Research Presentation

my research presentation is going to be about guitars. I will be covering all of the subjects about guitars, such as the following: the history of the guitar. Types of guitars. Parts of the guitar. Tunings. Styles of guitar playing. Amplifiers and effect. Ways of playing guitar. I will also be presenting some information on a alternative rock band ( paramore) and will discuss the bands history, style of playing and music.

like a harp or a lyre. Every since then guitars have developed and developed to created the perfect instrument.History of the guitar: A lot of instruments like the guitar have been around for thousands of years. . The first ever known six stringed instrument guitar was made in Spain called a vihuela and was made around the 15th and 15th century. it used tablature just like the modern guitar. In the olden days the earliest known guitar was created by using a bowl harps and tanburs. some people play it as a hobby. The name guitar came from the Spanish word guitarra which originated from a geek word kithara which was known as an instrument. and some play it as an ambition.

electric guitars. bass guitar. arch top guitar. flat top guitar. the most popular guitars are classical guitars these are one of the most commonly know guitars It has 6 strings.ty es of guitars there are tonnes of different ty es of guitars c assical guitars acoustic guitar. and this guitar is mostly played by fingerpicking. steel string acoustic guitar. there are hundreds! Were as. twelve string guitar. which is using the tips of your fingers Because this guitar is best played by finger picking. flamenco guitars. the guitar has nylon strings (plastic smooth strings this guitar is played for classical music Any acoustic type guitar has a large hollow body to emphasise the sound from the strings being plucked. .

Electric guitar:the electric guitar has a solid. Electric guitars are mainly played for styles such as rock. there are lots of different shapes and types. like the V neck guitar. they have steel strings. it covers every style. This guitar isn t played for one particular style of music.Acoustic guitar: acoustic guitars are very similar to classical guitar. From electric guitars. . It is like the acoustic guitar. semi hollow body. and mocking bird. but very slim and can be plugged in and the sound from the guitars electromagnetic pickups the guitar has on their body just below the pickups. but instead of nylon strings. and more. wich is varnished and painted.

. emo. Those are the most popular guitars that are used.punk. anything that needs loud guitar sound..

its mainly for style and comes in all different shapes. nut head and tuners. the strings shorten or lengthen depending on what fret is pressed. Sound hole. For acoustic guitars. head/headstock ± the head of the guitar. Neck ± the neck is a long extension of wood which attatched the body to the frests. usually has tuners on it. Frets ± the frets are metal strips which when pressed between. Body ± the body is the largest part of the guitar and gives the guitar its personality and will attract people to buy it. Truss rod ± this is a metal rod inside the guitar neck which stops it from bending from tension. for electric guitars. Strings ± the strings produce sound when you strum or pluck one. tuners/machine head/tuning keys ± the tuner raises or lowers the pitch of the guitar strings. and they pick up the vibrations from the strings by a magnet in the pick ups which sent it to the amp and the amp amplifies the sound. nut ± thenut is a small strip that guides the strings to the fret board. the body produces the sound. which is what creates different pitches. Pick ups ± pick ups are on electric guitars. fretboard.the sound hole on acoustic guitars takes in vivrations from the strings and allows them to resonate producing a louder sound. .Parts of the guitar: there are a lot of parts of a guitar that is essential for the guitar to actually work.

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such as metallica. This tuning is mostly used for country music ( DADF#AD) is open D and DGDGBD us open G. and bands such as avenge seven fold.Tunings: Tunings are controlled by the tuners. and is used by many artists. and they change thte sound of a guitar completely and tunings can give a different feel of a song. another popular tuning used a lot is open tuning. drop D ± DADGBE mostly used for heavy sounding songs. . paramore. slash and many more. there are many more µdrop¶ tunings. the most popular guitar tuning is standard (EADGBE). Artists which use this tuning are jimi hendrix. A heavy playing band such as metallica would tune their guitar to drop D. the fratellis and many more. lamb of god and many more drop C ± CGCFAD which is standadD with the D tuned down to C. artists change their tuning to their style of music. a variation of the standard tuning is half a step down which is exactly like standard but flat ( EbAbDbGbBbEb). eg. were as a classical player would keep their tuning in standard. usually D or G were you can play a major chord with just open strings.

and focuses a lot on fingerstyle. and all depend on the guitar and the guitar player. Amplifiers and effect: An amplifier is what amplifies the sound of an electric guitar. an example of a rock band would be greend day.styles of guitar: there are a lot of ways and styles a guitar is played. from metallica. to classical. Just like the range of guitars. And each amp does something different in different ways. like mason williams. a classical artist plays calmly. rock is more of a distortion way of playing. Most . to paramore. there are tonnes of different styles of playing. the range of amps is massive. from rock.

amps have a distortion button which makes the sound sound fuzzy and distorted. There are many types of scales to do to improve the way you play. but for many people technique is important. Some amps have an effect called crunch which makes the sound crunchy and sreechy. like echo. which focuses on one thing really well. for example a classical guitar player needs to improve on their technique to move their fingers fast. Ways of playing the guitar: Many people believe in just jumping in an playing the guitar. reverb and more. you could buy a delay pedal and it would focuse on delaying the sound through the amp. like jimi hendrix in one of his songs. then their 2nd and 4th finger up a string. so they would do something called a scale. Depending on the amp there are tonnes of effects that can be used to determine what style you want your song to be. they would put their fingers on the bottom string move only their 1st and 3rd finger up a string. were as some amps have an effect which makes the guitar sound clean like an acoustic. and a lot more! there is an add on that can be purchased for amps. This would slowly increase chord progression. There are amps made by E&D. There are many scales that . orange. If you need delay in your song. line 6. Like if you wanted your song to sound really heavy and distorted you would buy a distortion pedal. isnt enough you can buy an expensive effects pedal. If the tonnes of effects an amp comes issued with.and continue to do this. if someone wanted to improve on chord changing.

and one of their main skills links back with the previous presentation (guitar) . Paramore: Paramore is a famous well known alternative rock band.different styles of artists do to improve their playing.

the band consists of hayley williams ( vocalists) Josh farro (guitarist) Zac farro ( drummer) Jeremy davis ( bass guitar) .

hayley began taking vocal lessons with a man called brett manning. and improved and improved. whilst attending a private school. Very shortly after arriving. That¶s when paramore began. .And taylor york (guitar) The history of paramore: in 2002. hayley and taylor started participating in a funk band called ³the factory´ and then progressed onto paramore. hayley williams when she was 13 moved from mississippi to tennessee were she met the brothers. josh farro and zac farro.

Paramore is a alternative rock band. ³all we know´ about jeremys departure. When paramore traveled after gigging to florida.It was only in 2006 when paramore struggled. to do this their guitarists use loud electric amps. that has become very popular for their fast upbeat and aggressive music. The remaining 4 members of paramore. but jeremy ended up coming back to paramore and being again a member of the band. jeremy davis for personal reasons. with effects pedals to specialive in their specific sound. . Paramore were trying to replace jeremy. carried on being a band and created an album together.