User Manual

Prepared by : ICT CENTER

Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris FEB 2010
Version 1.0


Main Distribution

Mark Entry

Final Exam Attendance

Grade Calculation




This function is for Coordinators to setup lectures Distribution. 1. Navigate Menu as shown below and click Mark Distribution (Coordinator).


2. Select your desired Level of Study, Semester and List of Course.

3. Click on the Distribution Type field to retrieve Distribution List.

4. Click on desired distribution type and click OK.


5. Continue filling Mark and % for the selected Distribution.

5.1 Repeat procedure 3-5 for remaining distributions. 5.2 If below error prompts, click OK and delete any empty distribution fields to allow Distribution List prompt.


6. Click on DELETE to delete a distribution together with its MARK and %.

7. If Total Percentage exceeds 100, below shown message will appear. Click OK and amend % so that Total Percentage not more than 100.


8. Click Save to save the updated information.

9. Click Exit to exit from the form.


10. Click Yes to confirm changes and exit. Click NO to return to the form.


This function is for lecturers to enter student’s marks. 1. Navigate Menu as shown below and click Mark Entry (Lecturer).


2. Select your desired Level of Study, Current Semester and List of Course, Group and click
Marks as shown below.


3. Enter student’s marks according to Distribution Type set by your Coordinator. Only colored fields can be edited. 3.1 Field’s color descriptions:   Editable but empty and will change to if filled.

Not editable as this distribution type is not set by your Coordinator.


4. Below message will prompt if mark entered is more than set by Coordinator. 5. Click OK and enter a valid mark.


6. Final Exam Marks are not allowed to be filled if student’s Final Exam Attendance is not recorded or the student is barred from sitting Final Exam. 6.1 Record student’s Final Exam Attendance to enter Final Exam Marks. If this process is skipped, student’s grade will be F or TK even with other marks calculated.


7. To release marks to student, tick Release Mark’s box below each distribution types. 8. Click OK on confirmation message.

8.1 Student will be able to view marks released via student’s portal.


9. Click on Calc Grd o calculate grade. 10. Click OK to begin grade calculation process.

11. Once Grade Calculation completed, a message as shown below will prompt. 12. Click OK to as acceptance of terms.


13. Click Adjust Grd button to adjust student’s grade. 14. Choose a desired grade and click OK.

15. Grade, Point and Pass will change as chosen. 16

16. Click on active distribution report’s button to print report separately. 17. Click on Overall to print report including Grade. 18. Click on Grd Analysis to print Grade Analysis report.


19. Click on Close to exit. 20. Click Yes to re-calculate grade before exit or NO to exit without re-calculating grade.


21. Click OK as acceptance of terms.


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