PROTEC's SlideRailshoring system provides economical an alternative to conventional "tightsheeting" methods.

It is idealfor usein poor

. Complete systemconsists fivebasic of components:cornerposts,spreader osts, p spreader eams, oller beams, ndpanels. b r a

. Spreader ostsandcornerpostsare p soil conditionsndwheresoilsupport available single,double,andtriple track a in designs meetvariousdepthandclearance to isrequired. requirements. llowsawide rangeof A applications.


Roller eam B


Spreader Beam

Spreader Post

"'- Corner ost P


Roller Beam

Roller Beam + Single Spreader Post

Single Corner Post
I.J.Roller Beam


) Roller Frame

I Lal
I +

I 20'
, InsidePanel OutsidePanel




"'~' ~2y.~'O




Double Spreader Post

Double Corner Post




. Roller Beam Roller Frame

",c§' .~'O ~

.A 2t 8' Inside Panel
CenterPanel OutsidePanel

~ ",'10-<::"-~
,->'0<:' ",'10-<::"-


i)~'O \:»>



Triple Spreader Post

Triple Corner Post

Designed with


and~[J@@[lJ]cill~W~in mind



Track Cut-outs
. Integral trackcut-outdesign onbothcorner ndspreader reduce a posts theheighthatpanels eed t n tobeliftedforfaster, installation. safer Noladder equired. r

PRO-TEe's exclusivequick-release hook is operated

from the ground, eliminates the need for climbing ladder to unhook rigging.

Machined Hi-strength Steel"T" Locks
. "T" lockson panelsaremachinedfrom solidhi-strength bar steel.Eliminates welds,reduces friction, provides secure connection this critical point. at

HeavyDutyRoller BeamWheels
. Large diameter (4-in.)solidsteel wheels llowentire a spreadrame f
to moveup or downfor maximumclearance andaccess. rease G zerk fittings extendlife.


Fast, smooth, installation


" "



Second panel and corner post forms a right angle.




Excavation is deepened and panels are lowered into inside tracks.



until desired depth is reached.


panels and corner posts are extracted
and compaction is completed.

as back filling

Square and rectangular pits
(top) PRO-TEC's Double Double

SlideRail Systemwas used


wide, 16 ft.Iong and 20-ft. deep pit installation in Memphis. excavationwas in poor soil conditiol1~ adjacent to streets,and close to buildings and utilities.



A Double lideRailSystem S
was used in this 12-ft. square by 20-ft. deep pit to install a manhole within a few feet of a mechanical building at a sewage treatment facility.


TEC'sTriple Slide Rail

System was needed to solve this
deep manhole installation in wet soil



installed on each side of this square pit to achieve a vertical height of 28 feet.

Linear nd a Multiple Bays

Large Boring Pits are being
shored more and more frequently using PRO-TEe's Slide Rail System to increase safety and save time and money. Multiple bays were used here to achieve the required length of 72 feet.


Large precast structures


this job required special vertical clearance. PRO-TEe's Double Slide Rail

Roller Frames to meet requirements.


In thislinearapplication
PRO- Ee's Single Slide Rail System T
provided a low vibration alternative to sheeting when installing pipe next to a telephone company building housing sensitive computer equipment.



Clearspantank installations
(top) A PRO- ECDouble Track T

SlideRail Systemwas use
shoreup this largeexcavation in unstable, igh moisturecontent h groundconditionslocatedin a

Thepit measured feet 43
long,16feetwide,and22feetdeep. (center)


Twohugefuel tanksinstalled
at congestedO'Hare Airport required a clear-span excavation measuring 50 feet long, 28 feet wide, and 20 feet photo, material has been installed and lower


A diesel fuel tankinstalled ina
hospital"QuietZone"requiredthe useof PRO- Ee'sTripleSlideRail T "dig-and-push" ethodof m installation(insteadofloud, vibration-drivenpiling) solvedthe problem.Thepit measured 64feet long, 17feetwide,and24feetdeep.

CQstomDesigns to MeetUnique Needs

PRO-TEC's Triple Track Slide Rail was installed in this
huge pit to provide for a cast-in -place concrete foundation and lift station. The excavation measured 46 feet long, 28 feet wide, and 44 feet deep in running sand and was located between a building and the highway.


CQOS$ bracing was used
vvi.ththisDouble Slide Rail
System to install a lift station adjacent to active railroad tracks. The rolling croSS braces were lifted as needed to allow clear.ance for forming and pouring of the structure.


TEC's Utility.Panel
used 01} job to work


around an existing sewer line. The Double SlideR.ailSystemwas installed tight against a busy


and shielding in all Whatever you have a size and type to suit Or we will design and build shielding tailored to your specific needs.

. ProSeries shields in 4",6"

. Manhole shields in 4" single &


PalSeries shields in 3" single & double wall, and 4" double wall




ATS Aluminum shieldsin standard

. ModSeriesModular aluminum

standard sizes

. High ClearanceArch

16 feet long


Heavy Duty Overlap Sheeting

. Stone Savermaterial container . SlideRail shoring system

PBBIB ..,.,..~ ,...-. ."~II

," "
'"'I"' II

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