Customer: Draycast Foundries Ltd
One of the biggest considerations for industry today, when specifying new plant and equipment, is economy. Rapidly rising fuel prices have meant that companies have to significantly reduce their energy consumption in order to remain competitive, and the case was no different for Draycast Foundries Ltd (Draycast) when an influx of work meant they would need to order new metal melting furnaces.
The new MorganMMS Recuperative Bale Out Furnace in operation at Draycast Foundries Ltd

Located in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Draycast started in 1964 with two people and has developed into a well respected foundry, operating from a purpose built facility, and specialising in precision sand casting. Making use of the most up to date technologies available has enabled Draycast to turn out consistently high quality work, earning the respect of customers all over Europe. Discussions with Morgan Molten Metal Systems (MorganMMS) about possible ways to reduce running costs created interest in the new MorganMMS Recuperative Furnace, particularly with potential funding available through the Carbon Trust to finance the purchase of energy efficient capital equipment. This enables the foundry to fund the initial outlay with an interest free loan, repayable over four years from the energy savings made as a result of the furnace’s improved efficiency.

The recuperative furnace itself builds on the success of MorganMMS’ high efficiency gas fired bale out furnaces, incorporating gas radiant panels and an insulation package which ensures more heat is directed where it’s needed, and not lost through the casing. This, coupled with the high velocity gas burner used, means the crucible is heated very evenly from top to bottom, serving to increase crucible life substantially. During evaluation, 7 to 8 months crucible life was experienced in each of the 3 Recuperative units, an increase of 2 to 3 months over their older, non MorganMMS gas fired furnaces.

A visit to Draycast allowed MorganMMS to introduce the furnace, along with its advantages, and give an overview of the Carbon Trust schemes and all they could offer in the way of finance. Following this, Draycast Foundries made an application to purchase three, Size 2 gas recuperative furnaces. Throughout the process, MorganMMS was always a phone call away, providing all the information needed to back up the application, including a full energy use spreadsheet, illustrating the savings which would be made.

The low NOx burner is fed with air preheated by the recuperator using waste exhaust gases, reducing exhaust gas temperatures and recapturing energy which would otherwise be lost. Typically a minimum energy saving of 30% can be expected over a similar non-recuperative furnace. The combination of the recuperator and high velocity burner, fed by an inverter driven regenerative blower, means there are no mechanical linkages involved, making for a much more robust and compact design. By utilising this technology, MorganMMS has created a furnace which not only offers a significant energy saving in operation, but with very low noise output and low casing temperatures, provides a much more comfortable working environment.

And it’s environmentally friendly too! As a responsible company, MorganMMS recognises the impending introduction of legislation governing emissions, and has a low NOx solution in place, keeping within a target of 125ppm. CO levels are lower too, and with more even heating of the crucible metal losses have been reduced, saving on costly waste disposal. According to Draycast Foundries manager Steven Nagle, Draycast have only been able to maintain their excellent customer service in the face of increasing business, through the installation of the three MorganMMS units.
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