Gagandeep Singh

E-Mail:;, Mobile: 647-771-2033 Domain Specialist: Ecommerce, Web 2.0 & 3.0
Objective: Blend of Managerial and Technical Position which will always give me obsession of Growing. I am an

enthusiastic individual that has strong knowledge of usability principles, as well as business and IT process

Career Overview
Technical and Business Knowledge

 Strong knowledge of usability principles, issues and techniques and test strategies on both client and server

 Create automated tests to test both Client and Server functionality  Technical Consultant for modernization system Solutions through automation & manual test suits  SME for Automation Testing Tool (QTP) designing frameworks, libraries, reusable action scripts for easy
regression use.

 Excellent knowledge of web design, online publishing tools, and MS office applications
Consultation and Project Management Skills

 Comfortable in Agile process following SCRUM approach, while handling multiple projects in CMMI level 5

 Develop, document, and maintain test deliverables including test strategies, test plans, test cases, defect
logs, status reports and test metrics, and test result summaries.

 Hands on experience in integration, testing, verification & validation of specifications, manual test case

scripting, test case review, test case execution, test automation, defect and issue reporting, defect tracking and follow up. agreements Other Essential Skills

 Consultation and negotiation skills to act as advisor with senior management and negotiate service level

 Management Role for Effort Estimation, Risk Analysis, Vulnerability of software, Bug Triage Meetings,
Prioritising Bugs, Making presentations, Training.

 Maintain Project Report to keep Senior Management apprised of project details and status  Good problem solving, analytical, technical writing and data extraction abilities  Result Oriented Professional with 11 + years’ experience in Information Technology in Development/
Testing / Quality Assurance / Project Management & Planning

 Familiar with International exposure and work environment

Technical Skill Set
Database PMP Approach(s) Languages Automation Tools Bug Tracking Version Control Manual Document Specialization Traceability Matrix PMP Tools Other Automation tools : : : : : : My SQL, SQL Agile (SCRUM), Waterfall, V&V, SDLC/STLC HTML and JS, VB Script VSTS, QTP, Load Runner Jira, Bugzilla, Empirix SharePoint, SVN (Tortoise), Perforce, Technical Document and User

: SRS/FRD verification, Test Plan, Test Cases, Bug Reports, : IPMS (integrated project management tool), MPP : In-Spyder, Link Runner, HTTP watch, Selenium, J Meter

Organisational Experience
Organization Name Volt Information Science Current Role Transition QA Lead to Asst.QA Mgr Tenure Oct’09 –

Sardar Patel University Professional Certifications  IBM net commerce certification  Six-Sigma Green Belt Certification {British Standards Institute}  Certified Software Training (Manual & Automated) {WebTek Labs} Projects Achievements  Awarded as 2009-2010 Quality Buster Award by Arctern Consulting. Leads project team(s) and day to day planning.Diploma (Mass communication).G. Load Runner 22. VSTS. 2. ERP. track defects and resolutions and report status. .. activities and tasks are completed as scheduled. 5. Team Size: Synopsis: workflow and data (in order of Complexity) At Volt Information Science New version launch & maintenance QTP.ISANGO.T. 7. UK-India Sept’09 Infoedge Ltd. Noida QA Lead QA Lead Test Analyst Web Programmer Web designer Aug’08July’06 Jan’04 Sept’00 – – – Sept’99- Aug-00 Scholastics  Degree in Bachelors in Commerce. Oversee day-to-day support desk operations to ensure requests are addressed quickly Test planning and Execution (Test plan creation and review test cases).  Awarded as emerging leader award in 2007 by Infoedge Ltd.C. Work with analysts to define the scope and coverage of the test effort Analyze application requirements. Delhi University  Computer Science Engineering diploma. 8. KPI’s: 1. Geneva-New Delhi Nov’04 Majestic Software ltd. to paying vendors for services and materials delivered. Execute test cases. 3. 1996-1999. India July’08 Vectone Telecommunication.  Overseeing smooth implementation of the application lot of written appreciations from Client  Monitoring and ensuring customer delivery during the transition period  First youngest United Nations Technical Employee to join the organization Projects Experience  Consol (Procure staff) Current Status: Tools Used: Max. techniques and tools that are appropriate to the project(s). (2 leads and 20 Testers) Consol is a web-based software application that enables electronic Management throughout the services procurement lifecycle—from creation of your requirements. Daily status calls & Client interaction for FRD Approvals & trainings.I. functional and/or technical specifications. 6. 4. 1996-1999. including the selection of methodologies. management and control of application development and maintenance of a project(s). 2004. A. PeopleSoft related back-end application. Prioritize testing tasks based on goals and risks of projects and ensure testing milestones.K May’05 World Health Organization. U.E  P.

Involvement in sanity testing & UAT testing. Backend CRM. My Account. 13. It also provides services to Recruiters to access and search candidates resume and Send Bulk Email’s. J-Meter performance script At Infoedge Ltd. 11.based on country. Http Watch. Ensure business satisfaction by communicating with them in a timely manner regarding release status. which is searchable on website and shared with other users. Act as a role model. Contingency plans. to mentor employees to promote a high performance technical and business focused team At ISANGO Ltd  Travel E-Commerce Website Website: Team Size: Tools used: Synopsis: Ongoing-Creation and Maintenance QTP. Vulnerability of software. Suppliers XML schema testing.Meter. I. budget) WEB 2. share their snaps. Isango. 10. hotels discount Integration testing: Travel Studio & CRM-Backend application to upload tours and control dynamic fields to be visible during search (e. Error Message Handling. Multilingual Content Verification. MS SQL. project estimation.  Job Portal for INDIA Website: Current Status: Tools used: Synopsis: Naukri. escalating and resolving issues as they arise 14. budget. SMS’es to candidates. Bug Triage Meetings. Risk Analysis. Manage requests from stakeholders assist with the launch of their strategic initiatives 12. region. These tours can be bought online through payment gateway. Introduction of new automation tool for cost cutting benefits.0 Platform: Website allows users to give feedback regarding the tour and their experience. HTTP Watch Multilingual & Multicurrency e-commerce portal for search and upload of tours and excursions. QTP: Test Scripts Creation for Web Form’s and functional flow testing 2. release notes.9. Updating automation scripts. Projects: Manual: Entire CRM module: Registration form.g. Job Search and Apply.E. Search Engine (Cross Platform) Search filters. Resource allocation. work distribution. Firebug The mentioned web portal provides services to Job Seekers in the form of Registration. Dynamic Vouchers testing. persons. My SQL. 3-4 Index Tool. must do’s. Mozilla. and support teams for successful overall delivery • Effort Estimation. duration. which involved 1-way security testing to be vulnerable on website. QTP. Prioritising Bugs • Lead and motivate a team of web design specialists/analysts in their delivery of exceptional client service and operational excellence Automation: 1. Light box Management: • Ensure day-to-day support to the project. theme. Features: GUI testing. .com. J. Payment Gateway Testing (One way) Gateway provider Wire Card. MY-SQL queries. and duration Payment Module and Cookies (Security testing) Localization & Globalization (Language and Currency) Gold and Silver Labels websites Functional & Logical Testing: Shopping cart and Discount policies (basis child and person visiting) Recommended tours.

user based criteria. Error Message Handling. already applied jobs. 2. test case file. Session Maintenance Management: Effort Estimation. search for a job and apply Testing web forms. Search and Apply Modules using descriptive programming • Ensure complete test coverage for the assigned project.Resume Manager. Vulnerability of software. search engine. allows recruiters to view resumes posted on website (RESDEX) Details : Testing Registration Module (web form testing) Search Engine Module (Based on logical algorithms) Database testing (posting jobs to check correct visibility on search engine) . driver script. Search. AJAX features. Content Verification. Refactoring/Re-engineering of website Duration: Nov’05-July’06 Team Size: 4-5 Details: Search Engine Testing (Logical Algorithm Based Testing). search clusters. functional flow to search and apply for job. Account Maintenance Dashboard testing (all logical flows) Payment Gateway testing Mobile Application testing through XML SEO. Focal Point between PRODUT. QTP: Framework Designing (writing control files. Registered and New User Apply Duration: Team Size: Synopsis Details Aug’05-Nov’05 4-6 Allows New users to register on website. job posting forms) & code optimization (cross platform). top jobs. Keyword Suggestions. Bug Review Meetings. IN-spyder and Link Runner for Daily Monitoring of web pages 4. jobs applies (through Descriptive Programming) • Object Repository Creation • Creating Test Script for Usability and Functional Flow of entire Registration. utility script) Test Scripts creation of web forms. recommended jobs. Work with product managers and developers to define and understand product functionality --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Search Engine. search with-in search. Firebug for Performance testing & HTTP watch for testing elements on webpage 3. Location mapping. Skeleton : July’06-Dec’06 : 1-3 : Allow registered users to apply and search for jobs (JOBSEEKERS). Apply. • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Refactoring/Re-engineering of Entire Website Synopsis: Portal Testing (for web forms of resume manager. Entire Logical Flow functional testing: Registration. Benchmarking. SQL injection. content management Database testing (MY-SQL) AKAMAI & code optimization Features tested: GUI testing(templates & WebPages). DEV and TESTING TEAM -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Job Portal for Middle East Website Duration Team Size Synopsis : Naukrigulf. Start up script. Testing Legacy and new users login flow.Automation & Manual 1. Risk Analysis. Content Management. training. Prioritising Bugs. MMM email testing.

Advanced. Special criteria. option to see contact details of the seller/buyer Details : Posting new properties on website for buy/sell/rent a property Uploading new ads. Search agent jobs in email. Stress & Volume. content management Dashboard to check the count of users in particular flow -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Matrimonial Match Website Website : Email testing. UI Testing Cross Platform Search based on user defined criteria’s & fixed criteria (logical algorithm) Initiate contacts based on Logical Algorithm Testing CRM Module (Interface to approve/reject/deprecate the profile) Database testing to check if search is based on selected fields on a profile. Search: Basic. Black box Testing. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Property Watch Website Website : 99acres. Link runner. search based On Different user defined Duration : Apr’07-July’07 Team Size : 1-3 Synopsis : Posting new properties to be searched by users (without registering). HTML Validator. Keyword. Payment Gateway to accept Subscription online Details : Register a new user. photos of properties Search Clusters by location. GUI and functional testing of Barablu phone dialer and its features. Initialization of Duration : Jan’07-April’07 Team Size : 1-3 Synopsis : Registration of New contact. compatibility testing of installing dialer on various Operating systems and different platforms.RESDEX (Field-based search to find resumes for a particular cadre) Testing Paid Services for Jobseekers on ICICI Gateway Mobile API’s testing (WAP Site of naukri gulf. Dream weaver Completed Synopsis: Manual: To test VoIP phone dialler & application software to be used on different web platforms and cross platform functionality testing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At World Health Organization  Website Builder Tool Type of project: Current Status: Team Size: GUI. Functional Completed 9 . budget BMS (banner management system) to upload new banner ads and tracking the hits Testing Mini-sites made for different property consultants & make them searchable ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Vectone Telecommunication  PC to Call and Barablu Phone Dialler Tools used: Current Status: Manual Testing.

Project Highlights: • Maintaining AIDS/TB/DAF department websites • Actively created & updated websites for on Critical health disasters & Calamities like Bird Flu. Markham Gaming. Testing PDF conversion and PDF upload versions through OCR Successful completion of all phases of the project(s) from the analysis to the implementation. • • • Personal Dossier Address Interests and Hobbies : : 49. Woodhall Road. Bhuj Earthquake.Synopsis: Client-server based application. Day-to-day project activities of one or more unrelated complex projects or a mix of related projects. Outsourced Developed which is tested In-house to find defects in Automated Tool. . Mad Cow Disease. research web application new methods. helpful to make inter department websites with the import of word documents and PDF Files. • • • Performing Stress testing by importing heavy docs on Tool and on server to check load on websites UI testing of application and Functional testing of the tool by converting word documents in different versions Functional testing of entire web flow.