Hunting Unlimited 2009 README Hunting Unlimited 2009 (TM) ValuSoft, a division of THQ Inc.

Software (C) 2008 SCS Software. Hunting Unlimited, ValuSoft, and the ValuSoft logo are trademarks of THQ Inc. SCS Software and the SCS logo are trademarks of SCS Software. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. ****************************************************************** For Hunting Unlimited 2009 Technical Support, please refer to the Help document in the Start/Programs/Hunting Unlimited 2009/Visit ValuSoft Web site. If you need further assistance please visit: For the latest information on Hunting Unlimited, please visit: *** There are many choices of rendering paths, and these should only be changed by advanced users. The game will select the path best suited to your hardware. Please see the Troubleshooting section below, and the Troubleshooting section of the Help file, for more information. *** Intel 810/815 graphics chipsets will run HU2009, even though they are below the minimum system requirements. You must be sure to install the latest drivers found on You will have to keep the detail settings set down for best performance. ****************************************************************** HELP FILE: There is a full Help File in HTML format that can be accessed from the Start Menu. There is also an in-game Help Section found on the Main Menu. ****************************************************************** KEY CONFIGURATION: You will use your keyboard and your mouse to navigate while hunting. There is a set of default keys that you may change by going into the Options Menu from the Main Menu. Pressing F5 also displays a quick tip and summary mission description for the mission you are on. Keyboard & Default Mouse Controls Movement W Forward S Backward A Step Left

and you can customize your controls. Each rifle and bow has different handling and ballistic characteristics. Spend time at the target range on both stationary and moving targets. ****************************************************************** HINTS AND TIPS Know your sporting arms very well. If you need to step away from the computer and you are in the middle of a hunt just press the ESC key to pause. Don t over use the calls and scents. They can hear and see the movement. The ESC key acts as a Pause and Exit while you are in a mission. A little is good.D Step Right Left Shift Run F1 Stand F2 Crouch F3 Prone Hunt Mouse 1 Fire R Reload Space Raise/Lower weapon G Cycle Weapon Numpad + Zoom In Numpad Zoom Out X Use current Item Z Previous Item C Next Item I Interact T Take Trophy Picture Game Binds Escape F5 Pause F7 F8 F10 In Game Menu In Game Score & Summary Pause Game Mark Map Location Clear Map Locations Screenshot There are more controls. Never run or even walk too much when you are trying to get close to animals. but too much will alert the animals that something is not natural. The animals will act differently based upon how you react to them. Use stands or other objects to get a better perspective on the terrain. so you should practice with each. crouch or crawl to a closer location to keep them from noticing you. The animals can smell as well as see and hear. . Learn the hunting areas and try the hunts several times to try to increase your score. at both long and short range. Always keep the animals UPWIND of you. in the Options / Control Settings from the Main Menu. Instead.

4 Ghz or 100% compatible 256 MB RAM 1 Gb HD Space (allows for swap file) 64 MB DirectX/Direct3D and T&L compatible video accelerator card DirectX 8.****************************************************************** MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP Pentium 4 1. If you are crashing upon exit of the game. please try to obtain the latest drivers for your video card. you probably don't. If you are having sound or video problems. After you have updated your drivers. This game requires DirectX at: as it will most likely make all your games perform better. This will also help tech support if you should need to call them. and restart Windows.exe. you should try reinstalling DirectX. You can get the latest version from their website at: www. We recommend getting the most up to date version. Run the program named Dxdiag. This will give you detailed information for all your drivers and other DirectX Q: How do I update my video drivers? A: You must first know what video card you are using. either look at the documentation that came with your computer / video card purchase or you can find out by looking at your computer's System Properties. but there may be a more up to date version available. If you already know what card you have. please download or obtain the latest drivers from your card manufacturer. This will most likely solve your problem. If you do not know what card you have. DirectX is a free download from Microsoft. If your drivers are not DirectX certified.0 or later. you should reinstall DirectX (from whatever folder you downloaded it to). open Windows Explorer and go to the C:\Program Files\DirectX\Setup\ directory. More up-to-date info on DirectX can be found at Microsoft's webpage.1 or later DirectX compatible sound card Mouse CR-Rom drive ****************************************************************** TROUBLE SHOOTING: The most common errors are related to video & sound card drivers. This is the number one problem people have with DirectX games. Q: How do I get DirectX? A: DirectX is most likely already installed on your computer. follow . Even if you think you have the latest Q: How do I determine if my Video card is DirectX compatible? A: For DirectX diagnosing tools. go to that manufacturer's web site and follow their instructions for downloading and upgrading your driver. To find this out.

You will see a monitor icon with the text Display Adapters next to it. or the textures don t look www. The drivers are usually located in the Support section of their www.micronpc.the instructions below. Some computer systems do not correctly handle the drawing of shadows or grass and can cause crashes. If you are running with shadows and grass turned on. Your System Properties can be viewed by right clicking on the My Computer icon on your www. Click on it and then click the Properties button. Q: I am not hearing any sound or the sounds are broken up. This is usually a trial and error selection. You can also choose to use different renderer pathways from the Options/Graphics menu. Drivers. You should be running the latest version of DirectX and have updated drivers for your video card. Left click on the + and you should see what driver you are currently using. Q: I am not seeing any textures on the ground. A: Try turning down or up the detail settings in the Option menu. and then Device Manager. Running the game in Fullscreen mode rather than windowed mode can also improve the performance. selecting Properties.3dfx. A: Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. . Upgrades. You must now go to the manufacturer web site to obtain the free driver www. Make sure you follow the instructions above for updating your driver. try turning them off. and is most likely a driver related issue.hp.nvidia. Other areas to look are Downloads. then selecting the Device Manager tab. For Windows www. or decrease the Resolution in the Options Menu. Some cards run better on different www. click Start/ Control Panel/ System Properties/ then the Hardware Technical Support or User Support.s3. A: This could be related to several Some of the larger hardware manufacturer sites are: www. That should tell you the manufacturer. Q: My game is crashing for some reason while I m hunting. You may also want to turn down the Visual Quality settings to Lowest or Moderate Q: The game is running choppy or slow. Files.

A: You can adjust the mouse sensitivity in the Options Menu. . Q: The mouse sensitivity is too high. You may also try turning off the 3D Sound in the Options Menu. Optimizing your hard drive: Run SCANDISK and DEFRAG your hard drive. There is a great potential for making games run faster and better if your system is optimized. and it is difficult to aim.A: Be sure you have updated the drivers on your sound card and have the latest version of DirectX installed.