How can a school inspire socially-aware design?

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Programming Competition Design Competition

2010/2011 Programming and Design Competitions Our participants were challenged to develop the architecture for a design school that would promote a socially-aware education for its students. In lieu of research support, SDF relied on the talent of its participants. In spring 2010, SDF held the first of the two Integrated competitions, one that focused on programming. The winning entry was published June 25, 2010, and was offered to the participants of the 2011 Design Competition as inspiration for creative programming. 2011 participants were able to use the 2010 winning program as a strict foundation for their own work, as a platform on which to explore their own ideas, or simply as inspiration.

2011 Design Competition
Winning Entries 1st Place: John Poelker .......................................................................................................................2 2nd Place: Alejandro García Pedrón and Raquel Sola Rubio ..............................................................3 3rd Place: Lee Ka Ki, Wu Hei Nam and Lam Cheuk Yiu .....................................................................4 Honorable Mentions Jason Gaudette and Michael Neuhalfen.............................................................................................5 Garam Hann .......................................................................................................................................6 Allyn Hughes and Erin Jennifer Ota....................................................................................................7 Alireza Karimi, Sima Latifian, Mohhamad Moradi and Alireza Rafiee.................................................9 Fatemeh Mardani, Farnaz Shahdoosti and Fereshteh Shahmiri ......................................................11 Jury Panel ..............................................................................................................................................13

2010 Programming Competition
Challenge..........................................................................................................................................19 Winning Entry: Lipika Mukerji............................................................................................................19

(Please except our apologies: after a delay in the jury process, all biographies for 2011 participants are pending.)

Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design


INTEGRATED: DESIGN SCHOOL FOR THE SOCIALLY-AWARE EDUCATION 2011 Design Competition Perkins+Will / John Poelker 1st Place biography pending SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 2 .

Alejandro García Pedrón (Los Pedrones. 1988) is always involved in social projects from within the Manises christian community. an architectural student group.Alejandro García Pedrón and Raquel Sola Rubio 2nd Place Alejandro G. and have studied at the Faculty of Architecture in the Technical University of Brno. 1988) was raised in a small wine village. university publications and other local publications and exhibitions. they have worked with architects such Manuel Cerdá Pérez. 70 km from Valencia. Raquel Sola Rubio (Manises. In their short professional practice. Both are united by passion for design and architecture. www. Pedrón and Raquel Sola Rubio Alejandro and Raquel are fifth year students at the School of Architecture in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. They consider architecture as a mediator and enhancer of human SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 3 .cruxflux. He currently combines his studies with sax playing in a big band. Czech Republic. She is an educator and volunteer at a center for the disabled. Alejandro and Raquel’s projects have been selected for books such as SelfSufficient City (published by Actar). They founded Cruxflux two years ago.

Wu Hei Nam and Lam Cheuk Yiu 3rd Place biographies pending SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 4 .Lee Ka Ki.

He is a senior at Lawrence Technological University in Architecture and will be graduating this May. Mike currently lives in Ann Arbor. but raised in the Metropolitan Detroit area. Their present work represents education. SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 5 . Ontario. inspire. Mike thinks we can design buildings that still intrigue people’s imagination while being sustainable. and interaction through site and structure.” Jason and Mike have enjoyed working together in multiple design studios while attending Lawrence Technological University. He has work experience in multiple disciplines of commercial construction. sustainable. Mike also attended Eastern Michigan University for a short time. Architecture can still be fun. but because we can. Michigan and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in May 2011. be efficient. Jason graduated with a Diploma of Architectural Technology from St. Clair College. Jason believes that architecture should meet society’s needs. “We should design with sustainability in mind not only because we are supposed to. experimentation. Mike Neuhalfen Born in Las Vegas. Windsor.Jason Gaudette and Michael Neuhalfen Honorable Mention for Technique Jason Gaudette Born and raised in Windsor. with a focus on Secondary Education and Science. exciting and responsible at the same time. Prior to attending Lawrence Tech. Jason is currently a senior at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield. enlighten. Michigan. Canada. and revitalize communities.

Garam draws inspiration for his architectural process from the arts. music. Before pursuing architecture. To Garam. Currently. she was always interested in the relationship between disciplines. her design projects mostly focus on the interactions that emerge from architecture. she hopes to participate in creative projects motivated by the convergence between architecture and different academic fields. She believes architecture can be understood in ways that extend beyond its traditional meaning.Garam Hann Honorable Mention for Composition Garam Hann Garam is an undergraduate student majoring in architecture at Hanyang University in Seoul. architecture is a place where ends meet. SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 6 . South Korea. film and literature. such as the relationship between the designer and user. the past and future. In the future. a building and its surrounding environment.

which is a life long study of hers. Her primary focus SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 7 . Her current work studies how the substitution of strip malls for public dwelling spaces (i. They fail to adjust to contemporary needs. etc).e. one has the potential to mediate between objects. Allyn was the perfect. strip malls. engendering poorer health. Erin Jennifer Ota Erin is a student who will graduate in May 2011 with dual degrees in Architecture and Economics from Virginia Tech. A new typology is born when these dated systems are reworked to provide quality public spaces. This condition subjects one to spend more income than could be necessary to dwell. Dissatisfaction is a common theme. There is a definite art to uncertainty. which leaves these spaces unnecessary. there is a preexisting network of irrelevant systems (parks.Allyn Hughes and Erin Jennifer Ota Honorable Mention for Philosophy Allyn Hughes Raised in the typical all-American family. darling child of the 1990s. Her present work addresses the social impact of the built environment. Ota’s thesis maintains that the suburban typology denies opportunities for public spaces to be inhabited free of charge by requiring consumption to dwell in strip malls (i. atriums. and people. but she believes premeditated socializing can be disseminated into today’s world.e. a life that everyone is racing to forget. which then creates endless possibilities for social rehabilitation. arcades) has made the suburban economy relatively more inefficient. Context informs the social needs of the site. Through new social spaces. She remembers life prior to social media. coffee shops). plazas. requiring one to perform additional labor. parking lots. and consequently encouraging less efficient labor output. which proactively leads to big dreaming. Some may call it nostalgia. The realization that she was no different than any other suburban brat has provided just enough angst to fuel her work. In May 2011 she will graduate Virginia Tech with a degree in Architecture. events. Currently.

” in response to the “over-consuming” that suburban space encourages. financed by local employers looking to optimize labor production and health insurance how “over-laboring. she is studying how this condition impacts the distribution of economic welfare between global corporations invested in strip malls and Americans residing in suburban communities. Specifically. affects laborer’s health and subsequent economic efficiency at different scales. community centers discouraging excess labor and consumption through free group gazing. SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 8 . To speculate on Architecture’s impact. she is proposing a typology that substitutes strip malls with Leisure Lending Banks©.

This was her first architectural competition.jsu64@yahoo. latifian. Iran. artstudents. She believes that architecture can thoughtfully create environments through cultural reflection and by providing for the psychological needs of its users. in Shiraz. Iran. which she entered with three of her colleagues at university. During his architecture studies. Mohhamad Moradi and Alireza Rafiee Honorable Mention for Technique Alireza Karimi Alireza was born on June 10.Alireza Karimi. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in architecture from Shahid Chamran University in SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 9 . he focuses on sustainable design. She has been interested in architecture since high Sima Latifian Sima was born on March 22. 1985. 1985. in Tehran. and so continued her education with a Bachelor’s degree at Yazd University. about which he’s written several articles and will write his thesis.sima@yahoo. Sima Latifiann. Iran. he is pursuing a Masters of Architecture at the Art University of Tehran. Sima is now a postgraduate student at the Tehran Art University. Currently.

alireza. Iran. in Herat. Many people migrated abroad. he examined the relationship between architecture and the social sciences in his bachelor thesis. His primary concern is studying the principles of spatial composition in Iranian architecture. he has also had several articles printed in Iranian magazines. in Kermanshah. m. His enthusiasm for architecture led him to postgraduate studies at the Tehran Art University. war was threatening people’s lives. By that time. He is a son of peace. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from Shahid Chamran University in Ahvaz. 1984.Mohammad Moradi Mohammad was born on Feb 18.rafeiee@yahoo. he returned to Afghanistan where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Heart University. 1986. he is studied the Iranian SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 10 . and is eager to find opportunities to acquire more Alireza Rafiee Alireza was born on June 13. Alireza is looking forward to a bright future for Afghanistan. Believing that architecture has a close relationship with other academic fields. and designed a commercial complex based on its spatial design.moradi. To recognize the value of architecture in culture. he designed a public space to encourage people’s interactions with each other. Iran. Mohammad is now a postgraduate student at the Tehran Art University. After graduation. He stayed with a family who helped him overcome the obstacles and hardships of studying in a foreign country. including Alireza’s family. He is preparing to rehabilitate his hometown. Afghanistan. he worked as a technical office engineer with METAG and TEPE construction companies in Afghanistan. In addition to his thesis. For his master’s thesis. After finishing elementary education in Iran. determined to improve the world through his art.

Tehran University of Art. SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 11 . Fatemeh began and continues to work at Tracture Office in Transformative Architecture. Fatemeh enjoys playing piano. Iranian Architecture’s Perception & Critic Workshop offered by Iran’s Architectural Events Center. swimming. Urban Landscape National Congress offered by Nazar Research Center. and lack of time and accessibility. she is focusing on the role and importance of open spaces for public health. traveling and photography. Her primary focus is exploring the problematic issues in Iranian life. Fatemeh earned her Bachelor of Architecture at Kashan University and is currently pursuing her Master of Architecture at Tehran University of Art. Farnaz Shahdoosti and Fereshteh Shahmiri Honorable Mention for Architectural Response Fereshteh Shahmiri Fatemeh Mardani Born in Iran. which affect health. Farnaz studies how to improve these issues. Through her thesis. and participated in and received honorable mention in the Iranian Architecture’s Perception Workshop offered by the Iran Architectural Events Center. such as traffic and pollution. which can be found throughout urban centers such as Tehran. By examining the opportunities afforded through interrelated architecture and landscape design. Fatemeh also participated in Urban Landscape Aesthetic Congress offered by Nazar Research Center and Iran Artists Center. cycling. which affect the ability of people in the city to lead tranquil and fulfilling lives. where she worked in theoretic affairs related to the Manzar Journal. Farnaz earned her Bachelor of Architecture at Qazvin University and is currently pursuing her Masters of Architecture at the Tehran University of Art. Farnaz Shahdoosti Born in Tehran. Iran. Urban Public Open Space in the Middle of Tehran. Between degrees. Architectural Concept National Congress offered by Architectural College.Fatemeh Mardani. yoga. When not exploring architecture. After two years at Nazar Research Center. She is currently working on her thesis project: a TOD complex near a metro station.

The Center of Fabrication Lab in Tehran. SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 12 . In addition to architecture. and has been published in Architecture & Construction magazine. Farnaz now works at M&M Architect. Fereshteh earned her Bachelor of Architecture and is currently pursuing her Masters of Architecture at the Tehran University of Art. Karaj has been selected for honorable mention in the Memar 2010 competition. the Architectural Association Tehran Workshop on Manufacturing Simplexities (University of Tehran). Through her thesis. Her design for the Villa in Mohammadshahr. Between degrees. training in Space Frame Structures at the Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman. Farnaz has worked on several architecture and interior design projects. and training in Membrane Structures at the Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies (Tehran University). traveling and skiing.Since 2007. playing the violin and badminton. After a year at Sadpayeh Bana Consulting Engineers where she worked in Design and Manufacturing Space Frame Structures. When not exploring architecture. Fereshteh also completed an advanced course in architectural technology at the University of Tehran. she is focusing on the role and importance of fabrication in the architectural design process. Fereshteh enjoys traveling. she enjoys painting. Fereshteh now works at Tracture Office in Transformative Architecture. Fereshteh Shahmiri Born in Iran.

streetkidsinvietnam. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2008).” www. Blue Dragon provides individualised programming for the most disadvantaged children to break the cycle of poverty through helping them to re-engage with education and training. while supporting their physical. The rural-urban gap is substantial. Sydney. she is working on a professional master's degree in urban engineering. he taught English for four years at Westfield Sports High in www. Michael moved to Vietnam to work in the education sector. and then worked at UNSW’s Gifted Education department while studying for a Masters of Education. In 2002. Brazil.Jury Panel Glória Brandão | De Castro & Brandão Arquitetura.” Blue Dragon provides “opportunities and tools that empower the most disadvantaged children and their families to break out of poverty. Founder Michael. in northwest NSW. but even within towns and cities there is an extraordinary imbalance between the wealthiest and the poorest residents. 36. focusing on the subjects of ecological urban planning and sustainable building industry. Previously. “Vietnam is continuing to experience rapid economic growth and predictably. and from the urban engineering program at the Polytechnic School. Michael Brosowski | Blue Dragon. Currently. in tents or shacks. but in early 2003 established Blue Dragon in response to the overwhelming needs of street children in Hanoi. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro." an urban program idealized by the Town Hall of Rio de Janeiro. she worked as a collaborator on the project "Slum Quarter. Founding Partner Brazilian architect and urban planner. Glória Brandão graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2006).vietnamstreets. the gap between rich and poor is widening. 2008). is the founder and CEO of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in Vietnam. Blue Dragon works with families living in extreme poverty. who can not afford to send their children to school. While she was obtaining her degree. Glória Brandão is one of the founding partners of De Castro & Brandão Arquitetura (est. Michael grew up in Sydney and studied high school in Inverell. an architecture and urbanism firm based in Rio de Janeiro. on boats. Today. she worked on restoration projects for the House of Rui Barbosa Foundation (2008) and Our Lady of Glory on the Hillock Church (2006). also at the Polytechnic School. situated in the communities of the Agulhas Negras and Vila Caramuru. social and psychological needs. forever. After completing an Arts/Education degree at the University of NSW. Blue Dragon serves over 900 children throughout the SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 13 .

There she became more and more interested in architecture as a form of sculpture. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. he studied sustainable planning and design as a foreign exchange student at the Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (TFH-Berlin). He is currently testing for architectural licensure in the State of Colorado. www. As an Architect Intern for the Abo Group. SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 14 .theabogroup.. Architect Intern Gregory grew up in the Midwest and received his Bachelor of Architecture from Drury University in Springfield. China. 2008). Associate Alan grew up in Eagan. Othon is doing a professional master degree in Urban Engineering at the Polytechnic School. After exploring Chinese architecture through the Tsinghua University in Beijing. as a research assistant at the Laboratory of Urban Studies (leU). Othon de Castro | De Castro & Brandão Arquitetura. Inc. Missouri. Minnesota. he earned a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Colorado (2008). Founding Partner Othon graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2006) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. Denver in 2006. His graduation final project "CIT . eventually leading her to earn a Masters of Architecture from the University of Colorado. as well as investigated the development of Urban Culture and Urbanism Thought in Brazil. after working in London. certified in Historic Preservation. and. having spent time in both Europe and northern Africa. Gregory is involved with projects throughout Colorado. including work at the Denver International Teja Elam | LEED AP Teja earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Southern Illinois University in 2001. and has worked on multiple rehabilitation and renovation projects. Currently. and has since traveled the world. he graduated and moved to Colorado to pursue his career in Architecture. While at university. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics with a minor in Geoscience from Winona State University (2004).Center of Technology Innovations" also earned him the prized Architect of Tomorrow award from the Institute of Brazilian Architects' 45th Annual Award (2007). He currently resides in Houston Texas where he works for a small firm that designs custom homes. Teja is a LEED AP. Gregory Dent | The Abo Group. an architecture and urbanism office based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).Alan Bunker | Miller Dahlstrand Architects. With a passion for responsible design. He is co-founder of the De Castro & Brandão Arquitetura (est.

BAs in Linguistics and Philosophy.Dr. Rori Knudtson | School of Critical Engagement. Gerald August on an NIMHfunded effectiveness trial of the Early Risers prevention intervention in family supportive housing. She received her BSVC from Ohio University/Athens. Founding Member | University of Colorado. She recently completed a two-year residency with RedLine/Denver.D.Arch from the University of Colorado and her MFA from Transart Institute in Berlin. Abigail Gewirtz | Minnesota Child Response Center. will be in residency in the fall of 2011 at USF Verftet/Bergen and is a founding member of the School of Critical Engagement. Her research focuses on implementation and dissemination of evidence-based prevention interventions. a minor in Mathematics. College of Arts and Media. material and immaterial—in an effort to question social. University of Minnesota. Gewirtz has written and has presented widely at both the local and national level on prevention and intervention for high-risk children.P.. video and performance. L. Lecturer Rori works in the space of in betweens—physical and mental the Moulton Foundation and was awarded Alpha Rho Chi Medal honors in 2007. Assistant Professor Abigail Gewirtz. her M. psychological and physical constructs of space. Lecturer | University of Colorado. She also is co-investigator with Dr. She is Principal Investigator/Project Director for Ambit Network (formerly MN Child Response Center). Denver. Boulder. www. Rori works with architectural concepts. She is the recipient of grants from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and a graduate certificate in Cognitive Science. memory and immediacy. College of Environmental Design. is Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Social Science and the Institute of Child Development at the University of SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 15 . Dr. installation. a SAMHSA/National Child Traumatic Stress Network Community Services and Treatment center focusing on the implementation of evidence-based interventions for traumatized school-aged children and their parents. Principal Investigator and Project Director | Department of Family Social Science & Institute of Child Development. Sara Klingenstein | Sara graduated with distinction from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a MA in Linguistics. especially those focusing on parenting of children exposed to violence. Ph.rknudtson. sound. http://schoolofcriticalengagement. homelessness and related traumatic stressors.

Colorado for the University of Colorado's Center for Human Simulation. School of Design. Denver Michele built her first city before the age of ten with electrical tape. He is currently working in Aurora. he has been an invited juror for the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. which he has never studied formally. SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 16 .. Studio MWA has been widely published and recognized through various architectural Adam Lawson | Adam Lawson was born and raised in Denver. Michele’s interest in urban spaces became more profound as she traversed over twenty-five countries and four continents. School of Design. She meticulously recorded her observations of cultural communications within the bounds of the built environment and the spaces in between. serving as chairperson for Public Architecture. Bosnia and Herzegovina (ex Yugoslavia). His pursuit of architecture in secondary school led him earn a diploma in architectural design at the University of Sarajevo’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning. For the last three years. Larimer | University of Colorado. Brisbane. He is currently a registered architect in New Zealand and Australia. She currently is a facilitator for the School of Critical Engagement. RAIA | studio MWA ltd. College of Architecture and Planning. where he conducts work for his firms studio MWA ltd. Michele is a Master of Urban and Regional Planning and a Master of Urban Design from the University of Colorado Denver. he and his wife were granted permanent residency and eventually citizenship by New Zealand. Architecture and Anatomy. and judges for various international architectural competitions.cudenver. John's College in Santa Fe. matchbox cars and painted boxes to represent the urban environment that enthused and inspired her imagination. These interests eventually translated into an interdisciplinary practice that pursues contextually defined urban design with a focus on discovery. New Zealand) and davor mikulcic architect (Brisbane. Principal | davor mikulcic architect. Concurrent with his practices. www. Principal | Brisbane Queensland University of Technology. have been his two favorite subjects since childhood. Australia). Davor worked as an architect in Yugoslavia until civil war broke out. in 2010. He has a BA from St.Michele L. (Wellington. Lecturer Davor grew up in Banja Luka. After he and his family spent time as refugees in Denmark. New Mexico and an MSc in Evolutionary Psychology from the University of Liverpool. process and participation. Davor Mikulcic | ANZIA. graduating at the top of his class as one of the best students in his generation. Davor teaches Architectural and Interior Design at Brisbane Queensland University of Technology.

After university. laboratories. New Mexico. To further develop his critical architectural theory. Ben earned his masters in architecture at the University of Colorado. and remodel work for the Denver International Airport. Assoc. Italy and Turkey. Ben currently resides in Minnesota. LEED AP | HQ Architects. before moving to Philadelphia. have enhanced her interest in the design-build field of architecture. He is currently an Associate with Mongo Urban Practices. including schools. including a study semester in Rome.. and dual Masters’ in Architecture and Landscape Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver. Ben Nilsson | LEED AP. Denver and worked for a small sustainable design firm where he assisted in the design and implementation of many large-scale public works. where she began her career in design at Ballinger Architects. She worked for Keith Krebs AIA. and continued through his education. Anne currently balances her life between her passions for architecture and travel. and is an associate member of the AIA and a LEED accredited professional. he left for Minneapolis where he graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Colorado and has most recently traveled through Greece.hqarchitects. Nova Scotia. After pursuing classes at the University of Colorado while still in secondary school. he worked his university summers and post-graduation at several construction companies and an architecture firm in the Midwest. Associate Sergio has a BA from St. John’s College in Santa Fe. Completing a design-build certificate during her Masters studies and participating in the GHOST 10 Architectural Laboratory in June 2008. Architect and is now a principal at HQ Architects in Denver. and a minor in art history. To further his in-depth understanding of building design. AIA Benjamin's passion for architecture began in his childhood.Davor's goal has always been to be a part of an idea-based practice devoted to architecture that encourages SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 17 .C. www. Anne went on to earn her Masters in Architecture from the University of Colorado. she was fortunate to travel the world through Semester at Sea program. she worked in Information Technology consulting in Chicago and Washington D. challenges expectations and provokes new ways of seeing and inhabiting the contemporary environment. Sergio Preston | Mongo Urban Practices. During her undergraduate studies. Anne Quallick | AIA. Denver. Principal Anne earned her undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Notre Dame.

He is a graduate of the University of Colorado (M. and is now the founding principal of the non-profit Studio Pet Architecture. Matthew pursues architecture as an opportunity to critically engage our surroundings and as a tool for positive cultural transformation. Mexico with many architects who had once studied under Luis Barragan. Paul. During her university work. he is a Designer at Lionakis. SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 18 . a venue for architects and animal rescues to collaborate their efforts in the production of dog and cat shelters. charcoal drawing. and then from the University of Colorado. Ashley won an award and mayoral attention for her group redesign of a Mississippi River neighborhood in St. California.cudenver. Denver. In addition to his career in architecture. with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies. She has worked on a variety of public works for Wold Architects and Engineers in www. Michael Walsh Michael graduated from the University of Oregon’s Graduate program in Architecture. he also enjoys creative activities such as glass blowing. and honorable mention for her USGBC Colorado Natural Design Competition group entry for a rehabilitation and addition of an office building in Denver's LoDo neighborhood. Philosophy 2001). and spending time Ashley Vlasak | LEED AP | Studio Pet Architecture Ashley graduated first from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree and minors in Construction Management and Spanish. Ashley has always been interested in what local architects can do to improve their communities.8trackarch. Now living in Sacramento. Paul.Matthew Shea | Mongo Urban Practices. www. Minnesota as an innovative renewal project. and pursued her passion for responsible and sustainable design.A. Arch 2006 and BA Philosophy 1998) and The New School for Social Research (M. Denver with a Masters in Architecture. Lecturer Matthew is a partner at Mongo Urban Practices and a Lecturer in the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado. Ashley studied in Oaxaca. Founding Partner | University of Colorado. Minnesota.

She is an artist. She was a finalist in the Winnipeg City Crossing Design Competition and was awarded an honorable mention in the Socio Design Foundation’s 2010 architecture competition Fostered. winner of the 2010 programming competition. as well as their collective effect on their users and surrounding community. Lipika was born in India. a cellist and a bookworm who loves the outdoors. as well as India to research low-cost sustainable building practices in Trivandrum and slum improvement projects in Kolkata. where she graduated with the Royal Institute of British Architects Eastern Region Prize for her student portfolio. She has worked in Britain and in the United States on a variety of projects that range from residential work to schools and higher education facilities. Lipika hopes to continue working on projects that have a positive social and environmental impact. Congratulations to Lipika Mukerji. Lipika enjoys the challenge of architectural competitions. Through programming alone. She is a certified Passive House Consultant and is committed to practicing sustainable architecture.INTEGRATED: DESIGN SCHOOL FOR THE SOCIALLY-AWARE EDUCATION 2010 Programming Competition Challenge SDF believes that true social change in architecture begins with insightful programming – programming that rethinks the purpose and social objective of individual spaces. Integrated: Design School for the Socially-Aware Education. Conceptual Board SOCIO DESIGN FOUNDATIONTM Fostering Dialog on the Social Impact of Design 19 . Lipika is passionate about urban design and serves as a member of the City of Seattle Design Review Board. Her studies took her to Rome. Turin. but grew up in Great Britain. Vienna and Paris. always endeavoring to bring her unique international background to the fore. Lipika Mukerji I AIA | LEED AP Winning Entry Lipika is an architect and founder of Stylo Design Studio in Seattle where she lives with her husband. our participants were asked to communicate their design concept for a school that fosters socially-aware education. She holds a Masters degree and Diploma in Architecture from the University of Cambridge.

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