Favorite Number-Sense Games Available at Toy Stores or Online

The games listed below provide quality opportunities for counting, sequencing, adding, subtracting, and just having fun with numbers. The listing is mostly arranged by manufacturer’s recommended ages. It should be kept in mind that the ages listed are only an approximate guide. Many kindergarteners will be successful with games at, above, and below the recommended age. Success and enjoyment will depend on each child’s interest in numbers. All are highly recommended.

Title of Game
Dominoes (Double-9)

Age Guide & Game Type
all ages Dominoes

Focus Skills
Depending on the game selected, addition, instant recognition of dot patterns, finding combinations of numbers that make 10 or multiples of 5, etc.

Endless variations exist, and are sold most commonly as double-6, double-9, and double-12. Double nines are preferred for this age group. Directions for several usually come with the set. The white dominoes with colored dots are tactilly more fun and interesting than the standard black dominoes with white dots, but both can be used. Play with 2 dice instead of the spinner to practice adding. Use a numeral die (instead of dots) and a dot die to encourage learning to count from one number rather than count all.

Chutes & Ladders For some children, this game is challenging in its left-to-right then right-to-left counting structure. Some will need help learning how this board works.

ages 3-7+ Board game

Forward counting, learning the number sequence to 100, developing a sense of where numbers fall in relation to each other. When used with dice, the game involves addition and counting on. Addition, partitioning numbers into parts

Shut the Box, Double Sided

ages 5+ Dice game

Play with the enclosed dot dice or play with numeral dice (or one dot and one numeral die to encourage counting on). Many different boards exist—I prefer the Double Sided 12 Shut the Box over Shut the Box so two can play at once.

Farkle (or Farkel) A great, challenging game for Kindergarteners, though kids who enjoy numbers learn the counting patterns quickly! Sorry!

age 5+ Dice game

Counting by 50s and 100s

Addictive! Many variations exist. Scoring rules vary slightly. Online versions available, but not nearly as much fun as rolling real dice. Many versions exist; newer versions have some interesting challenges

ages 6+ Board game

Forward counting, numeral ID to 11, strategic planning of moves, some breaking apart of numbers. Forward counting, partitioning numbers, strategic planning of moves Memory building, addition, linking quantity to numerals Ordering numbers to 15


ages 6+ Board game

Rat-a-Tat Cat

ages 6+ Card game ages 7+ Card game ages 7+ Card game ages 8+ Card game

Flinch (harder to find in stores; available on the Internet; similar to Skipbo) Skipbo (similar to Flinch)

5 different variations come with the new games Can be played solo or in teams of two Could play a similar, but simpler game with a deck of playing cards. Remove the face cards and each player is dealt 5 cards. In this version, there will be more than one chance to get the number you need! Play with the first player to get his/her 5 cards in order wins!

Ordering numbers to 12


Ordering non-sequential numbers to 60


ages 8+ Tile game ages 8+ Board/Card game ages 8+ Dice game

sequencing numbers 1-13 into runs of 3 or more ordering numbers starting at any 1-digit number Sequence, Jr., is also a fun game for younger players, but it doesn’t focus on ordering numbers.



Instant recognition of dot patterns, addition

created by Kathy Schaw, Math Interventionist, Williston School District, Williston, Vermont, 6/9/2011