ENG3U Exam 2011 Antigone Summary: Polynices and Eteocles both die fighting on opposite sides of Thebes’ civil

war. Creon, the new ruler, declares that Eteocles will receive a proper burial while Polynices shall not. Antigone decides to rebel against Creon and give her brother a proper burial. Creon gathers his people and tells them how he wishes to be a good ruler etc when the Sentry comes in and tells him someone has buried Polynices. In short, Creon discovers it was Antigone. He sentences Antigone and her sister Ismene to be locked up. Haemon, Antigone’s fiancé and Creon’s son, tries to convince his father to let her go. At first he flatters Creon but the two argue and Haemon vows to never see his father again. Tierasias, the blind prophet, warns Creon that the gods are with Antigone, and that he will lose a child if he does not bury Polynices. Creon agrees but by this time it is too late; Haemon kills himself, Antigone does too and upon hearing this news Eurydice, Creon’s wife, also kills herself. Creon is left childless, wifeless and alone. Important Quotations: (Obviously all quotation analyses require more in depth significance) Lines 81-92: “I won’t insist, no, even if you should have a change of heart… And even if I die in the act, that death will be a glory… Do as you lie, dishonor the laws the gods hold in honor.” Context: Antigone is having a secret discussion with Ismene about burying Polynices. Meaning: I don’t care if you don’t want to. I want to die in glory. You can go against the gods; I will honor their laws. Significance: Antigone’s character is revealed here. She is a proud young woman, and says that rebelling against Creon to defend her beliefs might cause her death, but that death would be one faced with glory. She is loyal to the gods and to her religion. Lines 140-146: “Zeus hates with a vengeance all bravado…” Context: After the civil war Meaning: Zeus hates pride Significance: this is foreshadowing/ironic: Creon, in his pride, will go against the gods. Lines 179: Creon’s Opening Speech Significance: Many lines in Creon’s opening speech display irony and the development of Creon’s character. He emphasizes the importance of loyalty, of how proud he was of his soldiers after Oedipus died. He then addresses the newfound powers he has acquired, which foreshadows the worst. Then Creon makes an ironic statement about leadership: “…you

his pride – Antigone (a woman. Meaning: She is so stubborn that she cracks. his character. People who are too stubborn and believe that only they are right will. anyway. 528-535 Context: After Antigone’s confession Creon diminishes Antigone. sense of judgment. Actually. Instead maybe it would serve Creon well to shake off his pride and accept true-life lessons from another. come . no less!) will not have power over him. She insults Creon and this reveals her pride.an excess of pride. She accuses him of being stupid if he regards her actions as foolish. It describes the idea of listening to others and overcoming pride. Creon ends with his aspiration to give the city the best council possible. Creon also suffers from this tragic flaw. making laws. 787-803 Context: Haemon trying to convince Creon that his ruling is wrong Meaning: Haemon explains how too rigid branches break. when Creon threatens him to find the body Meaning/Significance: This is exactly Creon’s problem. Creon is explaining how the stiffest stubborn wills fall the hardest when he describes Antigone. 515-525 Context: Antigone utters this passage when she is brought forth as the accused. not till he’s shown his colors. ruling the people. which will lead to his own demise . Meaning: If she dies before she is meant to.ENG3U Exam 2011 cannot know a man completely. and always do the best for the state (he ends up turning his back on his own principles) Line 366: “Oh it’s terrible when the one who does the judging judges things all wrong” Context: Sentry says this. etc. his principles. Dying at the hands of abuse by Creon is minimal hurt compared to the agony of allowing her brother’s body to rot.” The reader does not really know Creon well until he makes these rules and sentences Antigone to death. Significance: Creon’s masculinity. Creon has all the power and uses it in a corrupt fashion. he is speaking about himself. this is good! She can’t find happiness in her grief. 591-593 Context: Antigone agrees to be sent down! Meaning: Creon says that no woman will take power over him. Significance: This passage is very ironic. in the end. Significance: This is a very important passage in the play.

eg. Their community is based solely on that . who ultimately does not make any good decisions because he is so power hungry. Burial) but Creon is loyal to the state and what is best for the state Determination/Pride In Antigone. Creon sticks to his pride. it is important to understand the setting. One must learn to accept other opinions and be willing to learn. why should I listen to him? Significance: Creon’s pride = he cannot listen to someone younger than him.com/the-crucible/study-guide/short-summary/ (Click above for a good summary) For this play. a very religious. but fate is responsible for many of the most critical and devastating events. He cannot surrender for he knows that is killing his pride. This proves to be less of an asset than a flaw. 1218-1221: Context: Tierasias tries to convince Creon to bury the body Meaning: Should I resist now? But this would be ruining my pride Significance: even in the last moment. Religious Law vs. State: It is Antigone’s decision to defy Creon’s edict. State Law Antigone and Creon clash in the sense that Antigone is loyal to her religious code (the gods. Power Power corrupts and metaphorically blinds people. when he receives news that his son will die if he does not bury the body. The best example is Creon.gradesaver. The Crucible http://www. We are speaking of Salem. It is also a . 813 Context: Creon’s response to Haemon Meaning: Haemon is younger.ENG3U Exam 2011 off worse. Catholic town in Massachusetts. it is shameful. Themes/Ideas in Antigone: Individual vs. several characters have “too much” determination (Creon. they are too steeped in their own determination that their rationality and judgment is masked. Antigone).on the idea of community! It is a theocratic society (no separation between Church & State).

child. The play was written in the time of McCarthyism (1950’s) where Senator McCarthy issued a similar “witch-hunt” for communists. you did! You drank a charm to kill John Proctor’s wife! You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor!” (19) This is essentially the truth of the play. He is in this whole plot for himself. and they will ruin me with it (10). 2. We see here that her intentions are merely also for . you never say that again! You will never Betty: You did. this very strict puritan society. Abigail is conjuring up these witchcraft stories to take her place in the home of John Proctor and kill Elizabeth Proctor. The play is essentially about the witch-trials that occurred in Salem in 1692. Put the characters under the play – who is worried about reputation and integrity and who has integrity? This quotation also shows that there are factions in the community. there are enemies of Parris and the Church. Betty is sick and Parris is trying to find out exactly what Abby did in the forest. When you’re in a close-knit social community (for protection). Important Quotations Handout 1. If you’re only concerned about your reputation and how others see you and not so concerned with your integrity then that is a dangerous thing. Parris: Now look you. Character: his priorities are his reputation and not his daughter In this society. and anyone that is seen as different is a threat. your punishment will come in its time. Any elements of witchcraft will automatically push him out of the position. But if you trafficked with spirits in the forest I must know it now.ENG3U Exam 2011 puritan community. you have to conform to social norms and order. resentments and enemies are a natural effect. for surely my enemies will. to make sure the Church rules over Salem and that he is in charge of it. Parris is concerned with his reputation. because you are willing to harm other people in order to have a good status. Betty: “You drank blood Abby! You didn’t tell him that! Abigail: Betty.

which is probably why he liked Abigail (she goes out of norms of society). (that they’ve had an affair). which is ironic because Proctor sees through the hypocrisy of the community. This quotation sets up a lot of Abigail’s motivation. She is willing to hang others for her benefit. We also see that this is her first clue of her motivation: she wants Elizabeth Proctor dead. and I bury all but one? This quotation happens when the people are discussing whether to bring Rev. The quotation also shows her ability to lie: she turns on people. because her reputation is also at stake. is very manipulative. Mary Warren is backpedalling and wants to tell what happened but Abigail threatens them with death. The mob in Caesar was illogical and they kill Cinna the poet (they don’t care) – all the reason has gone out of the mind. I fear it. This also shows her true colours. because just before she was a concerned cousin but now she is a mean. We can understand how she got to be so violent etcetera. social norms (because of her affair with John Proctor). If her uncle found out that she drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor she will definitely be accused of witchcraft.and you know I can do it” (20) Abigail knows how to manipulate her little minions. Abigail is so powerful and this foreshadows how she will be able to corrupt the whole community. Hale. even before any . There is prodigious danger in the seeking of loose spirits. Abigail: “Let either of you breathe a word…. Rebecca’s levelheadedness is shown. and she has no mercy for the lives of others. Putnam: … You think it God’s work you should never lose a child. I fear it. 4. She is concerned with her reputation.ENG3U Exam 2011 herself. Rebecca: . Mrs. If anyone finds out about her endeavors she will be killed.. She goes against. So that she won’t be blamed she points outwards. vicious etc. obviously. She threatens them. Abigail creates her own mob by instilling fear in them. She will turn on the judge later and threaten him: you think the devil can’t have a spirit in you too? She is a conniving little ______  3. nor grandchild either. Let us rather blame ourselves and – Putnam: How may we blame ourselves? ….. Fear and hysteria can make you act in a way that isn’t natural. It is important to her that this plot stays secret.then let us go to God for the cause of it.

As well. Danforth says things are black and white (pride) so John Proctor thinks so as well: yet Elizabeth says to him we all have sins and we are all imperfect and acknowledge that. Mr. He feels that the Preacher cannot be undermined – God is all. Proctor. There is no redemption or forgiveness if we cannot recognize our human faults. babies) that fuel the witch trials. but also provides no outlet for all these resentments and it fuels the hysteria of the trials.ENG3U Exam 2011 accusation of the witch trials.” Giles Corey overhears and says to the court that he’s doing it for land! Living in this strict social order does provide protection. . Putnam says that God could never have done the work of this! She wants to blame the Devil because her children were all buried except for one. if I may ask you? Proctor: My lumber… Putnam: … What anarchy is this? That tract is in my bounds. Andy Dufrene in Shawshank is not responsible for his wife’s murder: I could have been a better husband (ultimately that’s why she died). Putnam’s motivation for following this ?? of witchcraft. The quotation also shows Mrs. Putnam for those who have more children. Someone accuses another of being a witch and then say “now I can buy your land. I do not wish to be put out like the cat… You people seem not to comprehend that a minister is the Lord’s man in the parish. Mrs. Parris is saying that the role of Preacher is very important. Page 137: Goody Proctor recognizes her own sins. Hale. Proctor. He is accounting for his own sins whereas the Putnams and Abigail just point outward and never look into themselves and cannot be redeemed [salvation lies within] Parris: I want a mark of confidence.” (32) There are so many undercover resentments (land. This gets Proctor to recognize his nobility and be executed. there is danger in that.. it’s in my bounds. that he wouldn’t have had the affair had she not been so cold. How can she blame herself for this? This reveals the jealousy of Mrs. Rebecca suggests that maybe the people of Salem should individually take the blame and figure out their human mistakes – you cannot start pointing fingers. is all! I am your third preacher in seven years. This actually helps stop the witch trials.” Context: this is when Rebecca Nurse is saying to send back Rev. What lumber is that you’re draggin’. The Preacher can do nothing wrong!!! (This is untrue and very ironic) 5. He is the third one in seven years – clearly he wants to stay. Putnam: A moment. Mr.

Mary: I must tell you. Contrast Giles Corey with Mary Warren. Antigone. “She told me a pig and it died. and Mary Warren who actually tried to do something good but can’t do it. You have to be extraordinary to rebel against the masses of corrupt people. Giles was asked to name names and he wouldn’t do it! It’s not just if you don’t tell us we’ll shoot you: he is actually suffering. for example. Giles Corey is an example of great strength of character: 135 Elizabeth describes his death: “He were not hanged. I am amazed you do not see what weight work we do. Proctor: A man will not cast away his good name. great stones lay upon his death…. He is admitting to his mistake and forgiving himself. He is sticking up for goodness. More weight. had the least amount of power. He is sacrificing himself for others. Proctor: You will not go to court again. and the girls that go along with it. “he wants my name!” On page 118/119: “If my wife hangs. This relates back to Julius Caesar: in mass they are a lot more powerful. and now all my pigs died. It is so difficult to be an individual against a mass of corrupt people. He doesn’t really carea bout his reputation as much. . This is similar to the Winston moment. 7.” Abigail is complete evil. Marry Warren. and died”. Mary Warren’s character: Proctor brings her to court and she tries to say Mary Warren’s lying. This quote shows the impossibility of rebelling against an all-powerful force. when the rats are coming he betrays Julia. I will be gone every day now.ENG3U Exam 2011 This is not the only dispute (in quote 5) but it is the one in Act 1 that establishes the disputes. and so she’s a witch!” This is an outlet for their angers 6. Tituba. the black slave. sir. but she was empowered by naming names. which she never would have done before. did rebel (she died). you need strength of character. You surely know that! (110) This quotation shows Proctor’s integrity. such as Mary with all the girls and their friends. I’ll murder you. She cannot withstand the power of the corrupt people (Abby). She has new power! The witch trial has empowered people who were formally marginalized in society. we must go and overthrow the court. But then she turns her back on John Proctor by saying. She is standing up to John Proctor. Proctor: What work you do! It’s strange work for a Christian girl to hang old women! (58) This quote takes place right after the first court session.

There is a corruption of the Bible. Proctor is an individual and the community is trying to conform. The quotation’s significance: it reveals the corruption of the court. and our good purpose lost in their tears (128) Context: This is when they are hoping that Proctor will confess. But when people confess it gives strength to the court. Proctor: I say – I say – God is dead! (119) This is at the end of the play where people are already being hanged. it is gone – and therefore he is accused! You can be such a good person and be backed into such a corner and when you say the truth you are accused of being corrupt. This foreshadows what happens when Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor are hanged. 9. that confession surely damns the others in the public eye. A name represents your identity and your reputation. 1984 = Winston: being a lunatic is being a minority of one. Parris: … there is hope. and your individuality. This way. If they are hanged unconfessed claiming innocence doubts are multiplied many will cry. It is ironic that the person who sees through the corruption is accused of being with the Devil.ENG3U Exam 2011 Started the course with “The Unknown Citizen”. They hysteria continues when people confess to lies. Martha Corey reads. He doesn’t realize how meaningful an act it is. If you value your private thoughts and are a thinking person and think critically of what your community is doing you are accused of being a witch. Parris says that there is hope: if he does confess then that will give validation to the Court. The witch trials are an attack on individuality. I think – for if he bring even one of these to God. and Giles doesn’t like it: she is accused. By . unconfessed and claiming innocence. When Proctor sacrifices his life he is doing it not knowing what the result will be. Irony of God: people who represent God are not necessarily God-like. They are doing all of this in the name of God (the court = the Church) but there is no God in that area. When you are a minority of one you are the lunatic. People are going against morals. logic and compassion are indeed dead! There is no justice. doubts are multiplied. 8. If you’re saying that you represent God then God is dead. and none may doubt more than they are all linked to Hell. He sees that God is dead – morality. The quote portrays the removal of good from the world. Proctor is saying: no one would just give up a name! I’m telling the truth here. many honest people will weep for them.

Here . My honesty is broke. Elizabeth. Yet by having this conversation with Elizabeth. Context: When he and Elizabeth are talking. This represents how the town is turning.ENG3U Exam 2011 being hanged he stops the witch-hunt quicker. Significance: Just by lying and doing another sin won’t be so bad. Nothing’s spoiled by giving them this lie that were not rotten long before (136). Caesar: he feels so proud he is never going to change his mind. (129) Context: Refusal to stop the executions (Parris trying to convince him to wait) He sounds like Creon. Elizabeth says I do not make any promises. He makes a great sacrifice and is doing it whether he means anything or not. When you have so much power and you don’t have compassion and think in this black and white way then there is a danger in your leadership. I am not that man. You don’t have to be perfect to do a good deed. I am no good man. Danforth: While I speak God’s law. and an ocean of salt tears could not melt the resolution of the statutes. It is the people who feel like they’ve never made a mistake (Danforth etc) that’s when people are dangerous. If he confesses = Rebecca Nurse is “lying”. John is seen at the beginning as someone different (sees the fakery and hypocrisy of his community) and ironically that’s why he liked Abigail (stood apart). Proctor: I cannot mount the gibbet like a saint. and in order to have redemption one must do good acts! It doesn’t matter if you have sinned already. To confess: I’m selling out my friends. At this point he decides to ask for his life. it will make the court seem weak. Winston’s mother: holds Winston’s sister and knowing that there is no more food she still hugs her even though it seems meaningless. in the same way that Proctor stands up and is hanged. know this – I should hang ten thousand that dared to rise against the law. I will not crack its voice with whimpering. 11. 10. I am a fraud. And yet she still holds on to that integrity and humanity by doing that. He would never have the humility to think about this in a different way. But he can’t fake it and be a good person! He’s always been on guard for pretense. especially when Elizabeth says she has her own sins to count (I’m responsible. too) gives him the courage to sacrifice his life for this noble cause. and Parris knows people do not have the stomach for this anymore. He is already so far into the evil that he cannot turn around now. If retaliation is your fear. but it is to keep his humanity and integrity.

How will his sons be able to stand up like men? How will John Proctor’s name be remembered? He wants it to be remembered in a way that is honest and good so that his sons can honor him. And actually he doesn’t know it but his name has been passed on. Other Works: name & legacy Antigone dies for her family (family’s name) and in 1984 Winston wants to be remembered (his journal) and to have some kind of legacy left over Brutus in the end his name is seen as one of the greatest Romans of them all but he wasn’t really doing it for his own personal name but rather for the name of Rome and for the legacy of Rome. what Rome should be! 13. God forbid I take it from him! (145) Context: As Elizabeth is watching Proctor being taken away and Hale is in hysteria.ENG3U Exam 2011 is the Winston moment – the rats are in your face. 14. what do you do? Winston & Proctor are different. Refer to the definitions on a previous handout. his reputation and his name. He won’t give them the confession. Because of his actions he saved many people. trying to get him to confess Significance: It shows the forgiveness. Elizabeth: He have his goodness now. Crucible: . It is more important than his freedom. And they ask why – because it is my name. But when she confesses her own sins that give him the courage to be good and he finds this goodness. Discuss the significance of the title of the play. John Proctor needed to forgive himself. His legacy is that he stopped the craziness of the witch-hunts. Proctor says: “I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor. he knows he’s not perfect but it is certainly enough to stand up for his principles.” Proctor finds his moral center. 12. On page 144. Proctor: Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? (143) Context: When he signs what they wanted him to sign. (Unknown Soldier = how name is your identity and individuality against the conformity) And so it’s also about the legacy that he will leave. but he grabs it back. Significance: Proctor ultimately decides to save his integrity.

ENG3U Exam 2011 1. A severe test or trial • It is a trial for Proctor and he comes through purified Page 53: Elizabeth Proctor says it: “The town’s gone wild I think… she speaks of Abigail – where she walks the crowd parts for Israel” 114: hale = system corrupt. First time where Elizabeth and john talk about what happened in their marriage and try to get back to the place they used to be. A place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development • All the resentments were bubbling under the surface and erupted int this terrible time 3. Danforth stubbornness. forgive me john I never knew such goodness in the world. From the beginning eh was logical but now realizes that it’s gone out of control 118-119: mary warren lying to court about proctor she gives in to fear. From her character how good she is because a . Says to proctor. This crucible that John Proctor goes through finally purifies him. all of this violence and everything is trying to purify the town • Everyone. she lies because she is under Abigail. It’s ironic because John changed but she feels guilty and calls him a good man. in order to see their true selves. society taken way out of proportion. sometimes have to stand up in times of great suffering. He starts off as a flawed man who sinned and in the end is purified so much that he stands up for what he believes in and ends the witch trials. A container in which metals are subjected to high temperatures • The witch-hunts themselves are a crucible. determination to keep the power – willing to kill innocent people in society to remain authoritative figure judge most corrupt character! Resistance to logic (Creon. At first she was under proctor’s side but Abigail turns really dramatic so everyone believed her 129 danforth: ocean of salt tears cannot melt. mob mentality. Caesar) He recognized there was an option 135: Elizabeth telling about Giles Corey he retained his integrity 137: forgive me. 2.

ENG3U Exam 2011 good person can look into themselves and see what they did wrong. Wants to do this Ideas for Review Theme ideas and how they connect: . family legacies Corruption of the court: they take everything and they want his name also. Puts colour into a black and white society people are not defined by their mistakes. leave me my name Keeps his integrity Preservation of his name because it means reputation. He believes that it is better to die – if proctor signed the doc he would not be worth anything unlike Giles Corey or Martha Corey or Rebecca Nurse. 143: I have given you my soul.

He often disregards the Gods. Even though Abigail was kind of corrupt before she certainly abuses this power as the head of the girls to the point of killing other people. a definite abuse of their control. Danforth: whenever someone has that much power to decide: you’re either with us or against us . He also does not free Publius Cimber. He wants to become like a god and achieve immortality. Creon wants to be in control of every situation and this eventually leads to his demise. Abigail also does – she abuses her manipulative abilities. “Am I to rule for others or rule for myself?” “ 1984: Big Brother & his Thought Police abuse their power over the people. People who seize power will not relinquish it. saying that it doesn’t matter if the Gods are not on his side. but dismisses that. He also refers to himself as the Northern Star – Caesar has the hubris: I don’t have to listen to the soothsayer Calpurnius: Decius reinterprets? The Crucible: The Church abuses its power – they use religion to go on this hysteric trial. Caesar: He abuses his power when he thinks he is so powerful to overthrow superstition. All the ways they use to take power and keep in control are the extremes of tyranny. and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton Antigone: Creon abuses his power in Antigone.ENG3U Exam 2011 Leaders who abuse their power (How? Why? Outcomes?) “Power corrupts. which ultimately causes his assassination.that power corrupts When he is asked to postpone hangings is no: it’s exactly like Creon (he will look weak) and like Caesar (I’m not going to budge) and this is also his hubris Compare & Contrast: People Sacrificing Themselves for a Cause 1984: Winston & Julia Julia really isn’t doing it for a cause but Winston is. Winston is doing it to overthrow the party Antigone: . He is stubborn etcetera. The Party also erases history and truth. innocence and religion to turn against Elizabeth Proctor. Creon knows that people must receive proper burial according to the Gods.

paperweight. who succeeds? Winston does not succeed but does preserve humanity (journal. Creon etc) but even if it doesn’t the inherent value of knowing that you have stuck to your principles prevents you from becoming like Winston who is ultimately the living dead. and sacrifices himself through patriotism. chocolate = holding for the sake of holding Antigone: holds on to values of religion and values of family honor over life. kills him. Julia). The fact that he is still alive is meaningless. Even though one may feel at the time that it is meaningless (John Proctor – what’s the difference?) we see that there is value in sticking up for one’s beliefs (stopped witch trials. Brutus: it is his value that Rome should be a Republic! So he holds onto this even though he has this great challenge of not only killing Caesar but of course in the insuring war that he tries to win Fickleness/Easy manipulation of the masses – how does this . Giles Corey Preserving integrity and truth by being hung instead of lying Brutus: Sacrifices all his private loyalties for the public good of Rome.ENG3U Exam 2011 She wants to bury her brother even though the punishment is death Proctor + Rebecca Nurse. he is mentally dead. She talks about why it’s so important to her in terms of the gods and family. Proctor: Obviously holds on to his integrity… that almost made him confess! (I can’t be a fake saint!) He felt he had to be a totally flawless person to stand up for his beliefs. People attempting to hold on to values/inner life This you would want to know examples: Who attempts. He does everything that goes against his best friend (Caesar). He overcomes that by sacrificing his life. Antigone dying does change Creon – sometimes the act that you’re doing may seem meaningless but you do it anyway because that’s part of the integrity. This goes with Christian theology: if you sin you should be damned to hell (it’s all black and white).

Creon does.ENG3U Exam 2011 happen? Why is it dangerous? (Or using fear to manipulate) Antigone: Creon manipulates the crowd in terms of fear. The masses are afraid of Creon. Goodness. seemingly meaningless actions that he admires in his mother is goodness Caesar: Brutus has many ideas about honor but it is because he’s naïve he is not successful. Virtuewell Antigone: God’s law is good. Oceania. the private loyalties. this is very dangerous. He feels he is not a good enough person to do something so heroic but Elizabeth gets . etc.. If you’re in a society that believes that one is with or against as a society you are turned into a mob because individualism is outlawed. He feels that everyone is an honorable person. It would be more ruling with fear. Crucible: once goodness is ruined you can’t get it back. using fear as a way to manipulate your people (1984 does. Honor. Crucible (language to manipulate) and how is language used to create different realities in the work? So in the Crucible you have the power of these girls’ words! I saw Goody ___ with the devil. – honor the gods 1984: Winston defines goodness or virtue as staying human. in the Crucible the girls are afraid of Abigail) Caesar: Antony understands that passion is catching and that is more important than reason. and how they can manipulate the entire town! Language and thought in 1984: they control their whole people. This is ironic because Antony uses that word and twists it in the oration speech. That whole idea of language and thought and how language is so important On the other side: when you’re part of the mob and it masses – how it happens and why is it dangerous? If you are a people being told how to think. I don’t need the crowd. Once a mob gets going logic and rationality flies out the window Pompey/Caesar – they are easily manipulated What are the different ways able to manipulate them! Caesar manipulated also: oh. no. It is honorable to keep Rome as a Republic and not ruled by one person.

She goes against the laws of the land for her own loyalties. Antigone + Brutus: Both are loyal to their causes (Antigone = the gods. The power of the party is so overwhelming that he can’t stand up to that.) The Crucible: Proctor is loyal to what’s right. in his naïveté. which would be betrayal. And Antigone doesn’t want Ismene to die so that Antigone can receive the glory. He ends up dying because of his naïve idealistic approach of what he is trying to do. In the end: Winston totally loves Big Brother (he is the living dead) Caesar: Brutus is loyal to Rome over his private loyalties to his friend. . (Cassius thought that the enemy was taking his friend Titanius. “he has his goodness now” Loyalty Antigone: Antigone is loyal to her religion and the gods. relationships. 1984: Everything that Winston understands is meaningful (loyalty. They ultimately both die standing up for what they believe in. However. really believed what he was doing was noble. 173: Julia & Winston are talking . Whereas John Proctor – people support his cause and protect him.it’s not confessing. In the end he realizes this and she says. humanity) he gives up under the torture. And Ismene is loyal to her sister. The difference between her and Creon is that Creon does not stick to his principles throughout the play whereas Antigone does. so Cassius kills himself. The one thing that matters is that we shouldn’t betray one another… Confessing is not betrayal – if they could make me stop loving you. And Brutus then kills himself. COMPARE & CONTRAST Antigone + Winston: Antigone and Winston both fight for what they believe in and are the minority of one. family and Brutus = Rome).ENG3U Exam 2011 him out of this. lack of it. Antigone’s actions were sometimes immoral (insulting Creon) whereas Brutus. Antigone has people that care about her but that doesn’t help her because they don’t support their cause. but Antigone manages to overcome the power of Creon and stay true to her loyalties whereas Winston does not manage to overcome Big Brother and betrays Julia. and her family. Loyalty. or rather. she doesn’t want her sister to die. is what essentially prevents Winston from rebelling against the party. it’s making them say they don’t love each other.

The works that we’ve studied in this ancient Greek time that if you feel the gods have no control and that you can control things over the gods that’s hubris. however. It’s when you think you’re better than the gods that your pride gets in the way. Antigone. She is proud but when it goes to the extreme of anything she doesn’t know when to draw the line. 1984: (not really pride) Caesar: Caesar has a lot of pride and he abuses it. .ENG3U Exam 2011 Antigone + Proctor: Antigone and Proctor both are loyal to their causes but whereas Antigone is a minority of one Proctor has Goody Nurse and Giles Corey. Antigone has a lot of pride – when is it good and when is it bad? Antigone’s pride is good because she buries her brother and it helps her stand up for what she believes in. insults Creon and goes too far with her pride. Proctor has good pride. Even the misinterpretation of things (where Cassius thinks his friend is taken by the enemy) – you’re not in control of your life. He’s misinterpreting what’s happening so it’s fate. And Paris is concerned about his reputation and only about what other people think about you – that is dangerous. Pride (Good or Bad) Antigone: This fits with leadership. But even Cassius: doesn’t believe in the stars until later. as does Giles Corey & Martha Corey And the whole idea of your name and your reputation (that’s a pride thing too) – that his name should live on and have meaning. Pride is thinking you can control! Crucible: The pride of the courts (Danforth).