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20 Launch of E 011 Elevate, Art Ab bove Un ndergrou an und, initiiative of the Cit of Atlanta Of f ty ffice of C Cultural Affairs s.





City of Atl C lanta Dow wntown P Project Initiative 

Elevate At A Glance


The Event e ost e tions in Pub blic Backed by four of the mo effective organizat ate, ove n Outreach in Atlanta, Eleva Art Abo Underground is an he ce ral initiative of Th City of Atlanta Offic of Cultur Affairs. vate ost wn Elev will ho a series of exhibits throughout downtow Atla in the f of 2011. Elevate bo anta fall oasts exceptionally hig gh calib work fr local, n ber rom national and international artists. d With support f from Centra Atlanta P al Progress, AC CVB, derground A Atlanta, MAR and At RTA tlanta’s Fren Consula nch ate, Und pres has alrea grabbed on to the project and we expec to ss ady d e ct gain national p n press attent for this culturally forward tion s initiative. his We are pleased to announce that th 2011 exhiibition is taking shap and will successfullly reach a broad audie of pe ence view to insp inform and entertain. wers pire, m vate st f cutive Elev will las a total of 66 consec th days, beginning on Aug 26 and closing on October 30 . The Off of Cultu gust 0 fice ural Affa is a sup airs pporter of A on the B Art Beltline, FLU and Atla UX anta Cele ebrates Pho otography. These are a aligning art events th ts hat take place thro e oughout the duration o Elevate w e of within dow wntown are Through this collec progra eas. ctive amming we e look to brand t time pe of cultural activit as a reas k this eriod ty son for more visito traffic and increased downtow participation. or d wn you y’s e As a sponsor, y and your company logo willl be before man of Atlant financia and cullturally invo ny ta’s ally olved public c. This is a unique chance fo you to be publicly a s or e associated w with all o the above mentione organiza of ed ations and a yourse align elf as a outstand cultura developer for the Cit of Atlant an ding al r ty ta.

Dates: Friday,, August 26th, 2011 through h Sunday October 30th, 2011 y, 0 Large opening and closing events Selected pr s rogramming throug ghout Advert tising will con ntinue throug ghout the ent exhibit – tire over 2 months Admiss sion: FREE for all perform mances and large e events Audien nce: Genera public inclu al uding residen and visito nts ors Sponso Recognitio or on: VIP en ntitlements Recogn nition Dinner r Onsite brand prese e ence Print b brand presenc ce Social Media brand presence Other media presence Art on Loan

Benefits s   Company placement t on all banne er  materia al  Host co ommittee inco orporation   Host   Title Position Prem mium  Gold     Sub b ‐title position 

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    10 se eats  Prem mium Placeme ent on  all sig gnage  Prem mium location n along  with company name  within host comm mittee  categ gory    Featured mention n and  quot te    First selection of  artw works    

    5 se eats   

    2 seats  On specif fic  sponsore ed project Group listing  2 seats  2 On specific  O sponsored pro oject  – if applicable   – Group listing G

Private sponsor dinn ner and VIP  preview w with artists and press loc cated  at the e exhibition epicenter  On Site signage displayed throughout  the eve en t (2.5 mont ths)   Logo fe eatured in all programming g  brochures and print materials  (posters, flyers and d downtown  lightbox xes/kiosks)  Logo fe eatured in sele ect programm ming  brochures  Name f featured in all press mater rials  promot ting the event t including  website e, social medi ia sites   Logo an nd sponsorship on specific c  artist display   Selected Art on loan n for 6months s – 1  year following close of   Public a acknowledgem ment and tha anks  at even nt opening and closing alon ng  with aligning status – – stage ment tion   Newsle etter mention disseminated by  OCA, CA AP, ACBB and d Undergroun nd   
Sponso orship Costs  

Gold status  plac cement along g  with h company  nam me     

Sponsore ed  project   

Sponsored Pro S oject 

  Following  sele ection of  artw works   

    Situational  S


Prem mium            $20,000

Seco ondary            $10,000 

Group         000  $5,0 Project Sponsor  *In‐Kind value  welc come 

Group   G

$1000 – belo ow  Location Spon L nsor  Vendor Spon nsor  *In‐kind value  welcome e 







dvantage of t this advertisin ng opportunit ty, please email or post to Courtney Hammond, Proj ject  To take ad Coordinat tor (see detai ils below). Up pon receipt of f written intent to accept a a sponsorship p pachage an  invoice an nd sponsorship agreement t will be issue ed, along with h instructions regarding log gos, signage a and  other spo onsor supplied d items.  DATE:___ ____________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ___________ _____  COMPANY Y NAME  (As it shou uld appear on n all recogniti ion materials)    ADDRESS  CITY:____ ____________ ___________ ______  ST TATE:_______ ____ZIP_____ ____________ ___________ _____ 

PHONE:__ ___________ ____________ ___________ ____________ ___  EMAIL:__ ____________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ____  SPONSOR RSHIP LEVEL       (Select on ne)    HO OST        GOLD           VER       SILV BRONZE 

SIGNATUR RE: ________ ____________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ____________ ____  SUBMITTE ED BY: _____ ____________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ____________ ___________ _____  Courtney Hammond  Project Co oordinator  City of Atl lanta  Office of C Cultural Affairs  Harris Tow wer, Suite 170 00  233 Peach htree St.   Atlanta, G GA 30303  Email: Pub blicArt@Atlan ntaGA.gov  Telephone: 404.658.59 910