SCIENCE YEAR 4 Name : ««««««««««««. Objective Questions Circle the correct answers. KNOWLEDGE: 1.

Which of the following is a basic need of humans? A. Sunlight B. Water C. Shoes D. Telephone Class: ««««««.

2. Animals excrete and defecate to« A. grow. B. produce offspring. C. get oxygen. D. get rid of waste materials.

3. Diagram 1 shows an object that appears in the night sky.

Diagram 1 What is the object? A. A star B. An asteroid C. A comet D. A meteor

A lizard breaks off its tail when chased by enemies. To hurt the enemies D. Coating the surface of an object with plastic. B. To scare the enemies C. is waterproof. What is the reason for this behavior? A. is elastic. C. A piece of towel is suitable to be used for wiping the body after having bath because it«. To escape from the enemies 5. 6. To dispel the enemies B. D. absorbs water. The information below is a method to prevent rusting. A. is shiny.COMPREHENSION: 4. Which of the following objects uses the method? 2 .

B. D. the longer is the time taken to complete one revolution. A binoculars 3 . Human cannot remember things for a long period of time. A telephone B. The bigger the size of a planet. The time taken for one complete revolution for each planet varies.7. Planet Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Table 1 Time for one revolution 225 days 687 days 12 years Table 1 ears What inference can be made from the above information? A. A computer C. Which of the following devices is used to overcome this problem? A. All planets take the same time to complete one revolution. The further a planet is from the Sun. 8. C. the shorter is the time to complete one revolution. Table 1 shows the times four planets take to complete one revolution round the Sun. A microscope D.

II and IV D. Food D. I and II B. Which of the following will be her response? A. She will push the rose plant away. Rihana accidentally touches the thorns of a rose plant.APPLICATION: 9. III and IV 4 . II. She will withdraw her fingers slowly. Air B. Water C. C. She will hold the rose plant longer. Sunlight 10. I and III C. B. Diagram 2 What basic need is not given to the plant? A. What characteristics do animals need to survive in very cold weather? I. III. Thick fur Small ears Hard sacles A hump on the back A. D. IV. 11. She will withdraw her fingers immediately. Diagram 2 shows a plant which has wilted.

Construction 5 .12. the Earth and the Moon. Table 2 shows a diameter of the Sun. 200 times 100 time 110 times 400 times The Earth to the Moon 4 times 4 times 4 times 4 times Diameter 1 400 000 12 756 3 480 13. Sickle Hoe Tractor In which of the following fields of technology are the devices above used? A. B. The Sun to the Earth A. Object Sun Earth Moon Table 2 Compare the size of the Earth and the size of the Earth to the Moon. Transportation C. Communication B. Agriculture D. D. C. The following information shows some devices.

Diagram 3 shows a bad habit of humans. Diagram 4 Which of the following is the correct sequence of the stages in the life cycle of the butterfly? A. Diagram 3 Why is this a bad habit and should be discouraged? A.ANALYSIS: 14. It damages the lungs. S ± P ± Q ± R D. 15. D. C. B. Diagram 4 shows the stages in the life cycle of the butterfly. Q ± P ± S ± R C. Q ± S ± P ± R B. S ± Q ± P ± R 6 . It delays a person¶s response to stimuli. It can affect the sight of a person. It may cause road accidents.

cubit. arm span 17. The sand clock can be used to measure time because« A. foot D. B. The following are some non-standard units of measurement of length. foot. C. foot B.16. 7 . it makes use of a process that repeats uniformly. D. Foot. from the shortest to the longest. Cubit. span. it can tell daytime and night-time accurately. A. y y y y Span Cubit Foot Arm span Arrange these units according to length. it has standard units. arm span. arm span. Span. arm span C. Span. span. cubit. cubit. it is marked with numbers. Sand clock is used by ancient people to measure time.

Many leaves C. Leather packet D. 10 C. Wooden box B. 8 B. What characteristic should the plant have to make it suitable to be planted in this area? A. 20 EVALUATION: 20. A student puts four thumbtacks into four different containers. Lim wants to grow a plant in an area which is very hot and has very little water. Diagram 5 shows square X and rectangle Y.SYNTHESIS: 18. Hard woody stems 19. Long roots D. Big-sized leaves B. 15 D. The thumbtacks in which container will not rust? A. Iron container C. Air tight plastic containers 8 . Diagram 5 How many pieces of square X are needed to cover the whole surface of rectangle Y? A.