2. (UFRR) A pa!

avra sublinhada Try counting toi 0: Short tempers can mean

ern I!the iirst to

examine" pede a) b) c) d) look look look look for; after; forward; into;


substituid2 per:

short lives. Want to avoid heart disease? Be competitive, but not impatient or hostile, recommends a recentstud~' by U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The research, which took 15 years to complete, is the first to examine the effects of "Type i'{' personality 'characteristicsiike a short temper and a competit~ve drive on the long-term risk of deveioping high blood
pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. To

e) look up.

3. (UfRR) long~term em "the long-term risk" refere-se a aigo: a) proximo; b) comprido; d) iminente; c) curto; e) remoto. 4. (UFRR) OihHWa,..,:: em !!otherwise known'" signifiea:

arrive at their conclusions, researchers observed 3,308 American men and women from 1985 to 2000, giving them periodic forms to evaluate their moods and physical examinations ... Given that hypertension is a major risk factor in heart and kidney disease - and the chief cause of strokes - we'd all do well to listen.
(Newsweek, i\lovember 10, 2003, page 7.)

as veze)i

b) tambem;
c) outrora; d) rarameilte,:

'. '1. (UFRR) 0 texto afirma que, entre os instrumentos utilizados na pesquisa, encontram-se:

e) antes.

graiicosi a) elogio;

b) entrevistasi

c) filmagens;

d) saudac;;ao;
e) ordem.


b) recomendac;;ao;
c) descri~ao;

e) questionarios.

. William. he keeps you here as his lover.) it means: a) You are b) You are c) You are d) You are e) You are dead . b) They had any financial problems. When did they have any financial problems? a) They had financial problems. I simply can't stand at. L When" did Helen and narrator ~et married? 2) They been married for eight years. vVe have two kids already. We have always agreed p acticeJly everything. Helen and! 8-3t on very well.) a) Juliet d) Paris e) Romeo b) Death c) Someone II.'t month. d) They gO"' been ma-ried eight years. H. (Death has kissed you. b) They got married eight years ago. dreaming. e) They had some financial problems before he was promoted. 'Romeo! Romeo!' He kissed Juliet 'With a kiss. c) 1. you. Our marriage is perfect. c) In my opinion he can't tolerate.(Fesp-SP) Read the text and then answer the questions that foflow: The perfect match Helen and ! have been married for eight years. h) The narrator can't toierat~. . beautiful. Romeo imd Juliet. I've been a good husband. \Nhat. e) He can't tolerate the narrator. sleeping. e) They got have n arrica for eight years. Romeo held Juliet. We're going to divorce ne}. in )'ouropinion. I can't remernber the last time we Ill. iwill also stay here. someone was calling him.ii j!i5!ie'i "Romeo went inside the tomb: He saw Juliet lying there and thought that she was dead. e) They married eight years. 'Oh my love. has kissed But you are still beautifuL Death is jealous. kissing someone. I die:" (SI-lAKESPEARE. But let me hold you in my arms. He took a cup of poison out of his pocket and raised it to his tips. VVe bought a comfortable house in the suburbs five months ago and we haven't had any financial problems since I was promoted a fevil years ago. a boy and a girl. d) He can't tolerate himself. ey never had financial problems. Romeo <al". if I may say 50. I suppose. my wife! Deatt. I iove you'. . from the color of the carpets to the names of our children. had an argument. She's· be"n a good wife and. can't the narrator tolerate? a) The perfection and monotony of their marriage. Outside.d} They are in danger because of his financial problems.