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Building Positive Attitudes In and Out Of The Office

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Building Positive Attitudes In and Out Of The Office

Setting Intentions for All Relationships

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領袖與表現 Leadership & Performance


Building Positive Attitudes In and Out Of The Office
作者:艾倫•齊默曼博士 Dr. Alan Zimmerman 翻譯:王柳青

Hold up your thumb and forefinger about 2-1/2 inches apart. It takes about 1/100th of a second for Olympians to run that distance in the 100-meter race. But that's the difference between winning and losing. In the women's 100-meter dash By Photos8.com at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, for example, the gold medal was won by an American who crossed the line only 2-1/2 inches in front of her closest opponent. The fifth place went to a Jamaican who finished a mere 6/100th of a second behind her. And yet that little bit of difference made all the difference in the world. The same goes for attitude. When you compare age, gender, upbringing, education, IQ, and just about any other factor you can think of, research says that attitude is the little bit of difference that makes all the difference in success in both your personal and professional lives. In fact, the research makes it clear that attitude is more important than any other element when it comes to ensuring success. So how do you build a positive attitude that ensures your success? Just follow this "4-Day Attitude Diet," focusing on a different skill each day. And repeat the cycle until you've built an invincible attitude. It works!

舉起你的拇指和食指,保持大約 6 釐米的距 離。運動員在百米賽跑中跑完這個距離大約需 要 0.01 秒的時間。但成敗的區別就在此。 比如,在 1992 年巴賽隆納奧運會女子 100 米比賽中,金牌獲得者是一位美國選手,她僅 超出亞軍 6 釐米和比第五名的牙買加選手快了 0.06 秒。但正是這點細微的差別改變了世界。 態度同樣如此。與年齡、性別、教養、教育、 智商和其他你能想到的任何因素比起來,研究 證明,態度上些微的差異,便會令你的人生和 事業成就有很大的差別。實際上,這項研究證 實了在追求成功的道路上,態度比其他因素更 重要。 那麼你怎樣才能建立一種能保證你成功的 積極態度呢?只要遵循下面所介紹的“四天態 度攻略”就可以做到。重複這些步驟直到你已 經把這種態度變成習慣。

領袖與表現 Leadership & Performance


Positive Attitude Diet Day 1: Fill your mind with positives
Instead of living your life on autopilot, letting any and all thoughts come into your mind, consciously feed your mind positive input. Do this on the first day of every week, and do it throughout the day. Read inspirational books; listen to uplifting music, or call an upbeat person. And by all means, avoid the cynics and gripers. Keep a journal and write down 50 wonderful things that happen to you on Day-1. Include even small things like finding a quarter on the sidewalk or a stranger greeting you with a cheerful "good morning." After a while, you'll realize that most of the things that happen in your life are positive.

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是全球著名的個人成長學習平台 trans4mind.net 的一份子,提供繁體中文的個人成長學習資源和 服務。簡體中文的服務平台,trans4mind.cn,亦 正在籌建之中。 我們的首個 5 年目標,是在 2015 年的時候,為 1% 的中國人提供個人成長學習機會 服務他們的 , 持續成長與發展需要,為社會培育積極正向文化 作出貢獻。 Trans4mind 大家庭亦以英、法、德、西班牙、 匈牙利、亞拉伯和印度等語文提供服務。你的外 語親友,可以在 www.trans4mind.hk 選擇他們熟 悉的語言平台,享用 trans4mind 的服務。

建立積極態度第一天: 讓積極的態度主宰你的思維
不要機械式地生活,讓各種想法進入你的思維,有意識地攝入積極的 思想。在每循環的第一天這樣做,並且堅持一整天都這樣做。閱讀勵志 書籍,聽振奮人心的音樂,或是打電話給樂觀的人。一定要避免憤世嫉 俗的想法及發牢騷。 隨身攜帶一個日記本,在這一天記下 50 件發生在你身上的美妙的事 情。小到包括在人行道上撿到兩分錢,或陌生人愉快地向你道“早安”。 一段時間後,你會發現生活中發生的大多數事情都是正面的。


領袖與表現 Leadership & Performance


Positive Attitude Diet Day 2: Affirm yourself
To build a positive attitude you must remind yourself of past victories. Congratulate yourself on the good you have done and will do. And refuse to let any self-doubt enter your mind. Just tell yourself over and over, "I am filled with confidence, and I am competent." And when you make a mistake, learn the lesson in that mistake and laugh at yourself. In fact people who can't laugh at themselves are not only more negative, but they re also more susceptible to cancer, stroke, and heart disease. So laugh ... and affirm the fact you're learning and growing. Of course you may have some doubts about yourself. But on Day-2, literally, consciously feed yourself with positive affirmations. As boxing champ Sugar Ray Robinson said, "To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will." And Dolly Parton added, "I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know that I'm not dumb ... and I also know that I'm not blonde."

建立積極態度第二天: 肯定你自己
建立積極的態度,你必須想到自己過去的成功。祝賀自己做過 的和即將要做的好事。拒絕讓任何自我否定的念頭鑽進你的思維 裏。要一遍一遍地告訴自己:“我充滿自信,我很有能力。”。 當你做錯的時候,從錯誤中吸取教訓,自嘲一下。實際上,那些 不敢嘲笑自己的人是很消極的,他們也更容易患癌症,中風和心 臟病等疾病。因此,微笑吧,肯定自己在學習,在成長的事實。 當然,你可能會有懷疑自己的時候。但是在第二天,你可以直 接地和有意識地進行自我肯定。如同拳擊冠軍休格·雷·羅賓遜 說:“要成為一個拳擊冠軍,當別人都不相信你時,你必須相信 你自己可以做到” 多莉·.帕頓說過:“我不會在乎那些傻金髮 女人的笑話,因為我知道我不傻…而且我也知道我不是金髮女 郎。”

讓一個簡單易明的比喻,‘智能家居系統與個人成長’ ,幫助你解答以上的問題
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領袖與表現 Leadership & Performance


Positive Attitude Diet Day 3: Think only good things about people
Don't allow ill thoughts to enter your mind. Look for something you like in everyone you meet. One person might have a great smile, and another one might be extremely dedicated to his work. You can always find something you like. Of course, you may think this a rather Pollyannaish activity ... especially if you're working with some very difficult people. No problem. Simply see these people as giving you an opportunity to learn patience and practice assertiveness. That's something you can like.

愛迪生 Thomas Alva Edison

建立積極態度第三天: 只想人們好的一面
別讓不好的思想進入你的思維。從每一個你認識的人身上尋找你喜歡 的方面。有的人可能有著溫暖的笑容,有的人可能對工作全力以赴。你總 能找到你喜歡的地方。 當然,你可能會覺得這是一種盲目樂觀的行為,尤其當你與那些很難 相處的人共事時。沒問題。你就當這些人是給你一個學習忍耐和實踐自信 的機會。那些是你可以喜歡的事情。

天才是 1% 的靈感,99% 的勤奮。 Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

要獲得以上啟示的思考指引, 和更多的啟示語錄, 請訪問


領袖與表現 Leadership & Performance


Positive Attitude Diet Day 4: Speak only positive words
In order to build and maintain a positive attitude, you must speak hopeful about everything -- your job, your customers, your manager, your employees, your children, your health, and your future. Go out of your way to talk optimistically about everything. You may have to talk yourself out of uttering negative words. If, for instance, the man at the front of the company cafeteria line seems to be holding up everyone else, you'll be tempted to make a snide remark to the person next to you. Don't do it. Instead, say, "It's kind of nice not to rush every single minute of the day." When you have a positive attitude, you refuse to use a loser's language. If you talk like a loser, you'll end up losing. As George Schultz, the former U.S. Secretary of State said, "The minute you start talking about what you're going to do if you lose, you have lost."

建立積極態度第四天: 只說積極的話
為了建立和保持一種積極的態度,所有說話也要是樂觀的 —— 你的工作,你的客戶,你的經理,你的員工,你的孩子,你的健 康,還有你的將來。樂觀地去談論你的一切吧! 你可以說服自己不說消極的話。比如說,你在飯堂排隊買午餐 時,前面的人與收銀員喋喋不休地說過不停,妨礙了所有人,你 可能很想跟身邊的人說些諷刺他的壞說話。不要那樣做,相反, 你可以說:“不用每一分鐘都急急忙忙,這樣很好。” 當你有著積極的態度時,你就會拒絕使用失敗者的語言。如果 你像個失敗者那樣說話,你最終將會失敗。就像美國前國務卿喬 治•舒茲說的那樣:“當你說著如果你失敗了會怎樣的時候,你已 經失敗了。”

And, now the challenge: Start Building a Positive Attitude Today
Nothing absolutely nothing contributes more to your success than your attitude. The good news is you can have a powerful, positive attitude if you get on the 4-Day Attitude Diet. I've seen it work for thousands. Now it's your turn.

現在的挑戰在於: 從今天起開始建立積極的態度
對你成功幫助最大的莫過於你的態度。好消息是,如果你按照 四天態度攻略來做,你將獲得強而有力的積極態度。我已經見過 成千上萬的成功例子,現在到你了。

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As a best-selling author and Hall of Fame professional speaker, Dr. Alan Zimmerman has taught more than one million people in 48 states and 22 countries how to keep a positive attitude on and off the job. In his book, "PIVOT: How One Turn In Attitude Can Lead To Success," Dr. Zimmerman outlines the exact steps you must take to get the results you want in any situation. Go to Alan's site for a Free Sneak Preview [http://www.drzimmerman.com/tools/productinfo/pivot.htm].

人生領袖 Be a Life Leader 為所有關係設定意向 Setting Intentions for All Relationships 無條件的愛 The Big Picture of Unconditional Love 卓越表現 For Better Performance 21 世紀的 10 項就業競爭力 Ten Career Skills to Keep You Employable in the 21st Century 焦慮和抑鬱 Anxiety and Depression 成功轉變的三個關鍵因素 The 3 Key Components to Any Successful Change

艾倫•齊默曼博士是暢銷書作家和名人堂演講家,已經在美國 48 個州和世界上 22 個國家,向 100 多萬人教授如何在工作內外保持積極的態度。齊默曼博士在其著作 "PIVOT: How One Turn In Attitude Can Lead To Success" 中列出一系列明確步 驟,支持人在任何情況下也能達成目標。要獲得更多關於齊默曼博士的資料,請訪 問 http://www.drzimmerman.com。
原文:Building Positive Attitudes In and Out Of The Office © Dr. Alan Zimmerman 譯本:於工作內外建立積極態度 © 真我品位 trans4mind.hk

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Setting Intentions for All Relationships
作者:赫特‧艾爾 Hether Ayres 翻譯:林木培

By Photos8.com

Are you attracting the "wrong" type of woman or man? Do you repeatedly end up in relationships that are close to what you are looking for, but that inevitably contain some deal breaker? Do you realize once you are into a relationship that it just isn't going to work out, AFTER you have invested yourself emotionally? You can save yourself tons of heartbreak, time, and energy just by setting your intentions more clearly up front and by better communicating those to the universe. Unless there is some huge Karmic debt involved (in which case we recommend you see a trusted hypnotherapist immediately), we almost always get what we are asking the universe for.

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你是否在吸引不適合自己的異性?重複地,當關係快要發展至理想的地步時,某 些破壞關係的原因便會出現,令關係結束。你是否發現,每次當你投入感情後,關 係便會出問題? 在開始前,為關係設定清晰的意願和目的,並與宇宙溝通,可以為你省下很多傷 心,時間和精力。除非存有巨大的因果罪孽(這樣的話,我們建議你立刻尋找可信賴 的催眠治療師的協助),我們幾乎可以達成所有向宇宙請求的願望。


領袖與表現 Leadership & Performance


Being clear on the type of person that you would like to attract is the most important part of manifesting your dream relationship. You will attract the person you are seeing in your mind. The universe always says "Yes" to what you ask for. If you are subconsciously telling yourself that "all the good ones are taken" or that you're "not loveable" then the universe will simply act as a mirror to those thoughts, whether that is what you think you are asking for or not. You'll see your thoughts reflected back to you in your experience. It is important to be very careful when setting your intentions. Our minds work via images. If you keep focusing on what you DON'T want then all that gets communicated to the universe is the image of what you DON'T want. "Oh please God, don't send me another abusive man!!!" Voila! Another abusive man! It's not rocket science. It's just metaphysical love law. The more detailed your vision, the more feelings you attach to your dream, the more you desire and commit yourself to no less than your vision, the more likely it will manifest exactly as you have planned. The pitfall that many fall into is that they set their intentions, and they start attracting potential partners that come very close. They are amazed at the results compared to the past and, therefore, jump at the chance to be in a relationship so close to what they have envisioned. Then they realize that a deal breaker is there. They get hurt, and they lose trust in the intention setting process.

弄清楚你要吸引那一類人,是讓你夢寐以求的關係得以展 現之最重要步驟。你將吸引出現在你腦海裏的人。宇宙總是 對請求說「是」。如果你的下意識告訴自己「好的已經沒有 了」或「我不討人喜愛」,宇宙的功效簡單如鏡子反照,無 論你想的是你要的還是你不要的,宇宙也會把它們呈現于你 的人生經歷之內。 小心地設定你的意向是非常重要的。我們的腦海以圖像形 式運作。如果你的焦點集中於不想要的東西,你向宇宙傳遞 的圖像就是你不想要的東西。「噢!上帝,請不要給我另一 個粗野無禮的男人!」瞧!另一個粗野無禮的男人又來了! 這不是火箭科學,並不複雜,只是愛的法則。 對願景越多的細節描述,對夢想越多的情感,對理想越大 的渴求和堅持,你的計畫便有更大的實現可能性。 許多人設定了意向,並開始吸引到很接近他們理想的伴 侶,對比以往的經歷,他們很驚訝於這些結果,並躍進這些 與理想很接近的關係。但是,那些破壞關係的原因仍然存在, 導致關係結束,他們受到傷害,並對意向設定失去信心。這 是很多人掉進的陷阱。

領袖與表現 Leadership & Performance


The problem is not in the intention setting process. The problem is in settling for less than the ideal partner!!! If you openly discuss your dreams, your life goals, and your values with a potential partner, and also compare that partner to your list of qualities you seek, and the potential partner does not match up, you must have faith in the process and believe that the intention setting you have done will eventually attract the ideal partner to you!!! You must stay committed to and trust in the process!!! So many of us just don't wait! We crave the intimacy, the physical affection... We are so anxious to have what (WHO) we want, that we jump too soon. Then six months later - maybe 6 years later - we are back to the intention setting drawing board!!! If you want to attract your dream relationship, you have to keep going until it manifests completely into your life. You must let go of any limiting beliefs that you don't deserve such a relationship, and any beliefs that it is not 100% possible. This does not mean that the other person is perfect. It just means that you can attract a partner that matches your list perfectly. But first and foremost, you must believe. Then you must stay committed to your vision.

如果,這只是你小時候的作文題 目,那麼,你已經知道,為甚麼隨 著年紀的成長,人會變得越來越不 快樂! 個人成長學習,是要支持我們尋找 和創造每一個人也值得擁有的…理 想!

問題不在於意向設定,而是在於妥協,接受了未達理想的伴侶!當你開放坦誠 地討論你的夢想,人生目標和價值觀,並且與你的理想伴侶特質對比,若果對方的 並不相符 你必須對意向設定有信心和相信你始終可以遇上你的理想伴侶!你必須 , 信任並堅持按你的意向去做! 大多數人都不願意等待!我們渴望柔情密意,肌膚之親…過急於要得到想要的 東西或人,因而作出倉促的決定。然而,六個月後,或者六年後,我們便要再次回 到設定意向的起點! 要吸引你的理想關係,你必須堅持,直至你的願望展現於生活之中。你必須摒 棄那些說自己不值得擁有理想關係的規限性信念,與及那些沒有 100%實現可能性 的信念。這不意味著另一個人是完美的,這只是說你是可以吸引一個適合你的伴 侶。最重要的是,你必須忠於自己的理想。

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One thought you may want to consider is that it may not really be that loving to jump into a relationship with someone who doesn't match your vision. It can turn into a cycle of judgment, emotional pain, and lowered vibrations. Inevitably someone may try to change the other. Or someone may stuff his/her true desires. It is hard to love unconditionally and with full acceptance when deep down you know you are out of alignment with your true desires and vision. Keep the faith. Trust the process. Don't settle for less than you deserve. The universe always provides. Especially when it comes to love!
原文:Setting Intentions for All Relationships © Hether Ayres 譯文:為所有關係設定意向 © 真我品位 trans4mind.hk

你要考慮的是:與理想不一致的人建立伴侶關係,可能 並非一件可愛的事。這會發展為批判,哀傷及缺乏共鳴的 迴圈。無可避免地,大家也希望改變對方,或者有人會放 棄自己的願望。當你知道這段關係並不能達成你真正的理 想和願望時,要做到無條件地去愛和完全接受對方,將會 是非常困難。 堅持信念,信任你的意向,不要妥協,相信可以擁有你 值得擁有的關係。宇宙總是給與的,特別是關於愛!

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於工作內外建立積極態度 Building Positive Attitudes In and Out Of The Office 無條件的愛 The Big Picture of Unconditional Love 卓越表現 For Better Performance 21 世紀的 10 項就業競爭力 Ten Career Skills to Keep You Employable in the 21st Century 焦慮和抑鬱 Anxiety and Depression 成功轉變的三個關鍵因素 The 3 Key Components to Any Successful Change

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The Big Picture of Unconditional Love
作者:哈樂德•W•貝克 Harold W. Becker 翻譯:王柳青

Our world is always changing and even the most seemingly static physical forms eventually dissolve to be reborn in a new form another day. We, as self aware beings, have the By Photos8.com attribute that allows us to interact and influence this process consciously. This is an incredible creative quality that lets us shift, shape and mold the world around us. We get to play with the very fabric of form which is an awesome opportunity with incredible responsibility. As a result of this creative ability, we presently find ourselves in an era of change that is literally transforming every aspect of our lives. The past hundred years alone has been one of exponential expansion that is affecting every single atom on this beautiful orb we call home. For example, we have gone from experiences like the horse and buggy to interplanetary vehicles mapping the cosmos and from expressing ourselves with ink on paper to infinite forms of electronic communication being conveyed through the air. Even our beloved earth is reflecting resulting changes in the environment which we presently label as global warming.

我們生活在不斷變化的世界裏,就是那些看起來 是不變態的物質最終也會以另一種形式出現。作為 具備自我覺醒能力的生物,我們有一種天賦的特 質,能讓我們有意識地去影響這變化的過程,並與 之互動。這不可思議的創造力,讓我們改變,影響 及塑造周邊的世界。徹底地瞭解並掌握這種特質, 將為我們帶來重大的機遇,也是我們不可推卸的重 大責任。 我們的創新能力令我們自己處身於變化的年代, 事實上,我們生活的方方面面也在不斷地改變著。 僅在過去百年裏,在我們稱之為家的美麗地球上, 每個微量元素也在經歷著急劇的變化。例如,我們 的交通工具由馬匹和馬車發展到探索星空的宇航工 具,我們賴以傳遞思想和訊息的溝通管道由紙筆墨 演變到通過空氣傳遞的電子媒體。我們至愛的地球 也以‘全球暖化’來展示它所經歷的轉變。

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So what is really driving this seemingly exponential shift in experiences in such a brief period of time? Could the big picture be that we are really opening our heart to allow a profound new way to experience life? Looking around at the results of our human creative influence, it is clearer and more obvious each day that the thoughts and feelings we hold in our consciousness directly affect everything. The power we wield through our resulting actions is either life affirming or destructive. It is becoming painfully obvious that a logical, technical and mechanical world needs the wise balance of love, nurturing and harmony, otherwise we will destroy ourselves. Our masculine and feminine qualities must come into greater balance for our very survival and evolution


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貧富懸殊 …

究竟,在這麼短的時間內,是甚麼在推動著這些急劇的變化呢?歸根 到底的原因,會否是:‘我們真正地敞開了心扉,開放了胸懷,接受新 的模式去體驗人生? 回顧人類創造力所創造的結果,這顯得越來越清晰和明確 -- 我 們認知層面中的思想和感受正在直接地影響著所有的事物。源於認知層 面的行為令我們擁有更強大的力量;要麼讓生命更精彩,要麼便把生命 摧毀。痛苦的事實是 -- 邏輯化,科技化和機械化的世界,須要與愛, 保育及和諧取得更好的平衡,否則,我們將摧毀自己。為了生存和發展, 我們的剛性與柔性必須達至更大程度的平衡。

當內在的素質成長,跟不上外在的物質發 展,人便失去平衡。 我們被自己創造的物質,財富,科技和制 度反過來主牢了我們的生活和人生,從而, 制造了很多不想要也不能承受的問題。 然後,我們又不自覺地,自動地,被自己 制造的問題牽著走,不斷地和很努力地在尋 找問題的解決方案! 個人成長學習,是要讓我們的內在素質得 以持續成長,成為人生領袖,積極正面地與 人和世界互動,創造理想成果,擁有快樂和 有意義的人生!

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We are allowing love to merge once again into the very essence of our consciousness. When love is present, outmoded, traditional forms do not fit in the same way they once did. For example, a whip will not motivate a car to move faster any more than a dictator can continue to force a population to be held in fear. These are no longer the way the world works when humanity begins to come from the heart and recognizes the unique equality held in all forms of life. Like with any change, there is a time of chaos as we move from one reality to another. During this transformational time, we have to let go of things that no longer fit or vibrate with our new expression. We need to be flexible and open to new possibilities. We literally have to think outside the box since we can no longer be contained by limiting perspectives and beliefs. This can be challenging when we are accustomed to certain things being the way they were and attempt to maintain the false perception that things are static, safe and secure. Only by letting go and embracing our potential do we start to experience the manifestations of our new reality. We are taking the first steps to reveal a world based on diversity, equality, harmony, dignity and respect. How? By each choice we make throughout the day. The world quickly adapts and reflects our individual and collective thoughts and feelings. When we intend to play the game in a new way through unconditional love, our choice not only affects our personal life along with those around us, it changes the world for generations.

我們需要讓愛再次成為意識世界內最基本和最重要的元 素。愛是當下的,令過時和傳統的模式不再適用。就如用皮 鞭策打你的‘寶馬’(注 1)不會令它跑得更快,同樣地, 獨裁者不能再令人民生活於恐懼之中。當我們讓發自內心的 人性湧現,認識到所有生命之間的微妙互相依賴關係,世界 便不再以舊有的方式運作。與任何變化一樣,要從一種狀況 過渡至另一種,期間會經歷一段混亂的時期。 在轉變的過程中,我們必須放下與新規律不相付或協調的 任何事物,學會靈活變通,對新事物持開放態度。亦即是說, 我們要跳出思想的框框,舊有的觀點和信念已容不下新的成 果。這是有挑戰性的,因為我們已經習慣了原來的模式,企 圖相信一個錯誤的看法 -- 事物是可以不變的,這會更為安 全和可靠。只有放下舊有的,擁抱新的可能性,我們才可以 體驗新的經歷,創造新的天地。 我們正要踏出第一步,去展現一個建基於多元化,平等, 和諧,尊嚴和尊重的世界。怎樣做?通過我們每一天的每一 個決定。世界會很快接納並彰顯我們個人的和群體的思想和 感受。當我們決意以無條件的愛作為新的遊戲規則,我們的 選擇不單止影響著自己和身邊的人的生活,我們也在改變著 往後幾代人的世界,生活和人生。

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When we accept ourselves without condition, forgive and release the many instances and emotional pains of the past, and choose to embrace each moment with full awareness, we return to our natural and true state of being. We build forms that are in harmony with our heart not just our minds. We simplify our approach and allow inspiration to take us to new heights. Fear no longer has hold over us and we walk in peace. Coming from love, we affect outcomes and potentials in a wholly different way. We become the example of a new way of living. Unconditional love is the big picture. Patience and trust is how we traverse this time period. Be patient with the process. When you simply accept you for you, it is easy to allow those around you to be who they are. Trust that you have the strength and courage to live life your way. Allow the love to flow from your heart and witness the changes you begin to experience. The world awaits your creative and loving input.

無條件的愛是最根本的基石。耐心和信任支持我們度過轉 變的歲月。對過程保持耐心。當你簡單地接受你自己的時候, 你也會輕易地容許身邊的人是他們自己。相信你有能力和勇 氣,以自己的方式擁有自己的人生。容許愛從心流露,見證你 快將經歷的轉變。世界期待你投入創造力和愛。
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當我們無條件地接受自己,原諒和放下過往的許多事情及 傷痛,選擇以醒覺的心態去擁抱生命中的每一刻,我們便回 到了自然和真實的自己之中。所創造的,不單止要與想法相 付,更要與心靈融合。簡化處事方式,讓直覺引領我們進入 新的領域。恐懼不再成為障礙,讓我們平和地往前走。愛讓 我們以不同的方式發揮潛能和創造結果,成為新生活的典 範。

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是要支持每個人成為能夠有效達成理想與目標的自己。 更多關於個人成長的資訊, www.trans4mind.hk

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Harold W. Becker is President and Founder of The Love Foundation, Inc. and is the author of Unconditional Love -- An Unlimited Way of Being. [http://www.amazon.com/dp/0979046009?tag=toolsfortransfor] YouTube Video for The Big Picture of Unconditional Love [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsrO6L4zOtY]

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[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsrO6L4zOtY] 原文:The Big Picture of Unconditional Love © Harold W. Becker 譯本:無條件的愛 © 真我品位 trans4mind.hk

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21 世紀的 10 項就業競爭力
Ten Career Skills to Keep You Employable in the 21st Century
作者:卡拉•布蘭 Karla Brandau 翻譯:張楚盈

Most people drive through life looking in their rearview mirror and judging the future by the past. They have a really good view of where they have been and mistakenly think the future will be similar to the past as they make decisions based on their previous experiences. Even though past experience gives a base for the future, there are many employability By Photos8.com factors to take into account as you plan to grab one of the best jobs in 2010 and beyond. The future work world will be even more global. If your job is not one that requires you to physically be in one place, i.e. serving food, washing windows and stocking grocery shelves, you will be competing with bright and hungry workers in India, China, Korea and other developing nations around the globe. Competing in the new environment will require higher levels of competence and necessitate looking straight ahead, not constantly glancing rearview mirror for warm fuzzy feelings about what you have achieved in the past. Here are 10 skills to acquire and refine that will increase your professional confidence level and make you more employable in the 21st Century:

驅車奔馳在人生的大道上,大多數人總是盯著 後視鏡,以過去判斷將來。他們對過去十分清楚 瞭解,錯誤地相信未來將與過去差不多,並以過 往的經驗為將來作決定。是的,過去是未來的基 礎,但要在 21 世紀中獲得理想工作,還需要考慮 很多其他就業競爭力方面的因素。 未來的工作環境將更加全球化。如果你的工作 不需要你在現場提供服務;例如傳菜,清潔窗戶 或者為雜貨店整理貨品。那麼,你將與其他發展 中國家裏既聰明又積極勤奮的人們在競爭工作。 在當今新的環境下競爭,要求更高水準的能 力,必須把注意力聚焦于前方,不要老是眷戀于 過去的成功。 這裏有 10 項值得你鍛煉和擁有的職場技能, 以提升你在事業上的自信心,並且讓你在 21 世紀 職場內更具競爭力。

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1. Constantly adapt to technology 接受新科技
Dependency on technology in the future will increase, not decrease. Spend time learning new computer programs but more importantly, use the applications in your daily routine and strive to use technology as an enabler of productivity, not as a neat new toy with tons of cute features that you don't use. To decide if the new gadget is worth the time, ask yourself, "Does this make time or waste time?"

未來對科技的依賴程度將有增無減。投放時間于學習新的電腦程 式,但更重要的是,在你日常工作中應用。力求讓科技成為生產力 的推動者,而不是一件具備眾多嶄新功能但被投閒置散的新玩意 或裝飾品。要知道一 項新的科技或事物是否值得你花時間去瞭解和 學習,回答以下問題:“它將為你節省還是浪費時間?”

人力資源 是企業的最重要資產,它代表了競爭
力,成功的決心,積極性,企業文化,創新和應變能 力,可持續發展,品位…,只因太重要,影響太大, $$單位未能有效反映它的價值,才未被包括在你的財 務報表之內!

2. Embrace diversity 擁抱多元化
Get comfortable with other ethnic cultures, religions and customs. Be curious about what makes people from other cultures tick. Learn a little about the customs and attitudes that belong to workers from other countries. The time will be well spent as you begin to relate human to human, not human to inhabitant of another country.

內部培訓工作,持續地和有系統地為最重要的資產增 值。 快意顧問培訓

接納其他民族的文化,宗教和習俗,尋找他們的優點。瞭解不同 國籍員工的不同習慣與態度。當你開始從人性本質的層面去與人連 系,你會有 重大的發現。

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3. Be a life-long learner 終生學習
When you finished your last college course did you utter a sigh of relief and mumble something like, "Whew, glad I'm finished with my education!" Surprise, the new century will require you to be a continuous learner. Be prepared to reinvent yourself, the pool of information in your brain and your work-related skills every 4-5 years.

當你完成學校教育最後一堂課的時候,你是否曾經有‘解放了’的 感覺?是否曾經這樣說:“呼,終於完成了學業,真快活!”。然而, 你意想不到的是,要在新的世紀裏保持競爭力,你必須是一位持續學 習者。做好準備,在每個 4 至 5 年裏,便要更新一次你腦袋內的知識 和與工作相關的技能。

Positive Approach
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4. Practice impeccable integrity 誠信
Employers need to feel your spirit and have the quiet assurance that you are honest. Even one person in an organization who takes advantage of company assets for personal gain causes untold rules and regulations. Taking integrity beyond just simple honesty, however, means that when you commit to a deadline, you are fully committed to producing results, not excuses.

雇主需要感受到你這個人,你的精神和心態層面,需要可以相信你 是誠實的。只要有一個人開始利用公司的資源謀取私利,便將形成損 害公司利益的潛規則。然而,誠信的意思是在單純的誠實以外,你還 須要按時交 付結果,而不是借囗。

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5. Be a self-starter 做積極主動的人
Fire yourself up or look forward to being the first to go when bottom lines dip into the red, a recession lurks around the corner or the next merger takes place. Those who learn to work on the optimistic side of life, not the pessimistic side of life, are more valuable to the organization as they create a positive work environment that produces higher productivity.

7. Prioritize and evaluate daily 評估及安排工作
Two of the biggest time wasters in the world are not knowing where to start when you get to work in the morning and working on low priority items. To compete in the global work environment takes meticulous prioritization of tasks and the ability to identify the highest priority item that you tackle first every morning.

當盈利出現虧損,經濟開始衰退,或者快要進行合並重組時,你要麼鼓勵 自己積極參與,要麼準備成為第一個被開除的人。那些學會樂觀地,而不是 悲觀地,面對人生的人,對於企業來說是更有價值的 -- 因為他們創造了更 具創造力的工作環境。

6. Demonstrate personal discipline 展示嚴謹性
Employers want to hire people who have disciplined work habits and disciplined thinking. The more disciplined the worker, the less time managers must spend rethinking, retracing and reworking - basically, worrying if you will be reliable. When you demonstrate personal discipline, you and your manager can spend more time on solving problems and moving the company forward.

雇主希望雇用擁有嚴謹工作習慣和思考能力的人。員工越嚴謹,上級管理 必須用於重複考慮怎樣安排工作,重複給與指引說明,重複進行沒有被做好 的工作和最基本,用於擔憂你是否值得信任的時間便越少。當你展示你的嚴 謹 性,你和你的經理就能花更多時間去解決問題,讓公司穩步前進。

世上最浪費時間的兩種人是:不知 道從那裏開始和從不那麼重要的事情 開始一天工作的人。要在在全球化的 工作環境下競爭,就要具備分辨工作 重要性的能力,細心地規劃工作的先 後次序,每天從最重要的事情開展工 作。

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8. Be adaptable 適應力
To stave off obsolescence, organizations must constantly change and regularly introduce change initiatives. Often employee resistance derails plans for updating processes and procedures and stalls company progress. To increase employability in 2010, learn to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Ask tough questions that define the future and actively look for ways to support the new change initiatives.

the21st Century.

要能夠在 21 世紀為企業作出貢獻,你須要跳出思維的框 框,尋求創新的解決方法,去應對難纏的問題,提高生產 力,或開發新的產品與服務。當出現挑戰時,成為第一個 提出新觀點的人,尋找新的選擇,或是建議新的行動方案。你 的主意,加上其他同事的創意,有助企業成長;這是在 21 世紀保持競爭力必須做的事。

企業必須不斷地改進和定期提出改革倡議才能避免 被淘汰。員工通常會對系統和流程更新抱有抗拒態度, 障礙公司的進步。在 21 世紀要提高就業競爭力,必須學 會成為解決方案的一部份,而不是問題的一部分。認 真地思考未來,並且積極地尋找支持改革的方法。

10. Have the Can-Do attitude “可以的”的態度
Immerse yourself in all the available positive mental attitude material you can find. Negatives are thrown at you the entire day from the news, next door neighbors and the nerd in the next cubicle. Teams face hurdles to productivity which causes dissention among members. Management faces stockholder dissatisfaction and product deadlines. To compound the problem, your mind naturally generates negative thoughts before positive thoughts. You have to train your mind to see the positive, to find the positive and to see the opportunity lurking in the obstacle. If you can master the positive can-do attitude, you will add value to everything you touch and be more employable in an increasing negative world.

9. Think creatively and innovatively 創意與創新思考
Contributing to your organization in 2010 demands thinking outside of the box and looking for creative ways to solve nagging problems, increase productivity or produce a new product or service. When a challenge presents itself, be the first to offer a new viewpoint, discover an alternative or recommend another course of action. Your ideas combined with the creative ideas from other employees will help your organization renew itself as necessary to be competitive in

盡可能地讓你自己被傳遞積極正面訊息和思想的事物所 包圍。負面的新聞,流言和想法已經太多了!生產問題引至

領袖與表現 Leadership & Performance


團隊成員間意見不一和發生磨擦爭執,管理層面對 投資者的不滿和交付期限帶來的壓力。令情況更加 複雜的是,你的負面思維來得總比正面的快。你須 要訓練自已,從積極的方向去看待事情,尋找正面 的可能性,從危難障礙中發掘機會。如果你能夠掌 握‘可以的’這種積極態度,你能夠為所有你參與 的事情作出正面的貢獻,在這個越趨負面的世界 內,你的就業競爭力便越強。
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Some of these skills will be relatively simple and others may be difficult for you to implement. As you improve in each area mentioned above, however, you will increase in confidence and competence and create an environment where you add value to the organization and a need for your personal services. You will have greater job stability.

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這些技巧有些相對簡單,也有些在實行時可能有點 難度。然而,當你在每個方面也有所提升時,你的信心 和能力也會相應地提升。你對企業作出積極正面的貢 獻,也創造了企業對你的服務的需求。你的工作會更加 穩定。

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Karla Brandau, CSP is a speaker, trainer & successful entrepreneur. She is "A wealth of empowerment information" who provides "real help, not theory" to improve, enhance & energize your leadership skills. Visit the email her [mailto:karla@karlabrandau.com].

人生領袖 Be a Life Leader 於工作內外建立積極態度 Building Positive Attitudes In and Out Of The Office 為所有關係設定意向 Setting Intentions for All Relationships 無條件的愛 The Big Picture of Unconditional Love 卓越表現 For Better Performance 焦慮和抑鬱 Anxiety and Depression 成功轉變的三個關鍵因素 The 3 Key Components to Any Successful Change

卡拉•布蘭是美國國家演說家協會最高級別的演說專家(CSP)之 一,也是培訓導師和成功的企業家。她是“激勵知識的寶庫”, 能提供“真正而非理論的幫助”去提升和增強你的領導技巧。她 的電子郵箱是【karla@karlabrandau.com】
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Anxiety and Depression
作者:保羅•大衛 Paul David 翻譯:林書舟

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Many people come to me and say I don't know why I feel like I do or how it started. I was pretty much in the dark myself as to why I seem to get worse and not better over the years and why these feelings had come on in the first place. Well, in most cases it is because of a period of worry and stress; there are other causes but in most cases this is the reason why. I receive emails from people bewildered as to why they suddenly felt like this, I then ask "Have you been under a period of stress recently?" They reply with, "Well my mother has been ill recently, my partner left me 6 months ago, my daughter has just left home and I lost my job a couple of months ago..." Not until I ask them do they realize the stress they have been under for the last few months. All this stress takes its toll on the body.

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許多人問我:‘我不知道自己為什麼會有焦慮的感覺,亦不知道這樣的狀態是什麼時候 開始的。’我自已也曾身處黑暗之中,不明白為什麼自己的情況變得越來越糟,多年不見 好轉,也不明白為什麼會有這些感覺。對大多數人來說,這是由於一段時間內積累的擔憂 和壓力所造成的;儘管會有其他原因,但這是主要的原因。我收過許多郵件,發件人都在 困惑——他們為什麼會忽然有焦慮的感覺。我問他們:“你們最近是否壓力很大?” 他 們回復道:“嗯,我的母親最近病了,伴侶六個月前離我而去,我的女兒也剛離家出走, 兩個月前我還失業了……”在我這樣問以前,他們都沒有意識到自己在最近幾個月承受了 這麼大壓力,而這些壓力都會對人體造成不良影響。

若果, 接觸積極進取和追求卓越的人群一 致於你的市場策略, 若果, 培育正面和建設性的社會文化一致 於你的企業使命, 這裡, 將會是你的理想宣傳渠道!


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What I had was a nervous breakdown. This basically occurs because your body can only take so much. When you are going through a prolonged period of stress and worry, your body cannot cope so it sort of shuts down. It has reached breaking point and has said enough is enough. This may lead to feelings of anxiousness, panic and detachment. It does not matter what the symptoms are, it is your body saying, "I can take no more." This is where the word breakdown comes in, because that is really all it is. Now all your body is asking for is a rest and time to rejuvenate itself. Do we give it that time? No! Through no fault of our own, we then worry about these symptoms, worry we are going mad and wonder why we feel so tired and emotionless. This puts more worry and strain on our already tired body and we may begin to feel worse. We tell ourselves we must get a grip of this thing, so we fight it and worry even more. Well I think you can now see why these symptoms persist. This is exactly what I did for all those years while I suffered. In fact I was worrying because I had been ill so long and my days were filled with fighting and worry.

心連心 - 人生教練
Heart-to-Heart Coach
在人生的旅途上,總有迷惘與困惑的時候。 【心連心-人生教練】是 真我品位 的核心服 務之一,支持您在關鍵的時刻,作出明智的決 擇。 您可以通過電子郵件,免費獲得教練指引。 今天,你面對最重要的人生決擇,問題,疑惑 是…

我曾經患上精神衰弱。精神衰弱是由於身體的承受能力達到了極限而引起的。 當長期承受壓力、處於擔憂狀態,身體應付不來的時候,它便“自我關閉”了。你 的身體已經到了崩潰的邊緣,它已經“受夠了”,焦慮、恐慌、冷漠等症狀便會出 現。然而,不論出現什麼症狀,都意味著你的身體在說:“我受不了了”。 現在,你的身體需要的是休息,他需要時間來自我修復。我們是否給了自己的 身體這樣的時間呢?沒有!我們擔心上述種種症狀,擔心自己是不是快要瘋掉了, 憂心於自己為什麼總是那麼累和冷漠。殊不知,這些擔心和憂心讓我們已經疲憊的 身體承受更大壓力,使情況變得更糟糕。我們往往告訴自己,一定要把情況控制下 來,於是,我們努力和這些症狀做鬥爭,結果卻適得其反,讓自己更加焦慮。現在 你應該知道為什麼這些症狀會一直持續了。當我患上精神衰弱的時侯,我自己也是 這樣。我因為病了那麼長的時間而擔憂和每天也在為這個病而在掙扎和擔憂。


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One day I just accepted that, OK, this is me, now. I actually understand why I feel like this. I need to give my mind and body a rest. I need to stop trying to make myself feel better and stop worrying about how I feel. So I started to just accept it, not only that, but I also accepted it may take a long time for my body to repair itself. This is exactly what your body needs - a break. It did take time for me to feel better and sort of came bit by bit. Sometimes I experienced the worst day I'd had for a long time, but I never let it bother me. I just accepted the good days and the bad ones. What I did notice over time was that my mind became a little clearer. The odd emotion would return and my anxiety eased a little. This is when I finally realized I was doing things the right way and it all made sense to me. The feeling of strangeness was the hardest to accept, but I became a master at not letting it bother me. So, remember, it does not matter how long it takes to feel better, just start to give your body the well deserved break it so needs and it will take care of itself. 一項簡易和免費的服務,協助你出版自己 的電子刊物,服務你的顧員,顧客,會員 和學員。要獲得更多資料,請與我們聯系。
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一天,我忽然想通了,並接受了這個事實:好吧,這就是現在的我。我總算 明白了自己為什麼會有這樣的感覺。我需要讓身心好好休息。我要停止掙扎, 停止嘗試改變自己的感覺,也不再為自己目前的狀態而擔憂。我開始接受事實, 並意識到我的身體可能需要相當長的時間來進行自我修復。休息,正是我們的 身體所需要的。這確實需要一段時間,讓我的情況逐步好轉。在這漫長的時間 裏,我也會有糟糕的時候,但它已經不能再讓我煩心了。我已經坦然接受了人 生中的好日子和壞日子。一段時間之後,我注意到自己的思維變得清晰了。消 極情緒仍會出現,但焦慮卻減輕了。我終於意識到,這樣做是對的和明智的。 陌生的感覺是最難以接受的,但我已經是專家了,不會被這些情緒困擾自己。 請記住,不管康復的時間要多久,開始讓你的身體好好休息,他會自己好起來 的。


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The added depression
Through suffering of anxiety most people also develop depression, this can then lead to feelings of self-pity and make the person feel worthless. The feelings of depression can occur because anxiety has a tendency to crush our spirit and make us feel emotionally spent; also we begin to see no way out from the way we feel and have nothing to look forward to. I also went through depression with my anxiety and got caught in the cycle of "being depressed because I was depressed." I realized that if I was to recover from anxiety then I was to have no self pity. If I felt down then I felt down, there was nothing I could do about this. What I would try to do is not be filled with self-pity and make myself worse. The best thing you can do with feelings of depression through anxiety is to tell yourself the way you feel is temporary and start to invite new things into your day. Don't let how you feel dominate your day. I started to take walks and go for a swim to shake the cobwebs off how I was feeling. This helped me greatly and it gave me another focus to my day instead of focusing on myself. I believe that nature and a natural diet can be great mood lifters and also ease the feelings of anxiety. Going out for a run or a walk, taking some daily exercise, is far better than sitting at home brooding on how you feel. Exercise in itself releases endorphins which are great for lifting your mood; also exercise burns off all those stress chemicals than can build up through the day.

許多人會在長期的焦慮中產生抑鬱,自顧自憐,覺得自己 沒有存在價值。焦慮能夠摧毀我們的精神,讓我們覺得筋疲 力盡、對脫離焦慮情緒看不到出路和希望,從而產生抑鬱的 感覺。我也曾因為焦慮而患上抑鬱症,並陷入“因為抑鬱所 以抑鬱”的怪圈。後來我意識到,如果我要從焦慮中康復過 來,便要停止自憐自怨。如果我覺得失落,我便會失落,這 是必然的。我可以做的,是停止自憐自怨,停止令自己的情 況惡化。 擺脫抑鬱的最佳方法是告訴自己,這些感覺只是暫時的, 並且讓新的事物進入你的生活中;不要讓情緒左右你的生 活。我選擇散步和游泳,這樣做十分有效,它讓我把注意力 轉移到其他方面,而不再集中於自己身上。我相信,大自然 和天然食品都有很好的情緒調節作用,能夠減輕焦慮。到戶 外跑跑步、散散步,每天鍛煉一下,比整日坐在家裏暗自思 忖好得多。運動可以釋放有助改善情緒的內啡肽,還可以燃 燒掉每天積累下來可以引至壓力的有害化學物質。

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Your thought pattern is also very important when overcoming anxiety and depression. Too many people think negatively about how they are feeling; this is understandable but is counter productive and becomes a habit... the habit to always think negatively, which in turn makes us feel worse and crushes our spirit even more. Watch out for all the negative thinking and try and change your thought pattern. Instead of saying, "I just want to curl up and hide," say "I don't feel great at the moment but I am going to make the changes and come through this." Instead of saying, "I have nothing to look forward to and I hate my life," say "Life is what I make it from now on, the only person that can make changes is me, this is just a part of my life that I will come through." There are many different things you can say to yourself, but the main thing is to try and have as little self-pity as possible, to see the good in the day instead of all the bad, to come through this time a better, stronger person. I came through my depression and it was because I made the changes above. These changes also helped me after my recovery. I am a far more confident person than I was before my own suffering and I tend to always see the good in my life. This all came about because I understand the importance of being positive. This now has become my new habit and my life is so much richer for it. I am also very proud that I stayed positive and came through this very tough part of my life; this has given me a new inner strength, a strength that I can overcome anything. I now no longer worry about anything I cannot change. If I learnt one thing it is that worrying is the most useless emotion we have and serves us no purpose whatsoever.

思維模式對克服焦慮和抑鬱起著至關重要的作用。大部分 人總是消極地看待自己的情緒;這可以理解,但這是有破壞 性的,若果成為習慣……負面地看事物,會讓感覺更糟,精 神受到更大的傷害。當心一切的消極想法,並嘗試去改變你 的思維模式。比如,把“我就是想蜷成一團並躲起來” 改變 為“我現在感覺不大好,但我會做一些改變來克服它”。 或 者把“我沒啥可期盼的了,我討厭這樣的人生”轉變為“我 可以從現在開始重塑人生,我是唯一可以改變自己命運的 人,這些不順心的事情只是生命裏的小插曲,我一定可以克 服它們。”你可以給自己各種各樣的說法,但最關鍵的是儘 量不要再自顧自憐,多看看生活中積極的一面,挺過這一段 時間後,你將成為一個更優秀、更堅強的人。 正是因為我做了上述改變,所以成功地從抑鬱症康復過 來。這些改變讓我在康復以後也受益良多。我變得更加自信, 並且總是能發掘生活中美好的事物,這一切都歸功於我認識 到了積極樂觀的重要性。現在,積極地看待生活已經成為了 一種習慣,我的人生也因此更為豐盛。同時,我十分驕傲自 己能保持積極的心態,挺過人生中艱難的時期。我的心中有 了一股新的力量,憑藉這股力量我能夠克服任何困難。我現 在不再為不能改變的事情而擔心。我深刻體會到,擔心是最 沒用的情緒,它對我們沒有任何幫助。

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Paul David has been helping people understand and recover from anxiety and panic for many years, dedicating his life to giving people a better understanding of the whole anxiety and panic condition. He wrote a book on his own journey to recovery and also set up his own website: Anxiety No More [http://www.anxietynomore.co.uk/].

人生領袖 Be a Life Leader 於工作內外建立積極態度 Building Positive Attitudes In and Out Of The Office 為所有關係設定意向 Setting Intentions for All Relationships 無條件的愛 The Big Picture of Unconditional Love 卓越表現 For Better Performance 21 世紀的 10 項就業競爭力 Ten Career Skills to Keep You Employable in the 21st Century 成功轉變的三個關鍵因素 The 3 Key Components to Any Successful Change

保羅·大衛多年來一直在幫助人們正確認識焦慮和恐懼,並從中康復過來——這是 他的人生事業。保羅寫了一本記載其康復經歷的書,並建立了個人網站:“不再焦 慮”[http://www.anxietynomore.co.uk/]。
原文:Anxiety and Depression © Paul David 譯本:焦慮和抑鬱 © 真我品位 trans4mind.hk

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The 3 Key Components to Any Successful Change
作者:瑪麗安•貝利 Mary Ann Bailey 翻譯:王柳青

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We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with changes. One would think that with all that practice, we would be fairly adept at navigating the change process. But the truth of the matter is, making

我們生活在一個充滿變化的世界,可能認 為自己已經適應了,會有足夠的經驗去應付 轉變。但事實是,在生活中要作出有意識 的,刻意的改變是很困難的。 當我們作出改變的決定,代表我們決定用 新的和未知的東西去取代舊的和已知的東 西。這會打亂生活中原有的平衡,讓人感到 恐慌和迷惑。但如果能夠事先對適用於任何 情況的三個成功轉變關鍵因素作出充份考 慮,我們可以減輕那些不明朗的感覺,確保 有更大的成功機會。這三個成功關鍵因素 是:承諾、能力和系統。


any kind of intentional change in our life can be difficult. When we decide to change something in our lives, we make the decision to swap out the old and familiar for something new and unknown. This upsets our equilibrium and can be frightening and somewhat disorienting. But we can lessen these feelings of uncertainty, and ensure ourselves a greater chance of success, if we initially take the time to address the 3 key components necessary for any successful change. These components are: commitment, competence, and structure.

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Most of us believe when we decide to make a change in our lives that we are fully committed to doing what it takes to make that change happen. But commitment can be a tricky thing. There can be part of us who is truly committed to the change, while there may be other parts of us who have no desire to change. This phenomenon is known as having "competing commitments". Competing commitments create resistance; and having to deal with resistance is what often causes us to give up before we reach our goal.. Example: Megan wants to start an exercise program to lose weight and increase her energy level. She signs up for a class at health club and is excited about getting started. The first few mornings go well, but then she begins to notice that her enthusiasm is waning. Megan begins to sabotage her progress by skipping classes and telling herself that her instructor isn't really sensitive to her needs. She feels that she is still committed to losing weight and does not really understand where her resistance is coming from. Resistance is the red flag for competing commitments. In Megan's case the competing commitment turned out to be her desire to spend time with her friends. She had a weekly get-together that she assumed she no longer could attend because she had to get up early in the morning to exercise. Megan saw her dilemma as an either/or situation. She believed that she would have to give up one activity in order to have the other. Once she realized that that wasn't actually true, that her friends would be willing to change their meeting time, Megan began to relax and her resistance disappeared.

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當我們決定要在生活中作出改變時,我們會承諾自己採取行動去 達到改變的目標。大多數人都以為自已會堅持,會對自己的承諾全 力以付。但承諾是一個很棘手的問題。一方面,我們是真正想改變, 但另一方面,我們又沒有改變的意欲。這一現象被稱為 “競爭性承 諾”。競爭性承諾對改變產生抗拒,要處理這些抗拒往往成為放棄 改變的原因,以至沒有達成改變的結果和目標。
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例如:梅根計畫以健身來減肥和增強體質。她在健身俱樂部報了 名,興奮地期待著課程的開始。在初期的幾個早上,進展還是不錯 的,然而,沒多久之後,她開始注意到自己的熱情正在下降。梅根 開始缺課,影響了進度。她對自己說,‘教練並不瞭解我的需要’。 她覺得自己還是承諾於要減肥,但卻不瞭解阻力的真正來源。 抗拒是警告訊息,表示競爭性承諾的存在。在梅根的案例中,競 爭性承諾來自於她希望參加每週一次的朋友聚會。她認為,若果要 堅持健身計畫,她便要很早起床,便要放棄與朋友相聚的時間。 梅根把健身和與朋友聚會視為魚與熊掌的情況;必須放棄其中一 樣。當她意識到這並非事實,朋友們是願意改變會面的時間,她便 放鬆下來,抗拒也就消失了。

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The second key element is competence. Competence means having the skills necessary to make the change happen, or having the time, energy, and ability needed to acquire the skill. Example: Lucy was having trouble at work with one of her workers, Kris. Every time Lucy would try and talk to Kris about her negative attitude, the conversation would end up very heated and both women would leave feeling upset and unheard. Lucy was committed to finding a way to try and help Kris see how her attitude was affecting her team and the whole organization. After several less-than-satisfactory attempts at trying to solve the problem herself, Lucy realized that she was not as skilled at having these kinds of conversations as she needed to be. At this point she had to decide whether or not she wanted to commit to strengthening her ability to have difficult conversations. Lucy knew she was capable of learning what was needed, and she was committed to seeing her problem through; so she decided to hire a consultant to help her address the situation.

第二個關鍵因素是能力。能力就是作出成功改變的技巧, 或是擁有獲取這些技巧所需要的時間、精力和能力。 例如:露西與她的一個同事,克麗絲,在工作上遇到麻煩, 每次露西嘗試和克麗絲談論她的消極態度時,對話都會變得 非常激烈,無法溝通,最後不歡而散。 露西承諾尋找方法去幫助克麗絲瞭解她的態度如何影響 她的團隊和整個機構。露西數度嘗試用自己的方法去解決這 問題,但結果也不理想,她發現自己不具備所需的溝通能力。 這時,露西須要決定,是否要承諾增強自己的溝通能力,以 處理這些難纏的情況。 露西知道自己有能力學習所需要的技巧,她承諾解決自己 溝通能力的問題,聘請了顧問來幫助自己。

The last element is structure. Structure is the most important element in making change happen, but it is very often overlooked. Structure is what holds the change process together. It refers to any resources you might need, such as Megan's exercise class or Lucy's consultant. It also refers to the systems needed to support you as you are working through your change.

最後一個因素是架構。架構是成功轉變的最重要因素,但 通常都被忽視。架構把變化的過程連貫成為一個整體。它指 的是你可能需要的任何資源,例如梅根的健身班或露茜的顧 問,也包括支持你成功改變的制度和系統。

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Structure provides the safety net. It allows you to share the burden of change with others, therefore lightening your load. It also helps ensure success, as a team effort is usually more successful than one person going it alone. Who do you call when you are feeling stuck, discouraged, or you want to quit? Who do you celebrate with when you are successful? Who will be there to prod you, encourage you and remind you how great you are and that what you are doing is wonderful? However, we often forget to put this piece into place and then we are left to face the struggles by ourselves. We can become overwhelmed and give up feeling defeated and discouraged. Making sure you have a strong structure in place to support you through your change can keep this from happening.

架構也是改變的安全網。讓其他人分擔轉變的工作,減 輕你的負擔。架構有助於確保成功;團隊通常比個人單獨 行動更容易成功。 當你感到進度停滯不前,沮喪,或想要放棄時,你會打 電話給誰? 當你成功時,會與誰一起慶祝?誰會嘉許你, 鼓勵你 並且提醒你 - 你是很棒的和你正在做的是很好的 , 事? 然而,我們經常忘記把這些支持整合在一起,然後讓自 己獨自面對挑戰。我們會不堪重負而放棄, 感到失敗和沮 喪。確保你有一個強大的架構來支持你的改變,能夠防止 引至失敗的事情發生。 雖然轉變的過程經常被形容為困難和艱辛,但它也可以 是令人振奮和精彩的。轉變是動力的來源,使我們不斷前 進,讓我們對自己和世界有更多的新發現。但是,就像所 有的旅程一樣,準備得越充分,旅途就會越順利。 所以,下次你面對轉變時,確保你清晰瞭解自己的承 諾,現實地評估自己的能力,並且用時間去建立健全的支 持架構。我相信最後的結果會給你驚喜。

Although the process of change is often described as difficult, it also can be an incredibly exciting journey. Change is the source of energy that keeps us moving forward and allows us to discover new things about ourselves and our world. But, as with all journeys, the better you prepare for it, the smoother your trip will be. So, the next time you are faced with a change, make sure you are clear about your commitment, realistic about your competence, and that you have taken the time to create a solid structure to support you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the end results.

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Mary Ann Bailey, MC, is a life coach who specializes in helping professional women successfully navigate the challenges of midlife career transitions. Visit her website at to read more of her articles and to receive a free copy of "How to Make the Changes that Will Move Your Life Forward [http://www.baileycoaching.com]."

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