigumbaresh in (3rd Standard). MIS report is generated on a daily basis which serves as a dashboard for the operations of the school. is a lecturer at the Govt. This designation reports directly to the chairman and has absolute powers over the systems and procedures that are being set in the school. serve as the secretary to the chairman and carries executive powers. One of the key functions of the designation is to ensure continuity of the systems that are incorporated into the school management and at the same time to ensure that no new system encroaches into the execution of any pre existent system. . Arts college and is also a mentor of higher education study center. _________. ________ Aunty of denin correspondent of a 900 student school at Veerapandi pirivu. Principle of KV defense Mr. A sample of which is attached with this report. Executive assistant: He / she.

Sudha : Housewife but also a teacher by education and profession.Ms. This being a priority certain decisions on how this is to be imparted or rather embedded into the children is a key decision that the management committee needs to arrive at a consensus / approve for the successful education of the said characters. discipline. Being a concept school ± the new concepts that are continuously incorporated into the management of the school has to be brainstormed for the positives and negatives before implementation. The management responsibilities in which the committee plays a decisive role includes: Admission procedures Teacher recruitment Uniform Choice of text books Recall exercises (homework pattern) Teaching methodology Co scholastic activities School rules and regulations Other related developmental activities . Manners. In addition all the committee members shall meet once every quarter to discuss across the table and document the happenings of the previous quarter and the developmental plans for the next quarter. The school has placed two Management Executives of the school on the regular board and a E-mail and web enabled communication system among the management committee is set up to ensure that all the committee members are aware of the key decisions taken at the school. Her two children karan Arjun (7th standard) and Chinthana (3rd Standard) are studying in the school. Profile of the school Salient features of CPS management committee: The school in principle has decided that the management committee shall play a critical role in the general management of the school. behavior and social consciousness are some of the key education that is imparted to the children of this school.

the school has a set up a communication system within the members. ³Monthly operations report´ of the school shall be tabled in this meeting The report covers from o Infrastructure updates o Teacher performance o Student performance o Management activities o Finance o Developmental works done o Event for the month o Status of agendas tabled in the last meeting o Plans for the forthcoming month The committee members view the report online and feedback is also given online These feedbacks are processed by the team and a final decision is taken on issues. . Since discipline and inner development of the children are given utmost importance at the school. The school has placed its 2 operations executives on to the management committee to ensure that a healthy coordination happens among the team members and no members view point is sidelined or missed. The management committee shall spend quality time every quarter to study the history of children on a case to case basis to check if there is any negative influence among the children. In addition specific children who have been identified are discussed in detail and a proper course of action is identified for implementation. Once in a month meeting around the 25th of every month would be conducted.Schedule of meetings: Since the school respects the other responsibilities of the individuals chosen for the management committee. Here the members peruse through the developments and convey their feedback and suggestions for the same. - The minutes of the meeting are to be updated on the website / email with a separate access password for the members.

INFORMATION FLOW DIAGRAM: Mgmt. Committee Member SCHOOL MANAGEMENT TEAM IN THE COMMITTEE The unique advantage of the above system would be: All the members have real time access to the development in the school. . Mgmt. Committee Member Mgmt. Committee Member Meetings and points to be discussed are placed here either on web or by email. Committee Member Mgmt. No information would be allowed to marinate beyond a 30 day cycle The background of the information would always be available online for the members to revert back at their choice Committee could be effective and active immaterial of their physical location from the school. Any time a new member is added he / she could update themselves of the previous activities. Committee Member Mgmt.

So as and when a new system is devised or replaces an existing system. Under such circumstances. the school would be bringing new procedures and systems for the betterment of the education and the overall development of the child and the organization. it is important for the management committee to vet the effectiveness of the new systems and also to fine tune the same before implementation. it is documented and uploaded onto the website and this is vetted by the committee members and feedback sent before implementation. .INDUCTING NEW PROCEDURES & SYSTEMS: As a new school with just 18 odd months into operations.


2 public personalities & 2 executives who play a full time role in the management of the school. 2 teachers.I1 HIRARCHY CHART FOR THE SCHOOL: CHAIRMAN EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: This team comprises of 2 parents. NON -ACADEMIC MANAGEMENT Administration & Finance Executive . 2 educationalists.Administration ACADEMIC MANAGEMENT Principle / Vice principle Operations Executives Non teaching team members Teachers and teacher trainees The above hierarchy diagram is also given under management chart. .


The school is fully aware that all the recruits may not scale up to the organization expectation or may not be able to hold on to the long term commitment expected by the . The total training period is for a period of 5 months. Being a growing school. there is a constant need for quality people who understand both the short and long term goals of the organization.Ed and elevating them to the required level.I5 SKILL MATRIX: Teachers Dedication Stephen Pavitha Roshitha Rohini Skills needed to be an excellent teacher Knowledge Child friendly Effective y Sample of the skill matrix developed for the teaching team. During the 5 month period their personal career ambitions and the organizations goal are synchronized. They are rated every quarter to identify training requirement and also to ensure consistency. In these five months they are trained on the various aspects of teaching in a dynamic manner. Once this synchronization happens and it confirmed the school shall be sponsoring their B. I6 FUTURE HR PLANS FOR THE SCHOOL: The school in its endeavor to offer consistency in the teaching quality through out the year has planned on a unique teacher training program. The process: Fresh graduates are recruited as trainees and are trained at the school premises.

in an effort to form a core committed team for the school in the long run. I7 Pay scales I8 Incentives TEACHERS . the school management decided to take this calculated risk.

To deliver education with the above three factors as the foundation the teachers must first view teaching as a profession with a higher percentage of moral obligation then contractual obligation. the teacher needs to have an almost exhaustive creativity to site examples and a very good analytical mind to link the same. The child should be able to focus on what is being taught. teacher needs creativity ± an example which is given for any aspect of a lesson might be simple for a set of students in a class and might be more then the comprehensive level of the other children¶s in the class. maybe the level differs but at the ages when they spend at a school. by creating the right environment the child is able to focus all his energies on to the productive areas. All we have to do it to deliver the knowledge in a form acceptable by that particular student. curriculum are all parameters and guidelines created after years of research and development by Indian government and the CBSE method encourages teachers to follow these guidelines and parameters but not to limit oneself to the same. Known to the unknown and environment. Once the fear which generally develops in a child mind is erased and comfort is replaced the child¶s defenses to learning is brought down almost completely. So when the concept of known to the unknown need to be followed. books. Based on the above outlook. with no absolute bias or pre conceived mindsets. . The teacher needs to look at the child¶s environment beyond the school hours to see where the child needs support. Because all children are natural learners. Finally the teacher should understand the levels of the children in the class to spread them in such a manner that the right environment is created for study. So. their learning skills are at the best. Once the above realization happens then the teachers become self developing individuals and their self development assists them in developing the children of the school.J1 What it takes to be a teacher at CPS? We would like to recollect the principles on which the school has been built namely fearless education. To deliver a fearless education the teacher first needs to love their students in a holistic manner. The teacher has to understand that syllabus. This is the first stage which a teacher has to achieve in his / her travel towards a successful teaching career. this is possible only when the child¶s mind is not disturbed.


J 3. confidence level are checked in general. On either situation the requirement happens urgently. communication. The interview comprises of a personal meeting with the candidate wherein his / her competency levels. Subsequent to the above process the prospect is briefed on the way the school operates and their willingness to blend with the school system is confirmed. The database of applicants is perused and prospects are called for an interview. DOCUMENTATION: After the above process the following documents need to be completed: Teacher data sheet Profile submitted by teacher Photocopy of certificates Proof of identity Proof of residence Photocopy of experience letter if any. The school in turn issues . J 4 & J 5 RECRUITMENT PROCESS: IDENTIFYING REQUIREMENT: The requirement is identified based on attrition and termination both of which happened naturally and the termination decided by the management for reasons such as lack of commitment and effort or gross lack of expertise. Then the concerned subject teacher tests her for his / her subject competency.Appointment letter stating clearly . Undertaking by the teacher (adherence to the school policies) Medical certificate 2 passport size photographs PF application form and related documents Bank application form The above documentation is completed by the Executive ±Administration.

in addition this process also ensures that they do not get any contradicting information.- o Training period (if applicable) o Probation period o Performance parameters o Appraisal systems Designation based job responsibilities PRE JOINING PROGRAM: Before the teacher joins the school or takes the responsibility she needs to under go the following programs: 22 hours of classroom training Induction program with Administration Mentor introduction ABOUT MENTOR PROGRAM: Mentor program is a concept wherein new teachers are asked to parallel with the best of the existing team and they serve as a guide and mentor to the new teacher. They hand hold them through the first few weeks. In addition there are certain new concepts like thought process and recall time wherein the teachers need to understand the concept indepth and believe in the same fully for effective implementation. .

On successful and satisfactory completion of both the periods you would be absorbed into the regular payrolls of the school with a performance appraisal every 12 months. You would be placed on 3 month training 9mentoring) followed by a 6 month probationary period./ Mr ______________ Addresss Date dd/ mon/ yy Dear Sir / Madam.J6 Appointment communication letter To Ms. Transport could be availed from the nearest possible location to your residence at no cost. In the event you accept our offer you are requested to sign on the original and join our school on ________. Please contact Mr. The monthly remuneration package would be Rs. _________. Warm Regards For Coimbatore Public School Chairman . Rupees PF would be deducted from the above given package. We take this opportunity to welcome you to the CPS family. Balaji on__________ for details on the same and for other clarifications too. Sub: Appointment letter We are pleased to confirm to you that you have been selected for the post of ³Teacher´ at the ³Coimbatore Public school´. This decision has been taken by the management based on the interview. Let us grow together. Before the said date the documentation pertaining to your appointment need to be completed. teaching observation and your existing competency levels.

So it is essential that we follow certain protocols which the student would follow 9read as observe). This includes and is not limited to Always be on time Maintain very high levels of dress code Be pleasant Move around graciously Be organized (always) Try to understand the school management Personal view points to be highlighted through proper channels Personal hygiene is very important Never talk loudly unless situation demands Follow school systems and processes meticulously Never let the school down to a parent Maintain etiquette while talking to parents Have good food habits Maintain a good health Be attentive to student views Never embarrass a child Never lift a child at the cost of another Never reflect the parent¶s behavior on a child Be a judge (be unbiased) Do not expose your favoritism to students Never bring to school your personal problems Try not to take school challenges home Knowledge is like a reservoir you need to keep on topping it Keep abreast with the latest technology Keep up with developments Be willing to unlearn Other teachers are your team they are never your competition Respect from peers need to be earned not demanded Respect need to be given to have it returned Never gift a child personally Never accept personal gifts from parents . As teachers we are primary role model to the children we teach.J7 COMMON RESPONSIBILITIES. Since the school believes in the process of change within we have consciously used the word responsibility. The common responsibility is a positive presentation of the word terms and conditions.

working couple. education level of parent. Weaknesses. Coimbatore Public School is the only school that provides dedicated time for class teachers to have an effective interaction with their class children on an everyday basis.Physical infrastructure within the class in the event any maintenance work is needed the teacher should inform the reception immediately take the reference number. mother name. what are their additional skills.Ensure they eat properly during school hours . Employment details.How they accept failures and success . When these children study in school they interact with other teachers for other subjects so in general the class teacher should know and document the teachers who handle the different subjects and their strengths and weaknesses.Value addition to the Childs time at school . Based on the above two classifications the responsibilities are clearly defined. The data is of no value if it is just available with teacher in her mind. The above data need to be meticulously collected and filed. foods they like. The class teacher will have to monitor the everyday activity of the child.Feedback of the child and the parent about the school . healthy habits which they have. joint family / nuclear family. Other responsibilities include . unhealthy habits which they have. their friends. if yes what is it and what are their natural skills. Medical history. do they already have a career aspiration. Previous school. sports which they like. mode of transport to and from the school. email ids & addresses. Communication skills. It has to be available both as soft copy and as hard copy.Behavior with their class mates is good .J7 Designation based responsibilities: Teacher¶s functions are basically divided into two class teacher and subject teacher. Father name. Native of. Understanding skills. Attitude. foods they don¶t like. The class teacher responsibilities are: Data: The class teacher should have the complete data about every child who is in their class. Skill matrix (to be taught in the training class) has to be done for the children with the subjects. brother and sister details. Mobile nos. Strengths. * Both thought process time and recall time will be explained later. relatives at Coimbatore. . sports which they play. That is the ³Thought process time*´ and the ³Recall time*´.

Before taking the responsibility the subject teacher should have completed the following teachers copy of all the subject books as per NCERT One copy of private publisher book as a teachers copy Gone through the concerned e-learning module Identify magazines or monthly journals for the subject and request the same to be procured by the school. In the event the subject has got multiple teachers then the teachers should work together as a team and manage the subject for the school. Any teacher who covers multiple subjects across multiple classes should have the complete data of the academic performance of the student in other subjects through the student subject class matrix prepared by the teacher.BEING A SUBJECT TEACHER: Here the responsibility is for the subject for the whole school. Make a list of websites which give the latest developments in the chosen subject Make a list of websites which give information about the subject completely Key persons involved with the subject both old and new In depth -Vocabulary list for every lesson in the subject Projects given in the NCERT books for the subject Additional projects which could be given for the subject Linkages of the chosen subject with other subjects Charts that need to be available for the subject List of lab equipments that need to be available for the subject List of reference books that are available in the library for the subject - - .

read though the book completely Sequenced the lessons if and when required Prepared the lesson plan Prepared the vocabulary list List of activity / projects to be done Prepare the question list for the lesson Simplify English in the lesson Plan the e-learning facility for the lesson Prepare the recall exercises for the lesson CCE exercises for the same . Make the child to know how they could have made the vacation time more productive. Identify negative activities and positive activities done by the children during the vacation. In the event any subject teachers have changed introduce them properly to the class. Before the term starts the teacher should complete the following. Talk to them about any recent changes in the school make them feel comfortable. many a child even after years in the school feel very uncomfortable at the start of a term. Start the term with a positive note and wish them all a great time. . Subject teachers.- List of reference books that the children could buy outside Links with everyday life and the subject Storage space for the projects and activity for the subject Display exercises for the projects and activity J9 PLANNING A TERM: Class teacher: As stated in the responsibilities of a class teacher the data base generated should be updated with the children. Check how the child has spent her vacation time.

CCE module. the serial number of the lesson. Approximate hours needed for completing the lesson. Recall exercises to be given for the lesson. additional projects that the teacher has created for explaining the concept. Vocabulary list. question bank for the lesson. projects given at the end of the book. questions to be asked at each stage. of pages the lesson has. So it is important that the child is confident about the meaning of each word in a lesson. e-learning module linked to the lesson. no. books that the children could buy to upgrade their knowledge level. practical classes related to the lesson. no. The teacher should also compare the matrix prepared by other subject teachers whose subjects are similar to the subject taught by you. This should be ready before 5 working days when the lesson is scheduled to start. books that are in the library related to the lesson. of exercises the lesson has. Absorption chart for each child. lesson name. The meanings of the individual words only add up to the effect of the sentence.The subject teacher should prepare a class student matrix (to be taught in training) for the subject and keep updating the same periodically. pictures and art associated with the lesson. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE MANAGEMENT ACCEPT A DEVIATION ON THE ABOVE SPECIFICATION. So for every lesson that is to be taught by you a lesson plan has to be made in the following format: . This will give a fairly good idea to see if we could improve the absorption level of the child by changing our teaching methodology or will a special one on one approach help the child to absorb more. J 10 MAKING A LESSON PLAN: Lesson plan is done by all teachers for every lesson they take. drawings. Components of a lesson plan Subject name. All the above components have to be completed 5 working days before the lesson is to be started and to be submitted to the management. class (standard). IMPORTANCE OF VOCABULARY: Words are the only component of a sentence. book being used. websites linked to the lesson. The format in which the lesson plan is to be submitted would be given during the training program.

Developing the lesson: How to direct the flow of the lesson Recall exercises: Type of excercises that has to be given that would provide effective recall exercise to the student. Projects to be done at class should contain in detail all the items needed along with the safety precautions (gear) and exact directions. How to introduce the lesson / Concept: Maximum creativity to be used on how to introduce the concept. Space has to be provided for the same.Learning: The module in e-learning which covers the concept. Question bank for the lesson: These are questions generated as the lesson proceeds and these need to be asked in the class during the teaching process and is ideal as a CCE activity.: ______ Lesson Name: __________________ Sub Units: ________ Pages: ___________ Vocabulary list: to be added separately and should contain the word as given in the text book with meaning in English and in Tamil. Strict adherence to the formula known to the unknown has to be used. E. Projects to be given / done in class: What projects to give and what projects need to be done at class. Whenever necessary the context in which the word has been used also to be mentioned.COIMBATORE PUBLIC SCHOOL .LESSON PLAN TEACHER: _____________CLASS:________SUBJECT :____________ Week to be taken: __________ Total hours to be spent:___________ Lesson No. . In addition it should also kindle the thinking of the child. QUESTIONS FROM STUDENTS: Common questions asked by the students while the teaching is in progress. Library: Books available in the library which pertains to the lesson Internet: The websites which relate to the lesson mentioned above.

In house training programs in various management subjects External training program for teachers Encourage teachers to participate in symposiums and educational meets Teachers suggestion for books to be procured by library Access to internet Freedom to voice their suggestions for value addition Part sponsoring of higher education expenses Field trips J 13 . Some of the activities include and not limited to Group learning activity among the subject teachers Cross training of teachers. From subscription to various subject related journals to an ever expanding library.J 11 TEACHER KIT: Once a teacher joins the school he / she is provided with a teaching kit comprising of Welcome not List of key persons in the school along with phone numbers & e-mails Official email ID with password FAQ about the school Training & Induction schedule A copy of ³Teach Gently´ a book written by School specific training manual Mentor¶s profile J 12 CONTINUOUS SKILL UPGRADATION PROCESS: For a teacher to stay in tune with the student it is important that he / she constantly upgrades her skill and stays in touch with the developments in her chosen subject and with education industry in general both at the national level and at the international level. ³Coimbatore Public School´ provides a wide range of opportunities to the teachers to develop themselves.

As on date teaching team: .


This is referenced with the monthly teachers report by the operation executives to observe if the implementation is in synchronization with the plan. Based on their expertise and subject requirement they need to sequence the lessons for the year. MONITORING PROCESS: A copy of the term plan is to be submitted by the concerned teachers to the management at the start of the term. K2 . The teams are given an opportunity to present their projects to their classmates and to the other children of the school during Saturdays. If anomalies are observed the concerned teachers are consulted to identify if management could offer any support to bring the implementation on track with the plan. For the CCE exercises the teachers need to team up student based on their competency levels. As part of the CCE process they need to define the exercises. Two options are offered wherein the tough projects which bring out the best in a child are given to pairs of the smarter kids in the class. projects and weekend activities which would test the dynamic understanding of the lessons by the children. While the remaining children are paired in such a manner so that they compliment their strengths and projects appropriate for them are designed and given as assignments. In addition the teachers are given the liberty to organize field trips prior to the start of the lesson to give the children a practical idea on what there are going to study and how they are about learn the background what is being used now. Subsequent to which the lesson plans for each lesson need to be prepared.PLANNING EDUCATION DELIVERY: The total lessons to be covered in a year are to be assessed by the teachers before the start of the academic year.

Teacher is present through the session and she highlights the different aspects of the lesson as and when the session is in progress. Phase ± 4: Children who are confident are made to make a presentation of the different chapters in the lesson. They are then made to sit through a E-Learning class providing the concept of the lesson. Phase ± 4: Recall exercises and activities pertaining to the different parts are given as and when the parts are completed. These ratings are considered as part of their overall assessment for the year.TEACHING METHODOLOGY: The teaching methodology adopted by us is given below Phase -1: Photocopy of the vocabulary sheet is given to the children a week in advance and they are expected to go through the same and remember the meanings in depth. All the above phases are documented and the ratings are provided for every child who is in the class. Phase ± 6: Projects involving all parts of the lesson and recall exercises are given to the children and checked by the class teacher. The teacher has to approve the presentation the child intends to make in the class. This is also done under the controlled supervision of a teacher. Phase-3: The child is then made to peruse the lesson at home and try to relate the concepts learnt during the e learning session with what is on the text book. Phase ± 5: A refresher class by the teacher is conducted along with the modules where the children are not able to present. K3 . Phase ± 6: Weekend quiz and a small class test complete the lesson and is also part of the CCE system. who assess the level of understanding of the children of the concept. Phase-2: The children are tested for their vocabulary in the chosen lesson.

K5 . the school has already started planning for following the NCERT books from class 1 to 8. It is done as part of vertical integration of lessons planned by the school to be implemented in the future. The teachers are permitted to take these books home so that they get a fairly good 360 degree view of the subject. The school has provided as reference resource a full set of books for all the classes and all the students from 6to 10. In the forthcoming years. these books are kept as a resource for children to refer whenever they need to. The discounts provided by the publishers are passed on directly to the students. The school in principle does not mark up on the books under any circumstances. In addition a host of subject related books and journals available at the library for teacher¶s reference. This was done because of lack of availability of NCERT books for all the students. Internet facility is also available at the library to enable teachers to mine subject resources for their students. and also to get a glimpse of what they are bound to study in the next year. This also helps them to refresh their knowledge gained in the previous year.BOOKS FOLLOWED BY THE STUDENTS: The school follows the NCERT books for classes 6 and above and small component of the private publisher books for classes 1 to 5. K4 BOOKS REFFERED BY TEACHERS: The teachers are provided access to a full set of books followed by the children and apart from this they are also provided with books from other publishers for reference.

at CPS the average number of students per class is 24 to30. So the slow learners whose foundations are really weak are isolated from the regular class and are placed in a separate classes rated as minus 3 or minus 2 . After an intensive training in basics they are trained individually to help them catch up with their respective classes. At the skeleton strength that is available today it has been observed that all classes are a mix of slow learners and fast learners. he performs well and is able to see the positive result. This we have observed boosts their confidence levels very well. As the school expands itself we intend to undertake this exercise in a much larger scale and more scientific manner. On the contrary when the teacher slows her pace to match with the slow learners the fast learners lose interest in the subject. These children are made do complete the exercises pertaining to smaller classes in a fast track mode and they are also tested on their competency for that level. In either case the mind becomes idle and becomes a disturbing factor in the class. Effect on psychology of the child: When a slow learner sits in a normal class he initially attempts to cope up with the fast learners then because of his inability he slowly resigns himself and becomes complacent and ultimately redundant. This motivates him to run and run faster. It has also been observed that when the teacher focuses on the fast learners the slow learners get lost in the content. This system is explained to the parents when they admit their children and they also realize the advantage of following the system. We are proud to say that we have seen the transformation happen in more than 4 kids. On the contrary when the kid is allowed to learn and take tests based on his capabilities. to avoid the negative words these classes are termed as level 2 and level 3 and are trained separately on the basics.SYSTEM OF LEVELS: A little background on the student mix of a class. .

Apart from enjoying the sessions and these children looking forward to come to school. Her profile is given below. Sharda include counseling the parents once in a fortnight and giving them input on how to compliment the schools effort at the residence. In addition we have Mrs. In the future we intend to make this into a regular feature so that these children immaterial of the fact they are mentally challenged (marginal) or hyper active are able to bring down their energy levels to self manageable levels through sports. So they were able to contain themselves or were more attentive in class. We tried something very unique. CASE STUDY: One of the key reasons we identified in the slow learners was hyper activity. Sharda on our consultant role a qualified and senior teacher dedicated for special education.K6 CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS We follow the system of inclusive education we have got around 10 children who are unable to be compared among their own age group because of various medical reasons. containing them in a single place like conventional children was comparatively difficult. Still. they were also able to spend their extra energy with a purpose. The responsibilities for Mrs. these children are placed in their respective classes or at one of the lower levels and are hand held through the education process. We converted their first hours into planned foot ball training time and they were given aggressive coaching in the game in the very first hour. .

K7 EXISITNG CCE PROCESS: The school has .