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Los Gigantes Beach Landslide Tragedy

SANTIAGO del Teide council declared three days of official mourning after two women were killed in a landslide on Los Gigantes beach on November 1. By James Tweedie

Three Days of Mourning for Victims
accident. The landslide occurred about 3pm on the Sunday afternoon, when many people were reportedly on the small public beach to take advantage of the fine weather that day. Some 150 rescue workers spent hours digging through the debris after it was initially feared that more people had been trapped. Controversy about the accident soon arose. The two deaths occurred less than a month after a smaller landslide on October 7 that had left part of the beach strewn with boulders. The beach was not closed, but the vicinity of the landslide had been cordoned off with plastic tape. British tourist Howard Williams said: “Police were aware the cliff was dangerous for days, but the only thing they put in place was a bit of builder’s tape.” But a lifeguard at the beach said that he had warned people to stay away from the cliffs but that they had ignored him. Santiago del Teide mayor
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The local authority announced the period of mourning following an emergency council meeting on Monday November 2, called in response to the tragic deaths of 57-year old British holidaymaker Marion O’Hara and 34-year old Canarian hotel worker Maria Vanesa Arias Romera. Flags at Santiago del Teide town hall were flown at half mast for the period of mourning, and all official functions observed a minute’s silence in memory of the victims. The two women were killed when 130-foot wide stretch of the cliffs above the tiny Los Guios beach collapsed from a height of about 200 feet, burying them beneath rubble up to 15 feet deep, according to a spokesman for the Guardia Civil which was conducting the investigation into the

Juan Damián Gorrín said that the council had planned work to protect the beach from landslides. Federal government representative José Antonio Batista later revealed that the council had submitted a funding request for the project to the Dirección General de Costas (General Directorate of Coasts) but that it was turned down for lack of the necessary guarantees. The British Foreign Office said that it was providing consular support to Ms O’Hara’s family. Over 200 people attended the funeral of Ms Arias, who worked at a hotel in Costa Adeje, in Arona on November 3. The local corporations of Santiago del Teide and Arone were present, led by the mayors of the two municipalities Mr Gorrín and José Alberto González. Ms Arias’ friends said: “Vanesa was a good, caring person. We still cannot believe that she is no longer with us. Without doubt, we have lost a close and irreplaceable friend.”
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SHATTERED IDYLL: Los Guios beach in Los Gigantes in happier times.
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Ex-pats hail extinction of ‘mammoth’ development
Socialists and conservatives unite to defeat CC plan for Las Teresitas beach
SAN ANDREAS residents are celebrating victory after Santa Cruz council voted to deny permission for a controversial development on Las Teresitas beach. By James Tweedie
nesses in Anaga, the Friends of the Port group and environmentalists Ben Magec – Ecologistas en Accion also supported the campaign against the scheme . The rally was held to coincide with a council meeting where the PSC motion – supported by traditional enemies the conservative Popular Party (PP) – was due to be voted upon. The motion sought to deny planning permission for a huge residential, commercial, hotel and parking development – dubbed “El Mamotreto” – by local company Inmobilaria San Andreas and French firm Dominique Perrault Architecture. Between them the two opposition parties held enough seats on the council to defeat the minority Canaries Coalition (CC) administration, which supported the development. The campaigners expected the
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The Association of Friends of Anaga, Las Teresitas and its Coast (Asociacion de Amigos de la Playa de las Teresitas, Anaga y su Litoral), which includes a number of ex-patriots, mounted a demonstration outside Santa Cruz town hall on Friday September 18 to urge opposition councillors to “keep their word” and support a Socialist Party of the Canaries (PSC) motion against the mammoth development. Some wore long paper ‘noses’ and chanted “concejal Pinocho” – councillor Pinocchio – to express their distrust of local politicians. A coalition of small busiFOR SALE studio flat in Avenida Generalísimo, 36 square metres. Price: 79,000 euros. If you are interested, contact me by calling Tel: 670 242 080. FOR SALE 3-bedroom terraced house in San Clemente, 174 square metres. Price: 250,000 euros. For more information call Tel: 670 242 080. FOR SALE 4-bedroom house in El Monturrio, 190 square metres. Price: 189,000 euros. Tel: 670 242 080. FOR SALE 2-bedroom flat in Piedra Hincada, of. Price: 244,300 euros. For enquiries call Tel: 670 242 080. FOR SALE 3-bedroom flat in El Tope, 108 square metres. Price: 208,000 euros. For enquiries call Tel: 670 242 080. FOR SALE 3-bedroom house in Playa Paraíso. Price: 475,000 euros. For more information call Tel: 670 242 080. FOR SALE 1-bedroom flat in El Médano. Price: 125,000 euros. If you are interested, contact me by calling Tel: 670 242 080. FOR SALE 2-bedroom flat in El Médano. Price: 175,000 euros. For enquiries call Tel: 670 242 080. FOR SALE 4-bedroom terraced house in Carmenaty, 174 square metres. Price: 299,000 euros. For more details Tel: 670 242 080.

motion to be passed by a 17-12 vote – if all the councillors who ostensibly opposed the development kept to their word. The scheme included 1,000 flats, a shopping centre, multi-story car park between the town and the beach, and a hotel covering the entire mesa of La Bateria hill behind the beach front. It would have dwarfed the existing communities of San Andreas and Anaga and Santa Cruz’s popular public beach. The area is home to some 2,500 people, many of whom stood to have their property expropriated to make way for the Mamotreto. At first it was uncertain whether the motion – item number 21 out of 23 on the agenda that day – would be voted on before the council reconvened on Monday. But at 3:30 a council spokeswomen told the New Deal Express that the motion had been passed
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by 15 votes to 12. Association of Friends President Lola Rebrow said: “We have been campaigning for some 30 months against the project of Perrault and the disfiguring of Playa de Las Teresitas, which is the beach of all Santa Cruz. “Now we are glad to know that politicians have begun to see reason.” The vote was also the final nail in the coffin of the fractured alliance between CC mayor Miguel Zerolo and PP council group leader Ángel Llanos. Residents had been campaigning against developments on Las Teresitas beach for over nine years. In 2000 some 10,000 people marched several miles from Las Teresitas to the centre of Santa Cruz to protest against plans to build there. On the web:

Protesters outside the town hall (above) and Association of Friends President Lola Rebrow (right).

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Drug treatment cuts spark protests
DRUG-dependency workers protested in the regional capital Santa Cruz on Tuesday October 27 against government plans to close a quarter of the archipelago’s specialist clinics.
budget for the service by 25 per cent, leading to the closure of a quarter of clinics. UGT organiser Juan Luis Perez said that there were a staggering 7,000-10,000 drug addicts in Tenerife alone. The protest was echoed by the opposition Socialist Party of the Canaries (PSC-PSOE), which is closely linked to the UGT. PSC-PSOE regional parliamentary group health spokeswoman Lola Padrón condemned conservative People’s Party (PP) Health Minister Mercedes Roldós, saying: “This serious reduction in the resources in the network for the attention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts in the Canaries will require the closure of centres, a reduction in treatment or the firing of personnel from or clousure the non-governmental organisations which for years have run these programmes in collaboration with the islands’ health centres. “Roldós’ decision to halt funding to the most vulnerable also affects their families – the cuts punish three times as many people.”

More than 100 members of the UGT trade union federation rallied opposite the regional health ministry in Rambla General Franco, waving flags and banners and chanting “health does not know the crisis.” The Canarian government is planning to cut the 2010

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Cuba honours Canarian mother of national hero
THE Canarian-born mother of imprisoned Cuban anti-terrorism agent Gerardo Hernández has been honoured following her death in Havana on November 2. By James Tweedie
Nordelo´s coffin by and on behalf of President Castro, his older brother and revolutionary leader Fidel, Mrs Nordelo’s son Gerardo and his wife Adriana Pérez and the Cuban people. Fidel Castro devoted his latest ‘reflections’ essay the same day to Ms Nordelo and her son. Mrs Nordelo was born in the Canary Islands on February 15 1934. She emigrated to Cuba with her family at the age of sixteen for economic reasons. Her husband was a revolutionary and she participated in the campaign for the release of her son and his four companions Rene Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Ramón Labañino from US custody until her health failed. The “Cuban Five” are considered heroes in their own country. They have been held in high-security solitary confinement since 1999 on charges ranging from espionage to murder after they in-

CARMEN Nordelo Tejera pictured with her son Gerardo Hernández before his imprisonment (right). Cuban President Raul Nordelo’s funeral in Havana on November 3 (below).

Castro attends funeral of mother of jailed anti-terrorism agent in Havana Castro attended Ms
filtrated heavily armed anticommunist Cuban émigré groups training in Florida, exposing their activities to the government of then-president Bill Clinton. President Castro also spoke to Ms Pérez, who was in Spain campaigning for the release of her husband, by telephone from the funeral. The US government has repeatedly denied a visa to Ms Pérez to visit her husband in jail on the grounds that she presents a security risk to the United States.

Cuban President Raúl Castro attended the funeral of Carmen Nordelo Tejera, mother of Gerardo Hernández Nordelo at Havana’s Colon Cemetery on Tuesday November 3. Wreaths were laid on Ms

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IN DEPTH the Mountain of Money Accusations fly over
A MAJOR political row has been raging for months in the Canarian regional parliament over the €100 million Mount Tebeto quarry case in Fuerteventura.
attacked the joint Coalicón Canaria (CC) and Peoples’ Party (PP) regional executive over the decision to pay €101 million of taxpayers money in compensation to familyowned quarrying firm Canteras Cabo Verde S.A. But critics point out Cabo Verde had never quarried stone at the site, and are asking why the regional government has not yet taken its appeal to the Supreme court. PSC-PSOE regional MPs have accused CC regional President Paulino Rivero, PP vice-president José Manuel Soria and Justice and Security Minister Jose Miguel Ruano of collusion with Cabo Verde owner Rafael Bittini. The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Canarias (TSJC) awarded the sum in July 2008 in compensation for the cancellation of of a licence for exploration and quarrying on Mount Tebeto on Fuerteventura, which Cabo Verde had held since 1982. On Wednesday November 4 the TSJC rejected an appeal by the Canarian government against the 2008 decision. It gave the government just 15 days to pay the first of three installments to cabo verde, with the second and third due in 2010 and 2011. But the court made payment conditional on guarantees of solvency from Mr Bittini’s cash-strapped firm’s bankers. Mr Rivero optimistically described the ruling as “one more step” towards his objective to pay “not a single Euro” for Mount Tebeto. He vowed that the government would “go on to the end” to “prevent businessmen in trouble from exploiting the resources of all the Canaries.” However, Socialist parliamentary spokesman Santiago Perez has claimed that the government was not acting in the public interest, adding: “The whole world knows that the regional executive has let them [Cabo Verde] win in this matter and for that reason it now has to pay.” The described the government’s latter-day revelation last month of a survey report showing Mount Tebeto to be “worthless” as “an insult to the intelligence of Parliament” and “a provocation.” Despite the apparent worthlessness of the mountain, Cabo Verde claims that the government will get its money back as it intends to begin quarrying on Tebeto after all, But on Wednesday PSCPSOE Canarian Parliament industry spokesman Francisca Luengo warned that Cabo Verde and its bank were built on shifting sands. He said: “For weeks [vicepresident] Soria has been siding with Bittini and not the public interest, to defend a bank that does not at all guarantee that the Government can recover money from Tebeto even if the Supreme Court rules so. “The mechanisms of control through international agencies regulate financial institutions and risks. The Canaries have no assurance of recouping money from Tebeto it because the financial strength of this entity is classified high risk.” Mr Perez has gone so far as to report the compensation payment to the chief prosecutor of Las Palmas province Guillermo García Panasco as a crime. Mr García said on Friday November 6 that pursuing Mr Perez’ charge would be “somewhat complicated,” parly because it would affect the outcome of the civil case.

The Socialist Party of the Canaries (PSC-PSOE), regional affiliate of the current ruling party, has repeatedly

HEIGHTS OF FOLLY? The much-disputed Mount Tebeto on Fuerteventura.

Ireland votes Yes: It’s not just the economy
Ireland’s second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty on October 2 had Eurocrats on the edge of their seat – but it was the national government’s problems of legitimacy that made the European Union look a lot more attractive. By James Heartfield
ple would have a constitution of their own – but here was the old-fashioned deal cooked up between Europe’s leaders once again. What the European elite really wanted – a streamlined system of imposing centralised regulations – they got through the Lisbon Treaty, only without the window-dressing of a ‘Constitution’. Academics like Ulrich Beck and Thomas Christiansen said afterwards that they never wanted a ‘capital-C’ constitution anyway, because that would be too much like, well, like a democracy. It would be much better, they said, if Europe’s future were decided by an open-ended process of negotiation between elites and ‘civil society’ (code for some non-governmental organisations and business lobbies). Still, the Irish refused to understand that the Lisbon Treaty, which hands over more power to Brussels, was not supposed to be a democratic constitution, and insisted on voting on it. Worse still, they voted it down. Everyone was gobsmacked. Would the whole of the European Union be held up because of those Irish insisting on their rights? Ireland’s Taoiseach Brian Cowen was called in to explain why he was messing everything up. The Irish must vote again, he was told. But this time around, the Irish voted yes. The European Commissioners breathed a sigh of relief – and are even feeling a bit cocky. But why did the Irish voters change their minds? According to the Yes-lobby it was just that the penny dropped, but few people really believe that. Conventional wisdom is that fear of economic recession has focussed Irish minds and persuaded them to stop mucking about. Ireland’s recession is severe, with public sector pay being slashed and lay-offs all around. The days when young Irish men and women had to emigrate are not that distant. No doubt fear of recession played its part. But the thing that keeps pushing Europe’s wobbly charabanc forward is the same thing that has been pushing it forward for some time. The fortunes of the European Union all depend on the extent to which Europe’s voters have lost their faith in national governments. The European Union has no positive appeal to Europeans. Its success has been entirely dependent upon the failures of national governments. The more that people got disengaged from their elected governments, the less problematic it was to put their faith in unelected institutions. What went wrong for the EU in France and Holland in 2005, and in Ireland in 2008, was that for the first time, it was the European Union itself that was under scrutiny. Before then, the Brussels Eurocrats had been mostly hiding behind the failures of national governments, popping up with the odd grant here and there, but mostly ignored. Dissatisfied with their standing the European officials overreached themselves and launched their Treaty on the European Union with great fanfare. Sad to say this was not the American Colonies clamouring for independence in 1776, but tired old politicians and bureaucrats lost in a maze of unintelligible gobble-de-gook. In 2005, and then again in 2008, it was the European Union that shrivelled in the harsh light of popular distrust of political leaders. Wisely, the Eurocrats scuttled back under their stone. They would not make the mistake again of making a direct appeal to the people of Europe for a while. Ireland’s ratification of the Lisbon Treaty was the last piece of that unfinished business. In the first referendum, in 2008, the No camp looked like a breath of fresh air, different from the establishment. Since then, their own limitations have been examined. The leaders of the No camp want to withdraw from the EU, but lack the courage to put that to the voters. Socialists, some greens and Sinn Feiners are a bit left-field – along with a catholic businessman – but

When you get the answer wrong in an Irish referendum, they just hold it again until you get it right (a bit like a terrorist trial in England). Last year the Irish sabotaged the European Union’s stop-gap constitution, when they voted down the Treaty agreed between Europe’s leaders at Lisbon. It was a heart-in-mouth moment for the Eurocrats. After all, the only reason that there was a Lisbon Treaty is because the French and Dutch voted down the proposed European Constitution in 2005. It was beginning to look like the people of Europe just did not want to have a European Union. Socialist leader Segolène Royal was reported as saying ‘This referendum is bloody stupid’, adding: ‘We were bloody stupid enough to ask for one and Jacques Chirac was bloody stupid enough to call it’ (Le Canard enchaîné, 21 January 2005.) The ‘Lisbon Treaty’ was widely understood to be a cheat. The whole idea was supposed to be that Europe’s peo-

not all that novel. Worse still for the No Camp, the government is in real difficulty. You might think that would help the Noes – it did last time. In fact the 2008 No vote was in part a protest vote against the government. The fact that the established parties were all for the Constitution meant that Cowen’s mainstream party coalition was a negative factor for the Yes vote. But this time it did not work like that. Cowen’s tough, budget-cutting government is making itself yet more unpopular than it was, now that Ireland’s formerly booming economy has gone tits-up. For voters, though, this time around, the failure of the national government has tended to make the case that Ireland

needs the European Union to help out. No doubt fears over the economy concentrates Irish voters’ minds. But fear over the economy is not the principle reason why the Irish have voted yes this time. Their vote is not a positive endorsement of the European Union. It is a vote of despair in the failure of national government to provide a solution to their problems. James Heartfield is a lecturer in ecenomics at Westminster University and is the author of Green Capitalism: manufacturing scarcity in an age of abundance. http://www. This article first appeared in the Irish online magazine Forth:


FUNEESTUFF: The USA´s Rob Torres


SANTA Cruz de Tenerife played host to a riot of tomfoolery in October for the 4th International Clownbaret Festival. By James Tweedie
ish trio The Chipolatas with ‘3-style’. Torres’ ingenious slapstick trickery is very reminiscent of Rowan Atkinson’s character Mr Bean. He communicates effortlessly without language and proved a great favourite of the children of Santa Cruz. Like foul-mouthed Scottish comedy magician Jerry Sadowitz, Chachovachi deconstructs his genre in an anarchic and hyperactive fashion. He talks incessantly in his distinctive Argentine accent, mixing politics with physical humour, but never truly offending his

Clowning Around the Capital
audience. The Chipolatas present an all-singing all-dancing extravaganza of acrobatic juggling, which maintains its momentum from beginning to end. The trio have played all over the world, and had learnt enough Spanish to perform a bilingual set. Rob Torres was observed standing backstage at The Chipolatas Sunday afternoon set opposite La Recova market, gawking as one of the trio set his shoes on fire and performed a handstand to light his fellow performer’s juggling torches. The festival closed with

Children and adults alike enjoyed the free performances by a variety of acts in the capital´s squares. Highlights included Belgian Adrian Schvarzstein´s ‘Green Man’ act, ‘Funeeestuff’ by American Rob Torres, Argentinian Chachovachi’s show ‘Caution! A naughty clown could ruin your life’ and Brit-

a free showing of the Marx Brothers’ film ‘At The Circus’ at the Tenerife Espacia de Las Artes (TEA). Not all the offerings were a hit. The open stage late on Friday night attracted some unoriginal and unfunny performers. But with luck this charming event will return to the streets of Santa Cruz for a fifth time next year.

Heavy Metal thunder hits the north coast
Tenerife Metal Fest Teatro Cine Los Realejos Saturday October 24 far away as La Gomera and Fuerteventura descended on sleepy Los Realejos for this mini-festival featuring two homegrown acts and two more from the mainland. Local openers Meridian Zero get the crowd going with their confident Power Metal and energetic covers of Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll and Sepultura’s Refuse/ Resist – the latter backed by an phalanx of auxiliary drummers. Hybris are Tenerife’s answer to Iron Maiden, full of old-school un-selfconcious energy and joie-de-vivre. They seem to have a strong following here. The more polished sound and image of ex-Saratoga frontman Leo Jimenez’ new act Leo: 037 lacked the spark of the first two bands, but still went down well with the crowd. The intricacies of Death Metal are often lost in a live setting, but Madrid’s Avulsed whip up mayhem in the mosh-pit. While it may appear crass or philistine to the unitiated, Tenerife’s healthy Heavy Metal scene adds another facet to the cultural diversity of this dark horse of an island.

HOME-GROWN: Tenerife’s Meridian Zero

Nevertheless, several hundred metalheads from as

HEAVY Metal is not a genre that one might readily associate with Tenerife. The stereotype is of house clubs heaving with Essex ravers ‘avin’ it LARGE.

Documentary film festival focuses on developing world
MiradasDoc Film Festival Guia de Isora Sunday November 1 – Saturday November 7 THE fourth international documentary film festival in Guia de Isora on Tenerife’s west coast in November concentrated on the continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Particular focus was given to India, Egypt and Brazil. Asian First Film Festival director Sanjoy K. Roy picked his country’s contributions: Autumn in the Himalayas and Eco-Dharma by Malgorzata Skiba, Bullets & Butterflies by Sushmit Ghosh, The Killing Field by Manoj Kumar, Shakti by Praveen Choudhary, Super-30 by Christopher Mitchell, and his own Shahjahanabad – The Twilight Years 1850-1947. Spanish-resident Egyptian filmmaker Basel Ramsis chose The Sandwich and Un Caballo de Barro (A Clay Horse) by Ateyyat Elabnoudy, The Place I Call Home by Tamer Ezzat, Nobody Returned From There by Nader Helal, You, Waguih by Namir Abdel Messeeh, Viva Guevara by Maha Shahbah, Mixed Salad by Nadia Kamel and These Girls by Tahani Rached. Amsterdam-based Brazilian documentalist Maria Augusta Ramos selected Buslovers by Cristina G. Müller, her own Juizo, Pernalonga by Julien Folliot and The Rebellious by Bertrand Lira. Friday’s showings of Africa Is A Woman’s Name – codirected by Wanjiru Kinyanjui from Kenya, Ingrid Sinclair from Britain and Bridget Pickering from Swaziland – and J’ai Tant Aimé... (I Have Loved So

Health and Beauty
SAN CRISTOBAL de La Laguna hosted the Miss and Mister Tenerife 2009 pageant over the Dia De Hispanidad holiday weekend.
was held on Saturday October 10 and Miss Tenerife pageant the next day. Contestants represented 28 different businesses, towns and islands. ‘Mister Joy’ Roberto Baez won both the titles of Mister Tenerife and Mister Elegance on the Saturday. The Mister Charming prize went to Mister El Pinar, but the winner of the crowd favourite award and runner up for the crown of Mister Tenerife was Mr Dreams. On sunday Miss La Palma Amanda Perdomo was crowned both Miss Tenerife 2009 and Miss Elegant, and will represent the western Santa Cruz province of thew Canaries in the Miss Spain pageant next year. The 1st and 2nd Dame of

Kenyan director Wanjiru Kinyanjui

Many...), by Morroco’s Dalila Ennadre. Africa Is A Woman’s Name relate the power of African women through the lives of three women of different origins and social classes, determined to achieve radical transformations in their everyday lives. I Have Loved So Many... Tells the story of Fadma, a woman of 75 who at 20 became one of the prostitutes to the soldiers and officials of the French army in Morroco. The end of the colonial period changed her life and destiny.

Tenerife crowns beauty king and queen
Miss La Palma to represent Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2010
Honour awards went to Miss Roll Productions and Miss Santa Cruz respectively. Miss Guia de Isora gave a good showing for Tenerife’s west coast, scooping Miss Congeniality, but the popular favourite was Miss Puerto de La Cruz. La Laguna Mayor Fernando Clavijo presented the winner’s sash to Ms Perdomo. Over 5,000 people celebrated the holiday in the Plaza del Cristo in the former capital’s old town with free concerts by a variety of Spanish pop groups. The Mister Tenerife gala

LEFT To RIGhT: Miss Santa Cruz, Mister Tenerife Roberto Baez, Miss Tenerife Amanda Perdomo and Miss Roll Productions.



Canarian Culture
Translation by James Tweedie THE GuANCHES, the aboriginals of the Canary Islands whose origin, lost in the mists of time, still arouses intense and passionate debate and great controversy about their origins and the how the seven Canary Islands were populated – which according to some studies occurred between 10,000 and 8,000 years BC.
dise where trees which bore golden apples grew, watched over by a monster which belched fire – El Teide. The philosopher Plato described them as the peaks of the lost continent of Atlantis. The ancient Romans referred to them as the Elysian Fields, where neither cold nor pain existed and whose inhabitants were blessed. It is said that a Spaniard at the time of the conquest asked a group of Guanches about their origin, and they answered: “God put us in these islands, he left us here and then he forgot about us.” According to various sources it is accepted that the Guanches were a race of white people of great beauty, tall, measuring between 5 feet 9 inches and 6 feet in stature (the tallest being those of the island of Fuerteventura.) This ethnic group had large, thick bones, indicating that they possessed great physical strength and fortitude. They were also agile runners, as has been demonstrated in studies of the skeletons preserved in the Museo Arqueológico of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the Museo Canario of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. They were also a welldeveloped people: Blonde, blue eyed, who surprisingly still lived in the Stone Age when the Spanish arrived. They had obviously journeyed to the islands by sea with their belongings and animals. It is known that they belonged to the Cro-Magnon race of the third Ice Age, who emigrated during the harsh climactic conditions in one of the waves to what is now Spain and Africa. Nowadays a second ethnic group of the Guanches is recognized, called Mediterranean, somewhat shorter in stature and with a darker complexion, elongated face and delicate features with a short and wide cranium, possibly due to admixture from the “visits” from other ancient cultures. The Guanches, from their long isolation on each island where they arrived, regressed to the culture of cavemen and remained practically “pure”, main-

The mystery of the Guanches
The origins and language of the indigenous people of the Canary Islands remain a mystery, writes Dr Sabina Goralski Filonov
taining their pristine CroMagnon genetic characteristics. Some years ago a stone was found which was engraved with the symbols Z(A), N(A) and T(A). Known as the Zanata Stone, it is has a supposed connection to the same name of Berber (North African) origin. No-one has yet given a definitive explanation of this discovery. It can be minerals (whose composition is presently unknown) over the body before drying in the sun for weeks. Once mummified the body, called the Xaxo, was placed in a “sleeping bag” of sewn skins, which were sometimes marked with dyes, then deposited in the back of a cave and raised off the floor with planks of wood. It was customary to place objects served in goatskins. The Guanches where an eminently religious people, believing in a supreme god called Acoran in Gran Canaria, Achihuran in Tenerife, Eraoranhan in El Hierro and Abora in La Palma. In El Hierro women venerated a goddess called Moneiba. In some islands the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the stars were worshipped. They also believed in evil. In Tenerife the Devil was called Guayota and he lived on the peak of the volcano Teide – hell was called Echeyde. When worshipping gods or other divinities, the Guanches lifted their hands to heaven, made sacrifices of animals on the mountains, and poured goat’s milk in vessels called Ganigos. They also piled stones in the form of a pyramid, and, on designated holy days, danced and sang. The Guanche calendar or Acano was based on the lunar month of 29 days, counting from the day that the moon appeared. The year began in summer when the sun entered Cancer on June 21 – the longest day of the year – and for nine days forth they would hold celebrations and weddings. Socially the Guanches had groups that were distinguished by their level of wealth – measured in land and livestock. An indigenous nobility and a form of government existed in the form of the monarchy – The Menceys in Tenerife and the Guanarteme in Gran Canaria. Lanzarote and El Hierro had a single chief or king; Fuerteventura was divided into two kingdoms, La Gomera into four, La Palma into twelve, Gran Canaria in two and Tenerife into nine territories. The kings were assisted by a senate which was chosen by the Guanche nobles. A priest was in charge of the cult of the supreme god and the goddess of fertility, in addition to mediating legal processes and directing the ritual combats which so enthused the aborigines. In none of the islands did the Guanches know of WRITING. Their language, El Guanche, was only a spoken tongue, which perhaps among other things may have facilitated its disappearance. No-one now speaks Guanche, and just several thousand words are collected in a dictionary called the Teberite – a word which refers to cuts made in goats’ ears to identify their owner. Linguists have found similarities with the Berber language of North Africa in Guanche words. Others have found similarities with words of ancient Egypt. For example, the Pharaohs of the first dynasties called themselves Men-es, meaning the revelation of god through the sun. There are also arguments and debates that the Guanche tongue derives from that of the Dravids, inhabitants of southern India. The similarity in the phonetics and the meaning of the words is astonishing. (Some examples are given in the central box). Is the similarity of these words a pure coincidence, or does there exist a coherent explanation founded on data, or which can be well demonstrated, that there is a connection between the Dravids and the Guanches or if they can be treated as linguistic “coincidences” between two peoples so separated by time and distance? How is it possible that such similarity exists? Other forms of audible communication consisted of blowing conch shells to give warnings, and whistles with which it was possible to carry on conversations which could be heard for kilometres across the ravines. This custom is still preserved on the island of La Gomera, where nowadays children are taught the Gomeran Silbo, a language currently protected by the united Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (uNESCO). Sabina Goralski Filonov is a medical doctor and historian, and a resident of Tenerife.

Acentejo – Waterfal. A region of Tenerife Achaman – Heaven Anaga – One of the kingdoms of Tenerife Armenine – Pastures. Area of southern Tenerife Añaza – A beach and district of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Bimbache – The Guanches of El Hierro Chenech, Chinech or Achinech – Tenerife Gánigo – Pot, jug Gomera – Canarian island Gofio – Flour, bread Gauacimara – Name of a Guanche princess Guanche – Native of the Canaries Guan – Man Guayota – Devil Irichen – Grain, wheat Magec – God (the sun) Mencey – King Maxorata – Fuerteventura and its people Tacoronte – A kingdom of Tenerife and present municipality Tagoror – Council, senate Tajaraste – The name of a dance Tamaran – Gran Canaria Taoro – The main kingdom of Tenerife Tenerife – White mountain Vacaguaré – Preferring to die Xaxo – Mummy, corpse

A-cem-tiyu – Waterfall Ox-am-an – The heavens An-aka – Highest place, summit Aram-meyni – Field of grass Aniy-acha – Lovely beach Vin-bach – Land of the brave Che-nek – Pure, clean land Kann-iku – Water jug Gomeda – Fat livestock (G) uvi-u – Flour cake Kaci-mara – Blonde beauty Cham-che – Blonde heroes Gand – Male hero Kay-ota – Wild, fierce man Arichi – Grain, rice Mangeh – The Hindu god Shiva Menkay – King Macchu-Irata – Gloden place Ita-koruntu – Place of livestock Takkor – Honourable people, senators Tacha-arasati – Royal dance Ita-maram – Land of courage Ita-oru – Land of unity Tine-eriv – Shining mountain Vaka-k-arit – Choosing to die Chacchu – Corpse

Literally, the word ‘Guan’ means man or person and ‘Chenech’ or ‘Chinet’ is applied to the island of Tenerife, thus meaning a man or inhabitant of Tenerife – although according to Núñez de la Peña, the Spanish named them the Guanchos during the conquest of the islands. But with the passage of time, experts in the subject are questioning whether the word Guanche was used to designate the primitive inhabitants of all the islands in the pre-Hispanic period. The term ‘Guanche’ has also ceased to be applied to the distinct variants of language used to communicate in each island. But who were the Guanches, and where did they come from? How and when did they arrive in the islands? It is an enthralling enigma. According to the Roman historian Pliny, King Juba II of Mauretania, a vassal of Rome in the 1st century B.C. sent an expedition to the mythical Fortunate Islands to be found in the dark ocean beyond the Pillars of Hercules, a reference to the straits of Gibraltar. These explorers gave a name to one of the islands – Tenerife – calling it Nivaria for the snow that covered its mountains (nivea meaning snow in Latin), and given that they found fierce dogs on another of the islands – Gran Canaria – they called it Canaria, from Canis, the Latin for dog. The Greco-Roman historian Plutarch called the Canary Islands the Fortunate Islands, believing that they guarded the fountain of eternal youth. The Greeks called them the Hesperides, a para-

BACKGROUND IMAGE: A map showing the distribution of Dravidian languages.
seen in the Museo Arqueológico of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Goat skins were used by the Guanches to cover themselves, and in some islands they were tinted with saffron and red dyes, occasionally sewn with animals’ intestines. These skins were also used to cover the bodies of the dead, and in many cases this led to a process of mummification which consisted of the application a mixture of plants and of diverse natures beside the Xaxo. If the deceased was a Mencey (king) the “Añepa”, a sceptre which symbolised royal power, was added to these objects. The process and custom of mummification has led some authors to relate the Guanches to Egyptian culture and the mummies of the pre-Colombian American cultures, but the Canary Islands are the only place in the world where mummies were pre-


west Coast hosts biggest-ever youth sailing regatta
The 15th Costa Isora Regatta and fifth J.P. Fulda Trophy set a new Canarian record of 147 young entrants over the Dia de Hispanidad holiday weekend.
The 15th Costa Isora Regatta, organized by Guia de Isora’s Municipal School of Nautical Sports and the Tenerife Sailing Federation off the coastal village of Playa San Juan between 9 and 12 October, broke the participation record for competition in the ‘Laser’ sailing boat class set in1995 at Playa de Las Teresita near Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Some 147 boats entered the competition, 131 in the individual competition (Optimist A, B and C, Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial) and 16 in 29er and Snipe two-person crew classes. The entrants came from the Radazul Sea Club, the Guía de Isora Sailing School, the Low Tide Yacht Club, Real Club Nautico de Tenerife and the Aeolus Sailing Club. The youthful sailors ranged from a mere six to 20 years in age. The JP Fulda trophy, now in its fifth year, was awarded to Paula Escuder of the Real Club Nautico de Tenerife for the lowest overall time in the light sailing craft competitions. The trophy was established five years ago with the help of southwest Tenerife-based German businessman Jens Peter Fulda. Mr Fulda has made several financial donations to the city of Guia de Isora for the town’s School of Nautical Sports and to found a racing dinghy team. First, second and third place trophies in each class were presented by Guia de Isora Councillor for Sport Antonio Alvarez Rivero, Canarian Sailing Federation president Eduardo Escuder Martin, Tenerife Sailing Federation manager and technical Alberto Medina and Club de Mar Radazul president Manuel Hernández Acevedo. The races took place over three days in extreme heat and with little wind. The worst day was Monday, when a near-flat calm reigned. Despite the poor conditions, Guia de Isora Municipal School of Nautical Sports coordinator Cayetano Almeida Montelongo said that was very pleased with the event. We exceeded all of our initial predictions for participation” he said, “but the sad thing was that the wind conditions did not allow the athletes to shine.” Mr Almeida Cayetano thanked local wholesale baking firm Surpán, JP Fulda, the Fishermen’s Association of Nuestra Señora de la Luz and the Tenerife Port Authority for their help in organising the regatta. Guía de Isora council paid for the participants’ transport to the event, and laid on a picnic on the Saturday and a giant paella on the Sunday.


J.P. Fulda trophy winner Paula Escuder of the Real Club Nautico and other champions (below).

Sudoku by KrazyDad


Homeless dogs’ home fights for compensation
DOGS’ home owner Phil Nelson has vowed to take legal action following his eviction from his Dingo Dogs animal sanctuary in August.
Mr Nelson’s dispute with his former landlord began in September 2004, after he officially registered his rented hillside finca as an animal sanctuary. It was a requirement of his registration that he keep proper financial records, including receipts for payment of rent. Mr Nelson says that despite having a rental contract and paying his rent “as regular as clockwork” for years, his landlord never gave him a receipt even after he began asking for one every month in 2004. In May 2005, after his landlord had refused this request for an eighth consecutive month, Mr Nelson refused to pay rent until he began receiving said receipts. The next day, Mr Nelson says, his water supply was cut off and the following day his dogs started dying mysteriously. Mr Nelson says that he has letters from his vet stating that the dogs were poisoned, and that he had made a charge against his landlord to the Guardia Civil. The landlord, however, took his own legal action against Mr Nelson and won a court order for his eviction. Mr Nelson insists that he received “no notification at all” from Guia de Isora town hall before they evicted him and his dogs from the finca and bulldozed his self-built house and kennels a week later. Mr Nelson’s 65 dogs were driven 7km in the back of a lorry to temporary accommodation in a goat pen, which he says was completely unsuitable. The pen had to be cleared of rubbish before the dogs could be housed there. Many of them were put into one small room. Once shut in together they began fighting and two of the smaller dogs were killed. The surviving dogs are now housed in different sanctuaries all over the island. Mr Nelson expressed his gratitude to all the people who had helped him.

Indian-born Mr Nelson, along with former girlfriend and Dingo Dogs treasurer Leigh Crouch were left homeless by the court-ordered eviction and have been sharing a small hut in the mountains near Las Chafiras with ten dogs and three cats ever since.

CLASSIFIED Greens slam ‘mistreat- Charity dog show raises L O V E L Y s h e t l a n d c r o s s ment’ of hunting dogs money for abandoned pets
pony, 5 years old, easy to handle and used to kids. Price 1100 euros. Tel.646 807 234

W ONDERFUL female dwarf d o n k e y, super kind with kids, adults, all kind of animals, 4 years old. Price 1200 e u r o s . Te l 6 4 6 8 0 7 2 3 4 KITTENS free to good homes, Four male: two g i n g e r, o n e g i n g e r a n d w h i t e , o n e w h i t e , Tw o female: one white and tan and one black, ging e r a n d w h i t e . Te l 6 0 6 792 579

CANARIAN ecologists Ben Magec - Ecologistas en Acción have condemned the Island´s hunters and authorities over the alleged mistreatment of hunting dogs.

The group claims to have received numerous calls and emails from concerned citizens about hounds being transported in overcrowded trailers or being left “lost and hungry” on the roads to be run down by cars. The group claims that these complainants are afraid to go to the authorities for fear of “reprisals.” The group is urging hunters, authorities and the tourists from

Europe – who they say support trh hunting industry – to end what it called the “Third-World” treatment of hunting dogs. Spokeswoman Vicky Reyes point to articles 4.1 and 11.1 of the 1991 animal pretection law, which oblige owners to keep their dogs in sanitary conditions, not to mistreat them and to register their animals are enforced. She called for greater regulation of the identification of dogs by means of implanted computer chips, the methods of transporting dogs on trailers, the number of allowed dogs to each hunter and mechanisms for the recovery of lost dogs.

Phil Nelson at his sincedemolished home. ANIMAL charity Live Arico’s Fun Dog Show at Coral Mar, Costa del Silencio on Sunday October 18 raised hundreds of Euros for homeless pets.

Winners of the Live Arico dog show in Costa del Silencio

The charity hailed the event as “a huge success,” with a mixture of Canarian and British competitors. Live Arico director Sue Havenhand said: “The atmosphere was great, and the afternoon raised €430 for the poor doggies with no owners to show them off!. “Thanks to all who entered, and of course our judges, who did not have an easy job.” The animal home is holding a launch party for its 2010 charity calendar on Saturday November 14 from 8pm at Bar 39 in Los Cristianos.



Sloppy Tenerife defence Harlem Globetrotters’ flying tour hits Islands wastes 2-goal lead
The Canaries only topflight team went ahead early in the first half thanks to goals from Román Martínez and Alfaro. But the home side seemed to lose all discipline in the excitement, and Málaga’s


SHODDY defending by Club Deportivo Tenerife threw away an early 2-0 lead against Málaga to draw 2-2 at home on Saturday November 7.

First Division Day 10 (Nov 7)

Football Results
Club Pld Barcelona 10 Real Madrid 10 Sevilla 10 Valencia 10 Deportivo 10 Mallorca 10 Sporting Gijón 10 Athletic Bilbao 10 Espanyol 10 Osasuna 10 Almería 10 Getafe 10 Zaragoza 10 Valladolid 10 Tenerife 10 Villarreal 10 Racing Santander 10 Atlético Madrid 10 Xerez 10 Málaga 10

Edhino was handed a goal on a plate by Tenerife’s swiss cheese defence and butterfingers goalkeeping by Sergio Aragoneses. Despite valiant attempts by Tenerife to mainatin their lead, Javi López equalised a quarter of an hour before time to give Málaga a much-needed point and at the bottom of the First Division table. Despite the evidence of the scoreboard, Tenerife’s Omar

Ramos later said: “I believe we played better than Málaga.” The optimistic ‘canterano’ -meaning a recruit from the club’s youth training system - said: “we started well, scoring two goals, but we were tied. We are not happy with the outcome. “It was a game to win, but it’s past. Now play the Celtic Cup tie against Sevilla and then home again,” he added.

The self-styled “ambassadors of goodwill” – now based in Arizona – entertained crowds in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. The knock-about show involves plenty of audience participation, and went down a treat with the children.

THE HARLEM Globetrotters brought their airborne basketball exhibition tour to the Canaries for a second year last month.

Harlem Globetrotters player “Handles” Franklin.

First Division Table
Pts W 26 8 25 8 22 7 21 6 19 6 17 5 16 4 16 5 13 3 12 3 12 3 12 4 11 3 10 2 10 3 9 2 7 1 7 1 6 1 5 1 D 2 1 1 3 1 2 4 1 4 3 3 0 2 4 1 3 4 4 3 2 L 0 1 2 1 3 3 2 4 3 4 4 6 5 4 6 5 5 5 6 7 F A 28 7 26 7 19 7 19 8 14 11 18 13 12 10 11 13 8 10 11 12 10 12 12 16 14 21 14 17 7 19 14 14 10 19 12 22 3 16 10 15

Second Division A Day 10 (Nov 7)
Salamanca 3-2 Levante Rossato (2), Despotovic Pallardó, Rubén Numancia 2-2 Córdoba Goiria (2) Pepe Díaz (2, 1 Pen) Huesca 1-0 Hércules Rubiato Real Sociedad 1-0 Recreativo Griezmann Gimnàstic 1-3 Albacete Morán Antonio López (2), Stuani Murcia 1-4 Cartagena Isaac De Lucas, Víctor (2, 1 Pen), Toché Las Palmas 2-1 Rayo Vallecano Guayre, Lamas Rubén Castro Elche 2-1 Real Unión Jorge Molina (2) Robles Celta 2-1 Castellón Jordi, Michu ulloa (Pen) Cádiz 2-2 Betis López Silva, Ogbeche Rodri, Pavone Girona 3-1 Villarreal B Matamala, Tortolero, Xumetra Mussachio

Second Division A
Club Pld Pts W D Cartagena 11 23 6 5 Real Sociedad 11 21 6 3 Hércules 11 19 5 4 Levante 11 17 4 5 Betis 10 16 4 4 Rayo Vallecano 11 16 4 4 Numancia 11 16 4 4 Salamanca 11 16 4 4 Córdoba 11 16 4 4 Las Palmas 11 15 4 3 Recreativo 11 15 5 0 Gimnàstic 11 15 4 3 Elche 11 15 4 3 Albacete 11 15 4 3 Girona 11 13 3 4 Cádiz 11 13 3 4 Villarreal B 10 12 3 3 Real Unión 11 11 3 2 Huesca 11 11 2 5 Celta 11 11 2 5 Murcia 11 7 0 7 Castellón 11 7 2 1 Green: Promotion; red: Relegation L 0 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 6 4 4 4 4 4 4 6 4 4 4 8 F 19 15 15 15 18 16 16 13 11 11 11 9 16 18 12 11 12 11 9 9 11 13 A 7 11 7 12 10 11 14 13 13 11 12 10 19 22 15 15 15 12 11 12 17 22

Tenerife 2-2 Málaga Román, Alfaro Edinho, Javi López Sevilla 3-2 Villarreal Luis Fabiano (2), Kanouté Pires, David Fuster Valladolid 0-0 Xerez Sporting Gijón 1-0 Espanyol Bilic Getafe 0-2 Deportivo Mista, Filipe Luis Atlético Madrid 2-3 Real Madrid Diego Forlán, Agüero Kaká, Marcelo, Higuaín Racing Santander 0-2 Athletic Bilbao Gurpegui, Iraola (Pen) Barcelona 4-2 Mallorca Pedro (2), Henry, Messi (Pen) Nunes, Keita Almería 2-0 Osasuna Josetxo (OG), Kalu uche Valencia 3-1 Zaragoza Mata, Villa, Pablo Abel Aguilar

Green: Champions´ League; blue: UEFA Cup; red: Relegation


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