Page 4185 this supreme intelligence.

each will come to realize that there is no limit to w hat can be achieved. the only thing that holds man back from this understanding is his own mortal mind. t his mortal outlook greatly distorts the true picture for manking. it limits him in every way and ca use him to place obstacle after obstacle in his path. it requires a very determined mind to life oneself out of this ignorance into this glorious truth that has eluded one because of the determinat ion to follow the mortal will. but i must repeat: in order to rise above these levels, that first step is love, and to try to see the perfection of creation in everything that we see. truly, truly, beloved ones. ye are gods and goddesses; it is only a mater of time. let each who hears my words start right where you are, from this day forward, with what you have at hand to being your work, and upon this let us bui ld. let us meet every situation with love and understanding. let us know that nothing is by chance, th at each experience that comes our way, regardless of how mintue. is an experience brought to us whereby we can learn. for me learn by experience, no other way. there is so much for all of us to learn. we d o not make any claim of having the ultimate in truth. even my own perceptions of things may be incorrect . we must realize that truth is moving ever onward before us. and the ultimate we know not. but this i know; that every step forward i have taken has brought the greater happiness, greater understanding, a nd each step has been much more glorious than the last. therefore, i shall attempt to climb ever highe r on the spiral of knowledge, for i find the more i have learned of science, of nature, the more un derstanding i have of my creator, for you see, my friend, we do not seperate one from the other. earth ma n has always attempted to separate. you have your philosophies, your sciences, and what not a nd each other be both or all if we are to have truth. all things that exist come from the one and only source; no matter what it might be it is all a part of the whole, therefore we cannot separate. the soo ner man of earth can realize this, the sooner he will begin to understand creation. many of us, when presented with new philosophical concepts, immediately close our minds off. but the man who carries a closed mind has little chance of becoming wise. he had little chance to raising his consciousnes s. to have an open mind does not require you to accept anything that does not seem right to you, but the re is a great difference, my firends. in accepting an idea as truth. or being able, if it does not appeal to you, to lay it aside until such time as you can filter it into your consciousness. for we fi nd that many times an experience does not appeal to us, something that comes to us by word of mouth or by writings, does not fit in with what we presently know as truth. but oft times we find that thes e things, if laid aside,

for often it is costly. and . my friend. attempting to help our brothers. are seeking. this is the way we serve. there is where a closed mind prevenets us from learning. we do. wisdom. i do not imply by thi s that you must acept everything as truth. you are seeking to know the truth. for when i have serv ed my borhter. for every step on the path to truth brings change. as ar e those that are ahead of us. and we are reaching back. we must give. so to speak. we are no different from you. this is a mistake we should not make. i know not where it ends. for. is a good thing to remember. for truth moves ever onward and forward. please keep in mind that i am also addre ssing your fellow earthlings who in time may ready my words. for higher truth. i know not what the ultimate truth is. we have lost it for a great time to come. i too have been served. you see. when one closes the mind and decides within himself that he has all truth. my friends. as i speak. we see. my friends. all creation moves in this manner. if we have rejected an idea completely. therefore you can expect to know the truth. each attempting to serve his brother. we too a re searching. beloved f riends. however. he is dead. this. but i have not found the ultimate. that we may learn. knowing the truth shall bring great changes within you. dorothy. therefore let us be open and receptive.can be picked up later and put into the picture perfectly. much greater than you think or realize. and truth. you are living in times of great change. but if we are to gain knowledge. but to continue i have traveled great areas of space. have found life in every corner. each of you is he re because you are seeking. you see. believe that we are a step or two in advance. reaching back to help us. in order to rece ive. we must foreever have an open mind.