Lee 1 Essay 3: Dream School David Lee FYE 101 Professor Hammer November 2, 2010

An Ideal Education
There is a sinking hole in the current educational system in the Untied States. Primary and secondary schools across the states fall into a problem with graduating or not graduating enough inspired students. Students who demonstrate excellence and interest in a specific field of study seem to be a handful in contrast to the vast number of confused students. Most reformers recognize the need for an overhaul to the educational system, but I propose a rather radical transformation. First of all, students should be given the choice to either continue or stop their education after they have completed the curriculum in their primary institution. Therefore, regular norms in the educational institutions would have to be altered as the student body would consist of mostly, if not all, stimulated students. Finally, the common issue of financing a student’s education could be solved by enforcing a working student body. An ideal school would include a motivated student body that is different from the mass of students who are reluctant to wake up every day for school. Lee 2

Possessing the freedom to choose any career path will allow young men and women to enhance their individual talents and widen their possibility to succeed in society.” Teenagers become conscious of money. This is why I suggest giving every child the decision to attend secondary school. effort in studying. they need to be at a certain age of maturity. All other students would enter professional institutions or get an early start in their career by starting to work. Secondary education would consist of six years for the students who decided to pursue further education. Hence. a fifteen or sixteen year old has lived and learned enough to realize the reality of the “real world. Dewey claims that “educators assumed that a certain set of conditions was intrinsically desirable” (Dewey 122). jobs. and other dilemmas when they are close to the stage of becoming independent from their parents. But more importantly. Speaking from my experiences. Many have argued that a child needs guidance when it comes to making important decisions. and therefore. primary schools should consist of ten mandatory years of education.Why not relate America’s freedom and liberty to the educational field? The major problem of America’s education is caused by the lack of interest. For each child to have confidence and assurance when it comes time to choose their future path. A . authorities need to give space for students in order for their individuality to prosper into the highest potential.

In face of the economic troubles that tend to impact the quality of education for a student. Punishment and regulations for the student could be dropped in the school’s rule of conduct.Lee 3 person who has aspirations of becoming an athlete would enter an institution or club that produces professional athletes and the same would apply for others of differing areas of expertise. and in place. they would at least lessen dramatically. misconduct. 67). Even if they had the freedom to skip some classes or have a lot of free time. Theoretically. a working student body sounds like a partial solution. It would be appropriate to change the shared rules of conduct in a school if the student body was full of enthused people. Teachers would have less to worry about in their classrooms because they are teaching “virtuous. I imagine that the values of the students would overcome such behaviors. Having shared ideas about desirable goals. useful and able [individuals]” (Locke. students should be free to do as they please. Like the available working Lee 4 . but these students would be people who had a reason for continuing their time in school. disturbances in classrooms. If not to that degree. It might sound like a risk to let students have such amounts of liberty during school. and bad grades would be absent from school. the student body would be determined to spend their time wisely during school hours.

students would match their class schedules with the amount of working hours needed to pay for their education in school. the United States was formed from a risk taken by the founding fathers who believed in such a risk rather than letting the status quo affect future generations. Instead. I believe that a formal risk is the best option in the current situation. there would be more money to improve the school’s environment. Although many will disagree with this outlook for drastic change. thoughts of imprisonment come to my mind. I propose a risk for excellence. . Quality hotdogs would not hurt the impression of school for students who have lunch in the cafeteria.spaces in colleges and universities. Either working at the cafeteria or sweeping the hallways during breaks. A better school environment would have the effect of increasing the student’s comfort level inside of the school. my idea for a transformation has flaws. Like the current educational system and other reform policies for schools. secondary schools should include jobs inside of their building. as modernized construction and enhanced technology would replace old materials. As I see a widening field of unmotivated students who overwhelm their student body. Since there would be far fewer workers from outside of the institution. In fact.